March 2nd, 2011

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Is it okay to e-mail an internship application to a potential employer past midnight (it is currently 12:09), or should I wait until tomorrow?

What is the hardest/most unpleasant  day of the week for you?
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Will you tell me something someone told you when you were younger that was 100% true facts but you thought was totally made up because you as a kid knew everything?

How about something that you thought was true that was totally bullshit?

I didn't believe in oral sex, but thought that when girls got their periods, they had to squeeze an egg out of their vag.


What do you do when you are sick?

I'm sick, but I'm not as sick as I was earlier today. I was throwing up every hour and basically fighting to stay hydrated WHILE GETTING GROCERIES. It was hell. I threw up in the grocery store TWICE. T.T Had a blinding migraine, nausea, shivers, and was having a really hard time standing upright and walking in a straight line. If I hadn't been pushing the cart I would've been literally weaving from side to side in the aisles, lol.

Now, I'm hungry, but I'm scared to eat. Once I got home I felt waay better for some reason. (possibly because I was seated and not moving all over the place) and my husband wanted to order pizza, so for supper I had half a piece, waited to see if it would stay down, (it did) then had the other half, another piece, and some juice. The juice ended up giving me such bad heartburn that I threw up again a few hours later.


What should I eat? The only things in the apartment that seem appealing right now are Ringolos, English Muffins, and popsicles. Popsicles are the most practical choice, but I'm *really* hungry. And also a wee bit nauseous. Odd combination.

What do you do when you are sick?

Any horrible "being really effing sick and having to go do things" stories?

Do you suffer from chronic migraines? How do you handle it?
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come onnnn, thanks for the icon, like rly

speaking of trolls...

I really hope there is someone out there that keeps track of spamming, trolling, troller posts just for lols. So, if you are that person, please entertain me (us) with links....please???? Does anyone have anything?? Please??


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how do you know when someone likes you?

not like what they do, but how do you personally know? all my friends seem to be so cool about it. they just know when someone likes them. i never hear them second guessing themselves the way i do. they're all able to say they know when someone likes them, and i'm 24 and still feeling like boys don't even know i exist.

how do you just know?

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Since I need to stop eating shit like ravioli and cheesestix and italian sausage all the time and eat healthier - what are your favorite healthy, fill you up without being calorie heavy and that you can eat lots of without worrying about going overboard (like salad, plain air-popped popcorn, egg whites, etc.)?

What is your favorite baby animal besides obvious things like kitties or puppies? Mine is foals.

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Examples of easy-to-navigate websites

Does anyone know of any good examples of websites that have, on their homepage somewhere, a tool for users to find information based on who they are? Something like:

I am a (select one):

and, depending on who the user is, there is another selection tool that has common questions among that audience. For example, if I had selected "student" from the first list, maybe now there's a new list that says:

I would like information about:
-searching for scholarships
-applying for schools
-requesting transcripts

Of course, if you know of a good website that is organized and lets a diverse set of users identify themselves to help personalize their experience, it doesn't have to have anything to do with the education field at all! I'm just trying to get some ideas for making my organization's website more user-friendly. Thanks!

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Why are you awake so early?  It's before 5 am here, and we're trying to figure out if we can get to work with all the damn flooded roads.  I am hoping not, mostly just to piss off the parents who said it 'wasn't convenient' for them to come pick up their children Monday when the town started to flood again!  
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(Inspired by the other work questions this morning) - How much of your work day do you feel you are expected to be flat-out working?  As in, in your workplace's work culture, is it Ok to have a slow start to the morning, or to take a longer lunch, or do people routinely spend time doing non-work related tasks?
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I don't think this has been done in a while.

Do you think we could get 5000 comments on a post? YES WE CAN. :)


ARE YOU HERE? If you guys want to keep commenting to see just how many comments can be posted, feel free to do so. Thank you to everyone that participated.
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TQC, what are some good, healthy, not-too-carby food items that I can pack with me on days that I go straight from class to work? I'm kind of at a loss on this one.

What's your morning routine like? Are you a late person?

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You know that little dialogue box that pops up when you want to post a new entry but never finished another one?

It's like "restore saved entry" or something?

Is there a way to access that or see what it has saved?

I accidentally told it to cancel and now half a story I was working on it gone D:

I was trying to ask LJ but Goats are really stupid.
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Was told to ask this here

Why are Katy Perry's boobs always shooting out sparkly explosive-like substances?

Her boobs are the most interesting part of her body
As a reserve Xman, Roman Candle Nipple Girl remains ever vigilant, protecting us all from danger
She's a defective Fembot badly in need of resetting her weaponry
Katy stuffs her bra with magnesium
You would too if you got tricked into marrying Russel Brand. Your body would evolve natural defense mechanisms to keep him at bay
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I ordered a textbook from Amazon that I needed to return. I printed out the return slip and mailing label and everything, but stupidly put off mailing it and now the return window has expired. Should I try sending it anyway, since I initiated the return well within the time frame? I've never had to return anything I've ordered online before. If they didn't accept the return, would they at least send the book back to me?

dkdc: What are you doing with your Wednesday?

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have you ever been without a computer for several days? i might have to send my laptop out to get fixed and i'm already anxious about it. i'll still have my work computer and my fake iphone, but i'm too reliant on my computer :(

also is it possible to overdose on gummi vitamins? need to know before i eat this entire bottle
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Today is the 2 year anniversary of my little brother's death and I'm (not surprisingly) a little down.

TQC, will you post some funny pictures/jokes/websites/gifs to help me get through the work day?
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TQC, I am In the hospital. I can barely move because of pain and the tv in my room is broken. What can I do to entertain myself? It's been 4 days and I'm running out of ideas.

*Forgot to mention: I don't have a computer. I only have my iDevice and thr hospital's WiFi is crap, so online video watching is pretty limited.

I do have Words With Friends, though! Does anyone with an iDevice or Android want to play me? I'll probably lose because of the drugs... :D

Roomates/ Rent

At the end of December I moved into an apartment with one of my co-workers. She needed a place because her boyfriend was moving to the other side of the state, so it was just going to be her, my baby when s/he is born, and me.

Her boyfriend never moved and he lives here with us now. Rent is still split 50-50 between her and me. Everyone is telling me rent should be split into thirds. I haven't asked her about it because my thought process was I'm going to have a baby soon so they'll probably just make it 50-50 again.

But now I'm starting to wonder. Should my rent be divided into thirds? Or stay 50-50?
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in other news, what's new tqc? i've been stuck in that post all day.

A question for educators

I recently moved states and I want to apply for teaching jobs. I have my PA teaching certification (although I'm still waiting for the actual document to show up).

Should I apply to teaching positions even though I haven't yet applied for the reciprocal teaching certification for my new state? I have a list of jobs that I want to apply to but I'm worried that my application will be dismissed outright (especially since I don't have my physical document yet).

Any extra advice for this application/interview* process?

*Assuming I get that far.
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What will you do while LJ is down?

LiveJournal may be down for up to one hour starting at 1 p.m. Pacific time on Wednesday, March 2, 2011, as we will be performing some network changes.
You can convert that to your local timezone here.
or just look at the top of your page if you haven't x'd it out
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Would you rather your partner, or hypothetical partner,

1. have no-strings-attached sex with someone else (assume that you're in a monogamous relationship)


2. fall in love with someone else (with no physical contact between them involved)?

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in my group today i said sexism doesn't exist against males, and someone countered with "that's pretty sexist in itself to say. men who don't fit norm gender roles could be considered gay or weak and are discriminated."

i'm starting to second guess myself, but how would you react?

April Fool's Day hypothetical

If you found out you were pregnant on April Fool's Day, would you tell the concerned parties about it that day, or would you wait until the next day?

How likely would you believe someone who told you about this on April 1st? Would it depend on who they were and what your relationship with them was like?

Am I wrong to think that posting "___ formed babby." on April 1st would be HILARIOUS, especially if some of my more gullible friends actually believed it?

DK/DC: do you wear underwear to bed?
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What concerts are you going to be attending in the upcoming months? 

What concerts do you want to see in the next few months that you won't be able to? 

I got tickets to Adele in May in DC! And Ellie Goulding in March, and then Cake in April. So excited!! 
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What are some weird policies that your professors had/have?
My French professor won't let us drink water or go to the bathroom unless we have a doctor's note.
Also, it's not that weird, but my Anatomy professor wants us to print her slides every week to take notes on them. Except this week's was 66 pages long and I spent almost $10 printing them out at my library.
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TQC, I have a job interview tomorrow. I applied a couple of weeks ago, and told them I could start Monday, March 14. I figured I'd hear from them sooner and if I got the position, I'd be able to hand in my two week's notice to my boss in time to quit by March 14.

Now that's not going to happen.

What do I tell my interviewer if she offers me the position? Would it be bad to ask if I can have two weeks to let my boss know and prepare? Does that look more professional? Or should I stick to my March 14 starting date?

It's with the county, as an assistant to the district attorney, if that helps. So it's a fairly professional position.

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i really hate when people mention that they're having a really shitty day, or that they're upset/mad/sad and then when you ask about whats wrong, they say "nothing" and then when you ask again they get all pissy with you and say "drop it" or "dont want to talk about it" 
i'm fine with respecting peoples privacy if they dont want to talk about stuff but why did you mention it then?  obviously i'm going to ask about it.  being vague just makes me worry more.
ugh, people.

why do people doooo that?!

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What are the benefits of being single?
What are the benefits of being in a relationship?

A question to big-busted women: I have pretty big boobs, and I find my bra often rides up in the back. Even when the bands are tight as they can go, I still feel like my boobs are hanging down by my knees.

Is there a simple solution to this? Are there any bra brands you swear by? Would it be worth it to get a fitting at a Victoria's Secret?
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What's annoying you lately?  

I bought dinner for the family and bought my parent's lottery tickets two weeks ago (totaling about 25$) and I told my mom to just buy me a couple replacement chargers for my laptop (14$ on ebay) instead of bothering with giving me the money back since I don't have a debit card. She's yet to buy them for me because she's broke. She's broke because she spends 90$ on cigarettes each week and 20$ on lottery tickets each week.

Which do you like better: Puff Cheetos or Crunchy Cheetos?
Puffs. I miss the Waffle Cheetos

What is your favourite Little Debbie? 
Pumpkin Delights are my fave, but they're only around in the fall, so any other time I like the Oatmeal Creme Pies and the brownies with walnuts.
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is it realistic to try to find an apartment to live in for three months? when should i start searching?

i ask because i don't want to live at home during the summer. i don't plan on venturing far from home, but the problem is finding affordable housing around there is difficult.

also, what is your favorite blush?

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I go to the library pretty often, and there is always, always, always, this same obnoxious old woman there. She hangs out in a chair by the art section, pesters the library employees relentlessly, and is confrontational with other library patrons. I try to avoid her for the most part, but today I wanted a book from the art section, so I was like, all up in her ~territory~.

Anyways, she started talking to me while I was looking for my book. She asked my name, and I told her. Then she told me her name and said that her 75th birthday is next week. I THINK I MISJUDGED HER. I think she is obnoxious and confrontational because she is LONELY and just wants SOMEONE TO TALK TO, even if it's because she is arguing with them. I mean, she is always at the library. Doesn't she have family or friends or something?

Whatever whatever, it doesn't matter. So anyways, I decided that I want to do something nice for her for her birthday, but aside from just the thought, I don't where to go with it., SO TQC I COME TO YOU:

What should I do for/give to this cranky, obnoxious, lonely, old woman at the library for her birthday next week?

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In the realm of beauty and the beast...

Is it always the girl who is the beauty and she has to put aside any shallowness to dig deep and love her beastly man?

Do you know of an instance in movies/tv/pop culture, etc. where it's reversed?

Cause it would never be reversed right?

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Calling small business owners & entrepreneurs. Have you or do think it's possible to not go to school for owing a small business or being a entrepreneur?

Not looking for shortcuts per say just that it seems me it is just someone would have a natural affinity for it and they could just gather the core from reading books and go from there. Instead of going to school for a number of years, can you really get the skills from sitting in a classroom?

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Poll #1712709 Should I go running?

Should I go running?

- I am withdrawing from my Lexapro and exercising relieves the brain zaps
- I want to gain muscle, reduce fat
- Exercising is good for me

- My legs aren't shaved and I have to wear shorts (I am self-conscious, okay)
- I am anxious about running and I don't even know why

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A few weeks ago I wore some really old studs in my second holes (on my earlobes), and one of them got infected. After just trying to keep it clean with alcohol, which I've always done in the past, I did some Googling today to try to figure out what else would work, but I'd rather hear it firsthand from you guys. So, pierced people of TQC, have any advice on clearing up an earlobe piercing infection? It's not very bad at all, and should clear up just fine, but I don't want to do anything wrong and make it worse.

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 I would love to go to the final Harry Potter film premier in London in July. Does anyone know how to go about it? I live in England so i would just get a train and camp out a few days I guess. Would I buy tickets or just turn up? Have you ever been a premier-Details?

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Men who vehemently defend Charlie Sheen make me nervous and disgusted.

What's your favorite Carlos Estevez quote ("that's his real name! rabblerabble")?

eta: apparently no one was aware that he has a long history of beating women. I find his current meltdown HILARIOUS, not because I find mental illness/addiction funny, but because I find it funny when assholes unravel on tape.

I don't get it.

How come using your own voice is so uncommon and/or underrated in mainstream music these days?

DK/DC/IF YOU LOOK FOR GOOD MUSIC YOU CAN FIND IT PEOPLE: What's your favorite kind of donut? What is your favorite place to get donuts from?
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You know how people get in an argument and go for low-blows, then later on say they didn't mean it? Do you believe them?

I don't buy it, I think your truest feelings come out when you're angry.... or drunk.

dk/dc: Have you tried the Firefox 4 beta? I love it so far even though most of my add-ons aren't compatible (yet).
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Pretend it is Thanksgiving and we are sitting around a giant TQC dinner table. What or who are you thankful for; what TQC members do you want to sit in the vicinity of? What are we eating?

I am thankful for having two great jobs that allow me to work from home and have complete creative control. I want to sit in between Joecool and Noodledays.

What are your thoughts on leaving the placenta attached to a newborn for days/weeks?

This has a name, but I can't remember what it is. It's basically leaving the cord attached and taking the placenta home with your infant. You keep it clean, put a little salt on it to keep it preserved, and once the infant's cord falls off days/weeks later, you either fry it up and eat it, bury it in the back yard, or whatever.

Personally, this sounds really disgusting. They claim it's more natural, but in nature, you would eat the placenta once you birthed it, not keep it preserved then cook it. I was reading an article a father wrote about it, and he said after a few days, the smell of the placenta kept attracting their cat.

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I just bought this dress on my way home from work this afternoon. What should I wear with it/how should I accessorize? I'm kind of fashion-challenged and tend to go with simple stuff.... hence a simple black dress that I have no idea what to wear with it, hah. PICS PLZ :)

DK/DC/that dress sucks: tell us something not so great, and also something TOTALLY AWESOME about your life right now?
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Validation post, woo.

So, you know that CT scan I'm having tomorrow? My fiance wants me to postpone it until I get all my lab work in, to see if the results show what's wrong with me.

Thing is, I won't get the rest of my lab work until probably Monday. I've been in rather severe pain for a week. If the CT scan can provide a diagnosis sooner rather than later, I'mma do it and figure out the bill later.

We had a brief shouting match, in which he told me I need to "be logical". I can't. I hurt.

Am I being overdramatic? Should I think like a Vulcan? Should I suck it up and wait for test results before committing to an expensive test (no insurance, yay)?

Or is he overthinking things?

Should I stab him in the flank with a grapefruit spoon to demonstrate what I'm going through?

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do you have any issues with your skin, like acne, eczema, psoriasis, oily skin, etc?
what skin products do you use, if any?
do you have any home remedies or rituals for skincare?

i have two kinds of facewash, one i use in the morning and one at night. i sometimes put very hot water on a washcloth and use it as a compress on my chest because i break out there a lot. i wish i knew how to keep it clear and alive-looking all the time.
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Password-protected blogging service?

I'm moving to New York City from the San Francisco Bay Area at the end of this month (the first in my family to ever move that far since they immigrated to the US) and am considering creating a blog that's ONLY for my family members. This way I can keep from emailing the same things repeatedly. ;) They all have different levels of computer knowledge -- for instance, my mom taught herself eBay but couldn't figure out how to save a word processing doc until I showed her. And my aunt still voluntarily uses IE.

SO. Is there any kind of blogging service out there that's free and offers password protection? I remember about 10 years ago I had diaryland, and that had a simple username/password prompt when you went to the page, but they've gone pay-only. It appears you can only password protect Blogger blogs if you already have a gmail account, and I'd rather not do that (although it'd be fun to see who I could get to finally move over to gmail from AOL).

Thanks for any help!

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My fiancee plays farmville. I don't.

I have 80 facebook credits (cannot believe I actually bought them and I have no idea why). I'd like to use MY credits to buy farmville cash for her farm because apparently it's hard to get in-game.

Any idea how to do this, which doesn't involve me signing up for farmville?

Added bonus is if there's a way to do is secretly as a (joke-ish) part of her b-day present but it's not vital that it be a secret.
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My boyfriend and I are considering cutting off cable all together and just paying for an X-Box Live Gold account and using Netflix through X-Box. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with this they can share?

If you have Netflix, what are some of the movies you've watched recently?

EDIT: I should have added that the reason I'm asking about good/bad experiences is because a friend of my boyfriend's said he canceled his Netflix account, yet they kept billing him. What could he have done wrong for that to happen and how can that be avoided?

dk/dc: How many keys do you have on your keychain?

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If you had to pick one and couldn't ever style it another way, would you have straight hair or curly hair? Assume it would be your ideal kind of curly or straight.

Also, I'm crushing on a guy at work pretty hard but I only start work when he gets off usually (so there's no time to bs during work). How does one who fails at small talk forge a friendship in this situation? I don't want to show interest right off bc I honestly don't know him too well yet, just interested in knowing him.
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I just got a job working for Gala Bingo.
Any of you worked for them?
What was it like?

Is it going to make me old before my time or make me feel like a spring chicken?
(I'm 32)

Have you ever played bingo?
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Tea drinkers of TQC;

What's your favourite kind of tea, and how do you like it prepared?

Inspired by the fact that I don't even like tea that much, but having an insane craving for black tea atm. I went out and bought a box of President's Choice "Certified Fair Trade" orange pekoe tea, and am currently drinking it super strong with lots of honey (I has a sick). Otherwise I just get the occasional black tea latte with no water and some sugar or vanilla syrup in the bottom.
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A rose by any other name

If a friend or family member decided to change the abbreviation of their name to something radically different, (let's say "Elizabeth" has always been known as "Libby" and decided they'd rather be called "Beth") how would you feel?

Would you call them by the new version of their name? Would whether or not you called them by this new name depend on how well or how long you knew them? Would you judge/make fun of them for it? Would any of your answers change if that friend or family member had recently gone through significant changes in their life/lifestyle/appearance?

I ask because I'm considering changing what I get called and am vaguely worried I'll be mocked mercilessly.

<i>Edited to clarify: My full name is Gerardine. I hate it. It's stupid and old-fashioned and everyone gets it wrong and thinks it's Geraldine. I've gone by Ged my entire life but I don't particularly like it much and everyone always mishears/mispells it (Jen/Jess/Jet) Also, it's a boy's name and I'm vaguely sick of the jokes. When I was 8 years old I wanted to legally change my name to Kate when I grew up, but later decided that I didn't want a name that ordinary (no offense meant to any Kate's out there, but when you grow up as Gerardine, everything seems pretty common in comparison). A few years ago I came across a Gerardine who shortened her name to Radha. I really, really like it and have been thinking about going with that nickname from now on.</i>
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TQC, I am seriously considering getting my tonsils taken out. They are enlarged, and it constantly feels like my vocal cords are tense and that I'm choking. I'm almost 21, and I've heard that getting your tonsils out as an adult is a terrible experience. If you've had yours taken out, can you tell me about your experience? Bonus points if you're a singer, cause I am and I've heard nothing but horror stories.

Has service in a restaurant ever been so bad you didn't leave a tip?

Here is my experience:

I was in Canada a few years ago. I first knew it would be a bad day when I asked for pancakes with original syrup, not Maple or anything, and the waitress sighed and said, "Can I just give you Maple? All the originals are unopened and I don't want to go in back and open one." I answered, " I want original." I mean, you're going to have to open it eventually. Just do it. So she sighs really dramatically and takes the rest of my order. She doesn't bring me my drink before my meal, either. If it's busy, I can understand, but besides me, there were two other people. It was breakfast, and they weren't busy at all. What's more, I can see my plate sitting on the counter for a long time before she decides to pull herself away from talking with another waitress and bring it to me. I finished my milk, and she never returned (from talking to other employees, not even working on a table) to refill it. So when I left, I left her one penny, so she knew I was pissed off and didn't just forget to tip.

I know being a waitress sucks, so I'll tip even though they didn't give me much attention. But in this case, there was no excuse for such bad service.

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I just added up my requirements for my subjects at university this semester, and in the next 13 weeks i have to write 31,000 words worth of assorted essays.

when's the last time you wanted to punch things?

if anyone wants me i will be under my desk in the fetal position. D:


Ever make a dish for a potluck or similar gathering?

What did you make? What is your favorite dish to bring to a potluck?

Are you ever concerned that people won't like it?

I'm making a spicy gazpacho pasta salad for my son's school's PTA tomorrow (pic behind cut). It's pretty darned spicy. Do you think I should mention this on the container? How about an ingredient list? Considerate and helpful or totally un-necessary? Would you appreciate such a gesture?

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when i was in 7th or 8th grade french class, we had a day where we were introduced to french desserts.

there was this one really simple one where it was just french bread and chocolate. you put a piece of chocolate in between some french bread. i still eat it today and it's really good.

does anyone know what i'm talking about or if it's actually a real french dessert?

i mean, this was French 1 in a middle school in Madison, Wisconsin. i'm not sure how legit it is.
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Is anyone else not getting comment notifications? I haven't seen it mentioned yet! I hope it's not just me =(

If you have pets, do they ever get really staticy? I'm trying to pet my cat Marny but her fur keeps shocking me.
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I had $200 in an envelope in my bedroom as of yesterday morning. I went to school yesterday, so I was out of the house for 12 hours. I went to get $100 of it to go buy a book for school and saw that there was only $100 left. It's nowhere in my room. I know one of my room mates must have went in to my room and took it, but when I told them it was missing, they didn't own up to taking it.
What do I do about this?
I'm moving out in a month. This is ridiculous.

TV critics

Do you watch a lot of TV, especially serials, and then post in your LJ or other blog all about the content of this week's episode?

If you do, do you get a lot of comments/discussion?

I hardly ever watch TV so I'm always a little baffled reading my friends' reviews of's like this other world I'm not living in or something.

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I cannot seem to keep myself hydrated, it seems everyday I am always suffering from a headache or slight back ache. I can tell I am dehydrated because my mouth and my eyes both feel dry.
Thing is, I am always drinking, always drinking water or cordial. I know my anti depressants are somewhat the cause but I cannot believe they are making this much of a difference.

Not only that, when I drink anything, its out of me with an hour,

WTF is wrong with me TQC?
Has anybody else experienced this?
What can I dooooo?

I already have appt with my doc next week.

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have you ever been babysitting a kid and had something go horribly wrong?

i don't babysit, but my roommate was babysitting tonight and she texted me saying that the basement of the kid's apartment building caught on fire and she had to carry him out of the building. their apartment is fine, and the mom came home and everything, but she isn't allowed to get back into the building to get her phone and keys, so she's stuck there 'til she can get back into the building. she sounded pretty freaked out about being in charge of somebody else's kid while that was going down.

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apologies in advance, cos whenever I post here I always seem to always manage to ask something that's already been asked recently..

tqcers, please to be recommending me some animated films ?
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What do you know about declawing a cat?

What is your position on it?

If you are anti-declawing and a fairly close friend posted about how they were going to declaw their cat on a social networking site, would you respond in any way? If it was a work friend who you might need to work closely with in the next few months, would that change your response?
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MacGuyvers of TQC, what's the last thing you managed to rig together?

The strap broke off of the tote bag I use to carry my books. I used this bag for years and was so sad at the thought of having to chuck it, so I fixed it by connecting the metal loop on the end of the strap to a zipper inside the bag with a keychain. I felt like a genius for a second, ngl.

Do you want to brag about something lame like this that you're proud of?