March 21st, 2011

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I am pearly white, pinkish even. I spent some time outside today cleaning the yard, plus time in the car with the window rolled down. Needless to say, I am a little sunburnt. And it itches, as well. :C

TQC, do you sunburn easily? If you do, doesn't it suck?
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Should I go to work today, TQC?  I don't feel well -- I think I caught what everyone else in the office has had -- and I haven't missed for a long while but I'm afraid my boss will jump on ME (because I know for a fact a girl that works in my unit and does the same job I do is missing for a frivolous reason, and that will make him mad at whoever is convenient to lash out at).

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Hungry Kitty!

My cat is scheduled to be spayed today. They told me that she is not to have any food or water after midnight. Well, we forgot. We were up about 5:30 AM and took the food away from her. She's apparently starving as she is looking around for crumbs of food or something for a few hours now.

The vet still has their automated answering service up even though they told me to drop her off between 8 and 9 AM. I need to leave soon since I need to be at work at 9 AM. Should I still take her? Wait and just tell them to reschedule?

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Paging Dr. TQC:

My mom has shingles really bad and she's in a world of pain right now. She says the biggest problem is that she keeps getting spasms along that nerve. Is there anything she can do to help with the pain other than take ibuprofen (which she's doing now but she's still in a lot of pain)?

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I'm having a milestone birthday this week and it's not a good one. I'm not looking forward to the requisite conversations of 'You're how old? No way! Well, you sure look good for your age!' happening at work on that day. My friend at work said I should just take a vacation day cause that's what she would do just to make it less depressing, but I think that if I were to take that day off people would assume I was too chicken to face the music.

What are your feelings on milestone birthdays in the workplace and the path of least resistance through them?

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 Every morning at school we get woken up stupidly early =/. Today it was the garbage truck (which I'm pretty sure I can't do crap about), but most days it's the construction on campus. My classes aren't that late in the morning, but every morning I'm woken up hours before I need to, and it's impossible to stay asleep long after that because it's just way too loud. Closing the window is not an option because the school has to have the heat turned up, but in the smaller rooms it's just too hot and stuffy (making me equally as sick as not sleeping does). I know I can't tell the school when to build and such, but do you think I could say anything to the school? (this will be going on for another 1-2 years and I'll be here and barely sleeping every single night sucks). Or should I just suck it up/go cry in a corner? XD
I want to say something but I'm wondering if it's just dumb to complain. 

DK/DC: How grumpy do you get if your sleep gets cut way short?
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1. How many times a day do you eat?

2. Are there ever times when you go without eating or just do not feel like eating?

3. Follow-up to 2: How do you make yourself eat when you don't want to?

and 4. How often do people give you shit about your weight?

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what's the last awkward conversation you had?

a 40 year old female body builder "came across" my facebook page and propositioned me for sex. i look like i'm barely 18.. no joke.

"No sorry we dont know each other but came across your page and think you are hot and beautiful and I soo would be with you Mmmmm.Im not saying that in a freaky weird way but Im very bi and just got out of a 3 year relattionship with this guy I fell in love with and he broke my heart lets just sayyy and I miss being with women and need to have fun again now & meet new people. Are u bi too? I sure hope sooo and I hope we could meet up and hang out & stuff if you want .Im sooo down u have no idea."

from the looks of her pictures, she's in denial about her age; she dresses like an 8th grader.

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Computer question!

My laptop does this really annoying thing while I'm typing where after about ten seconds, it starts inserting the text wherever my cursor is. Like just now I had to backspace and delete "wherever my cursor is" because it put it in the middle of the word "really" because the cursor was near there. SO IRRITATING. I'm not leaving my cursor over the text either, I can move it below or above the text and the same thing will happen in the text that my cursor is closest to. If I move my cursor outside of the text entry box, then after a few words, it'll stop accepting text as if I've clicked outside of the entry area. nge it?? It's driving me up the wall!! < - - left this one in for example

Why is this happening and how can I cha

I apologize if this is confusing, I'm not sure how else to word it

edit: thanks everyone. I am pretty careful about not touching the trackpad while typing but I will double my efforts
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So I just went to Subway. Collapse )

I just called the Subway I was at to get the lady's name who served me because I am thinking about calling to speak to a manager or corporate or something.

Why did this piss me off so much? Is it worth my time in reporting it to whoever, or should I just chill the fuck out? Let me know if I'm being a huge bitch about this.
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Dress for a formal

1. I am going to a spring formal in Boston from 7pm to Midnight. I was wondering if this dress is appropriate to wear for a nighttime event. The dress hits right around the knee.

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2. What was your favorite dance and why?

Thanks in advance!
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What is the job market like where you live? if you are lucky enough to have a job, how long did it take you to find it? (or possibly you are really lucky and have had it for ages)

2- how much time should I give myself to write a 7 page research paper ?(i have an outline, and thats pretty much it, need more info) its due friday, how screwed am I? also. how long should it take me to write a analysis (not a research) paper due thursday?

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To the girls who use a menstrual cup: can you have sex while using one? Does your partner really notice? The sole reason I'd consider using one is to be able to have mess-free period sex.

To those of you that have/had a fwb: have you ever broken off the sex and still maintained a decent friendship? What if the friend was falling for you?

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If you bring your lunch to work or school, what do you pack if it's not leftovers?

I'm trying to save money, so can't afford to get $8-10 lunches at places like Chipotle, etc anymore. I need some ideas.
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Are there any phrases or sayings you've picked up from movies, musicals, plays, or shows (TV or otherwise) from when you were a kid that you still use today?

When people dawdle while telling stories, I'll wave a hand in a circle and say, "Etcetera etcetera etcetera!" and surprisingly, it actually works and makes people finish their story. Yes, I am an asshole.

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Do you burn candles? What kind of scents do you like for spring? Bonus points if you can post links to specific ones.
I have ones that smell like Christmas trees and cranberries so they're good for winter but I don't have any springtime candles. The only other candle I have is lemon lavender which is great but it's a small jar and it's burned down too far for me to get my current lighter in it.
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What are some things that don't bother other people but make you uncomfortable/scared/nervous to do?
Eg singing in public, sexy talk in the bedroom, eating seafood etc.
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Where do you like to buy jewelry? Like normal-priced jewelry, not the diamonds and 24-karat gold type. I've got a belt with goldish accents on it, and I need some stuff to go with it!
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You're in an elevator with another TQC member when the elevator suddenly gets stuck. The person over the intercom tells you it will be an hour before they can get you out.

Which TQC member is in the elevator w/ you and what do you ask them while you're waiting? 

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What can I do for a sore throat caused (most likely) by oak tree pollen? I'm allergic to oak trees and the pollen count of them is "extremely high" here today. My throat is killing me :( 

I'm going out to dinner tonight and want to be able to enjoy my fooood D:

eta: I've taken allergy medicine and it has done nothing. I still think it's an allergy problem though.
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  1. Would you consider the Marquis de Sade a misogynist?
  2. Would you consider his works to be dangerous to society or women?
  3. If your high-school aged child (or hypothetical child) came home from school and said that Justine was included in their English course curriculum (along with several other books of the era), what would you do? Complain to the school? Demand your child be placed in a different course?

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TQC, New Jersey catches a lot of flak due to the turnpike, NY suburbs, and one very very famous TV show airing right now.

But I've met people who grew up there who claim "New Jersey has a lot of nature and lots of fun outdoorsy stuff! Really!"
Is this true? If so, which state park should my family and I go camping in?

If you recommend against NJ after all, let me know your favorite northeastern U.S. camping destination! We'd like to be within driving distance from Boston, but slightly farther south is better at the moment, because we'd like to go sooner rather than later, so, you know, the mid-Atlantic is better than Canada (although we will be getting some awesome Canadian camping in during July).

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 If I was to text you, how fast would you respond? (assuming I was someone you knew)

Inspired by me getting multiple texts every time I don't reply instantly today. (Normally I'm pretty good with replying, but today's one of many days I don't feel attached to my phone.)

Will you motivate me to to my homework? I have two hours alone and no excuse.

Edit: missed a word.

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smile_wide sundayisdown archibald_kf and myself are having a smoke session once we get out of this fucking elevator. are you coming? what are you bringing to the party?

if weed isn't your thing/you're job hunting/hate one of us/whatever, what are you doing for fun?


P.S. If TQC picposts are to be believed, this will be the sexiest smoke circle ever

Looking for reading recommendations

What is your area of expertise?

If you could recommend a book to serve as an introduction to that subject, what would it be?

If you happen to be an expert in something that really doesn't have an introductory level, like brain science or rocket surgery, feel free to recommend something a little more elementary -- but please, no "Dummies" books.
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iPhone users: what size do you have? How much music does it hold?

I have a Droid Incredible which is a pretty nice phone, but my contract is up in July and I'm thinking about switching to the iPhone. I'd prefer to spend less money and get the 16 gig, but my music library has just under 3,000 songs... idk how much storage the actual phone and apps use.

What kind of phone do you have? Do you love it?
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do you ever have those days or moments where you just feel really out of it? if so, what can you do to feel normal again?

don't know... what is your favorite healthy snack?

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What can I do for fun on the internet besides post to TQC?

How come the sky looks all sunshiny and warm but it's uncomfortably chilly out?

Now that I have my own laptop, will I ever leave the couch again?

If you were born hundreds of years ago, would you have made it to the age you are now?

I'm 22, and probably not. When I was 8, I had appendicitis. I was given antibiotics, and it got better. Centuries ago, it either would have burst and given me sepsis, or they would have operated with no pain medication. I would have bled to death, or died from infection.

I also had pneumonia a few times. That probably would have taken me as well.

Morbid, but interesting to think about.
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so hungry. what should I get from CVS on my way to class? I haven't eaten anything all day.  :(

DK/DC: What are you/did you study(ing)? Are you in/going to graduate school? Do you/did you like the program at your school for your major?

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Recently I asked your experiences of a CT scan as I thought I might be referred for one. Instead I am going to be having an MRI.

Shall I ask to see my brain pictures afterwards? They will be looking at my brain, eye balls and optic nerves.

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Will you check all of the ones that pertain to you?

I dislike seafood
I hate my job
I have stayed overnight (or longer) in a hospital
I am unemployed
I used to read Goosebumps books
I’ve had mono
I put ketchup on my mac and cheese
I could really go for a cheeseburger right now
I love the smell of sunscreen
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what's your biggest televised guilty pleasure(s)? i am embarrassed to admit that i truly and deeply love pretty little liars.. even with all of it's bad acting and unrealistic storyline that is full of holes!

i also love the bad girls club and re-runs of reba.

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You are a 23 year old girl who plays around with their father a lot.  You say "daddy, put your finger in my belly button" which has been something he's said since you were a kid and you'd put your finger in there and he'd be like "bahhh" make a noise to scare you, or blow a rasberry and in fact he still does that to you.  is that inappropriate?   my mother was like "DONT THAT IS NOT APPROPRIATE"  I told her she was crazy and she was like "I guess I just have more morals than others"  she acts like I asked him to stick a finger in my cooter.   

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TQC, I'm going skiing in two weeks and I just discovered my ski pants don't fit me anymore! I don't want to buy a new pair since I can only use them one week a year and I've been wanting to lose weight for a while but I had no idea it was this urgent >:(. I can still button them if I really try, but it's very uncomfortable.

Do you think it's possible for me to lose enough weight for them to fit again in just two weeks? What's my best shot? Would a crash diet work?

dk/dc/haha you're fat: what's the last thing to unpleasantly surprise you?
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 Has anyone ever done the JET or EPIK Assistant Language Teacher program? If you haven't, do you know someone that has? 

What would your recommendation be for someone that is interested in applying? Can you tell me about your experience or a friend's experience? 

dk/dc: If you could live abroad for one year, where would it be? Why? 
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What kind of breaks do you get at your job? Do you or smokers at your job get cig breaks?

My job gives no breaks, including lunch breaks. We can leave and get food but must bring it back and stand and eat it at the counter while working.
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What is something that you could do 10 years ago that you can't do today, and conversely, what is something you can do today you couldn't 10 years ago?

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my friend hates texting. he's told me this on numerous occasions. so i shouldn't be worried that he didn't respond to my text Saturday night about going to a movie sometime soon when i ended it with "i'll call you sometime next week!", right?

who else over thinks dumb shit like this?

my friend and i are having a Simon Pegg/Nick Frost viewing extravaganza on Friday and i said i'd bring a treat. i thought i'd bring something Englishy but now that i think about it, i don't know if there are any dessert-y type deals that are decidedly English.

do you know any? are there any? or should i just make cookies?

Uh oh.

I just had an argument with my husband because it's 7 PM and he's refusing to get out of bed to get his meds. He's bipolar & Schizophrenic. He NEEDS HIS MEDS. The Pharmacy closes at ten. I can't get them as I've got cerebral palsy and there's ice EVERYWHERE, and ice and I do NOT mix.

Anyway, the first time I tried to get him up, I sat on him and shook him and tried to get him up and he kept going "RESPECT ME RESPECT ME LEAVE ME ALONE RESPECT MY WISHES" And he was talking over me, which is disrespectful, no? Heh.

And just now I tried to get him up again, by being nicer this time, and he continued to talk over me, so I just yanked his covers off and told him to get the fuck up. He glared at me, got up, came to this room and tried to destroy the computer. Childish. I pushed him away, and he was all "How do you like it?" and stormed back to the bedroom. I got frustrated and angry, and punched the wall. I heard a CRACK, my hand hurt, and then pulled my hand back to see a hole in the wall. O.O I've never punched a hole in the wall. I've dented walls before, but never a HOLE. I didn't think I was strong enough to do that. And I punched with my right hand, too. I'm left-handed, so naturally my left arm is stronger. I guess it's different when I'm really mad. I'm such an idiot.


Have you ever punched a hole in a wall?

What should I do to get my husband up?

What should I do about this hole in the wall? I'm in an apartment, too. DAMN IT.
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Have you ever had ~drama~ in a post you've made here before? What was it?
Inspired by the fact that I just did for the first time.

And unrelated... what is your favorite question you have ever asked here?
What is your favorite question that was ever asked here by another person here?


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What things do you motivate yourself with to get up early in the morning? 

Are there any things you think of, like "if I get up early enough I can have a cup of tea/shower/whatever" or any things you do (put your clothes out the night before so you can get stuff done quicker, for instance)?

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Can TQC recommend a good foundation and/or concealer for me to try? I have been using drugstore brands and I'm not entirely thrilled with them. They tend to look caked on throughout the day and don't really cover much. I've also found that sometimes if I sweat, it'll turn orange looking. They don't really seem to cover anything that I want covered, namely the nice dark circles under my eyes that run in my family. I tend to get one or two zits, never really a huge breakout, but my skin is a little oily and I have a couple of tiny acne scars on my cheekbones from when I picked some zits in high school.

What do you recommend TQC? Could you include the price? I don't want to spend TOO much, but I think I need to spend a little more than the 8 bucks that I've been spending to get better results.

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I am SUPREMELY annoyed at iTunes right now.

I have this album that iTunes refuses to show as one album. It creates multiple instances of the same album, for each track. So when I go in with my iPhone I see like 20 instances of the same album, each with one track.

I have spent a couple HOURS trying to sort this out. I just went completely scorched-earth, removed the songs from iTunes, used a ID3 stripper to remove the tags from the mp3 files, and reimported them... the problem PERSISTS. I don't even understand how this is possible.

Have you had this happen?

Do any of you know how to tame iTunes? God damn this is the worst piece of software.

UPDATE: Holy shit, I can't believe how much time and energy I spent solving this pretty trivial problem. THANK YOU ALL for your help, I have it figured out now. I am now considerably less furious, thanks to your actions!
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My nails are currently this color (not my actual nails obv)

should I add a layer of black shatter polish? or leave them alone? something else? I have bright red, a sort of cantalope/peachy orange, dark red, purple, and glitter, as well as pink & purple shatter.

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are there any tv shows that have ended that you really love but haven't seen the last episode of because you don't want it to be over?

Spaced is one of my absolute favorite TV shows. i watch it all the time except for the last episode. i just hate the idea of Tim and Daisy's adventures being over. my friend is the same with Pushing Daisies. she will not, under any circumstances, watch the last episode.
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have you ever been to an awkward party where no one showed up? this girl in one of my classes invited me to her birthday party, which was last week, and literally 2 other people besides me actually went. i felt so bad for her, and also really awkward, and i just wanted to leave. she had mad food and booze though so i chilled, and she's actually a cool girl so idk what's up with that situation.

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Sorry to be a pain tonight. I can't think for myself.

My laptop gets super hot and I've been thinking about getting one of those cooling mats that have the fans on them. Does anybody use these? What's a good one to buy? Do they actually work or is it a waste of money? I have a can of computer duster that I use for my keyboard but I've never used it on the bottom of the laptop where it's getting hot. Would that be a bad idea? I'm just afraid this thing is gonna burn up because it gets really hot, but it may just be normal because I've had a desktop for the past 4 years and forgot that laptops heat up occasionally.

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What would you have done in this awkward situation?

I started my new job today at a pretty small company (maybe 25 people or so in the office). At a meet and greet held for me and another new colleague, I very briefly meet the CEO (who is well-known in my industry and thus a bit intimidating). By very briefly, I mean, "Hi, my name is ____" and that's it.

Later, after my lunch break, I ran into him in the building lobby. It was only the two of us. He was looking at his phone, and didn't see my until I was about to enter the elevator. He let me go in first. Awkwardness ensued. Being the CEO, I was intimidated and didn't say anything. I would have spoken if he started small talk, but didn't.

Would you have stayed quiet as well?

Now I feel weird because we'll have to see each other all the time and we clearly avoided talking to each other in the elevator. Way to start my first day...

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Dear TQC,
My friend has a job interview for a teaching place and has to do a one-off English lesson. She's thinking basing it on World War 2 since that's what the children are studying in History right now. We've picked up on a few obvious books she can base a lesson on (The Diary of Anne Frank, Boy In The Striped Pyjamas) but do you have any particular suggestions for fiction written during/about World War 2? The children are aged about 11 so something that would be sort of suitable for that age group. Suggestions of poets/poems would be great too.
Thank you!
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Don't check them all, because I know you don't have that many hands

Poll #1720892 Sleepy time

What do you do with your hands/arms when you are sleeping?

Hand tucked between knees
Crossed over chest
Hand(s) under pillow
Hand(s) guarding the crotch
Wrapped around bed-mate
Wrapped around body pillow
Arm over head
Arm off the side of the bed

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Does denying that you're being passive aggressive make you even more passive aggressive?

My ex housemate has deleted me from her facebook, and has put this in her information:


After going on a ‘delete-friend’ frenzy you may find this is the only page you can see on my profile. Sozza. This isn’t my attempt at passive-aggressive, I would have happily shown you the latter if I had a problem with you; this is just me culling the superficial friends that facebook promotes. I don’t really have 400+ friends. Nor do you. You have like 20 close ones. Max. I have deleted you because we don’t talk, or never really did. We might have felt obliged to add each other because of a high number of mutual friends, the kind of cyber politeness which is actually quite fucking weird when written down like this. I might have been your best friend once! But we're not anymore bbz. I don’t need to know where you went on your holidays/last night/who you are going out with/ the minutia of your everyday life, and you don’t need to know mine. It weirds me out that we could know if we wanted to though, seeing as I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Anyway goodbye! Don’t feel like you can’t talk to me if we ever actually do see each other in the REAL WORLD. Facebook is just all bullshit m8.

How do you feel about this? (I think she counted us as best friends once upon a time) Does that fact that she still has 478 friends make a difference? I'm finding it hard not chuckle here.
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slow websites

Is there a fix for when my Internet loads certain pages incredibly slowly? Over the past week, my email (Hotmail) and Facebook have been lagging a ridiculous amount and I keep watching the little loading icon circling around and around. It doesn't happen on other computers, so it isn't the website itself.

Collapse )

I've cleared out my history and cookies, but I'm confused. What makes some sites do this?

I'm using Firefox and have Windows 7 if that matters.
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will you tell me about the most recent dumb thing that you did so that i can feel better about mine?

i apparently took my birth control pill for tonight, then forgot i had taken it about an hour later and took tuesday's too. whoops

(no subject)

Will Zyrtec (and the generic/store brand counterpart) help a sore throat due to allergies?

Will you suggest a really good allergy medicine? I was prescribed Clarinex but my prescription ran out.

(no subject)


i am interested in setting up a website for my handmade products. if you have your own ecommerce store, i would like to ask:

1. how did you set it up? did you go to any website/ask someone else to set it up for you? :)
2. any advice you have for me? i have been watnting to do this for years but procrastinated till now and i don't want to wait anymore, haha

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if you had a child and you and your partner didnt have a religion but both of your parents had a religion, would you choose to have the kids follow the tradition? if you are a parent who dont have a religion but your parents do have a religion, what have you chosen to do with your kids future? for example, the parents are catholic, would you choose to baptize your kids if you didnt believe in the religion?
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do you love kanye? why or why not?

yes because some of his music is so fucking perfect (all of college dropout, lots of MBDTF) and i think he is so hilarious and entertaining and that everyone takes the fact that he has a huge ego so seriously. who cares if he knows how awesome he is? HOWEVER his verse in katy perry's 'ET' is sooo bad :(