March 10th, 2011


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Inspired by the srs-on-fb post-

When was the last time something really pissed you off on FB? How did you react?

One of my ex-friends was being stupid and I argued with him and looking back on it, I wish I would have reacted without throwing in personal attacks. but I'm glad I called him out on being a homophobic douche

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eta: I left in his whole name because it's not his real name. He thinks he's a big deal and has enemies and needs to go incognito so he made a fake name for Facebook.

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what is the last awesome thing you missed out on because you had work?
what is the last awesome thing you called out of work for?

this friday my best friend has to dress up in a polar bear costume and hang around in times square for her internship and i have to miss it!!!! i'm so mad.
a few months ago i took off work to perform in a choir concert that was lots of fun.
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For the past few days my legs but especially my calf muscles have been feeling weird/tight/sore. Would this just be because I spend most of my time awake sitting cross-legged on the couch? Or....?? I have no idea if it's nothing to worry about.

Do you think we'll ever go back to the moon?

Do you wish you could visit the moon?

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What is a good way to say "you're fired" without sounding like a massive asshole?

If you're firing someone who gets paid $120/week, what is a fair amount of severance to give them?

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Have any of you ever had dental bonding/composites done?
Did insurance cover any of it?
How much did it cost?
Do you have before and after pictures?!

I'm considering getting it done and I want to know some other people's experiences not to mention you'd be surprised at how NOT helpful the dentists are at answering questions about the procedures they do... I don't get that shit.

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It's a nice cold snack to be sure, and the colors are sometimes divine

But you know after one helping I'm done with the whole ordeal.

Do you like Jell-o? Can you make or do you enjoy it already prepared in a snack pack or at a resturant?

I find Jell-o with fruit in it yummy, strange, and fun to look at.
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another random poll

Brought to you by ME, who stupidly set the alarm an hour earlier.

Poll #1716125 another random poll

It's 10:00 pm. A hungry unicorn shows up at your door and asks you to order pizza for him. You only have $20.00 and don't get new funds until next week. What would YOU do?

Get pizza for the unicorn.
Say no to the unicorn. Times are tough, man.
I would never answer my door at 10:00pm!

You're on the bus, sitting in the back, far from the courtesy seats. A cranky old woman comes up to you and demands that you give her your seat. What would YOU do?

Get up and give her the seat.
Tell her no. You're not in a courtesy seat, after all.
Ignore the old woman.

You are lost in the woods. A big bad wolf approaches you and slyly asks if you need any help. What would YOU do?

Accept. Who knows, he might be a nice wolf?
Run away.
Say no and kick the wolf in the nuts.

Which of these foods or drinks would you try and/or have you tried?

cat poo coffee
chocolate-covered ants
a hamburger that weighs more than five pounds
maggot cheese
your own pee
Deathday cake

Tracking software blocking

I was listening to NPR yesterday and it seems I wrote down the incorrect initials for a program they were discussing. I've checked the shows I thought might have been on the time I was listening(i have access to three different stations using the radio), but haven't been able to find it.

They were discussing tracking software via websites and a program for blocking this tracking was discussed. I thought it was ABIME, but I can not fond it online. Does anyone know which program they were discussing?
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I'm waiting for my flight to Boston to board and using the airport wireless.

Will I get to see lizcharlene?!?!?

What should I say if I see her?

Does your nearest airport have free wireless? I don't think Boston had free wifi the last time I was here which was disappointing.

How often have you flown in your life? Do you consider yourself a seasoned traveler? The girl sitting next to me at the cafe has this incredibly obnoxious high pitched voice and she just keeps going on and on about how she never flies and this is soooo exciting and she is so scared to ride the T when she gets to Boston and zomg hopefully she doesn't get lost and argh. Its 8:30 in the morning, I can't take this pre-coffee.
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I am wondering if anyone can guide me to a website that hopefully has a chart/graph with lots of different foods on it that shows what vitamins/minerals it has the highest content of or is the best source of.

I have Googled - a lot - and mainly get sites which will have only one vitamin, example : "Food that are high in Vitamin C." "Foods that are high in Calcium" but I need something that has many foods and beside it what they are good for.

Sorry if this is written as a jumbled mess. Can anyone help out?

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OK, I need some advice. Back in January, I moved back home with my mother because the organization I was working for had gone insolvent and stopped paying me. My options were essentially move back home with mommy or continue pumping my savings into an irrevocably broken situation; I swallowed my pride and chose to move home. I'm currently taking EMT classes and looking for work (both part time and pertaining to my degree.

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tl;dr--Forced to move back home with mother. Unable to adequately handle her massively invasive behavior that people thought was invasive even when I was a bratty child. Need advice.

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A couple years ago, my friend's mom read my tarot. I thought it was fun and funny.

Have you ever had a tarot reading?
Have you ever been told what your spirit animal is? What was it?
Did it kind of make you laugh a lot?

She told me that I was going to make a breakthrough in communication with my parents (YEAH right) and that my spirit animal is a black panther (lol, it's not even a real animal!).
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My boss is letting me plan our office's next event, and I need to compile a list of ideas to send to him. They can be either focused on team building or just be fun activities.

What are the most awesome office events you can think of for me to suggest? Srs and non-srs answers welcome.

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im supposed to meet someone for lunch today.
they texted me in the morning, and i responded, and since then no response from them.  (i texted them at 9:30am)
its now 11am. 
usually my lunch at work is around 12-1pm.  should i text them again and ask whats up?

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Inspired the fact I am still waiting for an item I ordered on Ebay over two weeks ago, whats the longest you ever waiting for an item you purchased online like and etsy or ebay type site?

Will you tell me about it so we can rage over it?

Are you waiting for anything now?
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Is mid June to mid August a really bad time to visit Australia & New Zealand since it is their winter, or is it ok?

Where would you visit if you had those two months free?

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Should I take a nap?

-I got 4 hours of sleep last night
-I have nothing productive to do
-I have to get up early in the morning so I have to go to bed early tonight (the nap might affect that)

How often do you take naps?

Art degree

I choose to have a digital art major and have waited until it is too late to switch away from the art department to realize it is completely impractical. I'm doing pretty good in computer science, so is there an advantage to having this minor? (yes, I actually like it and have enough credits left for the minor) Any other art majors or comp sci minors? What are you doing with this degree? What are the best options for art majors?
Thank you in advance, even if you don't comment!
(yes, I am talking to a career counselor, I'm looking for personal opinions).
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What defines a "millionaire," in your opinion?

Is it someone who earns a million dollars or more every year, as far as salary or other income?

Is it someone who has a million dollars or more in the bank?

Is it someone who has assets (property, buildings, equipment, etc.) worth a million dollars or more?

All of the above?  None of the above?

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Is there a song you really like but can't take seriously due to the lyrics? Can stupid lyrics ruin a song for you?

When someone close to you hurts you, do you more often tend to talk about it, lash out, or bury it and not say anything?

Will you tell me an embarrassing story?

How about a funny one?

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Okay now that I know that the weird LJ stuff isn't just me, I can ask what I really came here to ask. What are your favorite games to play online/on your computer? I don't mean like Eve online. I'm looking for more simple games like Family Feud and Diner Dash.

ETA: Yes I deleted my old post because in my freakage I didn't think to check the comm for similar posts. I know, for shame. Don't judge me!

ETA2: I also forgot about the no deletey postey thing. Apparently I'm feeling faily this afternoon because I keep doing it. Sorry!

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I'm trying to get hold of my best friend. His phone has been off for ages/he's not been responding to my texts. Would it be a bad idea to send a facebook message to his girlfriend (who is very jealous of me) asking her if everything's ok and if he can contact me, or should I take the longer route and get my mum to speak to his mum?
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Are checks still usable??

Okay. I signed up with wachovia about a year ago, and I got a shitload of checkbooks in the mail. I never used them. About 6 months later I changed my name on the account, to my husbands last name. The checkbooks have my maided name on them.
Now I need to write a few checks to do my immigration paperwork and I was wondering if the checkbooks are still valid? Even if they have a different name on them?
The routing number/account number are the same.. I just dont want to send the checks in with my paperwork and find out they were rejected.

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What font is "Paramount Truck Sales" on the sign?

I tried doing an identifont search but it's not giving me the right one, and I know this is a pretty common font, I've seen it before.


Nevermind. ITC Benguiat!

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so, i went on that date i had last night.  and it went well.
in fact, he asked me to go to lunch with him tomorrow. 
he called me now and asked if i wanted to hang out tonight.(like late tonight around 9-10)  (he has plans with other people, but said if i wanted to hang out with him, he'd prefer that)  hes leaving on saturday.  hanging out with him tonight, will involve him having to get a hotel room and staying there bc where he is crashing is too far (he is on leave from the army)
also, there wont be much to do around here besides going to a bar and drinking.  and in all honesty, we will probably end up in his hotel room at some point during the night, if nothing but that there wont be anything else to do or go.
this is a bad idea right?
hes just going to try to sleep with me, if i go along with this plan?
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mac users: what are the best downloadable games in the app store? also, i just bought a macbook pro and am wondering if the trackpad gets discolored after a while like the white macbook does?

dk/dc: when's the last time you were truly frightened?

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Would you like to share your First World problems with us?

I just found out the ice maker on my refrigerator had frozen up (ikr) and I was forced to chip the ice away by hand. Most likely it will be HOURS before I once again have a suitable ice stockpile.

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Anybody else watching/paying attention to the congressional hearing on homegrown terrorism? - What do you think? do you think the focus solely on Muslim-American radicalism is justified? or should they also be discussing fundementalism/radicalism of all sorts? (ie the (more radical) fringe of the tea party movement, white supremecist groups, and Christian Organizations who target clinics/doctors)
What do you think of the fact that the guy leading the hearing, Peter King, at one point expressed support for the IRA.? does it seem a bit hypocritical? (When I heard this, I was like uhhhhwhat?)

DK/DC - where do you get news from? if you watch/read/listen to the news.
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I had a Target bag full of odds and ends from my room that is now missing. Where did it go? :(

How do you make yourself get shit done? What's on your major to-do list?
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What do you dislike about Facebook?

I hate when someone invites you to an event, you ignore it, then you get 10 inbox messages from some asshole messaging the event list, and then you have to go to the event and find the "Remove from my events" link in tiny text that is usually hidden in a different corner every time you check.

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If you wear skirts, what kind of tops do you normally wear with them? Could you post pics of a good skirt/top combo?

For some reason I have the most horrible time finding tops that go with skirts. I just...can't do it.

What do you think of long skirts?

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This is probably a really dumb question but bear with me plz- is describing somebody as having a 'jew fro' considered offensive?
I realize it's a huge generalization but I never thought about it being potentially offensive until today so could we set the record straight on that one. PS, forgive my naivety.

EDIT: Okay, glad we cleared that up. What have you learned lately?
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I am house sitting for my mother house while she is in singapore for a week, (my partner stayed home which is 40 min drive away) tonight is my first night and I am not used to sleeping alone or being in an empty house all night.

Poll #1715995 Who will get me?

Who will get me?

Kayako, Toshio
Samara, Sadako
An array of ghosts or Poltergeists
My Doppelgänger
Bloody Mary
A Banshee
The Rake

DN DK? What would you do if you tv turned intself on at night and wouldnt turn off? And no, taking the power out doesnt work.

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I once came across a website where you could upload an image, and it would convert it to halftone-like values (like this), and then you could select how big you wanted to print it and it would set it up so you could print something really huge. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Does anyone have a link?

It would be such a help to a huuuge project I have to do. Bleh :c

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Ok, about two years ago, I lost my remote and it inexplicably turned up, as if by magic. Something similar just happened. I was looking for the peperoncinis, and I swear to you they were not in the fridge. I looked three times, my mom looked twice. I cannot stress this enough, they were nowhere to be found. I went to look in the pantry, and my mom looked one more time in the fridge. There sat the jar, where before there was only cream cheese.

Guys, is my house haunted? What supernatural being is fucking with us?

Lol, forgot: Non-srs answers, obvs.
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I started talking to an ex-boyfriend from several years ago, and he texted me and said and i quote "We should hang out sometime soon. Would that please you?"

I'm officially creeped out. Should i make some lame excuse not to hang out, or do you think he honestly just wants to hang out as friends?
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When is someone an SO and when is someone a boyfriend/girlfriend? Are they the same thing or different? I can never figure this out.

What is a metaquote? I have no idea. D:
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TQC! I have new neighbors! They are you typical middle class white family in their late 20s/early 30s. He's an elementary school teacher, she's a chef. They have 15 month old twins. I wanted to make something for them to welcome them to the neighborhood but I'm hesitant because shes a chef and what if she hates what I make?? I want to be on good terms with them because we share a backyard and we sort of suck at keeping up with the lawn in the summer and I don't want them to hate us, lol.

What should I make for my new neighbors?

fresh baked bread
chocolate chip cookies
a cross stitch
something else easy
nothing at all

Do you know any of your neighbors? I know the guy on my left and the girl across the street (but only because she's friends with one of my friends and it was just coincidence that she's my neighbor now) and my son's teacher lives in our neighborhood too, lol.

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do you go to a therapist, psychologist, counsellor, what the fuck ever?
do you find it helpful? 

i have an appt with my therapist at 5pm
and i FUCKING HATE therapy.  i hate everything about it.  i hate her therapy tone, and the fact i have sit on a couch, and the fact she asks me questions, but doesnt give me any fucking answers.   it literally makes me so angry.  haha.
so its obviously not working.
Muh Life.
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Backstory 1st:

We have three cats, each with their own personality. Fattus is a 6yo odd-eyed tuxedo and she's the most rambunctious/inquisitive of all three. In our living room we have one longer wall that stretches about 30ft and from the corner to about 10ft out we have an entertainment center (curio in corner, SS subwoofer, low TV hutch and another sideboard). The cats are NOT allowed ontop of furniture, they know this and it's very unusual for us to see them ontop of anything.
But lately, Fattus has been sitting on the edge of the TV hutch, BEHIND the flatscreen and STARES at the space between the wall and the curio. For hours at a time! She's been doing it for about a week. None of the other cats have shown any interest in the area either, it's just Fats. There's nothing back there we can see (the furniture is too heavy to move without scratching the floors) and she's too fat to fit back there.

TQC, is my cat staring at that no one else can see?

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How long is your commute? How do you feel about it?

Have you ever had a commute that you felt was too long? When/what was your breaking point?

I've been driving about 40-60 minutes each way for the last 8 months and it's really starting to wear on me. Am I a baby for looking for another, closer job so soon?


Do you guys use Grooveshark? What do you use to download the music? I'm not paying for wondershare, so what are some alternatives that are free?

If you don't, then where do you guys get your music from? Everything I use to use no longer works, or I have to pay.

spring break worries

in kentucky, you have three months after you turn 21 to have your driver's license flipped from vertical to horizontal.

does your state do this? what state?

it's also iffy - a lot of bars won't serve you if you haven't gotten your license turned horizontal yet. if i'm out of state, does anyone know if other states will refuse to serve me for not having it flipped?
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What are you always surprised to find out that people don't know?

Do you know what sonography is?

I'm applying to a sonography program and I keep getting blank stares when I tell people. Today someone even insisted that I was pronouncing "stenography" wrong. I'm always surprised when people are unfamiliar with it, especially women who have had children.
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Will you act as stylists for me? I have these boots, but I have no idea what to wear with them. I tried wearing them with skinny jeans, but I'm a little too thick legged to pull it off completely. This is me, for reference (Ignore the bad camping hair pls).

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TQC, I just got a call for an interview!! It's tomorrow morning.

It's for Game Xchange, pretty much like Gamestop. I have a doctor's appointment in another town and they told me come by after I get back from my appointment. The people that work there usually wear jeans + a work shirt (black t-shirt with their logo).

What should I wear to the interview? I don't own khakis. I have plenty of dark jeans and decent shirts, and one pair of pinstripe dress pants and a pencil skirt. What about shoes? I don't want to overdo it since it's just a retail game place buuuuut a job would be nice.

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Guys! My family's going to NYC the first week in April and we might go see a Broadway play. Being the musical theatre geek in the family, it looks like it's up to me to decide. What show should we go to?
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i just had some ice tea for the first time in my life. it was delicious and peach flavoured.

how do you like your ice tea?
do you make it yourself? do you add anything ~special? because i really don't wanna spend $3.00 on another tiny ass bottle.

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so i just came home from my therapist, and she told me to write letters to the people i am having issues with.  and then burn them.  WRITE LETTERS AND THEN BURN THEM.  yup.

do you write in a journal?
what are you/did you have for dinner?
do you call it dinner or supper?

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I'm supposed to meet some peeps in a different country next month.
When would be too soon to e-mail for link-up info?
When would be too late?

Its an internet thing, sooooo...
What are the chances I'll never see them?

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i've been really sick since Tuesday afternoon. i started getting sick Monday night and i had to leave work after only two hours today. i plan to go to work tomorrow but i don't know how long i'll be able to stay, tbh.

so it's not unreasonable that i told my sister i don't feel like i'll be in shape to make an hour and a half long car trip tomorrow to Milwaukee(to see our mom), then back again Sunday morning, where i will then have to go straight to work, right?

i mean, she didn't get upset, but she made that face, you know?

i also want to be in town for the rally on Saturday. shit's hit the fan, yo.

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How do you feel today?



ticky tok on the clock
tick tick tick ticky tick
I refuse to participate in ticky-realted shenanigans.

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Who is your favorite comedian?

How come the last 3 times I went to post this question, in the text box it just said 404 not found in huge letters and wouldn't let me type anything?
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here is the situation: i'm scheduled to work on thursday the 17th, and no other days that week. my friend jessica wants me to take the train up to visit her from tuesday to friday (mainly for st. patrick's day drunkenness) and i really want to go; i miss her and her housemates/bffs sooo much.

i would just tell my boss i can't work that day - it's just a three hour shift - but i have to take tuesday march 22 to tuesday march 29 off to visit my dad in texas. i tried switching shifts with someone who is working the same shift on a different day, but she can't switch to a day that would work for me. my friend wants me to just call in sick that day or something but i know my boss doesn't like people taking time off, so i don't want to push it since i'm already taking a week off.

what would you do, tqc?

(oh also, if it matters, i'm quitting this job and moving in about a month)


When you start to like someone, how big of a stalker do you turn?
How much information can you really find out about a person by googling their name?
How has your day been going? I haven't seen you guys in a while u.u I hope all is well.

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Food/cooking question!

I usually pre-salt aubergines before I cook them, do you do this? Do I need to do it for baby aubergines? (Tescos was out of normal, and I had a craving)
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validate me plz

Working with raw ground beef, then opening the freezer with your disgusting germy hands, opening drawers in the freezer with your gross hands, then not giving a fuck about cleaning any of the stuff you just touched: this is disgusting y/n?

Am I ~crazy~ for being bothered by shit like this?

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Say you started a job 6 months ago. I'm not talking day job, but a career type of job.

You don't love what you're doing, so you find yourself occasionally looking at job postings and career sites. You stumble upon a job that really seems right up your alley. You apply on a whim, and long story short, you interview and get an offer.

Would you leave the job you started 6 months ago, or suck it up because it has only been 6 months?

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What's a good website to look for grants, scholarships, loans and other forms of financial aid for college besides SallieMae, FastWeb and upromise? (I've had bad experiences with all 3 of those in the past)
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will you tell me about a time that you were really into someone but then found out something about them that made your feelings disappear instantly?

i once thought this guy was so awesome and dateable - he seemed intelligent and liberal and artistic and all of the other things i like, but then i saw something on his blog he wrote about racist jokes being hilarious. some sort of "we won't ever overcome racism unless we can laugh at it" bullshit. my crush went away entirely as i read those words and never returned!
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TQC, I need to make a logo for my website. I'm a web designer and social media consultant, and I call my business SC Wonderland- for the 'wonders' of technology etc. in South Carolina. I want it to incorporate a symbol of SC and some sort of mythical creature.

Collapse )

I was thinking of a fairy hovering over the stadium but I thought that might be hokey...
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Poll #1716365 How easily do you cry?

I cry an average of

once a day
once a week
once a month
once every few months
once a year
once every few years
once a decade
once every few decades
I almost never cry
I can't cry even when I need to
You forgot an option
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Do you think it's strange/interesting that over time appearances change so much more than voices? Like watching an actor in roles 20 years apart and they look much older but sound exactly the same.

Have you ever gotten so involved in a book or TV show that you feel close to the characters, and think of them as friends? (If yes, who was the character/s?)


Does ANYBODY know where I can find an English translation of Shitao's (1642-1707) inscription to his painting Master Shi Planting Pines?  I have been searching for it forever and asking here is basically my last hope. A translation into any western language would be okay but English is way preferable. Please don't be angry, this is school related but I'm desperate here...

Further edit: Sorry everyone... I've deleted the picture until i can get the lj-cut right. yes i did post here about chemistry homework like three years ago? Nobody's required to answer the questions if you find them obnoxious/can't help. I just really need a translation for this inscription and I thought that since this community gets a lot of views someone might be able to help. Sorry to aggravate you all.

Let's talk podcasts.

Will you share your favorite podcasts?

I currently listen to A History of the World in 100 Objects, Answer Me This, Common Sense with Dan Carlin, Don't Worry About the Gov't, NPR: Sunday Puzzle Podcast, NPR: Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Quirks and Quarks, Savage Love, Stuff Mom Never Told You, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Stuff You Should Know, The Memory Palace, The Moth, The Skepctics Guide to the Universe, The Thomas Jefferson Hour, This American Life, and WTF with Marc Maron.

Some of those are ended, like the 100 Objects one, but I'm just listening through the old episodes I find interesting. I'm always looking for new ones to listen to and want to share recommendations.

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how would you feel if your [long distance] boyfriend took 3 nights off in a row from talking to you so that he could get immersed in a video game?

I mean as in he pre-planned it and specifically said I don't wanna talk, go ahead and tell me goodnight now, etc, when you guys usually talk throughout the night.

ETA: tbh I am a *little* bothered by it, but I didn't give him any shit for it and I respect that it's just what he wants to do. it's not a huge deal. just wanted some opinions.
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Which should I do?:
cancel a gyno appointment on too late of notice and pay the cancellation fee + risk embarassment for canceling so many times or call out of work? If I call out I will get the check-up I've needed for months, have time to shop before my trip, and give my broken hand a rest.

What are your spring break plans? What's the closest thing to your left? Closest living thing?