March 22nd, 2011


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A girl who moved to my neighbourhood from the US for about three years when we were tweens and then moved back with her family afterward just found me on facebook. I'd been looking for her for ages. It's been about 7-8 years since I last saw her.

She looks exactly the same and I'd have known her anywhere.

HER YOUNGER SISTER, on the other hand... WUT. Girl has an orange tan and lips that look injected and just in general looks NOTHING like I imagined she would grow up to be. She also got VERY chubby and she was an incredibly skinny, beanpole of a child.

What was the last thing that surprised or freaked you out?

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I'm doing spring cleaning, and I found a box of old trophies from middle school. I'm pretty sure no thrift shop in the world wants my old trophies.

Are there any trophy shops that would take old trophies, strip the identifying markers, and reuse the materials? (I'm in Michigan, if that helps.)

If not, can you suggest any uses for the component parts of a trophy? There are several small marble blocks, but I don't know what could be done with them.

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Is it weird to be Facebook friends with your gynecologist? What about your other doctors?
Or do you think it'd be too ~unprofessional~ and awkward?

I found my gyno and her nurse practitioner on FB today. I was tempted to send a request but I figured that would be weird.
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every night i get bored and restless at like 1am-3am and can't sleep :C

what should i do during this time to make it less annoying? or to overcome it? i like to read short stories, but i'm running out of new stuff that i know about/like.

Learning Languages

Has anyone used a computer program to learn a language?

What language? What program?
How did you like it?

I am trying to figure out if I should use a computer program or spend money on taking the classes in college.


Did you graduate high school?
If you didn't, why did you stop?

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Will you help me be less generally-upset right now by sharing something funny, something happy, or something terrible (in a schadenfreude, look-back-on-it-and-laugh way, not a depressing one) from your life?

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So I put my brand new sewing machine up for sale on craigslist a couple of weeks ago and I've gotten nothing. I called around and no sewing store will buy it and neither will any of the pawn shops. I want to sell it, damnit, and nobody's buying it even though it's really nice and it's never been used. HOW CAN I GET RID OF IT, TQC?

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TQC, I woke up this morning at 6 am with a bad migraine and a low fever (99.6F). After taking two excedrin, my head feels a bit better (though it's still pounding) and my temp is down to 98.8F (possibly lowered due to the meds for now?).

I have to force myself to go to class this morning because I watched a 2 hour long movie last night so I can pass the quiz (the assignment was the movie, I didn't cheap out and do movie instead of book lol) and I am just not missing this quiz.

However, I am supposed to work this evening from 4 pm to 9:30 pm. Work said to try and give 24 hours notice if I wouldn't be there, but I'm assuming sometimes you can't help but not know until the day of, right? It's only ~7th day there. Will it look bad if I call in? Should I give it a few more hours and see how I'm feeling? I wasn't sure about that because since they said 24 hours preferably, so maybe it's best to call as early as possible? Ugh I just don't know since I'm so new :\
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So I interviewed two Thursdays ago for this research job. When I sent out my thank you letters and emails, I got a few responses back thanking me and telling me that I "impressed" the interviewers and that HR would be in contact with me within the week. This was last Monday.

I haven't heard anything yet. I'm freaking out. Do you think this is a bad sign? Should I contact them today or wait another day or two before I reach out again? 

Also, why do you think HR departments are more often than not, really slow? It drives me crazy.
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What's the strangest dream you've had recently?

Last night I dreamed it was the zombie apocalypse and the only guy who could help us was Chiron, the teacher Pierce Brosnan played in the Percy Jackson movie. For some reason his house within the boundaries of some trees was safe from the zombies or something so there was this massive crowd of people on his property outside.

I was the first to get there from running all the way to his house to wake him up and tell him but he was grumpy, saying he'd deal with it tomorrow and went back to sleep, hah.
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I have seen this phrase thrown around a lot "I am not attracted to *insert race*. Do you think it's possible not to be attracted to an entire race? Would preferences in hair/eye colour count out an entire group of people for you to consider dating?

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What is this??

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The grey plastic part spins/rolls.

I work at a thrift store, and part of my job is trying to figure out what things are and how much to price them for.

Edit: So apparently it's a rolling cookie cutter. Thanks guys!
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so i absolutely love the work my tattoo artist has done for me, but i'm looking to get another fairly large tattoo done soon and i'm thinking of going to another artist because i want it in his style. tqc-ers with tattoos, should i feel bad about going to another artist? because i'm feeling pretty bad about it right now.
(added a link to show you the awesome)

are you doing anything fun with your tax refund?

ETA: how do you feel about this hair cut? picture1 picture2... i'm thinking of getting something like that for myself because i'm sick of my hair, and if i get it cut that short i could probably donate it to someone who wants it more than me.

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My mom has approached me with the dreaded question: "What do you want for your birthday?" Well I want a new digi cam since mine is good but only when the lighting is like flawless. So I come to you for advice, TQC. What's a good camera brand in the $100-$400 range that takes good quality pictures?

I currently have a Canon PowerShot Digital Elph.

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The military is shipping me all of my husband's things. This includes his car. I have a few options with the car. I can have it shipped here, and do whatever with it. I can let the bank repossess it. I can let one of his friends take over the loan. Financially, it probably isn't the best idea for me to keep the car. We owe about 5,000 on it, the payments are 200 a month, which isn't bad. The car is pretty jacked up right now. It barely runs, it has a blown head gasket, something is wrong with the wiring somewhere, and a few other small things.

Logic says I should get rid of the car. My husband loved the car though. LOVED it. We considered getting rid of it a year ago, and he couldn't do it.

So TQC, am I crazy to try to keep the car?

Will you tell me about your car?

Waiting sucks

I am currently waiting to hear about a job that I REALLY, REALLY WANT. I was one of two candidates and the second interview went spectacularly, so I'm hopeful... but trying to be not too upbeat, for I will be heartbroken if I don't get it.

In the meantime, I'm at work and I cannot concentrate for obvious reasons. Will you help me pass the time by posting (SFW) links or funny gifs or things you think I should read?

And will you wish me luck?
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When you are just feeling down and depressed how do you get out of that slump?

I've been sitting at home watching Fururama instead of going to class because my SO and I had a fight last night and I'm still peeved. Needless to say Futurama is not helping.

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possibly dumb question:
i'm on a mac right now and i don't know how these things work.
somehow i turned something on accidentally that reads everything i click on out loud. Even as i'm typing this it is narrating my every move! it is driving me did this happen? how do i turn it off?

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Anyone else get PMS migraines?
Just the last two months I've been getting them. I get migraines every so often but usually not the week before...

is there any difference between these and your run of the mill migraine? Any tricks for getting rid of them aside from my usual dose of migraine medicine and caffeine?
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So my friend just gave me his iTouch.

What are some free apps you recommend? Games, helpful tools, dictionaries, whatever. Idc. :)

DK;DC: What is a musician/artist that you just heard about that has been around for a little while? Will you post videos of said musician/artist?

Adele. OMG. I love her. I heard Rolling in the Deep on the radio a couple days ago. I cried a bit. :)

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How far are you willing to commute for a job? Either miles or minutes.

Where/How did you hear about your last job or job interview opportunity?

I got an email from a potential employer who seems ~interested~ in interviewing me, but when I google-maped this particular location it said it's about a 50 minute drive away. I'm still going to pursue it, since it appears that it would pay what I'm looking to make, but I do wish there was an opening at their location that's about a 20-something minute drive away.

The aforementioned place I found through after seeing something similar on and searching for that position.
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TQC, will you help me find my motivation? When you find it, will you beat it into submission? How do you stay motivated?

I was going to start a sewing project and I came over to the computer and suddenly all desire to be productive vanished.
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"My heart was like a goldfish in a bowl slowly filling with mercury."

What do you think of this simile?

Edit:  This was intended as a snark post,  guys.  There's a girl in my class who is good at literary analysis, but today we had to come up with metaphors & similes & euphemisms for heartbreak and she just... yeah.  I couldn't laugh at her in-class so I'm taking the opportunity now.
And yes, I realise this makes me a horrible person.

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Have you ever sprained/twisted something in your sleep?

I did something to my wrist last night that's making it super painful to try to put any pressure or weight on my fingers and especially my thumb. So I can type just fine but doing pretty much anything else with that hand is virtually out of the question.

I put a Bengay patch on it when I woke up but if anything it's gotten worse since then, not better. Anyone else know anything I can do for it or am I just temporarily crippled until it gets better on its own? :\

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for the past week or so, i have been hot. ALL. THE. TIME. to the point where i'm having trouble breathing. i can't sleep at night because i'm so hot. it's in the 70s here, so it's warm, but no one else is having this bad of an effect. i'm sitting in class right now feeling like i'm suffocating. it makes me nauseous.

anyone have an idea why this might be? or how to fix it? i've been drinking a lot of cold water, but it's not doing anything for me. (and i'm 21, so i really don't think it's menopause.)

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i want to take my boyfriend out to a movie today/night-hes STILL in a terrible mood from yesterday, and today isnt going that great for him either. recommendations? i might take him to see the roommate because he mentioned it a few times, has anyone seen that one?
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I'm editing a document that has page numbers manually typed into it. Is there a quick way of getting rid of them or am I going to have to suck it up and manually go through and remove them, one by one? I did hope replacing 'Page *' with nothing would do the trick, but it just got rid of the 'Page' text and left all the numbers behind.

ETA: Aha! Playing around with all the special Replace functions did the trick - I needed to use 'Page ?' instead of 'Page *', making sure I used a question mark for each character in a number.
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Do you have a good relationship (or relationship at all) with your parents?
Do you share the same views with them on social and political issues?
About how old were your parents when they had you?
Do you like them as people, like if they weren't your parents and you worked with them or something would they be someone you genuinely like and would hang out with and/or be friends with?

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Do you ever get "weird" cravings? What was the last one you got, for?

Last month I spent three days really wanting a smoked turkey and muenster sandwich. I'm pretty meh about smoked turkey and muenster. Today I really want mashed potatoes.

Should I buy real potatoes, instant mashed potatoes, or pre-made ones?

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Y'know what I wanna do? I want to grab my dad's baseball bat, storm across the street, and smash that goddamn car toy they're playing with to bits. It's the single most annoying, blood-curdling, babyfacepunching noise on the entire planet.

TQC, what's the last thing that's really REALLY pissed you off?

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Is the universe out to give me tremendous cravings rn? Probably because all I've had to eat today is shitty mac n' cheese and saltines, but I'm all OMG I WANT A SLURPEE AND SOME CHICKEN WINGS AND AND AND ALL THE FOOD EVER.

What foods do you crave today TQC?

I would also really like some peaches, but they're not yet properly in season.
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Should I take advantage of his generosity?

I'm really sick of living with my mother, but I can't quite afford my own place + all other monthly expenses. My fiancé is going to be moving here in about nine months and we'll get our own place then, but I'll go insane if I have to live here for that much longer. He has quite a lot of money saved up and is offering to get me an apartment now, buy all the furniture, and essentially pay half my rent for me in the meantime, but it's not sitting well with me. Plus, he won't be able to work right away when he moves here so we'll be relying on his savings then too. Should I take him up on his offer or tough it out?

(For clarification, my mom is a very kind person who took my son and I in when we had nowhere else to go, but my son and I (and sometimes my fiancé) are crammed into her storage room with all her junk and everything I own is in storage. I have no privacy. My aunt keeps me awake all night with her loud-ass TV. My son's toys are everywhere. It's been nearly a year. I'm going crazy.)

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OK TQC... you're single. You're looking for a partner.....what are your SRS or not so SRS deal breakers???

If you're a militant vegan, a smoker or a crazy cat lady...sorry...its not gonna work out
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i have been having one ordeal after another trying to get this security deposit refund check cashed. first it "disappeared" in the mail and they had to cut a new check, now no place seems to want to cash it.

will i ever get my monies? am i being played?
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What kind of muffins should I make tonight?

Banana Walnut
Apple Cinnamon
I'm a heathen and think you shouldn't make muffins.

I like...

All baby animals, regardless of species
I'm a heathen and don't like baby animals.

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What kind of laptop should I get (for everyday usage and for school) with a budget of $800? Would it be worth it to spend double that price and get a macbook?

What's your favorite Easter candy?


I was at school today, and i had an idea for a question to post, but now I forget it. This has happened to me a LOT. D:

Does this ever happen to you?

What do you guys think my question was? lol :P
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High School Reunions

I was an '01 grad so the time for our ten year reunion is creeping up. At first I'd hoped nothing would happen because I hadn't heard anything and my friend who follows this sort of thing said she hadn't heard anything. *sigh* Until suddenly my high school has its own facebook page and now everyone is voting on where to hold the reunion. I have no desire to go. The people I want to see, I still do. But those people do want to go, a lot, and of course want me to come. So I don't know what to do.

Did/would you go to your high school reunion? Was it awful? Where was it held? How many people were in your class? Did a lot of people show up?


SCRANTON, Pa. — Police in northeastern Pennsylvania say they recovered more than 50 bags of heroin, cash and loose change from a woman following a cavity search.

Authorities say 27-year-old Karin Mackaliunas was detained last weekend following a crash. Scranton police say they found three bags of heroin in her jacket and after being taken to the police station she told investigators she had more hidden in her vagina.

A doctor performed a search and recovered 54 bags of heroin, 31 empty bags used to package heroin, eight prescription pills and $51.22

WHY the $1.22?? Why not just round it down to $50??

EDIT o MATIC: Google her and you can see her mugshot and FB page
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Are you in a relationship right now? Do you wanna share some deets? What zie's like, how you met, etc. etc. etc.

I am not but I am such a hopeless romantic sometimes it's ridiculous, so lay it on me.
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What useless skills/talents do you have, TQC? Do you have any skills that sound impressive but really aren't and are actually useless?

Question brought to you by my ability to teach basic Chinese in Arabic.

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tqc I seem to have caught stomach flu or something last night. I threw up all night and most of the afternoon (around 1:40, it's now 8:50) and now I'm worried about drinking/eating anything for fear of throwing up again. What kinds of things should I start with to test my stomach?


Will you tell me IN GREAT DETAIL the last delicious pizza you ate?

Brought to you by the "gourmet white" pizza I just had delivered from Mellow Mushroom. It is an olive oil and garlic base pizza with sun-dried tomatoes, provolone, mozzarella, feta, roma tomatoes and onions, and I also put pineapple and bacon on it. IT IS PERFECT.

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My mom just nearly fainted out of nowhere. She asked me for my seat 'cause she felt dizzy and could barely get on to the couch. Dad just helped her into bed.

Wtf is wrong Dr. TQC? I'm really freaked-- once when she suddenly got dizzy when I was younger she ended up in the hospital :c


One of your friends texts you and randomly starts reminding you of times you two have hung out where you've been in a bad mood. For instance, he says something like: "Yeah, last Good Friday, you were in a bad mood and I could tell. And then, on your half birthday, you were in a bad mood again and weren't very pleasant to be around."

How (if at all) would you react?
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Do you have any kind of social phobias? (I'm not talking huge, diagnosable ones in particular, just any at all)
ie: Talking on the phone
Talking to someone at customer service

Mine is dealing with people who I know are already annoyed with me. I have a professor who is annoyed with me because she is expecting miracles from this internship, but she's giving me NOTHING to work with, and no one is cooperating. Therefore, I am developing a phobia about going and discussing the issue with her because she isn't getting that I'm struggling with it.

How do you deal with your social phobias?

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Have you ever asked a guy out?

How did you do it?

I want to ask a guy out, and I'm pretty sure that he likes me. I'm just really bad at flirting, so he probably isn't sure if I like him or not. He hasn't asked me out, but he's suggested he wants to go try this carbonara pasta I told him that was delicious with me, but he didn't set a date. Any advice? I can't stop thinking about this stupid guy!

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Do you ever realize something that simultanously worries you/makes you happy?

I'm very withdrawn and careful about what I say for the most part. But now I'm buzzed/borderline drunk and saying what I feel and I like that. I kinda want to be semi-drunk all the time just for that. Which is kinda bad, huh?

Are we cool? You're not mad at me right?

Titanic sadness.

Someone posted about the Titanic earlier, and I commented on how the third-class passengers were locked in the ship. I did some Googling and found a troubling answer:

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I call extreme shenanigans on that. I think it's bull. What do you think?

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How do you handle a condescending boss when you work in VERY close proximity?

She works 10ft from me and I swear to God if you could get a degree in giving advice that is actually just veiled condescension, she'd have written the course material. I love everything about my job except her, and I have two more months of work.

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are you a book nerd? i work in publishing and one of my friends invited me to this thing called shelfari and i ignored it for a few days until they brought it up again today and i just went on and am instantly addicted. so much better than goodreads. so much easier.

are you on shelfari?
what was the last thing you were skeptical about and got instantly addicted to or just thought was actually really awesome once you actually investigated?

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Should I go to New Orleans in April?  I made a pros and cons list but I still can't decide.  So TQC, what do you think?

Pros - only live once, will be leaving the USA in May and might not come back again ever again, I have quite a bit of money currently that isn't really worth anything at home (ah, exchange rates), it's pretty much the only place in the USA that I have any interest in going that I haven't been to (or don't have any concrete plans to visit whilst I'm here).

Cons - it is still quite expensive and I can't afford to fly there, it would involve spending 28 hours on the train, I would be going alone so I might be scared.

What do you think? 

Because my FWB has a nasty-ass case of the flu and is being a stinker about getting OTC relief

TQC, what are your tried-and-true home remedies for fever and chest congestion?

The only things I can think of so far are:

- Mint and chamomile tea w/ honey, hot lemonade/lemon tea w/ honey
- Water, fruit juice, chicken broth
- Long, hot showers
- Vit C, zinc and garlic capsules
- Mustard plaster/poultice
- Humidifier + eucalyptus oils

DK/DC: what's the last major or minor medical emergency you had?