March 7th, 2011

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My friend lives in an apartment complex, and her neighbors upstairs have a baby that cries for hours on end. This has been happening for several months. It just cries nonstop for unreasonable amounts of time. My friend has considered calling CPS, but we've both seen cases where CPS overreacts to the point of ruining people's lives, and she doesn't want to call them in case the kid is just prone to ear infections or something, but it's getting to the point where she feels like she has to do something in case the kid is being left in a neglectful environment.

What should my friend do? Is there somewhere she can call or check for advice?
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Hooters = family dining?

I was reading the February issue of Redbook and there was a poll asking if readers would take their children to eat at Hooters since they now have a kid's menu, high chairs, and booster seats. I don't remember the exact number, but I remember over 50% said NO. Would you take your kids to Hooters? Why/why not?

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Dear TQC,

What is the best way to get the smell of rotting fish out of the house?

(I wish that was a hypothetical question.)

Dk/dc: Will you tell me about something disgusting that's happened to you recently?

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so the back of my mouth like pretty far back near my tonsils on the top, have been really dry and i can feel small bumps in the back and they feel dry and its making me thirsty when im not.

what is happening?

*edit* i just looked at the back of my mouth with a flash light and it has a bunch of white dots! what could it be? it doesnt hurt its just dry and annoying
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I smacked the underside of my hand down hard on my bed while I was sleeping and the pad of my thumb is fucking burning oh God it hurts to move my thumb what did I do?

What do you have to get done in the next three hours?

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Because why not?

Eye color:
Hair color:
Latest news story you don't care about:
Latest one you do care about:
One food you wouldn't feed your worst enemy:
A celebrity you used to like but not anymore:
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How many of you have your cars buried in snow this morning?

My driveway hasn't been plowed, my car is hiding in snow, and I can't get out for work. AH!
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Do you like morning radio talk shows? Why do the majority of radio stations in the U.S. have those airing in the morning instead of you know, actual music?

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Poll #1714787 What shall I do?

TQC, I thought I had to work this morning, and I got all ready and prepped, only to find out I didn't. Now I have a few options. Help me pick!

Go back to sleep
Go over to my boyfriend's place and play FFXIII.
Play Pokemon Black.
Watch the Tudors.
Selective Reality


Which of these should I take to a potluck?

Something Else (In Comments)

Okay, so I never make anything I won't eat, so suggestions should not include Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, Artichoke, Mushrooms, Black Olives, lots of Mayo, Ranch Dressing, or raw broccoli or cauliflower. I know, I'm picky!

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I'm going to be cleaning my room today and I find myself in need of some good movies to use as background noise. Any ideas? Nothing that requires being too involved in the story to "get it".

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Dr. TQC,
When I woke up this morning, my arm was very pale. I rubbed it a bit and the color returned, but uh...what the hell? I have raynaud's but it isn't THAT bad and I'm not even cold right now.
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Another one for Dr. TQC-

My ears feel very congested this morning. I tried cleaning them gently with Q-tips, but they still feel clogged. Any suggestions for making this go away? I need to go to class soon where I will actually have to hear sounds, and this is v. distracting.

Will you post your minor/weird ailments and let Dr. TQC diagnose you?

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TQC, I'm thinking of starting to bring my lunch to work, but there isn't a microwave at my job, only a fridge. Besides salads and deli-type sandwiches, what can I bring? And how can I make it more interesting than the four very good lunch restaurants I go to now? To this end, what should I buy at the grocery store today to make stuff for lunches? What do you bring for lunch to work?

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- For those of you who "trim" your Facebook friends list on occasion, how do you decide who gets cut? If you haven't spoken to or seen someone in X amount of time?

- Do you have a younger sibling who tied the knot before you?
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What's your happy song?

I'm at work and my boss and I are talking about happy songs. So far, our happy songs are:

Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machines, Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves, Green Eyed Girl by Ninepoundnote, and Funky Kingston by Toots and the Maytals.

I want to make a playlist full of happy songs.

TQC, what's your happy song?
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I have to prepare a French dish to bring to class on Wednesday and I have absolutely NO TIME. What's something super easy and French I can prepare? (I will have to veganize it but suggest whatever you want-- if it's super eggy it might not work, but crepes work so idk I could try.)

I was thinking a yogurt cake, my only worry is yogurt cakes aren't that great and everyone will be like 'ew vegan' and think all vegan food is bad because of a bad yogurt cake :( but they're like the French chocolate chip cookies so idk.

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I'm currently taking care of my Goddaughter, the six-week-old, twenty-two pound, bionic baby. Apparently she likes to be carried around in a Bijorn, but she's too heavy for me to do this with, so she's currently hanging out on my hip.

So, have any of you tried those baby sling things?

I'm reading up on them but I'd rather have real-person input.


Wanna tell me about any of the awesome babies/kids in your life?

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My hair is very poofy/frizzy. If the humidity is even a shred above absolutely dry, it uses that to go crazy.

I am looking for product suggestions. I've found that once the oils of my scalp have gotten into my hair, it's smoother. This takes about three days and usually by then I need to wash it. Are there any products that imitate natural hair oils? I know most products are all about being weightless and smoothing, but I'm actually looking to add some weight to my hair. Are there any products that do that without getting super crunchy/hard like gel?

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TQC, I'm mad. I was supposed to go to a friends today, but she's not answering her phone. I would just ride by to see if she's there but her house is down a long dirt road in the boonies basically. What should I do?


If you observe Lent, what will be your Lenten discipline this year?

And if you celebrate Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday, what are your plans? It is tomorrow, after all.

[I'm surprised I haven't seen this yet. Or maybe I'm not looking.]

presents & food (surprise)

Will you tell us about (or better yet, show us!) the last gift you bought gave? What was it? Who was it for? What was the occasion?

I ordered this mug for my bf and had it sent to his office... he should be getting it on Weds or Thurs. No particular occasion other than I like doing silly goofy stuff like that. :)

Alternatively, what's the last delicious snack you ate? (Brought to you by the cantaloupe with cream cheese fruit dip I just ate - om nom nom)
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Will you post a random tidbit of information about yourself that contains a number?

For example and not applicable to me:

i.e. I got married when I was 23.
i.e. I graduated high school when I was 16.


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do you like pulp in your orange juice?

yes, and lots of it
no, fuck pulp, it feels like vomit going down my throat
meh, sometimes
yeah but only just a little pulp

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Tonight I'm going to make green tomato pie. What should else should I put in the filling besides onions?

What kind of foods do you buy if you're sticking to a tight budget? Do you buy lots of cheap things (like ramen) or try to make the most of your money with nutritious foods?

Mine: Muesli, eggs, beans, chickpeas, rice (brown), pasta (wholemeal).

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Do you own anything that is really sentimental to you that one of your parents or grand parents gave to you as a child?   Do you think you will ever get rid of it, whatever it is?  


I have a show in two weeks and my projects always get too big. I'm brainstorming at the moment and need some creative input.

How would you backlight 3 or 4 photographs of broken microscope slides of bug parts that are approximately 6x6"?

I would like a more archaic method to do this (say, with candles?) than buying battery operated tea lights from the dollar store, but unsure of how well this will work. I've never backlit for an installation before. Maybe small oil lamps?

Cell Phones

Anyone have Cellular South?

Can you block phone numbers? A girl friend of mine has two other girls prank calling her and she wants to block their numbers.

She has a samsung spree??

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Which would you rather do?

Consume 4,000 calories per day for 30 days straight, and not work out once
Consume 1,500 calories per day for 30 days straight and go on the treadmill 2 hours every single day

Which would you rather do?

Eat sugarless, unsweetened, thick oatmeal for every single meal for 30 days straight. No snacking
Eat rich, decadent but delicious lasagna or similar pasta for every single meal for 30 days straight. No snacking

Which would you rather do?

Not bathe for 7 days in a row
Take 2 hour baths (not showers) for 7 days in a row. You can't leave the tub until 120 minutes pass and you have to bathe daily

Which would you rather do?

Go into a boxing ring with Dick Clark for 30 seconds. You can't pull any punches
Go into a boxing ring with former wrestler Chyna. She won't be pulling any punches

Which would you rather do?

Shave your head completely bald
Add 12" hair extensions and keep them in for 2 months

Which would you rather do?

Watch '2 girls 1 cup' once in high definition on a large screen
Watch 2 Larry the Cable Guy movies back-to-back. Doesn't matter which ones

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My grandpa mentioned that he was giving me his car "soon" since he can't drive anymore. My parents are aware of this. He has, however, not mentioned when he actually is.

I just asked my dad why he parked behind me (he usually parks beside me and I have to go somewhere later) and he said he was taking pictures of my car. I asked why and he said because my mom's brother is going to fly down and buy it for $1000.

They decided this without asking me. Should they have asked me about this first, or am I being unreasonable? I never really wanted to sell my car, especially not without some thought.

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if you had to create an idea for a reality tv programme, what type of reality tv programme would it be and what would the show be like? what would you call it?

what was the last TV show you watched?

how many hours of TV do you watch a day?

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What Disney movie has the best music?  

I have to go with The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

ETA: Okay, nobody's with me on Hunchback? Y'all are disappointing human beings. 

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Damn you chicken

Can you recommend any unique but quick chicken recipes? I'm going crazy trying to think of something and the dinner post below didn't help me think of anything D: Neither have my usual recipe sites.

Can you think of anything that is NOT:
-a stir-fry
-a stew
-a casserole (which would take too long anyway)

I was considering making BBQ chicken pizza but I'm too hungry to bake my own crust first, so I'll have to save it for another night D: (I dislike store-bought crusts)
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I just saw an H&M commercial for leopard hammer pants.

Is this really going to be "in"?
Would you wear them? Not necessarily leopard, just hammer pants.

dk/dc: What is your favorite current fashion trend?

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I'm at the public library and I have to use the bathroom. Do you think my computer will be okay if I just leave it here in my seat? Or should I pack my stuff up and take it with me? uggh FINE I took it with me

Do you use your local library, and if so, how often?
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non-srs answers plz

do you think Charlie Sheen is actually crazy, or do you think he was just trying to get fired from Two and a Half Men?

see, at first i thought he was just bonkers. but then i saw today he got fired. and i think only a crazy person would want to be on Two and a Half Men, so if he was crazy, he'd want to be on it. but instead he went batshit and got fired.

crazy person or subtle genius?

BONUS QUESTION: will you tell me something happy? my friend left yesterday for the Peace Corps and we don't know when she'll be back to visit, if she'll even get to visit in the next two years, and the guy i like won't ask me out. so i'm pretty bummed :(
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My neighbors across from me (in a different building, our windows and back doors face each other) were yelling outside and banging on their door this morning. There was a paper on their door, but it was too far to see what it said. They seemed to be locked out, and the man tried to pry their window open with a metal bar that was on the ground, but couldn't get it open. They were speaking in another language that I didn't recognize, so I don't know what they were saying, but then the woman made a phone call and I heard her mention that they could see people inside their apartment.

TQC, what was going on? Are my neighbors being evicted and their locks were changed? Why would someone have been inside? (and ignoring them) It's dark in there now and someone is usually home by now, so I'm guessing they were never able to get in. I don't want to be a creeper and go out and read their note, but I'm thinking it's an eviction notice.

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 How many countries have issued you passports?

I have three, and I was just made aware that apparently this is odd.


My giant oversized 40 pound rat terrier has the mange. Are there any natural ways to take care of this? 

I'd prefer not to have to put anything synthetic on him because he'll undoubtedly lick at whatever I put on him for hours. 
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On a scale of 1-10 (1 being pretty abysmal, 10 being more or less perfect) how healthy is your diet?

What do you do, diet-wise thats healthy? What do you need to work on? What do you struggle the most with?

I'm a mostly vegetable kind of gal but I LOVE carbs, chocolate (Lindt milk chocolate with almonds is my greatest weakness) and cheese so, so much. These things make it hard for me, but mostly I aim for moderation. I do ok, but I have my moments of weakness.

Edited to add: I would say I'm about an 8 most of the time.
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yucky post: chicken juice

What was the grossest thing you saw today?

I was at the grocery store, standing in line. This family in front of me was plopping bags of raw chicken onto the conveyor belt. They realised the bags were LEAKING, but they only double-bagged the leaky bags remaining in their basket. So there was raw chicken juice all over the floor, too, and people kept stepping in it. I whirled around to go to another line and exclaimed to the bemused woman behind me: "THERE'S LEAKY CHICKEN!" A guy working at the store overheard me and wiped up the chicken juice, but still. It grossed me out.

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 Doing my taxes and i owe some money.  I've had my name legally changed and so it's now my legal name on my bank account, my checks still have my old name on them since I don't ever use them so I didn't order more.  What do I sign on my check?  The old name which is on the check or the new name which is on the tax return?  
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How long was the longest car ride you've ever sat through/driven?

When you were a kid, did you ever take long road trips with your family? Any memorable/horrible ones?

What were your favorites things to do in the car as a kid when you were bored?

DK/DC: Caramelized onions or sauteed mushrooms?
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Will you tell me about yourself? What is one fact everyone should know about you?

What is the worst movie you have seen lately?

What is your favorite way to enjoy your favorite beverage? (on ice, in a chilled mug, on tap, etc)
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will you rec me some good music for writing papers/studying? preferably instrumental but any kind of good background music.

i'm in a loud computer lab so no music is more distracting than music.

do you like to listen to music while you study? write papers? do creative stuff?

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i'm going to be a bride's maid in my friend's wedding in September. she texted me today asking if there are any days i'm free to look at dresses. only i've gained a little weight over the winter since i haven't been able to bike, aaand i kinda drink too much.

is it OK to tell her i'd prefer to wait a while so i can cut down on the booze and it warms up some more and i start biking again, or do i have to just suck it up and hope for the best?

obviously, things can be altered later, but my self esteem is pretty low right now.

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 Nopantspanda and I are going to going to hold the girl on girl TQC pudding wrestling championships at our future apartment. 

What flavor will you be wrestling in? 

What will you be wearing?

What would you like to win when you conquer them all? Besides a night with me, OBVS. 

Most importantly, who do you challenge in TQC? Are they going down for the count?
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So I leave for Cuba the 28th (NOT. SOON. ENOUGH.) and the resort has a spa on it. Through the travel agent, I got a list of spa services, but not the prices. Anywho, these are what I'm considering:

1. Massage
2. Chocoscrub exfoliation
3. Chocolate wrap

Has anyone here ever had a wrap at a spa? What was it like?

DK/DC: My co-workers b-day was yesterday, am just gonna bring her back something from Cuba- but what?

How to give a kid spending money for travel

My son is going to Puerto Rico with a high school group. I'm not going along (too expensive for me, there will be chaperons). I don't want to give him a big wad of cash to lose/have stolen...he has had money stolen at summer camp, etc. He does not have a bank account except the savings account for college, and that doesn't have an ATM card (he doesn't have a job and we give him his allowance in cash). Their meals are included in the package but not beverages or snacks.

What's the best way to give him spending money? I can't find anything definitive on Visa/MC sites that says whether a prepaid card is commonly accepted, or whether it can be used to get $ from an ATM. Does anyone know if something like VisaBuxx can be used outside of the mainland?

ETA: thanks for your concern but he actually does know how bank accounts work and manages his money just fine. He does not have an income other than his allowance, which is small, and we live too far from a bank for him to just walk over there and withdraw cash. I was just looking for short-term solutions for one trip away from home...and thanks to everyone who contributed great ideas. :D

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What do I want for my birthday?
the only thing I can think of is the sonic screwdriver pen from ThinkGeek.

How should I spend my last days as a 17 year old? THE CLOCK IS TICKING AND I WILL SOON NO LONGER BE JAILBAIT

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TQC, how do you reconcile having a full time, well paying job and the desire/dreams to go run off and experience the world? 'Cause right now I'm planning on scrimping and saving as much as I can, then saying to the job, "Hey, I'm out" in about a year, and then going to live for six months or whatever in some place far away and more interesting than where I'm living now. Have you ever done anything like that? What are your dreams? Have you ever had to give any of them up?

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do you know a place where I can find really pretty stock icons?

I recently deleted all of my icons (like 130+ of them) to start anew.

if you don't care, what is your favorite icon that you have uploaded?

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 Why is my school failing so hard at fixing the wifi in the dorms?

Should I call them angrily tomorrow? if so, what kind of threats should I make? :D (this is day 2)

How do you make boring readings more interesting so as to motivate yourself to read them?

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 Have you ever had a sore throat where the only spot it hurt was where your nasal passage connected to your throat?  How long did it take to go away?  My right side is hurting so much in that one spot.  A stabby raw pain every time I swallow.  

edit: my nose hasn't been draining into my throat or anything and I just stuck my finger in there and I can feel a hard painful bump at the start of my throat.  

Parking Ticket

If the cop/meter maid/whatever puts the wrong state on my parking ticket, am I off the hook?

I got a parking ticket when I was at class tonight. Only, under state, they put New York and my car is registered in Virginia...THEY WILL NEVER GET THIS $15 Y/Y?

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TQC, what do I do? My cat wakes me up in the middle of the night all the time, pounding on my door. If I let her in, she only stays in for five-ten minutes and then bothers me until I let her back out. I don't know what do, she's always waking me up.

edit: i absolutely hate leaving the door open :/