March 15th, 2011


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What sounds better.. chocolate cupcakes with strawberry filling and chocolate raspberry swirled frosting, or chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling and chocolate strawberry swirled frosting?
Or should I just bake funfetti? 

Do you like ice cream cake better than real cake?

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Is there an available drink out there that tastes like Red Bull but does not have the caffeine/energy drink stuff in it? I am seriously addicted but I know it's horribly bad (and expensive) for me to drink several cans a day. I've been trying different sparkling waters from Walmart/Giant Eagle but I haven't found anything that has that really cold zing that isn't really fruity.
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I'm going home for spring break tomorrow (yay!). My mom will be picking me (& my brother) up from the airport in the evening & taking me home, but I want to spend the night with my boyfriend, who lives nearby (we're long-distance, it sucks, blah blah). If my mom tries to be all "it's your first night home, spend time with you family," what should I tell her?

The more non-srs the better.

edit: I will have plenty of time with my family over the next two weeks; I'm not trying to be a brat & ditch them.

semi-free evening

TQC, I usually have a rehearsal on Tuesday nights but not tonight because too many people are on spring break (so we just don't schedule one for this week). I get off work when it's still light (4:30). What should I do with my free time? It's not super-free time, I still have to spend most of it at home with the fam, but I do suddenly have flexible scheduling.

A. Go straight to the gym, so I can have tomorrow night free to go to yoga instead which I almost never get to do.
B. Come home and practice my instrument, since I should be practicing even if we're off.
C. Go for a long walk because it's less-wintry here (like 45 degs F).
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do you have insomnia? how often does it affect your sleep? do you have more trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? other than internet, what do you do with your time when you can't fall asleep, or keep waking up?
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for some reason, I can't watch videos on youtube. it'll say "done" but it's just a black window.

I can watch embedded videos, but not directly on the site. does anyone know why? I updated my flash version I think. idk.

what's the last thing technology wise that annoyed you?

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 My boyfriend is building me a chicken run in the backyard. We're planning on two chicks to start off with because we only need enough eggs for the two of us..I think we'd be happy with 6 eggs a week.

Do you or have you had chickens? What breed should we get?
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Do you have a type?
What kind of person is your type?
Have you ever had to talk about your type to a person who is your type?

What kinds of qualities do you look for in your ideal romantic partner?

type type type. ah!

dk/dc/gurl watchu smokin:

What color shirt are you wearing?
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I have a laptop and a PC, and I haven't been on the PC in about six months. I just tried to log on today, and I have forgotten my password. :( What could it have been? I've tried everything.

When's the last time you forgot a really important password?

What's the last thing you did out of spite?

This is not for school, I'm just curious

What are your thoughts about cultural appropriation? Where is the line drawn between appropriation and appreciation? Does there have to be profit involved?

Obviously if the group who is having their culture used says it's wrong, then it's wrong, but what about when the line isn't as clear?

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Will you post funny .gifs/pictures here?
Alternatively, what's made you LOL recently?

I was looking through the latest Rebecca Black post on ONTD and OMG those .gifs I'm dying.

fix my things?

1. I have a Bissell vacuum with a pet erasing "Turbo Brush" attachment (not the one with the rubber end). The brush doesn't spin anymore, therefore no cat hair is being brushed up from the carpet. I've taken it apart and cleaned it all out, everything seems to be functioning fine inside but it still doesn't spin. Anyone have this vacuum/problem, and have a solution? I've googled several times with no luck. :(
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Are mozzarella sticks always too chewy and hard to break? :(

Slightly related (about the marinara sauce i had them with), when was the last time you made an adjustment to something food or cooking-wise, only to decide that the food was better without the adjustment?

What was the last food that disappointed you?
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Do you know someone whose first name is Rachel?
Do you know someone whose first name is Raquel?
Do you know someone whose last name is Black?
Do you know someone whose last name is Negro?
When's the last time you bought a new pair of shoes?

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I just microwaved a frozen lasagna(Stouffer's), and I noticed that the plastic rapping was torn and kind of open. But it was inside a closed box and it's been always in the you think I can eat it?

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Do you need to dress proffessional for turning in a resume with a temp agency?

ETA: Would a short sleeve purple button-up (but unbuttoned), black spaghetti strap top, and black pants (but not slacks) work?

Personal/Family finances

How do you handle your personal finances? How far out does your planning go? Do you stick with those plans, or make adjustments constantly? Do you use personal finance software to track your income/spending?

I've been trying to wrap my head around our budgetary plans for a while now and the best we have going is the touchy-feely method. This results in the bills getting paid, but I have no idea where all the cash is going. TQC, a little help please?

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What is your opinion on classic Chuck Taylors (from Converse)?     Do you think they are cool or not?      If you think they are cool, do you own a pair?

A link for anybody who needs a refresher or who for some odd reason has not seen them before.

No, I don't do fancy looking links.
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What are some weird names of cities or towns where you live?

What about names that are pronounced a lot differently than they might look like they should be pronounced?

How would you pronounce Loogootee?
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I have the night off and all to myself!
Should I:
1. Go for a drive by myself
2. Stay home and watch movies an knit and do crafty stuff maybe
3. Well really there's not that much to do in this town alone so my only other option is take myself to the movies but it's cheap tuesday so it'll be full of  teens and such.
4. Obsessively refresh facebook until i get the opportunity to invite myself over someone's house
5. Other?

Do you ever take yourself out on a self-date? I would totally take myself to the movies if there was something amazing on.

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Which numbers do you use on your keyboard?

numbers above the letters. you know with like ! @ # $ etc.
numbers on the number pad. you know with the like num lock option n shit
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Where can I find/buy these exact Hello Kitty/Sanrio character stackable drawers? I've checked local Sanrio stores and their website (so please don't just say "The Hello Kitty store", and also eBay. I bought 2 of these about 2-3 years ago and I want more of them. All I know about them is that they were made in 2008. Any info is appreciated!

Collapse )
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TQC, I have a dilemma.

I've wanted a Saint Bernard for quite some time, but had intended to wait another year or so before even considering it.  Then I stupidly went on Petfinder today and found a female Saint in a nearby shelter.  I can't decide if I should get her or not.  

Collapse )
So what do you think--should I get the puppy or not?
Also, if she were your puppy, what would you name her?

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I just  got a post on my facebook wall from a girl in one of my seminars saying:
hi I missed the language study seminar and i just got an email about groups is there any chance I can get in on yours if you have one

The thing is, I do already have a group with a couple of my friends that do the course - but we have the maximum number of people in it already. The number's not flexible, either. I just feel bad because whilst I don't know this girl a great deal (we once had to do a presentation together - we don't really see each other outside of the one module) I'm pretty sure she doesn't really know anyone else in our class.

What should I do / tell her?

DK/DC how tidy is your room right now?

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Can anyone give me names of novels that ban a marriage? Can be fictional or not, preferably having the reason for the two people not to get married be due to race, religion, or social class.

Online School

Do you know anyone that attended an online school for a degree in criminal justice (or anything really)?

Did they get a job with an online degree?

What accredited online school would you recommend (if any)?
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Since we just had a post like this for women...
What sort of hairstyle do you prefer on men?
(pictures encouraged)

What sort of hairstyle does your SO (or people of your preferred gender) prefer on you? Is your hair like this or different?

Guys seem to think I'll turn into an ogre if I cut my hair, every time I mention it to ANY guy they get all "D: NO DON'T YOU DARE"
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If you go to college, do you have to have a phys ed credit? If yes, what classes have you taken?

Not in college/no requirements: Do you take any kind of exercise/phys ed-y class?
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When people include their typing speed on their resume, how do they know their typing speed? Would finding one of those things online that calculates your typing speed and putting the number down count?

idk I know I can type well, quickly, and the job I'm thinking of applying for has WPM requirement, but I don't know how to put in that I meet the requirement. (I'm not sure if they'd accepts cover letters)

oh wait, I don't have any formal office experience, so I shouldn't even bother applying y/y?
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yes I am an idiot

Okay. Somebody else has been playing Super Mario on his Wii. I have that game too, so my Wii has its own save file. Can we take his save file, save it to an SD card, plug it into my Wii, and then save his file again after we've played without changing my saved game? How would this work?

I am really, really, really embarrassed to be asking this. I am very technologically stupid, and I have looked it up on google. I found lots of instructions for this and that, esp on the Nintendo website itself, but I'm still fuzzy on my actual question.
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 Poll #xxxx

What should I eat for dinner?

Microwave noodle bowl - Teriyaki and ramen
Microwave soup bowl - udon, tofu, scallions and miso
What parts of your body do you regularly shave?

Netflix Q

I cancelled Netflix because I never watched it. But I'm heading to a friend's house for a long weekend and I want to get a movie she doesn't have. If I sign up again and order it tonight, will it get to my house by Friday?

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I got a new phone. It will probably be considered old in a few months, but yay! What kind of phone do you have and what do you like about it?

Don't you hate that adjustment period of figuring out your new device?
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I'm going to Panama City, Florida this weekend to hang out with a new friend and her husband and all their friends in their freaking BEACH HOUSE. :D

I just moved here (Alabama, that is, not Florida) from California about a month ago. I'm an aquarium biologist and SCUBA certified, so many people have told me I should go diving while down in Florida. The only day I can do it is Saturday, since I get there on Friday and leave on Sunday.

The thing is, I'm not a particularly huge fan of SCUBA diving. But I DO need to get better at it, since it's relevant to my career.

But I'd much rather spend my day with my new friends. I'd also like to spend my Friday night there getting stupid drunk, but I won't be able to do that if I go diving since diving while hungover is just a recipe for disaster.

I also feel like it would be rude to ditch my new friends for most of the day, since the dive trip would start at around 8 and I probably wouldn't get back, 1.

So what would you do in this particular situation, TQC? Go diving or hang out with new friends?

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Do you have a glamor/personalized license plate? What does it say?

If you had to get one, following your state's/country's plate rules, what would yours say? Bonus points for puns.

I finally have the $ to get one but now I have no idea what I want! It's a serious commitment, ok?
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wtf you guys i keep having the tip of the tongue feeling today. what's that word i'm looking for?

The fact that Catherine was a woman did not turn off Russians as much as it did their western neighbors

What's another word for "turn off?" fffuuuuuu

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Do you think it's a privacy issue to have your birthday out there on the internet? Are you public about it on your livejournal? Do you use your real name on your livejournal? City you live in?

generally speaking what are you private/not private about online?

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1. Girls, what kind of hairstyles do you find most attractive on girls? Do you have this hairstyle for yourself? For instance, if you tend to find girls with short, pixie cuts attractive (think Emma Watson), do you yourself have this haircut?

2. Do you think you're hotter than your significant other's ex(es)?

3. Would you judge a girl who is 28 years old but dresses like she's 12-15, considering that she has a petite body?
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Would you tell me a story about difficult co-workers? And how you deal with them?

I feel so stupid...but I have a co-worker who completely ignores me. As in won't even acknowledge the fact that I'm speaking in a meeting, will greet everyone then walk by my office silently, ask other people to walk to "x" meeting and when it's pointed out I'm going, she'll walk away. I feel like this is a personal failure and I'm being stupid for being this upset, but it's really upsetting! I know I'm not alone in co-worker drama, come on, spill!

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I ate too much pizza and drank too much water and puked while takign a shower earlier. I thought it all rinsed away but it's spattered all over the floor. Best way to clean it up so I don't get sick at seeing this again?

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I "broke up" with my best friend of 17 years about 4 months ago.Collapse )idk idk, I really need unvalidated opinions from strangers who don't know the whole story. Give me things to think about :(

EDIT:  Thank you, thank you, thank you. TQC speaks truth.  I feel waaaay more relieved, being able to talk it out a bit. Love you guys!

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Would you go to your friend's birthday party if it was at a bar out of the way? Like 30 minutes down the highway.

I really want to do it at the gay bar I've been going to because my drag friends perform there but I don't know if people will be willing to make the hike. I guess I'll find out.

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I remember my Spanish teacher talking about a place in Mexico where watches and electronics don't work. Once you walk into the perimeters of this area, everything malfunctions. Does anyone know if this place actually exists and what it's called?
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What funny things do your pets do?

My cat has learned to make a SHITLOAD OF NOISE by catching the screen door in his claw with one paw, while holding onto the door with the other, and then flinging the screen against the glass. He does it from outside and he looks like a character in a scary movie trying to get away from a bad guy! omg it cracks me up, but efff it is noisy.

Alternatively: WIll you please post your favorite animal .gif/video??

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What color are the walls in your bedroom?
Is there another color you'd rather have it?

Also, does anyone here do the thing where you don't wash your hair with shampoo but use baking soda/vinegar instead? I'm kind of curious but very hesitant. I don't really want to smell like vinegar.

Question: Books About Film

So I've always loved film... probably more than I do literature, music, or television. I really want to start learning more about it, though, which is why I'm making this post.

Can you please recommend me books about film - history, interesting auto/bios of directors, actors, actresses, etc., Making-of books, film guides... anything related to that. I'm also interested in directing and screen-play writing, so that to haha.

Thank you!

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All right. TQC I need some dinner ideas.

Preferably nothing too spicy as while the bf adores spicy food the rest of my family are kinda wimps, myself included.
And nothing that takes too long either.

More notes: there's also a 12 year old. And there's no allergies anywhere.

I <3 TLV

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Have you ever lived with an SO after breaking up with them? (If you were already living together and neither of you wanted to or were able to move out). How did that work out for you?

Leggings + long, but not quite butt-covering, shirt - acceptable? Or will it always look like you forgot to put on a skirt?
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I generally eat my hamburgers upside down, because I heard long ago that the top bun is sturdier than the bottom bun. I have no idea if that's really true or not. TQC, what odd food habits do you have?
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TQC, I think I am going to Florida with my boyfriend this weekend and I will be meeting his family for the first time. And of course I'm nervous about this and want to make a good impression. Especially since we live in NY so they're pretty far away so basically this first impression will last for a long time before I see them again.

I want to make some sort of tasty treat to bring with me. What should I make?
There's an apple cake that I make a lot which always gets lots of compliments and marriage proposals, but idk if a cake is the best idea for a 24 hour drive.
Cookie dough truffles?
A mix of cookie dough, peanut butter, and Oreo truffles? (I might be a little worried about transporting truffles too, though...)
Some sort of delicious cookie?
Something else entirely?

Feel free to throw any suggestions of yummy things at me. I thought about Nanaimo bars but my bf is allergic to coconut so that won't work.

Also, care to give me some advice as far as not embarrassing myself in front of his family and friends?!

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How much can your best friend get away with?

Mine has gone AWOL for 2 months (he lives a long way away) after he got me in a lot of trouble by not keeping a secret, I had to chase him through his mum and girlfriend to get him to answer his phone, and when I finally got hold of him he was busy when we'd scheduled a call. I'm really starting to get fed up because I need him right now, and i've always been there to listen to his gripes.