March 1st, 2011

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Have you ever conquered a phobia? Like "so-and-so used to reduce me to panic attacks but now I think its awesome/fun/no big deal?" I just want to know if it's possible a reasonably attainable goal.

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I'm out of town on Spring Break and I brought my kitty with me because I hate leaving her to be fed by friends or in a kennel if I can help it. Well, I went and forgot the scooper for her litter box.

What should I use to clean her box?

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My UPS package is coming to my front door tomorrow. I most likely will not be here when it arrives. Instead of them leaving a note on my door and waiting for my package another day, can I leave a post-it asking them to leave the package in my apartment complex's front office? Will they abide by that? I don't have to sign for it.

I just really want my newfangled technological device tomorrow :(
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Why do we never hear about Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise's adopted kids anymore? They're almost never pictured with them. Can you disprove this? If you can that's tops.

Should I bother seeing The King's Speech? Is it interesting? The only people I know who liked it are history nerds lol. And, you know,  the Academy.

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dearest tqc,

hi, how are you?

well thats fine. as for me, i am very much in the mindset right now that murder would be a fantastic method of resolving a number of issues in my life. if i knew i could get away with murder, i would be very likely to do it. what about you? how do you feel about vengeance in general? whats the worst thing you have ever done to get back at someone that you will admit here?

i have personally never had any sort of revenge against anyone for anything, honestly im just really mad and in a dark place right now.

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Will you play a game with me?

Post well known popular song lyrics re-written in the most pretentious way you can so that we can guess what they are?

E.g., Far be it from me to imply that she merely begins romantic relationships with men for her own financial gain, but it has been noticed that she does not often enjoy the company of destitute men.
I ain't sayin she a gold-digger....

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Will you tell me about your experiences with ebay? is it generally a reliable place to get something? I'm looking at getting a Nikon camera but i'm nervous to buy something that expensive :/
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I need help with some tax stuff, TQC.

I just got hired for a temporary position in Alabama. I moved here from California. My job is only going to be four months long.

I have to fill out some tax forms, and for the Alabama state tax form, there's a note that says, "If you had no Alabama income tax liability last year and you anticipate no Alabama income tax liability this year, you may claim 'exempt' from Alabama witholding tax."

I'm working 35 to 40 hours a week, making 12 dollars an hour. I exempt? My mom says i am, but...I dunno. All this tax stuff confuses me.
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does anyone else find themselves completely frustrated with head colds?

it seems like no matter what measures i take, i can never fight one off. i've been drinking oj and water, soup for every meal, lots of sleep and tea. i've had cough medicine for my cough and sudafed for the congestion. what am i doing wrong, TQC?

alternatively, when was the last time you were sick?

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 After struggling with a horrible, splitting headache all yesterday, I managed to read the 26 chapters I needed to read for a quiz I was to have this morning. However, I woke up 2 hours before my alarm was set to go off only to rush to the bathroom and half throw up, half dry heave for ten minutes. I have horrible stomach cramps and just feel BAD. I'm running to the bathroom every 20 minutes thinking I have to throw up but can't. So, I'm having to miss the quiz I spent all day/night yesterday preparing for. >:||

When was the last time luck was just not on your side?

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Inspired by a similar question,
I have a treadmill at home and I am planning in using it at least everyday for an hour. I would like to lose at least five kilos in two months, preferably ten. I am at 60k now. Does this sound reasonable to you? What else you reccomend I do. (Aside from eating healthy, I do that anyway)
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Cause its been a while... Do you pee in the shower? Have you peed in the shower? Tell me about it! Do you find peeing in the shower gross? Why? Do you like pee porn? Do you know someone who is a pee fetishist? Tell us about them.

Good morning, TQC

How do you take your coffee? Or tea?
Do you like flavored coffee? I'm drinking 'golden french toast' coffee right now and I'm impressed. I usually go for hazelnut.

Do you usually eat breakfast? What's your go-to for that?

Those of you who have had one, what was your first big kid job? By big kid job, I mean not a high school part time job like bagger at a supermarket or something.
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Does anybody else here become incredibly lazy when they're on their period?

What was the last thing that made you feel all warm and fuzzy? (I'm not in a robe curled under blankets at noon, nope.)
What did you eat for breakfast today?

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at what age did you start feeling "old(er)?"

i am turning 26 in a month and its the first birthday that when i think of it, my stomach does a little flip flop, and i kind of get depressed.  i know its dumb, and im really not THAT old. its just the fact that when i was younger and thought of the time when i'd be 26, i thought i would be in a much different spot than i am now. also i am closer to 30 than 20 now, and thats scary.

how old are you?

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Do your pets sleep in certain ways that are your favorite?

I find it adorable when my cat sleeps with her legs under her so she looks like an amputee, when my birds sleep with their heads buried in their backs, and when my dog sneaks up onto the couch to sleep.

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Does the frequency in which you talk to your friends indicate how much you like them?

For example, let's say you have a crush on your friend Bob, but you talk to your friend Larry more. Why would that be?

ETA: let's say you are equally good friends with both, but confide in Bob very personal things.

Do you have any exams right now? If not, anything else stressing you out?
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I have these walls in my new apartment that are ugly and white. I need some prints to hang up on the wall.

Do you have any quirky/modern/favorite prints and artwork, or favorite artists you like? 

Where do you get your prints from online? Show me them! 

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Does your friend's list know EXACTLY what you do for a living? If you're a student, do they know which specific school you attend?

DC: What kind of mood are you in today?

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TQC, I think it would be really awesome to run for state representative at some point in the future. I think I would be really good at the job and I know I am just as capable as the people in our state house, based on the legislative sessions I watch. Unfortunately, I have a google problem and would probably NEVER be able to get elected.

EDIT: A google problem is when you put your name into google and something terrible comes up (see: Santorum).

Any idea how to deal with my google problems?
Are there any jobs you would like to have, if it weren't for your choices in life?

DK/DC: Do you like to watch the house/senate stuff on CSPAN?
If you live somewhere other than the US, does your country broadcast similar stuff?

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Do you think of a band as a group of the same people playing music together every tour or as one or maybe two people that stay the same with a continuously changing lineup on other instruments?

What's a band that you think totally went down the tubes when the lineup changed?
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Fashionable people of TQC, can you suggest me some clothing that would look good on a pear-shaped university student? I'm going shopping today and need some ideas for what I should get!
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What is the ideal nap time (eta: i.e., length of time)? I have class at four and want to get in some zzz's beforehand, but I don't want to wake up feeling all groggy and out of it.

Will you also use this post to recommend something - whether it's a band, product, whatever?

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I just won 18 dollars on a two dollar lottery ticket, should I buy two more two dollars tickets and keep the rest or just be satisfied with my winnings and stop?

What's the most that you've ever won on a lottery ticket?
How often do you buy them?

Where do you usually hide things when you don't want other people in your house to find them?

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So....laura_kathleen recently gifted me 2 months of paid account access for some unknown reason to me.    

Anybody care to guess why?    That is other than to just be nice.  Conspiracy theories?

  Well, if nothing else,  I guess I can now edit my more foolish comments!     

ETA:  I WON and I guessed the right baby date!   Or so I'm being told!  : )  
I missed the post about the winners.

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When missing a birth control pill and taking 2 the next day (or whatever you've had to do), were you sick afterward?

I'm trying to figure out why I woke up early this morning super nauseous and if I'm actually sick or not. I also had an incredibly bad headache all yesterday and fell asleep with it still hurting. Maybe the headache made me sick--does that happen?

Or I might just have the flu, who knows.

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What should I do with the rest of my day?

Put my boots in to be fixed
Make a top hat
Attend my meeting
Go shopping for ribbons
Dye my hair
Call my SO who just got back from NZ
Eat a sandwich
Collect my mail from a friend's house
Write a ranty post
Make an appointment to get (non-urgent) blood tests
Buy some groceries
Do my dishes
Buy some takeaway food
Take my clothes off the line

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True or false?: 90% of the time anyone under 21 dating someone over 30 is doing it for a short fun few months?


True or false?:90% of the time anyone over 30 dating anyone under 21 or under is doing it for sex and/or to have someone to control and manipulate?

(Regardless of your opinion, if you're in that age range, and are in a current relationship that defies the above share your story?)

I'm screwed

I have a Physics test in 3 and a half hours, and I haven't been able to study at all. This is the first time I go to a test without studying or studying the same day...Am I screwed? Has this happened to you and were able to get at least a C? How did you do it? 

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My neighbor is driving her car top-speed down my street, pulling a k-turn at the end of my back driveway and going back down the street in the opposite direction, over and over again. She's done it 15 times now and it working on k-turn #16 at the moment.

And she's had her windshield wipers on the entire time.

Why is she doing this, TQC?

hey girl.

I was reading an article about women and friendship recently. Did you know we replace 50% of our friends every 7 years? So while we may have 2 or 3 friends forEVER, everyone else comes and goes in our lives.

Girls, will you tell me about a former female friend you don't have anymore? Do you miss her? Why do you think you're not close anymore?

Are same sex friendships 'better' or 'worse' than opposite sex friendships?
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i'm going on spring break this friday and i want to read two books during then. i have some books here that i can bring.

which two books should i bring?

the hindus by wendy doniger
north african women in france by by caitlin killian
feminism is for everyone by bell hooks
rip it up and start again: post punk 1978-1984 by simon reynolds
d.c. noir edited by george pelecanos
a people's history of the united states by howard zinn

also, will you share with us a song you like? any song at all.
Muh Life.
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Define success

How long do two people have to be married for their marriage to be considered a "success"? What of they divorced later?

Are you married?

Engaged? In a longterm relationship? Freebird? Ect?
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what is something that is/was completely obvious, but it took you awhile to figure out.
ie: today i realized that Subway has a mural of the NY subway system in their stores, bc theyre SUBWAY.
it kind of blew my mind.

i am so dumb.

New York?

My best friend and I have decided to move to New York City.  I'm finishing my degree this semester, and there is just no reason to stay in this terrible city.  It's one of the ones that always makes those lists of dumbest cities, fattest cities, etc.  I mean it's just an awful place. 

I know New York is super expensive, but I have a decent amount of money saved up to get us on our feet plus wealthy parents who aren't going to let us starve.  So!  Anyone know New York?  Good places to live?  How's the job market?  Want to tell me about how awesome it is?

Or has anyone ever just decided to move across the country (or out of the country!) to a cool city?  Tell me about your experiences.  I'm about to turn 21, and I just need to get out D:

Anytime Fitness

Yesterday I signed up for a membership at anytime fitness. I had gone in wanting the weeklong trial, but I ended up signing up for the actual membership... anyone know if there's a way I can cancel it after the inital week?
I think I am going to email the women I talked to, but not sure what to say??
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Do you think women's and/or paralympic/disability sports will ever have the funding and media attention that men's sports do? Should prize money be equal for both men's and women's events? Why or why not?
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I purchased a groupon coupon for a haircut, hair color, and manicure and pedicure. In order to cope with the demand they've broken up the appointments so that I am getting my hair cut on Friday, and I'm getting my mani/pedi next week. It says on the coupon to tip on the full price of the services ($145), which is fair.

So, I'm assuming I should tip once per session. How much should I tip each person?

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Vagina-bearing denizens of TQC, do you keep careful track of your period?

I don't, but I'm not sexually active.

Penis-bearing denizens of TQC, do you keep up with your monthly ball-checks or whatever?

Ever played MFK? (Marry Fuck Kill). What about MASH? (If you don't know what that means, I can't help you, haha.)

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This is probably going to be a stupid question, especially coming from someone who has identified as as lesbian for the past six years. Is the term "queer" an acceptable umbrella term for the LGBT community? I always thought it was and have seen it used this way but then a gay friend of mine said it isn't so now I'm all confuzzled and stuff.

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So I have this amazing down feather blanket that I absolutely love, but I have NO IDEA how to clean it.

Should I just throw it in the washer like any other blanket, or will that ruin it?

If you have one yourself, how do you usually clean it?

dk/dc: Did you have a security blanket when you were a child? When did you finally give it up?

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have you had an experience where you were hopelessly in love with a coworker but couldnt date them and you were both in a relationship? if you haven't, what would you do to get your mind from thinking about them?
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What's the most professional-looking jewelry to wear in stretched earlobes? Wearing nothing isn't an option, they're 5/8" so that would look kind of ridic. Is there anything here that would look nice for interviews? (I wear Kaos eyelets every day but I also have a couple pairs of plain wood)

Have you ever done cardio kickboxing? If you have, can you tell me about it? Did you find it to be easy, hard, intense, etc?
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Name of Plot Device

What is the name of the plot device in which the story starts out and then the next chapter or 5 min in, depending on the medium, the story goes back 3 days earlier, 24 hrs beforehand.

I have noticed that this has been used a fair bit in movies as of late, and now incredibly often on TV.

I asked my brother who is an award winning screen writer and director and he didn't know the name of it.

So question club, do you know what it is called?
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Has anybody had a CT/CAT scan? Care to share your experience?

(They want to do it with the contrast fluid - should I have somebody drive me there and back, or will I be OK?)

DK/DC/Kwitcherbitchin, Elbie: What's the most painful (physical) thing you've ever experienced?
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When you were little and learning about months/seasons, were you taught that March "goes in like a lion, out like a lamb"? (I was taught that in Northern VA) Where I live now March seems to be a wintery lion all month long and I wonder if kids are taught that here and in other places where spring doesn't start until May =/

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What can you recommend as a filling breakfast (no eggs)? I'm currently having cereal.

I'm up for work at 5am but lunch isn't until 12 and I'm ready to dive headfirst into a bag of crisps by 10am. I take a healthy snack instead but always seem to eat that and the crisps.

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are you a soft touch to your pets?

example: my kitty looks cold so I just put one of my favourite towels in her 'house' and now she is snuggling up looking super cute. it's justified imo but my mum thinks I am insane.

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Have you ever seen a dead body IRL?

I drive by a cemetery every day on the way to work and today, there were a few cop cars, they had the front taped off and there was a news camera across the street. I looked as I drove by and saw a dead guy laying right inside the front gate. It was kinda weird.

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I remember once using this thing on the internet where it gave you a phone number that people could call and it would redirect the call to your actual phone. does anyone have any idea of what this is or something similar?

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Can you swallow pills?
if not how do you get your medicines?
If you can, Can you swallow multiple pills at once ? or do you do each separate?

DC/DN have you ever flown a kite?
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This morning I took my antibiotic, completely forgot I took it, and took another an hour later.  Ugh.  STILL feeling the effects of that one.

What's the last completely idiotic thing you did?
Take a Look

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What was the last thing that made you laugh?

I'm looking @ the application info for Hour Eyes and one of the duties includes Process[ing] defective, spoiled and cannibalized frames.
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Because Marduk commands it.

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In one of his many recent bonko-crazy interviews, Charlie Sheen said he "was bangin' seven-gram rocks", I'm assuming of cocaine. My only experience with cocaine is through stuff like American Psycho, so I don't really know: how much is seven grams of cocaine?
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This movie is incredibly stupid. Why am I watching it?

Do you ever watch something you have no desire to see because at least it's something to do that's better than sitting in a quiet room and staring at the wall? Cause I really can't think of a better answer to my first question.

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hello guys,

i'm hoping that someone here would know stuff about computers :P i just found out a number of things myself today, haha.

yesterday my CPU fan started really loudly when i started up the computer. this morning when i took it out i realised that the thermal paste between the heatsink and the cpu fan have sort of dried up?

should i replace the thermal paste? or just replace the entire heatsink+fan system? :O heatsinks are easily replaceable, right?? :( i'm using an acer aspire m5800!
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loud kitty

I live in a small bachelor suite. I have two kitties. They're half Siamese, so they're quite vocal.

The younger cat, Rascal, yowls for breakfast anywhere between 3:00am and 4:30am. I have tried filling the food bowls before I go to bed, but either Rascal scarfs up the food or Toby (the older cat) eats it. I'd rather not leave out food because Toby is a chubby bunny who needs to lose weight, and it doesn't satiate Rascal's appetite anyway. Rascal has been checked out by the vet, and he is okay.

I have tried ignoring Rascal and also squirting his bum with water. He only stops when I give him food. And I wear earplugs, but I can still hear him. I don't want to keep reinforcing this behaviour by giving him food whenever he wants it.

Has anybody here ever dealt with this situation? What did you do?

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Hey all! For those who know what went on with me and my fiance, I'm finally in Oregon. A long 4 days in the car with 4 cats. Exhausting! This break up is really making me feel like shit, but I know it's for the best. I turn the tv on to feel less lonely, but every damn channel, a show reminds me of him. >:[

What do you do to feel warm and cozy?
Do showers make you feel more cozy afterward?