February 25th, 2011


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Poll #1709663 Dirty Jerz

Who is your favorite cast member on the Jersey Shore? Tickies though cause it's hard to choose just one.


Who is the worst cast member?


If you're from Jersey do you hate it because it gives us a bad name or love it because it's so not what it's like?

Hate it
Love it
Who gives a fuck they're not from Jersey anyway?

Bonus question: What would you have done if your friend did to you what Mike did to Snooki and Deena in tonight's episode? For those with better taste in TV shows: he called them a cab to take them to a bar in Seaside and instead had it take them to Times Square (about 2 hours away in minor traffic.)
look really good.
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so, I think this might be a long shot...but, I've tried every possible search on google that I can think of...

did any of you have an AOL Red blog? it was their ~teen blogging service in 2004-2006ish. I remembered that I had one tonight & was trying to find it, but since they stopped offering the service it seems like they've purged all old Red blogs. do you perhaps know of a way that I could find my old one or is it probably lost in the abyss of the internet? thanks in advance. :)

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Have you ever turned down a potential romantic partner because he/she was not your usual 'type', or because you thought your friends might look down on them?

I hooked up with a random guy yesterday and while we had a lot of fun and I actually really like him, I'm hesitant to meet up with him again because he's not really attractive, less educated etc. and has very different interests than me... And I'm sure my friends would think I'm crazy. Am I awful for being so shallow?

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Poll #1709686 Poll, it does a body good

What type of milk do you drink?

Whole Milk
2% Milk
Skim Milk
Soy Milk
Almond Milk
Rice Milk
Chocolate Milk
Some other type of milk
I don't drink milk
Ticky Milk

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TQC: I am meeting my BF's grad program this weekend. And by program I mean the other student, the two main professors and even an applicant for the fall semester!

We are all going out to eat. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Is a nice sweater and a dark denim skirt too casual?

I feel more nervous about this than I was about meeting his parents. :D

edit: awwwriiight sounds like sweater is a go. NEW QUESTION: what should I definitely not wear?

cause I have these stripper heels you know

Where would I get a globe?

I want to buy a globe for someone's birthday tomorrow, but I don't know where I would get one. Not a complex one that plugs in, just a regular one, I just want it to be accurate.

I'm in Canada, so no USA-only stores please.

dk/dc: what was the best birthday present you've ever received?

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have you ever had to remove a piercing because it migrated too far or was rejected? did you ever get it re-pierced?
i think i will have to remove one of my piercings because it might reject fairly soon but i'm sad because i've had it for about 3 years now and i'm quite fond of it. :-(
I <3 TLV

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Grocery list for tomorrow's trip to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. (now that I have a printer I can print it!! Exciting!)

- Frozen blueberries
- Frozen blackberries
- Frozen cherries
- Bananas
- Granny Smith apples
- Grapes

Vegetables, greens, etc
- Baby carrots
- Mushrooms
- Rainbow chard
- Collard greens
- Kale
- Spinach
- Green pepper
- Cucumber
- Artichoke hearts
- Tomatoes

- Ice cream
- Ice cream toppings

What else should I get? I'm a gluten-free vegan. I already have plenty of pasta, bread, rice, beans, tortillas, etc.

Teach me how to be an adult

I'm graduating college soon so I'm starting to look into jobs, write my resume, etc now.

1. If I'm responding to a job posting or simply sending my resume somewhere, I'm assuming I should send a cover letter with every single one, right? If I'm responding online, do I write that into the body of the email or attach it?

2. When I graduate, I'm going back home for atleast a little while but I am moving at some point. If I don't quite know yet when I'm moving, is it a good idea to start looking at jobs where I want to move or should I wait until I have some kind of plan? I do want to move asap, I just don't have anything in savings to move out there yet.

I'm so anxious about this whole process and I'm convinced that my resume sucks and I'm never going to get a job when I graduate. Help me be an adult, TQC.
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My upstairs neighbors are having extremely loud sex. I can hear two voices and muffled talking but what's giving it away is the rhythmic squeaking of the bed above me. It sounds like they're just jumping on the goddamn bed. I really really want to go to sleep but they have this habit of 3am sex. It's actually pretty funny because it sounds like a jackhammer for about 30 seconds and then it stops for a good minute and then it goes back to jackhammer. I think somebody needs to catch their breath or something haha.

Should I be mature and ignore it or be immature and run upstairs and ring their doorbell 12 times and then run back down stairs to my apartment? If you were going to leave a funny note on their door basically saying 'we hear you fucking, knock it off' what would it say? Any other good suggestions? Srs and non srs are welcome.

The guy is now loudly grunting and my cat is going insane trying to figure out where the noise is coming from.

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CRAP. I'm supposed to leave for the airport in an hour but I accidentally fell asleep and only just now woke up. I have zero clean clothes, nothing's packed and I still need to wash my hair. I set MULPTIPLE alarms in an effort to prevent this and I slept through every single one.

When was the last time you hated yourself and why?

I'm hoping when I get to the airport I'll /only/ have to pay the $50 ticket reissue fee otherwise I may just cry.
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I have a sick puppy. We are going to the vet in about an hour. What would you rather hear when you go to the vet?

-Something easily fixed on your own is wrong, you didn't need to come in but now you get to pay for the visit
-Something awful is wrong, you should have come in sooner, why'd you wait?

I'm just paranoid because his temperament and personality are completely normal, but when I called this morning to update them she told me I should probably bring him in, so we're going and I'm missing class. I'm hoping its something semi-easy to diagnose/correct, but something that I couldn't have done on my own so that I don't feel guilty for missing school today. Its just one class, but its Biology and its kicking my ass so I hate to miss it.

dk/dc: do you like rootbeer? I usually do, but I bought cheap diet store brand rootbeer and omg its kind of awful.

ETA: I don't want something awful to be wrong with him. Its just that I've tried everything I can think of - bland diet, pumpkin, yogurt, etc. and nothing is making his poo any better. I just would prefer for them to say it wasn't a complete waste of time when I come in.
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Do you make lists? If so, do you have one you're willing to share?

Do you get manicures/pedicures regularly? If so, do you get the full-out fake nails/nail art etc, or do you keep it simple? How often do you do this? Is it money well spent?

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My brother is 18 and boards at my house.

Last night he let two girls in at 3am but they were quiet. This morning before I was awake, he got up and went to work and left these two unknown girls in his room. It is now 10am and I need to leave by 11...am I right to be really angry? I can't leave now until they leave because I don't want two random girls alone in my house. I have shit that is really valuable (not porcelain statues or anything but expensive makeup, costumes, bdsm equipment) that I don't want pinched. I also don't trust them to not let my cat out- Tess is very insistant even though she is never allowed outside without a leash on.

TQC What do I do?

edit: one left! one to go. should i insinuate to her that i will put her in the trapdoor in the kitchen floor? (my reputation seems to preceed me) i feel bad for cockblocking my lil bro but come on dude, clear out the girls when you shoot through for work!

edit2: my cat just bit the second one so i think she is leaving soon too. hahah
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How do you feel when people who aren't your SO/family see you in a towel? 

My dad just left to go on vacation until the 4th. What should I do with the condo to my self? Note: I'm on my intersession break. 
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So.  You may or may not remember the rather creepy guy who emailed me out of the blue, wanting both to know about my major's student society (he's a grad student at my school) and the possiblity of coffee with me.   After realizing he was someone I'd stupidly given my email address to through OKCupid, I decided to get to know him a bit before agreeing to meet him in person.  

I finally agreed to coffee because he told me he is planning on moving to DC after he gets his degree in May.  I'm planning on moving there in August, and the more contacts the better.   So, I chose a neighborhood cafe where the owner/head of waitstaff knows me, where neighbors who've known me since I was born eat breakfast regularly,  very much MY home turf.   

We supposedly agreed on 9 AM via text, but he never showed.   Does that mean he came, saw my fugly frumpy cripple ass and bolted before hello?  Does it mean he got lost?  Most importantly, DOES THIS MEAN HE WON'T BOTHER ME AGAIN?!

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I have a second job interview today at a magazine. It's a small staff and I met basically everyone last time. The position is a special projects assistant, so lots of research.

What should I expect at a second interview?

don't know/care: If you could work at any magazine, doing anything, what magazine would it be?
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Does your toaster have a bagel setting? Do you use the bagel setting when toasting a bagel?

Does fresh hummus taste a lot different than store bought hummus?

I've had store bought hummus multiple times and I've never liked it. I'm going to make my own today and I hope it will be delicious.

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I was up till 4am last night. It's now 12pm. I have a seminar at 3, then training.
Do I try to sleep/watch some tv till seminar time or go into uni and do an hour or two of work before my seminar?
I don't want to be tired at training, but don't want to waste the day.
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Will you tell us something you think is important for the world to know about your country/state/region/area in which you live?

Was that previous question worded alright?  I've been really sick and not sleeping for a while, so I'm not really responsible for anything that comes out of my mouth/keyboard lately.
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 Paging Dr. TQC!

So I've been sick lately, just coughing/runny nose, whatever. No big deal. But I've also been REALLY tired and had REALLY bad headaches (not like sinus headaches, they are behind my eyes, but feel way worse/totally different, and radiate out my shoulders and neck). I went to school for the first time in a week, and walking from the bus stop to my front door about killed me. I couldn't breathe, was sweating profusely, and had to immediately lay down. This is a one minute walk. WTF is wrong with me?

If you aren't a doctor/DK/DC: Have you ever taken a foreign language class in a university? What was it like? 

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got any recommendations for rainy day music? artists or full albums are best, but individual songs are fine too.
i've been listening to simon and garfunkel but i'm ready for something else now.
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Do you have myguests turned on?

Do you obsessively reload your flist? I just discovered LJ stats and on the busiest day this month, 99 people viewed my entries 1,339 times. There must be a lot of reloaders on my flist!

24 of those 99 people aren't LJ users, but my journal is flocked. What were they looking at?

What was the last LJ feature you "discovered"? Was it exciting?

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So as I've already elaborated about a week ago, I decided to quit smoking and it was going pretty well up until today. Let's just say someone did something that really pissed me off and I caved in and had a cigarette as I really couldn't deal with the stress.
Do you think this will totally ruin the process? I haven't had a single cigarette for 5-6 days beforehand, and after smoking that one I can't say I'm really craving another one.
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How do you motivate yourself to get up and do things when a cat is sleeping on or against you? Miso is way too cute, she's had me trapped on the couch since noon but awww I can't disturb her.

Have you ever had to have tooth fillings redone? Is it pretty much the same as getting them done the first time, or is there more involved? Is it horrible?
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NOM has organized itself in my hometown, and my friends have been rallying people to come down for the protest. I told them that I would go after I get off of work, but I'm stupidly tired right now, and probably will fall asleep on the drive home.. (hour long sitting in traffic car ride.)

Should I still go to the protest?
What are the chances I wont even be able to get close enough to it?


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is singing a song on youtube as a cover bad? will i get in trouble? i got sent this by youtube

"Dear iliveinacubicle,
Your video, depeche mode cover, may have content that is owned or licensed by EMI Publishing.
No action is required on your part; however, if you are interested in learning how this affects your video, please visit the Content ID Matches section of your account for more information.
- The YouTube Team"

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Sorry for being Ms. 20 Questions about tv shows but I just have to ask:
Buffy fans: I've tried getting into it a couple of times, but I can never seem to make it past the first season. The Scooby gang vibe puts me off a bit and the vampires look cheesy but I really feel like I'm missing out on something here. Does it get better with age or should I accept defeat and move on?
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So, I have a date with an extremely cute baker tomorrow afternoon, and because life is just awesome, I seem to be getting hoarse.

Any tried and true methods of calming a hoarse voice?
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When was the last time you got angry at a tv show?

I'm watching The Biggest Loser and one of the guys just lost 7 pounds and his whole team was shocked they kept telling him "you're such a disappointment, you aren't living up to your promises" and I'm just so angry at this fucking show. Seven pounds in a week is much higher than the recommended two! Also in a previous episode they showed a break down of the calories they ate that day and it was like 1054 calories or something like that. Why is this show so terrible? :(


You're walking along, and you happen to make eye contact with a passing stranger.

How often do you smile, even a little?

I'd say that give a little smile a bit more than half the time.

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 For those who are wacom users:

I have a wacom sapphire that I got yeeears back for Christmas. It still works and all but ever since I started hearing about the new bamboo tablets a few years ago, I've been wondering if I should upgrade.

Aside from maybe a change in size, and the software included, is there any advantage to buying myself a new bamboo?
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My mom is currently in New Orleans for some reason, so I am getting a HUGE kick out of doing bad Paula Deen impressions the entire time we are on the phone. (Yes, I know Paula Deen isn't from New Orleans, but my family rarely travels to the South so I had to bust it out.)

What is the last thing that you did/said that you thought was really amusing and was underappreciated by the intended audience?
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What are some things that you are so used to that, even after a short time, you forget that it wasn't always like that?

For instance I just remembered tonight that soda cases didn't used to be designed like Jenga pieces.

Also, less generally, that I didn't used to live in this room and that it was once my sister's.
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Spur cruise

My roommate and I are booking a spur cruise tonight. Anyone been on a cruise before? Any recommendations? Our stipulations are budget under 1K and a Los Angeles departure.

DK, what are your travel/vacation plans? Where do you want to go? Where have you been?
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When I'm trying to come up with synonyms for words, the word "mushrooms" ALWAYS pops into my head. It doesn't matter what word I'm trying to think of synonyms for. Every time, I'm suddenly thinking of the word "mushrooms". This word also pops into my brain when I'm trying to think of a word, and it's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't quite think of it. All of a sudden, "mushrooms" pops into my head. This has been happening for as long as I can remember.

I don't understand why this is.

Whats weird about you?
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Would you consider becoming romantically involved with someone with truly terrible social skills? What if he was an acclaimed artistic genius, a hopeless romantic, and he wanted the same kind of life as you (e.g. kids, travel, whatever)?

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Show I spend $100 on some makeup at Sephora? I'd be getting NARS blush, stila eyeshadow, NARS eyeliner, Rosebud lip balm, and a set of five Sephora brushes (great deal on the brushes anyhow). I can afford it and I currently don't own any makeup other than concealer, lip gloss and old eyeliner. Is it time to update my prettifying arsenal?

How often do you and your SO have sex? Do you ever come? I see mine twice a week. We've been doing it twice a night for over three months and I still haven't found the big O with him (longest plateau phase ever...I always just give up).

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Do you like it when people open doors for you? How about saying "bless you" after a sneeze? Hand-shaking? Hugging? Line-forming? What sorts of social conventions do you like or feel neutral about and which would you prefer to not have to do?

I was just reading the Consumerist and I saw a "how to go through a door" flowchart http://consumerist.com/2011/02/how-to-pass-through-a-door.html and I realized I don't really care about having a door held for me unless my hands are full.

^I feel like my question needs an explanation. I swear I don't have a motive of trying to show that social conventions are stupid or something.