February 17th, 2011


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What is the content of your typical FB status?

What I did/What I'm going to do today/this week/whatever
Commentary on whatever is interesting to you right now
Links to videos, news stories, etc.
Memes, shout outs, or other interactions with people
Other, explained in the comments.

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Let's say you're just out of a serious relationship. You want to date and have fun and hook up with guys/girls.

Which is the better choice: no kissing at all, or making out with a bad kisser?
selina kyle

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http://www.googleartproject.com/ is basically like Google Street View except for museums so you can tour them virtually.

The ones available are:
Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam)
Freer Gallery of Art, Museum (Washington DC)
Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam)
Gemaldegalerie (Berlin)
The Frick Collection (New York City)
Alte Nationalgalerie (Berlin)
National Gallery (London)
Tate Britain (London)
Palace of Versailles (Versailles)
Museum Kampa (Prague)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City)
The State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg)
The State Tretaykov Gallery (Moscow)
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza (Madrid)
Museum of Modern Art (New York City)
Uffizi Gallery (Florence)
Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid)

Which of these do you want to tour virtually, if any?

Which of these museums have you to been to in real life?

Since most (all? I'm not familiar with the Museum Kampa or a couple of others) of these are art museums, how do you like art museums in general?
puppy dog

Typepad Question

I cant find the answer to this on Google so here I am. How do I put a cut in a Typepad entry like you would in an LJ cut? Like a link to the rest of your entry on a separate page so the initial entry looks short and tidy with a picture or whatever.

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OH NO! Lifetime is making a show called coming home. It's just videos of military personnel being reunited with family. These videos make be bawl openly, especially if there are excited children.

What do you find heartwarming?

Seen any good plays lately?
I <3 TLV

College programs

Should I apply to my option 2 program before or after I hear back from option 1? If I get into 1 I wont need to apply to 2. But if I don't get into 1, then would it be good that I sent in the app for 2 early?

Does anyone else rarely get a fever when ill?

I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with the flu here, but the thermometer reads 98.6. Damn it! I can't count the number of times doctors have said, "You certainly have (insert illness here), but no fever. Odd." This may sound good, but my mother would never let me stay home from school unless I had a fever or was vomiting. She would see my temp. was normal, but send me to school feeling like I was dying.

My elementary school would also let students lay down if they had a fever of at least 100, but I would feel pretty damn sick and they'd say, "Sorry, 98. Go back to class."
Sue Dummy
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For those of you who like to make your nails all colourful, and pretty, what top coat do you use? The one I'm using now is garbage.

dk;dc What's your favorite B movie?


i just finished watching intervention and they said this heroin addict made up to $100/day begging for money. that seems like a lot...

would you ever beg for money?
have you ever begged for money? how'd it go? how much did you make?
do you ever give money to people that beg?
how much do you usually give?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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What's your favourite juice? I tried some Cranberry Pomegranate earlier and it was gross. It had grape, apple, and plum juice listed before the cranberry and pomegranate. I don't have a favourite, but my tops are apple, grape, and cranberry.

What's your favourite beer or wine?

IHOP, Waffle House, or Denny's?

Why are you up so late?

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There are days in everyone's lives which will live on in Infamy.

If you've had it...

What was the worst day of your life and what did it entail?

If you don't care to share, have you had a "worst" day of your life?

If you are young, do you think you will overcome it? And if you are older, does it still affect your life to this very day?

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I ate two slices of really greasy pizza from Pizza Hut last night. I actually was highly disturbed at the grease factor, but I was really hungry. I now have a horrible stomach ache and when I burp I taste stomach acid and pizza.

TQC - how do I make my stomach feel better?


happy happy joy joy

Gooooood morning TQC! Will you share some little things that make you happy, or at least make you smile?

I'll start!

- when I'm doing dishes and I pick up the bottle of dish soap and it spews tiny floaty bubbles into the air :)
- when my puppydog wakes me up in the morning by cuddling me, on top of me

Can we make this an anything generally positive/happy post?

What's the worst movie you've ever had the misfortune to see?

I can't decide between FearDotCom or Pet Shop.

FearDotCom is basically a rip off of the Ring (or Ringu), where a girl comes and kills you if you watch a video of people being tortured, except they tried to make it grittier and gorier. So much gore and grit they forgot to write a compelling plot.

Pet Shop is a kids' movie to be honest, but even kids' movies shouldn't insult their target audience. It's about aliens that come to earth to kidnap humans and take them back to their planet as pets. Only good thing about that movie was the hilarious New York accents.
macaroni murder lady

shit I should have learned from my mother fifteen years ago

1. I made soup last night, packed away the leftovers, and by the time they're reheated they'll be quite a thick stew. The texture is great, proportions are good, EXCEPT it's way too salty. What can I do to mend this when we reheat the rest, and how could I have corrected it while it was still cooking?

2. I would like to begin snacking on some fresh vegetables. I know about carrots, celery, and broccoli, but if you hand me pretty much anything else I don't know what to do with it. When I look online I see either vague diet pages that say, "You can incorporate fresh vegetables into your diet! They're great!" or recipes for cooked vegetable dishes. Q: What veg can I eat raw, and how do I do that? Can I have a list? I'm pretty sure I could find more details on the pro-ana sites but I don't even want to bring that up today.

ETA: I do not care for raw tomatoes (fruit anyway) or cucumbers. They're slimy.
captive heart

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Have you ever organized/participated in a clothing swap among friends (in other words, not an official event/charity)?

I know some people have done this before in my town, and I'm BADLY in need of thinning out my closet.

If you have, what were the guidelines, procedure, etc?

I was thinking "price" (although no money would be exchanged) categories...like $1-$5/$6-$10. That way no one is trading more valuable pieces of clothing for items of lesser value. Or should I just have each person set up in an area with their items for trade and let everyone haggle and make their own deals?

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How do you feel about the idea that man-made sources have caused global warming/climate change? Like are you skeptical or do you think the scientific evidence is sufficiently strong enough to back up that claim?

Album Recommendation

I work at a small bakery, and usually play Pandora while I'm working, but I used up all my free hours! I am looking for albums that I can play during business hours, do you have any recommendations for something new to listen to?
Peggy Blink

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I just got $225 of my $2500 Pell Grant so I can buy textbooks (I get the rest later - part of my tuition is being covered by the State, who is late to paying my school, so they hold my Pell until my state aid comes in), and I also have $400 coming in from taxes within the next couple weeks. I need money to buy groceries and a few minor school supplies. My next semester starts on February 28th, and usually, the professors give you time to buy the books. I'm positive my tax money will be coming in either right as school starts or a week after that.
Should I:
1) use the $225 I have now for living expenses and cover my textbooks with my taxes therefore living more comfortably?
2) suck it up, live on ramen, buy my textbooks as soon as I find out what they are with the money I just got, and use my tax money for living expenses after that?

DK/DC: What time did you go to sleep last night?
I went to bed at 1am and woke up at 6am.

ETA: Where do you buy inexpensive, but sturdy bags? I asked this last semester, but I didn't end up getting a bag, just using my big purse. I want a nice big tote for school. I'm thinking Vera Bradley, but I want to sit on a few options.

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so my roommate and i recently discovered that our netflix instant watch has 240 episodes of comedy central presents. so far, i have watched bo burnham, mitch hedberg, louis ck, lynne koplitz, mike birbiglia and lewis black. WHO SHOULD I WATCH NEXT?

on a similar note, have you ever dated a comedian? do you find comedians in general to be attractive or "dating material"?

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I have a fitness walking class on Tuesday/Thursday. We've been in class almost a month and the coach never took any sort of attendance. Never had us sign in or anything, just walk our laps and then leave. I missed two classes a bit ago due to some personal stuff.

Last Tuesday, the coach finally did an "official roll" (his words). We just signed a piece of paper. We didn't have class on Thursday, and then I missed this Tuesday thanks to a nasty stomach bug. I still feel horrible and not in the condition to walk 2.5 miles, so I didn't go today either.

My common sense tells me that there's no way he's been able to take attendance until he did his official roll last week, right? I mean, he never called our names or anything. So, the attendance policy of missing 4 classes = dropped from class would only apply since last week when he actually wrote down our names?

Does your college have an attendance policy, or are they pretty lenient about that type of thing?

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My cat, 'Ninja' has gone missing, I live in the CBD if my city and I am so scared she won't come home, we have already called the city council, the rspca and the Animal welfare league.
First my friend dying now this,
Will you please post stories of when your cats(or dogs) came back to you when you thought you would never see them again?

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I am going to go away now, I cannot with anything anymore.
Ast - Obelix carrying Asterix

Historical fun

Forgive me if this has been posted before. I was wondering, given the number of "is it reasonable if..." and "validate me" posts here about specific SO behaviour, whether the George W Crane Marital Rating Scale (devised in 1939) may be of some assistance. Or amusement :) or both.

TQC, will you take the dreaded Blueprint For Happiness and tell us how your SO measures up?

dk/dc - what is your favourite recipe using capsicum (bell peppers)?
Clem & Joely

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Is there a certain "old english" type of exclamation that expresses excitement? "Alas" comes to mind, but that's more for expressing sorrow over something, yeah?

Can you share any random old english words/expressions/exclamations that you like?

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I'm baking a cake for my favourite aunt's 49th birthday tomorrow. I bake a wide range of cakes, and can do most styles of decorating (minus fondant). I don't want to use fruit, but would be willing to use strawberries. 

Any cake decoration ideas/photos?
soul portrait

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Say you're super excited for an upcoming concert by one of your favorite artists.

Say just before you buy tickets to this concert, you find out that a really awesome rapper/actor/director is doing a lecture/discussion board at your school on the exact same night.

Which one do you choose? Show your work.
Bruins - shadow

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Is there anyone in TQC that works in a grocery store bakery?
If you do, do you know if there are currently "Scooby Doo" birthday cakes in your "kid birthday cake options"?

Is it weird to shower before you go to the gym, and not after?

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When you're drinking water, what (relative) temperature do you want it to be?

I like it to feel cool but not cold, just a touch below room temp. If it's too cold I get heartburn.

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My boyfriend's favorite belt broke, and I'm trying to replace it with something nice but not too expensive. I've tried Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc. but everything is too boring or not boring enough. (I don't think he wants glitter.) Basically I'm just trying to find something casual but interesting, like this:

(I'd buy it, but it's out of my price range.)

Urban Outfitters isn't much help. I have no idea how to shop for guys. Sigh. Any other ideas? Meanwhile, I'll just keep sifting through Amazon. So. Many. Things.
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What was the last thing that upset you?

In the infantile stages of a relationship, do you prefer to be pursued or to be the pursuer?

eta: I got invited to go to a drag show tonight. Should I femme it up or dress more butch?
just a bill
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I share a bathroom with 2 guys. Is it fair that I should buy the majority of the toilet paper (I'm asking since girls use more, but come on, they should buy it occasionally, right?)

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How do I make this textbook not smell like pot?
I got it used from the bookstore and I'm on a very green campus but the smell makes me sick. I can't trade it in for a different one because they're out :/

Will you describe to me your absolute favorite breakfast meal?
Grumpy Angel

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Hi guys,

1) I really like the songs "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall, and "Nowhere with You" by Joel Plaskett (I tried to embed the videos, but it didn't work.  Here are the links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK8rHqddU4w, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPZ42Bhqm-M). I think it's the driving rhythm from the tom drums. Can you recommend any similar feeling songs to me?

2) For those of you who work out, how many of you weight train? What's your favorite exercise to do with weights? I'm pretty partial to squats with the bar... I can squat 94 lbs now, which I'm pretty proud of.

3) Do you knit or crochet? Care to share any of your projects? I knit a little, and I'm trying to increase my skill set, so I've been practicing stitch patterns by knitting dishrags recently. :)

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why hello there.

i recently got out of a bad relationship and now im semi-looking for someone again. the problem is:

a) where the devil does a 24 year old dude go to find the ladies these days? i am now working as a janitor on 2nd shift so i cant really go out at night.

b) also, i am afraid that my current job will affect how people see me for dating and such. i am looking for a new job but no luck yet -- at least not anything that pays enough for me to survive. do you think i should focus on a new job before trying to date again? (im vury lonely and also a sad panda)

oh and i got the crap job i have now because i had to pay for both of us to live for like five months when she had no job... yeah, im dumb.

sorry for bad punctuation, im on a phone.

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What's something nice a stranger has done for you recently?
Or the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?
Or the nicest thing you've ever done for a stranger?
Or all three, b/c I wanna hear about people doing good things :)

Inspired by:
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What is the difference between 'thin' and 'skinny'? They are two different choices on okcupid. Which one is more...thin? skinny? wtf?!
If I have a bmi of 20.5 (which is in the healthy range but uh...lean) which one do I pick?

Have you ever dated someone that you were very off-and-on with and fighting with a lot - did it ever get worked out and get better or was it like that the whole time? :(

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I want to make a pasta bake similar to something like this, but a little more ~original~. I'm not putting meat in it because there isn't any thawed out. I have mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, colby jack, and mexican blend cheeses. I have various veggies but I am not sure if I have any that "go" with this dish.

is there anything I can do to spice it up a bit? Anyone have any delicious recipes?

oh and preferably it is quick and easy because it's already 9:30 pm here and I'm starving!


What's something wonderful you've recently discovered?

My friend recommended the show Adventure Time, and I love it! It's one of those shows that makes me lol irl and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I just had the worst fucking day, and one episode made me smile.

If you could hang out with one cartoon character for a day and go on a crazy adventure, who would you choose, and what would you do?

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what do you think of the protests going on here in Madison, WI?

if this has been asked, i apologize, but i've been gone all day working and then PROTESTING and i wanna know what people think/if they're aware. obviously it's all over the news and papers here and i saw some stuff on CNN at work but i don't have cable or even regular TV, so i dk how far it's gone and i'm curious!

THIS WAS MY SIGN! i hastily put it together in the Walgreens across the street from the capitol. i plan to go back tomorrow and Saturday, too.

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Do you ever complain about free food? Sometimes my job buys us pizza, but it's almost always from the same place. Some people complain about it, which is baffling to me, because it's free.

What do you know about the Westboro Baptist Church? Without googling, anyway.


I'm a brunette and considering dyeing my hair platinum blonde. For those of you who have made a drastic change in hair color, how did it affect you socially? Did different types of guys (or girls) start hitting on you? Did you find that it affected your chances of getting a job you wanted? Would you consult with a significant other before making such a drastic change in appearance?

I'm curious. Haha.
make it stop!
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How do you react when you see an unfamiliar, uncollared dog and no one else around? Does your reaction vary with the size of the dog?

Brought to you by the reaction of the stray cat suddenly cleaning itself when I was petting it and my subsequently looking left to discover a dog about as tall as my waist and me edging away only to have it follow me and my mind blindly panicking and telling my feet to run like fuck.

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 I opened my mouth really wide and all of a sudden my neck got really tight right where the neck and jaw connect and it was enlarged feeling.  After a few minutes it hurt less and had went down but it still aches some and now when I open my mouth it hurts in that spot.  Like a stabby ache.    What was it?  

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Boy and I are going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in April. Do we buy the expensive tickets and get good seats or pay half that and get crap tastic seats? Also what does one wear to see them? Is it like a fancy event or something one wears jeans to? I've never been to a sit down concert before so I'm all nervous and excited.

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i haven't been in school for about two years now and i really miss it. i've recently moved and can go to a community college for really cheap. i don't really have much that i'm interested in, though i think i might want to get an associate's degree in American Sign Language. i think i want to do Speech Language Pathology eventually (this is what i went to school for initially), so this would be a nice thing to have in my back pocket, but if i don't end up doing Speech Pathology, what will i do with it? is it silly to go to college if you're not really passionate about something? is there a high demand for ASL degrees? will you please validate me?
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Let's say you are friends with a popular celebrity (doesn't matter who and for what). You're at a party with said celebrity and a bunch of other people one night. Photos are taken for "memories". You post them to your facebook and make the album private, but somehow a day or 2 later, those photos from the private party are showing up on various Tumblrs, LJs, blogs, etc. of obsessed fans of said celebrity.

How do you feel about this? Is this an invasion of privacy? Is it "nothing on the Internet is private" issue? Do I have the right to be upset and annoyed about this?