February 16th, 2011

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So I unpacked my dry cleaning and noticed that on one of my shirts the button is broken in half :( Should I go back and get a refund or something? Idk, I hate confrontations but I'm pretty upset. It was a nice shirt damnit. Idk if I can find another button that matches.

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Looking for some good books to read. I like horror, mystery, and Sci-fi books...know any good ones in particular? I hear Stephen King is like the master of horror...in your opinion what is his best book?

Also, since college is stressing me the fuck out I wouldn't mind reading an inspirational book or two. Recommend any?


Soda or juice?

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will you go to your local craigslist missed connections page and either link or post the text of the sweetest, cutest ads?
of all the strangers you've encountered in the past few days, who would be most likely to post a missed connection about you?

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will you tell me stories about surprise/unexpected crushes?

inspired by finding out today that this guy had a thing for me in high school and i had always thought he hated my guts.

dc: do you like root beer?
BN - Bruce Campbell is way hot
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When you played Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (or any of the other games) as a kid, did you use an encyclopedia for assistance or just guess?
berry tart

peanut butter jelly time

For those that eat PB&J sandwiches:

Do you usually spread your peanut butter on the left or right piece of bread? How about the jelly?
Which do you spread first?
Do you use the same knife/spoon?


I always spread my peanut butter first on the left side and I use the same knife to spread both.
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my ridiculous cat has taken to meticulously peeling the skin off of toy mice, playing with their insides, or today, biting off their heads and playing with the rest of their bodies. then taking them into my bed. are your pets as overly aggressive with their toys as mine are?

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For those of you who are in school, are there any specific people in your classes you wish would just not open their mouths because every time they do, stupid shit just spews forth? What kind of shit do they say?

Inspired by this very friendly, but just completely wrong, girl in one of my classes that just blows me away with her inarticulate nonsense .

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how hard is it to make pie crust?
do you have any tips?
should i make a couple practice pies?

i'm not a bad cook but i've never made pie and i feel like crust of any kind is temperamental, let alone a special crust. i want to make this special pie for my friend's going away party(she's joining the Peace Corps in Senegal) but i've never made pie!
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How many songs can you play with just three notes, and what are the notes? I'm teaching little kids to make three-string Altoid guitars and I need an easy song they can play at the end. I already have "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Hot Cross Buns."
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 I went to the Ninja Restuarant the other night.
I must have screamed at least 5 times because Ninja's kept jumping out of dark corners.
1 of them turned a metal ninja star into a dark chocolate covered mousse..uh..Ninja Star.  I liked that Ninja. 

Have you ever been to a theme restuarant?
Do you like them?

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I have been on nuclear war movie kick lately and have just watched The Day After and Threads.  Once I was done being terrified, especially by Threads, I started looking up information on their initial airings and found that there were hotlines and counseling centers set up to deal with people's reactions to those films and that many people remember having a change of ideals regarding the nuclear arms race when they saw them.  If you've seen one or both of these films, did they change your conception of nuclear war?  Alternatively, can you think of any more recent television specials which have had that sort of mass effect?

DK/DC: What is the most frightening film you've ever seen?

What's the most frightened you've ever been?

My experience happened when I was 19. My class went on a field trip to this place were you walk across ropes about 30 feet in the air. Of course, you have a harness if you fall and a helmet. It doesn't look like much when you're on the ground, but once you're up there, it's terrifying. The wind blows, and the poles the ropes are stretched across sway back and forth. They told us they really weren't swaying as much as they seemed to be because we were so high up and already scared, but I started crying right away. I somehow made it all the way across even though I was sobbing and begging someone to get me down. If you're moving, they'll let you go. They'll only get you if you wrap yourself around the pole and refuse to move(which one girl did!). At the end, they tie you to a zip line and you free fall down almost to the ground. Then someone unties you and you jump down. Which isn't too horrifying. NOT.

I was finished crying a few minutes later, but some people kept crying for 20 minutes or more. I know it doesn't sound bad, but if you experience it, you understand.

So yes. Our school took us to a place where a lot of the students ended up in tears for an hour afterwards.
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TQC, I really want a dog. More specifically, I want a pit bull. I seriously think pit bulls are the cutest fucking dogs ever, oh my god. I'd take him to training classes and we'd go on walks together and I'd feed him the best food and name him Adama and love him to death.

But I've never had a dog before, and a friend of mine said that pit bulls are bad "first dogs." Like, if you've never lived with or cared for a dog before, getting a pit bull might be a bad idea.

Is it?

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I have this dress and I wanted to wear it this weekend for my Valentine's day gift/date for my husband (got tickets to see John Pinette in Cleveland)

Now, I know very little about doing laundry and the like because I've never really done it. It's never been 'my' chore. This dress is 97% cotton and 3% spandex and when it came to me, it was super wrinkled from being in the box. I also ordered it a size up, assuming that most places run small and I wanted room for my boobs in the top. Well, it was true to size so it's a little bigger than I like. Is it safe to throw it in the dryer for awhile to get the wrinkles out and maybe shrink it up a little? Will it shrink? How long should I put it in the dryer? Will it be worth the dollar to toss it in the machine downstairs?

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I recently became hell bent on deleting the private data stored on my web browser. I can delete everything, however my browsing history is so full that the browser crashes every time I try to delete it. Should I just delete the browser and redownload it or is there some sneaky way to prevent the crashing?
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 Have you ever dealt with a friend who had a problem with drunk driving? A good friend of mine does it all the time. He won't listen to me and my friend's pleas to stop drinking and driving. What do you think we should do? It's gotten to the point where I don't trust him at all to drive me unless it's during the day/I know he hasn't drank. He will agree to DD, and then get drunk and say he's fine. On my birthday last year, I got too drunk to realize he was drunk, and he drove me home trashed, too (That is admittedly my fault). He comes over often at night, and he'll be trashed. 

DK/DC: Have you ever had an "intervention" for a friend that was in their best interest?
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dear tqc,

what are some good ideas for a surprise birthday party for a friend who's a complete foodie that's within the price range of somewhat broke college students (about $20/person)?

current ideas are for a surprise party at a decent restaurant, but i feel like it should be something a little more special than that.

dk/dc: what are your opinions on animal testing? what if it is for medical device testing?

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I really want to go play Bingo tonight, but I don't want to spend a ton of money, since there's a good chance I won't win it back. My boyfriend messaged a girl we know that went to play, but she said her mom paid for it all. She said she didn't win off the machines (which were like $20) or cards, but she won twice off of pull-tabs?

What are machines and pull-tabs? And how much do you think just card will be?

This place has a website but no info like that and I have been calling their number ALL DAY and haven't reached anyone. >:|

If you've played Bingo at a Bingo Hall-type place, how much did you pay, if anything?

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"Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton have accepted an invitation from the government of Canada to undertake a Royal Tour," the palace said in a statement. The tour will include Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and the National Capital Region.

lol, what the hell is the national capital region?  (i obviously know they mean ottawa, but serious national capital region?!  thats a pretty shitty way to mask that you have no idea what canadas capital city is)
oh, american reporting on canadian things, it never fails to entertain me.  


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Because I'm an impatient person and have a general lack of knowledge of shipping times I thought I would ask you all before I went all ape-shit over nothing.

I bought this awesome necklace from an etsy seller on the 18th of January. I paid on the 18th also. I messaged her on the 3rd of February to make sure it was shipped, she replied the next day that it had been. I know it takes a while to ship things from Belgium to the United States. How long should I wait before I get upset that it's not here? It's almost a full month after I paid for it and I want to wear my awesome plant necklace!

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Do you believe someone who sleeps around a lot can actually settle down when they find the right person? Or are they more likely to cheat/get bored?

(i hope this doesn't offend anyone!! i'm referring to a guy i know irl who i know likes me A LOT and has for a while but is known for getting around so i'm kinda nervous)

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I haven't done yoga (or any consistent workout program, really) in like a year. I just got a membership to a studio near my house and I want to go tonight, but the only class tonight is heated/Bikram yoga.

For those of you who have done Bikram yoga or know about it...is it a horrible idea for me to start off with that considering how out of shape I probably am? I don't want to like pass out in the middle of the class, but the next non-Bikram class I can make isn't until Sunday.
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How would you feel if in the elevators of your condo building, the management posts a memo when someone in the building has died? 
Sometimes there is a time and location for the funeral, depending on if the family gave management the information. 

Edit: If it matters, your building has approximately 230 units.
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There's this guy I've been hanging out with for the past week and he looks A LOT like Edward Norton from American History X, except my friend isn't quite so muscular. They even kind of sound the same and sort of carry themselves similarly. It's freaking me out a little, I'm not going to lie.

Do you have a friend that look a lot like a celebrity? Who does your friend look like?

What was the last thing that you found kind of unsettling?

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Where can I buy decent quality earrings for a reasonable price? (besides etsy)

Being stuck on campus without a car limits my ability to go jewerly shopping at the mall and I'm tired of all the earrings I have now. 

So much to do, so little time!

Should I spend the next 90 minutes (before my BF comes over)

finishing readin One flew over the cuckoo's nest so that I can start reading one of the new books I bought today
finishing making pretties for my rattie cage so I can clean them out
Something else, explained in comments.

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Can you give me some delicious yet simple dessert ideas for a (very informal) dinnerparty for seven or eight people?

I love the idea of this recipe so similar ideas would be greatly appreciated too.
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for those of you who are dieting, do you drink alcohol while doing so? if so, how much/often and what kind?

i'm trying not to drink until st. patricks day :(

dk/dc: would you ever get a custom license plate? what would it say if you did? do you have one now? what does it say?

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I recently quit my job without a two weeks notice. The reason behind it was a disagreement with management and over the top physical labor (which I was assured would be cut back on). I'm filling out applications and don't want to sound like I'm whining when I fill out the 'reason for leaving' section. What would be a diplomatic way to say that my managers didn't keep their promises to me?

So, I just smoked the final cigarette of my pack, and have decided to quit smoking.

So to my fellow TQCer's who used to smoke and have quit, how did you do so? Could you give me any tips/advice to make it a little easier?

DK/DC/I've never smoked a cigarette/I still smoke and have no intentions to quit: Are you artistically inclined? In what way(s)?
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What was the last stupid/absentminded/omgwtf was I thinking thing you did?

Do you have any tried and true burn remedies? 
What's the worst burn you've ever sustained? What happened? pix?

I burned my palm, middle and forefingers on a pan I'd just taken out of a 400 degree oven. 

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What is a good present for a guy who is leaving their part time job for a full time ~serious job~?

I was thinking of getting him a tie but it seems a bit boring and also ties are hard to pick.

Hair color - from a box

So I tried to dye my hair two days ago with a dark red/brown Clairol hair color out of a box.
I had never done it before and got a little hesitant so didn't use the entire bottle. It turned my hair slightly red/purple but you can only tell in sunlight.
I'm wondering when is too soon to try again with the same color for a more efficient, noticeable result given that it's a temporary (washes out in 28 shampoos) color.
Will it harm (and how) my hair to do it again already (two days later), or do i need to wait the month for it to wash out. And if I don't have to wait, should I use the entire bottle this time or only half?

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You can domesticate any wild animal to be your pet. You are assured that the animal will be quite content, like a well loved cat or dog, once domesticated. Which animal do you choose? 

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Watching the season finale of My Strange Addiction. The episode features a woman who eats pottery and cigarette ashes.

Do you or someone you know have a strange addiction? What about a pretty regular addiction?

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Should I eat more gorgonzola gnocchi (I've had one large helping) or should I have some blueberry Greek yogurt instead?

I am applying for an internship for this summer.  TQC, will you gaze into your gigantic crystal ball and tell me whether I'm destined to get it or not?  I haven't put down the $100 application fee yet.   D: 

BONUS QUESTION: If you could be a highly successful professional athlete in any sport, what sport would you choose to do?
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Shakira will be at my sister's school next week to receive an award and one of her (my sister's) choral groups will be performing for her. My sister is also part of a lottery to possibly have lunch with her. I'm a big Shakira fan and will be living vicariously through my sister.

Have you ever seen a celebrity you liked up and close? Has a family member or friend of yours?

bad flatmates

 Have you ever ended up hating one of your flatmates?
What happened in the end?

One of my flatmate's is just being so difficult. Turning on the heating always turns into such a battle. It has gotten to the stage where the 3 of us dread coming home if he is there. It's making me hate our lovely house :(
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Why would a manager tell a new hire on their first day that their job was the hardest in the store and is "really difficult"?
And/or any work horror stories?
And/or would you ever tell a customer they were rude?

What's the first thing you take off when you get home?

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How do you respond to the following questions during a job interview?

a. What is your greatest weakness?
b. Will you tell me about a difficult customer (student/coworker/whomever) you've encountered? What happened and how did you resolve the issue?
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So I'm an American who is in the UK for a year for grad school, and when I got to the UK, I got a old British cell phone second hand for free from a friend because that was the cheaper and easier thing to do. Well, since I am a genius, I have recently lost that cell phone, but I don't want to pay for a new one. I DO however have my American cell phone with me (a Blackberry Curve 8330), and I think it'd probably be cheaper if I could just unlock this phone and then buy a SIM card for it instead of buying a new phone. But how would I got about doing this? Do you know how to unlock a phone like this or can you point me to websites that might be able to help me out (Google is being really confusing)?

Dk/dc (because tbh that was a really boring and super technical question): If you could only listen to one band or musical artist for the rest of your life who would it be?
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I have a manic depressive friend, she just got out of the ER for some reason...I don't know the details. But my friend that went with her asked if I could stay the night with her. Of course, I'm going to, but I never know what exactly to do when I'm with her during her "episodes" (for lack of a kinder word). Can you offer any advice if you've been in a similar situation, or, more helpful yet, if you've dealt with that level of depression?

Should I try talking? About general things? Personal things? Watch a happy movie? Play a card game?

Also- one time she was in bed, just crying uncontrollably and all I could think to do was sit there and be with her. Is there annnnything good to say at a time like that? =( It doesn't help that I'm not the most upfront person when it comes to emotions. I'm definitely not a huggy person and hugging would probably be uncomfortable to me, but I always wonder if it would help..? Augh, I feel like the worst friend to be there for this. =\
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Last year I worked in two different cities, but in the same state. I now live/work in Philadelphia and will be getting my taxes done here, but one of my W2s is from another city. If I give the person just my W2 forms, will I have an issue? I've been googling but not finding anything about this in particular, and I'm not too familiar with the way taxes work since I've never done my own.

Alternatively: What websites/blogs do you frequent? 

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Do you believe in 'leagues'? As in, when someone says 'he/she is out of her/his league'.

How do you feel about it?

Would you date above/below your 'league'? Which one?

I feel like it's a very shallow and mean way of viewing couples, but I know that on occasion i've seen a couple and they seem unevenly matched. Equally, i've been in relationships where i've thought I was out of someone's league, but that was more to do with living voraciously than looks.
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My favorite pair of jeans ripped at the knee today. I should keep wearing them anyway and claim it's the "deconstructed" look, y/y?

Will you tell me one little thing that made you sad today, and one little thing that made you happy?
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