March 18th, 2011

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TQC, what is making buzzing sounds in my room?? It sounds like a phone on vibrate ringing, but I have both my phones on me, the vibrators are off, it's not the bluray player or the TV. Did you make this happen?!?

DK/DC/can't think of something lulzy, are you easily disturbed by violent TV or shows that depict violent actions?

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What are some interesting spins that you put on traditional foods?

Brought to you by my fiance making fun of me for toasting my bread before making my peanut butter and jelly.

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I was walking down the street and I had an odd thought

What if Humanities ability to see color is actually some horrible defect

And when the aliens come back for their Earth Petri dish, they're like

"Whoops! That wasn't supposed to happen!"

So like


What if the world really is black and white and we've got this grand malfunction of brain and body that allows us to see things in "color"?

Fry-day, fry-day

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how often do you dance around in your underwear,or naked?
whats somethign you try to do every day other than basic things like eat, drink water, brush your teeth, breathe?

what kind of drunk are you usually?

Makeshift mouthwash

Part of my gum has been irritated lately. Should I use some baking soda or salt dissolved in warm water as a makeshift mouthwash? Anything else I could try to help my gum get better? I'm usually pretty good at oral hygiene, so I don't know what's wrong. Strangely enough, the two times that this has happened recently also coincided with my period.

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 TQC, I was halfway through the second temple on LOZ: Majora's Mask, when I accidentally bumped my N64 and my game froze forcing me to turn off the system and thus lose the work I'd done in that temple cause I hadn't bothered to save since starting that temple.   Will you tell me of your gaming failures and/or console me? 

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 Is your facebook/twitter/anything else feed full of references to "Friday"?

How do you feel about this?

DK/DC: what's your friday plans?

Mine are my first car inspection (nervous) and lots of video games. 

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My niece is turning two on April first. Tomorrow I'm going out with the mother to start planning for her birthday. Can you guys give me some good ideas on what we should do for her birthday? She really likes Dora the Explorer.


What's the weirdest gift a friend has ever given you?

My friend is notorious for giving me the weirdest presents. Today she gave me a necklace she made with a clear jar attached that has two little rattle snake vertebrae in it. A few months ago (She's in a vet tech program), she came home with this thing that they use to test fecal matter with and gave it to me... She's so strange.

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So, I got horribly screwed when it comes to money by mainly my mother who took out a student loan, in my name, years ago and didn't tell me.  I'm now attempting to pay off said bill as well as my own medical bills on top of my every day bills.

This wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't on an extremely fixed income.  I receive about six hundred dollars total a month... Three hundred goes to rent (thank the heavens for roommates), another sixty goes to electric, another to my phone, thirty for internet.  This usually leaves me with about one hundred and fifty dollars to play with... which all goes to medical bills or the sudden appearance of this student loan (long story as to how that's even possible).

So!  TL;DR, I need money.  Desperately.  I do have some skills that I can market such as sewing or... well, that's about it.  Any ideas on how I can make some extra cash to help?  I don't particularly want to spend the next four and a half years paying off bills.

(( also posted on AMA ))
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i want to start reading again. it's been years since i sat down to read a book... so i think i'm going to go to the library today.
what book(s) should i get? will you tell me a brief summary of the book(s)?

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What compels you to share your life with strangers you may never met?
What do you tell people when they ask about your net friends?

These are general questions, answer them as you see fit.

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Can anyone recommend a vanilla-scented perfume? I just want something subtle, not overpowering and something that lasts long. The body spray that I currently use is dying on me (smells like rubbing alcohol or something).

DK/DC: What is your signature scent?

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When's the earliest and latest time it's appropriate to call you during the day?

My friend's mother (who I'm not close to at all) thought it was okay to call me a bit before 8 in the morning. This is rude, yes?
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Today is my birthday. How should I celebrate?

Activities that I can do alone are encouraged as everyone I know is too hungover or still drunk to do anything.

ETA: Do you know of any places that give discounts on your bday? I feel like getting a haircut or going to a movie or something if I get something for it being my birthday.
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Do you know or are you one of those people who, when very sick (coughing, sneezing, fever, nauseated, etc), go out shopping or get their hair cut or something not medical-related? What do you think of people like this?

Just curious because once in a while there seems to be a sick person who comes into my office for an appointment and I get irked because I don't really want to be in the vicinity of someone sick.

Also, are you a germ-phobe? I try to avoid using the same pens as other people and use my own pen when having to sign a credit card slip. I also avoid touching door handles either by using my sleeve to open it or a paper towel. Is this too paranoid?
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How much is normal for your weight to fluxuate on a day to day basis? How do you know if you have legitimately lost weight? Ive been super healthy, eating very small portions, and have gone to the gym 8 out of the last 10 days. My weight finally started to go down (6 lbs!) and this morning Im right back where I started. What the fuuuuuck?

srs/non srs appreciated. I need to laugh about it because Im really angry.

Also, whats your worst food craving? The hardest thing for you to drop when youre trying to lose weight?
I love fast food so much. its torture to drive by a McDonalds. :(
Muh Life.
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So I'm on my last full day of Spring Break (sadface). Naturally, I've done nothing on the "List-o-tings" I wrote last Friday. Shocker!

In a last ditch effort, what should I accomplish?

Paint the last half of the kitchen. (Importante).
Read and analyze 3 Acts of Othello.
Write 1pg on Murder in the High Himalaya.
Do laundry, SO has no work socks.
Ticky Boxes, YAAAAAYYYY.
Clean all the things? No. Sit on ass.
Write 3pgs on Freud.
Start all projects and give up 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through.

I cleaned the house yesterday, but other than that I've done zilch of the things asked of me this week. Whoops.

What are you doing today? What do you WISH you were doing?
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TQC members who have a phone using android, can you help?

My boyfriend added his email address to the gmail app on my phone (my email is on there too) and it bugs the bageebas out of me. how can i remove his??

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Psychics of TQC!
I had a job interview last week and they said I would hear by the end of this week...
It is 12.37pm Friday here and I have not heard.
When will I hear?!
And more importantly... Did I get the job?!

DK/ DC/ not psychic:
What ya eating? I'm gonna make me some lunch soon and I want ideas! :)

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My last roommate left this morning, so I have the house to myself 'til I leave tomorrow afternoon. What fun and exciting things can I do with the house to myself?

I've already peed with the door open and I'm currently singing loudly.

I have a longish trip tomorrow, what ROMs or other fun games should I download to entertain myself?

DK/DC: Do you make your bed every morning? If not, then how often?

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For those who celebrate lent, what tasty seafood meal are you making/having today?

I'm making lobster bisque and tomato-mozzarella salad for dinner tonight and I'm really excited about it.
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I'm a vegetarian and since I have been (it's been about 6 years now) I have opted not to buy "new" leather. That is to say, I will buy it if it's used (like a pair of shoes from Ebay  for example) but not brand new from a store. My reason has always been that since I don't support animals being killed for for food, it would be hypocritical to support killing them for clothes/shoes/etc.

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When you spill something in a store or restaurant, do you help clean it?

I'm sort of clumsy, so I run into this problem a lot.

Last night, I spilled a gallon of iced tea at Krogers. I just sort of stood there while the janitor brought the mop out, and asked, "Do you need me to help?" He sort of shooed me away, so I left.

A few days ago at McDonalds I dropped my Pepsi. It was in the back, so I just got some napkins and cleaned it myself. Since the floor was sticky, I told the manager she might want to put some water down and mop it back up. She told me next time it happened to tell her, or she might get in trouble with the insurance company. Apparently customers aren't trusted to clean it up properly.

What do you do? I don't live just leaving my mess for someone else to clean up, but they never let me help clean it.
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Inspired by the previous post,

What is the worst spill you've seen at a restaurant/grocery store/etc?
What's the worst spill you've ever caused?

When I worked at a grocery store, I watched as this lady ran her cart into a huge ass display of Nyquil. They whole thing toppled and over 50 bottles broke. She looked right at me, turned, and walked away like nothing happened. I just stood there gaping after her as the big red puddle slowly grew. It took hours to clean up.

Another time, someone dropped a gallon glass jar of vinegar at the end of my register. I had to go home because it made me sick to my stomach.

When I worked at a sandwich store, I had a coworker spill a 32oz sweet tea in a lady's purse. And I dropped a chicken salad sandwich on the ground once.

At Bojangles a few months ago, I spilled my Pepsi all over our table and the floor. They have carpet so it was all squashy afterwards. Oh yeah, then I went and got a refill and proceeded to spill THAT one all over again.
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For Book-lovers...

Are there any 'classics' readers here? I tend to like staying with more recent stuff, but I was thinking the other day about the idea of the 'classics', and how people seem to love them, or either some tend to be the books people want to say they've read, but don't actually want to. Heh... so true.

So my question is kind of two-fold - what old 'classics' do you love and think people should have under their belt (for understanding of literature or the world or whatever).

dk/dc - One of the folklore classics I wondered about was "Arabian Nights". Any fans? There are -so- many versions out... how do you pick one?
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TL:DR - Mentally disabled relative lives on own but is needing aid.  Her teenage son is also manipulating her into giving him money that she absolutely cannot afford to give.

Soooo...what can we do?  She is not legally classified as disabled in any way except the blindness so she has no guardian.  What would that take to establish at this point?  If we did that, what sort of help might she be entitled to?  She is nearing early retirement age...are there any benefits there she could get?  What sorts of accounts might she be able to open that have controlled withdrawal options to serve as a "barrier" if she tried to take money out of the account (like some sort of penalty...anything that somebody would inform her of when she tried to take money out.  She can understand that much and would be less likely to do it)

Does anybody have any experience dealing with a parent or other relative with severe disabilities?
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This should be an easy one!

Okay, so I'm not new here per se, but I haven't been an active contributor to LJ for very long so I guess I'm still figuring some stuff out. My current problem has to do with my userpics. Most of the ones I uploaded were gifs, aka there should be movement involved, but I see no movement. This is puzzling and frustrating. What do?


How do I get my gif userpics to move D:

EDIT: The font size isn't that big people, calm down

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Have any of you tried Calms Forté? I bought some yesterday and it did seem to help me relax. (3 of them put me to sleep.)

I have some anxiety issues and I usually take Klonopin for them (1 mg 2x a day), but I ran out of Klonopin and can't get any this week. I'm thinking of taking a trip for a few days with people I don't know that well, and I'm worried that I'll have an anxiety attack in the car or something. :/ Any opinions on the product?


Do you take vitamins? If so, which one(s)?
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When you were a junior/senior in high school did you have any idea of what you wanted to do or study in college?

I don't and that scares me to death.

DK;DC: Will you make an error message and post it here?
Message generator:
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I'd like to get a well made, larger wind chime for my wife this spring. The $10 one that she bought at the discount store sounds terrible and the thin, made-in-China strings holding each chime broke during the winter, leaving only one chime and the striker. Very sad looking, really. Does TQC have suggestions? Online or brick n' mortar are fine.

Also, the steroids I'm taking are making me anxious today. I'm sweating like I'm at a Tennessee barbeque in July, and I can't stop snacking. Am I going to make it home in one piece, or will I explode in my car during the commute?
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Anyone here from Baltimore? Or know the city well?

I'm planning on going in May for a music festival. Can you tell me about the city? Is there decent public transportation? Or should I rent a car?

The venue is called Sonar on East Saratoga st. is that a shitty area?

DK/DC/ The Wire was an awful show: What's your favorite ~overlooked~ city? Mine is Providence.

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Some kids from the Shakespeare club at my school are putting on a rendition of Macbeth tonight. I'm really excited (post-apocalyptic Shakespeare on a Friday night, UH YES!) but none of my friends are available so i'll be going by myself.

On a scale of 1-10 how awkward will sitting on the lawn by myself be?
And also, what are some tactics I may employ in which I may reduce said awkwardness?
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I'm stuck inside with strep throat and I'm lonely and I miss my boyfriend. Also I feel crappy. What should I do to cheer myself up? Will you cheer me up, TQC?

If you don't care about my misery, will you give me advice on strep instead? I've never had it before and it is pretty miserable. I am taking antibiotics but they are not making it any less miserable right now. Anything I should eat/drink/do that might make me feel a little better?

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My plans for tonight fell through and now I have nothing planned for my first Friday off in like a year! What should I do tonight instead?

If it matters, I was planning to go to a club thing with a friend to throw ourselves upon scantily clad women.

Dk/dc: Do you like to dance? Do you just look like a fish out of water when you attempt to dance? Are you brave enough to demonstrate your skills (even if said skills can not pay the bills)?

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I have an group interview on Monday to be an orientation leader for my college. What sort of questions are they going to ask me? What is a good question to ask them? I'm so lost, help me TQC!
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stupid me.

So, I spent thirty minutes digging through last night's trash in the garbage bin, trying to see if I could find my thumb drive. Amidst all the cat crap and urine-soaked pellets, it wasn't there. I have a bunch of important documents on it and some ridiculous MS Paint images I created that are very important to me. I had a very shitty day at work, and a friend at work said something rude to me.


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Should I get drunk right now? Already a little tipsy. Oops.

Have you ever consumed two liters or more of an alcoholic beverage in one night?
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Am I the only one here who thinks this guy is absolutely adorable/brave/so hilarious??

I found his youtube channel recently and he is just generally a funny guy but everyone I have shown it to IRL think he is disgusting/weird in a bad way aside from my fiance who is pretty much just like him.

Also, my fiance refuses to acknowledge the fact that this song is so totally about penises...Its totes about the dick right guys??


Why am I nauseous for an hour or so after I eat, no matter what I eat? It's been going on for a few days to a week, and the only thing I do differently now is take a 500mg Vitamin C tablet because my immune system is shit. I started the tablets on Monday. :S I'm scared to eat. :(

Also, what do you think of Dr. Stephen Hawking? (I'm watching an episode of the Simpsons right now where he is in it)

Edit: I started the tablets on WEDNESDAY, Not Monday. My mistake. (My memory is also shit)
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If a coworker you have only known for a couple of weeks tells you "You and her are the coolest girls who work here" would you think he's telling the truth? I was so surprised this guy said that to me. I feel like the anti-thesis of cool. Besides, he's kind of one of those people who's super nice and friendly to everyone so idk.

Sigh. Sorry. It's that time of the month. I am sad and feel unloved. Also, I am woeful over a boy (not the aforementioned coworker) I like but I don't think he will like me because I don't think I'm pretty enough.

If you've been in a relationship, how did you meet your SO? Was it love at first sight?

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Is anyone else having problems with LJ notifications?
Sometimes it happens and its a few hours later they show up. But this has been going on for days now and I have only gotten a few. I have hotmail, if that's important.
I think like I'm missing out on a lot of witty comments from PL.

DC/DK/ I hate Anthill's lj notifications: What's your opinion on armpit hair?
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fact: i had blood drawn approx 9-10 hours ago. the puncture site is still oozing.

i know to keep pressure on it, this is just weird, y/n?

fact: i have anemia. could that have something to do with it?

crack ups

What has cracked you up the most lately?  Was it for a good reason, or was it dumb? :) 

 I was trying to download a new book on my nook, and while searching for murder mysteries, all these horribly themed series came up... like "Sprinkle with Murder" a Cupcake Bakery Mystery ,  "Hooked on Murder" a Crochet Mystery and "Latte Murder" a Coffee House Mystery..we were already laughing about these when my coworker suggested "Cappucin OH NO!"  and we started laughing so hard we were both crying and snorting and making total asses of our selves. 

so all day today we were saying "Cappunio OH NO" anytime anything happened.  
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I have a show TOMORROW. I need to glue one piece of glass to another. Don't ask. The guy at the store, despite having said that this needs to be done FOR TOMORROW, sold me a jar of glaze that takes 14 days to dry. wtf.

Any suggestions on how to glue two pieces of glass together that will hold up? The glass is approximately 11.5"x17.75", so it's a bit heavy. HELP ME?
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When you're drunk-shit faced, how do you approach a girl/guy to make out with them? To have sex with them?
I am in a relationship, but I feel like I would be really awkward and fail at this if I were single and wanted to get some.

It's friday. Will any of this happen to you tonight? 

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TQC, would you rather:

a) save up and travel around your country (or outside of it), but come back to where you originally lived and have to find a new job when you come back, or

b) save up and move to someplace you've lived before and know you like, and can do a reasonably good job of living in, and be happy there, or

c) save up and move to somewhere completely new?

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TQC I saw Slenderman today. I swear. I was walking home from work and it was dark out, and there was someone across the quad, who had super long arms, was all shadowed, and just staring at me.


What's the scariest thing you've seen recently?
Muh Life.
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I've discovered I have a slightly irrational fear of said creatures...

So, the ghost mouse has friends and now I'm all freaked out.

My partner has OCD, our house is literally obsessively clean- but now all the sudden we have mice! We have three cats, two of which will eat anything within the same weight ratio of themselves- but we live in a townhouse connected to three other units so they can't possibly get to all their hiding spots.

How can I get rid of them in ways that won't hurt the cats? Have you ever had mice? Can you really EVER get rid of them all???
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TQC, I was trying to open a new toothbrush and the package was ridiculously hard to open. Finally, it popped open and the toothbrush flew out and landed in the toilet.

What's the last stupid thing you did?
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