March 9th, 2011


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What movies make you cry?

I Am Sam makes me sob every time. Like I have to get box of tissues to wipe my tears and running nose. Brothers and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button made me cry too.
Kill Bill - Elle
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Do any of you use Blackboard for one or more of your courses? Thoughts?
For my logic class we have to do discussion posts with one another and, while trying to explain why my answer seemed a little convoluted, received this message (I made no mention of my vocabulary, fyi):
"Dont think so highly of yourself by saying you have an extensive vocabulary because im positive we all have delt with SAT prep were i can define your 'stiff lanuage' in the back of the prep book... yes your responses are well thought out and very well written.. but know one will glorify your well writtten responses if you have a sour attitude twoards your fellow peers. "

What did you have for dinner?
Have something to share?

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How do you feel about tickies?

I love them.
I like them.
I have no strong feelings on them.
I dislike them.
I hate them.

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If anyone here has been over to sf_drama recently, they've seen me loling all over the post about the anti-cursing website. IDK why but that girl being SO SUPER SERIOUS about the evils of cursing is just killing me. I think because of how much stress I've been bottling up, I just needed a release and laughing at someone taking something waaaaay too seriously (in my opinion) was the perfect way to do it.

ANYWAY, this inspired me to ask you, TQC:

What's the last thing that you laughed at way more than you should have/normally would have?

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When you're writing a paper with a page requirement, do you type it single spaced first and then double space it later to feel like you've really gotten a lot done or do you type it double spaced from the beginning?

Since I'm doing my research on this, how do you guys feel about assisted suicide in terminally ill patients? Assisted by doctors, nurses, loved ones, etc. Does the person giving the assistance change your views? What about withholding feeding tubes or overdosing pain medications to lethal levels to allow a patient to die?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I have been up for almost a day. I worked a full shift in that time, and have been studying or doing homework for four hours straight now. I think I'm losing my marbles. I just rubbed my cats belly and said things like "WELL BOY HOWDY CHLOE KITTEN OVER HERE NUMBER ONE WITH THE SOFTEST FUR AND DAINTIEST CAT NIPS" in an announcer voice.
What weird things do you do after no sleepz becomez youze?

...macros and gifs?

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Okay I'm done.

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which actress/actor do you think is the most haute?

do you think lindsay lohan can revive her career and regain her status as a screen goddess? will she ever win that oscar that is so rightfully hers?

cred: mellow_lights

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tqc, it is 7.16 am and i am supposed to be starting work at 8.30. i woke up with really bad stomach pains and diarrhea. as i am an early childhood teacher, we are not allowed to be at work if we have any vommiting or diarrhea etc as it can obvs be spread.

i have phoned and texted my boss but with no reply and i have also phoned work but no one is there yet.
what should i do?! i need to get hold of them so they can get a reliever in.

also, should i leave a message on the answer machine? what do i say.."oh hey there im shitting mad crazy cant come in today!"? im so embarrassed and freaking out rn :/

i phoned work again and the assistant head answered and was very understanding about my situation! yay!

question#2! what should i do today besides chilling in the toilet? what are you doing/have done today?
boy and girl in love

small claims court advice wanted!

Im having some trouble with an ex-friend regarding my car: short story is that she drove it home on my birthday, hit a cat and messed up the front passenger bumper. I've been trying to to resolve this because my car needs to be fixed, but she bounced off to Florida and refuses to talk to me. I want to sue her in small claims court, but how do I find her? I could file in my town and use her mom's address but that seems petty. I have the accident report that says she was driving so I'm not worried about that but Im new to this small claims thing.

Have any of you ever successfully sued someone in small claims court? How did the process work where you're from/filed?

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I just got an email from our fleet person, telling me that I won am eligible for a BRAND NEW CAR. TQC, do you want to help me choose a car?

Poll #1715473 Which car is the bestest

What should I get?

VW Jetta
Mazda 6
Subaru Liberty
I think maybe the Mazda 6, but I dunno. I've driven the Subaru, it was comfortable enough. The Jetta I've heard mixed reactions and I have no idea about the Mazda. So why I'm leaning towards the Mazda I have no idea.

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Have you managed to embarrass yourself today?

I was at least a little embarrassed when my roommate came out of her room at 7:00 and I was on the couch drinking oatmeal (We're out of spoons.) and watching The Last Song.

Alternate question: What would you do to pass the time if you didn't have work/class until 11 and you woke up at 6?
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What university/school or place did you visit with decent expectations only to be completely put off with the results?

UC Berkeley sucks and I'm going to generalize that everyone who goes there sucks as well. It was dirty, the people were rude, homophobic, and prejudiced. And I never want to experience that shithole again.
Footprints on the Moon

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The shuttle Discovery just touched down for the final time. I'm full of sadness at what feels like the passing of an era.

What's the last thing that made you sad and maybe made you sob?

dk/dc: When was the last time you felt optimistic?
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Is there an inanimate object that you just cannot stand to work with?

I hate binder clips. They frustrate me for some reason.

Icy hot, ben gay, tiger balm, or biofreeze? Other?

Is today moving really slowly for anyone else?


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I just got an LJ notification in my inbox that says "You are not authorized to view this comment."  That's all it says.

Why would I get a notification about a comment that I am not authorized to see?  How can this even happen?  Can someone restrict a reply to one of my comments to a smaller list than the entry itself?  What is this frickery?

And, more importantly, what do you think the substance of this mystery comment might be???

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I'm really really sad, anxious and blue today TQC :(

What should I do to cheer myself up?

Will you post something funny?

If you don't care, what is your current job? What did you want it to be when you were a kid?

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Some scientific study group wants to try some experiments on you involving food. It's a drug that causes a reaction with certain foods, when consumed. It causes the person to throw up immediately. Unfortunately, this reaction is permanent and the person will never be able to consume that food again. They want to test it on you. For each food that you permanently give up, you'll get paid $15,000. Being nice guys, they'll let you choose. Which foods would you be willing to forgo for the rest of your life in exchange for $$?

Cakes/baked goods
Meat (of any animal)
Vegetables (all of them)
Ice cream
Bread (also buns, crust)

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Everything is fine in my house except our sleeping patterns. My housemate gets up at about 7:30/8am every day. Not that early, but I work till late and occasionally like a lie in. When she wakes up, she rings her boyfriend and speaks to him at normal talking volume, so I can hear every single word. She then goes into the kitchen (which is the wall the other side of my bed) and clatters about for a bit. When I come in/stay up late, I make every conscious effort to be quiet.

tl;dr - my housemate is noisy in the mornings when I want to sleep.
Is this worth saying something about, or should I just suck it up and be pleased I live in a place where that's my only problem?

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I'm auditioning for my college choir on the 21st of this month, but I am EXTREMELY nervous. D:

What do you guys do to fight the nerves?
Have you ever "auditioned" for anything? How'd it go?
What song should I sing? D:
Catwoman and Harlequin

Pick the one that's less offensive to you in a potential romantic partner

Say you're dating someone new. Which of these traits could you tolerate more in a potential SO?

He/she was a prostitute (had sex for money) from Feb-Aug in 2007. Maybe slept with 75 people. It was just a phase when he/she was really poor
He/she hired prostitutes (paid for sex) from Feb-Aug in 2007. Maybe slept with 50 prostitutes. Was just a phase where he/she was really lonely

Say you're dating someone new. Which of these jobs could you tolerate more in a potential SO?

'Knocker' for a meat company. His job was to strike a blow to the cow's head before it was slaughtered
Janitor at a peep show. His job is to mop the floor and wash the seats and glass partition after every customer was finished

Say you're dating someone new. Which of these traits could you tolerate more in a potential SO?

Proud of his/her farts. Enjoys letting them loose in public places or confined spaces with you
Really poor oral hygeine. His/her breath is pretty atrocious

Say you're dating someone new. Which of these traits could you tolerate more in a potential SO?

Bi-curious. Definitely interested (sexually) in the same gender (or, if you're gay, the opposite gender). Has never even kissed a person of this gender before though, but talks about them often wistfully
Frigid. Enjoys kissing and cuddling, but not very interested in sex. Low sex drive

Say you're dating someone new. Which of these traits could you tolerate more in a potential SO?

Is incredibly brilliant. Too brilliant, in fact. He/she likes you, but there are times you detect a slight condescending tone in their voice when talking about subjects where knowledge is concerned
Blue-collar type. High school dropout. Uneducated and proud of it. He/she is fun and sweet, but has little respect or use for 'smarts'

Say you're dating someone new. Which of these traits could you tolerate more in a potential SO?

Is missing most of his/her left leg. Lost it in a car accident. Everything from the mid-thigh down is done and he/she doesn't like prosthetics. Just has a stump
Extremely religious. Mentions Jesus often in ordinary conversation, but isn't preachy about it. Never tells you how to live your life and is surprisingly tolerant of your interests. Also denies evolution
Space Cadet
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I'm going to this year's San Diego Comic-Con with my son. Right now I kind of wish I wasn't going, but I know I'll have fun.

Are you going to San Diego Comic-Con this year? If so, what are you hoping to see, buy and/or do there?

Have you ever gone to San Diego Comic-Con? If so, what were your impressions? Did you have a good time? Do you have any tips for me?

Who's your favorite character from a comic book or graphic novel?

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I have a job interview, its the second interview and they already have my cover letter, resume and referals but I feel weird not bringing anything to help my chances. I was not told to bring anything but I am still going to feel weird not having anything to give them.

What should I bring, if anything?

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My boyfriend and I are close friends with another couple (they are the parents of my bionic Goddaughter.) This couple is planning on getting gastric bypass but both need to lose a bit more weight before they can; both have already lost 30+ lbs, but have seemed to plateau. They have mentioned wanting to join a gym but can't justify spending the money since they have a newborn. My boyfriend and I have been looking for a 'push gift' to get for the couple.

Could it be considered rude to get them the gym membership?
kermie and pig

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It's the week before spring break for me and it seems like all of my teachers are trying to get a bunch of shit done super fast beforehand so they can catch up on grading or something. I have a 2 page summary due by 5 that's halfway done, an 8 page paper due tomorrow that I haven't even started and a meeting with my teacher at 5:30 to show my sources for another paper due next month. Now I'm starting to burn out and I've been sick and on antibiotics for the past week and they don't feel like they're working at all. I have a couple of options to work with right now. Help me pick?

a. Suck it up, finish the summary, gather sources, get ready for Ash Wednesday mass tonight, meet with the prof and haul ass to get to church on time before my MIL's birthday dinner. Oh and figure out time to squeeze in picking up a cake for her and writing happy birthday on it.

b. Suck it up, but only a little bit. Finish the summary, email prof (who knows I'm sick and has a doctor's note already from me about my bronchitis) and attach my source list, rough outline, etc and reschedule the meeting, take a power nap, get ready for everything I need to do tonight.

c. Blow everything off, nap forever.

What would you do TQC?

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Poll #1715881 tickies are fun

Will you check all of the ones that pertain to you?

I am good at math
I do not like cheese
I have a SO
My parents are still married
I am a Republican
I live in the U.S.
Clowns scare me
I love cats
I am a virgin
I need to do laundry
I am currently at work
I am on TQC because I am putting off something more important
I watch a lot of reality TV
I will elaborate on my answers in the comments.
Ticky ticky

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I dropped the bomb on my guyfriend last night that his girlfriend cheated on him. Obviously, he is upset, and I waited way too long to tell him. I feel like I just shattered his innocence.

Do you think cake would be good for this situation?
I just feel like an ass telling him and then leaving him to his misery as he tries to figure out whether or not his relationship is over D:
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Is there a way to get individual replies to comments in my LJ inbox without having comment notifs on altogether?

I don't like comment notification spam and there are generally only a few comments I want to see the responses too. Most I just check in the thread when it's current, but sometimes I'll start doing something else and there's one comment buried 30 posts back that I want to check. /whine

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do you do a lot of online window shopping? (in before shopping-for-windows joke) what sort of things do you look at, and what sites do you use?

i check out clothes from free people and esprit, shoes on ebay, apartments on craigslist and plane tickets on expedia. I also look at miscellaneous things like jewelry, hats and notecards on etsy. oh and t-shirts from webcomics i like.
misc - not a weapon

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Are you going to any concerts soon?
What are some concerts you have been to recently?
If you haven't been to one lately and have none coming up, are you just not a concert person, or is there something else (like money) that's keeping you from going?
If you could go to any concert for free, what would you go to?

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what would you say to your roommate if you told them you were sick and they said, "Do you think you could stay in your room?"

i texted my friend and told her i was sick and she said, "me too. and my roommate asked me to stay in my room."

so i kinda went "Excuse me?" and she said something to the extent of, "she asked if i was sick and then said 'do you think you can stay in your room? :\"

so i told my friend to go cough really hard on her doorknob. i mean, maybe i've just never had super shitty roommates, but the things this girl says to my friend make me livid. idk if anyone remembers but she was the one who hid all the dishes in her room because she decided my friend wasn't cleaning them fast enough, when she knew my friend didn't have any dishes of her own at the time.

Domestic disturbance

A friend of yours is throwing a housewarming party cause she and her boyfriend of 2 months are moving in together. She's a friend, but you're not super close or anything and you haven't seen her in a while and haven't met her bf yet. They greets you at the door and you notice she has a fading black eye. "What happened?", you ask. "She fells down", he says, "she's real clumsy". She looks down. Later on, you overhear him tell her that all the beer is warm, and she apologizes and they step outside the front door for a minute, and she comes back in with her makeup smeared and he's shaking his hand, as if he just hit something. What do you do?

Stay out of it. It's none of my business
Confront him at the party and make a scene. Let everybody know what kind of douchebag he is
When opportunity is given, take her aside and ask her if things are alright and if she needs help
Call 911 and report him
Tell him that your beer is cold too and how you're concerned that his gf isn't being a good host
Start hitting on the bf. I like a guy who knows what he wants
Leave the party. I feel really uncomfortable here
Make a post in my journal/FB about it but probably nothing more than that
Walk over and hit him in the face. He had it coming
Nothing now, but will come back later and beat the shit out of him with a bat
Ask him for tips on how to keep your girlfriend in line
The only thing I know is that when they stepped outside, I started helping myself to the food and expensive liquor hidden in the pantry. Hope they fight again
Tell other people about what I just saw and hope they do something about it
Clearly he's broken her in. I walk over and ask her to make me a sandwich, raising my fist menacingly
Mitty box

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It's too cold in my house for my bread dough to rise.

Should I put it in the oven on warm for a little bit or just say fuck it and cook it anyways?

Got any good bread recipes?

What's your favorite kind of bread?

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Does it piss you off when someone orders in Starbucks or especially not in a starbucks somethin like "double ristretto venti nonfat organic chocolate brownie frrappuccino extra hot"?


This is also just a pet peeve because they act very righteous about how they order, as if to say "Large frappacino with two shots expresso and flavored syrup" is too much.

eta: okay, I probably don't really want to punch them but I do want to make them see how ridiculous it is.

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What is the ideal personality for a pet cat to have?
What about a dog?

I'm getting some stuff done to my hair (I'm going to try the Brazilian Blowout mentioned in my other tqc post) and it's $200 for a ~2.5 hour procedure. How much do I tip? Their yelp says they accept credit cards but should I bring cash anyways?
gasp zooey

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What's your favorite nail polish color?

When I grow my nails out, they get sort of see-through. What's up with that? How can I fix it? I get a lot of calcium, but I also drink a 32oz diet soda per day...could they be canceling each other out?

I haven't been checking TQC or the rest of LJ for a while, so I apologize if this question has been asked/answered before, but is anyone else getting a 404 message in the Rich Text box?
carter arrested

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question for those who are episcopal or are familiar with the episcopal church:
how would you compare this church with other christian denominations? i've heard comparisons to catholics. i'm wondering more about rituals or services but also beliefs.

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If you were to go into your refrigerator and your kitchen generally and had to make a sandwich with the ingredients you find, what would be on the most delicious sandwich you could make given your ingredients?

For lunch I had to do that.


2 pieces of sourdough bread
1 slice of cheddar cheese
2 pieces of cooked bacon
2 1/2 oz of cooked asparagus cut into pieces the size of the bread
A small spread of mayo

Put together, broil for about 4 minutes or until the bread is crispy and the cheese is melted.

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What food are you craving right now?

Do you like Gatorade? If so, what is your favorite kind?

Will you post a picture of where you live? Your house, apartment, city, whatever you want.
i say, old bean

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will you tell me about your last encounter with someone who was very drunk while you were not?
on the flip side, will you share your last encounter with someone while you were drunk?

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What is your summer looking like so far?

I'm done with school May 13. I'm catching a redeye to Cincinnati, OH after my last final for my cousin's wedding. I'm staying in Ohio for the week. On the 23rd of May I start interning with a public defender's office a half hour from where I live.

I also want to go to Victoria sometime this summer, but that has not been planned yet.

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I have a friend who is constantly texting when we hang out.
How can I tell her to put the damn phone away because it's rude?

We are both adults, so she should know better. I have tried dropping subtle hints, she does not get it.
I have a bad temper and am aware of it, I am also in a really bad mood today and we are going for dinner tonight and I don't want to snap so I want to you know, plan something to say that isn't too rude.

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my buddy is a bartender and i went in last Tuesday and he gave me 3 shots for $5, 'cause that's all i had. so i said i'd tip him for it when i came in next time and had more cash.

how much should i give him?

mostly i ask 'cause next time was supposed to be tonight at trivia, but i'm too sick to go, so i was going to ask my friend who is going to give him some and i'll give it back to her tomorrow at work.

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what is your opinion on people who pick up a camera, add generic filters to all their photos, and then have the nerve to call themselves 'photographers' and get paid for it?

brought to you by a conversation with a friend.
I love you

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Today at work I was holding something and looking down, and I hear "Hi, Jennifer! How are you doing today?" So I look up and wave, saying I'm great, how are you? Then I realize I don't know this person. That's okay, though.

Our setup is so that you have to move down a line, and all the way down the line, the guy is saying things like, "I love Jennifer. She is my favorite employee." "Jennifer does the best job." "Jennifer is always so friendly." When he finally reaches ME, I give him his order and wrap everything up. "Jennifer, thank you so much. You have an excellent day!" I was thinking to myself that he was creeping me out, and he clearly doesn't know me, or he would know that everyone calls me Jenn. But I wished him a nice day and thanked him.

I looked out in the lobby and he was just STARING at me. Every time I looked up, he was there. He came back later to say goodbye.

He was mentally measuring me to make a skin suit out of me, right?

If not, and he was just being friendly...a different question. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms. I have to wear braces, and in 3 weeks I'll be evaluated to see if I need surgery. Because I have no chance to rest my wrists like I'm supposed to, how likely is it that I'll end up having surgery? Have you had that type of surgery? If I do have surgery, it would be ridiculous to return to the same job that gave me the injury in the first place, right?
cow milkin'
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A few weeks ago some of my ceiling fell down due to a leak in my less than 2 year-old roof. My maintenance guy patched it and we're waiting on the roofer(who lives 3 houses down from me) to do something about it. He hasn't yet and we have some severe weather rolling in soooo:

Poll #1715925 the roof the roof...

Is my ceiling patch going to leak tonight?

Not only is it going to leak, but it's going to fall down in the middle of the night

ETA: Apparently it's leaked for 2 years now without us knowing. Last time it rained it did not leak, but it wasn't a major rain.

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So I've just been accepted to DePaul, Loyola and Roosevelt Universities, all of which are in Chicago. I thought I would be lucky to get into at least one of these schools, and I got accepted into all 3.

When faced with a big choice like this, how do you choose?

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Will you tell us about the last thing(s) that made your day?

Earlier this afternoon I found out that two of my friends from the first university I went to will be in my city in a few weeks! I haven't seen them in like 2 and a half years! :)

Also, I have been lusting after this dress for MONTHS, and had flip-flopped between buying and not buying it until it sold out. A few mins ago on a whim I went to the site and saw that they had ONE, and it was in my size! It was obviously a sign from god so I bought it.

AND ALSO, I'm about to go get KFC, which (although disgustingly bad for you) is exactly what I'm craving right now.

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I am pretty sure my boyfriend's mom got his birthday wrong. she posted on her fb yesterday (about 18 hours ago) that "tomorrow is Josh's birthday!" then posted a few hours ago on his page "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

He's in Korea so it is the 10th there. She is in Germany. According to his facebook/him/my prior knowledge his birthday is the 11th.

How would you feel if your parent got your birthday wrong?
Do you think she just has your days mixed up? Is there something with the time difference that I'm
over looking?

eta: She lived in Korea last year, so she should know the time difference.. but maybe you guys are right.
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i gave up facebook for lent so i need some fun websites to entertain me. please?

do you think people are born with a certain sexual orientation or do you think otherwise? i mean, i'm gay all the way, but i really am not sure that i was born this way. i never felt gay as a kid, i was very girly (still am) and had little crushes on boys in my class. in fact, i had genuine feelings for a boy in middle school that i "dated" for months. idk.

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I give a few people from my roller derby team a lift to training most Fridays. The journey is an hour, costs about £10 in petrol (I make £40 a week at my job) which no one ever offers to help out with. One girl has asked for a lift about 4 times then not turned up. Last week we waited half an hour for her to show up as she said she was Definitley coming. I left a message on her fb asking where she got to, to which she said she had replied (only 20 mins before we were due to leave) but it hadn't shown up.
I've never had an apology from her for any of the times she's just not shown, and it means someone else can't come.

How should I deal with this situation/make it clear she's no longer welcome
In my car?
Also, validate me, this is out of order, y/y? Someone was really shocked when I said she needed to get some manners.

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Do you ever feel stupid posting here? I do - I used to post embarrassingly stupid questions (maybe I still do. D:) and get sarcastic answers and I felt bad.

What is your favorite word currently? Mine is cockface. I find it hilarious.
cabaret voltaire

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Sorry to be posting again so soon but if you're a computer whiz I need your help!

I was playing The Sims 3 today for maybe a half hour and my computer crashed. I can't get it to turn back on. When I push the power button it just blinks a yellow light. Is there any chance that it will be able to start up tomorrow? I have all my music on there and I don't want to lose it. I have a Dell desktop.

I'm posting from my iPod jsyk
Geeky Girls

Whole Peppercorns

Do you enjoy eating whole peppercorns in your food? I don't like whole peppercorns and I just don't get the point. Why not just grind the peppercorns? Or even crack them up a bit?

Also, if you were making a dish for a work potluck and you walked in to see your cat eating out of the bowl - would you still take it to work? This happened to me and I seriously contemplated taking it anyway. Then I realized just how mean that was & how angered I would I tossed it and made another batch.

I still want to kill a kitten though...
Gravity's Rainbow

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What's the last animal that bit you? People and insects count.

Do you attempt to pronounce foreign words correctly or do you use the English interpretation?

Have you ever wanted to be in a pie fight, or does it just seem like a waste of good pie? Would you agree to be in a pie fight if someone else paid for the pies and they promised that there would be pie left over to eat afterwards? What if it was against really good pie-throwers? Gah, why did I pass up that pie?
Abe is the King of Wapuni Wu

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Do you ever see someone getting way too serious on Facebook and making it awkward for the others on their friends list? What did you do about it, if anything?

I mean, Facebook is Facebook. It's light and frivolous.
Hyde & Jacky
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have you ever realized that you take people for granted?

I recently started noticing that I take my parents for granted. They're always amazing to me (esp. when I'm sick, like right now) and when they're sick, I never bothered to take the time to take care of them.

What's the shittiest job you've ever had?

How have you dealt w/ a boss that (through no fault of your own) doesn't like you?

do you have two places to live?

I have my apartment in Albany (where I work) and I can come back to live at my parents' house at any point I want.

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educate me plz, tqc. i lack gay franz.

so, in a ~traditional~ male/female first date that involves buying something (dinner, movie tix, etc.), ~traditionally~ the male offers/ends up paying for it. queer people, who usually offers/ends up paying? do you both offer then fight over it? do you split it? does the more dominant person pay? is there always a more dominant person in gay relationships? are you more dominant or submissive? i've heard of butch/femme relationships with lesbians, is there a version of this for men? are femme/femme or butch/butch relationships common?

(no subject)

have u/do u ever partake in hate sex?

ie fornication with someone even tho u hate them but u wanna get dirtyyyyyyy with them.

would u ever? wat if u met someone with a horrible personality but they were totally haute?

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Dear TQC,

Have you taken up any new hobbies recently?
Will you share a story/picture of something cool you've done lately?

Collapse )

I know it's crap compared to some of the incredible artists here but it's the best I've done!

eta: awww thanks everyone :) this pic is from last week but I'm making an identical face rn thanks to y'all
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