March 13th, 2011

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Are you happy or annoyed that we're jumping ahead an hour today?
Do you have a robe? What's it look like?
Do you have slippers? What do they look like?
Do you shave your big toe?
Is your belly button weird?

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This may be tmi, but--- After my SO and I finished having sex, we had talked about him buying condoms, to which he replied, "That's okay, if you get pregnant, I'll just pay for you to have a little procedure done."

I, myself, am completely pro-choice, however, there would be VERY little situations in which I would personally have an abortion. In fact, I am kind of offended that this is how he chose to "resolve" the issue.

I've tried pushing him into buying condoms before but he kind of just pushes the issue aside. I'd go buy them myself, but Idk what kind he wants nor the financial ability to do so.

Should I just be all, "No more for you" until he gets some?

And how would you feel about your SO saying something among those lines in order to solve the pregnant issue?

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My friend just post this FB status: "1 out of 3 women in the military is raped, what is our world coming too?" (her grammar, not mine).

This sounds unlikely to me, but before I decided that it was total bullshit I just wanted to know, has anyone seen this statistic before, and do you know where it's coming from? Any ideas as to where she might have heard this? I Googled it, but couldn't really find a definite answer.

Creepy Pasta Children

Have you ever watched Psychic Kids on the BIO channel?

Do you or anyone you know have a child or adult friend that is psychic or a medium?

I come from a family with psychic or sensitive capabilities and its not unusual for my aunt in Texas (we live in Mass) to have premonitions or dreams that are the same that myself or mother have within the same time period.

Can this become a creepy pasta post?!

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Poll #1716963 TQC, What just bit me?

Something just bit me on the upper arm while I was lying in bed. The bite is an inch wide, raised and white surrounded by red. What was it?

Mosquito- its early autumn here
Wolf spider- unfortunately my house has lately been infested with them
My own conscience- finally, its about time!
Fleas- which I recently treated my cat for
My boyfriend who is suddenly cannibalistic because he can't wait for 'steak and blowjob day'
Something else that I will explain in the comments

It's so freakin itchy arghhhhh!!

Does anyone else get these huge big welts whenever a bug bites them? Ugh.

Edit: I now have a second bite on my hip. fml i'm gonna look like i've got measles for work tomorrow

( this is the sort of spider i am talking about. don't ever move to the Australian countryside TQC its just not worth it D:)
eleven in a sweater

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I've had a cartilage piercing in my right ear for about eight years now, and I don't think this has happened before. A few days ago, my earring started to bother me so I took it out. Now there's a sort of tiny white bubble on the back of my ear where the hole is, almost like a blister. It doesn't really hurt or itch and it's not leaking or anything, it's just kind of there.

Has anyone had something like this on a piercing before? Could it be infected? Should I be worried about putting an earring back in? Most of the earrings I wear in this particular hole are pretty cheap Claire's earrings, if that makes a difference.

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so i finished my clone trooper helmet. im gonna make another helmet what should i make? its gotta be armor helmet from a video game or movie? i was thinking fallout or something?

ps. im also making a plague doctor mask :D
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If you get a knot in your shoulder or wherever else your crazyass gets knots, do you work it out yourself or get someone else to do it for you? Who usually fulfills the task?

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 Will you Please tell me I'm not the only one who has accidentally posted a journal post to here? It's 6am and I just did and feel like a big idiot hahah.

How was your day light savings time experience? 
Mine: well it's 6am and i'm not tired yet
Minzy ♪ 6

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So my boyfriend is really plastered, he's been up drinking ALL night, my friends have been trying to sleep since they have to get up at 7, none of them have gotten any.
Was it right to tell him he's being an ass?

He also got mad at me for not wanting ridiculously sloppy drunken sex with him at 5am
What can I do so he'll stop being a douche?
Can I just ignore him?
i say, old bean

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what sounds better to you: bean, cheese and bacon burritos or bacon over top cheeseburgers?

what was the last nice thing YOU think you did?

how do you feel about natural ice?

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What would you think of me if I said Alanis Morisette was my favorite artist ever?
Feel free to be honest.

Should doors be left open or closed? Or am I the only crazy who even notices?
For some reason, it drives me nuts to have a door open unless it absolutely needs to be open. If I'm just sitting in my room and someone comes in to say something, I hate it when they walk away leaving the door open...

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Inspired by farcical's question, is there a site for critiques of ACADEMIC writing?

I don't want to burden my advisor with questions about the flow and grammar of my "major extensive research paper" -- BA thesis-lite-thing. Google is giving me term paper mills. :(

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Guys, how ridiculous is it that I'm feeling guilty about my dad doing the dishes now if I made dinner last night? He's bitching about it and I'm like, "Dude, I made burgers and am now doing laundry. Please get over it."

If you live with your parents, do you have a "chore chart" or something similar so your parents (or you) don't do all the work around the house?
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What did you dream about last night? Do you remember whether or not it was in color?

I dreamt about grizzly bears and gnarly looking, large werewolves attacking my campus while i was having lunch in the cafeteria with friends and & bf. but it was as non-chalant as a grizzy bear/werewolf attack can get...

was late to some science class, had to borrow lebron james' book but ended up with his brown cardigan instead. and it was rather small and feminine.

class was over , accidentally took lebron james' brown cardigan and looked all over the place for him, but ended up dog walking a basset hound.

traveled to some relative's place for supper via toy train. it was like riding on an oversized tire swing. found out there was a gap in between the train tracks and my step-dad knew about it and told us his solution was to pile a bunch of spaghetti, squash, and onions in the gap. my younger relative did not like the idea of having spaghetti, squash, and onion for supper, so he shot my step-dad in the chest. right in the heart. 

the end.


Think back to when you lost your virginity. If you or your partner had fallen pregnant and kept it, how old would that child be now? Does your imaginary baby's age freak you out? Do you feel as if you're old/responsible enough to care for that child?

If you got up to same sex shennanigans, let's just pretend that one of you is magically pregnant regardless of whether you've got the equiptment or not. Surprise!babies for ERRYONE!

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what the eff should I get with my gap/banana republic/old navy gift card for $25? Asking because I can rarely find something I like at Old Navy, everything at Banana Republic is really expensive, and Gap is a combination of the other two problems.

What's currently stuck in your head?
Do you have any nicknames?
L&O - Munch and Finn
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If you exercise regularly, do you wait until 'the weekend' (whenever that is), do it during the work/school week or some combo of the two?

If you don't exercise, what is a bad habit you have?
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Did that chick who lied to her potential employer delete her post?

What is Spanish for bahleetion?

I was looking forward to getting some work done and going back to read the comments.

ETA: Do you speak Spanish? Or a foreign language? What are your favorite words?

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Have you ever used an online dating site? Ever met some worth meeting? Horror stories?

I used OKCupid for a while and am finally updating my info to my new (old) city three months after moving. I feel kinda lame having to use OKC in my own hometown, but no one I knew growing up is really around anymore.
Spart and Hen cuddled

I am so impressed with the Japanese Government

They aren't sugar coating the news of this earthquake and its after affects.
If you don't already have Microsoft Silverlight installed, you will have to install it first.

My government would lie through their eye teeth about something like this.  What would yours do?

Huh, I copied and pasted directly from my screen where it is running just fine, but when I hit the link it told me 404 not found too.  When I googled, it took me a couple of clicks and there it was.  I have no idea why the address in my browser isn't accurate, because I'm definitely watching it.

Bad Weather Days

Let's make a giant list of things to do on bad weather days! (either too hot or too cold or rainy or whatever).

What do you like doing on bad weather days? What would you like to do? What would you suggest a child does on bad weather days?
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When you cook pierogies, how do you cook them (boil, saute, bake, deep fry)? What do you usually serve them with?

I usually saute them with peppers, onions, and mushrooms but last night I boiled them for the first time and they tasted like the pierogies my mom made for me when I was a kid. Her pierogi recipe was the ONLY good thing we both got out of her last marriage.
family: mom/window

poll. again.

Poll #1717454 random poll, yet again.

You thought you had locked your door. Steve Urkel suddenly walks into your home. What do you do?

Tell Steve to GTFO before you call the police.
Offer some cheese to Steve.
Ignore Steve.

The next day: again, you thought you had locked your door. Kimmy Gibbler suddenly walks into your home. What do you do?

Tell Kimmy to GTFO before you call the police.
Offer to bake a hash-brown cake for Kimmy.
Ignore Kimmy.

Which of these foods do you like?

chicken wings
fish and chips
yam fries
crab cakes
prawn tempura
tuna tacos
mini burgers
dry ribs
potato skins
French onion soup
turkey dance

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I was moving some things in my apartment and accidentally dropped an external CD drive on my foot. It hit at the crease where my toes and my foot connect. It's not turning funny colors (yet) and I can still move my toes fine, but my toes are tingly, like my foot's asleep. Should I be concerned with that?
drink drank DRUNK

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I threw a birthday party for myself and my best friend last night. And I drank quite a bit! Even though I've been up a few hours, my stomach is not so happy. I feel like I should try to eat something to soak up the angry in there. But I am pitiful and alone because my husband is at work and have to drag myself to make it.

Should I go with a little cheap frozen pepperoni pizza or some picante chicken ramen? I'm not sure which would go better, but I'm thinking maybe the pizza since tossing noodles is always the worst thing ever...
queen dani

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how do you guys keep yourself positive, optimistic, in a good mood, etc? i've always been more of a pessimist and the past few months i've been under more stress with family health issues and other stuff... i just want some tips on how to stay positive and not worry over every little thing!
Geeky Girls


Have you ever had a hotdog with chili and slaw? The best way to eat a hotdog is with chili, slaw, and raw onions. I think this is a West Virginian preference.

If you prefer hotdogs made as described, where are you from?

If you have never heard of such a combo, what do you eat on your hotdog?
dorothy's shoes

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How fabulous do you feel right now? On a scale of sweats and uggs and greasy hair, to red carpet/lead dancer at a Burlesque show/whatever fabulousness is your bag.

What is your favourite completely useless posession? ie. glittery wonderful sparkly jacket you never have the chance to wear.

relationship questions!

Collapse )

Would you ever date someone who had been on film having sex? Not like a porn star (they weren't paid for it, it was just something they did), but someone who's definitely been recorded having sex, like from a past relationship and their ex had put it online.

Do you believe that there are alpha males and beta males within the human race?


So, today my boyfriend and I decided it's time for a dog. We've talked about it for years, and today was the first day that we've both agreed on everything and we're ready to include one in our home.

I'm leaning towards black lab mixes, but I guess it doesn't matter in the end (we're really hoping for this unbearably cute black lab/golden retriever puppy that needs to be rescued).

In your experience, what kind of dog would you recommend? We want a medium/larger but not huge dog that we can take to the beach and to the woods, and play fetch and go on doggy play dates with our friends' dog. There's a few super cute shepard mixes, do they like the water?
[Mando] Din Djarin

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Let's say you're really obsessed about something. A tv show or a comic etc. Your best friend and/or SO (whomever you spend time with the most) also enjoys this thing with you, but aren't as obsessed as you. Obviously you talk about it non-stop with them. One day your bff/SO tells you that they're really not that interested, and that they only acted as though they were was because they know you love it so much, but you've already grown into the habit of talking to them. Would you feel hurt that they didn't tell you earlier, or would you feel like it was a sweet notion that they stuck with it for so long?
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if you keep caged pets, do you ever feel like a jerk? i'm watching this show about people who keep snakes and the poor little guys just look so sad laying there in their glass case of emotion. i can understand crating a dog or w/e when you're not home, but to keep an animal in a cage practically 24/7 seems inhumane.

what kind of pet(s) do you wish you had?
Slytherin Binny

inspired by the fat characters post and CSI:NY

How come every time a crime show has a murder happen on a high school campus the killer is always the poor nerdy kid who got bullied their entire life? They introduce these characters and I'm like "oh god I am that person! I feel so bad for them!" and then suddenly "Oh woops they're a murderer!" and instead we're supposed to feel bad for the horrible bullies whose friend was killed.

What kinds of things that they always do on tv or in movies make you really mad?

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Someone asked earlier today what are good summer songs.

But since it's nearly spring (or is it spring??) what are songs that remind you of the springtime? Are there any?
Or what are just good songs that you're into right now?

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There's a historic hotel in my city which is closing soon. As much character and history the place had, it wasn't kept up very well, but I do feel very sorry for the employees. However, in this thread about it on Yelp:, someone comes in and says "+100 on the Implosion and starting over.....with anything. Vegas is known for reinventing itself and innovating. We must continue what we do well. The loss of jobs does suck, but c'est la happens"

How would you feel if someone's reply to you losing your job was basically "oh, that sucks, but shit happens"?

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Let's say an angel and a demon are discussing the benefits their "side" has brought to earth, sort of like in Good Omens. Who do you think gets dibs on technology, more specifically, computers?

ETA: I don't include the internet because that is so obviously the devil's playground lol

I mean technology. Cell phones, fax machines, and especially computers.

They're so beneficial but I really think they're destroying us as much as they're aiding us.

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Have you ever been the first something that someone's met? Like the first Jew they've ever known, or gay person or Hispanic or whatever?

What information would you feel obligated to impart as the first representative of whatever-you-are?

I had to show someone that Jewish people did not, in fact, have horns.
narry twirl

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I just got some spinach wraps and hummus from my parents. I figure I'll use them to make wraps for lunch for the week. Will you please suggest delicious combinations of veggies to go with those two things? What are your favorite types of wraps to make? 

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Guys, my friend just posted this on my Facebook wall:

Hey Katy, What the heck are you doing in this video?? LOL!
Look at you haha:P
You have to love this...

But the link isn't working. What do you think the video is of? How terribly humiliating is it?

Never mind, you guys are right. I just looked at my FB feed and it seems she posted this on everyone's wall.

Will you post the last YouTube video you watched?

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TQC, I just started working on Friday, my first job ever. I unfortunately just discovered that my Pumas are not cutting it shoe-wise for a job where I am on my feet for 5-7.5 hours at a time.

Can you recommend me some good shoes? I would like them to be not completely ugly. Price is whatever, I'll figure that out later. I just need something that won't kill my feet and back.
penis kissies

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My friend has sprained her wrist having girlsex, but does not want to tell her doctor that. How should she say she sustained the injury? Creativity, please.

Would you like some butt eggs?

Sharing of sex toy related weirdness welcome.
baby bilo and baby biggles laughing :)

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I know this has been asked before, but let's ask again. What are your most enjoyed quotes?

I just found this one:

Follow me around. I don't care.
If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead.
They'd be very bored.
- Gary Hart

It doesn't dive into any deep meaning, but I like it because it's fun.

Coffee cups

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Why are there people running up and down my street, yelling random stuff ("happy new year!"), playing a trombone, and generally being ridiculously drunk at 7-8pm on a Sunday?

What are you doing RIGHT THIS  MINUTE? Bonus points if it includes any of the above.

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Will you open your email/facebook and tell me what the headline of the ads on the side/top read (things like "Lose 10 pounds in 10 days!" or "Speed your PC up!")?  I'm bored and want to know what facebook/email think you should be interested in!

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Kind of a slow night tonight! What are y'all up to, what's on your agenda for this evening?

I have to, in no particular order, clean my kitchen, do a bunch of laundry and take a shower. I would like to also watch a movie (it will probably end up being Fast Times at Ridgemont High because I have had a strange urge to watch it lately), and if I feel like it I should probably do a stupid spreadsheet for work that's due tomorrow.

I should do these things while drinking milk + kahlua, right?

ETA: Ummmm didn't realize this question was literally just asked, in the post before mine. Oops.

Will you tell me about (or at least the name of) one of the most awesomely bad movies you've seen?

One of my favorites is Thankskilling. LOLS FOREVER

ETA 2: Omg you guys, if you haven't ever had Kahlua + milk, DO IT. It tastes like one of those Starbucks bottled "frapuccinos" (which we all know isn't a real frap, but it's not bad for what it is).
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I applied for a job back in early January, and was told I would know at some point in March.

It's a Summer job, and I'd like to know if I got the position ASAP because, if not, I need to register for Summer classes, and registration opens up tomorrow.

Would it be polite to email the woman asking if she knows if she wants to hire me or not? What's non-shitty way to phrase that?
You think they'll save you.

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I'm gonna try to get to a ton of movies from my "to watch" list. Which ones should I definitelydefinitely watch? (I haven't seen any of them..! D:)

The Social Network
Funny People
Mother (2009)
IP Man
Léon/The Professional
Interview with the Vampire
127 Hours
Middle Men
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Citizen Kane
Toy Story 3
Suspect Zero

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So as a follow up to my post:

We all, more or less, believe computers and technology would be boasted by demons, not angels. I understand that religion doesn't guide everyone, or more simply, a lot of people don't give a crap but... if we believe these things aren't ultimately good... why are we still using them?

Would you give up your cell phone? The internet? Emails, at the very least? Would you start writing letters again? Or at the MINIMUM, make phone calls again instead of texts?

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What is one of the more amusing things you've done that made you go "Hmm, that's pretty embarrassing?"

I just used a capped sharpie marker to mix my coffee and sugar because all my silverware is in the dishwasher that's running.

inspired by a long, loud debate I had with my brother in the car

How do you feel about Michael Jackson?

Love him!
Like him.
He's good, but overrated.
Don't really like him.
Hate him.
I am not familiar with his work.
(btw, I'm talking more in regards to his music, not how you feel about him as a person.)

What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Is there anyway to see your own post in a community moderation queue? I forgot to copy it to post it to my blog and I think it'll be tomorrow before a mod is on to approve it.

What new thing have you tried recently? My friend and I went wine tasting today. It was pretty neat and I found a couple of wines that I like.

Are you excited about the fruit-in-the-middle Frosted Mini Wheats coming back? For years the strawberry was my favourite cereal ever.

What discontinued food would you be super excited to see come back? I would go nuts if Planters brought back the PB Crisps from the early 90s.

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Why can't I ever make my popcorn at home taste like it does at the movies? No matter how much butter I put on it, it's just not the same. What am I doing wrong? Even the movie theater butter popcorn packs do not taste like movie theater popcorn.

Can I walk into the movie theater without buying a ticket just to buy popcorn and take it home? I like like 2 minutes from a theater and I just really want some movie theater popcorn right now.

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Let's say you ask a friend to do something with you a few weeks in advance. If they say "I don't have anything going on that day as of now, but I'll have to let you know in a week or two if I'm free," that generally means "Ehhhhh, it'll do, but only if nothing more important/exciting comes up," right?

What's the lamest excuse a friend has ever given you when blowing you off?

retro living

Yesterday my son and I decided to watch a movie. We don't buy movies, and we canceled Netflix a while ago, and our library didn't have it in stock. We don't have a web-capable TV and neither of us wanted to stand over someone's computer watching it. So we...seriously...went to a video store and rented it.

When is the last time you rented a movie from a brick-and-mortar store?

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Have you been on a flight where people clapped when the plane landed? Where was the flight taking off from/landing?
Is this a normal thing in some areas?

I only found this to happen on Ryanair flights, were people just excited the plane didn't fall apart?

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If you're on a wireless network within a home, is there any way for the administrator (aka, parent) to see what you're doing/your history on your laptop through his computer or through the network?

I've always wondered that.


Any TCQers know much about psychotropic drugs, in particular anti depressants?
So I've been on anti depressants for 7 years and it's went as follows; flouxetine (Prozac), sertraline (zoloft), amitriptiline (elavil), mirtazapine (remeron) and now venlafaxine (efexor). What would you say would be the next med to try? My pdoc wants me to try paroxatine (paxil) but I've heard that can cause major weight gain so I'm not sure.

Another question; I'm in the UK, how likely are they to prescribe buproprian (wellbutrin)?  Especially since Ive been diagnosed with EDNOS. 

Thanks :)