February 28th, 2011

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When you're dating someone, what are your deal-breakers?

I'm specifically talking about things that will make you say, "I am never going to date/see this person ever again." Examples: doesn't have the same religion as you, doesn't have the same taste in music, is racist, etc.
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I have just finished watching The Stepford Wives and I feel deeply unsettled. (It's also 2am and I have to be up in five or six hours to get ready for class.) TQC, what's the last movie you saw that made you feel unsettled or uncomfortable?
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So the only thing I know what to make with avocados is guacamole. And I have 4 more left because there was a special deal going with then. ... what else can I use avocados for/what can I put them in/what can I eat them with? What do you like eating avocados with? dumb question is dumb, I know.

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Do you think long hair (well past the shoulders) looks unprofessional/too young in a business setting? If you have long hair, how do you style it for like job interviews/important meetings.
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I'm just thirsty OK?

 What does your tap water taste/smell like? Where do you live? Can you stand to drink it?

I moved to Orlando, FL and although I know it's perfectly safe to drink, the tap water smells and tastes like earth and chlorine. I make "whiskey face" when I try to drink it. My Brita pitcher isn't even doing much. This is gross. I believe they call this "swamp water" and I have no idea how people drink it. When you flush the toilet or turn on the shower, it smells like I'm on the deck of a swimming pool. 

ETA- OK some folks think it's odd that I'm asking what their water tastes like. One would expect the answer to be "like water", but I'm asking you to describe the aftertaste I suppose. It can be metallic, dirty, sulfurous, chlorinated, bitter, etc.
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Does anyone have any recommendations for a small, cute, lightweight hair dryer? Or a "finger-style" diffuser?

What do you do to your hair after you wash it? I'm just getting into the whole "there's something more beyond shampoo and conditioner" mindset and I'm curious as to what you all use. I've got curly-wavy hair and just started using Herbal Essence's Totally Twisted shampoo, condition and mousse. I think I need to use more of the mousse, but I don't want to make my hair greasy. Any ideas?

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Whens the last time you went "wtf" at something your housemates did?

I just opened my washing machine to find my brothers shoes in there- he had put them on a 'delicate' cycle and I can see no evidence that any dirt came off them at all. Sometimes I wonder....


I'm going to NYC in April with my International Business class - we'll be working at SOFA at the Park Avenue Armory. Our "free" day for doing whatever we want in the city is Saturday. I know it's a cliche, but most of us would kill to go to Saturday Night Live. I researched and found out they draw the entire season tickets during the summer. I seen that you can go and wait in the stand by line but I was wondering if any of you have done that or know of anyone who has and how likely it is to get in?
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My father just called me and told me he was looking at the state's job opening website and found one for a forensic lab technician. He said, "Well, you watched a lot of CSI a few years ago, so you'd probably qualify. You should apply for it."

He was serious.

WTF is my father smoking, TQC?

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Say you tried on a jacket/blazer that fit as though it was tailor-made for you. Beautifully constructed, beautiful fabric, the EXACT shade of dark navy blue you've been looking for, it's just perfection.

Problem: It's $900.

Are you the type who'd splurge on something like this if you had the monetary means to? Or is a jacket not something you care about enough to pay this much for?

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In the same week, a guy gets an infection in his mouth and a girl comes down with bacterial vaginitis. They had had oral sex in the 72 hours prior to symptoms appearing. How likely is it one of them passed it to the other?

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so i'm hallucinating. this isn't unusual i do it a lot but people in my life [important ones ones i like/trust/respect whatever] said i shold call 911 the next time it happens. well that's now.

and tqcers i'm scared. i don't want to call 911 my parents don't have nsurance and they can't afford a stay in the ER for something that isn't physical.

i i'm not really sure if i have a question other than what should i do, tqc?

other pertinent info i spose- i'm severly depressed and for a good portion before this i was diging my nails into my palm so i wouldnt just start screaming.

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Does anyone own a 3D TV? If you do what brand do you have and what do you like/dislike about it? I am not a big fan of 3D but I want to get a new TV for our computer room for gaming and movies.

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What's the worst start to your day you've had lately?

Mine started with almost getting hit by a plow, and then sprayed with salt (literally assaulted) on my way to the exam I didn't really study for :D.

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Do you guys have any tips for riding your bike on the street?

I want to start riding my bike to school but half of the way there is a highway with no bike lane and I don't want to get hit by cars or anything

nevermind I guess that's a bad idea

How often do you ride your bike (if you have one)?
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I'm still feeling sick and need some cheering up.

Can we have a "brag about our pet(s) post"?

Tell me why you have the coolest, cutest, most awesome pet in the world.

I also need pictures as proof of said cuteness.
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If you've had surgery on your face which involved bandages or a noticeable/unsightly healing period, how did you deal with that? Did you get any weird looks or questions from strangers? My appointment is fiiiiiinally this Friday (I posted to complain about how far ahead I had to make it in November) and that's what I'm most worried about =S

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For those of you who work out, what is your routine like? What exercises do you like to do? Do you do yoga or pilates?

And/or for those who don't, what was the last book you read? What did you think of it? Just kidding, apparently everyone did this at once. How about this: Would you rather eat ostrich or buffalo?

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I'm having a birthday party at my apartment in a few weeks and you're all invited!! What should the theme be? I thought about Pop Princesses and Boy Bandmates. Any other suggestions?

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TQC, I am stressed the fuck out. I've asked a couple other things about it before but I'm graduating undergrad in May so I'm starting to look for big girl jobs near home. I've got my resume put together for the most part, but I'm convinced that nobody is going to hire me. I've only ever gone through the motions in college. I never did an internship or anything cool.
How do I keep my head on straight? Any tips for my job-hunting adventures?

Also- my roommate told me I should put the Travel Course to Spain that a few of my friends and I went on a couple years ago on my resume. Thing is, I didn't take the course, I just went on the trip. Should I put the trip on my resume anyway since I learned and experienced a lot there or leave it out?

What's stressing you out?

EDIT- What am I supposed to do for interviews if I'm on the other side of the state and don't have a mode of transporation back and forth? :|
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Desk job people:

What kind of hygiene related or other miscellaneous items do you have at your desk?

I have floss, mouthwash (travel size), nail clippers (although I don't use them except in emergencies) and bandaids.

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How should I wear this top? It's a short sleeve sweater and I've never worn one successfully before. As it is now, I feel like it's way too plain. I tried to put a short sleeve shirt under it, but then it makes my shoulders look huge. I don't have a short sleeve blouse.

Maybe a neck scarf? I don't really have any navel length necklaces...I thought that would've helped. What would you do to make this cute?

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Do you have any news to share? I was just on the forever21.com site and ZOMG, they have the cutest spring/summer dresses, this is news because I was having the hardest time finding cute dresses.

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 Have you ever sent an email (or something of the like) to someone, perhaps a professor or otherwise, in which you asked multiple questions, only to have them brush over a question?
Do you ask them again or just take whatever response they give you, even if it's incomplete?

Did I word this question coherently? XD

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Have you ever been eating something only to realize too late that it's rotten/gone bad? I was just eating a red plum and it looked fine on the outside but when I went to take the pit out (after I'd eaten half of it) I saw it was all brown iside. Ew. :(
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Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...

So, last night we had a crazy ass storm hit my town (podunk USA)  and we had green lightning with the storm along with intense purple flashes from the power lines snapping and going down.

You can see the aftermath here in The Missourian's gallery.  

What's the wildest weather (or otherwise natural disaster) event you've ever been in?  Any not too gory pictures to share?
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When you buy your train ticket/cinema ticket/shopping/whatever, given the choice would you rather pay using a self service machine or be served by a real person?

I always seem to head to the machine.

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I have been busting my ass all weekend to finish three papers that are due tomorrow in my film class. Just as I'm finishing up the third one, I get a mass email from my teacher basically saying, "Papers are due tomorrow, yada yada, here are the things you need to make sure to remember", followed by a list of things that have never been mentioned until now. Not in the paper requirements on the syllabus, not in in-class discussion, not in any prior emails. So far as I know, I have missed nothing that would have caused me to miss out on this information.

I have zero time to rewrite the papers without staying up all night. Emailing the teacher is not going to be any help, because she never replies in less than 48 hours, and I can't wait for a response before I start working. What would you do? Pull an all-nighter trying to rewrite them, or leave the papers as they are and risk a lower grade?

I am very torn, because I have a long day tomorrow with no chance for a nap, but I have a 4.0 I'm trying to keep.
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There's a job fair on campus next week. The notice says "Come dressed for success". What should I wear?? Would black skinny jeans and a sweater be ok? I don't have any nice pants and it will be too cold for a skirt.

If I ABSOLUTELY MUST wear nice pants, I would need to take a pair to a tailor. If I dropped off a pair this week would I be able to get them back by next Tuesday?

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What name(s) do you absolutely hate? you hate it so much that you would never, EVER name your child that name, for the sake of this question imagine that you do want kids.

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Out of curiosity, at the beginning stages of eyeliner, was the kohl put on the water line our on the outside under eye area? I'm asking to verify whether or not those during the Regency period used eyeliner on their water line, i.e. during the time of Jane Austen. Any thoughts?

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You die. Upon your death when you're just kind of this formless consciousness floating around, some high power gives you three choices. You can either choose to return to Earth reincarnated (but you will have no idea as what) or as a ghost. The only other option is to venture forth to the afterlife (with no idea what the afterlife will be like).

 Which do you choose and why?

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Is it better to put warm foods in the refrigerator or should you wait till they are room temperature and then refrigerate?

Just wondering because I was brought up to do the latter but my roommate insists that it'll spoil if it's left out too long. She put some warm steak in the refrigerator & I am wary about eating it later on.

ETA: Oops. I meant I was brought up to do the LATTER, not former.

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Is there any way that an Australian with a Bachelor of Arts could get any kind of job in the US?

Or should I just go back to Germany next year?

Really, I should just try to be happy in Melbourne, right? (Guess who has reverse culture shock!)

Will you tell me about your hometown?

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I have a splitting headache that I'm afraid is on the verge of turning into a migraine. It's the kind that throb with every step or movement you make and it feels like my eyes are crossing. I've taken excedrin and half an extra strength vicodin and it hasn't gone away. I've had plenty of water.

I also have to read 22 chapters (140 pages) before I go to bed in 5 hours. What do? How do I make this headache go away, or at least get better enough to read? D:

lol hair question

What do you think about larger women with really short haircuts? Can it be cute? Does it just look bad?

My hair is really unhealthy and blah-looking. I want to get a cute, short haircut to get rid of all the unhealthy hair, but I'm worried that because of my larger stature I'll just look like an idiot.
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Are business suits that would be appropriate for an adult woman to wear to interviews sold anywhere in children's sizes?

Have you ever commissioned completely new clothes from a tailor before? I'm thinking of going that route instead of finding something to alter. They would look just as professional as long as I go to someone good, right? Any idea how much that would cost?
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Inspired by events in Wisconsin, are there are any present-day leaders or politicians whom you truly respect? 

These can be national, state, or local officials. 

Are your local politicians more self-serving or populace-serving, in your view? Where do you live? 
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If you won one of those $40 million lottery jackpots, what would you do?

Here are some things I would do:

-Learn more about money. I'm clueless. Probably put most of it in the bank and live off of the interest? Is that something people do?
-Buy extravagant gifts for everyone I love
-Buy a place in Paris, and one in Austria
-Set my aunt up so she never has to worry about money ever again
-I know I would donate to charities but I'm unsure of which ones...I'd have to do some research, but for sure an animal welfare organization. I would never be able to have that kind of money and not try to do good with it.
-Have way more pets

EDIT: forgot to add: eat only delicious food for the rest of my life.
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What is that song?

What is that song that has a line in it something to the effect of, "you can be my transatlantic lover"? Or ... something about ... um ... transatlantic love. I heard this song once, ages ago, and can't remember what the hell it is or even how it goes, just that I really liked it. O_O

I've tried everything and cannot find this song.

I think it's fairly modern. As in the last 10 years or so.
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Does your family have any heirlooms?
If yes, what are they? 
If no, is there anything of yours/your parents'/grandparents' etc. that you would like to be able to pass on?

Inspired by my Grama recently giving me her 1950s pink pyrex mixing bowls I've been pining over for 14 years. 
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can we have a happy post? someone please just overload me with nice things. or tell me about good things that have been going down?

i just had the vet out to my new baby llama Nelida. something (im thinking a dog) has taken a huge chunk out of her thigh. the vet couldn't stitch it up because it was too large of a wound so shes been given antibiotics and i need to clean it everyday in hope that it heals. i just need to smile right now :(
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Why are some people DRIVEN to name drop?

There's a guy in my Science Fiction club who moved to the DC area from somewhere out west (Chicago maybe?).  He's been in SF fandom for many years.  My group has a yahoo groups list.  Every time he posts a comment to ANY thing there is a remark designed to say, "I've been in fandom forever and am so important."  Ya know what?  WSFA is one of the oldest SF clubs in the nation.  We've been active since 1950.  We've held worldcons for god's sake.  Does he not understand that he's not impressing us.
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TQC, will you help me plan my meals for this week? I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow, so anything is fair game. I don't really care for seafood, but other than that, no restrictions.

If you like horror movies, do you prefer more suspenseful movies, or slasher movies?

Do you like cream cheese? What's your favorite way to enjoy cream cheese?
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I went to Taco Bell with my husband today. While we were eating, one of the employees brought us out a complimentary bag of Cinnamon Twists. This has never happened to me before. Is Taco Bell trying to show excellent customer service or is there some weird promotion I'm unaware of?

When's the last time you got something free you weren't expecting?

here's some crazy stuff...

Some anti-abortion group here  in Ohio( Faith2Action) is calling a 9 week old fetus to 'testify' in court.  There will be a sonogram projected on a screen, and the heartbeat will be shown beating in color. 
How do you feel about that?  What is the legality of it?  Is it possible?  Do you think it's a bit shocking and over the top? 
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Leftover pizza or soup?
Ice cream or rice krispies treat?
Mountain Dew or rootbeer?

Edit: I have chosen leftover hawaiian with Mountain Dew and a fudge Drumstick. Thanks, everybody. :D Please lemme know 'bout your music, though. My current favourite is "Oh, Maker" by Janelle Monae, all-time is "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen and "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey.

DK/DC/Wtf why are you making me decide your dinner: Would you list the song you're listening to right now? Or your absolute favourite of all time?
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What sorts of things do you eat in a typical week? What are some staples you keep on hand almost always?

I exist mostly on vegetables, raw or cooked. I generally eat mostly salads, soups, stews and sandwiches, and I find that all these things are infinitely variable. I never get bored, even on my very limited budget.

Staples that I always have on hand: celery, onions, garlic, carrots, quinoa, noodles, eggs, sweet potatoes, peppers, spinach, vegetable stock, miso paste, yogurt and various cheeses and breads.

I can't tear myself away from thequestionclub tonight!
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TQC, do you like to do favours for people? Why or Why not?
Do you like to ask for favours?

a) I'll do 'small' favours for people, I don't think it hurts to do a good deed. I don't like to repeatedly be asked for many different favours by the same person,though, as that is a tad annoying.

(question inspired by my need for votes in a photography competition that closes at midnight GMT. Nail biting times.)

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What simple pleasures have you enjoyed lately?

It was laundry day. I just took a shower and changed my sheets and I'm ready to get in my fresh and clean bed in my fresh and clean sweats on my fresh and clean body. I'm SO HAPPY.
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On RuPaul's Drag Race, they said Shangela needs to learn how to beat her face. I thought they meant basically to make it up/more femme. But then the judges asked one of the other girls if she just got out of prison, since her face looked beat to hell...

Please define this for me? Were they using the term two different ways and I'm making more of it than there is?

Who do you want to win? I really love Manilla but Raja is hands down the fiercest!
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Anyone with a Blackberry having problems receiving Facebook notifications on their phone? I also noticed that the option to directly upload photos to Facebook has... completely disappeared from my phone. Any idea why this is?

Have you ever taken Anatomy and Physiology? How did you survive it? I just sat through my first five hour lab and I want to die. I'm scared.

How happy are you right now?
I'm like a 7. My Zoloft kicked in and I feel pretty and motivated about life/school, but I still have a way to go before I feel amazing.
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Job interview questions

I'm interviewing a job candidate tomorrow with 2 other people, but I'm taking the lead. I have my questions prepared, but wanted to check in with TQC first:

1. What are the best interview questions you've asked / been asked?
2. And the worst questions you've asked/been asked?
3. Any job interview horror stories?

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Well you are not allowed to delete posts so let me just replace the not funny meta (which I thought more people would have been amused by) with a question.

How many LJ icons do you have?
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Does cleaning up dog shit make you throw up?

Every time I've had to do it I've thrown up and felt pretty nauseous for the rest of the day, is this normal? I don't know anyone else irl who is like this.