March 20th, 2011

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Since graduating from college, I've noticed that whenever I meet somebody new, one of the very first questions they ask is "what do you do?", meaning "what's your job?". Is this how it is in other cities, or do people define themselves by their occupations more in DC than anywhere else?

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What are some of your favourite non-explicit sexual lyrics? Double entendres, euphmisms, metaphors, all the nudge-nudge wink-wink you can muster
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So in September I will go to Israel with my bf, and meet his parents. His father is not thrilled about this because I am a gay and a goy, a gay-goy if you will.

What do I do to make him love me (without becoming straight or Jewish)?

please be srs/non-srs/whatever you want

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Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

Do you prefer to be friends with introverts or extroverts?

I'm introverted, but while extroverts tire me out/intimidate me I ultimately get bored hanging out with most introverts.

Do you know about your MBTI type? Do you think it's bullshit or gold?

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If I scratch my arm or bump into something it hurts like someone just punched me full force. I just banged my arm on my window sill and I know there's something to be a giant bruise there tomorrow.

Is anyone else like this? Is it just a low tolerance for pain?


Can we have another "My animal is an asshole because..." post? because my cat just went ninja on me while I was trying to put the sheets on my bed. He needs his nails cut and needless to say, he got his nails stuck IN MY HAND wtf.

dog gone it

Anyone want a dog?

In all seriousness. Craigslist isn't helping.

I need someone in the northeast area who owns a house, has a yard, doesn't have *little* kids, and is out of college. Props to anyone who isn't going to use him as a fighting dog.

He was in my backyard one morning, about a month ago, and we're really trying to find the perfect, most awesome forever home ever.

He weighs 75-80 lbs and is some sort of bulldog (not pittbull) mix.

Big love bug.

So, TCQr's....if anyone out there can give a dog a home, it would be great.
We live in WNY, but I'm willing to travel for the right person.

A dumb one & some randoms.

Do painkillers, generally, go to the site of pain and work there or do they go to the pain centre in the brain and work there?

What brought you to Livejournal in the first place? What brought you here today?

What are your current obsessions/addictions?

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should i get pokemon black or white? its been a decision bothering me for a while now.
also if you play pokemon do you feel like you cant tell who the good as in powerful pokemon are anymore cuz they all look so weird now?

do you prefer original pokemon?
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1. I'm toying with the idea of buying an elliptical with Tax Money.
a. Why should I?
b. Why shouldn't I?
c. What kind should I get?
d. What manner of exercise equipment should I get instead?

2. I'm also looking to give to a charity or two. Who deserves my money?
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Do you ever go on Erowid?

If so, what weird drugs did you learn about on there? What drugs do you tend to read about more?

Do you read entries from the experience vault? What are you favorite stories did you find the most captivating? Have you ever submitted something?
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I've been eating right lately, but I can't seem to contain my inner fattie. After 5pm until I go to bed, I have unbelievably severe cravings for Very Bad Foods. I feel like an addict! I'll be jonsin' for ice cream/Mountain Dew/Kit-Kat/whatever SO BAD I can't think straight and I actually start to salivate heavily. I've tried eating high fibre veggies and stuff, but that just makes my brain scream, "THIS IS NOT A DELICIOUS SNACK. THIS IS BROCCOLI. I HATE YOU!" I think this is more severe than the Average Joe, to be honest.

Other than chain myself to the wall, what can I do to curb my nocturnal mind-numbing urges to eat processed garbage?

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Hold it steady

Gripfast boots. Did the company that made that brand(or was that brand) go out of business? Can't find anything online except stores that sell them, not something like a company website.

edit:I think they're made by/the brand is under TUK.

So nevermind :)
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I am breaking up with my boyfriend of five years, who is emotionally abusive and all that jazz, and while I am really upset about throwing away five years of my life, my hysterics are only furthered when I realise I won't get to see the cat we got together anymore.

Is there a protocol for this? Like, if we break up, can I request to be able to see the cat? Because I genuinely worry he won't be able to take care of him, since that's what I did all the time. I fed and cleaned up after him. He's like my kid now.

Alternatively, even though this means living with the parents, who already have two cats, can I get another cat? :( I'm so sad about the cat thing.

But I am going to get the tattoo he told me I couldn't get! So hurrah for independence! What did you do after a big break up to make you feel human again?


OK, seriously...we can transplant pretty much any other organ from one person to the next right?

Why the hell cant we transplant the reproductive system into a man so they can see how fun this shit is??

I expect serious answers peoples!!

Brought to you by the fact that my husband doesn't understand why I was drinking orange juice while eating Carolina BBQ chips when he got home at 2 am

Also, how was your weekend?
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How much of a turn off would going on a first date with a germaphobe be to you?

What kind of actions would make it too much for you to handle?

ETA: What if it was really mild? No gloves or hazmat suits or anything too crazy.

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What's the sexiest word in the English* language? I'm looking for a word that just feels sexy to say or to hear irregardless of it's real meaning.

*or language of your preference ?
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I bought my very first avocado this week, and I just ate half of it on toast with some lemon juice and salt. It was delicious.

What are your favourite ways to eat an avocado? Recipes and tips welcome!
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oh lonely peas, so green, so round and so small. oh lonely peas, there's no one to love you at all..

I am making fried rice (and now, in the midst of my question, answering someone else's rice question from earlier). My roomie moved out suddenly last month to chase a dream, and left a lot of frozen veggies in the freezer. I am putting some of them in my fried rice, but there will be a ton left over.  (Asparagus, peas, green beans, broccoli, and then a 'winter veggies mix') 

What on earth can I do with all the frozen veggies?

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I'm going to have surgery in a few days and I know that I'll be in pain, probably poor spirits and INCREDIBLY bored. I need entertainment suggestions!


What movies should I download? What television shows should I download?  Any other ideas? 

Also, ridiculous happy & optimistic movies are always extra points, haha. 

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Sorry for another boring question but is the "yuk" in pork chow yuk pronounced yuck or yook? Also: Should I get the egg flower soup or the hot and sour soup?

dk/dc: What's your favorite animated movie (anime doesn't count)?

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Are there any questions from your childhood that you still don't have answers to?

Things your parents wouldn't tell you, things you wondered, concepts that are still very foreign to you?

Do you think age and knowledge go hand in hand?

copyright question

My boyfriend is interested in drafting beer and selling it. If we were to name one Augustouts Gloop, would we have any sort of copyright infringement to worry about? Or would we be free to use the name as we like?

Can anyone help me out?

 Do any of you happen to know the name of the following condition - 

It is a small problem with your eyes where it seems like there are little black speckles or dots swimming in your eye. Apparently you are safe if the black speckles are moving and you should go to a doctor if they stop moving. 

I think that is about all the information I have on it and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the condition. 

Can anyone help me out?, it's driving me mad. 

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Name change

Has anyone here changed their name/added someting to their existing name/know someone who has? Are you/they happy about it or do you/they regret it?

Cross posted to another, locked community.
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This is a question for Americans, but if you're not American and still feel like answering, feel free to do so, but please indicate where you're from.

Which accents do you dislike most? Which are the most unpleasant to hear? The most difficult to understand?

And which do you like most? Which do you think are elegant or sexy or whatever else you find pleasing?

Update: The question is for Americans because my wife and I are foreigners living in the US and we're settling an argument about what Americans think of foreign accents. No need to start a flame, folks :)

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I just got a new laptop. Will you link to/post some neat new wallpapers for me?

Also, I've been trying for what feels like the longest time to get into some new musicians. What music would you recommend, tqc?

I just made tiramisu for a wee party I'm attending tonight.

U Jelly?

not particulary

I would be so jealous if I didn't get to eat it. I freaking love tiramisu!

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How good are you at expressing yourself/ communicating your ideas clearly?
Through what medium are you best at expressing yourself? (written words, speaking, drawing, singing, etc etc etc)?
I hope I'm wording this in a way that makes sense, lol
colours are nice

hair questions are annoying but i don't like madradhair :(

for those of you who have naturally dark hair and have bleached the entire thing to dye it a lighter shade - how badly did it damage your hair? my hair is naturally almost black and i want to bleach it all and dye it a medium brown shade. my hair is i guess a little bit dry, it's naturally quite thick and wavy. it's dry enough that i wash it about every 3 or 4 days and it looks nicest on the 2nd or 3rd day. i recently got some highlights and even the bleach from that dryed out my hair a bit so i'm a little worried.

Operating systems?

What operating system is your computer running right now?

Why did you choose it?

What do you love about it? What do you hate/dislike about it?

I'm running Windows 7 Home :D

I picked it because I've been using Windows all my life (used Windows 95 when I was a kid).

I love everything about Windows 7. The only thing I don't like so much is that I can't change my theme as fully as I could with Windows XP. I could make my desktop look TOOOTALLY different, but with Windows 7 all I can do is change the wallpaper, the taskbar colour, and I can make the taskbar smaller. That's it. :/
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How does this article make you feel?

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eta: the comments on that article are not rage-inducing. most of them are echoing what we're saying. So far the worst one I've found is:

$2,000 to make an ass of yourself? Put me in your family video, I'll make an ass of you for free.

Robot says - "Par-tee Par-Tee fun fun"


It's like I said earlier Johnny In South New Jersey.

People are so fast to bash this little girl for her video, Including you.

So where is your video so all of us on this board can critique it for you. We're waiting!

Just what I thought.

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So, I just found an old post about a meet up for people in Michigan.

I'm still all for that.

So, is anyone else?


Are you a guy? If so, wtf is the need for some guys to splooge on a girls face?


What's your favourite movie to quote?

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If you felt like a manager at work was constantly picking on you would you tell someone of a higher authority about it? Or would you just ignore it and try to do your work as best as you can?

There's a manager at my work who is always in my hair about EVERYTHING. She is only rude to me and it's to the point where it has nothing to do with my performance. I try to avoid her at all costs. I've gotten pretty used to it but the thought of working with her still makes me uneasy sometimes. What would you do?!


I've got a few pork chops lying around in my fridge that I should cook tonight for dinner. What should I do with them? I don't really like to bake them because they always come out dry.

Do you like applesauce on your pork chops? What's the appeal? I just don't get it.

What other porky goodness do you like to consume on a fairly regular basis?

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I've been actively trying to lose weight for the last month and I'd like to take pictures as I go.
I'm going to post them online so I'd like to keep this whole deal PG

What the hell should I wear in these pictures?

Anyone else who I didn't harass into friending who is also trying to lose weight? I have a separate journal w/ recipes and good stuff on it! Wanna cheer each other on?


How much is teaching Macbeth to my students going to suck? I'm getting anxiety!

Wrong number voicemail.

TQC, this morning I got a very bizzare wrong number voicemail to my Google Voice number. It was by a perky-sounding young woman with a local number and no traces of being trashed or anything. It was as follows -

""Hi, we're leaving the brain and going to the first floor where the Indians are. It's now 11:20. Bye!"

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN, TQC? I sent a text back to the number, but she didn't answer :(


I know it's quite a bit too late for Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day, but right now I am in the mood for pancakes! I've got this one awesome recipe that I've used for YEARS (came from an OLD book from the 50's that used to belong to my great-grandmother) and I'm in the mood for something new.

Post your favorite pancake recipe? Preferably one without blueberries/chocolate chips, etc, because I haven't got any.

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 Just went to a blockbuster closeout sale, and got 7 dvds for $20! Which one should my roomies and I watch/rewatch tonight? 

Half Nelson (never saw)
The Painted Veil
Marie Antoinette
A Lot Like Love (never saw)
Bonnie and Clyde
The Apartment (never saw)

DK/DC: What's the last movie you saw that you absolutely loved? Like, loved so much you would put it in your top 10?

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Tattoooooo! Oh TQC, I am getting a new tattoo on Monday! Happiness! It will be a cover up.

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The questions:
Do you have any tattoos that are coverups?
If so, will you post before and after photos or tell us your tattoo saga?

Do you have any tattoos planned?

ETA: I was going to post this hours ago, but had to leave the house for a semi-emergency. So, dangit! I see that there is already a tattoo post today. T.T

What's your favorite ugly/awful tattoo image?
Belly rubbin'

A question for those who have an ipad with 3G or are knowledgeable about them...

I'm planning on buying an ipad with my tax refund money, but I'm not sure whether to get one with just wifi or wifi and 3G capability. I've never used a 3G device (my cell phone does have 3G capability, but I don't have internet on it, so 3G isn't being used) and don't really know much about it. Is the 3G capable ipad worth the extra $130 + monthly fee from either AT&T or Verizon for 3G data service or should I get one with just wifi? If I do go with the 3G capable ipad, which data service plan should I get? (I know AT&T charges $15 a month for 250 MBs of data and $30 a month for unlimited, but I don't know Verizon's rates)
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My fiance and I decided that we're going to Vegas for our honeymoon. I've been there once before; he's never been. We don't know which hotel we're staying at yet, but it'll definitely be on the Strip. We also plan on spending a day at the Grand Canyon.

Any tips/advice/recommendations for a Vegas honeymoon?

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Lamest question ever...

I was emailing back and forth with this guy on OKC. He IMed me before I got to answer the last message he sent to me which had tons of opportunity for good back and forth.

Do I respond to the message now? (It's a few days old) or just call it a wash?

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TQC, there was this El Camino-like truck that came out a few years ago and was only made for a short time. I don't recall its model name (I'm not completely sure of the make, either; I think it was Ford but I could be completely wrong about that). Its only distinguishing feature was that it had a grille on the front that looked a bit like a smile, and it was shown in yellow in the commercials on tv. Also, Big & Rich did an ad with it. Any idea what I'm talking about?


Do you have any addictions? I don't mean like cocaine or what have you, I mean things like caffiene, interneting, exercise, etc. (although you could mention cocaine or whatever if you feel comfortable talking about it).

I was addicted to pot and opiates/pills, to such an extent that I owed $1900 to a loan shark. (Even though I was fortunate enough to never suffer physical withdrawals, just cravings) :S My husband quit, and I didn't want to lose him, so I did too. This coming June will be my fifth year sober.

Now, though, I'm addicted to caffiene pills. I take four all at once some days, and I do get withdrawals (awful headaches and vomiting) if I don't wean myself off of them gradually. I'm probably pretty addicted to the Internet/computers as well.
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Another OKC question

Okay TQC, I just received the following (CRAZY) message on OkCupid (Its long, so its under a cut)

Collapse )

Who is this guy TQC?
What should I say back to him?
I am going to assume he is not serious, so I come to you for the most creative answers possible!

DK/DC Will you tell me about the most awkward situation you have ever been in ever?


Guys!!! My college basketball team is headed to the Sweet 16 for the first time ever and everyone on campus is stoked out of their mind and in a great mood! I drank a lot of beer tonight! I'm so happy!

Did anything awesome happen in your day?
Have you been keeping up with NCAA basketball this season? If so, who's your team?

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What's the last "little thing" to cheer you up?

I went to the supermarket and bought new cleaning products. I'm a weirdo and I love them, haha. I can't wait to spend a whole day off cleaning my house and re-arranging my bookshelves.

What's the last "little thing" to make you a bit sad?

My kitty didn't greet me at the door when I got home tonight and I was like "oh :(" because I always open the door slowly so her little face can peer around the edge. I found her in the kitchen devouring a cricket, and she redeemed herself (in her eyes) by giving me the cricket. mmmmm yummy!
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When you were in high school, did they give you enough time after PE class to shower if you wanted to?

What would you accomplish if instead of using 10% of your brain, you could use all of it? Be as specific as possible, plz.

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Do your favorites change? If so, how often?

I mean this as in basic things like color, movie, season, etc... I hate the favorite color question bc honestly I think color is entirely contextual.

Also, unrelated and kind of specific: I have a friend who is missing a rim on her car's tire. I asked her if it happened in a cliche car chase and she didn't get the cliche. Can you help me find a youtube video of a car peeling around a corner and the tire rim rolling off so I can show her? I'd appreciate it even if you just know a scene in a movie this happens. Any other sources of car-tire-rim-lulz acceptable as well.
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people who have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorder, or anything similar: how did the actual fact of being diagnosed with something change how you felt?
did it help you by giving you a specific reason you felt the way you did, or did it make you feel hopeless, like the feelings would never go away? or both?