March 8th, 2011

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How is your resume formatted? Images/examples would be great instead of just descriptions.

What format do you think looks the most professional?

I'd especially like to see examples of anyone who served in the Navy.

Do your cats come when you call them? (Miso does =3)

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What should I give up for Lent? Srs/non-srs answers welcome.
What are you giving up for Lent, if anything?

Don't know/don't care: If a genie was willing to grant you three wishes, what would they be?

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sorry another post about my tattoo but I've just realized that my tattoo artist put duoderm on my tattoo...from what I've researched it seems like a bad idea! Im freaking out! should I take this thing off?!
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what is your favourite kind of cheese?

or, if you have multiple favourites depending on usage like myself, favourite by itself/favourite on sandwiches/favourite on pizza etc do what you gotta do

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I was eating some slices of Sargento Colby Jack cheese. I had 2 slices and took out a third and it had mold on it. If the ones I ate didn't have mold on them, I'm okay, right?


What are you doing up this late?

I'm watching a doc on Netflix about solitary confinement.
god bless the world

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I'm looking for a hip hop song with Middle Eastern scales/beats mixed in.  Not Middle Eastern hip-hop, but American hip hop with Middle Eastern-sounding samples, if that makes sense.  Can you think of one like this?

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My friend was saying that most of the birthdays on the mother's side of the family are the 21st or 22nd of the month, except for hers but she was induced and would have been born on/around the 22nd otherwise - her gran, mum, auntie, uncle, siblings, cousins (auntie's children) and female cousins children mostly have birthdays on or near the 21st/22nd. I then realised that the same is true in my family, but with the 12th/13th/14th (however my sister was a premature baby by a week so was born on the 5th).

Do you have very similar birthdays in your family?
Do you think this is to do with the phenomenon of synchronised periods in families?

What's your worst fear?

1) Death of loved ones, especially my grandma. I know she'll die someday, and when she does, I honestly don't believe I'll ever recover.
2) The second is becoming horribly disabled. A wheelchair I might be able to live with, but anything that makes me unable to move or be out on my own is too much. I'd be begging for someone to pull the plug. Anyone who can live in that situation certainly has my admiration.
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Who remembers Liquid Television on MTV? What was your favorite segment?

Also, does anyone have any clue where I can find out who the actors were in the Dog-Boy episodes? I tried IMDB and couldn't find anything. Even a simple Google search turned up zilch.

I loved Stick Figure Theater, Aeon Flux, and Beavis & Butt-head. I heard they're making new episodes of B&B.
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Did you ever read Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt in high school?
Did you ever read it in free time, or just whenever?

I've asked a lot of people this and I was required to read it in high school, but not many other people have, not on the West Coast, anyway.
I just really loved this book and just got Frank McCourts' memoir 'Tis.
I'm excited to read it.

Books that you were required to read that maybe a lot of people weren't?
*betty draper reading


Your SO has just found their long-lost aunt who took care of them when they were a kid, who they haven't seen in 17 years. You make the hour long drive to visit. She turns out to be a wonderful, kind person and your SO is so very happy and excited to be there and is eager to talk and catch up, BUT

You find that her house is horribly infested with cockroaches. HORRIBLY.

What do you do? Hide in the car? Or just wish you could hide in the car? lol

Do you eat the food she's cooked? Even though there are bugs crawling all around it and you see one fall in?

Do you ever go back? Invite them to your house? Insist that all future meetings be held at a neutral location so there's less chance of the bugs hitching a ride to your place? Dear God, what am I gonna doooo??

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Who are some popular, relatively mainstream musical artists (any genre) of the past few decades that have done kids albums?  For some reason I though Wyclef had done one, or was going to, but apparently not.

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My half-sister tried out for America's Got Talent. She's 12 and she has a terrible singing voice and she sang as her try-out. Should I feel bad that I had to really struggle not to cringe when she told us? She gets her hopes up super high and she's going to feel like shit if she doesn't make it, which she won't (she sang the song for us after she told us, and it was... flat would be the kindest word I could use).

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what are some seemingly unneccesary questions that your parents always ask about the people you know/hang out with?

my mom always asks if people "are neat and tidy" and if they "went to university"

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I got a second interview on Wednesday! Would it be a good idea to keep looking for a job until I know after the interview if I got the job?

What is the best news you've heard today or this week?

Cutest color(s) on a cat? Dog?

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I just had a minor procedure done yesterday about 3:30 pm. (It was this, if anyone is interested. But warning, NSFW, TMI, etc)

My gyno said I should be alright to return right back to school, but  I can't sit upright without hurting badly so sitting in a hard desk for an hour and a half is kind of not going to happen today. She also said that if I was just so uncomfortable/in pain that I couldn't function, I could come in and she can do something, but my procedure has a higher failure rate if she were to do so. In fact, this is my second time to have this procedure, but the first didn't work because of that very reason.

It hasn't even been 24 hours, so I should just relax, right? I'm still extremely sore and I have to hobble around very slowly to walk anywhere.
Is it likely that the pain will decrease over time? Or am I going to feel like this the entire time I have to deal with the treatment? (3 weeks minimum, preferably 6)

Also, will Vicodin help that kind of pain?

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I was gifted a Kindle as an early birthday present.

What books should I absolutely read?

I'm kind of partial to finding a series/trilogy, but I'm not very picky about genre as long as its well written.

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Two questions

1. For those who shave their head, under cuts, side cuts, mohawk whatever, if you do it yourself, How the hell do you manage to shave only want to want to shave and not what you dont want to shave? I just tried to do it myslef(I need to do it so bad!) but I did not trust myslef because I could see anything = too chicken shit

2. Is there really good tutorial online on how to convert t shirts into tank tops. I looked on google but didnt find anything overly good. Also I have no sewing skill set. So it needs to be pretty idiot proof.

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Do you make your hot chocolate with water or milk?

Milk for me, using water sounds icky and bland. I'm also gonna try melting real chocolate in the milk instead of pre-made powder mixes next time~

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a very very good looking fellow just came into my office, and asked to speak to a sales person, none were available, so he gave me his card which has his cell phone number on it.  should i text him sexy messages?  or should i stop being desperate?
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Google told me today is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day!

What are you doing to celebrate? Did you even know about this? And why are we celebrating on bridges?

I am celebrating with a Spicy Italian and working on a porn project
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Today is Paczki day!

What is your favorite type of Paczki? My roommate's mom shipped us some from Michigan, because they are impossible to find in California.

It is not a donut, it is ~culture~.

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Today is a good day, right?

I just got an internship with the public defender I interviewed with only yesterday. I am super excited and feel giggly.

What's making you super happy right now?
How about we just make this one big happy post?
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After you've answered a question.. do you tend to review the answers that have been posted? or do you move onto the next question?

If there seems to be a lengthy conversation going on between some TQC'ers, do you expand to see what they're talking about?

Will you post your username so that we can ask you a question to which you can only reply yes or no to?

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first world problem ahoy:

I like my women's studies class (an selective for my major, if it matters), except for one of my classmates. She seems older (like 30s), and based on how she behaves in class, she has some combo of ADD and sensory processing or simply a cognitive deficit.

Which, whatever, not my business, except the awkwardness and second-hand embarrassment (and desperate clockwatching) as she asks about assignment due dates two seconds after they're explained, gives "one of these things is not like the others" examples when called on, and just leaves awkward pauses in her wake have me wondering how I'll get through the awkward for 8 more weeks.

What mental tricks should I try to deal with this situation? I should move away from the front, where she sits, y/y?

Will you tell me, students/former students of tqc, about your awkward classmates?
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When someone gets evicted, what happens to their stuff? I used my telephoto lens to read the note on my neighbor's door, and it is an order for possession (They owed two month's rent). All of their stuff is gone, I'm guessing whoever was inside yesterday was packing it up to take away. Do they throw it out? Sell it? Store it elsewhere and give the owners a chance to reclaim it?

Also is anyone else STILL not getting comment notifications on time?

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Bakers of TQC-

I'm looking for some cupcake recipes but I don't want just the standard vanilla cupcake... I want something interesting. Where do you find your cupcake recipes?

dk/dc- I'm interested to learn how to speak (or at least understand) Greek and Latin (Latin, less for speaking, more for medical terms for school) What kind of computer programs or online lessons are out there? I don't do well in classroom settings when it comes to learning language. I do much better with independent study.

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My roommate's birthday is on Thursday and I am going to put up some signs and balloons that she will see when she opens her bedroom door in the morning. And I am going to put some sort of decorated baked good on the kitchen counter.

Can you think of any cute ideas to go along with this? She is turning 24 if that makes a difference.
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Today I am in a crepe making mood. For dessert, I normally stuff them with ice cream and some sort of berry. My fiance has an intestinal issue where he can't have anything with seeds.. so that leaves out berries. He also doesn't like bananas or chocolate. What should I stuff his dessert crepes with? Just ice cream seems boring.

In a few weeks we're going to do an Iron Chef/Chopped type thing where we have to buy each other 4 random ingredients and then we have to try to make a delicious meal with them. What ingredients should I buy for him?
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We're having a Relay for Life on my campus and Psych Club wants to create a mini-game to raise money. It should be simple to execute and somehow related to psychology. I came up with "Name That Psychologist". Spin the wheel, read the clue, guess whodunit. That sort of thing. I later revised the idea to be "Name That Disorder" because those might be easier to guess.

Do you guys have any ideas as to what we could do?

Also, what do you think of the Epic Rap Battles of History? Who's been winning? Who should be next?

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What will you give up for Lent?

Using the middle finger
Eating sweets
Attacking the elderly
Cutting myself
Flushing the toilet
fourcorners' polls
Doing homework
I'm not Catholic

You're walking along the street late at night. There's no one around. Suddenly, you hear shuffling behind you. You turn back and you see a shambling figure in unkempt clothes lurching behind you, about 20' away. The only words to escape its mouth are 'BRAINS!!'. How do you react?

Start running
'Why, THANK YOU! It's always so nice to be appreciated for my intelligence. Why don't you get a little closer and we'll talk about SAT scores'
Walk over and drag it to my car. I can probably sell an honest-to-goodness zombie for a good price in the Pennysaver
Ignore him. Damn crazy homeless people
Beat it to death using whatever bludgeoned objects are near me
Stop and make a Twitter update 'OMG there's a zombie following me'
Immediately get into an argument about how eating meat is not a healthy food choice, and how he should switch to grains instead
Mind my own business. Surely this person is talking to someone else, maybe even using his cell phone. It's rude to eavesdrop

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My therapist has agreed to write a letter declaring my cat an emotional support animal. How do I go about telling my apartment complex? Is there anything I need to do besides showing them the letter? My building is not a pet-friendly apartment but they do have pet-friendly apartments.

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This post sparked the question...

For those of you who are engaged/married, how did your partner propose (or, how did you propose)? For those of you not engaged/married, what's your "dream proposal"?
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How do you feel about this?

Summary: 7-year-old boy acts out in class, teacher staples a disciplinary note to his shirt, mother is claiming her son was unfairly treated/humiliated

ETA: The school board said the teacher thought the kid wasn't taking home his disciplinary notes and that the teacher told him to put a sweatshirt over his shirt so the note wasn't visible. The kid says the teacher forced him to walk around without a sweatshirt on.
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I got a call from a 9-digit number. How is that possible? The call was lost and I couldn't call back.

Do your electronics yell at you? When I tried to call my phone said "CALL FAILED!!!" =(
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I just made a twitter a few days ago. What are some good twitter feeds you like to follow? 

What do you post about on your twitter? Do you have a theme? I mainly post pictures of braaby animals.
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How are your legs currently positioned?

Are you slouching?

Is your hair up or down?

Do you take the street or the highway/freeway/subway/train to get to work/school?

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1a. Do you have a favorite recipe that relies on paprika?
1b. If so, what's the recipe?
1c. Do you favor any particular paprika, or just go with whatever is handy?

2a. Do you take your car to an automatic car wash?
2b. If so, how often do you get it washed?
2c. How much do you pay?
2d. Do you spend more to get the fancy chemicals?

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Care to recommend me any host/domain websites? I'm trying to create an e-portfolio and Google isn't cutting it for me anymore. I don't mind paying a fee, as long as it's not incredibly expensive.

DK/DC What's disappointing you today?


Tell me of your nervous habits.

I twirl my hair and pick the skin around my nails, so my fingers look pretty ratty right now.

It seems like I always have to be doing something.

And you?

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So, I think I have a really good chance of getting the job I interviewed for yesterday (the lady as good as told me I was hired if my schedule worked out). If I get the job, I need to invest in some dress pants (no blue jeans). I'm looking for black pants, preferably skinnies or straight-leg that are pretty decent quality and well-fitting, like something you might find at Express or the Gap without costing $60 a pair because that I just can't afford.

Any store suggestions?
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I can make poll!

Poll #1715484 One odd poll

You're on the bus. You see a small worm crawling in a stranger's hair. What would YOU do?

Politely inform the stranger.
Move. Worms are icky.
Do nothing.

You are eating lunch in the park. A squirrel hops onto your knee. What would YOU do?

Share some of your lunch with the squirrel.

Do you like any of these smells? Please select the ones you like:

new jeans
freshly cut grass
baked bread
Al Gore
your mom

How do you feel when a person answers an open-ended question with "yes" or "no"?


Edit: Tree worms! Though I have had dead earthworm in my hair. Yeahhhh...

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Has anyone tried, or knows someone who tried lenscrafter's new "HD" glasses?

They're supposed to make your vision brighter and sharper than regular glasses, and I'm curious if they really make a difference

DK/DC - What's for dinner?

tmi time

Will you share your stories about using stool softeners or some other similar product? I had to take some today and am wondering how they're going They say cramp-free on them so I hope they won't be too bad. :\

Also, do you ever get nauseous when you're really hungry?
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will you post shiny and/or glittery pictures to cheer me up?

OR we can make this a wallow in our sadness post? you decide.

ETA: can my sad be taken seriously with this icon?

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Do you feel like you look better in older pictures? If so, do you think you're actually getting uglier everyday or do pictures need to age like wine to look good? I've found that the day after a picture is taken, I think it's terrible and want to burn it. The few that go unburned I find months/years later and I can't figure out who that classy lady is wearing my face.

Also, I'm currently losing weight/getting back into shape. I'm doing this at a very slow rate bc I've found that pushing myself just makes the fat girl in me want to rebel and go eat twelve donuts. My plan was to wait until I was finished to go on a big clothing shopping spree as a reward, but... I feel pretty frumpy. I have probably bought only a couple of new shirts in the past couple of years.

Should I go buy new clothes now or wait until I've lost the last ~13 pounds? Will the fit really be that different?

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i'm sick. i'm going to make soup and watch stuff and go back to sleep once i have warm soup belly.

what should i watch?

Modern Family
Everybody Hates Chris
Sunshine Cleaning

is a thermometer one of those things you can ask your roommate if they have(obviously with the implications that you intend to use it)?

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HI my name is can call me MO.
I have eleventy billoin dollars I need to get out of my country.
What is your bank acct number?? I would like to send it to you and we can split it OK??
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Whats the best way to eat grilled cheese? Do you like Karft singles on Wonderbread, or are you fancy?

I generally just go for the classic cheddar on white bread. I hate Wonderbread most of the time, but I really think its great for grilled cheese bread,. Of course, I use LOTS of butter to make it crispy and amazing.

I do like to go outside the box a lot though, too. Today I tried it with mozzarella and pineapple, and it was delicious! Mozzarella is also good combined with fresh basil and tomatoes on Italian bread (with a little fresh garlic rubbed on it). In the latter case I use olive oil instead of butter.

So how do you make it?
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I have been struck by a crazy urge to cook this past week, when normally I am a pour-tomato-sauce-over-pasta type girl. What are your favorite 30 minute lunch or dinner recipes? Bonus points if they are egg-free. (I am allergic.)
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Do you have any tips for force feeding a cat?

My kitty's sick and refuses to eat. I've been taking wet food, moistening it some more, then putting a small bit on a spoon and just kind of keeping it under his nose/lips with the hope that the proximity and smell will encourage him to eat. He's kinda learnt to lick at the spoon so I'll praise him and leave him alone for a little while but it's just that - licking and maybe getting some food when he does that. I don't know what else to do though, and he needs to take meds with food so he really should be getting more than the miniscule amounts he is.

Please help? :( I'm so angry/sad at him rn.
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TQC, I have two quarters left (not including this one, winter quarter) before I graduate college. What are some courses or subject matters that I should study before finishing school? srs and non-srs answers are fine.
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Anyone in the DC area: are the weekends in Georgetown still popular for street vendors? Any tips on where?

I was just in NYC/Canal St. and completely regret not buying a few things. While I know DC is nothing like NYC, it's the closest I can get for a while...

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Fellow Canadians, I have a question for you - how do you pronounce Zebra? is it Zeebra? or Zedbra/Zehbra. (This came up the other day, after my mom swears its the latter, but she's British, and I've *always* said Zeebra)

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Chocolate chip cookie
Sugar cookie




Ice cream




Chocolate pudding
Vanilla pudding
Rice pudding
Tapioca pudding


French Toast


Funnel cake


Milk chocolate
Semi-sweet chocolate
Dark chocolate
White chocolate




Chocolate cake

What's your favorite dessert?

actual question

So my 21st birthday falls on Good friday this year. My mom usually visits her family at this time.
I don't normally because I'm in school but not this semester.

So long story short, how can i get my mom to let me stay home instead of visiting her folks that weekend?
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Facebook just ruined my evening by reminding me it is my friend's birthday, making me remember him dying of leukemia. When is the last time you regretted getting online?

In less 'crying on the couch into a bottle of wine' news, what was your FFXIII dream team, and what were their roles? I love Sazh cos he knows haste and Vanille because she's a good healer, but it just isn't working out between us.
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Om nom nom

My mind is boggling. NO ONE I work with has ever had a Frito Pie! I had to explain it to them, and then I made it today. A fair number of the soldiers that came in had never had one either.

Have you had Frito Pie? Do you like it? I don't really care for it, so it's an occasional thing.

Have you had a 3-way? A 4-way? 3-way = spaghetti, chili, and cheese. 4-way = spaghetti, chili, cheese, onions.

What do you think of Skyline Chili?

I think it's something you had to grow up eating, because it seems like spaghetti sauce to me. And it tastes...cinnamony, sort of.

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Do you think it's a good idea to go to the movies alone?

I'm feeling very sad, and like I haven't done anything productive all day, but I need to get out, and in this town there's nothing to do but movies. I wanted to watch "Just go with it" because it feels like it might cheer me up. I also have "Going the Distance" in my apartment and I havent watched it.

What do you think of these movies if you've seen them?

Edit. The only movie I might make it to is "Beastly"... I'm thinking of watching it just because of Neil Patrick Harris. It the movie any good?
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Driving Music Recommendations

So, ladies and gentlemen of the jury...

I will be making my "annual pilgrimage" from St. Louis to Memphis in a couple of weeks time and I turn to you for music recommendations.

I find that I would like to update my music collection and maybe make some new driving music MP3 CDs for the haul down to the "lovely" city of Memphis (where red light means that 5 more cars continue to go through the intersection...)

What music can you recommend?  I'm not a rap, modern pop or easy listening fan (definitely not for driving over 5 hours!)...  can tolerate some country but I'm looking for driving, thumping beat music as well as something that's got good lyrics to it (i.e. lead singer's not screaming obscenities for the entire chorus...)

This is a night drive both ways (because of my Partner In Crime's work schedule - he's a one man show at a FedEx Kinko's knock-off type store) so music is important!  :)
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If you were throwing a 'Willy Wonka/Charlie & the Chocolate Factory themed party, what would you make sure to include? (Extra points for creativity & pictures!)

Any DIY decor you could show me?
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At 5:30 I called the police to report a hit and run. I was in the car with my kids when a car smashed into me. (Shockingly, NO damage to the car) When I pulled over to get their info, they bolted, but I was lucky enough to get a full plate number. It is now 11:10pm and the police haven't showed up yet. Should I go to sleep? I have to wake up early/I am really tired, and if I fall asleep I won't hear the door, and will have to waste hours AGAIN waiting for them tomorrow.

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I had a job interview today that I felt went really, really well. I got very good vibes from my interviewer, and based on her words, it seemed like she was leaning towards giving me the job.

HOWEVER, a concern I have is that months ago, I booked a trip overseas (from April 3-16) for my sister's wedding. It'll be a 2 week trip since it's part wedding, part family reunion. I brought this up when my availability was asked, and she seemed fine with it, but said we'd discuss this further later.

After telling her this, she then said she wanted to go ahead and schedule a second interview right then and there (which I took as a good sign since at the beginning of the interview, she told me that candidates would be contacted later should they be selected for a second round.

Should I be really worried that her decision on whether or not to hire me could be based on the fact that I'll be gone for 2 weeks in April?
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Have you ever bought anything from a street vendor or food truck?
If not, do you have apprehensions about buying anything from street vendors or food trucks?
What is your favorite street vendor or food truck to get something from and what do you usually order?
Bug-eyed Earl

Where's my iPod Touch?

I can't find my iPod Touch. I know it's somewhere in the apartment because I looked on my router and shows that it's connected. Is there anything other than looking everywhere all night to find it? I tried setting up a appointment in Google Calendars since it syncs with that, but I didn't hear it beep.
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Was your day successful?

I worked for ten hours straight, no lunch break or anything. And it was fun and amazing. Then I played video games for three hours and now I am here.