February 21st, 2011

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What is your favorite boy name?
Favorite girl name?
How about favorite unisex name?

Also, I'm thinking of volunteering in my area but haven't decided where yet.

Have any of you volunteered or wanted to volunteer for a good cause?
Can you explain what it was for and the things that you had to do?

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I don't like the caption that came with this picture, will you make a better one? 

sorry that is so tiny, but it's justin bieber. (thats what she said)

DK/DC/NO FUN: what kind of jewelry are you wearing right now, if any?
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What are some good Sudoku-like games to play to pass the time? Sudoku just can't hold on to my attention anymore, apparently.

Do you like Sudoku? Find-a-words? Crosswords? Word/number puzzles in general?
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Tomorrow I'm going to disability services at my university to find out if they can help me at all. I'm bipolar and currently not on medication because at the time my doctor felt I didn't need it anymore but I'm pretty sure I need to be on it again, just possibly a different combo because teh last one didn't work for me at all. I've missed like, 15 of my classes at university already this semester because I can't bear to get out of bed half the time. For those of you who have experience with this -

What are some questions/things I should bring up tomorrow besides "O hai, I'm bipolar". Also, how do I prove this? Do I need a note or will I get evaluated by a doctor from the university? And is there any chance I could get lucky and have them help me out with my missing classes this semester or am I fucked there?

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So, I'm going to be moving in with some friends soon. There's going to be four of us in total, one couple and two singles. We're only in the very early stages of planning, so nothing's quite been decided yet.

From some things they've said, the couple presume they'll be paying less rent because they'll be sharing a bed room. I don't have a problem with this, but I would have a problem if they were only willing to pay half as much each as myself and the other single girl. There's a likelyhood (based on a couple of places we've vaguely looked at) that their room will be quite a bit larger then either of ours, and we'll all be sharing the common areas/bathrooms equally, so I'd think that they'd need to be paying a bit more then one third between them, though I get that they might now want to pay the same as the rest of us if they're sharing a room.

What would y'all recommend?

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how do you feel about pickles?

what other foods come to mind that are either "love 'em or hate 'em"
personally, i love olives the most, and like mushrooms except on pizza, and despise pickles. it seems that opinions of these three foods are pretty polarized.
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If you could pick one food to magically cease to contain calories (but not taste any different at all), which would you choose?

I'm having a hard time deciding between cookies & chocolate.


There's this dude i've been seeing for a couple of months. Sometimes I think I may be falling in love with him, but i hold back. Tonight we had sex for the first time. It wasn't bad, it wasn't amazing, it was nice, we had to be really quiet because his parents were in the house. We're not going out, he asked me a while back, but i said i'd rather wait and get to know him better before we started something. He's really laid back, which i love. A few nights ago when we were being really close he was about to say something, and i was like, what? and he says "nothing, i don't wanna ruin it". And then he told me he finds it really hard to talk. When i left he texted me saying he might tell me, and then still didn't tell me. And tonight he still didn't say it haha, when i asked he said he forgot but he'll tell me if he remembers. what the hell? I really wonder what it was...I wonder if he's still interested in seeing me after we had sex. I guess if he doesn't anymore i won't really care, i'll move on, i just really wanted to sleep with him. i'm so confused. He's such a badass... what do i think? 

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My cat is missing! We kept him in the house until recently (coz he was peeing everywhere, beds etc), and so he's living in the outside compound. I woke up this morning and couldn't find him, plus I went all over the neighborhood with no luck. What should I do?? Will he come back?

P/s: He disappeared one afternoon and I went totally crazy but he came back. But I last saw him yesterday evening.
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If you are receiving SSI/SSDI, what are your experience with it? Would you say I (bipolar disorder, eating disorder if that matters, left school and 3 jobs in 2 years and has been in a hospital for mental illness twice in one year, returned to school and am already unable to manage the stress) would be eligible for possibly claiming benefits? I've been interested in the past but my parents told me I'm not really disabled and just not trying hard enough. Right now I'm doing a lot of thinking about whether or not I'm able to stay in school and what to do if I'm not.

TL;DR/DK/DC - Have you seen the movie "This Film Is Not Yet Rated"?

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I applied for a job on Friday, they seemed interested in me and they said that they would contact me on Monday. Normally I call them back as its sometimes gotten me the job and/or an interview.

Its 12.10 pm and they havent called yet, Should I call them? If not how long should I wait?

Yes I am nervous and desparate as I really want/need this job
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 Would you ever get a cat declawed (assuming you like cats)? Under what circumstances?

Question brought to you by a highschool "friend" of mine who just got a kitten and already decided to declaw it to "prevent damage to the apartment" - though when asked what kind of damage a cat could inflict on an entire APARTMENT, she only says "oh you know... clawing stuff". Uh, it's called a scratching post. And her friend piped in and said "oh please I have owned 8 cats in my adult life and none of them have ever suffered from being declawed".

...frigging hate people.

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I havent decided on what fruit I am using (but it will most likely be apricots) and I was wondering if you would like to share with your favourite recipes for a (Any) fruit pie?

Also i am looking for awesome cooking blogs, Which ones are your fav?

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Is anything causing you anxiety?

I'm supposed to compete in a mock trial team competition for the first time on Friday. My partner and I were supposed to meet on Friday, but she postponed all weekend. Now I can't get a hold of her.

I'm going to ween!

You guys, this morning I won my third contest on the radio in a span of ~5 months (in Oct I won tickets to see Metric [one of my favorite bands evar], in Dec it was tickets to a show with a bunch of smaller bands, and this morning I won tickets to an Atlanta Hawks game [I don't do sports, but WHATEVER I WON!]). I should buy a lottery ticket on my way home from work later, y/y? What kind should I get? I live in GA.

Will you tell me about good luck you've had lately/ever? Anything at all!

overnight oatmeal ??


i'm eating some "overnight oatmeal" that i cooked in 5 minutes. i didn't know i had bought the overnight kind, and i still want to eat oatmeal.

am i going to get sick? the oats aren't crunchy, just chewy...

thanks all.
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Today, I almost forgot how to spell beautiful. I wrote it down with no a--scratched it out, and spelled it the wrong way again. WTF?

Do you ever forget how to spell simple, common words? Does spelling come more naturally to you typing or writing?

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Ladies of tqc,

What sexual things are you up for when you're on your period?

What is/are the guy/s you see up for?

Also idk if this is really silly question or not but can you just see your GP about going on birth control, or do you have to go to a gyno? I've never been to the gyno before. Gyno horror story time?

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 My best friend is turning 21 in a few weeks. I have an obligation to do something huge for her. We all wanted to make a trip to Vegas, but considering we're all relatively poor college students, its just not gonna happen right now.

What else could we do that would be AWESOME and very memorable for her 21st?

drinking and lots of shenanigans must be involved. lol

I suggested going to the Hard Rock Casino here in Tampa, Fl but shes been and isn't interested in doing something shes done before.

We're in Tampa, Florida so anything around Florida would be doable. We wanna avoid snobby Miami though. 
love me
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LOL! I broke my vibrator today while using it. Can you recommend somewhere online to buy cheap sex toys? Have you ever broke a sex toy while in use?

dk/dc - White American cheese, Yellow American cheese, or never American cheese? (American cheese is that super processed plastic like cheese in single slices in plastic wrappers)

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I'm trying to remember what show had an episode about a girl who moved into an apartment building, and started visiting an old lady that lived in a room...something like 213? But the old lady was a ghost, and one day the girl didn't show, so the old lady had a huge fit. Was it Are You Afraid of the Dark? Does anyone know?
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I've asked this before, but I'm trying to come up with a system that works for me...
How do you organize your school stuff?

Last semester, I tried bringing a big binder with separate folders, but it got huge and bulky and annoying to use with a tiny desk in a cramped classroom. I liked taking a small notebook with me in my purse and adding the notes to an accordion file at home (like I did at the very end of last semester), but this semester, that's not going to be an option, since I have heavy duty classes every single day.

What's in your school bag right now?

Alternatively, what's in your purse right now? Don't have a purse? What do you carry with you every day?

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What grammatical/spelling error do you encounter on a regular basis?

I've noticed a lot of people saying "hence why..." lately. I'm pretty sure hence already means "which is why" or "therefore". It irks me.

I've also noticed that people tend to write "peak" instead of "pique". As in, "it peaked my interest". That's an easy mistake to make but it bothers me.

My grammar isn't perfect by a long shot, mind you. :)
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For those of us watching Bedlam:

Dear TQC, in this day and age of "supernatural" programmes brimming over with CGI wank and unfeasibly attractive mannequins with the acting skillz of your average peg basket, what are your thoughts on Bedlam?:

Poll #1707619 Bedlam

Are you finding Bedlam:

actively spooky?
mildly spooky?
not remotely spooky?
far too populated by conventionally attractive actors to be credible?
other (see comments)?

DK/DC: What's your favourite police drama made before 2000?

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Have you ever accepted a job position when you knew there was a definite possibility that you'd need to quit within a few months? (This job position is not temporary or seasonal.)

If so, was your employer aware of this?

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I've already googled, but:

Does anyone in here who uses Google Chrome find that sometimes images just won't show up? I'm trying to go through images on my Flickr and they just won't show up.

I've already disabled AdBlock and restarted the browser.

Any advice?

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Do you think it's better to have faith in people, or to expect everyone will screw you over?
If you share a story, I'll give you a gold star :3

Today, I assumed the latter (as I usually do), and it got me in a horrible fight with a friend. :(
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What are some good/cute things to put in a gift basket for my boyfriend? Or just special things I can do this weekend (besides hookers and blow) to make him feel better and cheer him up?

He's been in the dumps a little lately.

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lovely ladies and noble gentlemen of tqc, my roommate is not paying rent. i know how much she makes (i used to work for the same company), and what i'm charging is very reasonable. she's just bad with money. now she's a good sort of person, and besides the not paying rent thing, she's actually very easy to get along with so i'm not really interested in kicking her out. instead i prefer to play (relatively) harmless pranks. i'm sure you know the sort: move her furniture over a few inches to the left, change the position of her cleaning products in the medicine cabinet, put lifts in her shoes, etc etc etc. herein lies the question...

since you all seem clever in your various ways, will you please give me some suggestions for harmless pranks to play?
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TQC, what are your deal breakers?

 Poll #xxxx TQC, whassap. 
Poll #1708033 TQC, whassap.

I would not date someone who:

is shorter than me
is taller than me
is overweight
is obese (or severely underweight)
is less educated than me
is more educated than me
is less attractive than myself
is more attractive than myself
is poor/of a lower economic class
is of a different political party
had different religious views
is of a different race than myself
identified as bisexual/pansexual
identified as transgendered/intersexed
is not a vegan/vegetarian (or was vegan/vegetarian if you're not)
is 5+ years older
is 5+ years younger

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I went out for lunch today and had "Amazing Chicken" at a Chinese restaurant. The menu says it has: chicken with broccoli, snow peas, red bell peppers, water chestnut, baby corn, and carrots in an "amazing" sauce.

I can't find the nutrition information at all for this. Any ideas on where I could guess this or find this information? 

Have you ever had "Amazing Chicken"? 

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what's the funniest or otherwise noteworthy text/message you got from a stranger?

I just got a text saying "You look FIERCE!!!! And what a very nicely shaped head you have!!!!" from some AOL email address.
My aunt, who's going through chemo, just shaved her head and sent a pic of her new haircut to a bunch of people, and this guy must have been replying from his blackberry or something and hit "reply all." lol
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I just got the news that my insurance is willing to cover my breast reduction surgery, and I'm slated to go under on March 17th! (the first day of my Spring Break, so I have until the 28th to recover).

Have any of you had breast surgery before, particularly a reduction? Any tips or tricks?

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I want to bake cupcakes badly. I have the pans, but no baking cups. Can I make baking cups out of something else? Or will foregoing the cups completely be okay? I don't want to ruin my cupcakes :(

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what do you do that is out of your natural character?

for example, I'm usually an observer but I for group projects I like to lead, and if I'm not leading I still contribute a lot. I'm also usually fairly passive but I'm assertive at work.
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The neighbor kids (about seven of them) are playing right in front of my house, which happens to be central to the room where I keep my computer and study. All I can hear is loud squealing and screaming, and I have a shitload of work to do. How long before I shank them they shut up and go their respective homes?

What are you wearing right now? Any pants?
What are you sitting on? This piano bench is totes uncomfortable.
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What is your schedule for the next couple of days? How pressed are you for time to accomplish things? (I'm on TQC because I'm in the bathtub and I study better when I'm freshly cleaned)
I have tomorrow:
Work job 1 6:30am-12:00pm, class 1-3pm, work job 2 6pm-midnight
Then Wednesday:
Work job 1 6:30-10:30am, class w/ 2 hw assignments due 11-12:30pm, class w/ exam 25% of grade 2-3:30pm
Job 1 is about to go bye-bye but I'm still kind of D:'ing all over the place
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I'm kind of hungry, but not super hungry. There is half of a chicken pesto, cucumber and avocado sandwich in the fridge from yesterday.
Should I eat it now so the avocado is still good, or wait till tomorrow for lunch and risk having it kind of browned?

Edit: Totally eating the sandwich. So worth it. <3

DK/DC: What was the last sandwich you ate?
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What motivates you to clean/tidy/organize?

For me, its reading apartmenttherapy.com

Tips for keeping things neat?


How often do you check thequestionclub? I'm so addicted lately.

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i wanna be in a Beastie Boys cover band, but i've never rapped. should i try anyway?
would it be weird that i'm a girl?

do you like the Beastie Boys?
who's your favorite Beastie?

i started getting into the Beastie Boys when i was 11 or 12 and MCA was always my favorite. only i had him and Adrock mixed up for an embarrassingly long time, like years. so i thought MCA was Adrock and vice versa.
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I need to mend a hole in Collapse )

How do I do it, TQC? The dark fabric is velvet and the light fabric is satin (or at least, those are the textures, idk anything about fabric). I fail at sewing and I need tips to make it look nice! It will be hand sewn.
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What should I take next term? I'm working on my thesis architecture project (8 cr.) so I really don't want to have too much extra work, but I need at least 4 additional credits to get health insurance and scholarships and stuff.

A. Green Neighborhoods (3 cr.) class + yoga (1 cr.). Nice professor, probably a decent amount of work but not bad, semi-interesting topic. It's a landscape architecture class, so related to my major, semi-related to what I'm proposing/designing for my thesis (a sustainable building center).

B. Italian (6 cr.). Every day, but would force me to get to school earlier. Right now, I end up not getting to campus until the late afternoon on days I don't have early class :/ Which is a bit of a problem (plus my sleep schedule is fucked). If I do not take this class, I will most definitely forget I ever spoke any Italian (took the beginning class, lived in Italy for a bit, now haven't spoken Italian for 2 years). At the moment, I could still get into it fairly easily. Languages are very easy for me.

C. Intensive French Grammar Review (4 cr.). Taking a French class now and really like it (lived in France for a year, like to maintain it). Don't know if I'll be able to get into this class though.


There's also an architecture class called 'Time in Architectural Space' for 2 cr., which I could take with some PE classes, but lord it sounds pretentious. I haven't had a design class in awhile but :/

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If you have a feature you don't like about yourself, how do you feel about it in a partner?
A friend?
Would you be attracted to it (yay we can have big/small/wonky/weird ____ together!) or put off?

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What's a good remedy for nausea?

I have a headache and I keep getting that queasy feeling that I'm going to throw up but I barely have anything in my stomach and either just want it to go away or just get it over with and come up.

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Guys, the library closes in 50 minutes and I'm going to have to pack up and head home where there is no power. Any suggestions of good books I can grab before I go?

(btw, I'd prefer if they were fiction. And maybe easy to read. I'm not really in the mood for anything heavy tonight.)
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What the holy heck is a 'cold booger'?  Someone mentioned it in a post awhile ago, and I've been wondering about it ever since. 
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oh NED

look out, i have booze

TQC, i'm lonely for a boy, but i don't want to be in any kind of relationship.

what.. do i do? more or less, how do i deal with that kind of confliction?

even more specific, why would someone feel two things that are so conflicting?

but this is all pretty moot. it's not like there's anyone sniffing around. but still, it's a ~~confusing emotion. i want to go out and start dating someone, and i like this guy at work quite a bit, but i know i won't want anything passed casual dating, and i wouldn't want to start something just to trash it.
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Is there a community for cheap eatings or college student cheap living stuff? I found a couple cookbooks for healthier eating that I want to try but I know healthy does not always equal affordable, especially for college students. So I'm kind of looking for communities or websites that show where you can get cheap foods or the best quality products for cheaper prices.

Why am I watching l0rdvega's Silent Hill 2 Lets Play knowing I have to walk to work in two hours in the fog when it's 11:15 at night?

eta: I haven't had a drink in 2 weeks trying to cut out so much alcohol calories. Should I have a drink tomorrow because I've been good?

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TQC, I am feeling sad. Can we please have a happy post to distract me until Glee comes on?
Jokes, gifs, macros, exciting news, happy thoughts, anything you like.

ETA: Glee is on Mondays in England, guys. I'm not that stupid. Probably.
I &lt;3 TLV

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How long does it take for you to reply to texts or IMs when you're right next to your phone/computer and aren't at work/doing homework/anything of importance? Does it annoy you not to get responses right away, especially when you know the other person isn't busy?
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My boyfriend only has two friends that live near by and I despise both of them. I usually like most people but these two (they are a couple) are awful. They are always strung out and lazy and generally just make me want to tear my hair out.

Should I feel as bad as I do for not liking them? Should I fake nice and hang out with them to make him feel better? Has this every happened to you guys?

dk/dc: What television show(s) have you seen every episode of?
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i am a huge fan of mindless snacking. do you have any good healthy snack ideas that require little preparation? or preparation all at once and then i can save most for future snacking? i like sugar snap peas and kale chips but kale chips take work and i can't just eat sugar snap peas forever...
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What's that code that you can put into the address bar and see all the posts you've made to a comm? Got it. I was hoping I could use it to see when I joined TQC, but it only goes back 380 entries and I know I joined before Dec 15 2007. At least I think I did.

What did you do today?
I had school and then I fixed a computer for my friend.

What did you have for dinner?
Chicken quesadilla from the mexican restaurant.
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My legs are ITCHY!  They are shaven, moisturized and we're indoors and warm, and they are still killing me!  I keep seeing ads for Gold Bond Lotion, does it work?  I lotion them up with Dove or Neutrogena lotion after I shower, but I am still scratching them to ribbons!  Help? 

How much do you feed your cat?  I have a bowl of dry kibble available at all times, and every morning I give her 1 can (the smaller type of can, not as big as a tuna can).  She poops a lot.  Is this too much?

Do you have to have the tv on when you fall asleep?

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How much would you spend on a wedding gift?

The couple in question have a range of things on their gift registry at Myer from $10-$400.

They're good friends with me. I also have the option of buying them stuff from somewhere that isn't Myer as well.

DK/DC: Whats a good MSN client for a PC that isn't MSN? I've been using Emesen but it's been so buggy lately so I give up :/