February 14th, 2011

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Are any of your friends/family members super high-strung and/or extremely playful (to the point where it's often difficult to hold a serious conversaton)? If so, does it ever grate on your nerves?

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what's the last thing that made you irrationally angry/annoyed?

I hate when I buy just one specific thing I'm craving/for myself, and someone in my house devours it all in ONE night. come on mom, get your own crab dip! >:O


So, I have a 7-9 page paper due Tuesday on a "philosophical issue" for my Ethics in Education class. Not a big deal, and it shouldn't be too hard for me... except for the fact that I'm sick. :\ I was planning to start/finish the paper Saturday, but I woke up with what I believe was a fever, and ending up sleeping all but 5 hours that day (in the five hours I was awake, I was pretty much useless, lol).

Additional info that may or may not be relevant:
-This sickness is going through campus, so it's not out of the blue (I have like, a ~1500 person campus, not hard to get sick here)
-I don't seem to have a fever anymore, but I have what seems to be an awful head cold and it's hard for me to stay awake for more than ~5 hours.
-The professor is super nice... but I don't really know her at all.
-I've gotten 4/4 on all of my mini-assignments thus far, participate in class, etc.

Would it be totally out of line to go to the professor's office early tomorrow morning and ask for a one day extension?

ETA: The syllabus merely says this of late assignments, "Note: Late submissions must be prearranged with the instructor."

Mail and such

Have you ever sent a telegram?
-Can you send a telegram from the post office (USA)?

Can you rent a PO BOX from a zip code you don't live in (USA)?
-Do you need a debit/credit card in order to rent one?
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What makes a song good for sex, for you? Lyrics, soulful voice, driving beat, slow groove, ...?
What are your all-time best making whoopie songs?

Will you be getting guaranteed Lupercalia sex? Will you be out on the prowl for Lupercalia?

Please reply with your sexiest or lovey-doviest icon.

Ever been scared of a certain room, building, or area for no reason at all?

I always hated my mother's and aunt's old rooms in my grandma's house. All other rooms were fine, I just hated being in or walking past those two rooms. It isn't logical at all. Nothing bad has ever happened in there, as far as I know, and I'm also the only one who felt that way. My grandparents eventually moved out. I've always been tempted to contact the new owners and ask what they think of those two rooms!

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I'm going two hours away to my great aunt's funeral.  The funeral is at 1 today and I will get there about 3 hours before hand and meet my mother at her cousin's house.  Since I will have a place to change do you think it's ok to wear casual clothes on the trip there and then change closer to the funeral? 
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after watching event horizon last night, i got to thinking

if there was a ship lodged way out in space that had "disappeared" into a blackhole of some form or another, and the whole crew is dead, would you even go near that shit?

are there more sci-fi horror movies full of awesome in this world?

alternatively, what were some movies you were just down right disappointed with?
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Looks like I'm going to have to grab breakfast at Dunkin Donuts this morning. Besides coffee, what should I get?

DK/DC/Not familiar with Dunkin Donuts:

What are your feelings on Valentine's Day? Like it? Dislike it? Don't give a shit either way?
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Insulin Syringes

I need to order Insulin Syringes. Recently I banged my head and since then I have not been able to stay on the computer long without developing a massive headache. Can anyone help and tell me how to order
Becton Dickinson 1/2 cc Insulin Syringes... Reorder Number 329465

The direct link is below... The "How to Order" link is on the left side...

If nobody here can help me, I will email my doctor. I'd do that now but she takes 3-5 days to reply and frankly I don't want to wait.

Thank you so much in advance!!
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 Hey TQC!

So this morning, my aunt called me in a panic over an email she got from my mom (I later found it in my spam box, too) Turned out it was one number off from my mom's email (my mom's is SAMPLE535@yahoo.com, this was from SAMPLE5355@yahoo.com), but the name was her actual name. Here's the content of the email. 

Collapse )

My aunt emailed her back, and the people asked to be wired $2800. It's no big deal because my aunt realized it was a scheme, and didn't respond. Do you think there's anyway my mom's identity could have been compromised further? Or it was just a one time, dumb email thing? Also, can I let Yahoo! know this is happening? Somehow they have access to her contacts.

tl;dr/dk/dc: GIF PARTY!?

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My friend just posted this status:
"Mmm would it be rude if I asked one of these girls how it is possible for their feet to move in such a way where they walk on the inside of their uggs??"


What's the last thing that confused you?

Who's your valentine?

Artificial Intelligence

According to Time magazine, by 2045 your computer will have more intelligence than all of mankind combined. We can expect that at this time all the computers will network, and take over TQC, banning all humans, sub-humans and other meat puppets that make up the TQC community today.

Question: Will this be a good outcome or a very good outcome?
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I am planning on doing a proper roast dinner tonight, not just because its vday but because we havent had a roast in a while and I thought my partner might like one.

In the past when I have done stuff like this he has said on multiple times when I have done things for him and he has not reciprocated, he sits there for a while and says "Oh I now I feel bad" I never know how to answer that.
Other friends and family have said it in similar situations and its always makes me feel uncomfortable.

How do/would you react to someone saying that?

Macbook Help!

Okay, so I've had my macbook for about 7 months, and last night at like 1:30am it said battery low, so I went to charge it, and the little light thing that should turn orange and green, didn't turn on. I tried different plugs and what not, and it still doesn't turn on. Not long after, this fan noise started happening. When my computer is shutdown, it goes off, but every time it is on it keeps making this noise. Everything else works fine, but it won't charge and it keeps making this weird noise! Oh man, am I doomed??? Please tell me I'm not going to have to shell out 1000 dollars and that this is fixable!

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TQC, I design ads for a newspaper. I just sent a client a proof of a real estate ad and got this as a response:


They didn't give me an address for the house. Clearly they expect me to use my psychic powers.

How should I respond?

Non-srs answers would be best. ;)

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If you were adding genre tags to a bunch of books, how would you tag a science fiction series that kind of reads as fantasy? Sci-fi? Fantasy? Both?

DK/DC:Why does Goodreads hate me this morning?
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When was the last time your intuition steered you in the right direction?

For example, today I needed to go to class but something told me to stay home. Turns out it was good I did because my upstairs neighbor locked himself out of the house, so I let him in and he realized he locked the other door to his room. I watched him break it down like the Hulk.

The other time I was supposed to drive to Philadelphia to pick up a friend and take him back home with me to our hometown. I felt something was wrong so I told him I couldn't. After I looked online, there was about 37 car accidents on the roads I would have taken to get to his house.
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What do you do when you have to tell someone you done fucked up?

someone stole my laptop and it was probably my fault. I probably left the door unlocked or something, either way, my fault. I don't know how to tell my parents; they'll be so ashamed/mad with me.

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Do you know what websites are legitimate and will give me my credit score?

Once this is answered or if you don't know, don't care:

Are you behind on paying your bills?
In debt?
Anything like that?

How do you budget your money?
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To those of you who read Questionable Content:  how many Emergency Things are there?  I know there's the Emergency Bourbon, and the Emergency Skirt made an appearance that one time... anything else?

To those of you who don't:  how much do you notice if someone spells a word wrong and doesn't correct themselves?

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"Everyone start buying gun and ammo, the new world order is coming. Don't u wanna be ready for that day. If u don't believe it then look it up. There building fema camps for just 50,000,000 amercians, get ready"

what the hell is this even?

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Do any of you have credit cards with points? I have like 3 and it's difficult to figure out which one to use where. Is there a one stop shop where I can basically compare the benefits of using which card where? Kind of like Kayak or something...

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They're constructing a new high school building and people can purchase bricks with personalized messages for the courtyard or whatever. Someone's buying me one and I have to decide what to put on it. I get three lines with up to 14 characters per line. What should I put on it?
Should I do:

[last name]
Class of 2009 

Or maybe just my name? Something else? Help me you guys
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How often do you have dreams about something happening on the internet, and then when you wake up you have to check to make sure it was really a dream?

Do you dream about LJ/facebook/other sites you go to often?
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Your cousin is really really hot, like out of your league hot, and they want you... would you date/fuck them?

There is no blood relation.

edit to rephrase

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I have to start summarizing journal articles for my ~big psych research paper~ that will be due at the end of the semester. What should my topic be? I did marijuana's effect on memory last semester. I wouldn't be opposed to doing another drug-related paper. I was considering researching the correlation between IQ and depression but now I'm interested in something sex/relationship related. Any suggestions?
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Broken Ass

I fell flat on my ass nearly 3 weeks ago because my school fails at de-icing the sidewalks. My ass still hurts if I sit on it wrong (ie: slouch in my chair). My fiance seems to think that I have a broken tailbone and that I need to go to the hospital for x-rays. I'm almost positive it isn't broken (I would know if it were broken, would I not?), just bruised. This leads me to 2 questions. 1, should I go to the hospital and get it x-rayed, and 2, even if it is, what could they do for me? I don't think they make butt casts...

Edit: For the time being, I'm going to get a donut pillow from CVS (it's like $8), and then go to the nurse's office tomorrow, although I doubt they'll be able to do anything either. Seems more like my fiance is a Paranoid Parrot who doesn't like playing the waiting game--because that seems like all I can do at this point in time.
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I just stepped out of the shower and my face is BRIGHT red. This has never happened before, and I didn't use any new products. I did however just clean the tub, but the stuff doesn't say to avoid contact with skin and my face was far from the tub?? Wtf happened? Why is my face red? When will it go away?? =(

[My shower ended around 40 minute ago and I'm still red =( If it's just from hot water shouldn't it have gone away by now?]

Long Shot

Heya TQC!

A while back in an old posts I spoke to someone in the comments about how they got funding for their post-secondary education through some government program in their province in Canada, that almost noone seemed to have known about, but they were lucky enough to have stumbled across it.

In the comments I posted that I was in B.C. but was interested to know the name of the program that they were funded through, so that I could contact them and see if my province had an equivalent program, and the poster was kind enough to reply. I can NOT find this in my book marks :(

I'm just wondering if this wonderful person is still around, and if they could still give me the info?

Otherwise, does anyone else have any recommendations where an older, third year, part time student who is working to pay for schooling (without being on student loans), can find methods of school funding?

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a while ago, i had a pretty intense relationship (as in, we were TERRIBLE for each other so the highs were SO high and the lows fucking sucked) with someone and we're no longer friends. we both have our own set of health/mental problems and i really thought she understood me in that area.

the other day, i came across a profile on a social networking site that, after some investigation, i know is her. here, she badmouthed me, spread rumors about me and worst of all, criticized me for something that, because of this health problem, i can't help. i KNOW that it shouldn't bother me since she's ancient history, but it still hurts so bad to know that she thinks that about me, especially since i thought she was cool about it. what do i do, TQC? i feel awful and i just want to cry.

dk/dc: what's the last soup that you made? i'm making baked potato soup right now and i'm pretty excited for it.
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I have 2 lbs of sweet potatoes. What should I make with them?

Self-cleaning ovens just get really hot and burn everything off, right? Does that work with all ovens or will it just start a fire? There's marshmallow on the bottom of mine. I forgot it was there and turned the oven on to preheat, and it started smoking a little =( How do I clean it? Do I need to scrape it off or can it be burned away?

[EDIT: Turns out nothing needed to me done, the drips had formed solid pieces that I just picked up and removed. Done!]
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Photo Ops

Have you ever had your picture taken with a famous person?

Who was it?

Have you done it more than once?

Would you post one of your you-with-a-famous-person photos and tell who the celebrity in the photo with you is and how you managed to get them to pose with you for the picture.

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You are a recent college graduate. You have your fair share of student loans you must pay off. Your friend also graduated from college, but he is debt-free (as his parents paid for his schooling). For some reason, he thinks it's funny that you're in debt and have loans to pay off and can't stop laughing about it.

Would this annoy you?

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I just saw the most beautiful man in the gym. Whats more, he was in the gym.
How does one go about picking someone up in the gym?
I feel i'm going to have to live there from now on as i've never seen him in there before.
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Guys -- how lame would it be if I spent my 21st birthday at Medieval Times? On a scale on 1-10, 10 being super fucking lame?

I don't have any other ideas but I want to have fun. The other idea was Disneyland lol

I don't drink and I don't party. I'm boring. Any ideas?
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What has been one of the funniest or most dramatic posts on TQC that you can remember?

Just a description of what happened (or links if you're memory/favorite savvy).

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so i am meeting up with this dude tonight for the first time (since high school at least and we weren't friends back then so this is the first time hanging out) and there is a very high chance that we are gonna bang. should i dress cute and wear a dress and tights or go for practical and wear t-shirt and jeans?

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TQC, my boyfriend was going to cook us ribs for Valentine's Day but the ribs have apparently gone bad (they smell horrible ugh) 5 days before the "sell-by" date. >:| >:|

We don't have any other meat thawed out and don't have a lot else. We don't want to go out and spend money, so dinner at a restaurant is out. What should we eat?

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What insects do you irrationally hate?


I am not talking about spiders or centipedes. I am talking about insects that generally are not scary or overly harmful.

For me its ants...hate hate hate,
Also at the moment Mosquitoes, my arm is so swollen.
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If you live somewhere cold, do you often make trips to warmer places in the winter? Where do you go?
I like to spend at least a week out of each month in Virginia, I haaaate cold and snow.

Have you ever been to a scifi convention? If you have, which one? Will you tell me about it?
I might go to one on Friday, but the two actors I really wanted to see both canceled, so idk if I still want to since it's an hour away unless I can be convinced that it will be awesome.

If you no longer live with your parents, when did they stop sending you care packages? Is it weird or cute for parents to keep sending them after college?
My husband and I both still get them and I think it's cute. I still get excited like a little kid to know one is on its way! X3 But I wonder if there's an age that's "too old".

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my roommate has been gone since Thursday. why did it just occur to me tonight to CHECK THE MAIL?

why do we tell people we'll call them back when we know we won't?

i talked to my friend after work and when i got to the bus, i told her i'd call her when i got home. i didn't and i knew i wouldn't. why do we do this?

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ONE: there is a bottle of white wine in the fridge. (i live in university halls). there is a boy who lives here who stole it from some housemates that moved out. i let him have it. i haven't seen him in over a week nor has any of his items in the fridge moved (suggesting he has not been here right???)
should i take this wine? chances are he won't know it's me.

TWO: are film reviews important to you? what about film review blogs?

THREE: what is your opinion on the new lady gaga song?

AND FINALLY. how are you today? are you okay?
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I have a dark grey/black fleece that does nothing but pick up massive amounts of hair (human and cat) and lint and fluff. I'm worried washing it so often just to get rid of that will shorten its life. As it's a favorite piece of clothing, I'd rather not do that. Does anyone have tips to help get this stuff off easily? I've tried lint rollers and those glove things and both are tedious and still leave a lot no matter how thorough I try to be.
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TQC, I'm feeling super anxious and depressed, and I'm thinking that to burn off some of this anxiety, I should head to the basement and exercise. It is almost 10 p.m. and I have to get up at 7 a.m. to get to work on time tomorrow. Is working out right now a Bad Idea, or should I go for it? I don't exercise very often, much less late at night, so I have no idea how this might affect me/my ability to sleep.

If this is a bad idea, what else to you recommend I do to calm myself down, other than punching a bunch of holes in the wall?
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do you ever look at old (old meaning 'not current,' it could be like a few months ago or whatever) pictures of yourself and realize that you looked good in that time period, though at the time you didn't think you did?

or do you maybe have the opposite reaction?

for me, a lot of the time i look at old pictures and am like "you know, my boobs were a lot nicer at that time than i remember them being" or "i had no idea my hair was ever that nice," things like that

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can you be in love with someone you have never been romantically involved with?

this is not my situation, but it was a couple years ago, and i always wondered if i really loved this dude since we were never, ever anything but friends.

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 If any of you have Sprint as your cell-phone provider, do you like it?
Also, if any of you own the Palm Pixi, could you please tell me a bit about it (whether you like it or not, pros and cons, etc.)  All I see are bad reviews!

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Mac vs. PCs...who wins? If you have a PC, would you switch to Macs if they weren't so expensive?

I'm thinking of getting a Mac. I got a nasty ass virus on my brand new laptop and the frustration of it is almost enough for me to switch over.
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I am so bored.

1. Do you have people on your FB friends list that you dont know?
>>If you do, why?

2. For those of you with a college degree, is your current job in the field of your degree?

3. How many kids do you want?

4. Are your LJ friends mostly random people, people youve met in communities, people with similar lifestyles (ie, youre married and all your lj friends are married too)?

5. Whats your favorite word?

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College Graduates: Do any of you have jobs that aren't necessarily or directly related to your degree(s)? If so, what do you do? Do you enjoy it?

Or, if you're still in college, do you think your degree will garner you enormous wealth one day?
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When stirring something, do you stir clock-wise or counter-clockwise?

Clock-wise and I am right handed
Counter-clockwise and I am right handed
Clock-wise and I am left handed
Counter-clockwise and I am left handed
Clockwise and I am ambidextrous
Counter-clockwise and I am ambidextrous
I do not have any hands. How dare you post this question?? It offends me!

Inspired by me being weirded out by my husband stirring his chocolate milk counter-clockwise with his right hand. I tried to emulate him and it made me feel all funny.