March 6th, 2011

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Does anyone related to you look like someone famous? Does it freak you out?

My lil brother looks so much like Ashton Kutcher and when I hear women talk about A.K. I feel like my innocence is being robbed. D:

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Will you tell me about something you're excited about? Big or small, near or distant future. :)

I'm excited to make these orange sticky buns, and also biscuits and gravy, for breakfast tomorrow. I'm also excited to wear my cute new pencil skirt to work on Monday!

Can we make this an anything positive post?

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Do you tend to choke when someone you think is out of your league shows vague interest in you? Or do you show them your ~best moves~?

Brought to you by my having just received a great OKCupid message by a guy who's waaaay out of my league. I don't want to respond, haha.

Would you rather buy one bag you love for $400 that'll last you years, or 20 bags you feel "eh, okay" about for $400 that'll each last you no more than a year. What if it was shoes?

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Questions about being a flight attendant seem to come up here an awful lot compared to other jobs but hell, it's Saturday night, what else am I supposed to do but ask here?

So, the question: do flight attendants get to sit around somewhere during the flight? I mean, if a flight is longer than 8 or 10 hours or whatever, do they just have a break for the rest of the time?

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I tried on this dress today at the mall. My boyfriend didn't like the fabric or the pattern, but I really liked the style of the dress. I'm horrible at fashion things. Is there a name for this particular type of dress? I'd like to browse online for more styles like it.
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For those of you who watched,

What did you think of Miley on SNL?

I thought she did better than I expected. I've had her opening monologue song stuck in my head since she sang it. On the other hand I still have no idea why she was hosting SNL.

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What are some the craziest things that have happened that you don't remember?

My mother gave me half a diet pill yesterday because I forgot to do a paper and only had 4 hours of sleep...I couldn't tell you what the paper was about now. And for some reason my legs are sore. And I didn't eat for 36 hours after.

Do you think repressed memories are legit?
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What do you think of literary tattoos?
Does it matter what book?
Do you have a literary tattoo?

Do you think it would be stupid if I got a Stephen King related tattoo?

DK/DC: I don't know, tell me something about something.
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My parents recently got married, after 28 years of being together. A lot of people have thought that to be kind of weird, and they've gotten more than one "what was the point, after so long?" response. What's the longest amount of time you know of, for a couple that you know, that passed before that couple got married? (That sentence is so grammatically fucked, I know, but I'm exhausted and seriously can't do any better right now.)

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Do you guys have anything that massively distracts you from your problems?

I need some ideas and I already read, watch shows/movies and play games. Maybe there is something else I can do. Those things only work decently. I need something I can do while at home, that is different for a change, then those.

Edit: Reading and replying to this post has been helping, right now. Thanks! :)
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What would you say is the most depressing-sounding track in your music collection?

And, for balance, what is the most happiest?

Mine are probably: No Distance Left To Run, by Blur and Don't Falter, by Mint Royale
[Mando] Din Djarin

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We know about Weeaboo's and Anglophiles (guilty!), is there a term for people who are fond of American culture?

dk/dc: Can you tell me about a place that fascinates you? Have you been there before? If not, are you planning to visit?

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It's 9 am on Sunday morning. I have no plans today. I'm only awake to say bye to my boyfriend before he goes to work. I think I slept about 6.5 or 7 hours. Should I go back to sleep for maybe an hour more, or just stay up and conquer the world?

Also, has anyone used sitz bath with epsom salts? I'm going to do one maybe in a minute and am curious about the results/improvements, if there were any.

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Pet owners of TQC-

I'm in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. I've heard Dyson's are good, but they're about $500 -.- Does anyone have any recommendations for a more economical vacuum?

It must be able to handle pet fur, because I have 4 cats. What do you use?

Thanks :)
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What's something you are waiting for, TQC?

What's the last nice thing someone did for you?

If you're not waiting for anything and no one is nice to you, what are you listening to right now?
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ehhh... ?

Olay Pro X Cleansing System

Have any of you tried the Olay Pro X Cleansing System?

I'm not terribly concerned with the cleanser since I'm particular about that, but the device itself. I read some reviews on MakeupAlley, but only a few of them were from people with dry skin like mine, so I'm looking for more opinions. The thing I liked is a lot of people said it seemed to make their skin less dull and that their moisturizer absorbed better. But I don't know if I want to spend $30 on something if it's not a notable difference.

[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Oh for Christ's sake, TQC...

I just moved in with some new roommates two weeks ago, and for the second time in two weeks, I clogged their toilet.

Collapse ) pissed off would you be if you came home to an extremely apologetic roommate who said she clogged your toilet and can't figure out how to fix it and that she tried all these tricks and she would have gone out and bought a better plunger but she doesn't have a car and she's really, really, really sorry?
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Who would you inflict physical harm upon if you were given a get out of jail free card?
Definitely my future former room mate. She's being evicted, finally, but not after stealing over $250 worth of things from my other room mate and I. Including a card with $15 in it from my Nana and Papa. I would beat the living shit out of her right now if I could, really. She didn't even put down a deposit when she moved in, so there's no way to get my things replaced, other than trying to hold some of her other stuff hostage.

Who would you give a big hug to right now if there were no obstacles?
I would hug my Papa. He's going through radiation right now and he's feeling crappy. :(

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Will you tell me about some of your cooking/baking fails?

I just tried to make orange sticky buns and the glaze bubbled up over the top of the muffin pan and burned onto EVERYTHING - top of the pan, bottom of the oven, and most importantly, the buns themselves. They are inedible and I was so fucking excited for them. :C IDGI... I didn't even leave them in for as long as the recipe called for, and I'm usually a pretty good baker anyway. to make some biscuits and gravy now to console myself :C

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My credit card limit is $7000. I have now surpassed that limit by about $1000.
Why aren't they stopping me from spending?!

DK/DC: What are you looking forward to in the next week?
I'm going to Adelaide for a couple of nights for the Fringe and I get to see people I haven't seen in a while and I'm happy.

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Have you bought/used one of the tote bags from Threadless?
If so, what did you think? I sort of want to buy one, but not if they're low-quality/suck/whatever.

Nevermind! The designs are printed on Baggu totes, so I'll just look up those reviews.

What do you currently use to haul your stuff around on a day-to-day basis?

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Is it a good idea to go party with friends and then start Monday fully into finding a job? Or just say no and start looking ASAP?

I had two good interviews when I first got here in Oregon last Tuesday, but not totally confident they will call back. I would like a night to just forget about my money problems and have fun!
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Do you usually show up to parties on time or fashionably late?

I hate that awkward feeling of being the first person there, but I've found even when I try to show up fashionably late, I'm often too early.

EDIT: My kickball game got rained out today but there is free bar at our sponsor bar starting at 3:30. The weather is crappy and rainy and I'd have to take a bus and then the subway to get there. Would you go?
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Can we settle this once and for all?

No clickys. You cannot choose neither. Of course those aren't biased smileys.

Samoas :D
Thin Mints D:
Some other cookie because I have horrible taste.

That should say "tickys" but you all got that right? Also it should say "both" not "neither". You can choose "neither". I was clearly emotionally compromised while making this post.


My friend has an emergency and can't go see The Parlotones with me Friday night!!! Do I go alone?  Or make a friend go with me?? 

I am super sad.  We have fun at concerts together.  And she's tough, so I don't feel so unsafe in Detroit. 
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When you go to the dentist for a checkup/cleaning, do they take your blood pressure?
I can see taking your bp if you're going to have a procedure done, but for just a checkup and cleaning... seems kind of odd to me.
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 Are there any good vegetable garden communities on lj?

If you start a big project, do you plan for it or just jump right in? I'm very anal and I like to have everything planned down to the last iota. I get upset when something goes off kilter.

Have you ever used a 'for Dummies' book? What was it for and did it help at all?

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Do any of you play QQ Games?

Did you know that they're shutting down tomorrow?

That really pisses me off, but what pisses me off even more is that the only game on the site worth playing, Match Master, got taken down a couple months ago and I've been waiting for them to bring it back, and it's like if you're shutting down your whole site anyway then why couldn't you just have kept that around until now? Assholes. I actually found that post while trying to see if they'd posted any Match Master updates.

ETA: If you do/did play, which game is/was your favorite?

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Will you share some notes you've added for tqc members (without saying who they are for, of course)?

I have, "doesn't like anything," and "very unhappy person." They make their comments more amusing.
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So I had this couple living with me over the summer. They moved out in September, and I still get bills for the boyfriend for his cell phone. I told them about it, but they said "oh, we changed the address" so now I just throw them out.

A couple weeks back I got his T4 slips (tax stuff). I told his gf to get him to come get them and he still hasn't. She messaged me on Thursday and said if I put them in the mailbox they'd come pick them up on Friday... they didn't. So now I have 3 letters to him in my mailbox just waiting for them to come pick them up.

How long should I wait before just writing "return to send" on them and mailing them back?
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TQC, would you like to help my brother and I figure out what game he used to play with his friends in college?

It was a card game that used a non-standard deck. He says it had a fairly short name - it seemed like he was thinking it was a one syllable name, so I'm guessing it was definitely a one word name, possibly just one syllable. He says the card themselves were along the lines of items or actions. I thought perhaps he was referring to Munchkin, but he says that wasn't it. He also doesn't think there were any character cards, so I guess that would also rule it out, but I do think it sounds somewhat similar to Munchkin.

One of his friends owned the game, so it definitely wasn't a collectible card game where each player is building their own deck.

Any guesses? He liked it a lot and would love to figure out what it is, but unfortunately can't remember any specific details so we can't really Google it.

Edit: Nothing with numbered cards, guys - the cards represented items or something along those lines. Some cards would do something good for you, some would do something bad to an opponent. Some cards were one-time use things, others had more lasting effects.

Edit again: SOLVED! It was Fluxx!
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Is it immature for me to call my boyfriend's parents in-laws when I'm not really married to my boyfriend?
Am I being immature for feeling like I'm already married to my boyfriend regardless of there being legal documents of it?

Why do I have to be married to prove I'm in a serious relationship??

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If you've listened to the Harry Potter books on audio: which one is your favorite to listen to?  I'm driving to Wisconsin from Virginia next weekend and my friend and I want entertainment other than music. 

Any other audiobooks you'd recommend?  

Thanks, TQC!

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What do you call your SO's parents? What do you think they want you to call them? What does your SO call your parents?

If you call them "mom," "dad," or something equivalent, how did you transition to that?

I call my in-laws by their first names. About half the time they sign their cards to me as "Mom and Dad," and half the time with their names. Usually if if my MIL leaves me a voicemail she says "Hi it's Mom." We're going to be spending a lot more time with them in the near future and I'm thinking at some point I will probably start calling them Mom and Dad, but it's going to be soooo weird changing.

My husband avoids calling my parents anything just because he doesn't know what to call them, lol. He calls my dad "Sir." I think in the 8 years we've been together he's managed to avoid ever having to address my mom by any sort of name.

What do you call your own parents?

Mama and Daddy.

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Hey TQC, my grandma's tv just randomly stopped having sound. Nothing's on mute and everything is as it should be, so any idea what's up with it?

DK/DC: should I make pasta carbonara tonight for dinner? And should I watch The Social Network while I eat it if I do?

Can you help me get ideas?

I decided to buy a journal and a photo album for my boyfriend for his birthday. What should I fill them with? I have pictures of us, but should I put other pictures in there too? What should I fill some of the journal with?

Also, he hasn't called in 3-4 days and his phone has been off for the majority of that. Last time I talked to him he was going to the gun range the next day for army things. He's not dead right? His mom and sister haven't contacted me. How much longer should I wait before I fb message his friend? I AM SO PARANOID and full of worry!

dk/dc what was the last gift you bought someone?
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Forgive me if this is a repeat post, TQC; I could swear I saw someone ask/mention this a few days ago - the girl from Melbourne with the icon of the girl with bright red hair? anyone know? - but can't find the post or comment.

Is anyone else having trouble with email notifications from LJ?

I've had none for a week now, even though all settings are present and correct.

Is this punishment for not signing up for their daft "games"?

dk/dc: do you garden? what is your favourite tree or shrub, and why?

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So I've been complaining lately about one of my eyes. Got sent to A&E on thursday and 4 hours later they told me my Dr was an idiot and he should have refered me straight to the eye clinic. After another 4 hours of various tests, the Dr there thinks it's most likely Optic Neuritis but I've got to go back in 2 weeks.

Anyone had this? I, of course, Googled it as soon as I got home and it turned into a pile of do not want. Tell me it's not going to be as bad as the internet is making out?

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Are you approachable?
Do random people come up to you or make conversation with you?
Do you do the same to others?

I have never been approached by a stranger, even at college. I guess I'm just unapproachable but I don't know why. :(
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I have $20 to B&N and it has to be used by April.

I want to buy this book but I'll have to spend another ~$16 to get free shipping. I don't read that many books but I love kids books and classics.

What should I buy?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 I caved and finally bought one of Sonic's New York Dogs, and it was actually pretty good. I'd tried sauerkraut before and didn't like it, but theirs was good. What have you tried lately that you were surprised to like?

Those of you trying the paid trial, are you planning on getting a paid account? I just caved (today is not a great day for me) and put 20$ on a Walmart Visa and bought a paid account. I really like being able to track specific comments in fandom memes. And I'd just topped out my available subscriptions on tracking fic.
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I think my kitty is getting sick again. :( He's been abnormally quiet and sleepy today, and looks kinda greasy so I don't think he's cleaned himself much. I'm starting to get really worried.

Can you post funny things to distract me from the worry?

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TQC I desperately need my wisdom teeth taken out.
After my insurance I'll still need to pay 937$, the DDS doesn't offer payment plans. So, basically I'll never be able to get them out.
I should just remove them myself y/y?
Other than Tylenol and iceing my jaw what can I do to relieve the pain?
Do you still have your wisdom teeth?

DK/DC/fuck your wisdom teeth: When is the last time you took a bath?
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I recently started incorporating quinoa in to my diet -- my favorite thing to do is cook a pot of it and toss in some black beans,lime juice, chopped tomatoes, red peppers, and carmelized onions. However, I'm starting to get bored with this combo.

If you like quinoa, can you share some of the recipes/ways in which you eat it?

DK/DC: Are there any foods that gross you out just by thinking about them?

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possible dilemma that we find the definite answer to on Friday....

How would you tell your FWB that you have infact become pregnant?
What are some creative ways of breaking the news to someone?
Take a Look

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I went thrifting today and bought a new purse. The lining is a bit dirty and the purse sort of smells.

How can I clean my purse/make it less stinky, TQC? The outer layer is some kind of synthetic and the lining is fabric.
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what are some fun things to do on free days that don't involve spending money? i had very little homework this weekend but no money so ended up just reading and watching movies, which was nice but i feel like i should get out more.

also, what did you do today?

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Okay emo state is being pushed aside in favor of bed!

Will you tell me what color your bedsheets/blankets are? Mine are new, beige with brown leaves and brown pillowcases.

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Would you ever tell a stranger they're being cheated on? If you were being cheated on, would you want a stranger to tell you? Are we morally and ethically obligated to tell someone they're being cheated on if we know? Why or why not?

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Anyone here a fan of The Office?
Do you think the love that Jim Halpert has for Pam can be found in real life?

i want to believe my Jim is out there ;-;

non-Office watchers... if you have an SO, how do you know that they truly love you?

In your opinion, is it the same child in all these photos?

On a Russian royalty site, we can't decide if these two photos are photos of the heir, Aleksey Romanov taken in 1906. We thought it would be beneficial to get the opinions of people who don't likely know what the boy looks like from memory.
Here are photos of Aleksey for sure:
And here are the photos of the mystery boy:

Do they look like the same child to you?

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What is one thing that most people would be surprised to find out about you?

edit: Should I start watching Arrested Development on Netflix? It was recommended to me because I like The Office and Weeds.