February 20th, 2011

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 My birthday is coming up and what I'd really like is to spend the day with my mom and my gramma. I can't think of anything that we all could do together though. My mom doesn't like museums, gram doesn't like the movies. I wouldn't even mind my dad coming along if he was in a good mood and if we could find something to do that didn't entail a lot of walking, since he has a bum hip.

What could we all do together, besides eating at a restaurant?

What do you want for your birthday?

When you were a kid, did your parents let you stay home from school on your birthday?
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What the heck was burning by I-95 south of Baltimore tonight?? The smell carried for at least a mile and the smoke was so thick it was practically opaque at one point (terrifying to drive through btw).

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Should I bake cupcakes right now or tomorrow? They will be chocolate with vanilla cream cheese frosting, if that changes anything. The cupcakes are in the oven.

What was the last thing you baked?

Will you post pictures of dessert food porn?

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my roomie and i decided to take an impromptu roadtrip to nashville tomorrow but neither of us have ever been. we'll only be there for the day, we're poor college students, and she's not 21... any advice on what we should do?

dk/dc: when's the last time you went on a spur impromptu trip? where'd you go?

Question about NYU

My dream college is NYU, and I'm a sophomore in high school right now.

This may be a weird question, but are there any sort of extra-curricular activities NYU looks for? Like, anything that would make me stand out from the other applicants?

I teach a Sunday School class, I teach illiterate adults to read at my local public library, I work at a movie theater, I have a Black Belt in Tae Kwan Do, I was in four years of band and six years of chorus, I'm in track and field (I've also done eight years of soccer, seven years of basketball, and three years of baseball) I volunteer semi-regularly at a local nursing home and talk to patients there with my friend (her dad is a doctor so we go with him), I play piano and the tenor saxophone, I've received the Bishop's Youth Award, and I've been in four high school productions and one community theatre production.

So, I'm wondering which of the more important things I've just listed to put on my application, and which to weed out? Also, what are some other unique EC's I could do.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Any Cat Experts in the House?

My roommate recently got a cat from a shelter. He's about a year and a half old, very sweet, and has adjusted very well to the apartment. We've had him since last Tuesday.

For the past few nights, every night, he scoops about half of the contents of his litter box onto the floor. He doesn't do this during the day, just at night while everyone is asleep. He just has a basic, rectangular plastic litterbox, about half full of litter, and we scoop it out daily so I know it can't be that he's filled it up and is pissed.

Any suggestions? I've had three cats before, and never encountered this problem.
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1. Is there a reason I shouldn't let my best friend put some henna in my hair? Do you have any tips or warnings?

2. Best Mortal Kombat character?

3. Menstruating individuals: would you rather have very regular but short (14-18 days) cycles, or go months without bleeding then SURPRISE?

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The people living next door have been carrying on ALL NIGHT. Yelling, screaming, swearing, bashing shit around. They woke me at 2:30am and wouldn't shush for at least half an hour. It's now nearly 7am and this guy outside started screaming so loud it startled me. He was screaming out someone's name and that he's gonna bring his family here and fuck everyone up or something. Should I call the police or just stay out of it?

Mother was adamant that we stay out of it because "someone else" will call the police and if we call, they'll somehow know it was /us/ and she said she just doesn't want to get involved. But I have really early starts throughout the week and I don't want to put up with these douchebags carrying on and keeping me awake. And I'm also a bit concerned it will escalate and people will start to get violent.

What do i do? Call the police? Go over there myself and tell them to shush? Mind my own business?

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Rap/hip hop enthusiasts, what are some good songs about war or soldiers? It doesn't have to be about wars between countries if it can be interpreted universally (i.e. soldiers in a gang rather than the military).
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An American friend of mine is staying in Estonia for the next six months. He's having trouble finding clothes in his size in the stores there, so he wanted to order some online. Since he's only familiar with stores that would be shipping from the U.S. and would require a pretty high international shipping fee, we're trying to think of some alternatives. We considered having them shipped to me so I could mail them to him, but that's still going to be pretty expensive, just, you know, not AS expensive, so we'd prefer not to do that. I'd guess he might be able to find a closer online retailer, so shipping rates won't be so high, but we're not even sure where to start. Can anyone give us some ideas? My half-naked friend would be appreciative.
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My long distance boyfriend is coming to visit me. He was supposed to get in about an hour ago, but the first section of his flight got delayed so he missed his connecting flight. He can't get another one until this evening and get in tomorrow morning. I'm really upset because he was only coming for five days and then I won't see him again for months and now it's cut short. The airline said they couldn't do anything for him, but do you think if he pitched enough of a fit they would do something? It was their plane that got delayed that caused him to miss it. It would be nice if they could even just give him a discount on changing the time of his return flight so he could stay an extra day or two to make up for it. I'd be willing to pay a fee for him to be able to stay longer, but the fees are just so ridiculous. What are the chances they will do something like that? He has all day stuck in JFK to complain to them.

Also, his new flight doesn't even come in to the same city as his old one. He gets in at 9 tomorrow morning and there isn't a bus that leaves here early enough to get me into Dublin by nine.
What should I do?
(a) Make him wait an hour at the airport for my bus to come in
(b) Try to find an earlier departure with a different bus company
(c) Go to Dublin this afternoon, hang out in the city by myself and stay in a hostel tonight
I've never been to Dublin which means there's lots of stuff I could see, but also that I don't know my way around and I will be on my own all day. Possible pros is that I don't have to sit around depressed all day at my house.
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Ladies: Have you ever had an IUD? How long did you have it? Was your overall experience with it positive? Did you have any side effects/complications?

I'm seriously considering an IUD, as going through the trial and error rollercoaster of birth control pill brands' side effects is starting to wear on me and a non-hormonal option sounds wonderful, and I'd like as much information from real women who've had an IUD as possible before I go see my doctor.


Anything post but happy.

Ok, so some people only remember my sad posts here so can we have an anything positive and happy post?

Not happy? will you check out sites like failblog.org or damnyouautocorrect.com and bring funny things to share so we can try and make you happier?

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Normally on Sundays I clean house and do laundry, but since my work schedule was all whacked out this week I got it all done on Friday, the dude has lunch with his mom, and I have nothing that I NEED to do today.

Besides a nap (which is already on the agenda), what should I do today?  I think my friend and I might go to the mall, but that will only occupy a few hours.  Budget is tight and weather is kind of eh.  Nice enough to be outside, but not super awesome.  Took the Noodle to the dog park yesterday and, because she has bad hips, two days in a row is probably too much.

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Can you guys suggest passionate, up-beat rock, punk, and country songs to jog or run to?

For reference some of my favorites to run to right now are
Pennywise - Fuck Authority
Jason Aldean - She's Country; Crazy Town
Lots of Rise Against
Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch
Nickelback - Burn It To The Ground


omg TQC
So like a freaking year and half ago I was active on OKCupid.   Few dates, nothing took, I thought about it, and realized dating here and now is not a good idea for me.   So I deleted my account.    Fast forward to 15 minutes ago, when "Alex K' emails me out of the blue, asking about me and about my thoughts on Egypt (where I studied abroad).   I was so stunned, having no fucking clue who he was, that I just replied kinda generically, and now he's replying,  "reminding me' he's a grad student at my university, giving me HIS thoughts on Egypt, and asking me out. 

I don't remember him from Adam, I quit OKC for a reason (my transportation in SoCal issue), and this is weird as fuck, but I'm kinda flattered.   Should I agree to coffee with him? WWTQCD?

ETA: I've got him to admit that he is one of the several guys that I STUPIDLY gave my real email address to back when I was on OKC 2 years ago.  Gah.  I've never met a guy normally, TQC.  Should I take this as an indication that I'll be alone the rest of my life?

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The boyfriend and I are going to walk approximately 2 miles to Jimmy Johns and back. I still want to do my 5k training run today. If I walk all the way there and back, how long do you think I should wait before I go for my run? 

I don't want to run right after eating lunch, but I'll be walking home, so I don't know how much that will affect my digestion (I'm an exercise newbie).
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I went to Kohl's yesterday and stumbled on a pair of Vera Wang booties on sale for twenty bucks. I ended up buying them, but now I'm not sure whether or not I like them. Part of me feels like they're kinda awesome and bad-ass, but another part of me feels like they're ugly and a bit trashy-looking.

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Inspired by endless_reader's question.

Do you have any superstitions or irrational-yet-powerful beliefs? Who taught them to you?

And/or, a hypothetical: You have sugar free chai and vanilla soy. You want to add alcohol to it. Assume you dislike vodka and gin. What do you mix it with?

And/or (because I like questions): Do you watch any live streams? What are they?


I can't get knives as a gift.  Money must change hands, or else it "cuts" the friendship.  My Granny was to blame for that one.  Also, opening umbrellas inside leads to bad luck in the home; that one is my Mom's fault.

I'm leaning towards whiskey

We stream a few different channels in cycle.  Nesting barn owls (Mel & Sydney), the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Bibi the African Grey, and a back yard in Australia with a whole bunch of wild cockatoos. 
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This is a beyond stupid question, but I can't stop you from mocking me so.

If I buy a digital download of a movie, how difficult will it be to burn it onto a DVD? I imagine there are copyright things in place that would make it difficult, yes?
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 Do any of you watch Dr. Who? I would like to get into it, but I really don't know where I should start?

DK/DC: Do you ever listen to music that's based on certain movies/shows (like wizard rock or anything like that)

OTC pain meds

Triggered by this post.

Dr. TQC, I somehow got the idea that ibuprofen (Advil) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) are metabolized through different pathways in your liver, and therefore you will not die if you take a dose of each simultaneously to maximize the pain relief affect. Ever heard of something like this, or should I start making plans for my wake?
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show me the money

Do you have a high interest savings account?

Say I have a small lump sum of money approx $2000. In about one year I have plans to go travel the world off of my savings. During this one year I will also be saving more than the current $2000.

What is the highest-return, low-risk, one-year savings/account/CD whatever thing I should put this $2000 into?

Personal anecdotes also please.

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What do you (generalized) tell people who constantly throw your flaws in your face while refusing to acknowledge their own? My dad keeps doing this to my mom and me and it's making our lives hell when he's home.
i say, old bean

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TQC, I think I woke up in a state of anger. how can I fix this? how would you fix your bad mood?
aka, will you post really silly imagery?

how do i make friendly with my roommate?
we got into an argument on friday that involved me posing the idea of smoking in the garage with the garage door open, because it was pouring rain anddd she took it in a bad way? posed that we should just smoke in her room and upon asking why that would be a better idea she countered that it wasn't, the whole idea was stupid. and then last night, it was raining balls and we had a grip of people over (re: smokers) and we went with the garage plan and she was off the rest of the night. i seriously just want to make friendly before the week comes and i'm stuck here with her so, ideas?

what kind of mood are you in?

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 My husband and I have been listening to a lot of those '80's and 90's to today' radio stations where they play a lot of random ass songs that we would totally never admit to loving but when we're in the car, we freak out, turn the music up and know all of the words. So I decided to find a bunch of them for my ipod and was looking for more songs that fit this criteria and I turned to Vh1's Awesomely Bad Songs lists.

Collapse )

What's your awesomely bad song list? Any of those on the previous list that you want to admit to loving?

I'll start the admitting with proudly announcing that I just added "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco to my ipod.
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Dear TQC,
How can I love Stargate: SG-1 and think it's one of the coolest shows EVER, and yet every time I try to sit and watch Stargate: Atlantis, I can't pay attention except to laugh at the cheesy effects?

Is Firefly as great as everyone says it is? I'm dying to watch Doctor Who, but the new season doesn't start until spring and I need a new sci-fi show.

Mega Geek Girl

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TQC, i just got a job at a 24 hour convenience store. I've never worked a midnight shift before and tonight i have to go work my first. How do those of you that have worked overnights suggest i adjust to the schedule?

My dad used to work midnight security before i was born and he said the best thing is to flip your whole schedule around. get home at 9, have dinner and a beer, watch some TV and go to bed around maybe 2ish, then wake up at about 10pm and take a shower and have breakfast and get ready for work. Is this a good way to do it?

DK/DC/Cant share an experience, will you tell me what your hobbies are? (Play a sport, collect anything, etc)

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Is anybody here bipolar? Could you discuss your experiences being diagnosed with it (how long did it take, did you find it difficult to recognize timing/cycles?).

I'm being assessed over the next few weeks for it. i find it very hard to differentiate between mood timing and can't quite give clearly defined answers to the psychiatrist. After having bad experiences with mental health workers as a child seeing a psychiatrist now makes me super nervous (I'm 19).

DK/DC: Discuss your experience with the mental health industry. Plz share stories to make me less nervous! (non-srs answers are absolutely welcome)
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I haven't been on TQC in like a week because I've been more addicted to Tumblr than usual and I had a little bit more of a life than usual.

What did I miss? Did anyone miss me?

Will you tell me what exciting things have happened to you in the past week?

On Friday I did impromtu stand-up and everyone at the coffee house seemed to like it! I'm still all adrenaline high over it. Also, I turned 18 last week.
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1. What was the last thing you indulged in/overdid something?

2. What was the last successful change you made in your life?

3. When was the last time you were happy for someone else?

1. I just bought a bunch of soap from Herbaria. No one needs this much soap, but at least one bar is free.

2. I completely changed my hair care regimen to only include products that are either entirely or mostly natural. My hair has never really been in its natural state and so shiny before.

3. I told TQC that Shakira will be coming to my sister's university. My sister told me today that her a capella group gets to sing for and greet Shakira at the airport.
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TQC, I took 3 frozen chicken breasts out of the freezer Wednesday or Thursday and put them into the fridge to defrost. I got sick over the weekend and never cooked them. They are sealed in vacuum packaging.

Should I toss them or try and cook them tonight? I don't know how well a smell test would work since they are pre-seasoned.

I always feel like such an ass when I forget about meat and have to throw it away. So absentminded.

EDIT (Unrelated question):

When you take a shit, do you stick around after you flush to make sure everything went down okay, or do you peace out immediately and hope for the best?

Because I'm just wondering why I always have to plunge the toilet at home for shit that isn't mine.

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Has anyone used Palmer's Cocoa Butter: Skin Therapy Oil before? How did it end up working for you?

I have a zillion bug bite scars on my legs that I've gotten over the past few years and they're beyond embarrassing. I just bought some yesterday for cheap and have started using it. I've seen some pretty good reviews for it compared to other scar removal topical creams and would like to have the scars lighten up a little bit before the time for shorts rolls around.
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Keith the dog

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What unusual categories show up on your netflix instant watch? What do you think made that category exist?

For example, watching Laurence Olivier's Hamlet created a category titled "Dramas based on literature" and watching Buffy created a category titled "Witty TV shows featuring a strong female lead" on my netflix.

Alternatively, how do you feel about socks? Slippers?
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online games

Please help ! Trying to find an online game:
  • It was a free online game (didnt have to download anything)
  • It was a 'puzzle' game
  • The game was a tile game
  • Some of the tiles had flowers on them
  • You had to direct your tile around the board and collect all of the flower tiles.. or some of the flower tiles? not sure. Actually I think you had to collect all of a particular colour flower tile, and then there were bonus flowers that you didnt 'have' to collect
  • Once you went over a tile, it disappeared - so if you went the wrong way you couldnt go back
Thats about all I can remember. I used to play it years ago.. would be cool to find it again haha. Although, after typing it out.. sounds kinda stupid...            Anyone know what the game is called/where I can find it online? 

DK/DC: Do you play any online games?  Which? 

DK/DC2: What do you do when you literally cant think of anything at allll to do.. ?

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What's the best way to deal with an unleashed dog when there's no sign of the owner?

I considered calling 911, but it seemed like overkill since it stopped barking at me when I backed away from it's territory. It eventually disappeared while I was looking for some protection, but too many dog owners around here are really irresponsible, so I figure it will happen again.

ETA:Dog was clearly not a lost dog, but it was running loose in an unfenced front yard, and did go onto the sidewalk at least once.
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Do any of you use an air filter for your room/apartment/house/whatever?

I have pretty bad allergies + a cyst in my maxillary sinus so my sinuses have been kicking my ass lately. I was at Target earlier looking at some air filters, namely this one. However, I know nothing about them or what's best. I don't want anything super expensive, but I do want a quality one so if it's necessary, I will spend as much money as needed if it's honestly worth it. I'd really like something that filters viruses and bacteria as well, but I'm not sure.

Thoughts? Any recs?
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What are some of your favourite desserts? Do you like things that are homey and comforting, or do you like to eat something that you would never think to put together?

How often do you order dessert when you go out to eat? 

Feel free to just talk about desserts. 

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My house mate and I had a deal, he could use our internet if he paid half of each bill on the first of each month. We never got the money on the first, and we got the bill yesterday so we asked for the money. He said he would have it to us today and he hasn't. We know he has it since he came home with a crap load of groceries. He does this every damn month. How long should I wait before I kick his scrawny little art-fuck ass?
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I had three female friends get engaged on Valentine's day, and two more have gotten engaged since then.  Now, I keep getting facebook messages from mutual friends of myself and these other girls, and I'm wondering...do girls always get REALLY catty when their friends get engaged?  It's driving me crazy!  Why can't they be happy for our friends instead of gossiping behind their backs about why they're too poor or too young or haven't been together long enough?  Have you ever experienced anything like this, or is it just exclusive to my friends?

I have a kidney infection.  What's wrong with you?
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I need to be to work tomorrow at 7:30a (I'm a lead teacher at a daycare). My grandma died on Friday morning, and I took that day off of work. I haven't even thought about lesson plans for this week. I feel numb, and I've been crying on and off all day.

Should I take the day off of work again tomorrow?
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Arts/Crafts and Fun Things To Do

Hello everyone!

Does anyone know of any blogs or websites that give you fun crafty ideas? Or daily inspirational...art...stuff.

I'm not artistic. At all. I have never ever crafted. I'd like to begin and play around and maybe find an outlet. I cannot sew or knit or crochet to save my life. I just need something that caters to non-artistic adults that have no ideas.

Hope this made some sense.


Learn From It

If someone commits suicide, what kind of introspection do you think the people who know said person should do?

"What could I have done to prevent their death?" seems like a terrible way to heap guilt on yourself. I'm thinking more pro-actively, about how you should be inspired by the loss to change your life for the better. But I'm having trouble finding the right words.

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Would it be weird to have a moving sale inside of an apartment?

I'm moving cross country with my fiance in November and there's no way we're taking any big pieces of furniture with us. Parking is very limited at our apartment too.

What are some things you cannot live without that many do live without? First world stuff, I suppose. Mine is a washer and dryer.

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Which age bracket do you fit in?

Under 16
16 - 20
21 - 25
26 - 30
31 - 35
36 - 40
41 - 45
46 - 50
51 -- 55
56 - 60
60 +

And the obligatory:


Dk/dc/I don't want to tell you how old I am dammit: Will you tell TQC what you did on your last birthday?
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I've been watching a lot of househunters on HGTV. All of these people seem completely insufferable. Greedy, picky, bitchy and really culturally insensitive. It makes me wonder why these people married the people they did, they don't seem to like eachother at all.

If you purchased a house, did you turn into a complete loon?
Any funny stories?

DK/DC: What kind of deodorant do you use?
I <3 TLV

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Would you eat ketchup on sweet potato fries? Or maple syrup? Do either of these sound good? Or gross? If you wouldn't eat either on sweet potato fries, what would you prefer to dip them in?
girls in white dresses

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tqc, would you please share some funny videos or pictures? these can be gifs or macros if that's easier. i was going to trade something in return, but i guess the video doesn't want to work for me.
just a bill
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What's with the internet and mayo on sweet potatoes?!

Also, if you've found a wallet, what did you do with it? I found one today, tracked the person down on facebook, and I'm meeting her tomorrow to give it back.
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If you found a cell phone in the parking lot of a very busy IKEA store, what would you do?

Turn it in to an employee inside so it can go to lost and found
Keep it and hope they call it before I drive back to Ohio with my tons of furniture
Lecture the first employee I see about how they should make an announcement over the loudspeaker and then keep the phone
Leave it and hope they come out soon to find it
something else I will explain in the comments
ticky clicky goodness

Really, I am confused by people and their logic. If I personally lost a phone in such a busy, packed store or parking lot on the weekend, and I had no means to call it, I'd hope someone turned it in so I could contact an employee and get it back.
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Ever taken a Greyhound long distance (ie a day or more)? Liked it? Hated it? Would rather walk or hitchhike than repeat the experience?

New Yorkers/San Franciscans: what're good places to visit in your city?

Other areas: give me reasons why your town/city/whatever is a good place to visit!

DK/DC/STOP TAUNTING ME WITH TRAVEL PROSPECTS: You have been given a WORKING voodoo doll. Who do you want to use it on and what will happen to the victim?