February 13th, 2011

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What's a reason to read a book you hate?

I have OCD and one of my compulsions is that I have to read the book that is to the right side of the last book I read on the library shelf. I have been stuck with an author whose books I hate because they're preachy and trite.

I'm wondering what other reasons people might have to read a book that they hate.

Who Should Stay.

Blind person who depends on a service animal, and person with a life threatening dog allergy are in the same place. Who should be able to stay, the blind person with the service animal, or the person with the life threatening dog allergy? The ADA says it should be the blind person with the service animal, but is that fair to the person with the life threatening dog allergy where they may go into anaphylactic shock, or may have a bad asthma attack if around a dog?

In what ways did your parents scare the hell out of you when you were little?

My dad made it seem like a kidnapper was likely to come into my room and take me away. It's happened, I know, but listening to my dad, it was like it happened all the time. I remember checking the locks several times a night.
He also once told me "the walls have eyes." I took that literally and believed the walls were actually watching me.

My mother would always tell me, "I can't buy you that, or I won't be able to pay the bills this month. Do you want us to starve?" So I started feeling guilty because I was born and my parents had to spend money on me. I was scared the bank would kick us out of the house, something my mother often said they'd do if I kept asking for stuff.

Another time my grandma said if I ate too quickly, I'd choke to death. So i stopped eating. Anything.

And now people wonder why I'm so nervous all the time...
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To the bra wearers of TQC...

Do like the look of this bra? Would you wear it? http://www.figleaves.com/us/product.asp?product=Midnight-Grace-by-figleavescom-Gerbera-Balcony-Bra-For-Larger-Cups&product_id=FIG-AW103126&size=32dd&colour=Pinks

I'm not thrilled with it, but it's so cheap and it's so hard for me to find bras in my size at such a low price, but one of my friends was looking at it and was like, "LOL that bra's so ugly I'd probably get turned off the second I saw it." :(

Do you care about how pretty your underwear is?

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Basically I have way too many movies downloaded on my computer. What movie should I watch today from the list?

What movie should I watch today?


Of these, what movies should I just delete off of my computer and not waste my time with?

dk/dc - What's the last movie you saw in theaters? Was it good?
What movies are you waiting to come out?
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What do you usually do on Sundays?  Did you sleep in?
I was up at 8 am.  I am finding that today I really want to clean and take care of the errands I need to run.. but everything in town opens at noon, so I'm afraid my momentum will stop before then.  
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Kill Bill - Elle
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Where should you go for a decent, professional bra fitting?
I've been to Victoria's Secret, etc., and even tried myself with absurd results (one told me I was a 40DD which there's just no way, the bra was huge on me, and I measured myself at another size that was just ill-fitting and off)

How do you motivate yourself to get shit DONE?
or, alternatively, what's your absolutely favorite way to laze around?

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How did you get your first full-time and/or "real" job?   Any interesting stories?

How do I make clear to potential employers that I'm not looking for a job HERE, in this city?  Is noting where I AM looking on my resume enough?  Will you offer any advice you may have on how I should look for a job in a city on the other side of the U.S.?

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I am stupid and completely forgot about a doctor's appointment I needed to cancel. It's for tomorrow, and I meant to call the office Friday to cancel because they have a sign hanging up saying that all appointments must require 24 hours notice to cancel or I'm going to get charged the copay even if I don't show up, and then an additional fee for not coming or something. :\

If I called right now on Sunday, do you think that's okay? Or are the weekends not..included? Ahh I'm so mad at myself for forgetting to do this earlier D:

Life Coach

Have you ever used a life coach(or something similar)? Did it help? Did you find it was easier to figure out what you want to do with your life?
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quick guys!

I'm in Seattle until tonight when I drive back to Boise. I have pretty much all day to myself. I also have means to a car and mapquest. Where should I go?? EX. Parks, shops, vegan restaraunts??

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will you post your favorite quote, lyric, one-liner, etc?

have you ever had a professor who was so terrible at his or her job that you had to basically teach yourself? how did it work out?

how much do you procrastinate when it comes to assignments and paper writing?

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How do you feel about using CGI to alter actors' performances in movies? According to this article "Visual effects experts privately admit to changing actors’ expressions: opening or closing eyes; making a limp more convincing; removing breathing signs; eradicating blinking eyelids from a lingering gaze; or splicing together different takes of an unsuccessful love scene to produce one in which both parties look like they are enjoying themselves."

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When was the last time you finally went to do something you have been putting off for a long time and something happened to prevent it?

I just went to Wii Fit for the first time in exactly 248 days, and the batteries were all dead. And I was so super excited about it that I put on my workout clothes!
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 Read any sexualized fairy tales?
I ask because I just finished reading The Princess and the Penis.  
It's like the Princess and the Frog except the Princess has no idea what a penis is and she has to kiss it on it's head for it to turn into a prince. 

*fixed a typo

Read any good fairy tale remakes in general? 

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When was the last time your power went out? was it mildly irritating or life threatening or something?

my power just when out for about 10 seconds and it was mildly irritating!

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While cleaning out my room I found two undeveloped rolls of color film. These have to be at least 8-9 years old as I have had a digital camera since I was 15. Do you think the photos would still turn out if I took them in to the 1 hour photo place?

Have you ever gotten really old film developed?

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I just got done watching "Exit Through the Gift Shop." for those of you who saw it, what did you think of it?
What documentary should I watch next? Bonus points if it's on Netfix Watch Instantly.
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ATTN: Foodies!

So, I just got back from the most awesome cheese shop in the world. I picked up a nice, light chevre for the salad for dinner tomorrow night, but I wanted some cheese for pasta tonight. My boyfriend insisted that taleggio - the first cheese the guy at the counter recommended when I told him I wanted a nice melty cheese for pasta - was the cheese used in my FAVORITE pasta of all time, but I just found out it was brie. This stuff (the taleggio) is super gooey, sticks to your fingers, and I just can't imagine how well it would work out blended in to a cream sauce.
Have you ever cooked with taleggio? What would you recommend I use it for? Would it work out well in a cream sauce for pasta? What about adding it to marinara?

Also, can you discuss what your favorite cheese is and why?

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On a whim, I picked up a packet of "16 Bean Soup Mix with Ham Flavoring" (or 1lb of mixed dried beans with a packet of white powder.)

I was thinking of adding some meat, instead of the powder, but I'm not sure what will work best.

Any suggestions on what I can add to it?

I have some hot dogs and turkey bacon, but I don't think the former would work or that the latter would be at its best after 1.5-2 hours of simmering.
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Triffids - bandages

Because everyone else does it :)

OK. So I'm still confined to barracks with this damn back injury, and I'm finding Star Wars ep 2 inexpressibly tedious. Not my kind of thing at all.

TQC, will you press the Play button for me? Which much-more-my-cuppa movie should I replace it with?

Nil By Mouth
Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll
Banlieue 13 Ultimatum
The Grass Arena

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For those with serious cry-and-run-away sort of phobias, does your phobia have a more specific 'core'?

I've noticed with the handful of fellow phobics I've met, there's the general phobia but also a specific element - for example, my friend who's phobic of crustaceans is particularly unnerved by the pincers and mandibles. A lady who was phobic of rats was particularly unnerved by the bit where the tail meets the body. Mannequins that hint at movement, such as appearing to twitch or tremble slightly, scare me far far more than stationary or fully animated mannequins. Found myself wondering if this is the case for most/all phobias.
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Is five years too early to renew my wedding vows?

My husband and I were married in October at a romantic B&B in Vermont, just the two of us. We had a celebratory brunch afterwards, but it was only family. I'd like to do something with our friends, but it's not possible now, financially.

Should we just have a big five-year anniversary party, or renew our vows to get a little taste of a more traditional wedding (although it would still not be traditional, by any means)?
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 what are some of your favorite songs to play in the car, driving around with the windows down?

ETA: I forgot my picks, haha.   Drivin Down The Block -Kidz In the Hall, I'm Good - The Clipse, California Love - Tupac

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I'm looking for an actual website that has most to all of their movies and episodes subtitled. Do you know any websites like this? Netflix has been nothing but a sore disappointment so that's definitely out.
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I'm watching an episode of Property Virgins and in this episode, the biggest thing the wife wants is side-by-side parking in the driveway, because the thought of moving their cars for each other is basically unbearable to her.

This woman is insane, y/y?
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I have a job interview tomorrow in DC. I live in Northern VA so I can either drive or take the metro. I have never taken the metro by myself before and am afraid of the unknown and that I might get lost and start crying or something, so I am leaning toward driving EXCEPT that I'm afraid that I won't be able to find a parking garage and I can't parallel park. There's a metro station a short walk from where I have to go but I'm still afraid and nervous.

DC Metro Area TQCers, will I get hopelessly lost on the metro or would I be okay driving?

TL;DR/DK/DC: Do you take public transit frequently? Do you ever get ~public transit anxiety~?
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do you think astral projection is real? have you ever had an out of body experience? do you believe that one can induce an OBE/astral projection through the use of binaural beats? what about that i-doser thing? has anyone tried it with decent results?

dk/dc: if someone of your preferred gender baked you cookies for valentines day, would you assume that this person has a crush on you or something?

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So, today I just applied to Depaul University and Loyola University, both of which are in Chicago. I'm going to apply to Roosevelt University tomorrow on the school computer since their online application isn't working on my computer for some reason.

So with a 2.5 GPA, do you think I'll get in?

DK/DC if you're a college student: Are you planning on transferring anytime soon. To what school?
Non-college students: Doesn't it suck that tomorrow's Monday anyway?
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Dr. TQC, should I go to the E.R.?
I have had a really bad fever + extreme fatigue + chest congestion since Friday evening. I spent all of yesterday and most of today lying on the couch, shivering uncontrollably despite the fleece blanket and electric blanket (turned all the way up) that I was rolled up under.
I haven't had any appetite either.
This afternoon I had a surge of hunger/energy and ate a peanut butter sandwich; I've felt super-tired since then, but I think my fever has gone way down-- in any case, I stopped shivering. My roommate just lent me her thermometer and despite me feeling loads better, my fever is still 103.4, and I can no longer cough stuff up even though I can feel it in my lungs.
I kind of think I should see a doctor, but if it's a bad cold/flu/virus they can't do anything, can they?

When's the last time you were really sick?

Edit: thanks guys. My roommate is taking me to the E.R. in five minutes.
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I'm interested in looking into more jazz music, can you recommend anything?

So far, all that I've cared to get to know is The Bad Plus. I also loove Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, but I'm not sure if that's considered jazz or not. When it comes to any kind of music, I love defined sounds. Maybe I haven't listened to enough jazz, but a lot of it tends to sound the same to me. So any artists/bands that really have their own sound, I'd love to hear.
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motivate me

I just ate a big dinner of excellent Mexican food and drank a Modelo and now I just want to flop in front of the TV all night. But I have like 5 loads of laundry to fold and other stuff to do and the house is a chaotic mess. How can I get myself up off the couch? How do you overcome lethargy?

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Any tips for someone going on a plane for the first time? I'm flying from Toronto to Pittsburgh... any general helpful info? About security and all that jazz?

Where was the last place you flew to? Any fun airplane stories?
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This is an A and B conversation. C your way out of it.

Can you tell me about the last time some stranger couldnt mind their own business?
Do you usually ignore, or say something snarky back to them?

Some old lady made a comment about my son ordering a cucumber and peppers sandwich at Subway. She said "No protein? Not even cheese?" Mind your own business old lady!
I said "He's all set, thanks for your concern." UGH.
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How much do you love making lists/plan outlines (I'm sure there's a better phrase for the second, but it's eluding me right now)?

My husband just said he'd like to have a small cocktail party, and I just spent an hour and a half typing, formatting and perfecting the "plan outline" (can someone please tell me if there's a better way of phrasing this?!).

I think I'm more excited about my word document than the party.

dk/dc: What are your must-have hors d'oeuvres for a for a cocktail party?

Edited due to my mix up of allude/elude and to bold the questions

travel and cats

Have any of you been overseas for a long period, and you have cats that live with you?

Assuming (unreliable) relatives are not an option, what did you do for your cats while away?

Also I hate boarding kennels.
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In church today the priest said looking at someone with in a lustful fashion was committing adultery.

Based on that definition, are you an adulterer?

How do you define adultery?
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Do you know anyone who sleepwalks?

My 8 year old does constantly. I am always worried about the possibility of him getting hurt or downright walking out the front door at night (have installed high locks on all doors) This question brought to you by just witnessing him get up, take a piss in the bathtub, then go to sleep on the hardwood floor in the hallway.
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stories to entertain an insomniac

I'm a light sleeper, I live with a snorer, and I know I will be awake again for more hours than I want to be. When I can't sleep, I lie there and imagine long, involved stories of things that are never going to actually happen to me. Lately I have covered interpersonal relations, winning the lottery and finding clothes that fit right off the rack. What other stories can I make up to amuse myself?
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I'm irrationally afraid of all things horror movie and I'm watching The Ring. How badly do you think this will end?

What scares you even though you know it's dumb?

Bonus question: Is there something behind me rn trying to kill me? Probably right?

BTW should mention I have already seen this movie it's just been a really long time and I wasn't alone then and I'm alone now. The story of the movie won't be the scary part.
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What is wrong with Kim Zolciak's (Real Housewives Atlanta) face?

She looks like a trout.

Why couldn't the ER find anything wrong with me?

Am I imagining my kidney pain?

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Should I eat chips and salsa even though it's 11:15pm? I won't be going to sleep for another 2 hours at least.

ETA: I LOVE YOU TQC for enabling my late night eating habits. Trader Joe's has the besttt salsa.

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god fuckin dammit.
i'm getting sick AGAIN, i literally just got over my strep throat/flu a WEEK ago.
and now my throat is sore AGAIN.

what are your get well quick secrets? (i already had tea, extra vitamins, orange juice, water, oil of oregano)
how many times do you have to have strep/tonsilitis before your doctor recommends taking out your tonsils?
have you ever got sick in a short time period like this?  i always thought there was some kind of grace period after the first sickness.  apparently not.