March 11th, 2011

Sorry for the long post, but this is important

Are you on the west coast of the US? Do you have an idea of an evacuation plan for yourself if necessary?

there is the website to keep an eye on.


the times I posted before I edited were what time a tsunami would arrive if were going to based on the information from today's events.

here are the times :

UPDATE: PACIFIC COAST STATES are now under tsunami warning.

The Tsunami Warning continues in effect for the coastal areas of California and Oregon from Point Concepcion, California to the Oregon-Washington border.

The Tsunami Warning continues in effect for the coastal areas of Alaska from Amchitka Pass, Alaska (125 miles W of Adak) to Attu, Alaska.

The Tsunami Advisory continues in effect for the coastal areas of California from the California-Mexico border to Point Concepcion, California.

The Tsunami Advisory continues in effect for the coastal areas of Washington, British Columbia and Alaska from the Oregon-Washington border to Amchitka Pass, Alaska (125 miles W of Adak).

A Tsunami Warning means that all coastal residents in the warning area who are near the beach or in low-lying regions should move immediately inland to higher ground and away from all harbors and inlets including those sheltered directly from the sea. Those feeling the earth shake, seeing unusual wave action, or the water level rising or receding may have only a few minutes before the tsunami arrival and should move immediately. Homes and small buildings are not designed to withstand tsunami impacts. Do not stay in these structures.

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When I make a cup of coffee, I normally:

put cold water and coffee in a mug and microwave it
boil a kettle and then add instant coffee to the hot water


Dear TQC, will you please restore my faith in humanity? for_lillian tells me that it's not uncommon for people to do this. WHY???


Also, if you don't drink instant coffee, pretend you're making another hot drink with water!


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What are you favorite kinds of donuts?

I like chocolate glaze, raspberry cream lemon or chocolate filled

And maybe sometimes an eclair. Wait, is that a donut or a pastry? D;

In anycase

What do you like about a "favorite" shop you go to? The people, the products, the set up, the music?

I love the new donut shop I found because it's just like the ones back in Houston.

(no subject)

what is the last thing you fucked up?

at my work, we have a shared ipod that everybody put music on to listen to while we are at work. since it's only a nano, we have all gotten kind of sick of some of the stuff on it, so i took some song suggestions from my coworker and offered to take it home and revamp the playlists. but now i just plugged it into my computer and somehow i wiped off all the existing songs....uh oh. i hope nobody gets too pissed at me :(
on a side note, anybody know how to fix this?

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I'm going to the flea market Saturday: what should I look for?

What books should I look for at the book booth? It's an awesome booth by the way, like three booths worth of winding bookcases and books, tons of books.

Also what is this movie? It's set during the early 40s/late 30s, the characters are youngish maybe 10, and one is a girl with chin length hair. One may have polio or some other illness. They make a fair or something in their barn/barnyard. IDK that's all I can remember or think I remember.

school paper

I'm supposed to make a resume, and collect a bunch of written work I made for the tryouts for my high school school paper.

I'm supposed to state my "objectives" in joining the school paper.

What do I say? How do I make it sound as legit as possible? things like "to take my writing skills to the next level" or "to gain experience in the world of Journalism by learning to work with people,"etc. idk!

oh and what kinds of written work do you recommend?

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which jersey shore cast member do you most want to sleep with?

dont even bother saying none
1) no1curr
2) it's obvious you're lying. everyone would sleep with at least one of the jersey shore gang.
macaroni murder lady

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I want to see a trailer for a movie, but in the theater, not on my computer. Is there a way to find out what movies a certain trailer will be playing before? I can't figure out how to google that.

For a project...

I don't watch a lot of TV and I haven't seen a movie in three years so the answer to this is escaping me...

What are some examples of famous fictional couples that married young? The only example I can think of right now is Cory and Topanga.

Happy marriages preferred.

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Another interview question.

If someone that called to set up an interview just told you "I'll be here all day, just come by after you get back (knowing I had to go to the next town over for an appointment this morning)", would you assume it'll be a pretty "easy", laid-back interview, since it's not really scheduled or anything?
mtn, girl

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I am trying to start a recycling program at work. We go through plenty plastics and paper and are just throwing all of them away.
What I am interested in doing is starting a recycling fundraiser.

I am raising money for the american cancer society, and so far we have $1000 just with a yard sale.
I have come across a few websites that have given vague information about recycling as a fundraiser, which I am looking more into. I was just wondering if any of you guys had any experience or advice with any certain programs to use or avoid.
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Do you have/prefer AT&T or Verizon?

I am having an e-argument over which is better on Facebook. My friend is out of the country and everyone keeps telling him to go with Verizon because it's a better service. And I'm like Verizon sucks internationally, it is a CDMA cell phone carrier in a GSM market. YOU WILL ROAM. YOU WILL NOT HAVE SERVICE. And it is frustrating me because they have no lick of a clue how things operate outside their pretty little bubble.


Ok so yestraday night i had a sex with a guy, now he just sent me this message:

"Hi G. Sorry about anything...Do you wanna go to the movies tonight?"


why is he apologizing??? he probably hated it, I suck at sex!!!
Hyde & Jacky
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Now that Spring is finally on the way (in most places), are you going to do your Spring cleaning?

If yes, what do you do?

I'm going to sort out clothes I can throw out/donate. I'm also going to clean out my file box and throw out papers that I don't need anymore.

What other communities do you <3 besides TQC?
I like documentaday.

What are you doing right now? What are you supposed to be doing?
I'm sitting on tqc and watching Divorce Court. I'm supposed to be packing to go back to my apartment.

Should I still go?

There's a workshop organized by one of the members of the a club I'm part of and the Campus human rights guy, I just reread the email and realized it was an RSVP because she had to tell the human rights guy how many people were coming. its at 3 pm today. should I still go or not?
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What annoying or ridiculous questions have you been asked in interviews? Or questions that made you stumble or had nothing to do with the position you were applying for.

How did you respond to the question?

Have you lied before?

The last company I worked for asked me what my parents did for a living? And I thought, goddamn you can't make those kinds of assumptions this day and age. I lied and said my dad was a carpenter and my mom was a health inspector. I got the job.
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TQC, my yogurt smells terrible. I mean, really really terrible. And the girls in my hall agree that it smells awful, too. But it's not past its expiration date and tastes just fine after I stir it up. Why does it smell so bad? Srs/non srs answers welcome.

For those interested, it's Fred Meyer brand Fruit on the Bottom yogurt.

DK/DC/Wtf yogurt is narsty: favourite book or TV series you feel is obscure? My three favourite book series are The Abhorsen Series, The Nightside, and Saga of Seven Suns, but no one in the surrounding area seems to know these exist and it makes me sad.

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what can you do about roadside harassment? everyday i go walking like somebody has to honk or yell something at me. i can ignore it, but it's just annoying and i wish i could grind their genitals into a fine dust.

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the maintenance guy at my work just said "i have to go to the bank" and i JOKINGLY (JOKINGLEY?  is that even a word) "hey you should take my car and get gas" (bc i literally have absolutely none) he laughed and said yeah, i could take your car no problem. 

i didnt expect he was actually going to do it.
so now the maintenance guy is putting gas in my car for me, ahah. (with my money, obvs)

what randomly unexpected nice thing has someone done for you lately?

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TQC, I had an interview this morning and got the job!! :D :D 

The only thing is that it is my first job ever. I am a big ball of nervousness and anxiety, omg. How do I calm down?
They called me and want me to come in TONIGHT!

Also, what should I wear? The dress code is laid back, jeans are fine (skirts are not since I'm the only girl working there). They will give me a black t-shirt with their logo on it to wear but I don't have it yet. What kind of shirt should I wear?

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Have you ever been skydiving?

If so, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being unbearable terror, how scary was it?

My friend said that skydiving feels more like you're floating the whole time. Another friend says that you feel as though you're plummeting to your death for several seconds until you "stabilize," at which point you feel as though you're floating.

What's it like?

(no subject)

Last week I almost passed out after getting really dizzy and lightheaded and having my vision black out and my heart race. I went to the hospital because I was genuinely scared. All they found was low blood sugar. I just ate about 30 minutes ago and it just happened again. What is wrong with me? I'm 23, obese and could be in better shape, but have no health issues overall. Srs/Non-srs answers welcome.

ETA: For everyone saying doctor, since I'm only in town a couple days and I don't want to go to the emergency room, I'm going to schedule an appointment with my university's medical center. TY

(no subject)

Your opinion on mental illness and this is a serious, but casual poll.
The scale is a comfort scale from one to 10, 10 being very comfortable and 1 very uncomfortable or anxious.
(edit) This poll is for everyone and is a general overview. Bipolar is highlighted, because I wanted opinions on it specifically. If there is another one, it will cover more illnesses. Thank you everyone for contributing!
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cute kitties/horsies/pokemon are the best >:3 webcomics also work

How much can you spam this post with funny/cute things before I get back in 3 to 4 hours?

dk/dc? How old are you, and what is something you remember from grade school that you found super interesting? I'm 23, and I learned about friction by being shown that rubbing a pencil against your jeans and then touching it to your hand would show how hot it was from friction. I spent the next week doing it all the time.
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(no subject)

What type of programs/software do you use at work?

I am becoming fairly acquainted with Dreamweaver now that I get to work on our website. My only complaint is that half of the time the way the page looks in Dreamweaver is SO NOT the way it looks in the browser. :(

Are your ears pierced?

(no subject)

How amazing/devastating would it be if you went back in time to when you were a second grader, still retaining your current level of intelligence?
I've always wondered this.
last unicorn

(no subject)

What are you really interested in? Hobbies? Passions? Specialties? Obsessions?

Also, please post some facts about those things that others might not know!

Edit to add:

Would you ever consider changing you name? Do you like your name? What would you change it to if you were to change it?
I &lt;3 TLV

Decide my day/evening, TQC

It's 4:20pm right now, and I've done nothing so far today. What should I do before the day is over?

Shower and get dressed.
Go to Target (I don't need anything, but I heard there are new Hello Kitty things)
Go to ballet class.
Go to Trader Joe's (I need groceries).
Stretch and/or exercise at home.
Just keep siting on the couch on TQC.


At least two people think I should go to TJ's WITHOUT showering and putting clothes on? Do you people often go grocery shopping in your pajamas? lol
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Is it appropriate to make/eat chili when the weather is 70-something degrees? (Brought to you by the bell pepper in my refrigerator I need to do something with before it gets all gross.)

DK/DC/chili gives me flaming gas: How's the weather where you are? (Warm and windy - there's big wildfires south of here, too.)

(no subject)

anytime is nap time when you're sick, right?

TQC, what can i do from going completely stir crazy?

i haven't seen anyone besides my sister since Tuesday afternoon except for a couple extremely brief encounters with co-workers the four hours i was able to work yesterday and today. i started crying on the phone with my sister this morning when i asked her to drive me to work. and she hadn't even said no.

(no subject)

Do you know anyone who works at a preschool? Do they have trouble turning off their "daycare voice" at the end of the workday?

When will this weather clear up so my kitty can go out and play?

Will you tell me a random fact that you learned recently?

(no subject)

TQC gals: do you ever wear men's boxer briefs or men's briefs? How do they compare to traditional women's underpants (panties, thongs, etc.) for you?

Brought to you buy the letter I Just Bought A Pack Of Hanes Boxer Briefs And Holy Shit I Am In Comfort Heaven.

DK/DC: how good are you at budgeting your money?

(no subject)

How was your day, TQC? Make this a ragey things or a happy things post please?

How early is too early to take a sleeping pill on a Friday night? Assume you had a stressful/taxing/fucking LONG week and really need the rest.
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Does/did anyone else go to a college on the quarter system (rather than semester)? I feel like we're the only ones in the world with finals right now.
edit: If so, where do/did you go?

What was the last thing/cause to which you donated?

(no subject)

 What kind of car do you drive? What do you like about it? What do you dislike?

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DK/DC: Did your mom always spend forever talking to your friends' moms when dropping them off for playdates, etc? My mom and my brother's friend's mom have been at the door for like an hour xD (Or if you're a mom yourself, do you do this?)
Braeakups are the new relationships

Help Me Have Awesome Skin!

As I am preparing to go teach high school kids, I realized I need to have better skin then them. What is your favorite brand of moisturizer that is available in the third largest city in the US for regular skin? Any other hints about skin care beyond wearing sun screen?

DK/DC: what is your pump me up song? Peaches "Boys Want To Be Her."
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the best part about this community is you can say ANYTHING ridiculous and chances are at least two or three morons are going to take it seriously and be like omg wut!?!?!

what do you love about tqc?

(no subject)

My boyfriend is in a call with his friend on Skype and they're making fun of my music, which is 50s doo-wop. What should I do so as not to get angry because they refuse to acknowledge that it pisses me off to hear them making fun of my music?

ETA: Have you ever taken advice from TQC that is probably shitty_advice? Like, stuff that is really probably going to get you in bigger trouble/create more drama than there already is? How did it turn out? (this is because I would love to blast the music full-volume on loop if I didn't think I'd get kicked out)
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I want sushi, want to get some sushi with me? I'll pay. Then we can go to the cupcake store on the corner. I recommend the cheesecake flavored cupcake.

How do you increase self-esteem?... how about improve your feeling of self-worth?

Do you think self-worth is really awkward to say? I do.

we regret to inform you...

I just found out that I didn't get into my first choice college.

I have basically dedicated the past two years of my life to trying to get in there. I barely even have friends anymore because I always put them off to do college work.

I know this probably isn't the place to ask, but will you please say something to make me feel better?

Edit: Thank you so, so much everyone!
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(no subject)

I believe I lost my iPod or it was stolen. It has intermittently showed as connected to my router. It shows right now under the DHCP clients. I set a static IP for it so I don't know if it is just showing that there is a static IP set up for it or if it is actually connected. Help?

If it is connected either 1) it is somewhere in the apartment I can't find [toddler may have taken it] or a neighbor stole it from my car and it's connected from there.

xpostd to tech_questions but that's a slow community.
I &lt;3 TLV

(no subject)

If you're trying to learn a new skill and are finding it very difficult, at what point do you decide it's too hard and give up?

Will you tell me about a time when you were discouraged but managed to succeed?
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(no subject)

1) Would you ever date outside of your religion or culture?

2) Tell me about your 9/11 experience.

3) What is your stance on criminal terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda?

4) How do you feel about the U.S.'s relationship with Middle Eastern nations and with Israel?

5) Why do you think gas prices are increasing?

6) How do you feel about U.S.'s level of involvement or surveillance of Middle Eastern countries or citizens of those countries.

7) How has this affected your life? (Your feelings, day-to-day life).
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(no subject)

Do you think it's a bad idea to wait to be chased?

Do you think it's wrong to hope/expect that someone who really likes you will make the effort to make the first move?
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