February 23rd, 2011


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It seems a lot of people have a favorite portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. But what about Dr. Watson, Lestrade, etc.? I've never seen it really discussed and I am curious. I want to know what your favorite portrayals are of some of the other characters.
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Anyone who was in orchestra in elementary school, did you get metals? What were they for? I found an old photo from orchestra in which I have a lot of medals on my skirt, but I can't remember anything about them and I'm curious!

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My ex-fiance came by to say goodbye for the last time. That was the last time I will ever see him. :(

What are some good things to do to keep my mind off this sadness?

I also have this intense heart ache stomach (??) I don't feel hungry and haven't eaten anything all day, just some water. Is this normal when going through an intense break up?

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After four soul sucking years I've finally quit my job. After another weekend where everyone called out on me and I had to work ten to ten because our new loser GM doesn't understand that she has to cover shifts when she FIRES people (even though we're already short handed), I've decided I'm done.

So Club...

Should I enjoy a week of sleep and school or get on the job hunt immediately?

Also, if you're unemployed or cutting costs, what are some of the things you take out first?

I'm going to let my LJ run out and I've cancelled netflix. Luckily I paid off my game reserves and all the rest are for later this year. I may have to get rid of my pet Meow-Meow, but I know someone who wants to take him anyway.
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Oh, mmm... foooood

Hey TQC. The boy thing offered to buy lunch, and I've got a hankering for delicious Mexican-American fare.

What would you buy off this menu?

ETA: I had the chimichanga with adobada.  Boy had the Ranchero with carne asada and enchilada sauce.  Everyone was happy.
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I keep having strange dreams where either the apocalypse is happening and religious groups are trying to kill me off, or I'm running from an old man rapist, or having my car pushed off a bridge... Things like that.

What are some of the strangest/most significant dreams you've had?
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Paging Dr TQC:
I've had a kidney infection since Saturday, and I've been on antibiotics since Sunday night (so I've taken five doses so far), but I still have a low-grade fever, dizziness, shakes and chills, no appetite, back pain, abdomen pain, and poo-related things that I don't want to go into because you might be eating.  Should I call my doctor tomorrow, or should I give the antibiotics more time to work?

When you see/hear about a crisis somewhere in the world, do you feel compelled to help?  In what way do you want to help (sending money/supplies, going over there yourself, getting information out)?
I always feel like I should be over there helping, but I'm absolutely useless in all situations.

What movie has EVERYBODY seen that you haven't?
Someone mentioned Leaving Las Vegas in the "disturbing movie" post and I've never seen it, so I'm watching it right now.
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How do you cook your eggs?

Do you think eggs need to be fully cooked or is it ok for them to be underdone?

I'm in culinary school and they taught us to super-undercook eggs and it freaks me out because my mom always told me that undercooked eggs will 100% undoubtedly cause me to die.
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 I know I should always include school information on a resume, even if I only graduated high school, but all of the functional resume examples I've been looking at put it first after the objective. Should I follow that or should I stick my embarrassing high school life at the end?

If you worked for your parents at any point in time, would you place that on a resume? I mean, assuming you were doing more than just sweeping and occasionally saying 'hey' to a customer.
How would you go about doing it? List it out like any other job? I'm a little weary of doing that because if they ask for a reference for that job, it's my mom and yanno, familial references are a no-no.

What's with all the OKCupid questions lately? Did everyone on TQC get lonely after V Day?

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Do you keep a (physical) journal/diary? What do you write/put in it? What does it look like? I ask because I'm thinking of starting one but I'm not sure what kind to buy or where to buy it from.
movie - is it a dream?
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Do you remember your dreams?
Do you have a specific dream that recurs over and over?
Is it usually people you know in your dreams or just random people?
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Should I get a rename token and change my name to something people can pronounce/is actually a word people recognize?

Edited because I didn't explain what my problem with the current one is well enough.

I've had this username since I was 15 and I've probably had to explain like a hundred times what it means and it's a dumb story and I just don't love it like I did.

I just can't decide if all that is worth $15.

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How is your vision? Do you wear contacts or glasses?

I am -2.25 in one eye and -2.75 in the other. I know that's not so bad; I'm at the level where I don't want to be driving a car without glasses or contacts, but I won't run into things around the house if I'm walking around without them. I usually wear contacts when I go out, but glasses around the house.
I just found out that a girl I work with is -9 in both eyes and I can't even imagine what that's like.

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For those with digital cable/satellite, do you ever watch ambient channels? The fireplace channel, the sunset channel, the aquarium channel, etc?

In canada they're launching a new one that is a 24/7 loop of chicken being cooked on a rotisserie. I can't imagine who would watch it but they wouldn't be putting it out there otherwise, right?

Would you watch the rotisserie channel?
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What is something you always misread? I always read Chick Fil-A as Chick A-Fil. eta: also, the "applause" brand of crackers I read as "applesauce". Applesauce crackers. Never fails. I always go, "HUH?"
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To use gesso in art, can you transfer an image to another paper, by painting with white gesso over the top of the image and sticking it face down onto the paper and leave it there for a few hours?

I seem to remember doing something like this once in art class three or four years ago, but I'm not certain if that is the correct method.

If that's not possible, is there a way to transfer printed images to another paper without using transfer paper?

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Can you suggest a leave-in conditioner that actually mosturizes, but doesn't make my hair greasy (even if I only put it on the ends/nowhere near the roots)? Are you supposed to use conditioner in the shower and then use leave-in, or is it more of a one or the other thing?

What's your favorite mascara?

DK/DC, will you show me a pic of adorable pets? Yours or someone else's.

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Can you tell me something about the person who commented above you? 

Snoop through their profile/journal if necessary.

To get things rolling, first person can post about me.
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iPod wierdness

I know you guys aren't tech support, but tech support isn't doing me any good. 

My iPod has taken to refusing to sync.  I plug it in and the computer recognizes that it is there, but iTunes completely ignores it.  Help doesn't mention an iPod/iTunes acting this way at all.  And when I went to the Apple site, it wanted me to log in.  I'll be damned if I'm going to give them my contact information so they can spam me with advertisements, so here I am asking you if you have any suggestions to get my iPod to sync up?

Oh, and when it does acknowledge my iPod is there, it suddenly kicks me out of sync mode and there I am with it ignoring it again.
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How much would I have to pay you to shave off one eyebrow? You're not allowed to cover it with anything until (if?) the hair grows back. You can make up any story you want about your missing eyebrow, as long as you don't say that some dude from the internet paid you to do it.

Bonus points: What would your missing eyebrow story be?


I'm interested in starting a freshwater fish tank and have no idea where to start.

What are some great fish?

Do you believe in having fish as pets?

DK/DC: Do you like thunderstorms?
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i just sent an email to a professor i'm trying to suck up to and as it was sending i realized i misspelled two as to (which looks fucking dumb) but it was too late to stop it ;__;

what should i do? nothing? has this ever happened to you? i HATE when you notice errors as the message is sending and there's no way to cancel it.

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If you are going to a concert where you know there's likely to be a lot of jumping around / stuff being thrown / you getting crushed - what do you do with your phone / keys / wallet? Do you put them in your pocket, or take a bag?

If that's not your type of concert, what is your type of concert?
Who was the last artist / band you saw live?

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Do you own any ballet flats that are very comfortable for walking around in? If so what brand/style are they?

If you own/owned any ballet flats that were an incredible waste of money and/or are not comfortable for walking in, what brand are they?

If you do not own and have never owned any ballet flats of any kind, what is your mom's first name?

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Say when you're out somewhere you overhear a conversation in which someone is wondering about something, and you know the correct solution to their problems. What do you do? Do you butt in for the sake of being helpful, or just leave them be?

I was waiting for my professor to show up for my class and I overheard two girls behind me talking about how one's piercing seemed to be infected. She started talking about all the things she'd tried... all of which were not very helpful solutions to the problem. Then her friend offered her another, equally unhelpful solution. The whole time I had some good tips I could offer her but I wasn't sure if it would be rude to turn around and interject. I mean, I ended up not caring anymore, as when the class started she was completely rude to the professor, but I was still wondering if being helpful like that was actually helpful or just plain rude. So what do you guys think?
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What's an acceptable birthday gift for someone you have been dating for a few months but are not in a serious relationship with? 

So far the suggestions I've gotten are: a blowjob, trucknutz, and a nice dinner.
I didn't know wtf trucknutz were until just now.

What say you TQC? 

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Zip Codes

A good friend and her SO just moved into a townhouse, built in 2007. The house straddles the city borders of Raleigh and Durham, NC (which are located in two separate counties, Wake and Durham). They have been told they are able to use two different zip codes and place names for their address, 27617 for Raleigh or 27703 for Durham.

We both find this amazing, interesting, and baffling. Do you know of any other situations where this occurred? If so, were one of the zip codes/place names ever revoked?
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what are your initials? do people ever call you by your initials?
this happens a lot to me and my sister, and i am starting to theorize that certain last name initials lend themselves better to nicknames (J, P, and C all seem to work well).
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I'm bored. Can we play a game where you wank about whatever the person above you posted? Preferably ridiculous stuff. I guess I'll post first - Even though I know purified water can be dirtier than tap water, it tastes nasty to not drink purified bottle water.

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Last night I couldn't sleep, so around four in the morning I was flipping through the channels on the T.V. when I stopped at one that had X-Men Evolution on. I used to love that show when I was younger, so I watched the episode. After that, an old episode of Gargoyles came on.

Are there any shows that you watched when you were younger that you miss or wish you could see again?

What do you usually do when you can't sleep?

What's the longest you've gone without sleep?
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How long could you last at a job that required you to be there, on the clock at 5:30 or 6:30a.m. Monday-Friday? Would your answer change if you were being paid, say, minimum wage?
More and more I'm starting to feel unhuman and an unproductive member of society, for a myriad mixed bag of reasons.

What off-beat words and phrases do you use on a frequent basis?
What are some old-style words you wish were used more?

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Do you now/have you ever had an animal that did some pretty quirky things? Please explain.

My cat acts more like a dog than my dog ever has. She licks and plays fetch and comes to her name... well, sort of. Her name is Abby, but if we say, "Meow Meow" she comes running, or looks over at us. Sometimes she'll even meow back at us twice.

I also have a leopard gecko who understands that the cat can't get inside of her tank and she seems to deliberately comes up to the glass to see the cat smash her face into it.

dk/dc- What would be your dream pet and what would you name it?

I want a tortoise that I can name Little Tank and call LT for short.
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I'm making cupcakes for my cousin's baby shower. I need cute ideas! The cake and frosting are just gonna be vanilla (or lemon-y or whatever flavors, we haven't decided yet, but it's gonna be light colored cakes and frosting). She's having a girl, so pink decorations are encouraged. Do you have any ideas for cute, simple cupcake decorations?
We have a few ideas, but I was hoping to come up with some more before finally deciding.
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would you rather take three one-hour-long classes right after each other from noon to 3pm three days a week, or take one of the classes at 10am, and the other two from noon to 2pm (still three days a week)?

same as cash

What do you think "same as cash" financing means?

Poll #1709152 "same as cash"

"12-months same as cash" means that, to avoid finance charges, I owe the full amount of a purchase

12 months after I verify receipt of my merchandise
12 months after my first scheduled payment is 'due'.

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Someone said to me yesterday, "I couldn't not live near the sea. I always have. I need to be near it. It's just me."

How important is the type of place you grew up to the (type of) person you are? Would you ever live somewhere completely different to the place you grew up?
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do you drive a hybrid car? or have you ever driven one before? is it very different from driving a regular car? i've heard the gears are different.

do you feel comfortable driving in other people's cars?

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last night i cooked a delicious casserole in an Anchor brand cooking dish. now i want to re-heat it for dinner tonight. the bottom of the pan says that it's dishwasher, microwave and oven safe but not safe for a broiler or stove top. i've googled and my mom isn't available right now, so i don't know if this pan will explode in the oven because i just took it from the fridge and i'm going to put it in the oven now. i'm 98% sure that it won't, but i'd love to know for sure. i'm going to keep looking on my own, but TQC, if i put an oven safe dish in the oven (really hot) straight from the fridge (pretty cold), will it break? do glass pans need to come to room temperature before you cook with them, or am i just a crazyface?

i think i got this idea because i remember getting in serious trouble when i was younger and i threw a snowball at the glass front door and my dad came outside and was like AAAGH BAD KID THE HOUSE IS WARM AND THE OUTSIDE IS COLD AND THE GLASS IS CONFUSED WITH THE TEMPERATURES THAT SNOWBALL WILL BREAK IT DONT BREAK MY DOOR
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tqc i'm having a particularly awful/painful period but i'm braving the world in pursuit of comfort food. what snacks should i get (no meat)? what should i do when i get back to feel better? all i can think of is watch movies but i can't think of one i want to watch :/

other suggestions?

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Have you ever used a neti-pot?
My sinuses are a mess right now and have been for a few days.
I don't really feel sick though, just annoyed from the pressure and headache. I'm going through tissue like crazy, it's pretty gross. I was thinking of giving one a try but I haven't heard much about them.

Any other remedies for a sinus cold?
I'm popping Tylenol cold and sinus like crazy but it isn't doing much :(

K well, I've been battling this since the weekend, and I just tried the neti pot method and I can finally breathe through my nose & am no longer in pain.

So, you know, if you have never used a neti pot, I suggest keeping one around.

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As I was driving into NYC today, I looked to my left.
There is a pickup truck with the license plate : SANTASLA

Santa Claus is driving the pick up truck. FULL real beard, dressed in his Christmas best.

B. What was the last thing that made you smile?
C. Do things seem to happen to you that never happen to anyone else?

Is it weird that I also looked up and saw a license plate with my last name on it today, too? (It's not a common one...that's all the license plate was, too)

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I might be helping someone out this weekend by covering their table at an art show, and they are willing to repay me with free tattoo time!!! Yaaay!

Problem is, I just finished one tattoo two weeks ago, and have not really thought about what I want next. So, if someone were willing to give you two hours of free tattoo time, what would you get? I'm hoping something inspires me.

*edit* I'm not looking for ideas of something to get, just to get a tattoo. I'm simply asking what YOU would get, if someone were to offer repayment in the form of a tattoo.
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 I was put on a steroid inhaler yesterday for the next 14 days. I'm supposed to take it once per day, at night, before bed. After I inhale it I'm supposed to rinse my mouth out. I did that, and then had some OJ...I took it about a half hour ago and I keep coughing, and I can now taste the medicine. Should I rinse my mouth out again, or do you think I'll be okay?

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I just bought Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010. My mom wants me to install it in her computer as well but in Spanish. If she buys the Office Language Pack 2010 will it change the entire program to the language chosen or will it only change a few things in the program?
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What Not To Buy

Can we use this post to advise other TQCers on what products not to waste their money on?

I'm going to go ahead and say that the Slap Chop is a waste of $20. It's actually way easier to just chop your own damn food by hand. The only thing it was useful for was chopping bacon.
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