March 3rd, 2011

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I'm watching the Washington State House of Representatives hearings/debate/voting on my local access network. I am watching earlier than usual, so I caught the opening of the session. There is a lady reading a prayer before the session started. How is this legal? This is not a non-denominational prayer at all. What's going on? Other US'ers, does your state do this too?

What boring programs do you enjoy?

One of us

"If God had a name, what would it be?
And would you call it to his face
If you were faced with him in all his glory
What would you ask if you had just one question


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will you tell me about a time when you got caught in the rain and it was awesome?
what about a time you were caught in the rain and it sucked?

i'm listening to pavement and remembering how great it was to hear them outside in a rainstorm. never so drenched & happy.
but then i think of the time i biked to meet my friend at her house, but she was 2 hours later getting there than i expected her to be and i was locked out of her house, waiting outside in my soaked clothes. i managed to get to a restaurant but all my shit was still wet and i got cold.

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So, what are chinchillas like as pets? My cousin had one and it died last week and I just realized that I never got to pet it.

Are they mean and bitey? Or is it a 'leave it be and feed it well' type of pet? Are they playful? Annoying? Noisy? I'd like to look into getting one when we have more space and funds for a second pet.

Last question, I promise.

Chinchilla vs. Ferret? Which one is better? The only thing I have against getting a ferret is my cat. She's super playful (and jealous) and I'd feel bad keeping a ferret in a cage all day. Most of my ferret research shows that they like to get out of the cage to play and explore. I don't want something that's going to fight with my cat where one of them can hurt the other.
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What's something that annoys you that other drivers do?

I hate it when people turn on their blinkers and immediately start merging into the lane I am in. UHM, can you give me some time to make enough room for you to get in? It's not my fault you wait until the last second possible to merge. :| And then they act shocked when I honk at them since they were thisclose to hitting the front of my car, srsly ppl?
Gravity's Rainbow

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I've asked this question before, but now it's back in poll form.

What adjective do you use to describe something related to elves?

Something elf.

Do you live within fifty miles of where you were born?


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what are some major life decisions you had to make recently?
is the outcome to that decision what you wanted/expected?

dk/dc: what did you have for breakfast?  what are you going to have for breakfast?
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 So one of my fingers just started freaking out. It started twitching and I felt this sensation that I can only describe as feeling like the blood in my finger was doing the same thing a straw in an empty glass does when you try to get the last bit of soda out. 

What is up with my finger? Sometimes one of my legs will do the same thing.

Have you ever tried to describe something using an experience with a different sense? I feel like my description up there makes no sense what-so-ever.

Isn't there a word to describe trying to get the last bit of soda out of the bottom of a cup with a straw? I feel like I've sat at the table before and been told to stop ____. ETA: It wasn't slurping.
Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

Gallows humor, I have it.

I'm worried about what's wrong with me. Both my blood and urine tests have not revealed anything.

If it turns out I have a weird new disease, what should I call it?

Dunno/Duncare/gawd haven't you gotten better yet: do you have a secret talent? (I can say the alphabet backwards. Mad skills, yo.)

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when you send someone a message on okcupid/whatever dating site you frequent and they dont reply, or you see they checked out your profile and didnt send you a message, do you feel a little bit rejected?

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How long did you date your SO before you got engaged? Did it work out and you got married? Did that work out? 

Right now, I've been with my boyfriend almost 3 years and he hasn't proposed yet, and while I'm fine with waiting up to another year before I get anxious, cos it's not like he's financially insecure, he makes enough money to afford a rnig, he says he's 90% sure he wants to marry me, and I think after 3 years, you should probably be 100% sure, and it just freaks me out, because we're both stubborn opinionated people and he lets our fights over stupid things that I just let roll off my back because they're not worth freaking out over affect how he feels. Am I being extremely irrational? I know it's not totally rational, but after 3 years, I'd expect him to be able to at least say, "Yes, I do want to marry you eventually."

DK/DC? How should I go about studying for my test? Read the book and then the notes and then do the study guide? Or just use the notes which have the main information and use the book when needed?

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How many, if any, TQC members do you know in real life and not just as an acquaintance where you just decided to meet, but you know each other pretty well and you've seen each other more than just the one time?    

I don't know any of you and I've never met any of you either.  Sad.
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What are some of your favorite alcoholic beverages?

Bonus points if they only require two ingredients or come in a can/bottle. I'm burnt out on my rum and Pepsi and want some options.
gasp zooey

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TQC, I can't afford a haircut but my bangs/fringe/what-have-you are in my eyes and driving me insane.  On a scale of one to Charlie Sheen, how ridiculous would it be for me to cut my own bangs if I've never done it before in my life?  Do you have any success/horror stories about cutting your hair, specifically whatever you call the hair that covers your forehead?

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I bought a jacket that was on sale about 2 days ago. It's now on sale for $40 less. Have you ever tried to get a better sale price? I figure it can't hurt to ask but I'm not sure what to say. I could always buy a second coat and return the original but this company is all about being environmentally friendly, so I am assuming they'd prefer that not to happen (I bought it online, it shipped from Oregon to Maine, so that'd require two more cross country trips).  
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i just found out that one of my friends is a complete asshole who is trying to play the system. apparently last year she applied for financial aid via FAFSA and was awarded a fuck ton of grant money.. roughly $8,000 for community college. she attended classes for two weeks, and then withdrew, but still received a refund check after her partial tuition was paid, so she kept nearly $6,000 without having to pay any of it back (allegedly-- this is what she told our mutual friend). she bought a flat screen tv, all kinds of clothes and shit, etc. now she is trying to do the same thing for this award year.

IS THIS FOR FUCKING REAL? do they really allow this shit to happen? i am so outraged and want to punch her in the face. she's been on unemployment for two years, sits on her ass all day, and now i find out about this?!

if it matters, we live in new york state and she "attended" erie community college.

dk/dc: what's something that really annoys you about one of your close friends?
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Do you watch ANTM? If so, can we please discuss last night's episode?

Do you watch Jersey Shore? If so, do you think Sammi is dumb for taking Ronnie back?

If neither is applicable to you.. what's your area code?

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My nose is SO stuffy and I can't breathe at all unless I use my mouth. I'm miserable, TQC. I also can't quit sneezing.

What can I do? I've taken allergy medicine and it didn't help. I'm about to take a hot shower.
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 TQC, I am walking in my school's undergrad graduation ceremony this May, but will not receive my actual diploma until August. I have to take one more online class over the summer. Would it be wise to start job hunting now, for something the isn't considered a typical summer job? Or should I wait until I'm officially graduated in August with my diploma?
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Inspired by this post.

Is there any advice that you have heard/received that you DON'T agree with? (it doesn't have to be about interviewing/jobs)

Having previously worked in HR, I can honestly say that a thank you note is not necessary. If you did a good job during the interview and your qualifications/skills are in line with what the position entails, you have a pretty good shot of being the chosen candidate, IMO a thank you note won't make a difference.

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For those who got their tax returns, how long did it take to get your money?

My mom filed mine online the same day she did hers, which was February 6. We both did the direct deposit. She got her return last Saturday and I haven't gotten mine yet. I want my money :(

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Okay, so I've decided to sell my Brother sewing machine on craigslist. It's brand new, never been used (or even been turned on), still has all the accessories and original box. It was originally about $500. How much should I charge on craigslist? Also, I have a bunch of cute fabrics to go with it. Should I charge a little extra for those too? How much?
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What makes you a horrible driver?

I text and I speed. EDIT: I need to work on will not be texting while driving. tin_foil_hat put my ass in check! You have my word that I'll be working on that. :)

What makes you a good driver?

I look over my shoulder whenever I am changing lanes (after using my rear-view mirror, of course) I use my blinker as needed.. I stop at stop signs. I know who has the right of way and when upon entering onto the highway. I know better than to try to beat the light once it's turning yellow and I am still about 15 ft away.

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Do you know anyone who has had a tattoo for at least 15 years that doesn't regret it?

How often do you feel envy for others?

Will you share with me a song from the best band you've discovered lately?
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do you plan out elaborate vacations online, even if you never go?
will you share said trips? be very specific and include links to places you will go or stay. can be as expensive as you wish, we're all secretly ballers.

EDIT: i feel like i need to be more specific about this...i know some people like to take "online vacations", where they research different trips and destinations, even if there's not a chance in hell of being able to go or being able to afford to go.

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TQC culinarians:

Have you always liked to cook? What do you like cooking the most?

I can come up with some good food when I try, but am not a fan of cooking, mostly because I perceive it as being time-consuming. (Not that I think it's not worth the time, I absolutely do) I'd like to change this about myself. I think I'm ready to start being a big kid and making real meals, not just mac-n-cheese out of a box. Do you have any suggestions/advice/recipes for a beginner? Especially advice concerning cooking for groups of 5 or more.

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Which of the following do you identify as?

Ovo-Lacto Vegetaerian
Does not eat red meat (is there a name for this?)
Other in comments

Which of the following are in your living area?

Sex toys
Children's clothing/toys
Pet clothing/toys
Health food
Junk food
Moldy food
Dirty clothes
Dirty dishes
A magazine put out by a popular tv personality

What's for dinner (or what was for dinner)?

Erica, kitty


What was the last dessert you had?

What should I make for dessert? If it has no fruit or butter in it that would be awesome.

Where is your favorite place to buy dessert (store, cafe, whatever).

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If a friend hosted a party, like a sushi or high tea party, Where they supplied everyone everything, would you be annoyed if they asked for a little donation, like $2 or something small to help cover the costs?

I have friend who is hosting a high tea party where she is doing everything, the cupcakes and stuff, she is not well off and is hoping people pay $2 each to be a part of it. I am not annoyed, I understand it and $2 is nothing compared to how much other places charge for high tea parties but some friends are a little ticked, and have started the cattiness.
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What is this music video?

It's animated, I think in the style of an old-school video game, and it's kind of fucked up. A guy in a spaceship or maybe a flying car tries to pick up a woman in a tight pink (?) dress, who then grows to giant sizes and then he flies into her mouth and through her intestinal track and she poops him out. There is also something like a bull-fight at a bar.
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 Do you have any serious or mild phobias?

Mine: tachophobia(high speeds) and fear of spinning in circles--but only when i am not in control, which might just  be an entirely different phobia.

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My mom just informed me that Lady Gaga will be staying at the hotel that she works at tonight.

My best friend wants us to sit at the bar in the lobby for a drink and hope that we catch a glimpse of her or maybe a photo, but idk if I should. What would you do, TQC?

Have you ever met anyone really famous? Who?
Muh Life.
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Calling TQC tech people!

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 from probably 2004ish (it's a hand-me-down). The battery died years ago so I just use the power adapter- which is a pain because it falls out and turns the laptop off every once in a while.

In the last two days when I turn it on it starts booting up but within one-five minutes the motor/fan/something inside that moves makes this really pathetic whirring sound and then stops completely, which turns off the computer.

Any ideas about what I need to do to fix it and how much that would cost? A new laptop is not in the immediate future. Should I just give it a funeral and live without the interwebz circa 1965?

(I know I should bring it to a shop but I haven't had the time. I wanted to see if anyone could diagnose it; without charging me $75 just to tell me it's not worth it!) TIA

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I'm going on a whim here because I doubt anyone will know what I'm talking about, but.....

MANY YEARS AGO, I read a book that I absolutely loved but now that I want to go back and read it again, I cannot remember the name. Here's the vague description of the little things I remember from reading it long ago:

It was about this young boy who got abducted by aliens but doesn't remember it. I think he starts to hear static inside his head or something, but anyway, he eventually finds out that they put some sort of radio transmitter device inside of his head and I think they were tracking him. There was something about a forest.. I think...

Do you have any idea what this book is called?
Do you think I'm just crazy?

dk/dc: I just finished watching the five episodes they made of The Beautiful Life. Have you seen it? Do you wish they'd make more episodes? What else should I watch?
I <3 TLV

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Do you listen to music in your head? (Not just getting songs stuck, but choosing to listen to them).

When was the last time you felt dumb?
I showed up for an appointment today that's actually tomorrow. I thought today was the 4th. The receptionist looked at me like I was crazy =/

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In 14 days I'm visiting San Francisco for the first time! I'm so excited, and yet even though my family planned this out 3-4 months ago I've barely done any research I what I would like to do when I visit.

So besides the obvious (Golden Gate, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, etc...) what else do you think I should see and do? I'm open to anything, since this will be my first time there.

DK/DC/I've never been to San Fran: Is anything interesting happening for you in the next 14 days?

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In less than two weeks I have a rather difficult physical test which includes benching 100% body weight (200lbs), 60 push-ups/sit-ups in one minute each, and running 1.5 miles in under 12 minutes. I'm not quite there atm, can you suggest some workout music? I prefer rock, but anything that involves a ~manly struggle~ in the lyrics would be great.

What kind of music do you exercise to?
Do you have any ~power foods~ that you use to gain a mental/physical edge? Does it come in donut form?

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What's the last thing you ~splurged on?

I should have this pair of glasses in "Plum Sparkle in about a week! They're purple and veeery subtly sparkly and I'm really excited. I didn't want to spend more than my insurance's allowance on frames but I did and I CAN'T WAIT :) (I h?ave no excuse for the fact that they're Juicy Couture, lol. cute glasses are cute glasses, okay?)

Is anything ailing you rn? Wanna tell Dr. TQC about it?

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When you're writing a paper, do you write it first and then go back and incorporate your evidence, citations, recources, etc? Or do you include them as you go?

ETA: Poorly worded. I don't mean like doing your research after so that you're writing your paper fact-less, I mean like incorporating quotes, stats, other very explicit things discovered during your research that support your topic.

TQC - make choices for me

What flavor ice cream should I get?

Bailey's Irish Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Lemon Custard
Banana Nut
Peppermint Stick

If you could make an ice cream out of any flavor, what flavor ice cream would you make?
What's the most obscure ice cream you've had? I had rose ice cream once and it was so good.
cabaret voltaire

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I'm signed up with Zipcar, which is awesome. Obviously when my friends and I have the opportunity we got out to eat, shop for groceries, etc. Thing is I'm the one footing the bill. I was discussing it with my doctor and he suggested that they should chip in too. On one hand it's only fair that if we all go out somewhere with a zipcar they should pay at least a small amount of the reservation fee, but I feel bad for asking because I know they're not very wealthy and I'm afraid I'll sound like a bad friend.

Should I ask that when we all go somewhere together they chip in a bit for the fee?
[lost] Goodbye lost

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I am visiting Washington DC in time for the Cherry Blossom festival! I've never been so any help is appreciated. What are some absolute must do things in the DC area? Best places to stay? I will have a 9 year old boy along with me :)

What are some causes you are passionate about? In what ways do you support them?

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What sorts of things do you wear to work? Describe, please.

Everyone where I work wears jeans and nice tops. Would I be a dork if I wore slacks sometimes? I'm getting bored of my jeans for a change.

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Alright, TQC. Time for my weekly or whatever reality check.

Say a person never has ANY romantic or sexual relationships of any duration during the course of their entire post-pubescent life. They never identify as asexual, yet around the early twenties their lack of relationship status begins to seem to friends and family more like a conscious choice on the person's part.

To what degree, if any, do you find this odd?

Stupid hair question

I intern at a Christian-based agency. When I first interviewed my hair was purple and nobody objected. It's been a few months and I'm more fading red now. Is it too totally inappropriate to go back to bright purple? I'm trying to be professional (my husband is pushing for the shocking shades).

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I spent 4 hours in A&E today, bored out of my mind. I have to go back tomorrow as my Dr didn't refer me to the right department. How can I entertain myself as there are no magazines and my eye sight is the issue?

Collapse )
[RHPS] eyeroll

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TQC, I am in an AP Art History class. My teacher is pretty young, and it's her second year teaching it. she's not that great of a teacher and hasn't yet taught us how to write a proper essay for the test. We had an in-class writing assignment about a painting and its historical context, blah blah blah, and she told us today that she was suspicious that some of us had plagiarized work from the internet (we wrote the essays on laptops in class).

I asked her if she thought I had plagiarized, and she said yes, and when I asked her why, she said it was because I was using complicated words that no student could have put into a paper. The word in question: superfluous. My teacher thought I didn't write my own essay because I used the word "superfluous" in my paper, and could not possibly know what that meant. I told her the definition, and insisted that it wasn't that complicated a word.

So guys, what do you think? Is "superfluous" an overly complicated word for a high school AP student to use, or am I just crazy? Have you ever had to dumb down your grammar for anyone in authority?
lady tree tree

Slow clap

Congratulate me, TQC! After losing 75 pounds I've officially moved from an 'obese' BMI to just 'overweight'. (Only 30 pounds to go...)

What's something you deserve/expect/demand congratulations for?
rabbit, sexy

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 What can I make with latch hook needles besides rugs?
I have 2 brand new latch hook needles that I brought to tighten my dreadlocks, but now I'm removing them and I'm stuck with these needles.
last unicorn

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Have you ever stopped watching/reading the news for a couple of weeks and then ended up missing something that was a pretty big deal, that EVERYONE ELSE seemed to know about?

I met up with a friend of mine a couple of summers ago in Paris, after she'd been backpacking for three weeks around Europe. About a week after that, we were at my Aunt's house in Austria, and she had access to a TV for the first time since she'd left. The newscaster mentioned something about Micheal Jackson's death and she was FLOORED. She had no clue that he'd died.

And, because I like to torture myself by coming up with morbid and outlandish scenarios and trying to decide what I would do if faced with them:

If for some reason you had to choose between saving the life of your pet (dog, cat, bird, lizard whatever) and the life of a person that you'd never met and knew nothing about, which would you save? You don't know anything about the person at all and the his/her death would not have any impact on your life at all (outside of sealing his/her fate).

Please include what type of pet you have in the answer, and maybe a picture! :)
Clem & Joely

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Do you ever notice that if you spend time with someone really angry or critical, that you feel irritable and short-tempered afterwards? Do you have any routine of "recovering" or dealing with it? So as to not let this person's mood ruin your's?

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My dog was put down today. He was 17. As well as being completely miserable due to this, I'm also really pissed off with my boyfriend as he has decided that rather than come over and be with me, he'd rather go to some gig.
How inappropriate would it be for me to ask some of the people he is with to punch him in the balls?

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So I've ventured into the world of online dating... and it's super fun! I'm only talking to people right now.. I'm a little nervous to meet people that I've met on the internet. or to even give them my cell phone number!

Have you tried internet dating? What's been your experience with it?

If you haven't, would you ever? And would you be nervous to give out your number or meet someone in person? Are there any precautions you would take?

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Is anyone participating in Subway's Footlong Nation Appreciation sweepstakes/contest thingy?

Have you won anything?
How many sweepstakes entries (for the ~grand prize~) do you have?

Do you ever participate in any similar contests? Any luck?

I just won a $5 Subway gift card a few days ago! I never win anything so I'm excited.
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 What was the last thing that made you facepalm?
I was telling my mom about 5-Hour Energy Shots and she was like, "How long do they last?"

What's your favourite flavour of popsicle? It's tied between banana and cherry for me.

What's a good place to get weird bra sizes, preferably for not very much? I'm tubby and the fat stores didn't have one that fit because apparently I'm one of the rare fatties that has small boobs. ETA: I'm a 46B