February 19th, 2011

Bug-eyed Earl


Anyone here seen Henry Rollins on tour recently? He's coming around here next month. Is he doing his funny usual tour or like an artsy poetry spoken word kinda tour?

Has he given up on the band? There hasn't been an album in 10 years.

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 It's 1:30, and I just got home from work. I plan on watching one episode of the West Wing, then going to bed. Should I heat up some leftover Chinese food?

Edit: Okay, it's decided. Leftovers, here I come. 

In lieu of answering a decided upon question, let this be a favourite television show post. 

What's you're favourite current show? Finished show? Show that left too soon? 
Show you're catching up on? 

I'm currently marathoning the West Wing. I'm in the middle of season two. lovelovelove
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I've been having a real problem with my appetite lately.  I haven't had more than 1000 calories in a day for about a week and a half now (I use sparkpeople, so I know how many I've been taking in).  It's not that I'm limiting myself, it's that I'm rarely hungry, and once I get hungry and start eating, I get full after maybe half of what I'm eating (full meaning like so stuffed I feel like I'm going to puke).  I had a Chipotle burrito bowl for dinner and only ate about a fourth of it, a chicken wrap for lunch yesterday and could only eat a half.  Some days, all I can stomach for lunch is a pudding cup or some applesauce.  I've been having stomach cramps and weird poops, and I'm tired all the time.  Is there anything I can do to help my appetite?  I've had mono for a little while, is this a symptom of that?

sup TQC

So what's the difference between a smooch and a kiss? Or do you think there's not a difference?

DK/DC: Puppies or kitties? [ANd no, picking 'neither' isn't an option.]
ETA: I guess both is acceptable

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What is a haircut/haircolor trend you absolutely hated?
What about fashionwise?
Do men look better in suits or dressed down in jeans?
IF you had a choice between super long (talking hip length) or super short hair, what would you choose?

1. middle parts with one length hair. bleh
2. GAUCHOS. SHRUGS. any kind of shrunken clothing item tbh. flares
3. i like my men in suits dolled up. 
4. super long
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 So when I went to the hospital the other day for my migraine, they gave me a shot of morphine and then an Ativan. Why'd they give me the Ativan? I was pretty stressed, especially since my parents showed up, but the morphine would have knocked me for a loop so I wouldn't care, right?

I've been dozing off on the couch the last couple of nights after taking my meds, and yesterday morning I woke up to the tv playing Fresh Prince of Bel Air. When was the last time you watched something awesome from your childhood?

If you drink energy drinks, what's your favourite one? And what does it taste like? I tried a sip of one of those pink Rockstars that come with the straw a few days ago and really liked it, but I bought one today and after about half of it, it started tasting nasty. My favourite would have to be a tie between the Russian Java Monster and the Vanilla Starbuck's  DoubleShot Energy+Coffee.
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How many people do you know who have a Blu-Ray player? Would you say it's the majority of the people you know? It seems like Blu-Ray is everywhere in stores, but I don't know anyone who actually has one.

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Does the question, "Are you Happy?" contribute to the superficial connotation of the word?

Do you think "Happy" is a superficial feeling?

Do you think the amount of synomyms for certain words indicate their importance to a culture or society?

What are some words you would like to "bring back" if they are ones now considered obsolete, archaic, or "old fashioned"?
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What are some things you like chocolate flavored with?

I love love love spicy chocolate. When I make hot cocoa I usually put a shake of cayenne pepper and cinnamon in it. Nommmm.

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Say someone leaves you a voicemail that's either so crappy or so awesome that you want to record it and have it as a file on your computer to share. Can you do that? I have a droid incredible with verizon. Google isn't helping me.

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Is this a movie and homework day or a go to Six Flags with my roommates day?

I'm lazy. It might rain. I'm slightly hungover. I should however be trying to bond and make friends instead of being antisocial.

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Edit: I changed my mind about that question, so instead:
I've decided to be a vegetarian, I havent eaten any meat for about a month and I feel really good, but my mom is worried about me not getting enough protein. I eat organic eggs (I make sure that the chickens the eggs come from are being treated humanely) once and a while, but what else should I be eating to make sure I'm not getting deficient of important nutrients?

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Where are good places to buy good leather jackets? Ones that are fashionable and fit well and will last a while and aren't insanely expensive. I'm willing to invest for quality but I'm also not making much money right now.

How do you get over break ups? My method seems to be decide to buy a leather jacket. What else do you advise?

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So I was about 200 pages away from finishing, The Girl Who Played with Fire and then I left it on a plane, so I'm not getting it back.
Can someone just tell me what happens at the end? I left off at the part where the huge blonde bodybuilder-type guy brings Miriam Wu to that abandoned warehouse.
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Last night I went out with some coworkers. We went to two different bars, and at each one I noticed I was the only white person there. I felt a little self-conscious, like everyone was staring at me and thinking wtf is this white girl doing here? (although i'm sure that's all in my head). Does this make me racist?
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So, I'm restless today and broke. It's going to rain.

Should I:
-Do my math homework?
-Call up my friend to take him shopping since he wants my help(his cash, not mine)?
-Hook up with some people for video games?
-Cook? (I want very much to try a recipe for berry cobbler.)
-Other? (Please specify in comments.)
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It's like 60 degrees, windy and sunny in Washington DC today. It's only going to be like this for a day or so until it gets cold again. 

Should I read on my fire escape with cookies and tea, go for a walk to this craft show down the street, or go on a bike ride? They all sound like fabulous ideas, but I can't decide. 

Clem & Joely

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I have a giftcard to the bookstore- which book(s) should I buy? (Or basically: which book(s) would you consider to be worth re-reading?)

Red Dragon (Thomas Harris)
Fight Club (Chuck Palahniuk)
Something Wicked This Way Comes (Ray Bradbury)
Zombie (Joyce Carol Oates)
The Island of Dr. Moreau (HG Wells)
A Stir of Echoes (Richard Matheson)
Snuff (Adam Huber & Eric Enck)
The Historian (Elizabeth Kostova)
Jurassic Park (Michael Crichton)
Exquisite Corpse (Poppy Z. Brite)
A Cold Dark Place (Gregg Olsen)
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I have developed an odd eating habit. Everyday of the week I will go to the grocery store and buy a 7 pound bag of ice. Probably 4 days out of 7 I'll eat the entire bag. The other days I'll eat half the bag or something. I don't drink anything with the ice. I just eat it.

Is this going to cause any problems other than frequent restroom trips?
Do you like to chew on ice?

DK/DC: What's your favorite season of Top Model and why?
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TQC, my 6 year old son wanted to ask you some questions. Here is his poll:

How heavy are you?


What video do you like?

Nick Jr

What is the degrees in your house?

60 degrees
65 degrees
70 degrees
75 degrees
80 degrees

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1) Lately, I've taken to curling my hair in the morning. It looks lovely for a couple hours, but then it tends to fall out. I use a high-quality, 1 1/4 inch curling iron and my hair is super thick, if it matters. How do I get the curl to last longer?

ETA:  I've tried hairspray, but I may be putting too much or not enough. I'm not sure.

2) Will you talk about your favorite things right now? Obsessions, activities, whatever :3

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You guys, I am sick and so is my roommate. We can't open our Gatorade. How can we get the delicious sweet drink without exerting any to not much energy?

I've been spending my day watching King of the Hill, where can I buy a new mower?

Will booze really help my cough?

ETA: next time I go to the store, I'm buying makings for a Hot Toddy, you have all convinced me.

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If you owe someone money, is it there responsibility to get it from you, or your responsibility to get it to them?

How many attempts do you make to give them their money back before they have to come get it from you?

How much money has to be owed for you to consider the debt worthy of pursuing? (Would you write off a $5 debt, but not a $10, for example?)

Also, because I like questions, what book are you currently reading?
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Got any bean recipes for me?

I'm exploring the world of dried beans, and I'm ready for something a bit more advanced than "soak them overnight then boil them for a couple of hours."


how does call ahead seating work?

restaurant: "How can we help you?"
me: "I'd like to make a reservation for 7:00"
restaurant: "Oh we don't take reservations, but you can do call ahead seating."
me: "Okay. Four of us will be there at 7."
restaurant: "Great we've got you down for 7."

TQC I did some googling on this and still don't understand the difference between call ahead and reservations... the gist I got was that call ahead is like "there's a waiting list and we put your name on it now as if you sent a guy from your group to sit here", where as reservation is like "there's a table with your name on it at 7"

But we made this call at like 3 in the afternoon, at a restaurant that's not all that busy. Does that mean as soon as we show up at 7 we get to jump ahead of anyone who called in or showed up after 3 in the afternoon? Like, next table is ours?

I don't mind waiting for tables I'm just confused about the system.
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I am making gift bags for an Oscar party that I am having and I need advice on what to put in them. I want something inexpensive for each of the ten Best Picture nominees. The only concrete idea that I have is making feathered masks for Black Swan. Does anyone have any ideas for the rest of the movies? Any and all ideas are welcomed, but I have to make anywhere from seven to ten gift bags so they need to be things I can pick up for pretty cheap. Here are the ten Best Picture nominees, that way you don’t have to look them up:

- 127 Hours
- Black Swan
- The Fighter
- The King’s Speech
- The Social Network
- Inception
- Toy Story 3
- The Kids are All Right
- True Grit
- Winter’s Bone

THANK YOU for any help I receive; I really, really appreciate it.
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What's your most recent new experience?

This is the first time I have ever had to check the internet for traffic conditions in order to avoid fires.

DC is having high winds and low humidity.  I was willing to bet that some ass had thrown a cigarette butt out, but apparently the fires are being started by power lines being blown down and sparking in dry leaves.

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TQC, I just got a $327 check from my college!

What should I do with it?

Should I do the responsible thing and put it in savings, or should I buy something awesome? Save half? If it matters, I have no bills; just gas to pay for.

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I have accidentally stepped on my cat's tail three times in the last two days. She has been under my feet a lot and I am sick so my balance is a bit messed up cos my ears are blocked. I've checked her over and her tail is fine despite the hissing and screeching at me when I do it.

1. At what point will Tessa kill me in my sleep for these transgressions?

2. Should I start checking my phone bill for evidence of her calling the RSPCA to report me for being a bad cat mama?

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DK/DC: Will you tell me stories of your silly moggies?
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if you HAD to choose between your s/o and your closest family member, who would you choose?

how about your s/o and your best friend?

between your best friend and your closest family member?

let's say everyone was in grave danger of dying and you had to choose one or the other.

dk/dc: have you ever ended a relationship with someone you were completely in love with because you just knew they were wrong for you? how did you deal with it?

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Because koffie_addict  insisted!
In England there is currently a kid's TV show called Rastamouse about a Rastafarian mouse (Rastamouse) and his friends who are not only part of a reggae band but who also solve crimes.
There has been a LOT of speculation in the British press about whether or not the show is racist in promoting stereotypes, or is promoting diversity.

Here is a clip Collapse )

TQC, what do you think? Promoting stereotypes or encouraging children to see Rastafarianism in a more positive light?
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Question for a friend:

I have a boyfriend from Chile.  He wants to get a checking account through an American bank for online business purposes.  Is it possible to open a shared account with a foreign boyfriend?  (talking about banks in America)

I've been looking into this for a while and can't quite figure it out.  My friend kind of sucks at financial stuff, and I'm not much better.

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I'm about to have an anxiety attack because I was supposed to go out with my friends tonight, and I think they forgot about me.

Are they going to forget about me?

What's the last thing that made you upset?

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Hey TQC! 

My boyfriend and I will be taking a trip to San Francisco on Monday. If you live there or have visited before, what are some good places to eat at and cool things to do/see? Touristy things are fine, but some more local things would be awesome. We'll be there for 4 days and we're staying in Fisherman's Wharf.

DK/DC, what's the last place you went to for vacation?

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Which one would you choose to live in?

A. A gargantuan city.
B. A more regular sized city.
C. A small city/large town.
D. A suburb.
E. A small town.
F. A rural area/the country.
G. A mixture of some sort (and of which ones?).


Which of the following have you lived in throughout your life?

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Can we please have an all question post?

All comments must be questions and all replies to those comments must also be questions but on any topic you like. GO.

ETA: TQC, you excel yourselves and live up to your name. Bravo.

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sitting at home alone on a Saturday having pizza and beer and watching Pushing Daisies and Kids in the Hall doesn't make me a loser, right?

i was out protesting for 5 hours in the cold so i'm pooped, anyway, but everyone i asked said no and i feel like a loser :(

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What kind of influence and impact do the people around you have on you?

  • Do they encourage and support you?
  • Do they push, inspire and challenge you?
  • Do they mainly want you to just take it easy and try to enjoy life more?
  • Do they tend to be skeptical about your ambitions and dreams?
  • Do they typically draw you into their own issues and problems?

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i own this shirt.

i'm debating cutting one of the shoulders off before i wear it to a party. should i do this?

also i apparently haven't posted to tqc since september. how have you been for the past 5 months?

3 big ones tonight

1. If the Nazis had so many fortifications in northwest France, why didn't the Allies just land in Spain or Portugal instead?

2. I learned about how 2-stroke diesel engines work at howstuffworks.com and I'm left wondering, why don't we see them in road vehicles like trucks? If they're more powerful, Why are they only used in giant things like boats & trains?

3. I forget where, but I once read about an architect who designed a house with the dysfunctional family in mind. There was no dining room since they never eat together. There was internet & tv hookups in all the bedrooms since they never watch tv together. The stairway had lots of soundproofing so the kids wouldn't hear the the screaming of the parents on the opposite floor. It had all kinds of features that allowed for extra privacy and distance from others in the house. Does anybody know more about what I'm talking about?
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What should I do with my hair? I don't want to lose too much of the length, cause it's taken me nearly 5 years to grow it, but I want to do something different...

My hair is growing out layers at the back, reaches halfway down my back and is growing out layers at the front. Pictures of styles would be appreciated.

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