February 24th, 2011

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Inspired by the post below, has anyone else NEVER liked their name or felt a connection to it? I've been trying to get people to call me by other names since I was 5, but it never catches on. I always feel awkward introducing myself and hearing people say my name because I just don't associate it with myself, and only answer to it out of habit. Is that really weird?

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how long do you grow your nails? do you do anything special to them to keep them looking nice?
i am trying to bite my nails less and grow them out a bit more, but it is getting really hard to resist. they are so much longer than i am used to!
have you ever broken yourself of a nail-biting habit? how did you do it?

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I'm going in for surgery soonish and I'll have to be staying overnight. I've never done this before, and I'm not really sure what to expect lol.

If you've had a (planned) overnight hospital stay, what did you bring with you?
What did you wish you'd brought with you?

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Why is college so chill 1/10 times I'm here and miserable the rest? Why does it feel like I've been imprisoned? I'm a sophomore and I just find nearly all of my classes a pain in the ass. =/

I sooooooo hope I can study abroad next year. If I can't ima be fightin' and bitchin' at everyone on campus.

drawing or painting?
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The phrase "make love": amusing or romantic? i think the phrase "Make love" is stupid, and even though I'm in a committed relationship and have been for 3 years, I've never said "let's make love" once. Or with any of the people I've slept with. I find the phrase terribly funny and just... a very rare case in which it really occurs, from what my and my friends have experienced.

Which of these words do you like best? Dick/Cock/Penis, Tits/Boobs/Breasts, and Vagina/Pussy/Cunt

Cock, Tits, Cunt for me. I ridic love the word cunt, it's sexy and primal when said right.

dk/dc/tmi - should I draw bad art and upload it to TQC? WIll you? PLEEEAAASE?

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Guys, I'm having a terrible night. Why does TQC always seem the go-to when members are having a hard time?

Will you tell me how you're doing? Can we help you with any life decisions you're struggling with?

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Has anyone used the Mario Badescu skin care products? I got samples in the mail a few days ago and I'm loving them so far, but was wondering if the products are worth it in the long run.

DK/DC Do you like BBQ? What's the best BBQ restaurant you've been to? What do you eat there?
(Mine is Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City, Kansas. It's run out of a gas station, but for a town known nationally for it's BBQ, OK Joe's is hands down the BEST. I get the Z-Man, which is sliced beef on bun with provolone and an onion ring. I add roasted turkey to mine.)
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Validate me, TQC. I am a size 24 and 285 pounds at 5'6.5". (I was maybe 275 here). How much weight should I healthily lose based off me being about 210 there? I'm trying to recover from an eating disorder but I do know I need to lose weight as I am clinically morbidly obese.


How long is your hair? Mine is between almost midback when straight, past shoulders when wavy. I don't know how girls can have hair that doesn't go in a ponytail, I'm such a tomboy sometimes that the idea of hair in my face is OMG GET IT AWAYYYYY

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Do you know someone who is obsessed with being in relationships?

For example, I know a guy that complains about being soo lonely and constantly tries to get a girlfriend when he's single. When he finally gets a girlfriend he's suddenly the happiest person on earth and instantly makes her his life. When they break up, he's back to sulking and complaining.

I'm trying to figure out why he's wired like that, but I just don't get it
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Work stories?
Injuries, embarrassing stories?

I'm going to work today and I always seem to get injured or something bad seems to happen. Not big injuries, but like a cut here, a smashed finger there kind of thing.
Also, one time I split my pants and had to go home D: D: D:
And then this one time this lady asked when my baby was due (I'm not fat, and I don't look pregnant, but I slouch (because I hate that I'm tall) so my belly sticks out a bit, but not preggers style), and I cried D:

How about you?

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TQC I was subpoenaed to court today by CPS to testify for a friend's child. No one has contacted me about this, I got served my papers to show up and that is all. I've tried calling the lawyer on the papers but she has never answered/called me back.
Wtf is going to happen today and what kind of questions are they going to ask me?
Srs preferred but nonsrs is ok if it is hilarious and will make me laugh.
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Do you have bad spending habits?

I got my tax return a like a week ago and I've bought so much stuff on ebay and etsy, I must be going to hell.
In really cute shoes. $400 gone like that, and I was totally going to get a sewing machine, too. :/
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How do I customize the little bald dude next to my username? I saw someone who had theirs as a pirate. Arrrrr!

Do you like the smell of things with menthol?

What is the longest car ride/road trip you've ever taken?
What is the longest car ride/road trip you've taken by yourself?

Are you getting LJ notification emails? I'm not.
mr schadenfreude


A $US3200 ($3212) cake stolen from Paris Hilton's Los Angeles birthday celebrations last week has been donated to the homeless by the thief.

I just read this in my local newspaper. So, what's made you smile today? :D

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My mother and I went out of town for her wedding last weekend. She's on her honeymoon and I've got the house to myself for a week.

1. We haven't gotten any mail since Friday. Monday was a holiday, so I wasn't expecting any then, but what about Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday? WTF happened to our mail? My mother swears she didn't put a hold on it or anything.

2. What should I do this weekend? Besides loud and crazy party. I live across the street from the police chief, so it has to be legal. ;)
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What's your favorite painting?

Can be any style - abstract, impressionionism, surrealism, cubism, etc, but has to be a painting, not a photograph, no matter how photoshopped it is. And no computer-generated art either.
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i know, i know

how would you respond to this?

when is someone gonna fucking deport all these illegals and then build an electric fence?! Really i dont give a fuck who you are..even if your from europe.. You shouldnt be able to just come over and pop out all these kids and stay and fuck everything over... Not trying to sound racist cause im not but the problem is mexico.. look at where h1n1 came from.

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TQC do you remember my post about a week ago about the guy A I was mildly obsessed with? Well, he and I had been ~fwb~ for the past 5 months. Do you want to know what he TEXTED me this morning?
"Oh, btw I'm getting married on the 19th of next month."
This was not a joke. Apparently he's getting married to his on again off again gf of the past 6 years, even though he swore they've been off for the past 6 months. She doesn't even live in the same state as us.
What should I do to make myself feel better about being forever alone?
Alternately, if I'm invited to their ceremony what should I wear?

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what is your favorite piece of art that is not 2d?
i feel like non-2d works get shafted in art history and, as an art school graduate who never took painting, i want to recognize some 3d works yo
(although video/film and performance also counts here)

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What are things about your current living situation that are driving you crazy, be it with the building itself or your roommates?

My biggest thing right now is my sink is leaking pretty heavy down in the pipes, so I'm kind of avoiding using it or the dishwasher which makes cooking almost impossible. I contacted the landlord and they came by yesterday when I wasn't home and left me a note that said they'd be back at 9 this morning to fix it.

It's almost 12:30 and they aren't back.

Other annoyances include the door between my bedroom and the living room is a sliding door. It is stuck between being open and shut and basically I was told it couldn't be fixed unless they tore the wall down, which they don't want to do. So I'm stuck maneuvering my body through the amount of space the door is open.

Honestly, when I move out I don't know how I'm going to get the furniture out.

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I want to learn how to ride a bicycle. In the couple of, really brief, attempts I made as a kid to ride friend's bikes, I couldn't get them to stay upright.

Is this a lost cause, or did I give up too quickly?

Do you have any advice for me on learning how to do this?

Do they make training wheels for adults?

And how low/high should I adjust the seat?

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TQC, I've been having a really bad week. I was planning on going after class & work today to buy myself something to pick me up (I do have some extra spending money), leaning toward maybe a pair of fun-colored non-gym shoes but I'm open to suggestions. Problem is, I go to school in buttfuck Hanover, New Hampshire, so my store options are limited to Payless, TJ Maxx, Kohl's, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, grocery store. Where do I go? What do I get?

What was the last non-neccessary thing you bought for yourself?

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Guys, I just got asked to be someones CATentine. I love cats. I suck at coming up with witty things. How should I reply, obviously it should be cat related. Oh yeah, this was asked by one of my best guy friends, so serious and non serious answers!
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Hey TQC, I have a job where I am standing and walking around during my entire shift. It's not particularly strenuous, and I'm trying to figure out a way I could work some exercises into my standing. You know, like sucking in my stomach to tone my ab muscles, or tightening my glutes to work my butt, or whatever. I have those "Shape-Ups" shoes and they don't do much aside from make me extremely comfortable.

So, any ideas? Experiences? Or any other ways I could sneak in weight-loss stuff while at work (chugging green tea or something?)
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Besides vintagephoto, do you know any comms/websites that are about old vintage photography (actually, this includes anything into like the 90s before a lot of people had webcams/digital cameras, etc. - You know, photos that have that feel good homey look to them)? Preferably categorized by decade? I'm jonesing for some vintage sepia toned photes.

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Should I hunt down this dumb twatwaffle who is stressing me right the hell out and hit her in her flooze-mouth or buy this really cute swimming suit for $80?
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ETA:  I put up the bottoms I would get instead!

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Since this is getting so pathetic that I just posted a platonic ad on craigslist...

How do I make friends?

all of mine are in other states, transferring or I have grown apart.
I'm in clubs (I'm in college). I try to be friendly. and I have people I talk to. but I have no one (besides my boyfriend) that I can hang out with or party with once in a while that won't bail on me. It's getting sad

Srs or non srs answers
Alternatively... will you be my friend?

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TQC, I found this ad under the job postings of our local newspaper online. Are any of you familiar with exactly what this..is?

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If it's legit, I'm tempted because any money would be awesome right now. I googled the number it gave, but it just comes up for other job postings in other places, like somewhere else in Texas, and somewhere in North Carolina.
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Should I make an exception for his behavior or treat him like any other housemate?

Due to my learnings and my MD in Psych, I am almost 95% positive my new roommate (who I thought was socially awkward) has a learning disability. Or he may be highly functioning. He has trouble unlocking the front door (from both sides). Uses a timer to judge the amount of time he spends on an activity (showering, watching tv, etc). He becomes easily frustrated with the simplest of tasks (doing laundry). What sealed the deal was earlier this week he asked for my roommate's help to use a can-opener.

Do you think this is something his parents should have mentioned to myself and the other roommates before he moved in? Or is it only a personal/private/family matter? It seems to be something that is more and more having an affect on everyone living here.

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Which of these are you interested in seeing?

The Hangover Part II
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Men In Black III
The Dark Knight Rises
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair
The Departed sequel
The Evil Dead 4
Ghostbusters III
A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
Xerxes (300 prequel)
I Am Legend prequel
National Treasure 3
Sin City 2
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Which of these are you interested in seeing?

The Neverending Story (2012)
Hellraiser (2012)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (2012)
Troll (2012)
RoboCop (2013)
The Dark Tower
Arrested Development (movie)
The Hobbit: Part 1 (2012)
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Question For People Who Use GoDaddy

I've domain mapped my blog properly so that when you type in the address I bought through GoDaddy it shows up, but only if you put WWW first. Obviously that's way unprofessional, so for those of you who use GoDaddy can you tell me where to go on the site to configure it so people dont need to type in WWW?

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Do you think the questions I ask tells a lot about me? Will you tell us what you think other posters are like based off the last question they asked here? (No cheating if you're IRL friends or something) eta: lol i can english i swear

What's the best news you've gotten today (as big as I'M GETTING MARRIED OMG to I bought you some delicious fruit)? I emailed my teacher about how much my bipolar disorder is affecting me and that I felt awful for missing so much of his class and he emailed me back to say thanks for letting him know and was very nice about it and I feel like I can actually face him tomorrow.


tqc, do you or anybody you know have multiple sclerosis? how are they doing? what medications are they on?

i JUST got approved for their new oral medication as opposed to the shots which were UNBEARABLE.

do you know anybody who is taking Gilenya? how is it working for them?
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 I just watched the Discovery Shuttle lift off for the final time. Are you sad that NASA is discontinuing the Shuttles? Do you think we'll be going into space again any time soon? 

Did you ever want to be an astronaut growing up? 

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Why can't we be happy just having TQC and enough food for today and the clothes on our backs?  Is there no end to our wanting and striving and dissatisfaction?  Are love and lulz really somehow insufficient?


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 Does anyone know of any law books that I could read as research for a story with a cast with a disproportionate amount of lawyers? Or perhaps a book on courtroom procedure? (Neither have to be nonfiction or fiction, just accurate.) Is anyone an expert on the subject willing to be pestered by me asking questions on occasion?
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I'm on an antibiotic for a sinus infection, and the instructions say to not lay down for 30 min after taking the medication.  Why would this be? 
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1. Have you ever had a teacher/professor that was really renowned or well known in their field? How about one that you had heard of before attending the school?

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2. I saw a bumper sticker that said "End road rage...slower drivers keep right" Do you think it's good advice or victim blaming? What about in the sense that real road rage can end in violence or death?

3. My therapist says I need to stop being friends with people that I don't like just because they're there and find friends that I have actual things in common with. However I'm about as socially adept as a spatula. So how do I go about doing that? Will you be my friend?

Edit. As per question 3 I should mention that I live in a very small town and there are not many, if any honestly I don't know, clubs or groups for adults.
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so today when i went out into one of my llama paddocks, i discovered a new baby! she was def not planned as we had not bred any of the females last year.

so my question is, how on earth did she get conceived?!?!!!!????? the females do not come in contact with the males and they are all behind deer fencing. my mind is so boggled right now.

also, she needs a name. we name them alphabetically and prefer to use Spanish words or names. we are up to N. any suggestions?

edit: baby pic in comments!
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 For those of you who have kids or have taken care of them for more than a few hours, do you ever experience a moment where you're ready to apologize to your parents for whatever shit you made them put up with?

I just had the worst kid shower time ever. They normally take shower, so I do not know why Lily freaked out like she did. I could not get her to stand under the spray to rinse her hair.

And they both have the squirts, and this is just hell.

Will you share with me some funny and some terrifying child rearing stories? I have a really gross one from when I was a kid and a really gross one from watching these two monsters and both involve diarrhea.

Do you find poop funny? I do, but I am recently beginning to be horrified at some of the things that come out of these kids' butts.
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i'm sick and therefore am banned from socializing and having fun with everyone in the rest of my house while they celebrate george thorogood's birthday.

will you tell me about the last time you felt left out? or i guess just lonely.
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You turn on the television and see your face on America's Most Wanted.   (Or *insert your country here*'s Most Wanted.  Whatever works for you.)

What crime did you commit?  

What is your alias?
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do you shower a lot with your significant other?

my roommate and her boyfriend shower together all the time. he just got her not 5 minutes ago and they're already in the bathroom. maybe i'm a prude or just too shy or maybe just see showering as "me time", but i can't really imagine doing that and doing it all the time.

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Do any of you dislike Lush products? Why/Why not?

I tried liking them and I love the way they smell but their shampoo eats my hair, and I always have skin problems after I use their bath bombs or facial products. I don't even have particularly sensitive skin...well now I do because I have hives thanks to another Lush facial mask :(

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TQC, I applied at examiner.com without checking out any reviews of them online, mostly because I didn't think I'd be offered a job.  Now they've emailed me offering a position, but most of the reviews online are negative, in terms of the company withholding pay and the writers being unreputable.  Do you know anything about examiner.com?  What have your experiences with them been like?

I just got out of the ER for the second time in three weeks, and I feel like a pincushion.  Will you post happy gifs, since laughter is the best medicine?

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Etsy users of TQC: do any of you buy (or sell) tea on Etsy? If so, what kinds? What kinds are you personally most likely to buy?

I am thinking of making tea blends and possibly soaps or something and giving Etsy a shot, so I was kind of hoping to get an idea of what sells well on there.

Any of you buy or sell soap? Again, what kinds?

And to those of you who sell things: do you make a decent profit?

Can you...

recommend more movies like "The Dreamers"? I recently watched it and I think it's now my favorite movie of all time.

Book or, hell, even song recommendations like the movie are welcome too! Thanks!
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Any tips for getting to Las Vegas from the east coast cheaply? Would driving to Las Vegas from DC be more time/money/effort than it's worth vs flying? I'm tempted by driving because then I could drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and then from there to San Fransisco, places I also want to visit. But driving BACK from San Fransisco is not appealing. Another idea would be to rent a car to drive there and fly back, but that sounds so... excessive idk. What would be the best way to do this trip? It would be in August and I'd be staying with family at all locations, so since accommodations will be free the cost of travel isn't very important, but less is always better.

Also would it be a terrible idea to go alone? I can't find anyone who wants to go with me, and idk how much fun a drive that long would be by myself. This would be for a Star Trek convention and I don't have any trekkie friends =(

[Edit: WHOA WHAT apparently plane tickets are as low as $76. Screw driving!]
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do you wish you had less/more alcohol tolerance? mine is absurdly high and I wish I was a light weight so instead of 1200 calories of rum/cokes I could have like, 500 and be drunk.

Should I make a notepad file of questions for the future so I stop asking 159262862 a day?

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I'm flying to Melbourne in about 10 hours. I have yet to do my laundry because I'm lazy. Among the things that need to be washed are several silk garments.

Would it be completely horrible if I put them in the washing machine?
I know you're supposed to handwash them but I'm tired and I don't feel like it. Each garment would be in a seperate laundry bags + on the delicate cycle.

Do you think it would be ok to put the silk garments in the dryer after?
It'd just on the cool setting.

I want my clothes to be clean for my trip, but I don't want to ruin my nice clothes.

DK/DC: What was the last thing you were proud of yourself for?
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1. Will you help me think of an adjective that starts with a vowel? Yes I know there are thousands, I'm looking for one that means energetic, full of life, inspiring, agile, young at heart? A word that encompasses all of those. Its for a project for my aunt's birthday. It's going to say "80 and ______!!" I've already thought of incredible, amazing, unstoppable.
2. Can you recommend a very high strength deodorant that doesn't stink like roses or passion, etc?? Something that will last all day, and preferably doesn't cost 15 dollars a stick.
3. My tattoo artist told me not to use anything at all on my new tattoo besides warm water and soap. No goops or ointments or lotions. I'm not sure I agree with that. What is your experience with tattoo aftercare, and what have you used that's had the best results? 
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 This is my first time staying in this house by myself (overnight babysitting! *invests in tylenol*) and there are some freaky ass noises. Some of it's the wind and stuff, but there's this deep buzzing rattle every so often that is killing my nerves. It's not the heat coming on, but I cannot figure out what it is.

What the hell is that damn noise?

Do you freak yourself out with an overactive imagination?

Are there any cover songs that you like better than the original? I love the Glee version of Forget You but hate the original. I also like the Glee version of Dream On, because ♥NPH♥, but the original is still freaking awesome.
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I just moved in to a new place with new roommates one week ago and I clogged the toilet tonight!

My two roommates are asleep and I've been plunging with their cheap ass plunger for at least twenty minutes (I have no idea how much water I've wasted flushing the toilet over and over again).

Every time I plunge it makes this hollow sort of sound and at one point, shortly after it started making that sound, the water in the bowl completely drained out. I flushed, thinking the plug had finally cleared BUT IT HADN'T. IT'S STILL NOT DRAINING RIGHT.



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Have you ever tried to kill someone with kindness? Did it work?

If someone was talking shit about you and you knew they were talking shit, how could you bring yourself to be nice to them?

Be honest, have you ever been the shit talker? Ever felt bad when the person you were disparaging tried to befriend you?

Dk/Dc: Do you have any pet peeves that you think are pretty specific to yourself? For instance I have really small ears and people will comment on them when they notice it and try to reach out and touch them. I think people touching my ears is odd and creepy especially when I don't really know them well.

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there's going to be another big rally at the capitol on Saturday so naturally i need a sign, but i'm undecided:

should i print out a picture of Christian Bale and have it say "SCOTT WALKER, WE'RE DONE PROFESSIONALLY"

or print out a picture of Sassy Gay Friend and have it say "Scott Walker, what are you doing? What, what, what are you doing?"


which one

C. Bale
Sassy Gay Friend
something else i am going to come up with and post in the comments
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 How often do you see your SO?

I only see mine on the weekends. He's in grad school, and I'm an undergrad and volunteer. Between our busy schedules, weekends are basically the only times that work. It's kind of a bummer. Especially when we have work to do.