February 26th, 2011


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Do you have any favorite blogs along the lines of Bakerella or The Pioneer Woman?

What are your favorite websites?



If you're on an online dating site: how soon do you fork over your phone number?
I just talked to a guy for two minutes and he asked for it... :/

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i've been tutoring this girl for the past few months but tomorrow is going to be the last day i see her. her mother barely speaks english, so most of my communication with her has to be translated through the daughter. but i would really like to be able to say a few things in spanish before i go, so, spanish-speakers of tqc, can you translate the following for me? i am afraid that an automated translator will give me something really wonky so i'd rather it come from a real person. here's what i want to say:
"Thank you for inviting me into your home. Estefany is a very good student and I have enjoyed being her tutor."

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Dr. TQC, my boyfriend is getting sick. Since it's the weekend, he can't go to the doctor right away (not worth sitting in Urgent Care for ~4 hours with other sick people). He has a fairly bad sore throat and a bit of a cough. It's a dry cough, and he said it may just be him trying to clear his throat or something. He had some congestion and does sound congested, but it's nothing too bad. No other symptoms, and his temperature is actually pretty low (96.8) so no fever.

Any idea of what he has/is getting? Any of you have something similar?

What can I do right now to minimize my chances of getting sick? We live together in close quarters so not seeing each other isn't really an option. :\

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*part question/part whine*

So tomorrow's my brother's birthday party.

I invited the boyfriend because i haven't seen him in two weeks [because his 36-year old sister's some sort of emotionally stunted mentally retarded idiot who despite having three kids can't handle her bf leaving-for the third time in two years-her and who I am pretty sure just likes having my bf around to clean and cook and take care of the kids and go shopping and basically do everything she should be doing] and it's been a pretty rough month for me. [The only thing really keeping me afloat has been knowing that I was going to see him tomorrow.]

You can see where this is going. He can't make it. Because she doesn't want him to leave-despite the fact that her boyfriend came back sometime late last week/earlier this week.

So, basically I need cheering up. Baby animal pics, cute videos, hilarious stories about people you know.

tl;dr: Can TQC help cheer me up with cute things?

eTA: Added a word, a few things

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My mother (who is a nurse) is asleep right now and I'm a little drunk anyways, but:

last night I didn't take my bc and allergy meds before bed so I took them in the morning (around 11am) should I take them nwo? is it safe? I want to get back on schedule with them and i will be outside a lot tomorrow so I don';t want to be a sneezing mess

how was your night tqc? i helped take a big group of french exhacange students downtown and it was a DISASTER!
just a bill
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I found the hole in my air mattress. It's a 2 mm long slit in a crevice (near a seam, but not at hte seam). I don't think a patch will fit in that area. Do you think I can fix it with something like superglue or some other adhesive?

DK/DC: I like to bring baked goods to my kickball games on Sundays. What should I bring this week? Difficulty: something that will travel well in a large zip-loc bag, and vegan
smug judgmental lookofdisapproval
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Feed the Po'

 Any good tips for eating on the cheap while avoiding fast food altogether? I don't want to break the bank, but I don't want to have a coronary either. DIFFICULTY: I can't eat mushroom or raw tomato.

If you have no advice, what is your favorite nerdy activity?
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When I went to formally hand in my keys and swipe card today, two of my co-workers were really sad, one of them cried.

For my part I'll only say, "I just worked here." But apparently for them it was more than that. We did get along and we did have great times together, but only as co-workers.

Do you think you have a profound effect on people?

Do people have a profound effect on you?

Also, the District Manager, who happened to be there, gave me his card and said he would love to be used as a reference. He'd only gotten teh job a few months ago, but he's doing a great job and doesn't really know me.

Should I use the fuck out of it anyway?
charlie and mac

inspired by a post below

do i have to make my sister my maid of honor if i ever get married?

i don't ever think about my wedding, i mean, i can't even meet a anyone. but once in a great while my sister will talk about how she's going to make me her maid of honor and says i have to make her mine because we're sisters. but i think if i ever get married, i'm going to want my best friend to be mine. she's my best friend.

Not personally a fan, but curious

What are your thoughts on Two and Half Men being cancelled for this season (and possibly totally)?   Do you think the studio/the producers care about Charlie Sheen's shenanigans, or do you think they just care about not pissing off advertisers?  

Do YOU care about Charlie Sheen's issues?  Are you a fan of the show?

dc/dk I accidentally made pumpkin bread pancakes (using pumpkin bread mix) this morning.  When was the last time you accidentally made food awesome?

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So the magical Noodle has done something amazing again!

At night, since she cannot be trusted, Noodle sleeps in her crate.  Last night I SWEAR that when I threw a treat in the crate for her (as soon as she hears the cookie jar, she runs in there) I latched the door.  However, when I woke up this morning, she was sleeping on the couch.

My boyfriend got up around 4am to go to the bathroom and I'm pretty sure he went straight there and he says he does not recall letting her out of the crate.  Is David sleepwalking or is Noodle just that awesome?
debbie harry

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Do you ever lie and say you can't work someone else's shift due to plans when a manager asks you to?

For some reason i feel guilty whenever i tell them i already have plans even if i don't.

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how long can you go without washing your hair(not showering, washing)? i can usually go about 3 days before i need to shampoo it.

what movie should i rent tonight while i do laundry? last night i watched Ed Wood with my sister. i was thinking about renting Volver. do you think Marmaduke is going to be a THAT BAD of a movie? it has Lee Pace ;____;

Zuckerbergians, unite!

I know we make fun of Facebook a lot here -- but is there anything you particularly like about it?  Any positive anecdotes to share?

I just had a great exchange with my sister's ex-boyfriend, whom I really love a lot.  I don't think this would have happened if we didn't have our Facebook connection.

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I think I need some retail therapy. Or a truly epic massage or...I don't know, something to make me feel pretty, or special. Sometimes I have a little trouble with that when it's just me and a child who shows he loves me by covering me in his bodily substances and then giggling about it.

There's a sizeable chunk of money squirrelled away in the Juli Has A Shit Day Week Emergency Fund. What should I do?

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whats some creepy stuff you have seen on okcupid? quotes?

"...you want to meet for real; you understand that this profile is mostly bs stemming from frustration. Please judge me on my looks for now since I can't loose.
I will report your profile as inappropriate if you don't go out with me. "
she blinded me with science!

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I'm thinking about enrolling at a community college and taking a really heavy schedule this summer so I can finish my degree before my G.I. Bill runs out in November. Problem is, I owe a university a bunch of money and there's no way I can pay them off any time soon. I only took a couple classes there, so I'm thinking of just not mentioning I went there and not getting those credits transferred.

Is my next school going to find out somehow?
family: mom/window

David Sedaris

I am a huge fan of David Sedaris (I went to one of his readings, and he signed my books and gave me "sympathy green tea bath gel").

Are there any authors similar to David Sedaris whom you could recommend to me?

The funnier, the better! I have been feeling a little blue lately. David Sedaris's last book, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modern Bestiary, was pretty dark.


Poll #1710589 mockumentary

Of these selections, which Christopher Guest movie is your favorite?

This is Spinal Tap
The Big Picture
Waiting for Guffman
Best in Show
A Mighty Wind
For Your Consideration

Do you have a favorite regular actor from Christopher Guest's movies?

I'm always so surprised how touching Mitch and Mickey's "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow" is.
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Open Office's spell check just tried to change "probably" to "pro-mutant". WTF. I don't think I have ever typed that before.

Do you have any weird spell-check/auto-correct stories?
Spart and Hen cuddled

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What is the last RL thing that you laughed at and then felt guilty about?

My husband was lying nekkid in the bed and he called the dog over.  Of course she tried to put her big fat paws directly on his err, uhm. Twice.   He twisted out of the way in time to only get her nails scraped across, but I still laughed.  Then I felt guilty.  Although since he was laughing too, I guess I don't have to feel that guilty.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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I really want some pho because my tummy hurts, but I'd have to go all the way into the city to get it. The only place in town that has soup is the Chinese restaurant and all they have is egg drop and I am really getting queasy at the thought of eggs right now. Do I stick with my can of Progresso Chicken Noodle or do I suck it up and drive the 20 minutes each way for pho? If I did go get it, I could probably get my gramma to buy it for me as my birthday dinner, but I don't want to hang around her in case I get her sick.

I've noticed a lot of people recently talking about pho when I didn't before. Is pho a current trend or did I just not notice people talking about it until I had it?

Do you like pho? What kind and what do you add to it?
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Good Omens Bugger All

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People who have had appendicitis: what did it feel like? At what point did you go to the ER?

(Might have it. No fever yet, but the pain is there. Ruled out a UTI this morning. Freaking out bigtime now.)

Any tricks on taking prescription pain pills without feeling gross?

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one of my facebook friends, who's been quite concerned with affairs in Libya this week, posted this quote:
‎"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality"- JFK

What do you think, tqc? If someone kicks you down on the sidewalk are you more angry at the guy who kicked you, or the guy who stepped over you to get to the coffee shop?

(or are you just mad at people who randomly attribute quotes to JFK?)

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My friend was invited to our mutual friend's sister's wedding (are you with me?) with a date. Her fiance' is overseas at the moment so she asked if she could bring me instead.

Is this weird?

I feel weird about it.
Should I feel weird?!

Should I give a separate card or put my name + gift in with my friend?
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i've had my chi turbo since 2006 and it still straightens my hair wonderfully, except i have to move it just right to get it to stay on. i can't be too bummed out considering i've had it for nearly 5 years, and i've accepted the sad fact that it's time to buy a new iron. i paid around $100 on ebay for my chi, and i notice they're priced on amazon.com for ~$180. this is a lot (my paypal account is suspended currently for some shitbrained reason, so ebay is out for now.)

i really really love my chi, but are there other cheaper brands that work just as well? has anyone tried a sedu?
HAAALP i have a shit load of wavy/curly hair that needs something hardcore. i often wear it natural when my hair is longer, but right now it's shoulder-length and awkward.

dk/dc: what are you doing tonight? I'M GOING TO SEE BADFISH.
i ain't into that!

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I'm not really into fantasy books, but today I was thinking about how much I loved books about kingdoms and medieval adventures (I liked Once and Future King a lot) when I was a kid/young teenager. Yes, I was cool.

Can you guys recommend any novels on that topic? When I look, I usually only find young adult novels or more historical/informational books. Preferably fiction, but nonfiction is cool too if it reads more like a novel. I liked those Royal Diaries books when I was a kid, haha. 
Tara Gregson

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 I have some prepackaged fresh tortelini in the fridge. I know I won't be able to eat the whole package, but would it be better to cook it all and store the leftovers, or just cook the portion I'm going to eat, and cook the rest tomorrow? 

What is your favourite food to eat when you have a sore throat? 

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SORRY FOR THE CAPS GUYS. i'm still super pumped from the rally today(over 100,000 people easy, suck on that, Governor Walker) and finally hearing from my friend, Henry, in Christchurch this morning after leaving him a message MONDAY NIGHT.

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So, I have like 16 photos of my friend taking a shit. Every time he shits at work he takes a photo of himself with his phone through the reflection on a mirror and sends it to me because he thinks it's hilarious. What should I do with these pictures? I want to make him like a photo album or something.

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I'm super bored but I also have a lot of stuff to get done before work Monday morning.

Should I drive an hour to my friend's house and hang out with her while doing my work or should I just stay home and get my shit done?
I <3 TLV

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I just got this email in my spam folder:

Hi, I am vera!
please how are you! hope you are fine and in perfect condition of health.I went through your profile and i read it and took intersest in it,please if you don't mind i will like you to write me on this ID (vera4ubeko@yahoo.com)hope to hear from you soon,and I will be waiting for your mail because i have something VERY important to tell you.
Lots of love

What important thing does she have to tell me???? (non srs obvs)

ALSO what is your favorite way to make homemade french fries? I've only ever baked them and I want to try frying in oil.

I know you love haircut questions, TQC

I have waist-length hair and trichotillomania. I've always wanted to shave my head, but put it off because I'm kind of afraid to draw that much attention to myself, and also wanted to see how long my hair could get. Plus, if it looked really bad, I wouldn't want to have to go to school every day while it grew out. So, I decided to wait until I graduate highschool (this june) until I take the buzzer to my head.

Buuut recently my symptoms have been getting worse and it's tempting to give myself a drastic hair cut so that I won't pull my hair out. Even though I still want to see how much longer I can grow my hair, and everyone I voice this too says "Nooo, don't cut your hair!"

So basically, should I

*keep growing my hair and try and cope with triggers etc. in another way, and keep waiting until grad to cut it

*cut my hair short now and shave it later

* or shave it now and devil take the hindmost?

Or do I have some other option? I'm not afraid of being ~super traumatized or anything when I cut it, I'm not crazy attached to my hair.
Slytherin Binny

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Edited because in my frenzy I forgot the ?

I have been rescued. New question!

How many songs do you have in your music library that start with the letter A. I have 126.
Space Cadet
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Random Stuff Is Random

What's  your favorite Grateful Dead song (or songs).

Do you have a specific recording that you like or do you just generally like the song?

When was the last time you went ice skating.

When was the last time you went roller skating?

Have you ever heard of the songwriter Rodney Crowell?

If so, what's your favorite of his songs.
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Okay so warning: this is really tl;dr and possibly drama-inducing but I'm desperately curious what some members here have to say about my friend's blog entry. Her blog is only read by a few of her closest friends so her posts rarely get comments and I really want to hear/read people's reactions on this.

Collapse )

Agree? Disagree? Disgusted? Offended? Supportive? Your two cents? Can you even be bothered to respond?
venus as a boy fucking freakout

What should I do tonight?

Should I go sing karaoke at a really cheap dive bar with someone I vaguely know? Or should I just drink wine and torment my Sims?

And now a poll inspired by my options.

Do you enjoy karaoke?

Yes, it's fun!
Once and a while. I think I need to be drunk to enjoy it.
No, no, god fuck no.

If you like karaoke, what song is your favorite to sing?

Do you enjoy playing The Sims?

I practically speak Simlish!
A little.
Not really.

If you do play The Sims, what is your favorite thing to do?

Actually play the game correctly.
Make ugly Sims and make them have even uglier babies.
Build houses.
Take out anger on my Sims by doing horrible things to them.
Make Sims of people I know so I can make out with them.
Other (Please elaborate in comments!)
I don't play The Sims!

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When was the last time you left a comm you thought you really liked and was some what addicted to because it turned out to be really negative and judgmental?

There is comm I am a regular on(Not tqc, ilu guys) but everyone there but a few are really catty and horrible and I feel terrible whenever I go there, but there are not many places that I can go that are to do with this subject.

I know its not a big deal but I am really annoyed that I am having issues with people there for no reason.

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the pizza place i'm delivering from is about 5 minutes away from here(driving wise).

how much should i tip?

i'm pretty poor and i kind of don't want to at all. but i will if i really should.

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So I've been thinking...if you were trapped by yourself on a mountain top or some lonely isolated place where you had no hope of getting to civilization for a while and you had to keep your self alive but you had no source of food, and you decided it was nearing the time when it might help you survive if you ate some of your own flesh and you happened to have a good sharp knife with you

Would you lop off one of your hands or feet or would you forgo the boney bits and try and take out a meaty chunk of ass and just give yourself some first aid? Or would you just lay there and die, you quitter?

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Apparently I've always had a pretty high heart rate. However, yesterday I couldn't donate blood because it was too high (104 bpm). I'm 19 years old. What potential things could cause this?
I did google in advance, but all the stuff I found was geared towards middle-aged women.

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I'm going to a friend's bridal shower and I want to spend about $40 on a gift.
I usually like to go with some kind of theme with the gifts (ie: all of the baking stuff or bathroom stuff, whatever)

I can't find two things on her registry that make any sense together for $40-
Should I just get her a gift card instead or get two random ass things since she wants them anyway?

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My grocery store has a new variety of muffins that they make in their bakery. Which would be the first kind you'd want to try?

Pear & Ginger
Balsamic strawberries & Goat cheese
Apricot & White chocolate
Very VERY Blueberry
Fig & anise
Cherry, pistachio, and chocolate chip
Acai, goji, pomegranate & blackberry (the antioxidanat muffin)
Cranberry & blueberry
Banana granola
Pecan sour cream
Chocolate chocolate chip
Toffee chocolate & hazelnut
Blueberry bran
Apple Walnut
EW @ all

Gube Nightmare

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What would you do if a vampire came up to you and offered to turn you?

You'd live forever and you could do anything you want.

The only catches are you'd lose your soul, probably kill everyone you love, and you'd have to watch out for crosses, pointy pieces of wood, and little blonde girls.

Would you do it? Would it make a difference if the vampire was really hot?
so i creep

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say you're a mother. you have a daughter, about 14 years old, and you come home to find her in shock. she's killed her father after he assaulted her and attempted to rape her.

what do you do?
I <3 TLV

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There's a groupon today for adult ballet lessons! Should I buy it? Would I be a good ballerina?? I'm clumsy and my balance is horrible, but maybe this would be a good way to improve those things?

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I have a can of root beer next to me. I am lying in bed extremely comfy and my kitty is on my foot asleep. I am craving a root beer float but I'm not even sure if I have vanilla ice cream.

Should I get up to check and possibly make one, or just drink the root beer as is?
Do you like root beer floats?

What's the last dessert you had?

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The other day I bought this delicious looking orange from Woolies and it has been in my fridge for three days. I have been looking forward to it so MUCH. When I took it outta the fridge I must've looked like Gollum. "ohhh my pretty, my preciousssss"

Anyway I just peeled it and it was all pith. And then I bit a segment and it tastes bitter like a grapefruit. It is most definitely a navel orange so I'm pretty miffed. #firstworldproblems, eh.

When's the last time something you ate disappointed you?

If you are never disappointed by your foods (and good luck to you and I'm jealous, wild thangs) would you come to a huge party hosted by your favourite hooker in June? I'll let you sleep on the couch!

PS- ty to sandrasolaria who got me an icon after eight years on LJ without one. I have 207 slots for icons...what the hell do I do with all that space?

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Does your house get mouldy/damp?

I wiped all the mould off my bedroom walls today but it still smells =[
What can I do to get rid of the mouldy smell and stop it coming back?

ETA: It may be mildew/damp rather than mould, its just wet with yucky black stuff growing on it.
Peggy Blink

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You're in the market for a ring. Your budget allows for EITHER real diamonds or real gold (instead of simulated diamonds or sterling silver). You want to wear this ring frequently. Do you choose real diamonds or real gold?

DK/DC: What's going on, people?

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Do you ever notice that smokers are always pissed that they need a pack ASAP? They must be aware of the rate/number they smoke and notice when they are low, no?

How much is spray tanning?

How do I find another polydactyl cat?

Favorite place to online shop?