March 12th, 2011

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If your significant other were convicted of a crime and sent to prison, would you automatically end the relationship?

If not, under what conditions would you stay in the relationship?

If the term of sentence is a factor, how many years would be too many, aside from life?

**inspired by a friending post, where someone mentioned her bf was in prison and it was a topic she discussed a fair amount

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Will you help me choose which nail polish to buy tomorrow?




I'm leaning towards the second one just because it's not only lovely but I also have so many almost-black vampy colors like the first, but I have been eyeing that one for a while so I just don't know!

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For months now I haven't slept the night through. I'll wake up about 5-6 times and each time I get sweets and gorge myself on them. Sometimes it's a snack cake each time, sometimes it's mouthfuls of m&m's or whatever, I seriously can't control myself. I'm in an almost trance like state. This isn't right and I'm finally ready to do something about it. I'm going to be going to my doctor soon to discuss this and other matters but in the mean time I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this? If so what did your doctor do for you or if you didn't see a doctor what did you do to stop?
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I was just thinking about how people usually only call companies or ask for a manager to make complaints. Have you ever called a company/asked for a manager to praise an employee instead because they gave really awesome service?

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What the fuck is up with my ipod touch? Every time I plug it in to sync&charge, it resets the time to 14 hours ahead. The timezone setting is correct but the time isn't.
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What's the easiest solution for that ugly feeling your nails get after you've acetoned the hell out of them?

I'm painting my SO's nails for the first time ever, and he's not going to like that feeling.

What show do you wish was still on the air or at least had more seasons?

Arrested Development and Fawlty Towers.
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Will you use this post to brag about something that you've been working towards/at for a long time?
Or just brag about stuff in general?

DUDE! Today I got a quiz back in my alg. 2 class that said B+! I haven't gotten above a D in forever! So excited! =DDD
Also, my friend might be giving me his iTouch when he upgrades. Even though it has a cracked screen it still excites me b/c I'm always about 3 years behind new tech. (The iPod I have is a classic from 2005 and broken in a worse way, so this would defs be an upgrade.) ^_^

DK;DC;Too humble to brag: What is your fave kind of quick/junk food to snack on or whatever?

I like the generic frozen chiminy changas that you can wave up. So good. :)
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When TQC gives you advice or an opinion, how often do you follow their advice? Do you think TQC opinions are good/decent indicators of how the rest of the world thinks?

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What the hell is my cat yelling about? She walks around all day just meowing loudly. At first it worried me because it sounded like one of those urgent 'somethings wrong' meows, but it's almost like she's just talking to herself or just likes the sound of her own voice. If she's under the bed... MEOW MEOW MEOW! If she's walking around the apartment... MEOW MEOW MEOW! What the hell? Am I missing something or is this just something cats do? I've had cats my entire life but I've never had one do this before. Everything I've read says that it's because she's a Himalayan and himmies are part Siamese and it's a Siamese trait. What's she trying to say?

We still can't decide on her name. Help me decide?

Collapse )

She's talking again. She realized that my husband is waking up so she stood next to his face and meowed until he acknowledged her.
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TQC, it's my spring break!

I'm going to visit my family on Monday, so I've got a couple days to do at little as possible at home. This means videogames, whoop whoop! I've so little time though! What should I play?

Poll #1717036 Vidjagames!

Some options

Lego Indiana Jones (with boyfriend)
Continue replay of Bayonetta
Continue replay of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Whichever Myst game I'm currently on (3? 4?)
Diablo II
Zelda Ocarina of Time (on emulator)
Something else for the N64 emulator
Oblivion (in prep for Shivering Isles!)

I can't make any more boxes up there?

Silly flash games... all day...
Something else (please comment!)
dk/dc/different question: What was the first video game you played?  What video game has the most lasting impression on you?

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Does anyone remember a kid's cartoon that starred bears in space, with a bear called Ursa Major and I think her daughter Ursa Minor?

I don't think it was Sebastian Star Bear - I remember watching this when I was about 6, which would have been in 1993.

eta: and TQC wins again! Moondreamers!

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So you're out at a restaurant for dinner and you're just finishing up. It's pretty cold outside and you want your car to warm up for a bit before you have to get in and drive home. Do you ask your waitress/waiter to go outside in the cold and start your car for you?

What's the strangest request you've ever had from a customer?

planning to make another poll

Should I make another MI poll

I don't know, that is up to you.

If so what illnesses should I include (or not include) other than anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, OCD, body dis-morphia, anorexia, overeating, bipolar1, bipolar2, narcissism, borderline, detachment, histrionic, paranoid personality disorder, avoidant, antisocial ...
Should it be more general, like mood disorders, personality disorders, psychotics, people actively having an episode, people who are normalized...? if so, what else should I include?

I'd check comfort levels with each (everyone), personal experience (everyone), whether you have it, reactions, how much effort people are taking to heal (just afflicted), and perceived bias (just afflicted). Suggestions?

Thank you everyone!

I was really happy to see most people would be supportive to people they know with one. :-)
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I'm getting my hair cut in a few hours. How should I get it cut? My hair is pretty thick and wavy (but it responds well to being flat-ironed, or scrunched with mousse). A photo of me is behind the cut. Pics of good styles would be appreciated. Collapse )

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Aaahhhh, TQC! :( I have hard classes this semester and only 2 months left to go. I am so scared I can't do it. I have trouble focusing and these classes are math and science-centered which are my weak points. They're required for my major though, so I have no choice.

How do/did you deal with a course load that is difficult and/or heavy?

How do you keep yourself engaged in a class you don't understand and/or have no interest in?

I'm terrified for my GPA and my stress level at this point :(

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I got my Macbook almost two years ago. For the first few months, it had a battery life of eight hours, and it would take about six hours to charge fully. Now it's down to a battery life of two and a half hours, and takes about that long to charge.

Just now, I plugged it in and it said 6:47 until it's fully charged. And it's moving super slow. It took about three minutes to go down to 6:46. Is this a sign that my battery's about to kick it or something? Has anyone had this happen before?

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Straight people of TQC, did you ever believe you were gay?

Everyone, what doubts if any have you had about your sexuality? Was there ever an aha moment when you discovered your sexuality?

death cold, day 4

have you ever been tweeted by someone famous?

Fernando Fiore retweeted me once. it was awesome. and me and my sister like to pretend Donald Glover tweeted me back but that one was much more up for interpretation.
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So, my husband just discovered a terrible professor he has this semester is literally printing out wikipedia entries and other miscellaneous online articles, then reading directly from them for her "lectures." Word for word.

How should he handle this?

Cheerfully read the article out loud along with her during class
Forward the website URL's to the other students since the prof refuses to share her notes
Go to wikipedia and inappropriately edit any article she may read during the next class
Something else, answer in comments
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will you tell me your successful weight loss stories? feel like sharing before and after pics?

i'm trying to lose about 20 pounds. i've lost 15 so far since january and am back down to a size 10, but i'm finding it difficult to stay motivated.

dk/dc: what's the most amount of money you've ever won either via the lottery, casino, sweepstakes, etc.???

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 For those with cool/cold winters:

Do you find that you stop maintaining your toes during the winter? (since it's socks and shoes/boots most of the time)

i kind of just gave up this winter and now it's just more maintenance than I care to do, so I usually get a pedicure and then just maintain from there. I kind of want to do that today, but I won't be wearing sandals for at least another month. Should I bother or is it too soon?
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have you ever done cardio barre? how is it?

is it a little weird to eat sushi after the events in japan? are people flocking to sushi bars?

i've been really getting into the band rise against. what bands or artists have you been getting into as of late?

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1a.) I'm thinking about running a half-marathon on May 1st in a rural (and beautiful) county where I can crash with family. I can run about 4 miles maximum without stopping right now, but it's at about a 10:00 mile. Is this too slow/lame to be in a half-marathon? I'm not looking to place and am just doing it to give myself a goal, but I think it would be awful to be way in the back left in the dust. Should I do it?

1b.) I just want to take a nap. Please motivate me to go on a run today?

2.) What's your favorite brand of jeans?

3.) Will you hit ctrl+v and paste the last thing you copied?

Tell Me I'm Not Alone TQC!!

Anyone else have a neurosis about visiting other people's house without a specific event going on?

I can't be the only one that feels wrong just dropping by someone's house, right?

So the bf and I have basically open invitations to each other's houses. Every time he's been over here, there's been something going on [thanksgiving, christmas gifts, et c.] to the point that sometimes it feels weird eating dinner without him here.

I've never been inside his place and while I have an open invitation to do so my brain just can't handle that. It's like it needs a reason to go over there. [Oddly enough, it's completely fine with him coming over for no real reason and in fact would prefer that.]

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I just learned that there is an Australian cricket team for vision-impaired cricketers. They play in a whole league of other blind/vision-impaired cricketers and they even have a World Cup. I just saw a short clip of them playing and I am amazed!

TQC, what's the last thing that made you go :D?

What about the last thing that made you go D:?

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My sister and I and our dad have been having a facebook war ...posting songs that 'trump' the last one posted.  My dad just trumped  Paul Simon's American Tune with Billy Joels "Leningrad".

what fun things do you do on facebook?  bonus points if they involve family.  
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According to Dentyne, apparently the average person will have 28 first kisses in their life.

Do you think that's accurate?
If no, do you think they're over or undershooting?
Do you it is/will be accurate for you?

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TQC, I am going to a job fair next month and am putting way too much importance on the bag/brief case I will be carrying.

Which bag would you choose?
bag A

bag B

bag C

bag D

I have been told to carry the bare essentials (1 resume for each district I am interested in plus 50% and only cover letters for schools I have special interest in). Having a small pocket to put business cards in is a bonus. Black is the only color option because all my dress shoes are black.

Thanks, TQC!

[EDIT] Thank you for your sage advice, TQC. I managed to find an inexpensive portfolio with a detachable shoulder strap and it will be here soon!

a nuclear error but I have no fear

Poll #1717112 holy fuel rods, batman

Do you remember Three Mile Island?

have only read/heard about it in school
have never heard of it
Is that a microbrew?

Do you remember Chernobyl?

Oh hell yes
No, but my relatives still talk about it
I've heard of it, but I don't remember.

Are you, you know, worried about this radiation thing?

A little
A lot
Let's get takeout

What should go on my nuclear meltdown playlist?

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What are some bad movies that you love?

Under the Cherry Moon (Prince's other movie) is such a bad film, everything from the pacing (it sure did seem like a lot was going on for all of that to be happening in what seems like 5 days), to the one-dimensional characterization of the supporting characters, to how they decided to create some ambiguous time period which is some strange combo of the 20's, 30's, early 60's and 80's, etc.. It is such a bad movie, but I love it to death. :D
For what it's worth, the "WRECKA STOW" bit is classic, the score is one of the best I've ever heard and the cinematography is quite beautiful.
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TQC, I have some plain, cooked pasta and I want to use it up before it goes bad.

The problem is I don't have any pasta sauce or the fixins for pasta sauce. I have olive oil, your basic spices, and some cheddar cheese. What should I do with this pasta that doesn't involve going out and getting ingredients?

(no subject)

I've decided to have pizza for dinner. It's just a regular pepperoni pizza and I don't feel like cutting up veggies to put on it. Are there any herbs/spices/other things I could put on it to make it tastier?

(no subject)

i'm hungry right now but i'm supposed to be getting dinner with my friend at an unspecified time in an hour and a half. i also have a limited option of snacks, so i'd probably have to cook something if i wanted to eat right now. what should i eat?????


scrambled eggs
fried eggs
box of couscous
packet of ramen
bowl of cereal (no milk)

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In this're 14 weeks pregnant, happy about it and ready to be a mom.

What would your first reaction be if the father of your child told you he'd rather kill himself then ever pay you child support?

Also, Anyone else have the thought "The world is ending" when you saw the disaster in Japan?

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Dear TQC,
I am suffering from unholy back ache right now but my friend is in the area and this is the only day I can see her for probably another month. I should just suck it up and see her, y/y?

Dk/dc/no one cares so I don't know why you're posting: How are you today?

(no subject)

i started getting sick Monday night and am now in my 4th day of the death cold.

well, i'm bored, and lonely, and my friend's mom said you're supposed to do this(keep in my mind she's British): should i put a shot or two of vodka in some orange juice?

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Awhile back, someone posted while on Ativan (at least I think it was Ativan...) And someone else commented with a video of this guy laying in a hallway talking about robot arms and telling his hand it can live. It was hilarious, and I wanted to find it so I could show my husband. Anyone know the name of the video? I searched through the comm's archives and found nothing, as well as searching through Youtube and Google.


Also, what's your sign? Does it fit you? Mine does. I'm an Aquarius through and through.

(no subject)

What country do you live in?
Male or Female?
What's your favorite brand of jeans?

I just realized that I've been wearing the same few pairs of jeans for almost the past 3 years now, and I haven't been happy with them for most of that time. They stretch and become ridiculously baggy after only a few hours. Ergh.

And so, I turn to you guys. :)
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Does anyone know what kind of flower this is? I thought it was a kind of rose, but I might be wrong.

Collapse )

It's in the yard of a house my friend is buying. It was growing either on a tree or a very tall bush.

EDIT: They're definitely not a hibiscus. Too many petals and the stamen/pistil is different.
EDIT2: Maybe they are hibiscus. I've just never seen one that looked like that before. Hmm.
EDIT3: manpaya figured it out! Camellia!! Thanks!

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What's the last head-scratch moment you had?

My boyfriend just asked me if the bars would stay open an hour later because of Daylight Savings Time.

Are jeans and a tee-shirt appropriate bar attire?

I don't feel like changing before I go out tonight. 
ETA: Drinks are apparently like 10 bucks a pop at this place, I am a hermit so I don't know if this is standard class-wise or what.
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have you noticed a decrease in your metabolism as you've gotten older? (i'm not sure if i'm putting that correctly; i basically mean an increased tendency to gain weight / more difficulty losing weight)

did you gain a significant amount of weight? did this happen to anyone you know?

i've been naturally super slim all my life (i'm 21) and while i generally eat pretty healthily, on the occasions that i eat terrible things, it has no impact on my weight. i'm worried i'm going to hit a point soon where this is no longer the case and suddenly gain a lot of weight.

I want to watch a lesbian romance

Should I watch:

Some other lesbian romance I will tell you ALLLLLLLL about
What was the last good romantic movie you watched? What made it so good?

What was the last BAD romantic movie you watched? What made it so bad?

(no subject)

TQC, if money were not an object, would you still have gone to the college/university you attended? Where would you have gone? Where do/did you actually go? Did you like it?

(no subject)

 If you use Skype/another messager/or email if neither apply: What's the most amusing spam message you've gotten recently? I just received the following via Skype:

"Beautiful Russian ladies
   European and American women are too arrogant for you? Are you looking for a sweet lady that will be caring and understanding?
   Then you came to the right place- here you can find a Russian lady that will love you with all her heart. (Not posting link)  Please excuse us if you are not interested." 

(no subject)

Poll #1717175 dentist

How do you feel about going to the dentist?

It terrifies me
I really dislike like going, but not because I'm scared.
I am indifferent.
I like it!
Other/Answer in comments

(no subject)

How do you go about getting a loan for college? Is going through the financial aid people the only option? I hope not because I'd only be able to get $1000 a term. Where is everyone getting themselves into massive debt at?
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(no subject)

Will you give me a writing prompt? Preferably something suitable for a short story, no more than a couple pages or whatevs. Idc really.

What are some sounds that annoy you the most when you're trying to study/get stuff done?
People talking in another room where I can /almost/ make out what they're saying, but not quite. My brain is always quite certain they're talking about me and hones in on the convo. :(  Loud typing, whistling of any kind, loud gum-chewy noises. Ugh, HATE that sound.

What are some of your fave onomatopoeias?
I like saying 'waffle' and 'zoop zoop' a lot. Especially in the place of 'bang'. "Waffle! You're dead."

DK;DC: If you're reading a comic/manga how do your prefer onomatopoeias to be shown? Ex: for typing do you prefer "type type type" or something like "taka taka taka"?
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as some of you tqc-ers know, i'm from california but go to school in wisconsin. BUT I have never been to chicago and will go for the first time wednesday-thursday. so... where in chicago should i go/what should i see?

what place would you really like to visit?

Foodie in Italy

Hi TQC! I am leaving for my much anticipated finally paid off trip to Italy (cities below) next week! For those of you who have been there, where and what must I eat? I love food, everything and anything you can think of would be much appreciated (especially authentic, non touristy hard to find places)! Also, things to do/places to see other than the usual are welcome.

Cities: Lake Como, Milan, Venice, Florence, Assisi, Perugia, Sorrento, and Rome

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 My sister's boyfriend told us a story about his brother's ex-girlfriend accidentally shooting her best friend in the head while they were teens.  They were playing around with a gun they didn't think was loaded.  Have any horrific things happened like this to people you know?  

(no subject)

i have a probably with handling my money with shopping sometimes. I have been able to walk away from things that I want but I know I dont need but then I'll think about it for so long after that that I feel the need to buy the item. How can I stop myself from thinking about the item after I have been able to walk away from it?

(no subject)

Will you show me a picture of an article of clothing, piece of jewelry, pair of shoes, handbag, etc. that you want?

Besides white, what color shirts would look good paired with a blue and white striped blazer that's very bright and for Spring?