March 5th, 2011

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If you were in an alien invasion/end of the world/disaster movie scenario would you personally find it easier to survive:

a) believing that your family and loved ones (who are inexplicably on the other side of the world/continent/really long distance from you) are dead so that you can focus on your own survival?


b) believing that they are alive and you have something to keep going for?

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Are there any commonly used words that just make you feel annoyed? 

I can't stand the words "irregardless", "ironical" or "thusly"

Is there anything that you dislike about yourself physically, but find attractive in others?  For instance, I hate myself in glasses, but always think others look adorable in them.

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I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome but then again I can be a hypochondriac. LAst night I woke up a few times with spasm type feelings in my wrist and all day I have had  episodes of pins and needles spreading from my wrist almost to the shoulder. I have been doing a lot of curls lately and have noticed my wrists are sorer after I work out than usual.
Could it just be a sprain or cts?
Should I see a doctor if it gets worse? It's Saturday for me so I'd have to wait til Monday.

Are pizza bases easy to make? What about gluten free ones? I want to make one with soy flour.

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TQC I need your logic here because I'm in sassafrass mode.
I can see the comments my boyfriend posts on other peoples Facebook walls, and I saw one to his ex.
I'm nosy, so I clicked on it and they are planning on going to dinner soon.
Now, I know he talks to his ex and I've never tried to stop that.
But if he is going to dinner with her, I should know about it right?
What's the best way for me to confront him about this without him thinking I'm snoopy, and without me hitting him in the neck?

ETA: His facebook is deleted!
Do you think he knows I know!?


Burning question

My mom and I got into this debate. She thinks that most people cut the tube of toothpaste in half to get every last bit of paste before tossing it out because otherwise it's just 'wasteful'. I think that most people just squeeze out as much as they can and then toss out the tube, cause toothpaste really isn't that expensive. Where do you fall in the toothpaste demographic?

Squeeze only and toss out when nothing comes out from squeezing
Cut the tube in half when squeezing proves ineffective to get those last few squirts of toothpaste
Brushing? Don't assume that everybody conforms to peer pressure, you lemming you. Crest doesn't own me

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What store can I find some good "lift and separate" bras for like a D cup?
I don't have a whole lotta money.
I have never worried about it much, but I gained some weight there recently and they are bouncier than usual and I feel like a skank at work.

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 I need to sleep but stupidly drank a Red Bull at 12 and am rather upset/angry from previous events. It's now 5:30 AM and nothing is tiring me out enough.

How do you calm down when over energetic/agitated before bed? 
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In a couple of hours I will be having my anatomy scan, and should find out if I'm having a boy or a girl. What do you think it will be?

Poll #1713896 How is babby formed

Boy or Girl?

just a bill
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Are you a member of any social club/group? What do you all do?

I play in an adult kickball league. We play kickball, but mostly drink and play flip cup.

Also, does anybody know where I might find a pair of wide-legged sweatpants in hot pink? I had two pairs from Old Navy but they only sell them in boring blah colors now.

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What are some cheap, calorie-dense but healthful foods? I've got peanut butter but need more options; even things like raw nuts, avocados and bananas are out of my price range to eat more than I am now.
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I'm awful at math and science but going back to school to become an x-ray tech... which requires a lot of math and science. I'm more than a little worried about this, math is what fucked me up the last time.

Anybody in a major dominated by subjects they're naturally bad at? How's it going for you? Any tips on how to succeed at problem subjects? Especially math.

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1)Dear the question club: I want a new xbox to replace the one that was red ringed. Should I buy one? Pros: I can watch netflix on my tv again. I also want to play these Fable games I bought.
Cons: It can cost $150. I'm trying to save to move out.

2)How do you avoid being resentful?

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Am I the last person on this planet who doesn't own a cell phone, iPod, or any other gadget other than her laptop and television? Something tells me I am and it's a little depressing. :-/

ETA: Depressing may not be the word I was looking for. I don't really want those gadgets, I just kind of feel out of the loop is what I'm saying. Sorry for the bad wording.
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I have absolutely no fashion sense at all.  Will you show me pictures of what you consider to be stylish sweaters?  I've been told my sweaters are "frumpy".

What looks are you excited to wear for spring and summer (if you're over on this "holy god it's so cold where the hell is spring?" side of the world)?

What did you dream about last night?

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Will you share with me any sweet poems, song lyrics, quotes, etc. written from the perspective of a guy who feels unrequited love for someone? Or that he still loves them?
I love reading stuff like that :)

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I went to yoga today. Have you been to yoga? What do you think of the spirituality brought into it? I liked the workout, but I had to hold back laughter when the instructor started ringing this little bell and talked about feeling the golden light from your heart.

Have you seen the movie "he's just not that into you"? Do you think it's right or wrong? What about the ending?

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Has anyone ever seen Peter Greenaway's Prospero's Books? I just finished watching it (for my film class) and it has to be one of the most unexciting movies I have ever seen. It literally took me 3 days to was painfully dull.

What is the worst movie you have ever seen?


Are you a creative baker?

Do you often turn simple things that come out of cans into amazing thins without the help of alcohol ala Sandra Lee?

Or are you a baking Fraud?

Do you often pass off delicious things you bought at the store as your own and if so, have you ever been caught?

I had some crescent rolls from the Pilsbury boy and I made some regular ones, some ones with chocolate chips and raisins, and some with strawberry jam. I can also make them into little stuffed pizza type things. Other than that I'm just a fucking fraud.

Also, I told myself this would be my breakfast, but then I just had a glass of lemonade, looked at the oven and said, "I'm done."

And now they're baking and I don't even want them. :\

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Inspired by shutterdragon's post -

Do you have a dog or cat that has characteristics the other animal usually has?

One time I found a kitty that would chase frisbees when I was really young, it stayed near my house for a couple days before wandering back to it's old owners (I'm assuming)

Also my mom has a dog that won't inhale food, she'll let it drop to the floor and sniff it a couple times before eating it slowly.

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For those of you who have had or regularly get sinus infections, do you go to the doctor for them? Or do you just let your body handle it?

Way back on February 8th I got sick with a typical fever/aches/chills thing. After a few days I felt much better, and then congestion set in. Shortly after that I got an ear infection, went to the doctor, and got antibiotics for it. On my last day of the antibiotics (the Monday before last) I got what I think is a sinus infection and have had it since.

I don't have a fever, or if I do it's very mild, and because of that and the fact that it isn't getting any worse I've been letting my body handle it. However, it also isn't getting any better and it's been nearly two weeks. I'm not a big fan of going to the doctor or taking antibiotics but I should probably just go in, right?
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Have you recently learned something new about someone you have known for a long time?
Was it a good thing or a bad thing you learnt about them?
Has it changed you perception of them?
Would you tell us about it?

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I have made cupckaes, YAY

I have only jsut found out that i have no icing sugar, BOOO

Taking these treats to a friends house tonight, ARGH

Can anybody reccomend an awesome no icing sugar recipe for frosting?

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Poll #1713914 Will you please help me win an argument with a friend?

The word 'TARDIS'

I have heard of it and know what it stands for and what it is
I have heard of it and don't know what it stands for but do know what it is
I have never heard of it

Dk/dc: How are you today?

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A guy confesses strong feelings for a girl and has liked her for a long time. He doesn't just want sex from her, and talks about his feelings for her to everyone. The girl says she isn't ready for a relationship right now, but wants to keep getting to know each other. She could see herself with him someday, but she can't guarantee anything right now.
Why would the guy then pull away/stop communicating with the girl as much? :(

Embarrassing aspects of our past selves! - Edited

1. Have you ever been completely oblivious to the fact that something you've done is incredibly annoying, until someone pointed it out? What was it? Did you stop doing it?

2. Are there any opinions or beliefs that you can't BELIEVE you used to hold? What are they?

3. Did you ever think something was really funny/intelligent/whatever and looking back you can't even see the merit in it whatsoever? Go on...

firefox RAEG!!!!1!!1!!

Is anyone else's Firefox being a piece of shit today? Especially on Gmail and other Google-related sites it keeps freezing. Hell, the fucking support website for Firefox made the browser freeze. So also is the Family Feud game on Facebook, the link jezemel posted in the favorite tops post, and LaZBoy. One of my friends is also having problems when she runs Gmail in Chrome, so I'm hesitant towards any browser-switching suggestions. :\

ETA: Apparently now I can't reply to LJ comments either. Ballsssss.
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Do people still use flat irons/straightening irons, or is that frowned upon? What's a relatively cheap, quality brand? I had a Revlon that lasted for three years.
What are your favorite hair styling brands?

Are you tight with your money? Where do you cut corners to budget better? I've saved 700 and paid off 200 of my CC bill in a month and a half, which I am proud of as a student with a part-time job, but I feel like I could do better
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So guys, I am going to Toronto next weekend to see a show. I am taking the train there, seeing the show that night, taking a bus to with my friend back to her town to spend the night and taking the bus back to Toronto the next day and taking the train home. The problem is that I have sleep apnea so I can't sleep without my C-PAP machine, which makes traveling a bitch. I'll have the machine in my backpack and I'm kind of paranoid that when they check my bag at the venue they'll be all wtf is this and make a commotion. So, do I cover it with a towel or just say screw it and not bring it?

OR am I just being silly because they don't really search your bag thoroughly anyway?

And I can't store the bag at the train station because they are lame and don't have lockers.

Alternatively, I will have a free morning to roam around the city. Any suggestions on what to see/do?

Great Pumpkin

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I just got my first post-college, career-oriented job, yay! For those of you who have already gone through this, what advice do you have for my first days/ weeks?

What wardrobe staples do you think I should invest in? I'm a female. My workplace is casual, but it's still a huge, well-respected company, so I don't want to dress like it did in college.

For those who don't care about these questions, what's your favorite magazine?

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TQC, can you recommend any good image hosting places? Tinypic/Photobucket and their dumbass downsaving is pissing me off and I hate Imageshack's interface.

(I know I could use LJ scrapbook, but that expires with my paid account and I don't know if I'll have the $$ when it comes time to renew)

Thank you, tea cue sea!!

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Do any of you go thrifting? Garage sales? Estate sales? Rummage sales?

I'm getting up early and going the church's rummage sale and going to some estate sales. I'm pretty excited. :)

How long did it take you to get over your ex and find another relationship? I'm currently trying to get over my very first ex. :[

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Who should I dress up at for my Pop Princesses & Boy Bandmates Birthday Bash?

Nicki Minaj
Britney Spears

Things to consider:
Nicki = pink wig. AWESOME
Britney = tons of signature outfits to choose from that people will def recognize.
Ke$ha = my girl for life!

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I've asked this before but for some reason the movies on my computer just keep accumulating. In the poll can you pick the movie you think I should watch first?

Which of these movies should I watch first?

Which of the movies aren't even worth my time watching and should just be deleted?
What's the last movie you saw, either at home or in theaters?
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I'm real hungry and I want to order from Papa John's.

This poll is closed.

Which should I get?

2 mediums for $11.88
1 medium, 1 10" cheesestick $14.99

Some things to consider:

The first one is way cheaper
I really really love their cheese sticks
It's only me, but I can eat whatever's left tomorrow

More things:
I'm poor
Whichever I order is gonna get me a free pizza next time!!

EDIT: Whichever has more by 9:55 EST is what I'm getting!

EDIT2: Yay cheesesticks! Thanks to kmeghan for the deciding vote!

EDIT3: So is anyone else still not getting notifications? Super annoying.

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I just found out about the existence of SEVERAL Star Trek roleplay/fan clubs IN MY CITY and I am very excited. I already have a Starfleet science officer uniform that I would wear every day if I could.

Do you LARP, cosplay, participate in SCA stuff or reenactments, or otherwise enjoy dressing up and playing make believe with other adults? If yes, what kind of stuff do you do?

How nerdy is this? Scale of 1-10.

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My husband and I are geeks and are using Youtube to listen to re-makes and arguing over which versions are bet ter - the original or the (whatever) versions.

What are your favorite remake songs?

What's a song you think will never be as good as the original?

Just so you know : Johnny Cash - Hurt is the best remake ever. Despite what my stupid husband thinks (He thinks Crimson and Clover by Joan Jett)


Have any of you ever used QuiBids to shop? If so, what did you get and for how much? It's an online auction website that charges you 60 cents a bid but the prices are really low. It seems to good to be true but I guess it's more about luck than anything..

Boston/NY Trip

I'm going to Boston and NYC in April for a week with my international business trip. Our trip is art themed. We're basically being paid to go down and do research for our region to export craft and art products to museums along the east coast. We're attending SOFA @ the Armory in NY as well as touring many museums throughout both cities.

We have one free day in NY and I was wondering what you would do if you had one free day in the city.

Also, any other suggestions for fun things in both cities?

It's my first time visiting both and I'm pumped.

Edit: Our free day is on Saturday - my dream would be to get tickets somehow for SNL that night if there is a show that night :(
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What's your typical bookmark?

What's the oldest article of clothing still in your rotation?

How would you feel if you were helping your parents clean up their attic and you found a giant pile of sacks that were all filled with old letters from Hogwarts addressed to you?

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Hello TQC,
On Friday I have to get a scope of my stomach. The doctor said I would be under twilight anesthesia. Have any of you had a stomach scope? Have you been under twilight? Can you share your experience with me? How long did it take for you to feel normal after?