March 4th, 2011

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What happened to spanish text question? I wanted to see the translation!

What funny phrase can you make from your initials? Mine could be Eat All Babies or Every Anteater Bleeds.
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On tonight's Jersey Shore they are talking about the underwear flushed down the toilet and they keep calling it something that's getting bleeped out.

What are they saying? Is it a brand name and MTV doesn't want to pay for it or are they swearing or what?

ralph nader ad was from the '08 featured the robot from "peewee's playhouse" feeding a word of the day and then would show clips from mccain and obama endorsing similar views on whatever the word of the day was.  examples are iran and offshore drilling.  either my google-fu is severely rusty or i am stupid and made this entire thing up. 

oh...the question....has anyone seen this or remember it?  if so, can you link me?  


does the prospect of a one-government world scare you?  

really dk/dc:

what color was the last pair of underwear you wore?  did they match anything else you were wearing?

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a few hours ago my eye started to hurt on the right side of the socket of the right eye. it feels like someone punched me in the eye and really hurts when i squeeze my eye closed. wtf is wrong with my eye?
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cover letters

Is it bad form to put in a cover letter to accompany a resume how much you love a particular store and badly you'd love the opportunity to work for them?

What's the best way to phrase that sentiment?

A job I have literally fantasized about for years has come up and I really want to get my foot in the door.

Why are textbooks so expensive?

DK/DC; what's one thing you should never do in a job interview? Non serious answers preferred.
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Anyone out here like musicals? What's your favourite? Favourite scene?

I'm watching Moulin Rouge- my favourite is the Hindi Diamonds scene, but the Like A Virgin number always cracks me up. My top favourite is The King and I, with the Shall We Dance? number at the top of my list.

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I'm watching the documentary Tapped, which is about the harmful effects of the water bottle industry (both environmentally and health wise).

do you buy bottled water? how often? do you agree that usage of bottled water should be cut down?

I got a Brita faucet filter a few months ago and it has both saved me money, and made me stop buying bottled water.
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TQC help :( My cat keeps waking me up right around 6 am. Normally this wouldn't bother me but I've started a new job that typically ends at midnight so when this happens I've only had maybe 4 hours of sleep. Not to mention, I have an awful time sleeping. What really kills though is she does it slowly, so by the time I'm alert enough to know to put her "away", I've been woken up completely. It's not like being jolted awake so you can settle back down at some point. This morning she was fucking mewing softly and clawing my carpet (which she knows pisses me's an attention grabber), like usual, and then decided to one-up herself by rubbing on me and biting my feet. What do I do? I'm not getting any fucking rest. She doesn't want anything, by the way. She's just being a bitch (like when she claws furniture she's been trained not to for attention then runs away mockingly).

Care to complain about something?

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My current iPod docking station (iHome2go) is dying rather quickly - one speaker has blown out and when I plug my ipod into it, sometimes it stops charging it randomly. Can you all recommend a decent docking station that charges and plays music for an iPod nano 4th gen?
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TQC i have virtually no voice. i think this s a result of all the coughing i've been doing, which I can't seem to help.
how can i get my voice back? and/or do you know of any awesome home remedies for a cough that just won't quit?

when was the last time you slept on a couch?
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I have this weird avoidance issue with doctors/medical professional that I can't pinpoint. I really don't mind once I'm there at all, but I tend to reschedule and cancel to the point that I avoid going at all or ever again because I'm too embarassed. For me, getting there IS the entire battle. Anyone else do this?

What unusual schticks do you have?
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Will you go to, get a random definition and post it here?

Will you comment with your username so that we can tell you what you're guilty of mentioning over and over again?

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Are there any doctors in the house today?   
I'm totally having UTI symptoms, but the test results for that came back negative.   My time of the month is next week though so I wonder if maybe there are hormonal issues triggering these symptoms or something?      Has anything like this ever happened to any of you ladies?    I talked to my doctor yesterday and he didn't seem worried.     Oh and it's not an STD because this is new and I'm in the middle of  a major dry spell.   ) :  

What the hell is my bladder doing to me?!
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iphone question

Apple nerds/IT peeps I need halp.

I've been trying to download a podcast all morning and my phone keeps telling me that I need to connect to a Wi-Fi server to proceed with the download. When I check my settings it says that I'm connected to my work Wi-Fi. I've reset the phone and turned the Wi-Fi connection on and off, but it still wont download.

What gives? What can I do to make this work?

DK/DC: What is up with you today?

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Do you like a band/singer/musician that nobody you know has ever heard of? Who is it? How did you discover them? Maybe we can all discover new music today!

I love the band Terrible Things. My cousin is dating the drummer and I don't know anyone outside my family who knows who these guys are. I look forward to seeing them at Warped this summer.

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Do you suffer from secondhand embarrassment?

Seeing people make fools of themselves, even fictional characters, makes my skin crawl and I have to look away.

What is it about Brent Spiner that makes him so creepy? Is it just that I always see him as Data and that makes him seem off to me or is he just genuinely a creeper?

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I'm meeting my boyfriend's mom for the first time tomorrow, we're going to lunch for his birthday (which is Monday).
I am getting super nervous about what to wear and if I'll make a fool of myself and what if I spill my drink all over.

Will you share stories of the first time meeting a SOs parent?
Awkward/embarrassing stories encouraged, actually. I want some real horror stories. Tell me about interacting with them at all, not just the first time, if it's awesome and terrible.

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 Inspired by my minor explosion of frustration:

I realized today that while I feel that smoking is a personal choice, I really hate when people smoke in areas that give me no choice as to whether or not I breathe in that smoke. (i.e., the entrance to a building I need to go to). I just find it pretty rude. I'm not all paranoid about cancer per-say, but I'd rather be in control of whether or not I have to breathe that in as a non-smoker. What do you guys think of this? Am I out of line in finding this rude? 

I'm hoping I don't offend anyone here who does smoke. I personally don't, but I'm not trying to look down on people that do, I just don't appreciate where/when they do sometimes. 


My professor just moved my midterm up 2 weeks earlier and I am no where near ready. And then the girl in front of me flipped her hair back, all over my laptop screen, and left it there as she ran her hands through it. I twitched in annoyance. What was the last thing to make you twitch in annoyance?
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I got a new cat almost 4 weeks ago to be a playmate for my other cat. Usually when I get a new kitty within a week or so, after watching them and living with them a name comes to me. With her I am still drawing a blank.

TQC, what should I name my new cat?

I want something exotic but not lame to match her looks and personality, that can also be shortened. By now she has a bunch of nicknames (monster kitty, bratcat, turkeytoes) like my other 2 do as well but she needs an actual name name.

Just to give you an idea of her personality - She is very playful, too damn smart, high energy, very affectionate, inquisitive, loves water, talks a lot and rumbles when she purrs.

ETA - I've been asked so am adding that she is a Bengal. They are formed by the cross of a domestic feline and an wild Asian Leopard Cat. Well the first generations were. Now they are normally a Bengal/Bengal cross. Hence her wild markings and unique fur. It's actually considered a pelt and not fur. It's super super soft and they rarely shed.

And that is part of why I am stumped on names and needing help. Normal names I can do. Something exotic and fitting of her background is much harder.

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what is your least favorite muscle group/area to exercise? which do you like the most?
(i HATE working on my abs/core)

dk/dc: why didnt you answer my question, think youre too good for it or something? pfft. butthead.

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If you acquired $60,000 to pay for college, would you ONLY spend it on college, or would you buy yourself something you've been wanting, travel, etc, as long as it wasn't an excessive amount?

Would you use it to help pay for an apartment, groceries, bills, or anything like that?

What would you do if you still had $40,000 after you paid for school?
What would you do if you decided to further your schooling (med school, grad school, etc) but $40,000 was barely a dent in the cost?

I feel like a few of these questions are weirdly worried, sorry. I'm half-asleep.
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I was just picking my husband up from work. A car was in front of me, and we both pulled up and stopped at a stop sign. Pedestrians crossed. Then, the driver in front of me PUT HIS CAR IN PARK, GOT OUT of his car...and ran off onto campus. Leaving his car parked, at a stop sign, in front of my truck. o_O

My questions:

Why would someone do this?
Have you ever seen someone do this?
What is the stupidest driving choice you've seen someone make lately?
Any other driving related issues you feel like venting about?
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i tend to be super paranoid about expiration dates, and though i know you can freeze loaves of bread and eat them long past the expiration date i'm still hesitant to ever do this. however i'm staying at my mom's house and the only bread here is bread from fucking NOVEMBER that my stepdad froze and is now using. would you eat it? it looks normal, no mould, but... november? i always thought that when people froze bread it was so that they could use it in a few weeks or something like that.

edit: i was just informed it was frozen not in the freezer but by sitting in our garage all winter. still cool? also it has ice crystals
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Have you ever been to a burlesque show? If so, how was it? What does it entail? Is it just ladies being all raunchy and classy dancing with feather boas? 

I want to go to a burlesque show tonight. It's only 10 dollars. Do you think my man-friend would want to come to something like this? 
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Will you post a picture of the inside of your fridge? If you don't have one available..

Will you post a picture of the inside of your home? If you don't have one available..

How is your day going?
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How many of your friends have been suckered into the Facebook virus spam?

"you wouldn't believe what this girl did for justin bieber," "i lost all respect for miley cyrus after i saw this," "this guy took pics of himself for 8 years," and "this kid got suspended from school and went nuts" .

This is why I don't "like" any links, do any games, applications, or other nonsense on Facebook.

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Good afternoon TQC!

I got into Widener Law and the person I'm moving with just got into Temple for his MSW, and now we have to relocate from southern NJ to Harrisburg, PA. I'm looking for apartments via Craigslist, and it seems relatively cheap to live there but I know NOTHING about Harrisburg. Is anyone familiar with the area? He's finishing up his year contract with Americorps so he won't be able to move until September. Should I move in May by myself to have everything settled before classes start, or just wait?

Basically this is the first time I'm moving to my own place and having to be responsible for rent and bills, etc. so any pointers would be really awesome!

Also, the person I'm moving in with is my ex SO (just broke up about a month ago). Have you ever lived with an ex? We dated for 2 years, we're best friends, and so far we haven't had any issues, but all my friends think this is insane. TQC, is this a dumb idea?
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how good are you at separating the work someone does (if they're an actor or musician or artist or whatever) with the person they are? are you able to you enjoy their work while disliking the person?

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Hey guys, today is "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day" on my campus, University of Illinois UC. Basically, it starts at around 6 some places with "kegs and eggs" and is an all day drinking event. There are drunk people and police all over.

If you were here, would you partake in the shenanigans?

I kind of am. But I didn't want to go anywhere my friends are going right now, so I'm sitting alone for an hour or so.

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So a lot of people go to anime/comic book/youtube conventions, but what if there were a live journal convention?

Would you go to it? Who would you hope to meet? What kind of events/activities would you want at the convention?

Have you ever been to a convention before? Did you enjoy yourself?

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So um, are your notifications still being sent to you? Mine have all but stopped, But I will get them a day late or not at all. I have only recieved one nofication today for comment I posted today.
Whats going on? is LJ still broken?

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My dog likes to lick/eat/roll in my bf's dirty boxers. There is a pile of dirty boxers in my living room rn because she has taken them from wherever they were, and put them in a pile for convenience. She has 2 pairs of boxers in her mouth right now and she is lying on top of the rest of the pile. UGH.

What kinds of gross things do YOUR pets do?!

(I think it's bathtime for her tonight......)
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TQC, I'm going on a ~first date~ with this guy tomorrow.

He called my cell when I left it in another room and left a message saying that he'll meet me at a sushi restaurant tomorrow at 7.

I, uh...don't have a car.

Should...I call him and ask him to pick me up? Is that rude? I feel like that's so rude.

Should I just take a taxi? Urgh, money's so tight right now...

Why do I have such a bad feeling about this date?

Can you tell me about a time you had a bad feeling about something and it ended up going well?

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 If you could order some sort of ~mail order delicacy~ , on the house, what would it be? (Think Godiva chocolate, Omaha Steaks, Harry and David basket, etc)

I applied to jobs in a bunch of different places. Assuming I get one of those, how do I get an apartment? Go up a weekend and find one, or do one of the extended stay hotels until I find one? Has anyone ever done this? 

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Could you date someone with your parent's name?

this situation would never happen to me/idk my parents' names

Could you date someone with your sibling's name?

this situation would never happen to me/i'm an only child

Could you date someone with your name?

this situation would never happen to me

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What songs would you put on a play list for hooking up to?

Will you tell me about your fwbs, past or present? I don't really understand like... how you end up in an FWB situation, I guess, but I'm kind of naive about social stuff.

Wanna share some TMI things that happened to you today?
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is there a free alternative to Microsoft Outlook?

i'm trying to access my email address from my internship, but my computer doesn't have outlook and downloading a free trial isn't worth it D:

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TQC, I miss when I felt smart. I've been reading more and Wiki page jumping but I need to go further. What are some good memory-enhancing and educational games?

ETA: I already have Big Brain Academy for DS which is alright, and Bookworm Adventures for PC which was basically the best but I beat it already
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three questions

1. are you one of those assholes who feel the need to speed up when someone else is trying to merge into your lane? can i punch you?
2. are you one of those idiots who feel the need to BACK INTO a parking space? why?
3. i just found out i'm going to vegas in july. i've been there before, but how much do you think i should save up? i have to budget for food, shopping and gambling, that's it. i don't have to pay for hotel/gas.

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 What is your perfect breakfast? 

What tragic fashion mistake have you made? Share your ill-spent youth with the class!

Extra credit:

What are the odds I'll ever find a nice girlfriend? Like zero, am I right? Are you also FOREVER ALONE??

Argh I don't know what to do!

I'm using MS Paint and I'm trying to edit a picture without making any changes to the original, which is a GIF. So I copied the image and pasted in a new document--and the colors have changed! What was beige is now green! I think it has to do with the number of colors, but it's the same program and I haven't had this trouble before...

What do I do?

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 Grr so, I feel like no matter how well I clear up my acne, my skin never looks "clear." I'm sure some of it is blackheads/scars but I'm just not able to feel clear no matter what i do.

What do you guys do to achieve clear skin? If it makes a difference, my skin is usually fairly oily from my hair save for when I wash, etc.
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TQC, I just got back from the library, where I wrote a 6-page paper. It took ~7 hours; I'd read the majority of the sources I was using before. Does my paper suck?

What was the last thing you had to do for work/school?

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TQC, how do I stop feeling guilty about taking a half day at work tomorrow? I'm going to see Anthony Bourdain in Boston (three hours away), and I have to leave before I hit traffic, check into my hotel room and get to the venue, so I kind of need most of the day to do that. My boss is fine with it, so I'm blaming my guilty feelings on hormones. What was the last irrationally guilty thing you felt?

I considered becoming a roadie for Flogging Molly for a minute today after seeing them live last night (and they rocked my face off!). Which band/performer would you become a roadie for?

Do you enjoy doing dishes? I love doing them if I have someone to do them *with*, but doing them by myself is kind of torturous.

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Dr. TQC, I have what I'm assuming is a sinus infection or something similar. I can't breathe through my nose at all and can't stop sneezing. When I blow my nose, sometimes it's yellow crud, other times, it's clear.

However, I'm also kind of nauseous (mostly when I'm standing/walking), dizzy/lightheaded, and I was very weak earlier. It felt like all my limbs were shaking from being weak. I ate some chicken soup and it feels a little better, but I still feel so dizzy and weird. Is that normal? 

At this point, do I need to go to a doctor Monday to get antibiotics (if, of course, it can be treated with them), or will it go away on its own? Will it take forever? I'm miserable.

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My brother recently got an iphone and I have seen the holy light of smart phones.

Do you have one? Do you want to break down some pros/cons of the most popular ones to me? I know there's websites for this, but I like word of mouth better than generic reviews.

If I did get one, it'd probably have to be AT&T because this is the family plan I'm on and it has some of the better service in my area (SF and north bay). What's their data plan like anyways? Does it increase for each smart phone on it or is it sort of a one size fits all deal?

dk/dc: What mood of music do you prefer to listen to when you're sad/low?

Fucking shitty neighbors

Whats annoying you right now?

My new neighbors (apartment complex) let theyre dog out to potty off leash and go back inside, then 30 - 60 minutes later they come outside, stand on the porch and scream/whistle/call for the dog and get fucking pissed when he has wandered off.



Would it be wrong for me to take the dog to the shelter (no-kill)?? He is constantly trying to get in my car with me when I go to work in the mornings.
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What is something you missed that you really wanted to go because of circumstances you couldn't control?
I got the flu on Wednesday, missed school yesterday and today, meaning I missed some very important rehearsals for my show choir, and now I can't go to the competition tomorrow. The only up-side I can see is the fact that I don't have to get up at 4:30 am tomorrow. :(

DK;DC: What is your favorite type of weather?
I like all sorts of rain/storms, and I like that warm, golden sunshine that's common to late fall afternoons. :)

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Is there a product or brand you keep trying even though it never works out for you?

Bras from Target! They never fit right. I keep thinking it will be okay because I want bras for cheap. I need to give up hope. I think the cups are too far apart or something else is weird. Ugh.

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I am going to buy some new shoes and I want TOMS, but I can't decide on a colour. I can't decide between black and gold glitters - black being more matchable/practical, but I keep thinking if I'm spending the money, I might as well get something that isn't just a regular black shoe.

What colour(s) do you have? What colour would you pick if you were to buy a pair?

I know some people absolutely hate the way they look, sooo if that's you, tell me about/show me your favourite shoes. omg shoes. I really do love shoes and felt I haven't said SHOES enough.

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Are you the type of person who seems to be "always in a relationship" or "always single?"
Do you ever wish you could change that?
(Or are you one of the lucky ones who have found a happy medium between the two?)

DK/DC: How long do you usually wait in between relationships before you start dating again?

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One of my law classes is ending next week and we are having a class party. I am in charge of the games. I am thinking about a prove your point sort of game where 2 people are given a really silly topic and have to argue one side of the other and whoever can be more convincing wins a point. So far one topic I thought of is "Should you put ketchup on hotdogs?"

Can you think of any other silly topics that you would enjoy hearing stuffy law students argue about?

Alternately, can you think of any games that would be fun for 40 people?

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How much time do you give someone to text you/call you and let you know if they're coming? I was supposed to hang out with my friend but it's been 2 hours since I heard from her!

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How do you get along with your extended family? Do you enjoy get-togethers like weddings, holidays, etc? I always feel like such an asshole because I totally HATE them with my family (though seriously? they've gotten way more tolerable since I turned 21... they can also be known as "see how fast isacoconut can drink this bottle of wine"), but I love my bf's family and I'm pretty excited about getting to meet a lot of his relatives I still haven't met after 3 and a half years. :)

Alternatively, what are your plans/what are you hoping to get accomplished this weekend?
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Food/Drink Question

I got an apple juice out of the vending machine today. I took a sip, and thought it tasted and smelled just a little bit off, but since i don't get this apple juice all that much I thought maybe it was just that brand. But then I checked the expiration date, and it said December 13, 2010. Can apple juice last that long unopened & refridgerated?

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So apparently today was Hug A Ginger Day.

Did you hug a ginger today?

I did not, as the only one I was in contact with was, well, myself. And I didn't receive any damn hugs.