February 12th, 2011

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What activities will you be doing on Monday (most likely)?

Eating in a fancy restaurant
Eating at a fast food restaurant
Receiving flowers
Receiving homework
Eating a Hershey's kiss
Having sex with someone else
Having sex (not with someone else)
Watching a romantic movie
Watching porn
Dressing to the nines
Dressing for warmth and comfort
Going to TQC
Watching tv
Getting drunk

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What's something that you feel like you learned a long time after everyone else?

Brought to you by this conversation that is currently in my News Feed: 

J to L: OMG guess what
L to J: What?
J to L: Brittany Murphy died! She had pneumonia or something I think.

ETA: I knew about Brittany Murphy, just to clarify. This question was inspired by my friend.

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It is 2am Saturday morning here.

The guys next door are partying (and we have no other close neighbours within 100m in any direction, but we are in a terrace tht shares one double-brick wall along the length of the house) and I am cleaning my house like a frantic little nerd does :P

If they are still up getting drunk is it ok for me to vaccum at 2am?

They already think we're total weirdos.

Edit: Done and Done! And the dudes next door are still partying hard, none the wiser. Success!

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Why do people in horror films always make THE WORST DECISIONS EVER OMG?

Will you please name some of the stupidest things to do if you're in a horror film?

macaroni murder lady

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My best friend sent me a Lush bath gift pack, because she's the best and she loves me, and I want to break one open! It'll be my first Lush product.

Which bath thingy should I use?

Winter Bath (Hokkaido)
Ickle Baby Bot
Pop In The Bath
Twilight Bath Ballistic
Pleasure Dough

Should I use a soap?

Karma soap
Waylander soap
Number 1 Seed soap
No, wash beforehand and just soak in the bath

What Lush products do you love? How do the massage bars work?
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dear insomniacs of tqc,

what thought brings you the most joy?

when you are in pain, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

if you are lonely, how do you fix that?

what do you think happens to you after you die?

Have you ever seen Marquis(1989)? Or other obscure movies?


There is the trailer. Not really safe for work.

It's a film about the French revolution. The characters are portrayed as animals, and the actors are wearing anamatronic(sp) masks. The Marquis, a dog, writes erotic stories and talks to his penis, named Collin. The other characters try to either push or discourage the revolution, based on their interests. It's hard to find with English subtitles, and it's very absurd. You can't take it seriously.

And yet, I love this movie. It's actually deep, well made, and you start to care about the characters even though they're so absurd(the only word to really describe this movie). It deserves to be more well known that it is. I watched expecting to be entertained by how bad it was, but I was entertained for exactly the opposite reason. I wouldn't mind having it on DVD.

As for other lesser known movies, how about the 1979 movie Time After Time? I enjoyed watching HG Wells go after Jack the Ripper.
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If you live where it is winter now, just how ready are you for winter to be over already?

I could deal with these 6-foot snowbanks disappearing immediately. That would work for me.

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For you, what are the qualities of a Friend? What is Friendship?

Do you see anything wrong with people who prefer the company of animals to people?

Do people need people?

My job just swtiched to these money cards for our paychecks and I'm pissed off because there are already problems because they're slow on my Direct Deposit.

Do you have Direct Deposit or still pick up a physical check?

Body Image Issues...

So, as I think I've mentioned here, (but apparently not often enough, according to some) I have various physical disabilities and a mental illness. At the moment, my problem is that I need to lose weight, but the conditions put some restrictions on that.

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So, what can and should I do, diet and exercise wise, to lose the weight?  Especially in terms of inches? Any herbal appetite suppressants?
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dear tqc,

are you a perfectionist?

are you a perfectionist in all things? or only specific arenas?

what happens if you are unable for whatever reason to complete something according to your specifications?

do you ever just say "Meh, good enough for me"?
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What is the last random compliment that you gave someone?

I passed a mail carrier as she crossed the street and she gave me the nicest smile, so I backed up and told her how nice her smile was.

A couple of days before that when I was in the emergency room, the cardiologist was just gorgeous.  So I told her so.

What is the last random compliment that you received?

I was at Jiffy Lube and the guy there asked me how I did it.  When I indicated confusion, he told me I always seemed so happy.

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 let's talk about Chess.

How well do you know the rules of chess?
Do you enjoy this game? If yes/no, please explain why.
How can chess be applied to life?
How do you improve your chess skills?

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I have a killer tension headache right now. I've been getting them a lot lately. Do you know anyway to relieve them or prevent them?

What physical ailments are you experiencing right now?

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do you think, in a large group of friends, 'inviting yourself' to things is okay?

i think it's pretty annoying, but i feel like most people do it without even thinking about it. 
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I bought an electric blanket from target that stopped heating up within the first month of buying it. I want to return/exchange it but don't have the manual. Do you think Target will take it back anyway?

I tried calling but was given this menu of options that didn't include what I'm looking for and would rather not spend the day on the phone with them. I'm just going to go in there since I need to buy a few things anyway, but it's good to have an idea of what to expect.

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I am leaving soon for the military and need to make a final hair decision. My hair is just above my shoulders, so I am probably going to get it cut short. Since it isn't long enough to put in the proper bun for basic training.

I posted this on face book and a girl said "I'd keep it long unless you want it to stay short. Long hair is easier to manage here."

How is having long hair easier to manage?
It takes longer to wash, dry and brush. Especially with my hair. I just want something I can wash real quick, comb and then leave it.

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TQC I think I might be getting proposed to (relatively) soon.

For those of you that have been proposed to before were there any signs that it was going to happen before it happened?

For the record, him proposing means nothing to me (I love him enough that if he never proposed I'd still stay) but I like to over analyze and play with the real-life Game of Life.


What cell phone provider do you have and do you love/hate it?

I have AT&T and I effing hate it and wish I still had Sprint.
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So awhile ago I posted about needing to get a root canal and a crown b/c one of my back molars was in serious pain. Well, this morning I woke up and no more pain, the inflammation on my gum was gone, and I could talk w/o slurring my words from the pain. Woot!

Dear dentist TQC, what caused this miraculous healing of my mouth? Should I still get the root canal? Or should I just let it be and forget about it?
(When I went to the dentist he was confused b/c there wasn't any sign of bacteria in my tooth attacking the nerve or anything, therefore requiring a root canal.)

DK;DC: What site do use to listen to music on?
I listen to the SixtyOne.
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I'm really craving pizza right now, but I can't eat normal pizza crusts or other bread products like bagels, English muffins, etc...because they have yeast in them and it makes my digestive system go crazy.  My stomach starts hurting really bad and I either get the runs or I throw up.

What can I do? Any good pizza crust recipes I could try?

Do you like pizza?  What toppings do you like on it?  I like extra cheese with pepperoni, meatballs, ground beef, or chicken.

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Who do you think of when thinking about someone who has had their "15 minutes of fame"?

Who are people who are now remembered by doing something stupid?
Was there a consequence for doing it, other than just being remembered as an idiot?

Who are people who are now remembered by doing something great?
Even more specifically, doing something great for others?

The people can be ordinary or famous, doesn't matter.

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I want to make macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, but I only have chicken apple sausage (which is delicious on its own). Do you think mac and cheese and chicken apple sausage would taste weird together?

dk/dc: What was your favorite meal as a child?
PD -- Chuck
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Dear TQC,

I somehow got roped into being a community volunteer person in my neighborhood, where we are trying to establish a new dog park. My first task was to design a basic flyer to help raise awareness, and I finished it last night, but I'm using PhotoFiltre and it doesn't seem to understand that its idea of 8.5x11 inches/21.5x28 cm does not match reality. Or so I'm being told.

Would one of you be so kind as to figure out how to fit this stupid thing to a standard sheet of paper so we can print it? I know we have some graphic designers (and people in general who do this way more often that this one time I have) around here. The file is hizzere: via mediafire and you can use my LJ e-mail to send it back. Please oh please?

In return, I offer you a video of a klepto kitty:
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I've googled and can't find a real answer anywhere :\ maybe I'm being dumb, but:

Anyone know how long I need to thaw frozen catfish for? They're labeled "nuggets", but they look more like small fillets. There aren't any directions on the package.
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There's this cute waiter guy who works at a bar near my house. We went on a date Thursday and it went really well. It's unfortunate, though, because I'm moving in a couple days to Alabama for four months. :(

He wants to hang out with me after he gets off work tonight, but that probably won't be until 11 or midnight. I am fine with this. I live with my parents. They probably won't be.

What kind of bold-faced lies can I tell my parents about who I'll be with and where I'm going tonight?

(non-srs answers, plz. In actuality, he'll probably be too tired to hang out after work which bums me out so I need a laugh)

Help me be cheesy

I have to host our own version of "The Newlywed Game" at a couples' event we are having at RBCC tonight.  Can you suggest some questions I can ask the couples?

I am assuming you know how this game works.

I love you

Kind of a serious question

How do you know if you're having a normal reaction to something, or if maybe you need to see someone? I know that no one can gauge that for me, I just mean in general. I feel like a lack the capability to tell.

I have been diagnosed with severe depression and bipolar (mixed). About 6 months ago, my doctors weaned me off all my medicines and I've been doing really well. But I live in fear that one day I won't be...and so I watch myself constantly. Today was a sucky day. A really, really bad day. And I cried a little. That scared me, and I started thinking 'what if this is the start of your downward spiral'? I tell myself that everyone has bad days, and everyone is allowed to cry and that it's okay. It doesn't mean anything. I had a bad day, I cried, it's over.

So when will I stop being so scared? When will I relax? It's been 6 months and I've been fine.

A not-so-serious, less depressing question:
Have you ever been to the Tilted Kilt? It's like an Irish pub/Hooters. We went last night because my friend Jay came home from Afghanistan. It was not a good experience. I wanted to leave a comment card, but they didn't have any. I did talk to a manager, though. Yes, I was THAT person. But it was really terrible service.
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I had a first interview for this job last week. I have an observation/second interview in front of a panel on monday. It's for a teaching position in a (public charter) preschool. Do I need to wear a suit? I know that the dress code there is business casual. Would black dress pants, a gray sweater (doesn't have buttons like a cardigan, but opens in the front with frills), a black tank top underneath the sweater, and some jewelry be a good outfit?

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You women are always managing to blow my mind. Just this week I've learned that you have kitchens on your heads and kittens on your heels. What else have you been holding out on?

dragon lady

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Do you like to mix different kinds of soda together? What kinds? Is there a special name for your mix?

I just mixed Mountain Dew and ginger ale together on a whim. It tastes fantastic.

DK/DC/Soda is gross: what other drinks do you like mixing?

Apple juice and sparkling water taste fantastic together.

Edit: You guys drink some pretty weird shit.

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Fellow lesbians/female-lady-lovers of TQC, how do you find out if a girl you like is into girls?

I have been horrible about sticking to my supposedly-strict "no-crushing-on-straight-girls" policy lately, but at least I'm not 100% sure my current girlcrush is 100% straight, soo...

Would it be weird if I like... anonymously asked her on tumblr or somesuch?

DK/DC if you speak a language other than english, are you ever tempted to use a word/phrase from another language while speaking english?

ETA: I'm asking her on Tumblr, because I'm a wuss. How the hell do I word this?
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Video Games!

So, this is inspired by the fact that during my childhood instead of TV and video-games I read books and played outside with my army of imaginary friends (and the fact that my friend just invited me over to play CoD sometime), but what video games do you play?

I've played Mario kart on the Wii and thought it was boooring. I have played one of the Halos once, but I sucked b/c I didn't know what I was doing and no-one in the room would help me. :(

Any particular genre? (Shoot 'em ups, racing, side scrolling, storyline, &c.)

DK;DC: What say you about this song? It's called "The Mariner's Revenge" by the Decemberists.

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cartilage piercing

So, last November, I had a quarter-life crisis and got my ear cartilage pierced in an attempt to be more badass/cool/whatever. Well, I am lazy and forgetful, and did not do a good job of cleaning it. I was trying to let it naturally heal by just leaving it alone, and I would, whenever I bothered to, sanitize it with sea salt as the piercing place recommended: get a Dixie cup, add water and a pinch of sea salt, mix and warm it up, dunk the piercing in there until the water cooled. I would do this every day for a week then not clean it for weeks...Well, I guess I don't do that enough because my ear is infected. There are little white bumps and it hurts sometimes. It doesn't look gross or anything...I will post a picture under a

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Well, my questions are:
a. Should I just take out the piercing? (I paid $50 for this, but it was a while ago now.)
b. Or should I REDOUBLE my cleaning efforts because it still can heal?
c. What cleaning methods have worked for you with this kind of piercing?
d. Is sleeping on that side a big no-no? I always end up sleeping on that side! :(


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My TV keeps turning off for no apparent reason. The remote will be no where near anyone, so we aren't accidentally pressing the button.  Why is it doing this? Is my TV haunted?

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I have leftover hushpuppies from dinner. I'm trying to eat healthier (lol that didn't happen today) but there is no one here to judge me but myself. Should I eat them?

Are you bad about snacking when bored? What do you like to snack on?
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TQC, when was the last time you felt guilty?

My dad made me chicken soup because I've been sick, but I've been too sick to eat and now it's gone bad. :( I didn't even get to try any.
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I got my ears repierced (well, tapered back open) a month ago. I have these dangly chandelier earrings my grandmother gave me that I want to wear, but they're pretty heavy. How much longer should I wait to wear them? I don't want the piercings to stretch, but I don't know what the protocol is since my ears were pierced for several years before they closed up and were tapered open again.

dk - If you woke up tomorrow morning able to speak any language you want fluently, which one would it be? Other than your native language(s), obvs

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What is a good memory you have from a past relationship?

What is a bad memory you have from a past relationship?

When was your last breakup? How long did it take you to pick yourself up from it?
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Let's pretend I'm giving away money to anyone willing to do a few minor tasks.  How much would it cost me to get you to:

1.)  Walk into the bathroom of the nearest McDonalds and lick a toilet seat?

2.)  Sing your national anthem while naked at the Super Bowl?  It will be televised.

3.)  Cut off your own pinky finger?  You can choose the method and I'll cover the medical bills.

4.)  Kill a person?  You get to choose the target and are exempt from prosecution.
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Will you decide my life for me and pick what I should read next?

Poll #1681005 What book should I read?


Salem's Lot by Stephen King
Pet Sematary by Stephen King
World War Z by Max Brooks
Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis
Wow, these all suck. Be ashamed.

dk/dc/fuck you, pick yourself: what are you looking forward to?
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Say you have a cough that won't go away. Your options are to:

A. Go to a clinic tomorrow (Sunday) and pretty much pay out-of-pocket for the visit, plus the cost of a prescription antibiotic that will probably knock the cough out in a couple of days.


B. Take an antibiotic you were prescribed for something else (that's since resolved itself).
ETA They aren't leftover. It's a whole new round that I never ended up taking. I mean, that you never ended up taking.

Which option would you choose?

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Can you think of an activity (in a classroom) to practice each of these intelligences?

1. Linguistic (Word Smart)
2. Logical (Number Smart)
3. Interpersonal (People Smart)
4. Intrapersonal (Myself Smart)
5. Musical (Music Smart)
6. Visual/Spatial (Picture Smart)
7. Naturalistic (Nature Smart)
8. Kinaesthetic (Body Smart)

Which of these do you think suits you most?