March 17th, 2011

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will you play a word association game - first word that springs to mind from these words? ((all words randomly generated online))/will you write a story using this words for me?








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If you're typing something out, and notice you made an error but have already moved on a little bit with your typing, do you backspace and delete everything you just wrote until you get to where you made the error, or do you just click on or scroll to the error and fix it?

what was the last thing you bought that was more than $10?

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1.Do you think people know before they die?

My boyfriend's mom passed suddenly this week and had apparently talked with his sister on every detail she'd want at a funeral down to the song she'd want played. She also said how much she loved all of them and it just seems so eerie now in hindsight.

Also right before my friend's Dad died, he called her mother (his ex-wife) and told her she was the love of his life and he was sorry for everything he had ever done.

2.Also, do you think it's kind of fucked up for professors to require written proof that someone in your family died to excuse you out of a test?

3. Regardless of whether or not you believe in an afterlife, where would you LIKE to think we go when we die?
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Hey so you remember that post about the rude bride and the wolves and moon shirt?

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Is the power of unicorns flowing through me now?? What can I do with these new special powers?

What animal do you want to wear on a t-shirt with a moon? What power would it give you?
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A long time ago I had a mashup that I really enjoyed. I lost it when I had problems with copying iTunes. :| It was a combo of AC/DC's "Shook Me All Night Long" and Dr. Dre and Eminem doing "Forgot about Dre". I thought the title was "Shook Dre All Night Long" but I can't find it anywhere on Youtube or Google searching.

Can you help me TQCers?

If this doesn't work I'll have to go to whatwasthatone.

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How come when I get my period, my knees hurt? Like it feels like I have a rubber band wrapped around my knees for the first day of my period and it is awful. Is it related to my period or is it just completely coincidental?

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I just mixed 1 pound italian sausage pan-fried, 1 box herb and butter rice, and garlic powder, seasonall, and taco mix.

Would you eat this?

It is spicy as fuck and I am seriously debating saving it for my friend when he comes over tomorrow to enjoy with me.

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TQC, I wanted a PYU post but I'm too lazy to think up a theme. Will you please post your username so people can ask you questions/tell you something they like about you/etc?

Yes this is an awful way of wording this question, give me a break.

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tqc is it really that bad to eat after midnight before going under anesthesia? i haven't eaten since 8am (it is 3am now) and i am having my wisdom teeth removed at 10am and i am feeling woozy :/

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i got a 20 gallon fish tank today for free that came with an angel fish, tiny catfish, and some small guppy. i want some really vibrant fresh water fish to put in the tank. what are some beautiful fish i should get? ones that wont kill the other fish lol
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what should i do today? i have zero plans.

what are you doing today?

ETA: lj news said i don't get notifications because of the email address i have or something... which is my old hotmail address. do you get notifications still? where's your email address at?
(i don't know how to word this, in case you couldn't tell)

dragon lady

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I'm getting a new laptop today! What should I name it? Do any of you name your tech? Why or why not?

My old laptop was named Lobo, my old iPod was Ghost 2.0, my current MP3 player is Phantom, and my three main flashdrives are Adam West, Ka-Pow!, and Ka-Bam!. My turtle shaped flashdrive is named Sebastian.

DK/DC/You're a loon: what was the last bit of anything you've read that really stuck with you? Quotes, the main idea, a specific point made- whichever and whatever!

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In a long distance relationship, how much contact is too much?

My housemate is in one, they see each other about 4 times a term, then for holidays, and she speaks to her boyfriend on the phone about 4 times a day. Even when she's just woken up, and not done anything. It just strikes me as too much.

ETA: I think it's too much because it limits other areas of her life, such as friendships, as she has put so much pressure on being in contact.

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Are you religious? Did you choose your religion, or were you raised that way? What is your favorite aspect of your religion? (if you have one) (I ask because I'm exploring spirituality/religion at the moment)

DK/DC- Anybody else think that Oral Roberts is the funniest name ever?
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what's there to do/what do you do when you want to get out of the house, but you will be alone?

(this question has been at the top of the page for almost a half hour) do you ever feel awkward when your question is stuck at the top?
lol, as soon as i edited, about five questions popped up. good job, all.
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Have you ever become friends with the people you work with? As in doing things outside of work hours. Have you ever then had work related problems with that friend? Were you able to separate work and friendship and remain friends with that person?

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And for a less self-serving question, what is your favorite thing about yourself (physical feature, a talent you have or something else)?

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1) When a question pops into your head, do you immediately post it to TQC?

2) Can you pick things up with your toes?

3) Is there anyone famous that you have a guy/girl crush on who is the opposite of your sexual preference? Who is it?

ETA: Reworded the 3rd question to make it less offensive/upsetting.

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I have a faux leather jacket from express that says do not wash on the tag. The jacket isn't dirty but I would atleast like to freshen up the lining. How can I do this without ruining the jacket?

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I find out on monday if I'm going to need a CT scan. I've never had one before so I looked up people's experiences and the common theme is claustrophobic and stressful. Anyone ever had one and want to tell me what to expect? How did you find it?


Have you ever met a celebrity? What about a reality tv star? Were they nice or a total douche bag?
My brother met Pauly D last night at the Wrentham Outlets in Massachusetts. He asked him if he could take a picture and he said he couldn't cause of his contract. I think thats bullshit. If he was a hottie with tits he totally would have done it!

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It's spring break for everyone here in Texas. Went to eat and to the mall yesterday and was just thoroughly annoyed with the lack of manners of the kids we came across. They pay no attention to where they are going, don't say excuse me or apologize when running into someone, texting and walking into people's paths, etc. Am I just getting crotchety or is this the direction kids are going? And it's obviously not just the kids because I saw more than one adult/parent do it, too. Ugh.

ETA: I mention spring break because that means more kids out.

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I just found out that my closest-thing-to-a-best-friend-(that I have known since kindergarten)'s mom is getting surgery tomorrow because they found a lump on her thyroid and they don't know if its cancerous or not... she was basically my second mom all through my school years, and their whole family is like family to me.

I'm bad at these things... would this be the right time to send flowers? And maybe a card? I feel like a "get well" card would not be right, but maybe a "thinking of you"? Or am I wrong on both accounts? I don't know help me out? ):
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So my landlord replaced my fridge last month and yesterday it broke down while I was at work and ALL my food rotted. The fridge can't be replaced until next Wednesday. So after work, I have to go to the store to pick up some tasty dinner foods.

What should I make that is delicious and tasty from the store ? 
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tqc, i'm 5 ccomments away from having posted 100,000. should i give up on lj after this?

what song are you currently listening to/what was the last song you listened to?
what's a song that reminds you of your parents?

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so i've had this friend for about a year now. we used to be pretty close and hung out quite a bit. the last few months i feel like i've been making all the effort. i'm always the one to text or call her, ask her to do things, etc. and it just seems like she doesn't have time for me anymore. on monday, i decided i'd give it one more shot and if i actually got to hang out with her, i was planning on talking to her about this. anyway, we planned to have lunch and see a movie this afternoon. early this morning at like 3am she texts me and says "i wanna see a movie with you tomorrow, but i'm feeling really sick. i will text you when i wake up and let you know how i'm feeling" which woke me up out of a dead sleep, and i responded "k."

well, now it's today.. after 4pm.. and i haven't heard from her. she's been active on facebook within the past hour, but she has not tried to get in touch with me. do i have a right to be hurt and pissed? i'm really busy with school and work and today i had the afternoon off and it was really nice out and i feel like i wasted my day waiting for her to contact me. i am annoyed, sad, and pissed, and i really want to yell at her.. but i don't think that's the best way to react. how should i handle this?

ETA: we have long-running plans to do something together on the 30th, as well as a mini vaca in june. should i wait it out and see if her behavior changes, or should i start making other plans?

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1. What are some good places to advertise a car for sale, without actually spending any money?

2. What if the car is a 1994 Toyota Previa van, all-wheel drive, 7 passenger, 179K miles, running but with a few issues, located in Montgomery County, Maryland?

3. Did you stock up on potassium iodide?

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I have the evening off! I don't want to hang out with people and I especially do not want to go out because of all the St. Patrick's Day "we've been drinking since 6:30 AM and now would like to vomit on you" idiots on the streets. 

What should I do all by my lonesome, TQC? 

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I need a dress for a wedding and I'll be wearing it to an anniversary as well.
How much is a reasonable price to pay for such a thing?
Is $80 for a poor bitch like me too much or is that a fair price? :/

What's the last thing that you feel you spent too much money on? How much was it?
What was your last bargain?

I got jeans at Target for $6! :D

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Are you the best there is at what you do?

Is what you do very nice?

On a more serious note, Are you doing what you wanted to do or thought you would be doing when you were a kid?

*Also, since people are taking the first questions seriously, bonus brownies and Molsons if you get the reference

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What are some films where because of one action, most things/everything changes dramatically, but it's a subtle action?

For instance, I'm watching Apollo 13, and he says "From now on, we live in a world where man has walked on the moon". And I'm also thinking of Awakenings where Leonard wakes up and the world has continued to pass him by.

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Poll #1719136 yay polls

Will you check all of the ones that pertain to you?

I like to drink wine
I have won a trophy
I go to church regularly
I once had a crush on the most popular girl/guy in school
I've never purchased a lotto ticket
I love playing board games
I have a food allergy
I swear like a sailor
I am an only child
Ticky ticky
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Dr. TQC?

Saturday night my microdermal on my chest was a little cranky so I put a band aid over it to avoid bumping it in my sleep. Now it's completely fine, but I have a rash on my chest because I'm allergic to latex and was stupid and didn't look to see what the band aid was made out of. But the skin around it also feels... weird. It doesn't hurt, but it's uncomfortable and... I'm not sure how to describe it. Wtf is going on? Only the area where the band aid was is red and itchy, the strange discomfort extends around it. (There's nothing wrong with my micro now - zero redness or pain associated with it.) Is this just part of the latex reaction?? Will it go away soon??

[Edit: I'm also allergic to the adhesive. Either way I'm not asking about area the band aid actually touched - I'm curious about why it feels weird outside of that area.]

[Edit2: My mom said not to worry about it so I just put anti-itch gel over everything.]

Does it bother you when you can't find words to describe something? I really can't think of anything better than "uncomfortable" and I wish I knew a better word!

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Can you guys recommend me a good history book to read? I like stuff on early 20th century Europe, the two world wars and the French and Russian revolutions. It doesn't have to fit one of these categories though! :)

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There's a commercial I've seen lately, I don't even know what it's for, but in the commercial there are a bunch of kids playing ice hockey, and there's a song playing in the background that sounds Irish. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and can anyone tell me either the name of that song or something else that will help me find it? I really want to listen to it.

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My mom told me today that I'm hard to get along with, but I really don't think I am!
Do you think you are easy or hard to get along with?

What are your plans for the night?

Are you eating or have you eaten anything green today?

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Dear TQC,

My mother came home today with five bunches of spring onions (I believe you Americans call them scallions?) - seeing as I'm in charge of cooking in the house, it's been left to me to use them.
If you had that many spring onions, what would you do with them? What should I do with them? Because I'll be honest, I'm just sat here scratching my head and asking, "WHY WOULD YOU THINK WE NEED THIS MANY ONIONS???"
hate pimentos

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Is there someone/something that has been around forever that you've recently discovered that you love? How about something that you liked a long time ago, forgot about and were recently reminded of?  Will you tell me about it?

This question brought to you by my recently fired passion for Adrien Brody.  Also for my re-discovery of The Eagles.

(Edited to clarify).

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my friend left this on my facebook: "Those Castleton snobs"

what is she talking about?

should i go see Murder by Death tonight? i don't like them that much but my friends are going and i haven't been to a show in a long time. but it's at a different venue than i thought, so i can't bike, and i'm not positive how i'm getting home. and my ex-whatever's best friend will be there so that gives me anxiety that he'll be there(though unlikely). but i was sick all last week and i wanna hang out with my friends. WHAT DO I DO?

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Is losing 20lbs by mid May (about 2 months) a realistic goal? That will be taking off the estimated 10lbs I've gained since November and then the other 10 that I needed to lose to be at my goal weight. I plan on doing this with lots of cardio (zumba and elliptical) and a reasonable diet (probably weight watchers).

The only reason I'm making this goal date is because I need new summer clothes, but I don't want to go out and spend a lot on clothes if I'm planning to lose weight.

EDIT: 20lbs would take me to my ideal BMI, if that makes any difference.
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Is there any way to find out what year a text message was received on an enV2? It only has the month, day, and time. (I got the phone in 2009 so they can't be older than that, but I don't know if they're from 2009 or 2010.)

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I've been searching endlessly for an older t shirt for someone. They don't make it anymore and I cannot find it through ebay or even just by googling it. I was wondering if anyone has an old American Eagle camouflage t shirt they'd be willing to part with? Or if you could recommend me to an active community for things like this.
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I'm reading a blog that's written in first person plural, but I know only one person is writing it. It's an advice blog.

Do you think that's weird? It's kind of weirding me out.

Why would someone do that? Do they think their advice would carry more weight if people think it's coming from more than one person?

[Edit: I'm pretty sure it is not being written by the Queen.]

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what have you been listening to lately? i just found my old bonnie raitt collection. such smooth jams that go perfectly with my sweet tea vodka. haaave mercy. i love this woman.

what kinds of music have you picked up from your parents? my dad was always jammin out to bonnie, stevie ray vaughn, the beatles, creedence, james taylor, and the allman brothers.

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What's something you're currently trying to do to better yourself?

I've just started going to the gym. It might be silly, but I paid for a month of personal training because:
1. I have no idea what the hell to do besides cardio.
2. Otherwise I can't motivate myself to do it - until I make a habit of it.

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Why do so many hair products smell like coconut?  I hate that stuff. 

I am trying to figure out how to tie a figure 8 knot....not having much luck.  Do you know how to tie any fun knots? 
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What should I dress up as for Purim (the Jewish holiday where you dress up and get drunk and read the story of Esther)? Difficulty: no T&A, also I don't have any costumey clothes.

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If someone got you a 5lb gummy bear, would you eat it, or just look at it? maybe just eat its ear off?
If someone got you a 7oz solid hershey kiss, would you eat it, or keep if as a paper weight? 
If someone got you a gigantic swirl lollipop or unicorn horn lollipop, would you eat it or just stare at all the pretty colors?

what's the biggest item of food you have ever eaten in one sitting? (bag of chips, extra large pizza, 5lb gummy bear, etc)
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I keep getting kicked off of gchat/aim/yim. Is anyone else having this problem? My internet isn't randomly disconnecting, just the chats. And it's not the client because I'm using gchat in the browser and trillian for aim/yim.

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Have you ever been in a situation where your plans were almost totally ruined? How did you deal?

I'm currently in a situation like this now, I'm still trying to figure out how to make the best of it.
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What are some perhaps less-than-conventional ideas for a bachelor party? Excluding hookers and blow, because, well, no need to state the obvious.

Best man wants to do something more interesting than just renting a room and getting hammered, or going to a strip club. Not that these ideas are off the table, just that we're looking for other suggestions too :)

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Have you ever been in love with someone and then started finding them less of a turn on/sexually attractive but you were still madly in love with them?

I love my fiance to death, Im IN love with him but Im finding it hard lately to get turned on by him..he has never really been sexy, hes akward/dorky in bed and I like my men assertive and somewhat...rough I guess?

Lately I have been having to fantasize when we are in bed just to get going and I feel horrible about this.

We have talked about this and he has tried and failed to improve, I just feel so guilty.
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Cell phones

My GF is fed up with Virgin Mobile because her Blackberry has to be charged like HOURLY. She had the other smart phone VM also offered and it did the same thing. She wants to try another carrier but cost is an issue. We pay $35.00 now cuz there's a $10.00 Blackberry charge but she gets unlimited texts and online. She uses very few minutes.

Are there any other companies that offer something similar?

If you have/had a Blackberry have you ever had this issue?

I don't know what model she has and she has tried the FAQs and closing all her apps. They are sending us a new battery hopefully next week, they are all out right now. Maybe it's a common problem. Yes I tried Googling cheap cell phone plans but it's very confusing and first hand recommendations would be much simpler.
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So, if you sold shoes, and a customer had sent back a pair, because you had packed the wrong ones, when you were packing the new ones, would you maybe double check they were the ones they actually ordered, and specified in their return letter? Just maybe, really quickly?

Would you like to have a rant? Points for passive aggressiveness. Although I guess you could rant about awesome things too, if you wanted.

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I'm going to buy cat food in a few minutes, along with some groceries. What's a decent cat food that isn't overly expensive (college student budget)? I can afford cat food but I'd prefer not to spend huge amounts of money on it?.

What should I get from the store food-wise for me as a treat for doing so well in school so far (aside from one test early on?)


Has anyone ever bought a refurbished desktop/laptop off of bestbuy or another company? I currently am making do with a crappy 2007 laptop with maybe 12 GB left free on the harddrive, that overheats chronically, and can't stream videos online or anything. However, I don't have much money, and the best way I can see to buy a decent computer would be to buy a refurbished one. Thoughts?