March 19th, 2011

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How do you feel when two of your friends get in a fight on your Facebook/LJ/whatever? ETA: They don't have to know each other, they can just disagree strongly about whatever you posted.

How often do you take naps?

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So I have some new-ish neighbors that moved in a little less than a month ago. Every day they play fairly loud music--not loud enough to make out all the words and shit but loud enough that I hear a constant boomboomboom for hours on end. It usually stops by 11pm though, and I don't mind it so much during daylight hours.

However. Tonight it has been much louder than normal and has been going on for several hours. Should I let it go since it's a Friday? Or should I go over there and ask them to turn it down? Idk I've never had to ~confront my neighbors~ for their loudness before so...I feel like they probably won't even listen anyway.

Tell me about your loud/obnoxious neighbors?

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I put brand new batteries in my camera but the low battery icon was still coming up.  Then I realized there is a little flat disc battery in there.  Is it likely that the disc battery is low?  I've had this camera for about 3 years and never noticed that battery before so have never changed it.  

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GRAWR! TQC I am sooooo frustrated. I have a phrase in my mind that I just can't remember. It's synonymous with "deciding factor", "final straw", "make or break", "coup de grace" but it is none of those. Google can only come up with synonyms for one word at a time. I am trying to use the phrase to say that on a first date, whether or not a date does something is the "deciding factor"/etc. for me. Except the phrase I want to use is not "deciding factor".

Damn it TQC, what is the phrase I'm thinking of???? (ETA: DEALBREAKER. Omg why was that so difficult for my pathetic brain.)

Anyway, do you follow the waiter rule (i.e. are you nice to your waiter), or do you typically pay little attention to the people who serve you food and drinks in public?

Have you ever been in the service industry?
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This might be the least exciting question ever but..

Is everyone else getting notifications?

I'm not getting any and I've checked all my settings :-/

Regular TQCers.. What sort of questions do you see regularly that are the most redundant/boring?
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San Diego

What awesome stuff is there in San Diego, other than the zoo and Balboa park?

With it being mid-sixties and possibly rainy, I don't think we'll get to go snorkeling and kayaking like I want (although I insist on rock climbing, hot air balloon ride, and hiking). Any good bead or papercraft stores? Vegetarian-friendly restaurants? Fav museum or other indoor thing to do?

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is there any reason I should keep the dust jackets (or are they book jackets?) on hardcover books I own?

do you ever read yahoo answers? are there any categories that don't make you feel painfully dumber?

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What was the last annoying thing someone said to you?

I was telling my mom how over the summer my stepdad would come upstairs with my laptop and drop it from standing on the floor if he thought I left it somewhere "in the way" (which ranged from on a desk where his laptop was to in a room that nobody ever uses but me and my little half-sister when she visits). Because he did this, there are now two green lines that run through the entire screen.

He also did it to my friend's laptop when she flew in to visit. My mother told me I shouldn't care and I should respect him because he was under a lot of stress at the time.

I am right in being a little fucking peeved that he dropped my laptop and my friend's laptop no less than 3x each, right? Especially when each time I would move it somewhere else out of the way? (The only reason I wasn't putting it upstairs in my room was because I don't like carrying it up stairs, I feel awkward and like I'll drop it, and eventually I had to just carry it upstairs at night with me.
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PDF Software extortion

Does anybody know a cheap program that I can use to both create layouts and make image heavy PDF files from them? I tried Openoffice and it makes gigantic files that fill up the entire computer (it's a comic book, not an essay). Indesign runs about $300 at most places, even on Ebay. Acrobat Professional is also about $299 or something at most places. I tried getting an old version of AP but the bidding increased to about $110, the price of other ones listed (and I'm sure they'll snipe me on those until it's $200). My version of Illustrator only does one page, so that didn't work, either.
Does anybody have other ideas on how I can get a cheap layout/PDF program?
I use XP, not mac, by the way.

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Can you TQC'ers help me through this moment of epic dumbassery please? What are those books called that you get from like colleges and other big businesses that talk about what the place is about, what they do there, etc, etc... ? My mind keeps throwing the word brochure at me but I don't think that's right.

ETA: It was catalogue. Thanks guys!
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What's that website where they have lists of things to fill in (like all the states in the US, all the countries in the world, etc) and you have to do it in so many minutes?

ETA: It's

New question: Do you like Chopped? Are you enjoying Chopped: All Stars?

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Okay. This is ~inspired~ mainly by stuff I hear irl, and I'd really just like to know:

People who do not have manic-depression/bipolar disorder, what do you associate with the condition? Why?

DK/DC/have BD: sugar-free gummy bears exist, right? I want to carry some with me for the munchy-impulse times.

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My boyfriend and I are going out to breakfast together in a little bit. While I know I'm overweight and should eat healthier, I was planning on getting French toast because I haven't had that in about 4 months and I've been craving it. My boyfriend asked me if I've been eating healthy, when I said that I've been eating healthier, but on a college student budget, he got super pissed and kept talking about how i need to eat healthier. I genuinely have been making an effort, so how should I respond if he brings it up again without hurting his feelings? Or should I just get something else for breakfast (if so, what?)
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Kraft Mac N Cheese mixed with leftover taco meat - awesome breakfast, y/y?

I've been awake for like an hour but I haven't rolled out of bed yet. How lazy are you on your days off? How much of a foul bachelor/bachelorette frog are you?


Where should I go for lunch?

Should be cheap. I only have 20 bucks on me.
I live in Manhattan
I fuckin' hate tuna.
I had Shake Shack last week and would do Chinese food but I ALWAYS do Chinese food.

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I went for a walk at the beach today and since I'm totally not an exercise person, I looked like a lunatic. I was wearing jeans + running shoes and carrying my pocketbook.

So I was bookin' along and this man and his girlfriend were coming towards me and he moved out of the way and said, "WATCH OUT! THE TSUNAMI'S COMIN'!"

What in the ever-loving FUCK does that mean?


Do you think a week vacation is too long for a couple to go away and leave their two year old?
Bug-eyed Earl

Weight Watchers

Do any of you do the current Weight Watchers program?

They sell these measuring spoons for the portions but they are TWENTY DOLLARS for THREE spoons.

Volume is volume obviously so does anyone know what the equivalent would be in normal measuring spoons or cups?

EDIT: They're 1/4, 1/2 and a full cup apparently. My Google skills fail.
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For 20k, would you...?

Poll #1719731 For $20,000, would you...?

...shave your eyebrows and draw in your own brows and keep on doing this for an entire year? You can't tell anyone about the money


...throw a bucket of cat urine (it will be provided for you: you won't have to gather it yourself) on the celebrity you crush on the most, while shouting "I hate you, you ugly, no talented, lucky loser!" Odds are they will never forget your face and will probably despise you for this


...make 'angels' (lying on your back while waving your arms and legs back and forth) in a room covered with bedbugs for one minute?

106(72.1%) 8 boxes of powdered donuts (80 donuts total) in a 24-hour span?


...not use the toilet for the next 2 weeks? You have to find other places to do your business. This may work well at home, but consider what you'll do when you're at work, hanging out at a friend's house or at the mall. You can't tell ANYONE about the money and just let them think whatever why you're doing this


...go to a retreat for Christian born-agains for 4 days while wearing a shirt that says "I Don't Know Who This Jesus Person Is. Please Help Me Find Him". You'll never have a moment to yourself the entire time there, guarranteed


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When you were a kid and your parent was eating something that looked good...would you ask them to share it with you? Would they?

If you're a parent do you share your food with your kids?

(Let's work under the assumption that you had already eaten your own dinner/lunch/whathaveyou.)

Do you like sharing food with people? Why/why not?

Inspired by the fact that I can't ever seem to eat a cup of yogurt without my 3 year old sidling up to me with his eyes aglow. :)
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a question for those of you who are good at tech things:

basically, i want to do a project where i record myself on video, then project the recording on a screen behind me but without stopping the camera from recording. the tricky thing is that i would like the camera to keep recording while it plays the video behind me, but with the projected recording later than real time by a minute or two. so i want to turn the camera into a mirror, which is easy, but a delayed mirror, which i'm not sure how to do.

can anyone help me out?

i don't know if my description makes any sense whatsoever - it's sort of difficult for me to explain. if anyone who thinks they could be able to help doesn't fully understand what i said, i can explain it again in different words! thanks a lot!

edit: i thought of a simpler way to phrase this. all i actually need is for the video on my laptop screen when i use my webcam to be delayed for a few minutes. idk, this seems so simple - there has to be something i'm missing, right?

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I sent this guy a text, he didn't reply.. give up or try 1 last attempt?

We met last week during a party, he was all over me, staring me, instant chemistry, asked for my number, added me on FB.

I text him first yesterday night (yep I was drunk) saying Hi!, asking how he was, no reply...

Should I try to contact him 1 last time or leave it?

it's a link to a picture in my photobucket no viruses rejoice

what do you think of this outfit?

i washed all my pants late last night and realized they're still wet and aren't going to be dry in time for work. i was about to throw this on but now i'm stressing it's too many patterns. should i just grab a black shirt instead?

BONUS QUESTION: i was thinking about moving to Arizona a couple years ago but then i found out what a conservative shitshow it is down there, so i started considering New Mexico. then a few months ago my dad told us he's going to retire to New Mexico. WHAT ARE THE ODDS(i've never told anyone this before)? should i find a different place if he does?

we're from Colorado and i seriously prefer heat/dry desert climate to the winters of the midwest and humidity.

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My birthday is coming mom keeps asking me what I want and I can't think of anything...I have everything I need....and I have a nook, and new cellphone, new computer, etc etc... She just called and asked if I wanted an iphone... not really, but I sort of want an ipad.

Would you want an ipad?  What would you do with yours?  What would you want for your birthday? 
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have you ever worn skechers shape-ups? did you like them? is there a big difference between styles?

they're on sale at dsw right now and i'm considering getting a pair because i have very little time to exercise and something's better than nothing. i don't want to spend fifty dollars on them if they aren't worth it, though.

New Author

Hey, TQC, I have a question...

I'm going to be self-publishing a book through and was wondering what LJ communities would be best to promote it in. Any sort of LJ authors group?

I've tried searching with keywords and interests, but couldn't find anything active or useful. Its poetry and prose, so any community that focuses on poetry would also be great.

Also, any other webspace besides FB where I can get the word out?

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Sometimes Anonymous sends pizzas to people's houses and they can't afford it, but it totally also hurts the businesses, think of the waste man...

So anyway, what I'm asking is

Will one of you order a pizza for me and send it to my house and perhaps one day, when you're hungry, I shall send a pizza to you?


Will post pictures of delicious food? And or truly or falsely promise to bake and send me baked goods?

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TQC, my bf just gave me access to his netflix account so that I can entertain myself with...uh...instant watch things(?) while I am stuck in bed with Aunt Flo. I LIKE DOCUMENTARIES. What do you suggest I watch?


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1. When labeling a piece of art, what format should you use and what do you include? Is this acceptable?

"The Locust
Rebekah Fffdsjkla
silver gelatin photogram on fiber, 8x10"

2. What is your favorite thing you've got this week? MINE IS A PUPPY! CUUUUTE!
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How did I aged hamster?

 DERP. So, I recently got a baby hamster from a rescue. Someone's hamster mom had a litter and they ditched the babies at the shelter. This is a Syrian hamster, which is the LARGER species NOT the little golf-ball ones. It's definitely not fully grown. I have no idea how old this hamster is, but I'd like to know.

TQC, how old is my hamster? Give me your best ballpark guess based on size!

Collapse )

No idea? Are hamsters legal pets where you live?

EDIT: WHAT DO I NAME HER?! I've got nothin'.
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Anyone have a rat?

I just transported my pet rat in a car for about 45 mins. It was a bumpy ride, and I took the water out so it wouldn't spill.

I have her in her new cage with water, and she's hiding under her house. Should I give her food right now, or wait awhile so she won't eat so stressed out?

Any other tips for her stress?
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I am indecisive, TQC! Make my decision for me!

My friends are planning a trip to Montreal this summer and they invited me. I originally said I didn't want to go, as I just went there last summer with my parents, but they've been planning the whole thing in a Facebook message I am also a part of, (they didn't remove me once I said I didn't want to go) and as I've been silently a part of their discussion I am starting to be tempted to change my mind. I told them I was now considering it, and that it mainly depended on how much the whole trip came out to. They all hung out yesterday to decide on specifics, and they've determined that for travel and hotel it will be 230 for four days in the city.  (six days including travel) I need to make a definite decision by tomorrow as one of my friends will be booking the whole thing for everyone on Monday. I cannot decide! I would like to go, as it would be fun, but I'm not ridiculously excited to go. I feel like TCQ, being as brutally honest and responsibility-minded as it is, will probably be very straight with me and help me make a smart decision.  

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1. Has anyone ever done any type of Facebook advertising with successful results? I work for a local small business and I have been looking into the ad opportunities on FB, but want to know if it's worth it. We've used Google ad words before with unimpressive results.

2. I'm going to see my doctor in a couple weeks to talk about the possibility of putting me on an anti-depressant. Some people have recommended Welbutrin and I'm wondering if I'm allowed to ask my doc to put me on a certain type? Or will he ignore my request and put me on something he likes better?

3. What's the last movie you watched? Good or bad?

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Dear TQC,
My mum is running a half marathon tomorrow for Great Ormond Street Hospital so I said I'd go cheer her on. Only problem is, this race starts at like ... early o'clock and I am so definitely not a morning person. Any tips on how to make myself feel less like killing everyone come 6am tomorrow morning?
Dk/dc/I hate mornings too: Will you tell me about the last nice thing you did for someone or that someone did for you?

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What was your last embarrassing moment?

I was trying to walk from my seat to the door on the bus and then the bus moved unexpectedly and I fell on some guy's lap. I basically had one hand on each of his thighs. hahaha. He was cool about it, but I kept thinking about how glad I was that I didn't grab his crotch.
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My SIL has the palate of a picky toddler, but she wants to venture out and try more food. She has never ever eaten any sort of fish or seafood before. I know this isn't real seafood, but she's never even eaten the shrimp flavored ramen. My husband and I are pretty good cooks and she wants us to make her a fish/seafood dinner to ease her way into it.

What should I make her? My idea of a safe seafood meal is way different than what she would consider safe. I was thinking of either doing a shrimp scampi because she likes pasta and there are a lot of different flavors to cover up the fishy taste. My husband suggested swordfish because there's almost no fishy taste and we can marinade it to add some other flavors. Part of me wants to make her something cheaper because I have a feeling that since her diet consists of salad, hot dogs, chicken fingers, chicken cutlets and pasta, she isn't going to like anything that isn't from a box in the freezer that says Gorton's.

What would you make for a picky eater that wants to try fish/seafood for the first time?
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I just finished watching all 3 seasons of True Blood (ugh - hate waiting now until June for new episodes) and I need to figure out what to watch next. Will you decide for me TQC?

What series should I watch next?

Seasons 4 & 5 of Big Love
Season 2 & 3 of Breaking Bad
Nurse Jackie
The Tudors
Downton Abbey
colours are nice

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i'm going to victoria, texas this week to visit my dad. it's about equal distance from san antonio, houston, and corpus christi. what are some fun things to do in those places? (my dad hasn't lived in texas for very long, so we're both looking to discover things to do there)

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TQC I feel embarrassed and dumb that this is happening but I'm having very high anxiety from a certain part in a video game. It's LOZ: Majora's Mask, the part with the sea snakes. It's basically you going into a deep hole in the bottom of the ocean and killing these 8 huge snakes (size comparison of them vs your character is they are car width around and very long) I think seeing them in comparison to Link and imagining myself in that situation in a hole in water with giant snakes is causing me panic. It's not the snakes so much as their size and the water. I'm terrified of deep and/or open water so water parts on these games have always been hard for me but not like this.

Have you and/or someone you know experienced this? How did you complete that part of the game? I feel dumb cause it's a video game but the imagery is going a long way.

I'm kind of contemplating getting my brother to come play that part for me.

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While cleaning out my closet today, I found an old pair of sparkly red pleather pants that I used to wear in middle school. And they still fit me! I totally need to wear them to class on Monday, y/y?

Will you tell me about the misguided fashion of your youth?
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What are some movies that you haven't or have just recently seen that everyone always seems to talk about?

Only recently have I seen the Sixth Sense, Shawshank Redemption, and Fight Club. Have not seen The Godfather movies or any of the LotR ones.

What are some movies that you think that everyone MUST see?

Shawshank Redemption. Great plot, acting, and inspiring.

Movies to stay away from?

I havent really seen a movie that I would tell people to stay away from. Or maybe I should just tell people what I avoid: Gigli, most horror movies sequels.

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If you're currently wearing nail polish, what color are you wearing?

I cut all of my hair off (about 10") the other night, and went from having long layers to having a super sexy angled bob (short and off my neck in the back, just beyond chin length in the front) that I now have to actually put effort into styling in the morning. It's obviously too short to put in any formal updos or anything anymore. How can I make my new 'do a little more fancy for a formal dinner?

dk/dc - Any vacation plans in the near future? Where and when?
family: mom/window

talking heads + poll

What's your favourite Talking Heads song?

Poll #1719873 tricks

Can you lick your own elbow?


Can you tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue?


Can you do the splits?


What do you think of tricks?

They're for kids.
People should get treats in return.
A trick is something a whore does for money.
I can has?
Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.
I do not think anything of tricks, sir.
Boxes. I click them?
You are a trick. Whatever that means.
They make me think of creepy magicians. Thanks a lot.
I like cheese.
no1 curr.

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I just left my house for several hours without my parents apparently thought I jumped into the ocean with no intentions of returning.

What are YOU up to tonight?
Want to talk about anything?
What's new?

I'm bored.

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So I bought a game on eBay for 20 bucks total.  The sale ended on the 3/7 which is also the day I paid.   Estimated delivery was 3/11-3/17.  I kept a watch on the MyEbay page so I could see which day the seller shipped.  When it still didn't say shipped by 3/10 I sent a series of messages until finally getting an answer.  

3/10: Have you shipped my item out yet? If not can you let me know when you do? Thanks.

3/11: Just wondering if you mailed out my purchase yet. The legend of zelda windwaker is what I bought. Thanks.

3/15: Again messaging you to ask if you've sent my item, it's showing up on the myebay summary page as not shipped, so just wondering. I would really appreciate a reply. Thanks.

got this message back on 3/15: Sorry for the delay. I shipped this item out on Sunday.
the shipped status says it shipped on 3/16, but I'm not sure if maybe he put it in there that day after realizing he forgot to and there is not way to modify the date.  

I sent a new message just now:  What method did you use to ship? I'm getting pretty antsy over here waiting for this. You say you shipped sunday but I thought post offices were closed on sundays.

This whole thing seems a little shady and IDK what I should do if I don't get this game soon.  How long should I wait before taking any action.  So, TQC will you help me figure out what to do?  Give me advice?  Tell your own ebay horror stories? 

Will you guys help me with a best-friend-abusive-boyfriend situation?

So my best friend just recently broke up with her long-distance boyfriend/fiance of 5 years. They were not good for each other, and she in particular was unhappy because their cultural differences became insurmountable and he was something of a hot-tempered asshole. It got to the point where she just couldn't take his bullshit anymore because he was good at making her feel like shit about herself and she was miserable. Since she told him it wasn't working out he's been repeatedly trying to contact her (sending her numerous emails a day, calling her all the time, etc) and she's been trying to ignore him.

Well, he just tried to add me on facebook out of the blue, I imagine in an attempt to contact her through me but there's no way in hell that going to happen. Should I mention to her his trying to add me or will that only make things worse for her?

Buy low, sell high

So, I'm moving cities soon and I'm trying to minimise how much crap I have (and make some extra cash) by selling a bunch of things on ebay. Because I'll only be going for about a year, I'm leaving all my house-worth of furniture with a friend, so will just be taking my clothing, other personal items and cat and renting a room in a share house.

This brings me to an important question I need your help with - do I sell or keep my DVD collection?

So far my thoughts are:

- More money=yay.
- They would take up a lot of space in my limited moving boxes.
- I have digital copies of a lot of it so rarely watch physical dvds.
- Saves me having to either worry about them being being loaned out and never returned/damaged by either my new, unknown flatmates, or by my current friend, depending on what I do with them.
- DVD is likely to end up a redundant technology in a few years time and it would be worth more to sell them now that it will when DVD becomes the new VHS.

- I've spent years building my collection and it's pretty awesome. I have maybe 150 movies and 60 tv seasons.
- Concerned the digital copies will get lost/damaged etc and then I'll have nothing.
- My hard drives are full.