March 14th, 2011

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What do you know about Asiatic Russia?

(Inspired by me taking my final in my "intro to Russian civilization" course tomorrow & Asiatic Russia never having been mentioned in the entire course except for a brief mention of people being exiled to Siberia.)

What's something you'd like to know more about?
Bug-eyed Earl



Green nutty bliss
Green nutty PISS

Crystal Light Punch


Long-haired dudes!

Imma grab that beautiful hair and ride him into the sunset!
Get a haircut hippie/metalhead!

Edit: Pistachios are gone.

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will you show me a funny picture you've taken? or a couple!

i was just going through my facebook albums and came across these pictures and i was seriously loling. my dog always looks so vicious in pics when in fact he is the sweetest dog ever & wouldn't hurt a fly.

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Sue Dummy
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So I saw a show the other night. And I thought I saw my first real crush that I ever had. Long story short since I have his sister on facebook I msg'd him and asked if it was him at the show. It was. I also pointed out that he probably didn't remember me because I haven't seen him in years. He said that my name was really familiar, and asked exactly how we knew each other. The thing is I don't know what to say. See the thing is I first had a crush on him when I was 11... he was my counselor at camp and we went to church together, his mother was my sunday school teacher, and his sister used to give me wedgies. Yes, I was that girl. Anyhoo I had a thing for him for about 4 years.

How do I explain to him who I was without saying: I was that weird girl who followed you around for 4 years and tried to sint next to you in church?

Just saying I was his camper seems too vague. But everything else seems like I'm a crazy. I don't know if this helps but I'm 22 now so I find it more hilarious than anything else. But I don't want to sound like a creeper now.

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Hey TQC!

Do you like salad? Recently I've started to looovvee salad, I make myself one almost every day for lunch now. But I like to try and add something different every week or so. What are some of your favourite, or most interesting things to add to a salad?

What are you having for lunch today?

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I am using two of my current job supervisors as references on a job application. They are both aware of this but I had a question about what phone number to put on the application.

Should I use their personal cell phone numbers, or the phone number of the place where we all work?

Sam outside

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This is a long shot but maybe you guys can help.
I was just updating an entry and deleted an entire section but I saved the entry before I realized I did.
Is there some magical way I can get it back? Or even a way I can see the entry before I updated it? 
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Do you find that people on the internet are more uptight than people in real life? Do you use trigger warnings in real life before you talk about a subject that may cause post-traumatic stress for poor Joe or Sally?

Like, I'm reading that death eater post and rolling my eyes so far back in my head they're staring at my brain, mostly the comments and not the OP. I'm also reading some posts in sf-drama and people will just go to the extreme about anything. You shouldn't prank ANYONE cause it is BAD.

Cost of a server

I was wondering how much a server would cost?

Note, I'm not looking to buy one, I'm just curious how much one would cost. A cheap personal one? How much would one of the ones Zynga uses for its games cost? (I'm aware that Zynga apparently has 10,000 servers)

I did a search on Yahoo answers and other sites, but whenever anyone asked they got answers of 'it's so easy to build your own'

Which leads me on to another question, how come when people ask a question, people don't answer the question asked and instead answer 'you should do this instead? For example, I asked for recommendations of laptops suitable for gaming and instead of answering my question people told me to get a desktop instead, if I wanted recommendations for a gaming desktop I'd ask for one.         

Peggy Blink

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I wanted to bring a bottle of wine over to a lady friend's house for dinner tonight, but she's insisting that she has plenty at her house. I'm on a budget, so I'd like to bring something cheap, but nice because I don't want to go over empty-handed. What should I bring?

What's your favorite kind of wine?
I love sparkling wines SO FUCKING MUCH. My new favorite cocktail is Nuvo with Barefoot Bubble Rose. I also like Francis Ford Coppola's Sofia wine - so yummy!

Decide for me, TQC!

The microwave at work broke this morning. That means I can't eat the lunch I brought.

Should I go the Burger King across the street?

Should I just spend the $1.75 I have in my wallet on a soda here at the office and eat my small bag of potato chips instead?

I'd rather not have to leave the office, but I feel like a bag of potato chips wouldn't be a very good lunch.
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wowwww i just got my award summary from FAFSA and they aren't granting me any pell money. i will be 24 this year so it's my first time applying as an independent, and apparently a gross income of $25,000 (living on my own, paying my own bills) is too much to receive any grants. NICE, FUCKERS. i mean, it's not like i expect a free ride to college, but i don't like that someone who lives in poverty based on their own poor (in some circumstances, not in all) choices gets to go to school for free.. like it sounds a leeeeetle backwards to me. take into consideration my asshole friend i posted about before who lives off of unemployment by her own choice and receives maximum grants. UGHHH

sorry. lol. what is annoying you at the moment? if you're in college, how do you pay for it?

totally unrelated: do you ever get anxiety when you have to drive with other people in your car? I do. i bug out and make stupid driving mistakes as if i haven't been driving for years and years.

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I have what I can only think to describe as a 'pimple on my tongue'. I've had them before, so I know it's just annoying and will go away, but this is driving me nuts: What is it?

Or, if you don't know the answer, what's the most annoying minor malady you've had?

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Are there any careers you would love to have, that most people would hate?

Brought on by my dad making fun of me because I loooooove to clean houses. I love cleaning! I could clean hotel rooms or houses all day long and never get sick of it, lol.

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My grandma is the proud new owner of an iPad. This is her first foray into technology since the color television (she once famously refused a computer because she said she didn't think the internet was going to 'catch on' 2007.)

If you were a newly-widowed (and thus kinda lonely) 86-year-old lady, what would you want on your iPad?

We've already set her up with online bridge and pictures of her and my Poppy.
legs motherfucker

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What's the last thing you did that was out of character for you?

Its been so long since I've had more than $20 and been able to buy something other than gas, that I've been spending so much money and fun stuff for me and that's something I never do.

If you were going to get a paycheck tomorrow and didn't have to spend any of it on bills and could spend it on anything you want, what would you spend it on?

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Where is "This is Why You're Fat"!? I googled it and all I'm getting is this stupid neighborhoodr shit.

What kind of TIWYF-style foods do you like? I like eating sandwiches with fried eggs on them. delicious.

itunes help- I suck

My laptop got a virus and had to be restored to factory settings...
I therefore will need to reinstall itunes!
When I plug in my iphone to sync it will completely wipe all the music etc because it thinks it is a new computer yes? :(
Also! Will it delete my texts? :(
I can live with losing the music cos its all backed up but I'll be gutted if I lose all my text messages!

EDIT: S'all good folks! Fixed and updated and nothing got wiped :)

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I just found out that I'm getting a ton of aid from Emerson and I can definitely go there now :) :) :) :)

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When you are typing a word that you're unsure of (spelling wise), do you try your best? Or just fudge it in hopes that spellcheck will pick it up?

Are you a decent speller?

Have you been in a spelling bee ever?

Have you ever played Bananagrams? Did you like it/love it/hate it?

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Shall we play the Hitler Wikipedia game?

Rules: Go to Wikipedia and select "English". Then click the "Random Article" button. Now you have 5 clicks max to get to Adolf Hitler. Click any of the links inside the pages to get there. Then, post your result! :D

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Edit: For question mark.
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If you consider yourself to be religious, would you prefer to date someone who is the same religion as you? Would you refuse to date someone who wasn't?

Was that poll about Michigan mental illness ever posted?
Muh Life.
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I have an Canon Rebel XSi/450D. I'm completely bored with my lens but I don't have a lot of money to throw at a new one. Any ideas for a fun new lens for less than $100?

P.S. I'm a sucker for macro.

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So I was boiling water a few minutes ago, when the pot I was using suddenly exploded sparks and started sizzling. I turned off the burner to discover that somehow, the pot had exploded on the bottom and there was a rather small hole where water was leaking out. WTF? Is this common or is my pot just a piece of crap?

Will you tell us about a memorable cooking accident?

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Will you tell me about the most expensive gift a SO has ever given you? (Exclude engagement rings, houses and cars).

I dated a guy one summer who I told up-front that I did NOT want a seriously relationship at that point in time, especially a serious long-distance relationship (I was in my hometown for the summer and went to school 900mi away), but he thought he could ~buy my love. :T He won an eBay auction my favorite band was holding for front-row seats and tickets to a pre-show meet and greet. It was like $600 and I was like D: WHY DID YOU DOOOOO THAT?? and he was all "BUT DON'T YOU LIKE THEM?!? IDGI" So it was an awkward gift. Aaaaaand that's why I hate big gifts of any kind from anyone, lol.

If you go to Wikipedia and start typing something in the search box, does it automatically suggest "munchkin"? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO ME, WIKIPEDIA?? Is this just me?

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Poll #1717959 another one of these because i am bored

Will you check all of the ones that pertain to you?

I have kissed more than 10 people
I drink water out of a reusable bottle
I have a college degree and it is useless
I have a college degree and it has taken me far
I think movie theater popcorn is the best
I have dyed my hair at least once in my life
I have at least one facial piercing
I was a rebellious teenager
I love the color purple
I love Roald Dahl

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I am making cookies. The recipe says to bake them on an ungreased cookie sheet, but all of mine are old and kinda gross (due to them being used for just about anything that goes into the oven). Can I use foil under the cookies or will that change how it cooks? Without buying new baking sheets how do I make my cookies turn out well?

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"Scientists have proven that human minds are linked with each other through neuron activities."
"So if you’re thinking of someone all day long without any reasons at all, that person is probably thinking of you too in any sense."

There's no way that could be possible, right?
Do you believe in stuff like this?

Is it possible that some poor random celebrity is getting a complete mind fuck because I spent all day thinking about them? THEY CAN'T KNOW WHO I AM, RIGHT?

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ugh. i was writing post dated checks to my landlord and they all ended up with the wrong date. D:

i don't have any more left and i gotta give them to him at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

what do i do? D:

edit: thank you so much tqc <3

can you believe it's almost spring(/fall) already?

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Sorry to post again so soon but I was talking about this with my sister and I'm curious of your guys' opinions.

Do you think the world would be a better place if there were no labels regarding sexual orientation? Like the word "gay" wouldn't even be in the vocabulary. Everyone just loves who they love and alternate gender pairings or any "out of the norm" pairings really would be just as natural as even the most vanilla M/F couple. This became a sort of debate because we were wondering if taking away this form of self-identity was worth the possible homophobia-free world.

I know this same argument can be applied to just about any label, but this is one in particular that I'm interested in.

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Since you started using the internet how long is the longest you have gone without it? I'm not talking about simply not having the internet at home, but actually not using the internet at all. What were the circumstances that lead to this stoppage? Was this your choice?

I think I didn't internet for a few weeks when I was travelling, or that time I accidently went to jail :(


I need your guys' honest opinion. Does this hair look like it could actually in some way be grown from my head?

ETA: I mean, the short part is my real hair (!!!) and the long part is a weave, so does it this cut camouflage that well?

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What should me and my boyfriend do for our 3 year anniversary? We're boring and have no ideas. D: We don't want to spend massive amounts of money. I just want ideas to help get us started because we're both like herp derp uhhh

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Sorry to post again so soon,

Tomorrow I am taking off on a Greyhound trip home. I can not read on the bus without getting motion sickness. Can anyone recommend a good audiobook that I can get on audible?

Some literary things I enjoy:

Kurt Vonnegut
David Sedaris
various narriative war memoirs (like Tim O'Brien stuff or Jarhead) but they should at least be a little bit funny, I don't want 7 hours of details about guns

this bus trip is going to be more than 2 days, so the longer the better
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Say you've been working a job that you really like. You've been working there for about 8 months, and then your significant other (who you LOVE) gets an amazing job opportunity overseas.

Would you quit your own job and relocate for your S.O.?
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What is the way to see all the posts someone has made in a community?
(Sorry, I know this has been asked a lot.)

What is something you're looking forward to?
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what's your favorite kind of fruit? i've been on a raspberry and strawberry kick lately. i normally love grapes, but i know they're pretty high in sugar.

do you prefer to eat fruit by itself or mixed in with other things like cereal, salad, or yogurt? or what?

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Clean all the things!
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If you turned up at a function in the same outfit as someone else, would your response be negative or positive? Would you spend the rest of the night freaking out and comparing yourself?

I'd think it was hilarious. What an icebreaker!

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So I read this book recently, and I hated it, and I want to punch the presumptive author in her face.
Anyway, I always donate books I don't like enough to keep, but this...I don't want anyone else reading it.

What should I do with it?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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I'm going to make a lasagna with alfredo and burgundy wine marinara sauce, spinach, garlic, mushrooms, broccoli, cottage cheese, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese.

Should I add bacon or ground chuck? What else could I add?

What did you have the last time you ate?

I've discovered I like Niagara and Moscoto wines. Knowing this, what would you recommend me? I went wine tasting the other day and tried a few different ones. the Blush Niagara that I tried tasted like feet.

ETA: Can I bake the lasagna in a silicone pan? All our metal ones are rusty. :(
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Are you, or have you ever been e-famous? 
Do you know anybody who is or has been e-famous?

What's the scariest thing that has ever happened to you, that you're comfortable talking about?
Julia Murney

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What should my inline citation be if I cannot find any authors for the article?

We were given an assortment of hard copies of articles to choose from in class, and the one I wrote my essay on does not have any authors listed. It's an article from the Amnesty International website, so should my citation be Amnesty International USA, 2011 ? 

What is your favourite lip balm type product?