March 16th, 2011

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Is it just me or does the Friday music video look really like one of those literal music videos?

Will you post your favorite (or just any) literal music video?

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Your female coworker refuses to do certain activities at work--e.g., carrying "heavy" (~20lb) bags or throwing garbage away--because she says things like that are "jobs for men" and she shouldn't have to do them.

Would this annoy you, make you lol, or otherwise?

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I'm watching Bambie II for the first time. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at the end of the first one, didn't the all GROW UP?

I hate when movies make sequels where they decide to just go back in time...

In other news, I've been productive and went to the gym today. What's the last productive thing you've done?

What have you been meaning to do that you just keep pushing to the side?

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i just finished watching a rather emotionally disturbing documentary and now i know i wont be able to sleep/i'll have bad dreams when i do go to sleep.  its nearly 3:30am and i have to be up at 7:30am.  ugh, what a brilliant idea it was to start watching it at 2am.

whos up?
what are you doing up? 
distract me please?
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How do you keep yourself awake at work if there's nothing to do and there's no caffiene anywhere?

Ladies, if your hair was falling out, would you rock the bald look or wig it up?
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Just for funsies

My friend was talking about the Chinese Conception Calender today and I found it pretty interesting but had a bit of lol because it was wrong about me and my 2 siblings. Apparently it's a predictor based on the mother's age at conception and the month she conceives about what the sex of her baby is going to be. Apparently if you get pregnant at 21, unless you conceive in January, you are definitely having a girl. It was wrong about my husband and his sister too.

Check it out. Was the Chinese calender right about you?

Eta, also if you have kids, was it right about your babies?
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So, LJ keeps filling in a comment that I posted somewhere like a month ago every time I open up a new comment. Sometimes it doesn't happen, but if I try to type a ♥ in a comment box, it deletes my comment and replaces it with the old one.

What the hell, lj? Anyone know of a fix?

Is anyone else still having comment notification fail? I'm getting super annoyed.

And last but not least: if you play Words with Friends and are looking for opponents, will you post your username here? Mine is weebleroxanne

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I'm hearing birds and cars go by. How often if even do you pull an all-nighter?

The last time I did I was probably 15 and I felt like I was in a dream state the entire day. It was so bizarre. DNW.
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So I took a vacation day at work yesterday, to run some errands and just have a day to myself. Any guesses as to how many emails I'll come back to at work?

Do you ever end up regretting taking time off of work because of the mess you end up coming back to?

How's your week going so far? Any plans for the weekend?
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WTF? I just now log on to Facebook, and on my "top news" section of my news feeds, I see that my boyfriend has "liked" and commented on a girl's photo. The comment reads: "I love the yellow flip flops matching your yellow top! ;) --and then in Chinese (since she's Chinese) writes "very cute!"

This is like the fourth or fifth time I've seen one of his "likes" or comments appear on my news feeds, I guess because this girl has a privacy setting in which photos are visible to friends of friends (thus me, since we're mutually friends with my boyfriend). Every photo he's liked of hers is one of just her, never with other people, making me believe that he's "liking" her photo because he finds her attractive (I'll admit that she's kind of cute).

Would it be really childish and passive-aggressive for me to call him and say, "Before you leave flirty messages to other girls on fb, you might want to realize that I can probably see all this." ? Or, should I just ignore it and see this as innocent? I see on her profile that she lives really far away from us so it's not like he's "close" to her...
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Do you put deodorant before or after putting your top on?


Is there any name that you absolutely hate because of someone you disliked with that name? What happened?

Cassie. She was forever flirting with my boyfriend at our place of employment and just thought that she was all that and more.
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Do you have any science icons (as in images) that I could steal?

Are there any science icons (as in the beautiful species) that you think are especially cool?

No,  that's why I'm asking.
Leonardo DaVinci.  Seriously.  Dude's awesome, and he did *everything*.


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At work this morning I was laying out the newspaper and put in a story about a girl who won an award. She's my little sister's best friend and I've known her since she was two. Now she's graduating high school. Ugh.

What was the last thing that made you feel old?

Toxic Waste

Does anybody here live near a landfill or dump?

I live literally right down the street from one and on rainy days like this it smells SO bad. I can't help but think that it can't be good for us to be exposed to this shit (literally).

Do you think that there could be long term side effects from breathing in the gases and crap that they burn off? Are my future babies going to have green skin and multiple limbs?!

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How hard is it to get loans from a bank if you're a student and need money and have like, no collateral? I'm probably not going to get enough money to cover school and an apartment and so I'm trying to figure out where else I can get a loan from, since I know a lot of banks aren't even giving loans for students due to the economy.


What made you happy today?

I got told my emotional support animal letter is totally fine and I should move my cat in asap. :)

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seriously, where do people get off leaving their roommates notes about cleaning up common areas when they haven't done anything in there for weeks?

i can't remember the last time dishes weren't piled up in the kitchen from my rommate or the last time she took out the trash or recycling but then she lectures me about cleaning up spills and stuff. i mean, really? does she really think she does that much around the place?

how do i win the lottery so i can afford to live alone?
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If someone was sick, like coughing and sneezing and having a clogged up nose, would their discomfort project to you?

Bleh bad phrasing: When you're around someone who has a cold, would you kind of feel their pain?


there's this girl I used to be really close, best friends with since HS. almost 2 years ago I cut her out of my life because we grew apart and I didn't agree with her behavior, and she was generally kind of a shitty human being. she has an almost 4 year old daughter, and I was her god mother.

I just got a Facebook message from said ex friend inviting me to her daughter's birthday party. occasionally, she tries to get in touch with me, and I've responded to her before and kindly told her that I had no interest being in her life again.

my question is, should I even bother responding to this message? I'm still not interested in being in her life, though it sort of pains me because I'd love to see her daughter again, I feel like this would just open a can of worms.

I guess.. is not responding rude? especially since it's a kid's birthday party invitation?
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I had a really freaky dream last night. At one point I looked over at someone's yard, which was under a few feet of water. In the water were several dead bodies who appeared to have been murdered, and a few people were sitting next to it looking creepy and they told me I better leave. It started to rain so I took out my umbrella and flew away, but I flew over a puddle with blood in it and I could see the face of another drowned woman. But then I met a witch flying on a broom and we flew around together.

Will you interpret my dream?
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IN A RELATIONSHIP PEEPS WHO LIVE WITH THEIR SO: Who handles the $? In regards to who pays the bills, is in charge of any unforeseen expenses, etc., do you guys have a joint account or separate bank accounts?

SINGLE PEEPS: When was the last time you went on a date? Who was it with? Did you have a good time?

N/A: What is something you find beautiful on a man or woman that most people don't?

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Is it just me or does Swiss Miss hot chocolate taste and look different lately? It's coming out  alot darker than it usually does and it tastes like the darker chocolate even though I get the milk chocolate. WTF is happening?

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There is a ghost in my old gmail account.

My ex called me earlier today asking if I meant to email him a bunch of garbled letters and numbers. I didn't send him anything. I don't even use the email account that the message was delivered from. I signed into the account and lo and behold I see a failure to send message in my inbox. The email was also sent to my parents, my uncle and my brother.

How and why did this happen?

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So in two weeks it'll be a year since I had my manic episode and got diagnosed with the heritable mental illness that makes me glad to be single.
Thing is, even though I take my meds religiously, I'm irrationally worried about going manic on the 31st.

What should I do about this fear? Already talked to my therapist about this.

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so ya im nerdy like that and im going to anime boston and im making the costume from fallout new vegas. where can i get a trench like the one in this picture? (obvs there is not one out there exactly like it but as close as i can get) i cant find anything on google or anywhere.

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have you ever cosplayed?

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TQC, can you help me plan my summer vacation? Instead of going overseas or anything ~extravagant~, my boyfriend and I have just decided to drive from Texas to California, go up the California coast, and possibly go into Oregon/Washington if we have the time. The main part of our journey will be spent in California.

However, I have never been to California before. I don't know where to begin! I know that I want to go to the San Diego Zoo, but other than that, I have no clue. Where should we go? Can you recommend some delicious restaurants, as well? Mexican food is a bonus. Places to stay are good, too!

Also, what should we stop and see on the way there? We're coming all the way from East Texas so we have the whole state to cover. Should we take part of Route 66?

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My sister, who I do not get along with AT ALL, just offered to teach me how to drive. Not just that, but she has offered to teach me in HER car.

What does she want?

(she does not drink, smoke, do drugs, have premarital sex, watch porn or blaspheme. so basically I have nothing to offer her.)

My mum thinks she may have finally snapped and killed her boyfriend and she wants me to drive her car so my fingerprints are on the steering wheel when they find his corpse in the boot. But is a good Christian girl really that scheming??
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Sooooo.. I like this girl.
She works where I work.
She's a teacher. I'm training to be a teacher.
We've spoken a couple of times and we know each other's names and what the other does.
I want to like.. move things along a little bit.

I know she's really into music.

Is it creepy if I make her a mix cd and leave it in her pigeon hole in the staff room with a cute message?

Like IF SOMEONE DID THAT FOR ME, I'd be so so so happy. But that's me. And I'm not exactly mainstream.


What if I put it in her pigeon hole but didn't put a name on it. So it's literally a cd and the track list. Is that even creepier?

So today

I just had a fucking awesome time walking to school and eating a whole bunch of donuts (6)

And then I had two double cheeseburgers.

What are your personal food records?

Of course, I've eaten more than this on more than one occasion.

I'm celebrating.

I had a really good interview.



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 So I want to get a new piercing tomorrow, but I can't decide what. I've looked into a few ideas over the past winter (so don't worry, I'm not just jumping into something), but just can't choose. It's basically down to a navel piercing or a new cartilage piercing of sorts (just no conch, and I can't really do a snug). So what do you guys think I should do? I already have one rook done, one helix (same side) and 3 lobes on each side, if it makes any difference. 

DK/DC: What's your favorite piercing (on yourself or just to look at on others)?
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My 2 and a half year old just told me the man in the basement was scary.

Is there a scary man living in my basement?

Does this mean my house is haunted?

If you don't care about that, what are you drinking right now?
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I just switched to all white bedding. I share my bed with a 25lb black cat who likes to take up as much space as possible, and a tiny grey cat. How long until my nice white bed is completely covered with cat hair?

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What is the origin of this thing I keep seeing, idk whether to call it a meme or just a turn-of-phrase type thing, where you say "all the X" to mean "a lot of X" or whatever? Like "I'm going to do all the shopping" or "I hope he dies in all the fires." Did this originate somewhere? Why are people saying it all over the internet now?
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Have you ever kissed someone then almost immediately regretted it??


I made out with a freiends ex once. she turned into a stalker...jeebus

inspired by a sappy chick flick i was forced to watch
captive heart

Grey's Anatomy

"Part of [the musical episode] is about really bringing up how painful it is for Meredith to be watching other people get pregnant, have babies and deal with that other stuff."

Grey's on TV Guide Online


I may be drunk, but I'm pretty sure this is ridiculous. And I love Grey's more than any show currently on air.
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Have you ever seen someone wind up in Final Jeopardy by themselves before?

I am in disbelief of the other two contestants, also because they answered questions that even I knew wrong and it was just embarrassing.

What would you risk on a Final Jeopardy question if you were all by yourself and could win no matter what?

This guy had over $26,000 and I would have totally risked it all. Especially since I felt sure about the category. And then I would have got the question right (because it was super easy for a final jeopardy question) and had like, sixty thousand dollars.

What would you do with 60,000 dollars?

Book a cruise and pay off some school bills.

Jeopardy is better than Wheel of Fortune, y/y?

boring job fair question.

i'm going to a job fair in april for a place that's hiring for tons of positions. there are about eight to ten that i fit the criteria for. the website says to bring a resume for each position and be prepared for an on the spot interview to determine if we get called for a second one.

should i write a cover letter for each postion? should i write a general cover letter for the company as a whole? or should i just specialize my resume for each position and assume the first interview serves the purpose of a cover letter?

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Quick! The world's ending and you can only grab one other member of TQC. Who do you grab, and why?

What was the last thing that made you feel like a bad son/daughter/parent/spouse? I'm feeling guilty that I'm too tired to wash dishes.

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the service engine light came on in my car today and i'm driving to california (from las vegas, it will be about a 4-5 hour drive) on friday D: on a scale of 1-10 how likely am i to end up blown up/stranded if i don't get it checked out before then? i don't have the time or money to do it tomorrow and i'll be driving from LA to santa barbara on saturday and then back home on sunday and i can get it looked at after that.
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a question for the dieters: i've eaten about 600 calories today and it's time for dinner. i'm really dying for a spicy chicken sandwich from wendys. it has about 500 calories, which is no biggie, but it also has a shit load of sodium and carbs. does that matter? can i give in to my craving and not blow up like a water balloon tomorrow morning? i mean, it's mostly calories that matter, right? (i ate pretty well today, half a bagel in the morning with some berries, whole wheat quesedilla for lunch, and some brown rice and broccoli for a snack)

everyone else: if one of your friends was in love with you, would you want to know even if you didn't feel the same?
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Back in high school, I used to be a confident girl who used to love speaking in front of crowds and being a leader.

Three months shy of my college graduation, I find myself wanting to shrink in to the background and fearing social situations.

Have you ever noticed a drastic change in the type of person you were and are? If yes, what changes have you undergone? Why do you think those changes happened?

If you don't care, what're you watching on TV tonight?

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What the fuck is up with the phrase "everything is _______ and nothing hurts"? I keep seeing it and I am so confused.

ETA: I'm drunk. Do I play Sims and get mad when they don't succeed awesomely cos I'm drunk, do I masturbate, or do I do something else (specify!)?

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Do you ever feel guilty if your boss/manager calls or texts you to see if you can work when you're not scheduled and you tell them no?

I did that tonight and I feel really bad about it, but she said it was "cool." But it's my day off and I've been an anxious mess so I needed it. :\

(no subject)

speaking of fat people, do you believe that people can have an addiction to food?
this one lady at my work is a prime example of a food addiction.  she never stops, eating, talking about eating, talking about food.  its quite disturbing, and somewhat disgusting once in awhile.
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Hey TQC:

I'm debating getting my hair chopped off again. Would a shoulder-length haircut with layers look okay, or will I look too much like a soccer mom?

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Any other suggestions?

DK/DC/Gawd I hate these kinds of questions: when you have movie nights, do you set out with a theme or do you kind of stumble into one? (Tonight I watched The (new) Karate Kid and Rumble in the Bronx. Jackie Chan rocks.)
Muh Life.
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Ben Stein: "Wow."

Today I got an email from the Dean explaining "the facts and easing any fears" about the recent discovery of Depleted Uranium located on the campus "resulting from US army activity in the 1960s" (in the basement and surrounding soil of one building in particular). They waited until the middle of Spring Break to inform the students of this.

Scale of 1 to 10... how fucked up?

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What do you do if your boyfriend isn't as in love with you as you are with him?

i mean hes willing to try things to make it better, but just, hearing that is such a blow, I'm just dumbfounded.

He was crazy in love with me at one point, but its been fading lately. Is there hope for something like that?

*personal stories would be helpful

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Can we do the "post our username" in the comments and you tell us your notes for us (if we don't know them already)?

If you do know the notes for you based off other people, will you tell us what your last dream was about so we can analyze it?
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Does anybody here know where I can get a really old letter transcribed? It's incredibly hard to read the writing - scanning it into the computer unfortunately made it look even worse. It's in Russian.

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Did Bam Margera really die?

Someone was like RIP on Tumblr but then I read that he overdosed but didn't die and I just have to know.

My computer is being way too slow for sufficient google-fu right now.

EDIT: Yeahh it's not on TMZ or ONTD either so Imma assume he's still alive and kickin.
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 TQC, long story short, I feel like a bad girlfriend. Not any serious infractions, but I still feel shitty. I am really close to spending $50 to have flowers delivered to my boyfriend's apartment building abroad, but as a student with low income that seems a little frivolous...

Is it worth it? What's another less expensive way to surprise a long-distance SO? He likes cheesy gifts like flowers and stuff.
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(no subject)

Poll #1825329 Movie!

What movie(s) should I watch?

Captain America
Iron Man 1 & 2
Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2
The Incredible Hulk
The Wizard of Oz
Star Trek (2009)
Other (post in comments)
Rocky Horror Batman Show

A new day, a new movie poll

I'm going stir crazy at work and I need some more ideas of what to watch tonight. Last night I watched the top four movies on the poll, Tangled, Star Trek (2009), and Iron Man 1 & 2

Poll #1825558 Moar movies

What should I watch tonight?

Aladdin Trilogy
Lion King Trilogy
Ten Inch Hero
Too Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar
The Road to El Dorado