February 18th, 2011


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grilled cheese sandwich time!
what kind of cheese do you usually use to make grilled cheese? do you ever put anything else in the sandwich, or does that ruin its purity? what kind of soup is best with grilled cheese?

i am about to bite into a tasty muenster cheese and fresh mushroom sandwich and am super excited! past sandwiches have included tomato and/or bacon. tomato soup is classic, but chicken & rice or clam chowder are my favorites.

ETA: since i made this before scrolling down and seeing the exact same question on this page, i will ask a question about JELLO instead!

What is the best jello flavor? Do you ever make it with fruity chunks in it or with carrots or other craziness like that? Are you jealous of me because of my grilled cheese and lime jello midnight snack? cause you should be.
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 What face shape do you have? If you don't know, can tqc see a photo of you to determine what face shape you have? 

I have a round face and kinda hate it. What hair style/cut looks best on a round ol' face??

P.S. I am also in a terrible mood and is too stubborn to get out of it. My nose is stuffed, my left lymph node in my throat is swollen, and I lost my voice. Who else hates the flu? Complain here if you want to.

stolen from booju

You go out to eat in a place where tipping at least 15% is customary, and you pay cash. Your bill comes to $32.25. You give the server $50. She returns with $17, but your receipt reads that the change due is $17.75. Assume that the service was average (some minor mistakes, maybe the server mixed up your drink order, but was otherwise pleasant).

What do you tip?
Do you consider the 75 cents her tip or part of the tip?
Do you consider the 75 cents stolen?

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Why is my cat crazy? she's been in the litterbox just scratching for over ten minutes. Not pooping. Not doing anything. But scratching. I just cleaned it yesterday so it's not like it's overflowing. Is she crazy?
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I've got a cat that is at least part Maine Coon, possibly full - hard to tell as we got her from a shelter. She has incredibly long hair and usually after 2 to 3 months it starts getting oily (like, instead of being soft and fluffy it's now starting to feel a little slick and greasy).

Should I be bathing her more than once every two to three months? (So far I've owned her a year and a half and she's gotten 4 or 5 baths, and it's only when her hair gets like this that I bathe her). Like, I get cats have natural oils but I only bathe her when she gets a bit of a funk going on in feel and smell.

For how long her coat is, I have provided Pictoral Evidence. So, Veterinarian TQC, should I wash my cat this weekend because she feels greasy?
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Do you need advice on something?

If you don't want any advice...

What are the last 3 letters of your middle name?

If you don't have a middle name...

Will you tell me about someone that gets on your nerves?

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what's your laundry process like? (i.e. laundromat or in-home machine or drive home to use mom & dad's machine, separate colors or throw everything in together?)
if you have a washing machine in your home, do you realize how lucky you are?

brought to you by the fact that i can't wear pajamas to do laundry and have to walk two blocks carrying all my stuff and deal with crazies busting in the laundromat trying to touch my shit.
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Hello TQC-ers, happy Friday!

So I've decided that this year I am finally gonna do my first Europe trip :) My aunt lives in Munich so that's going to be my home base, but I want to go to other countries on day trips also. I'll be there for about three weeks beginning around May 25, ending around June 15.

What are your tips/experiences regarding cheap travel from the US to Europe (Munich, specifically), and then travel within Europe?

Any suggestions for what I must do? Cheap ways to do it?

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TQC lipstick wearers, I need help picking out a lipstick. I'd really, really like to wear a red one, cause I hear they actually are good for pale skin. So, can I pull off a red? Can you recommend a drugstore shade for me or some guidelines to go by? I would just go and pick out one I like, but I'm afraid I'll pick the wrong one and I don't wanna waste my money.

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I felt a bit dizzy and nauseous before I went to bed last night. I woke up this morning and the dizziness is gone, but the nausea is still there a bit and what actually woke me up were stomach cramps. I rushed to the bathroom but nothing ever happened. I still feel bad but I don't really have stomach cramps anymore.

I also cough up golden yellow stuff every morning and have been for like 3 weeks but I don't really think those are related because I always have bad sinus problems.

Dr TQC, what is wrong with me? How can I at least help myself feel better?

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I have a toddler and I had forgotten that businesses often give out free little treats to (reasonably) well-behaved little kids who stop in.
A lollipop at the bank, a slice of cheese at the deli, a sticker at the dentist, a munchkin at the coffee shop, you get the idea...

When you were a kid, was there a local place that handed out a particularly coveted goodie? Or if you have kids of your own, this applies as well.

Even our local dump used to hand out treats to the kids. These chalky lollipops that tasted kind of weird but they looked like UFOs so we didn't mind.
Our local grocery store gives away the extra Mylar balloons after holidays. For Valentine's Day they actually had singing ones (you tap it and there's some sort of unit inside). So my daughter is now tumbling around with what looks like a miniature dirigible and it is blasting Tom Jones.

Or is there any business in your town that hands out really good free samples of any kind to any age, whether you are over three feet tall or not?
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Dear TQC, I have insurance coverage for the first time in about 10 years, so I went to the doctor and the dentist. They both gave me a clean bill of health (yay, I still have all my teeth and no cavities! After 10 years of no cleanings!) but I specifically went to the MD to get help with attention deficit disorder. The MD didn't feel that he could diagnose me, and didn't want to prescribe stimulant meds before a diagnosis.

Tl;DR: I need a diagnosis for ADD, and I am poor. Where do I go?
DK/DC: How are your teeth?
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Do you set your own hours? How in the world do you make yourself go at an appropriate time?
My boss told me to come in "whenever" for a two-hour training course online; right now it's two p.m. and I'm laying in bed pantsless with wet hair. I still have three hours to get off of my ass and go.

What's your ideal weekend on a practical level?
What are you drinking right now? What will you be drinking tonight?
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Have you ever accidentally ordered something at a restaurant that you hated when you got it? What was it?

I am at lunch at Panera and since they changed their menu boards, I couldn't remember WHY I never order the Fuji Apple Chicken salad...I mean, I love apples. I love chicken. Theoretically this should be good, right? But I FORGOT about the blue cheese on it :( :( :( :(

Do you like blue cheese? Would you like to eat mine?
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What do you think of girls who twirl or play with their hair? I have long hair and my fingers always need to be doing something so I often find myself hair twirling and my mom said to stop because people will judge =( Is it really that bad of a habit??

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Have you ever been in a position where you've had to make multiple major life changes, and you've basically had to (or felt like you had to) make them all at once? How did you handle that? Can you tell me about it?
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Does anyone watch Greek? Do you like it? Don't you just love Katherine?

How do you feel about fraternities/sororities?

And sort of related, and i hope i can explain properly... Do you know that effect, when you talk about red cars, you suddenly see them everywhere? I have that with books (and movies and tv-shows).. In every American book I read, there is usually a reference to Dutch, Amsterdam or the Netherlands, no matter what it's about. Do you have something similar with the books your read/things you watch? If so, what do you always come across?

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I want to use a rename token to replace taylormark_jr. What should my new username be?

eta: Lol, I need to get rid of taylormark completely because it is a dumb inside joke from when I was 14. And it is not my name :)

Also, regarding children (0-12) what age is the cutest? Most annoying?
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As a child, you are dressed gender neutral, given gender neutral toys to play with, specifically treated to make your own gender choices at the appropriate age. Does that AFFECT (not decide) your personality, orientation, etc in the future? Do army toys and tonka trunks make boys more manly? Do makeup, the color pink, and barbie dolls make girls more feminine?

TMQ;DR... Do you side with nurture or nature or a combination of both in the development of a child?
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I forgot how traffic turns into horrible death during rush hour between DC and Baltimore. A trip which was supposed to only take around an hour is now, according to my GPS, going to take around 2.5. This is for a convention that ends at 10pm, so I'd be driving almost 4 hours total for 3 hours of con time.

SHOULD I GO ANYWAY? I can't decide if it's worth it =/ Entry fee is $15 and I've never been to this con before so I don't know if I'll like it but I probably will.
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If you're interested in someone, do you tend to make the first move/express your interest, or do you quietly hope they ask you out? Do you like it better when you're the purser or the pursee?
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 Have you guys listened to new the Radiohead? What do you think? Do you think, because it is Bonnaroo's 5 year anniversary & the fact that Radiohead didn't announce they were headlining in 2006 until 3 months after the announcements of the full lineup, that Radiohead will do the same for this year and maybe, possibly, hopefully headline this year??

Are you excited for any upcoming shows? 

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About a week ago I picked up my mom's cat from the vet. Kitty was disoriented after having a surgery, and ended up peeing on the seat of my car (her carrier is mesh, unfortunately, so the pee got everywhere). It smells HORRIBLE. I've already had the upholstery detailed (hardly helped), and I am covering the seat in baking soda.

Is there anything else I can do?
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I'm going as a representative of my rescue group to the Dog Expo this weekend. Basically it's people at tables either representing rescues or selling dog related items.


ETA: I'm not going overnight, it's in my city. I'll just be sitting at a booth all day.
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When choosing a Mario Kart vehicle, which is more important:
Speed or Acceleration?

[edit] I usually pick one that's speed and acceleration is generally the same.
And I like Koopa Troopa.

BONUS QUESTION: How can I unlock the other courses? Ive played all the "cups" gotten first place... and.. nothing. What the hell?
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TQC, what does it sound like when it's snowing? Does snow make a sound? I've been in snow like, twice, but I've never been in...~snowing~.


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why can't i stop watching a marathon of the tyra banks show episodes on youtube? why is tyra the most self absorbed person ever who always makes things about her? i think my friends and i will make a drinking game of it... shot everytime she says "well I..."

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what do you do when you don't want to miss something but you don't want to go?

and why do i feel so sick and achey like i haven't eaten all day when i ate a pack of ramen on my break 4 hours ago?
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If you could change one thing about the opposite sex (whether that would be applied to everyone or just one person) what would it be?

Personality, job control, acts, strength, weakness, genitalia, body image, thoughts, etc.
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I'm flying to Texas tomorrow! Unfortunately, this mean I will have to deal with the dreaded TSA security screening. I haven't been on a plane in over a year. Does anyone have some helpful tips and hints for me to get through smoothly and without hassle? I've already read over the website but I'm so afraid I'm gonna miss something. :S

DK/DC: When was your last vacation? Where'd you go?
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can you figure out what's wrong with me?

i woke up with a sore throat on wednesday, and it's gotten progressively worse; i believe it's the sorest my throat has ever been in my life. today i've got a stuffy nose/head to top it off.

other than that, i was feeling ok. i mean, i went to school and work and powered through, etc. but right now, at this very moment, i feel FUCKED up. like.. dizzy, anxious, stoned, nauseated, light-headed, and just not right at all.. i haven't taken any medicine in almost 4 hours (i drank some daytime theraflu and took two advil.. which is ok because ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be taken together)

what is going on? am i dying? did this even make sense? i'm so out of it, sorry.

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it's sounding more and more like tomorrow is going to be a big day here in Madison.

should i go get a loaf of bread and make peanut butter sandwiches to bring?

people get hungry and there's always people handing out granola bars and apples. i can't really afford to go buy boxes of those or bags of apples but i can afford a couple bucks for bread and PB!

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I completely screwed up my mac and cheese for a family potluck tomorrow.

It calls for 8 oz elbow macaroni, 8 oz sour cream, 12 oz ricotta and cheddar cheese on top.

Even though I've made this 100000 times and know it by heart, I made 16 oz of elbows and mixed it all before realizing it.

I have extra sour cream, but no more ricotta. How would you fix it?

I'm considering using some mozzarella, asiago and parmesan I have in the fridge and maybe some milk, but I just don't know. I'd really rather not run to the store to buy more ricotta, though.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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bread, what to do with it

I have three loaves of bread. I would store some in the freezer, but my freezer sucks.

I have a large loaf of whole wheat bread, a small loaf of CHIA Flax bread, and a small loaf of CHIA Whole Wheat bread.

What would you do if you had all this bread?

(P.S. surrey_sucks and myuki_chan recommended this community to me today. I was about to join, but I'm already a member. Fascinating, I know!)
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How would you feel if we eliminated separate sex bathrooms and only had communal ones?

ETA: Assume there are stalls for the urinals so no one's junk is out in the open.
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Holy crud! I have decided: this comm is awesome.

Alright so... I'm planning to begin interviewing for a second for my partner. (Do your homework: polyamory). What is the best way for me to advertise my intentions? I live in a relatively rural area, US.

Second option: do you have any questions about this lifestyle?

Aaaaand a third: Do you have a fascination with a certain type of animal?

No haters. ^.^

ETA: Woah, the edit button changed since the last time I've done this. Oh my. Anywho, I'm in an almost middle of nowhere area, so my gut reaction is to respond to questions/discrimination/misinformation before it's expressed. So, if you know what I mean already, you've probably got some great information to share. Thanks so much for your time.

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do you feel bad for people who try and bleach their hair but end up with yellow hair? it makes me cringe. can they not see that it's yellow? are they really that desperate to be blonde that they will put up with it? do they not know that toner is their friend?
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Apparently there was a Glee flashmob in my country last weekend (conflicting reports of Friday to Monday).

Why is Sony being an ass and not letting me watch vids of it?

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I'm trying to decide something.

I got my tax refund back which was $1100 and my school refund is like $900. I am looking at getting a mac, but I can't decide between the cheaper 13in regular Macbook for $1000, or spend more and get the 15in Macbook Pro for $1950. What do I do? If it helps I'm an Photo major so being able to look at pictures and edit them is important.

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Do you talk to yourself?
How often? About what?

I whisper to myself a lot.
Pretty much whenever I'm alone and about pretty much everything.
I'd like to stop because I think it's kinda weird but I've been doing it for as long as I can remember so I don't know how to not do it.

DK/DC: What's one thing you're looking forward to and why?

Unnactractive famous people you'd do? And reasons...

Bill Maher - He's so funny.

Richard Dawkins - To quote a straight male, "I'd suck him and swallow, just to have some of his awesomeness inside me."

Every member of Monty Python in their old age except Graham Chapman and Terry Gilliam - Not Graham because he's dead and not Terry because he's sort of an ass. The rest of them because they were once hot and still funny.

Stephen Fry - The man pisses intelligence.

Helen Mirren - Nice boobies still!