February 27th, 2011


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Does anyone listen to SModcast or any SModcast network podcasts?

They're Kevin Smith's line of podcasts and I'm OBSESSED.

If you do know, CAN WE CHAT ABOUT IT? I don't have anyone IRL to talk about it with :(

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So recently I had a few teachers of mine write me some recommendations for a study abroad program. A few friends of mine have also gotten a few teachers to write for them and now they are planning on going out and buying gift cards/gifts to give to the teachers (as a sign of appreciation I guess). I've always felt that a sincere thank you and keeping them updated about what ever it is your applying to was enough. I don't know...I kind of feel like running out and buying gifts for your teachers is sort of weird or suck upish...what do you all think? Should I have gotten gifts for them?

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Joecoollemmings' gift post made me ashamed of how little I know about everyone here's interests and likes.  Soo, will you post your top three favorite things to do with your free time and your top three wants in terms of gifts?

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What's your shoe size?
I wear a size 8 US shoe and I've fluctuated like crazy. Once I started wearing 'adult-sized' shoes in like 6th or 7th grade, I went for a size 6 to like a 10 in about 2 years. Then as soon as my feet hit their peak and I had been buying more and more shoes that eventually didn't fit, my foot consistently was a size 8 and still is unless a random shoe runs small.

Do you have trouble finding shoes that you like in your size?
Sometimes because I think 8 is a pretty common shoe size and it always seems to sell out the fastest in the styles of shoes that I'm looking for.

Pic of the last pair of shoes you bought?

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Lots of questions!

All based around this:
"Mmhm, I miss you too, which is why I don't like hearing from other people that the kids need me" [the kids in this case are his sister's kids. the "other people" are his other friends/his sister.]

Question 1: What does it mean?
[I know it;s positive but the second part is a little confusing to me and maybe y'all could shed some light on it.]

Question 2: Are there ways to interpret this that don't make us sound like some ridiculously codependent couple?


Fine, fine. Context:
The boyfriend and I were chatting about his situation and he said that to me. The kids in question aren't his; they're his sister'.

Question 3: Anything else you all need?

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Will you tell me something quirky about yourself that you were perhaps always pointed out for?

I have big eyes... like, huge OMG I'm an alien eyes. When I was a baby they thought something was wrong with me because my eyes pretty much were just big bug eyes on a baby's head.

I'm feeling self conscious. :X
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Guys I have a huge crush on my friend but she's in a relationship. Will you tell me about the times you've had feelings for your friends who are in relationships? I need to wallow in self pity with others please.


what is/was your major in college?
how many years did it take you to get your degree?
for those of you who've gone to more than two or three schools, but only got a degree from one... do you/would you put all the schools on your resume?

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TQC, will you post your username so that we can tell you what we'd get you for your birthday?

Only condition is it must be something that's already in your house.



If you comment to tell someone what you're giving them, you must give them something that's in your house.

carter arrested

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la's snowpocalypse 2011 has left my car iced. the. fuck. over. and since this is LOS ANGELES ice scrapers or some shit like that don't exist. the cats are about to eat me alive so i need to go to the store. HOW DO I SOLVE PROBLEM WITHOUT KILLING MY CAR BATTERY?

this post barely makes sense bc i haven't slept yet ty

EDIT ty everyone i used tap water cats are fed night night zzzz
mac animated - prayer works!

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For those of you attending College/University,

Do you take summer semester classes? Is it required for your school?

If you take summer semester classes, do you enroll half time or maintain your full time status?
Minzy ♪ 6

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What's your favorite morning drink?
Coffee, tea, oj, water?

I can't drink coffee without having hot chocolate in it.
I looove it. I drink hc coffee every day.
(I can't put sugar in my coffee because it makes me ill)


I'm trying to distract myself from my desperate want for a cigarette...gif me?

Which do you consider a worse/unhealthier habit, smoking cigarettes or indoor tanning?
What is your least healthy habit or favorite vice?

What's your favorite form of potato? I prefer mashed. Or vodka.

EDIT: Also, I am looking for new userpics, since I haven't changed mine since...oh, about 2007. Share some good icons with me?


tqc, I am having trouble sleeping. It's been taking me longer than it used to to fall asleep (not sure how long, like an hour or more). In addition, during the work week I get up at 7am so it's programmed into my brain because on the weekends I still get up at that time - and then I can't fall back asleep. I stay in bed till 10am before I give up. I'm too full of all this restless nervous energy. Friday night I was up past 1am and last night I was up past 4am, and I'm exhausted...I usually use the weekends to CATCH UP on sleep because I'm usually one of those people who needs a lot of sleep to be able to function! I've had all this tension and energy ever since I went through a break up 2 weeks ago, I guess I have to deal with that, but in the meantime...

how do you relax enough to fall asleep? what are your routines or what do you think of to calm you down?

I don't want to become dependent, psychologically or physically, on any sort of sleeping pills. :/

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Morning QC!

Would you respond to a job posting on Craigslist?

Where do you go if you look for jobs online?

I usually just go to the online Classifieds and sometimes I pick up the real physical classified and I'm also lucky to have friends giving me tips and I have two places I'm going tomorrow to apply that are also nearby my home!

I've eaten far too much chocolate for it to only be 11 am.


Me: Waffles, Caramel filled chocolate hearts, strawberry filled chocolate squares, starbursts, pink lemonade.

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For those of you homeowners:

1. How much did your home cost?
2. How much money did you put down for a down payment?
3. From the minute you officially started looking for a house until the day you were able to move in, how long did that take?
4. What is your monthly payment?
5. How did you know it was *your* house?

Thank you =)
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Should I go see The Smoking Popes in April?  I feel that I might be too old for something like that.

edit to add:

I might go to the movies...should I see The Eagle, or Hall Pass?  I'm not in the mood for any thing highbrow. 

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TQC, my dad and I were out doing errands for all of two hours this morning when we got a call from a family friend that my grandma (who has Alzheimers) had wandered. Luckily some guy picked her up and brought her home, but I'm staying at home all day (she still lives with us) to keep an eye on her. Now, I have a date planned for six pm tonight, which is two hours from the time when my dad will get home from work. Should I ask my date if we can bump it till eight, so that my grandma's not alone? Should I just cancel it completely since I have to get up early tomorrow and my date's going to have to drive three hours round trip to see me? I just don't think that four hours of seeing each other is worth it for a three-hour drive.

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every night, i have really vivid dreams that make me really uncomfortable when i wake up, and make me feel really off for the whole rest of the day. is there something that i can do about this? something i can do to just..not dream? is that something i can go to like, a doctor for? i'm just so sick of it!

what was the last dream you had that you can remember?

what was the last good thing that happened to you?
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You are on a desert island for a month, you have two (and only two) food options. You have a 100% chance of surviving and being rescued after a month if you eat your already dead spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc. You have a 25% chance of surviving if you attempt to catch wild animals/fish.

What happens? What amount of percentage would change your answer?
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If an object is not necessarily perilously placed, but close to perilous enough that a slightly less than cautious action puts the object in peril, and breaks the object, is it the fault of the object placer or the action maker?
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I need your opinions, TQC. A guy asked to borrow money. We signed a contract stating when the money had to be returned. I loaned him the cash. His business deal failed. He vanished, past the date we agreed. I took him to small claims court. He's hiding overseas so I can't find him. I called his dad. His dad can't find him either, but offered to pay me back the amount. However, by telling his dad the amount and showing him the contract (he wants a copy), I break the confidentiality agreement in the contract. What if he's secretly scheming with this son for me to break the contract? What should I do?

PS: Have you loaned money and gotten it back?
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 What was your latest food disappointment? You were expecting OH HELL YEAH DELICIOUS and instead your mouth was hit with :C .

I tried the whole grain Kraft Mac n' Cheese. It was, well, grainy. It was like biting into an old apple. 
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which is worse:

Someone lying about something very serious


Someone catching the person in the lie by not very morally right means (reading diary, searching personal computer without permission, etc)
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What is one sentence you wish you could say to someone in your life (past or present), but either can't or never got a chance to? No context is necessary on this, unless you chose to give it.

Smart phones

Hi, I'm trying to switch from an old style flip phone which is dying to one of the new smart phone thingies everyone is using but have no idea where to start.
I think I'm going to get an unlocked one so the service doesn't matter, but I was going to keep my t-mobil service.
What I'm looking for is: keyboard(not touch screen), a decent camera, wifi, decent battery life. Don't think I want an iphone.
I was originally thinking blackberry, but my friend says I can get something better than that.
I was looking for recommendations. What do you like about your smart phone and what kind is it?

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Ok this is going to sound a little morbid but I couldn't sleep last night and somebody on TV was talking about Heath Ledger and it inspired this.

What celebrity death really shocked you? Like you didn't see it coming and came completely out of left field?

What celebrity(ies) are you still surprised to know that they're still alive? Maybe surprised isn't the best word but my answer may make it a little more clear.

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Are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? Do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time? POST A PICTURE and we'll go from there.

EDIT: DONE. 5:44 PM ET. Until next time!

Working out.

I'm joining a gym tonight! This will be the first time I've joined a gym in my life, and the first time that I've willingly, purposely worked out since I was athletic, over ten years ago.

1. What do you like to work out in? I don't even know where my tennis shoes are. I've only worn dress shoes since high school. :\ I just bought some t-shirts from the thrift store...I don't have any shorts or casual pants or anything yet.

2. I've always been insecure about joining a gym. I'm not overweight, maybe a little underweight. I was always afraid that if I went to the gym other women might look at me and hate me for my size, or make fun of me for not being fit at all. I'm also afraid of not really knowing what to do - how to use the equipment or creating a useful, healthy routine, and then being judged for it. Do you have any insecurities about working out in front of other people?
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I'm making some butternut squash and ginger soup for dinner tonight. I'm going to go get some bread to go with it. What else should I have with my dinner? If you were coming over to have dinner with me, what else would you be excited to have with this soup?
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 This girl I don't really like just offered to make me a gluten free cake. Should I give her another shot? Y/Y?

Can we have a food post? PICTURES OF FOOD PLEASE. I finally have my appetite back after a week and I've been eating NONSTOP. BRB Getting weighed at the zoo soon. 

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Inspired by a previous post: Dr. TQC, why am I always nauseous when I wake up every morning? I'm definitely not pregnant, and this happens every single morning and has been for years. It hits me after about 45 minutes of me being awake, and lasts until the early afternoon. I've never thrown up from it, but it's really uncomfortable :(

I'm going on a road trip with my friend from Jersey to Miami in a few weeks. We're stopping in D.C. to visit a friend, but other than that, where do we NEED to stop by on our adventure? We're open for anything! Is there a reliable website that can calculate how much we'll need for gas and tolls?

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so, my ex moved out three weeks ago and got a new place, but she left all of her stuff at my place. i have been nice to her every step of the way, i have even rewashed and folded all of her clothes and packed her shit for her. she still refuses to come pick it up.

anyways, should i just throw her shit in the trash at the end of the week or go put it all in her car while she is at work or something else? she has A LOT of stuff.

i have been giving up almost all of my evenings off waiting for her to never show up when she says she will, she is probably just doing it to be a bitch at this point. i talked to her earlier and asked if she was coming over, ofc she said no and that she didnt care that i thought it was unfair of her to keep doing this.

would throwing her stuff out cause any legal trouble? i have a key to her car so moving her stuff into her car wouldnt be hard, just very time consuming and annoying. it would probably take a week or more if i just filled her car up once a night after work.

dk/dc: are you a nice person? if so, are you completely tired of being nice to others?
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Vegetarians and vegans, how do you get your protein? Meat is really super grossing me out lately and I already don't drink milk or eat cheese.  Do you have lots of nuts?

dk/dc: Are you going to watch the Academy Awards/Oscars on Sunday/Monday for my timezone?
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Have you ever written to a company to complain about their product and gotten free stuff because of it? Do you know someone who has? Wanna share your/their story?? :D
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 Should I order pizza?

I have food I can make, but I just woke up from a nap and I feel like even worse shit than I did before the nap. And I took the nap to try and sleep off feeling so shitty! D:
I also am not interested in doing the dishes from making food. 
EXCEPT I feel guilty because the money I'd use to pay for the food, my dad left me and takeout isn't really what it should be used for. 

Do you like Stockard Channing? 
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Assume that you generally shave your body hair but are sometimes lax about it--e.g., you'll sometimes neglect to shave and view it as a non-issue. How would you react if your SO made negative comments about your not shaving as frequently as you "could"?
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an old best friend is getting married. i headed to target yesterday, picked up a few things from her registry, and was planning on giving them at the shower or the wedding.

my mom now tells me that i should have a gift for the shower, and for the wedding. i'm completely new to attending weddings so i wouldn't know if this is true or not.

should i buy something else? i spent thirty dollars on 3 cooking-related items. we haven't seen each other in a few years, and i don't have a ton of money at the moment. what's proper gift-giving etiquette?!

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My ex housemate sent me this message:
"we have a few items of yours still - two beanbags, your plastic greenhouse, and a candle thing. Can you pick them up today or tomorrow please, or we can put them out for bin collection/freecycle."
( I should add that we haven't spoken since I moved out)
I moved out a month ago, and I think this only came today because she was bitter about me going for lunch with another ex housemate. The timeframe is totally unreasonable as she knows i'm very very busy/working today and tomorrow. They also have my fridge, which they'd be completely screwed without. Without being totally passive aggressive, and in the wittiest way possible, how do I point this out? I don't care if she bins that stuff.

ETA: I have nowhere to keep the fridge, and still have friends in the house, i'd just like her to realise i'm doing them a favour. I'll get it back at the end of the school year.
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If you're in school - high school, college, grad school, a teacher, whatever - when is your Spring Break this year? It seems extraordinarily early for a lot of people to me this year for some reason.


February 21-25
February 28-March 4
March 7-11
March 14-18
March 21-25
March 28-April 1
April 4-8
April 11-15
April 18-22
Something else in comments

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What are some good remedies for neck pain?  I've been having this pain off and on for a while and my neck is a little stiff. It's like a really bad cramp, and OTC pain relievers aren't working.

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I'd like some help from the tqc school of interior design. I have a room with red walls and five windows and wanted some form of window treatments. I thought curtains would be overbearing because there are so many windows, whatever i'd pick would take over the room, so I made some valances.

1) The look kinda old fashioned to me now that I've sewn them up. are valances lame?

2) Which do you like better, with or without the light brown fabric on it?

3) Got any other general ideas for what you'd do with these windows?

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There is a boy coming to my house in a few minutes. We've met before and we're friendly, and we need to kill time until eight or so, when we're going to get dinner. Besides Scrabble, cheese and crackers, what do I do with him and feed him? (Sex is off the table.)

Ughhhh you guys he's half an hour late and hasn't called or texted or picked up when I tried to call. What gives?

10 Year olds dating

This is a facebook status from my little cousin who is ten years old:

":( For a guy who want to dated me so bad dumped me and i cant belive it .I am not a pretty girl for guys and i guess i would be supid and ulgy all the time because all boys think that i and werid ulgy supid and not pretty and beatiful cant boys like a 10000 hair dude of me of my well i am ulgy :("

Despite not understanding some of it, I feel soooooo bad for her! I want to tell her that she shouldnt even be dating boys and having such heartache at that age. I dont know how to talk to her at a level she would really absorb the message at. I want her to be confident and feel pretty and not worry if other people think she is ugly or not! I just dont know how to word how I feel in a way that a 10 year old's mind thinks where she would really listen (is it even possible??)

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My class is 3 and a half hours long and the only way I've found to pay attention that long without dozing off is drinking an energy drink.

Does anyone have any other ways of giving my body energy to want to pay attention instead of ingesting those things? I hate how shaky they make me.

DK/DC - Do you have any classes you can't pay attention in? That you fall asleep in? What classes?

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Dear TQC,

I want to write a letter to one of the colleges I recently applied to which explains 3 unfavorable marks on my transcript.
Here's a breakdown of them and the reasons for each:
F in an Algebra remedial course-No matter how hard I try, I just don't get it. The reason why I didn't retake it is because since it was a low level remedial and I needed to take 2 more remedials before the course I need for Algebra, I couldn't possibly make it to that course if I wanted to transfer after my 2nd year at community college.
D in basic Astronomy-I'm currently retaking this course this semester. I mainly didn't do well because I had trouble adjusting to the teacher's style and the teacher always told us before every test that it would go over everything we went over in class and I found it frustrating to see repetitive/similar questions about only 20% of the material we went over. (Like say, a question about the "what is" of a planet and a question about the "what not" of a planet directly afterward, which led to major confusion)
D in a Business course I took way back in my 1st semester-There was one essay we had to write for our final and most of the points were for that, the other 20% points were just for class participation. I'm guessing my essay wasn't good enough, which resulted in a D. I didn't retake this course because it didn't apply to the major I had switched to the following semester.

So basically, how do you think I should explain the reasons I have for these bad marks in my letter?

ETA: Okay, thanks to some of these comments I've decided that I'm not going to write a letter explaining why I didn't do well in these classes as it really wouldn't help. This particular school is very lenient on admissions to begin with and since the rest of my marks are solid I think I have a pretty good shot of getting in. Thanks.
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What were some of your favorite books when you were a kid? Did you read a lot?

I really loved "Matilda" by Roald Dahl  and "The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster. I also read "The Babysitters Club" series (I wanted to be Claudia) and Enid Blyton's adventure series with great pleasure :)

EDIT: Do you still read a lot now?

Would this fly if it were your show?

Did anyone ever watch this show? I can't remember the name, but they build an 18th century village on this island, and took people back so they could try living as people did back then. And people complained because they were having to live as people did back then!

1) Villagers complained because they had to be in church every day, all day every Sunday. They said they didn't believe in God, so they shouldn't be made to do it. So producers said they didn't have to. Hello! In the 1700s, you went to church, even if you didn't believe in God. Even if you didn't feel like it. If you didn't go to church, you went to jail. If the villagers didn't want to sit in church, they should have been kicked off the show.
2) The women complained because they weren't allowed to be involved in decision making in the village. Do I have to remind you what year you're trying to live in? Women cooked, cleaned, and raised the children. That's how it was.

I just don't understand why people decided they wanted to be part of the show, then refused to actually try to live in the past, which is the entire premise of the project.

I'd tell them, "If you don't cooperate, you're going back to the mainland and the 21st century. Why did you volunteer if you didn't want to do it?"

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What's the last thing that made you (rationally or irrationally) anxious?

Right now I'm waiting to see if my friend is going to blow me off :( I really hope he doesn't...
Take a guess, do you think he's gonna ditch me, TQC?
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Moslem businesses

I've been wondering something about businesses being run under Moslem governments.
If you have a job in a Moslem run country, are the businesses legally obligated to pay you for your services THAT DAY,
or do they operate like normal businesses where they give you a paycheck for 40 hours of work at the end of the week?
My theory is that they would pay you THAT DAY because of biblical commandments against withholding wages beyond the evening.
Am I right? Or do they actually pay like everyone else, with a check at the end of the week?

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I think all of TQC needs a motherfucking hug right now. Will you use this post to just post happy stuff? Be it good news you want to share, a compliment to another TQCer, a picture of cute animals, whatever.
Old Fashioned
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Inspired by this comment: What were some of the books you read as a child that shocked you into staying with you?

For me, it was 'The World According to Garp'. I read it when I was about 12-13, and the whole book was so far out of the realm of the young adult fantasy novels I normally read it completely blew my mind. I can still pretty much quote the section with Jenny and the soldier at the beginning of the book.

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How would you feel if a roommate not part of TQC joined TQC just so they could complain about you and/or seek validation on a dispute involving you?

How do you feel about the fact that tobbit is literally hunched over her laptop hovering over her post going "Looks like they're siding with ME" and cackling?
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my brother and I are having a debate. I say that since our household has never established the tradition of doing the dishes of a communal meal on behalf of the person who cooked it, we should not start now. My brother says that we should start this tradition immediately. Let it be known that there is a dirty brownie pan from when he made brownies.

Who would you agree with?

bonus question: the oven is preheated for brownies. WHO IS GOING TO END UP MAKING ANOTHER BATCH?
bonus answer: moshi is washing the pan, brother is making the brownies, and I am washing the dishes after.
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I just got a text from a ~10 year old recovering cancer patient calling me out for not taking time off tomorrow to go snowmobiling with her and her family like I promised 6 months ago*.

When was the last time someone made you feel incredibly guilty? For what?

*In my defense I didn't know she was coming up until two days ago and I have been incredibly sick all week.
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Everyone is dead, there is no source of food. It's just you, Frank your loving dog of six years, and the glow of alien UFOs. You either eat your dog to survive or die. Rest assured, that as soon as you die, your dog will start eating you. Take the UFO's in the distance however you want.

What happens?

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I saw a movie preview recently for a documentary but I can't remember exactly what it was. I think it was in another country, or it might have just been low-income communities in the U.S.

There were a lot of people who had traveled for a very long time and were sitting in a room, hoping their name or number would be called...I think they were hoping to win some sort of lottery but I cannot remember what it was for. It might have been for a free surgery..or a school voucher...but those could be completely wrong.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about??

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Do you worry about your pets when you see them dreaming?

Do you ever hear them whimper or whine or see them suddenly joly up startled?

My cat just gave this odd snort and fell out of his sleeping cube. I didn't know what to think.

And now he's thinking it's time to play. For goodness sake cat! Take yourself back to sleep!
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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lol fun stuff on the interwebs

My friend are separated across the USA, but we have a computer to keep us together. Sometimes we run low on conversation. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for things we could do on the computer that could be fun? (Lol, neopets, gaia... paid stuff like WoW is out of the question) -- Thanks!

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TQC, don't make fun of me... but I have an irrational fear of zombies. I have the most horrifying dreams of a zombie Apocalypse happening and watching all of my loved ones being eaten alive and turned into zombies and then eating me. D:

When I'm alone and start to think about, I always end up freaking myself out. Like, just now, I had to go outside to pull my car into the driveway and it's past 11 at night, so it's dark out. I was alone and started thinking, "Oh God, what if it just started and a zombie jumps me before I can get to my car?" And then I ran to my car. I know I'm being ridiculous... but I am sincerely afraid and disturbed by the thought of zombies. :C

How do you feel about zombies?
What are you afraid of?

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  1. Would you rather be rich or healthy?
  2. Would you rather be good looking or rich?
  3. Do you believe in the death penalty? Why or why not?
  4. Have you seen Sophie’s Choice, and if so, do you think she made the right choice or the wrong choice?
  5. Would you like to know the day you’re going to die ahead of time? Why or why not?
  6. Would you rather have super strength or super intelligence?
  7. Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds?
  8. Would you rather spend the rest of your life without a significant other, or would you rather have a partner who is extremely difficult?
  9. Would you rather spend life in prison or be executed?
  10. Should marijuana be legalized? Why or why not?

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5 years ago my long term boyfriend cheated on me and never owned up to it after we broke up. I recently sent him a message on facebook telling him I forgive him. What thing have you let go of after a huge amount of time? How did you feel afterward?

I feel fantastic.
Mark with girl
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My boyfriend's sister in law applied for a position in the company where I've worked for 3 years. She called me the night she was applying and asked if she could use my name for a reference within the company. Of course I said yes. Well she got hired, and all of a sudden I'm eligible for a 1000 dollars for referring her. She learned of the job herself and she has also been informed that if we both work for the company for 3 more months I will get the money.

What do I do with the money if I earn it?