February 22nd, 2011


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Will you share some of the LJ-notes you have on people?

If you don't have a paid account/use LJ notes/think these questions are fucking stupid, will you mention TQC-ers that you think are particularly notable and why? Good or bad.

ETA: SCRATCH THAT. Please don't be bringing up TQC members you don't like, that's just mean D: Will you talk about your favourite trolls instead?

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I live in NY and have had no heat in my bedroom for 3 weeks now. My landlord keeps saying he's "getting someone to fix it". A coworker said it would be perfectly reasonable to get a space heater for my room and deduct the cost of it from the rent.

The problem is my roommate is being a major asshole about this, and I think it's partly because he's dating the landlords daughter. He refuses to even discuss taking the money for the space heater out of the rent with the landlord, and got really pissy with me when I said I would if he didn't. He keeps offering me his room to sleep in, which is inconvenient and uncomfortable for me, and gets even angrier when I refuse to. He said, "Well I've offered you a workable solution and your refusing it".

Is deducting the cost of the space heater from the rent reasonable? There is currently no date set for repairs and its been three fucking weeks of ice coldness in my room.

tl;dr: I've had no heat in my bedroom for 3 weeks, there is no date set for repairs. It is unreasonable to buy a space heater and deduct the cost of it from the rent?

ETA: I am NOT talking about not paying the rent. I would call the landlord first and ASK him if he would be OK with me buying a space heater, and taking the cost of the space heater out of the rent I'd be paying. So if a space heater cost $50, he would get $50 less from us this month than he does every other month. But he would be aware of that first.

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 What are some of your comfort foods?  

Also what should I get my brother for his 17th birthday?  It needs to be cheap.  He likes xbox live.  Do they have fairly cheap microsoft points cards?  

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How good are you at making yourself go to bed when you're not really tired?

I know i'd sleep if I went to bed now but because I don't feel tired i'm not going, and I know ill regret it tomorrow.
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What was your first car, and how much did you spend on it? (and how long ago was that? XD)


If you could only pick one CURRENT TV show to watch for the next year, what would it be? *Yes, it counts if it's currently in between seasons or something
stay beautiful
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Basically, my boyfriend made a decision that I think was kind of a jackass move. Do I tell him? What if nothing can be changed and it'll probably just end up in drama?

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DKDC: Any drama in your life? Anything awesome going on? What did you eat for your last meal?
Slytherin Binny

A tale of woe.

Once upon a time, almost a year ago, I had someone who I thought was a very good friend of mine make a whole slew of icons for my lj. That "friend" turned out to be not so good. I finally got sick of my conscience feeling like I owed her thanks every time I used one of the icons so, after not seeing/speaking to her for 5 months I deleted all of those icons tonight.

The problem is that now I have three icons while I have room for 55.

So, TQC, will you post communities or journals where I can get nice, simple, nerd oriented icons? Or are any of you spectacularly bored and feel like making me a few?

Right now I'm particularly into Star Trek (all forms), Lost, Buffy/Angel, Community, Criminal Minds, Psych, the US version of Being Human, Vampire Diaries... stuff like that.

I got lazy and made them myself and they're not really all that pretty but they'll do.

New question! Which should be my new default?

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Upon reading someone else's post about the youtube video, it made me think of a video I saw about a year ago on you tube that I can't find anymore. It was of a guy, I think he was in England, and he would take people off the street and use persuasive speech to make them do certain things. It wasn't really hypnosis if I remember correctly, it was just things he would say while talking to them to persuade them to do what he wanted. Does anyone know the name of this guy? Oh and it was just little things that he would make them do like pick a certain color or say a word he wanted them to say, stuff like that.
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Help With Hanging Foam Core

 I just moved into my very first apartment. My dad works at a graphics company, and as a housewarming gift he blew up some of my photos. He blew them up REALLY HUGE. They are 3 feet (94cm) by 2 feet (61cm). They are mounted on foam core less than one inch thick, and I have no experience hanging anything more complicated than taping posters to a dorm room wall. I have a Michael's craft store and a Wal-Mart nearby, if that matters. They are sitting on my floor and my walls are sad and bare.

What is the best way to hang giant prints mounted on foam core without too much damage to them or the wall? 

Don't know/don't care:

Describe a strange person that you went to school with, or a strange person you work with.

There was a really nice girl at my school who was best known for only wearing pink, no exceptions. She did not walk to where she was going, she skipped.  
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It snowed in South Jersey. This is A Problem because somehow, despite the fact that this happens every year, each and every time it does South Jersey acts like it has never seen this mystical white stuff before. I live in the same town as my college, but according to my roommate the roads are a mess and he'd advise against leaving the house. I'm not feeling too great anyway, but I missed this class last week and I'm feeling guilty, though my professor would probably understand.

Do I go to class, TQC?

Why would a school with two-thirds of its students commuting fail to cancel class in this weather?

Do you live somewhere that gets snow? Does your region handle it well?

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what did you do on your last day off? how many days of your week are free of obligations?

i haven't had a completely free day since early january and it's starting to wear on me. i'm hoping by mid-march to be able to take a day off.

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What are some entirely implausible, but awesome concert lineups you'd like to see?

For example, I'd love to see a billing with Jason Molina performing old Songs: Ohia stuff, followed by The Mountain Goats taking requests, and then Leonard Cohen intermingling songs with spoken word.

Do you show love to your favorite things by using them a lot or by keeping them in pristine condition?

Sorry, this may be long and boring to most.

So my fiance broke up with me again last night. I'm pretty sure nobody would remember the last time he did, back in October when I talked about it, but he's done it again. Only this time I'm not letting him fall back on me and say sorry like I stupidly did last time. He says he's not happy but won't tell any details why. He doesn't feel the connection we had, even though he loved on me constantly and always had fun together. I just feel used, since now I feel like the times we got intimate, they were all a lie. :\ I'm not sad, I'm more fucking angry he did this to me because he basically wants to play video games all night without me saying to go bed. I thought all along after the first time it happened, things were great. He was my first. It sucks royally.

The only real shitty part of this is, I'm stuck here in GA. I came here to be with him, so that was the possibly stupid, but at the time was a good idea. Now I have to lug my 4 kitties and I to Oregon in my car by Thursday or Friday. I'm so scared driving alone, but cannot wait to have my mom come and help me. I just need the fuck OUT of here. :( Sorry...bad rant.

Would you feel betrayed if your loved one did this to you not once, but TWICE? What things can I do to feel better? I'm going to work one last time today and telling them what happened, my boss will understand.

Add on: I wanted to just apologize to anyone who I may have offended with my sometimes rude and snarky comments. This move will make me a lot more happy and the time moving from GA to OR will calm me. That may sound like bullshit, but I never intended to be an asshole on here. I guess being with this douche bag made me unhappy in some ways too.
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Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

If yes, do you sleep with it on or off?

Hypothetical situation:
You are a person who sleeps with the TV on, and your SO is a person who sleeps with the TV off. How much of a problem is this for the two of you? Will you, as a TV sleeper, be understanding and sleep with the TV off for your SO? Or will you make your SO deal with it and sleep with the TV on? Or is there some kind of compromise?


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What are your thoughts on people who use the excuse "that's how I was raised" to justify or explain sexist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted behavior? Do you know anyone who does this?
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call the waaahmbulance

im having a really hard time keeping afloat today.

what are some things you do to cheer up or distract yourself when everything reminds you of what you're trying to forget?

dk / dc: what are some shows/movies you loved as a kid but after revisiting them when youi were older, felt disappointed?
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I have this situation where I try and keep in contact with friends who live far away but they seem to be disinterested in being my friend any longer. Particularly this girl who I have considered my best friend since freshman year of high school decided to transfer to another school about 12 hours from where she lives and never mentioned it to me. I'm happy shes finally making the move since shes been talking about it for quite some time, but at the same time I'm rather hurt she didn't even tell me until her sister sent me an invitation to her and her boyfriend's (who is moving with her) going away party. What should I do? I can't go to the party and I want to tell her I'm happy for her but upset she never told me.
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Welcome to Speed Date - TQC style.

Would you like to participate? If so, please tell us a little bit about yourself, remember to keep it short. Users who are interested in knowing more about you will proceed with asking you further questions.

Good luck and may you find your ~tru luv~!

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1)Have you ever run for an office (of a group, community, club, etc) and won by a mudslide?
2)If you have a tattoo or tattoos, how much did you pay for them, individually (as in per tattoo, not collectively)?


Have you spent all your gift cards and/or money received from Christmas yet?

I have a gift card that is still hanging around in my wallet, waiting for some extra cash to go with it.  Hope it doesn't have an expiration date.

Did you receive any gift cards to places that you will NEVER use? 

Plane Tickets

It's come a point in my life where I've been having to purchase plane tickets now and again, and know absolutely nothing of the industry.

How do I find those dirt cheap multi connection flights?

How do you usually purchase your tickets?

Where do you purchase your tickets?
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This is completely hypothetical, I swear.

If you had the choice between taking your childhood pet who currently lives with your parent/s (and always has) and adopting a new pet, which would you chose?

no, you can't bring your dead childhood pet back to life in this situation =P
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I know we have some New Zealanders here, anyone from Christchurch? Are you guys ok?
Please take care and stay safe.

Sorry, didn't see the earlier post- I'm watching live coverage on the news so I wasn't paying attention.
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I'm out of the TQC loop. Will you fill me in? Who's now married/divorced/pregnant/in jail/running the world? What have you been up to? If we don't know each other, will you introduce yourself to me?

Who else has killer cramps? I swear my uterus hates me.

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 Is my dad going crazy?  

He is absolutely obsessed lately with open carrying.  It is legal in our state without needing a permit.  All he does is look at stuff about guns and open carry type things on the internet, before he leaves to go somewhere say "I think I might open carry at place",  and has been talking about a meeting he's planning to attend and after some asking I got the info that it is a meeting of people similar to the NRA.  
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  I'm sure you've smelt it before, but does anyone know what that dirt smelling perfume is? I don't think I can describe it as smelling like anything else but dirt/potting soil.
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I'm trying to locate a Youtube video and I'm pretty sure some of you lovelies will have seen it.

It's part of a series of interviews done somewhere in the U.S. (or maybe across the U.S.) looking at real life stories. The one I'm particularly looking for is about a Jewish couple in the twilight of their lives looking back on their relationship. I'm pretty sure they were from New York. The husband was absolutely in love with his wife, and used to leave a note for her every day; a kind of love letter. He'd also ring her every day from work. The sad part of the story was that the husband was actually at the end of his life, he had cancer and knew that the end was imminent.
Does this ring any bells?

EDIT: It's been found! Thanks TQC!
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What is your o-to food when ou a drunk or high?

I apologise for my typing, i's actuall my shitty eyboard, not the alcohol. I swear on my boyfriend's life. Cheap keyboards suc.

Have you ever hd an annoyigly shitty keybod that too too much tmie to go back and correct?

Want to pucn me for this post? I do.
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Do you know anyone who looks like someone famous? My boyfriend looks terrifyingly like Joren Van Der Sloot. To the point where he made Van Der Sloot's photo his facebook profile pic and no one knew for weeks it wasn't him.

What song do you hate most in the whole wide world?
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
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Should I buy the UK Skins off iTunes? It's like $37 for the first and second seasons, or something. I've only seen a few episodes of the American version but I like it a lot, and I hear the UK version is better.

What's the funniest thing you've seen?

What's been the best day of your life?

speaking of babiez.

What do you think is the longest amount of a time a newborn baby went without a name?

In other words, what's the longest amount of time it took parents to chose/decide on a name for their baby?

Even with dogs (dogs ≠ babies) I try to come up with a name within the first day I get him or her.

Old school

Burning questions

Current queen of pop/top 40?

Britney Spears
Lady Gaga
Katy Perry
Justin Bieber
Willow Smith

Which life would interest you more?

Having a job that pays $100k a year. When you die, though (whenever that may be), your death will be slow and full of agony
Having a job that pays $40k a year. When you die (whenever that may be), it will be in your sleep and you will not feel a thing

Which would be WORSE?

Kissing the first person of the opposite sex who walks through the main door at the nearest mall, regardless of age. Deep kiss with tongue
Have someone key your car, diagonally, across your entire driver's side door

Which would be WORSE?

Have your name and cell number written on a truck stop bathroom wall with the words 'for a good time call...'
Having your jaw wired shut for 5 days straight

Which would be WORSE?

Eating a wasabi smoothie (just yogurt and wasabi) every day for lunch for an entire week
Attending your next high school reunion sporting a moustache drawn on with a Sharpie
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Can we have a snarky/judgy post?

Will you post the dumbest question you've ever seen here?

Are there really dumb questions you remember from other comms? (i'm looking at you vp!)

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Oh Fuck

I have both a Funeral and job interview on the same day

The Funeral is for a dear friend who commited suicide.
I really want to go the funeral but I really fucking need a job.

Wat do?
What is the right thing to do? what would you do?

I mean I can do both but Is it really that great of an idea to go to a funeral and then go to a job interview?

*The Funeral is at 11am, the job interview is at 2pm.

I have just rung them but the manager wasn't in, they are calling me back tomorrow to see if anything can be done. I am just so scared of this hurting my chances
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Store bought Alfredo sauce usually kinda sucks. Is there anything you do to make it taste better?

Edit: IF I WANTED TO MAKE MY OWN I WOULD HAVE ASKED FOR A RECIPE!!! I've tried and it never comes out well.
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Custom font creator?

I've been looking all over for a custom font creator that is easy to use, and I can't seem to find one anywhere. I went to Best Buy and Officemax, I checked their websites and then I checked Amazon. I couldn't find a program that creates custom fonts anywhere.
I went online, and I found a free one, but I don't want to learn a whole programming language just to make my own custom wingdings type fonts. I tried Cygwin, but it makes my brain hurt. I want something simple and easy like a paint program.

All I want is an XP friendly program that makes fonts that I can use in Illustrator and other programs.
I don't want to get a virus and I don't want to give my credit card information to a stranger. I just want to get a font creator program.

Any ideas?
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Dear TQC,

I am trying to buy a used bike off Craigslist.

I am 5' 4".

What size bike should I get? I see all these ads for bikes that say stuff like, "26in. bike for sale." How many inches would be an appropriate size bike for someone my height?
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I know this is done from time to time, but I need your help, TQC!

I love grocery shopping when I have the money to spend, but I hate shopping on a very tight budget (don't we all?).

I have $25 to go grocery shopping with tonight.

Collapse )

What should I buy to best stretch my $25 and be able to make maybe five days worth of meals?
Also, I'm only cooking for two.

dk/dc: What do you need from the grocery store right now? What are your favorite indulgent grocery purchases?
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what the heck do i get my parents for their 25th wedding anniversary? im pretty sucky at thinking of something special to give them to celebrate their ~looove.

also, can we all send some good thoughts to those in christchurch, new zealand that lost their lives and were affected by the earthquake today? i feel so much for them :(
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I am eating bits of feta on a spoon with cracker crumbs and sipping home-made mead (lavender & damiana from manzinita honey) through a bunny shaped straw.

TQC, have you eaten food in strange combinations or unusual ways recently?

Also, it seems my 10 year high school reunion will be the summer of 2012.  To go or not to go?  (They were douches).

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TQC, have you ever had an SO or close friend (or anyone close to you, I guess) go into a mental health care facility voluntarily? What was it like? Did you visit them? How did they break the news to you that they were going? How long did they stay there and what were they like when they came out? Details, please.

DK/DC: How do you feel about asparagus? What are you up to tonight?
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What fictional character(s) do you have a fancy for?
I'm quite fond of Doctor Who #10, Jamie Fraser from Outlander, and Harry Dresden.

When you read, do you prefer intellectual/challenging fare, fluff, something else?
I prefer fluff, mostly. If I'm reading, it's as an escape. So I want what I read to be fun and easy and entertaining.

Do you judge people by what they read?
I judge people who judge people by what they read. If you want to discuss the merits of The Great Gatsby go right ahead, but don't roll your eyes at me because I prefer to read a romance.

What's your favorite book series?
My longtime favorite is Narnia. My current favorite is Dresden Files. I can't wait for the next one!
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I noticed on Sunday that I have a weird horizontal dent near the top of the front of my right thigh. It's a couple of inches long (left to right). As far as I can tell it is from when I lean against my vanity table to apply my makeup in the morning, because it sits exactly where the table hits me when I lean against it. But I only spend about 5 minutes a day at MOST applying makeup.

So I ask you, why does my body insist on having this crazy dent when I don't have other weird dents on my body from things I do more every day??

Or, will you just tell me about your weird body mysteries?
Clem & Joely

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I need a serious de-steam. My brain is fried with stress. I want to watch a movie, I don't care if it's funny or not, so long as it's not /stressful/. Which of the following would you recommend? (I don't know if any of these are intense or not...)

Funny People
Plan B (2009)
I Am Love
Zack & Miri Make a Porno
Stereo Future
The Thin Man
Other (Plz comment? :3)

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How many communities are associated with TQC? I mean like tqc_chat and such.The only ones linked in the community info are tqc_apples, tqc_chat and tqc_mods, but I know there are a bunch of others.

When was the last time you were disapointed?

I was planning to attend a wee social gathering this evening but am not because my sister left the headlights on and the car wouldn't start and then she had to get a jump and now she doesn't feel like going. I'm basically socially dependent on her and don't want to/can't go by myself, so now I'm sitting about being greasy and sad with nothing to do.

What should I do instead?
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My mother is very sick and will probably be so for several weeks.  I'm planning to buy her some groceries and make her a few meals.

What groceries should I buy?  What freezable meals should I make for her?  

If you were sick, what would you want someone to bring you?
The Receptionist Classic

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I am going to the store tomorrow to stock up on soups to have for lunch.
1. What soups should I get? As long as they don't contain seafood/shellfish, of course.
2. How long will I tolerate my soup-only lunch routine before giving in to the call of Taco Bell?

Do you like Idiot's Guides or the For Dummies books? Do you have a favorite title?
I'm reading Mormonism for Dummies right now. It is the only yellow (for Dummies) title in a sea of orange (idiot's guide) on my bookshelf. So lonely, it needs a friend.

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Can you recommended some movies to watch with my SO that don't have any references to affairs or cheating in them? Some of you might remember a few months ago my SO cheated on me and it's still a pretty sore topic for me.

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I hate awkward moments.

I was just inside of a convenience store looking at several different energy drinks. No one was around, so I took my time in deciding which one I wanted. When I thought I knew, I got closer to the rack displaying them but then stopped because I realized that two of the same drink were the same price but packaged differently. Curious as to why, I stood there for a minute scanning over the two items and when I still couldn't find a difference other than the packaging, I went with my original choice. Upon picking it up, it got stuck on the ledge above it and as I was fighting with it, I ended up knocking over the items surrounding it. I took another few minutes to clean up the mess I had made and when I turned around, there were five other people waiting and staring at me. I gave an awkward look and instead of going straight to the register, I went the opposite direction in order to avoid all of these people.

What are some awkward moments that you've had in public?
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Do you check out the free itunes downloads on Tuesdays?  Did you know this week, Fleet Foxes are one of them?!  Do you usually like what they pick? 
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just a bill
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I made an insensitive comment to someone I've just started seeing, via text last night, and I haven't received a response back even though I apologized immediately after and again tonight. Before any of this went down, he had told me that he was tired (it was lateish) last night and that he had a happy hour tonight. At what point do I give up, and conclude that he isn't responding to my texts because he's pissed rather than because he was busy?
oh NED

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everyone talks about bands that don't live up to their hype. but do you feel there are any bands who do live up to all the hype but are overshadowed by it regardless?

like, there's a band that got really popular and all the try hards jumped on the bandwagon, so it makes you feel like they probably aren't that good, but really they are?

i still think Arctic Monkeys are an excellent band but i feel like they get dismissed by people or people aren't taken seriously for liking them because they've been so touted that it's kind of assumed that they're shit.

that's just how i feel, though, and i feel weird things.
cow milkin'
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Anyone work/deal with Geek Squad?

I'm having my tv repaired via them tomorrow. My husband JUST showed me a receipt the guy printed out(he came last week and had to order the part). On the bottom it says Charge to customerwarranty with the charges of $310.
THEN it has Payment details and it says: PSP $160.50
What is PSP? I would have asked the guy IF I had been given the receipt. :(
I just don't want him to come and demand I pay something and not have the money.

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TQC I'm 21!

What did you do for your 21st birthday (or legal drinking age birthday wherever you are)?

I went to the bar across the street from my house (at 9:30PM, I had no intentions of staying up late to drink last night,) bought a shot (which I think I finished a fourth of and then passed to my boyfriend) and called it a night. I'm a serial teetotaler.

ETA: I went to Cheesecake Factory and got some vegan blueberry cheesecake deal. Don't judge me.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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The rough draft of this big senior paper you have to write is due the first day back from Spring break, March 28th. You've had a syllabus saying it's due then since the beginning of the semester. You're having major surgery on March 17th, the first day of Spring Break, and probably won't be able to work on said paper during the break due to being stoned out of your mind. Said professor is kind of irritated at your senior class right now for not being good at citing things in APA format so he is not in the best mood today.

Emailing your professor to ask for some leeway or an extension: good or bad idea? I emailed my professor asking this morning and he didn't get back to me when I know he always is right at his computer checking his email, I think he might be pissed at me for asking.
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Today I got my tragus pierced, but when I got home, I realised the placement was a little lower than I wanted (by about 3 millimetres).

  • Is it worth going back to my piercer tomorrow and having him redo it? I know it's only a few millimetres but it's making me a bit sad.
  • If I go back to my piercer tomorrow, will he be able to immediately repierce my tragus where I want it? Or would I have to take it out and wait a few weeks?

Question Club, what should I do?

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(no subject)

Do you sew?

What kinds of things do you make?

Where do you get your patterns?

What sewing machine do you have?

Is there a sewing community on the internet similar to what Ravelry is for knitters?

If you don't sew, do you do any other crafty endeavors?

Important philosophical question

TQC WHY DO I HAVE TO FART SO MUCH??? My diet hasn't changed (still shitty as ever) and I don't have periods or any sort of gastrointestinal disorders.

What makes you feel particularly gassy? PMS? Certain foods? Moon phases?

What's the oldest article of clothing you have? How old is it, and what is it? I still have a polka dot sundress I made in Grade 12/2005.