February 11th, 2011

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I took a nap and had a really nice dream. In that dream, I was at the grocery store with a guy I used to spend a lot of time with. We were walking down an aisle and he kissed me on the temple.

What simple things make you really happy?

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Can you recommend a good support program for families of alcoholics - that isn't al-anon? How about online information about the same? I tried google and am finding nothing of particular use.

Here is the tldr
My little brother is in essence driving my mother to the brink of crazy with his being drunk all the time. The latest incident involved his trying to take my 18mo for a drive while hammered. And then when we tricked him out of the keys and driver's seat, he got his revenge by texting her when we were half way to his house that the car had wrecked and that I was bleeding and the baby wasn't moving. I want to get her into a support situation so that she can maybe feel less like an utter failure and also stop helping the problems get worse.

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I've noticed that those off-the-shoulder kind of 80's-style t-shirts seem to be back (sort of like this), and I have a couple hanging around.  However, I'm a chunky girl and I can't wear shirts without a bra.  Do you wear this kind of shirt with a strapless bra, or are you just supposed to go braless?

I had surgery almost two weeks ago and I've lost about 10 pounds, but I didn't lose any of it from my stomach, boobs, hips, thighs, or butt, and idk where else I could have lost it from.  Where on earth did this weight come from?  The only things they took out in my surgery were my tonsils, and I don't think they weighed 10lbs.

If you could eat anything in the world right now, what would it be?
I'd have a Beach Club from Jimmy John's, and maybe a veggie burrito from Chipotle on the side.  And a Dr Pepper.  Clearly, I haven't had solid food in two weeks, lol.
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Don't you hate it when a sudden noise will wake you from a peaceful sleep waaaaaay too early and then you can't get back to sleep?

Brought to you by my fire alarm at 5 o'clock this morning.

What are some movies you liked as a kid, but now that you've grown, you realize they suck?

-The Pagemaster
-All the Land Before Time movies except the original
-All the movies Nickelodeon put out
-All Disney sequels (The Lion King II was okay)
-The Power Rangers
-We're Back! A Dinosaur Story
-Goosebumps movies
I haven't watched these yet as an adult, but I liked them as a kid. And I'm pretty sure they'll suck:
-Little Nemo
-The Troll in Central Park

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When you eat cereal...

Do you use a spoon?

Use your fingers?

Up end the bowl towards your mouth?

Or it right out of the bag?

Also, when you overdraft your bank account, do you believe it's your fault or the bank's fault?
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If you were to treat yourself to something with your next paycheck what would it be?
How badly do you need "essentials" - clothes, shoes, shampoo, ass wipe?

Will you tell me about the last exciting thing you did?
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dear tqc,

what is the last dangerous thing you did? please list the MOST dangerous, but feel free to include multiple dangerous things of lesser or equal severity. consequences are also welcome.

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This might just be a thing when it comes to my boss, but why is it that even though my co-worker messed up, I am made to feel like it was really my fault?  
I e-mailed him two request for the information this week an a reminder yesterday, with a clearly stated deadline and when he failed to give it to me on time,  I get lectured for not nagging him more.   What, three e-mails wasn't adequate? 

Give me a break!

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How long do your mosquito bites itch?
I remember them itching for days as a child, but the ones I get now only itch for a few hours at worst. Why would this be?

Will you share some nice skirts or vests with me?
Peggy Blink


I have an interview thing on camera with Reuters in a few hours. You guys helped me pick out what I was going to wear last week, but I have no idea what to do with my hair!
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Will you post a picture of your hair in its natural state?

The fact that my room mate is packing all his shit in our apartment last minute, so all the work I did to clean the house before the film crew got here was basically pointless. ANYTHING TO ANNOY ME FURTHER FOR THE LAST 24 HOURS HE LIVES HERE, RIGHT?

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Anyone know who this Disney character is?

My region of Disney Campus Reps does a contest and last semester it was trivia, this semester is "name that character" and I'm already stuck. He said we can use google or any other means to get the answer and I already tried Tineye, so this isn't cheating. Help me win a Haunted Mansion print

Edit! Thank you guys already, I'm sure I will be back next week with the next character. Apparently it's Shan Yu from Mulan (one of the many Disney cartoons I either haven't seen or slept through)

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What's the last nice thing somebody did for you without being asked?

(One of my best friends was on FB chat last night, and upon hearing I was grumpy from PMS and being snowed in, he linked me to a bunch of funny videos. It helped.)
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I stupidly left a six-pack of bottled soda in my car overnight and it got down to 16F.

One of the bottles of soda is frozen solid. The other five aren't frozen at all. They're not even slushy.

TQC, what why is only one of my soda bottles frozen?

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Is there something you do every morning that kind of jump-starts your day? Something that makes you happier/in a bit better of a mood for the rest of the day?

I usually find that I wake up in a pretty decent mood, but by a few hours later, I'm miserable and angry about something and just want to go back to bed. What can I do when I wake up? Yoga? Or is there something I can eat?
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Are there any apps for tablets (doesn't matter which one) that will let you take a pdf and use a stylus to highlight things, write notes on it, etc. and then save those notes as part of the file? I'm wasting so much paper right now printing them all these journal articles out, but I just can't do what I want on a traditional laptop.

dk/dc: Do yo say Lab-ratory or La-BO-ratory?
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When I see photos of girls who have lost a ton of weight (like, not 10 pounds or something, like 40 or 50 or 100 pounds), their hair always looks so much healthier, and their skin seems healthier too. Are they primping for the photo or is it that once they get healthy and in shape, their hair and skin gets healthier too? When I lost 60 pounds, my hair and skin looked pretty bad (even though I was still considered obese) so I was just curious.

Yes, this is a stupid question. To offset that -

If you were the first person and only person to speak to a sentient alien creature, what is the most important thing or what would be the one thing you would talk about?

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If somewhere is hiring for a part-time afternoon position and they close at 6 pm, what time do you think they're looking for someone to start work?

Has anyone been a counter attendant a dry cleaning place before? :o

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My boss started a new holiday today.   It's called "criticize ME day"!   Yup, I can't do anything right today, even when I do what she asks, she always wants more than what I provided.   She's nit picking over little details now, it's that bad. 

What can I do to make up for my "stupidity" today?  

Ever have a day like that at work too?     Sucks, don't it?

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I've asked this before, but I'm not sure if I asked it here. I'm interested in peoples' reasoning behind their answer.

Would you rather...

Pee your pants in public. People may or may not notice but you have to get home to change your clothes and you're obviously wet and smell like pee.

Crap your pants at home. You can change your pants quickly and quietly, but you're not home alone and you have to deal with cleaning up shitty pants and underwear and maybe even the floor/furniture depending on if you dropped a log or had a total explosion.

dk/dc: Why is my cat acting like such a brat? She's an angel when it's just me and her alone all day but as soon as my husband gets home, she's a maniac. We're having a big issue with her jumping on shit. We just got a brand new flat screen tv for Christmas and she's obsessed with it and jumps up on the stand or jumps OVER THE FUCKING TELEVISION from the floor and fucks with the cords behind the tv. Or she'll jump on the kitchen table and counters but she's getting better about that. Last night she tried to climb the book case and at night she's been either climbing on my desk trying to swat the clock off of the wall or jumping on the dresser and trying to climb the mirror. She never actually gets up there but she hangs from it for a few seconds before knocking every goddamn thing off the dresser and waking us up. She's a Himalayan and I had Persians before and they hate to jump and climb (according to most books and my experience) but I did some deeper reading about himmies and found out that the Siamese in them is what makes them so crazy.

She doesn't do any of this when it's just me but as soon as he gets home, she's insane.

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Do you hate it when someone you are having a convo with (Either on something like a MSN based client or like facebook) Just stops sending messages?

I was talking to someone on a site and they just dissapeared without finishing what we were discussing. We were planning on meeting up somewhere and I don't have conformation.

EDIT: Its been three hours and Now I am all nervous.
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How do you define cultural appropriation?

Is it always demeaning, no matter the context?

What are some things you consider to be cultural appropriation?

What do you not consider to be cultural appropriation?

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When you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, etc., how important is it to you that the celebration occur on THE day?


It's not very important to us. We rarely celebrate Valentine's Day on the day because restaurants, etc. are packed on the 14th. This year we have a play to see on Sunday, so we'll celebrate Valentine's a day early. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary something like three months late because my wife was busy with school at the time.

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(( my friend just chucked THE BIGGEST spack because I said i dont really bother remembering peoples names (i really suck at names) and didnt really care/mind about his new friends plus/friends with benefits...
i saidd. is your lady friend coming tonight?
him.. her namee is ** name **
me: lol i dont doo names
him: yes you do with other people
me: yep but not for people i dotn mind/care about
ive only met his new friends plus for less than 2 mins....
why is he being so dramatic???  he is full on rantting at me now about how im disrespectful etc because i dont mind her or remember her name  :S
maybe i was a bit rude, but do i have to 'mind' about my friends plusses that ive only met once.. ? :S i really do suck at names and i dono what the big deal is :S
('mind' : - and i told this to my friend - its not like i actively DO NOT CARE about her, its just a very 'meh' attitude about her cos i dont know her :S i dont think about her..)
(he is now furious that i suggested maybe this convo is getting out of hand - he is really super offended :S )

> are you good at remembering names? 
> do you mind/care about your friends friends that you suspect you wont see again..  ?

edit 2: (font size change) never mind lol apparently i'm just bitchy.

random fb question: all the writing on my fb page/homepage etc just went super tiny (the whole window) .. i didnt change any settings.  how do i fix it..? my lj window is still normal.. edit: fixed. thanks =>
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Today two of my coworkers were talking about non-permed black hair being called a "kitchen". I asked about it and they told me to look it up. Urbandictionary didn't have very much. Can somebody please explain this term to me? Where did it come from? What does it refer to exactly?
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AT&T just offered me 1000 Rollover minutes for being a "valued" customer. My 2 year contract ended on the date the Verizon iPhone 4 launched.

How should I respond?
I <3 TLV

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I'm baking tonight! I'm definitely making sugar plum cookies, but I want to make something else as well. I'm thinking brownies, but not plain boring chocolate fudge brownies. What can I add to brownies that will make them fun and exciting? (and delicious)

Have you started shopping for spring clothes yet? Are there any upcoming spring trends you think are "must haves"?
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1. I often thing Javier Bardem is hot. but then I think about it too much and then I'm unsure. Is he hot or not?

2. I forgot a question I was going to ask. what did I want to know? (unlike my first question, it was something silly)

3. Do you like your ideal man and/or woman physically A) perfect, B) almost perfect with one or two imperfections or C) with a lot of imperfections?
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Besides ontdcreepy, what are some good creepy communities?

I'm alone, at night, in the middle of nowhere again and I'm going to watch something scary. 

What scary movie should I watch?

Paranormal Activity 2
The Orphan
Other (Please post in comments)

What's your favourite type of potato chips/crisps? I'm pretty hooked on Salt and Vinegar fried chips, but baked chips I prefer BBQ.

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When is the last time you ate too much? Why?

(My Answer: Today! Its that time of the month and I also recently stopped drinking ANY alcohol which for some reason made me so snacky :P )

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I posted earlier about my cat being a maniac.

I got annoyed and cleaned everything off of the dresser that she kept jumping on just to knock stuff off and climb to the mirror. She's not jumping up there anymore and my dresser looks nice. Great, huh?

Now she's mad that I took away her fun so she went in the bathroom, dug through the trash and dug out a tampon. Now she's playing with that. Not the cotton part, the plastic applicator part but still. Do cats go through a terrible twos phase like toddlers? Her first birthday is coming up and omg she's reverted back to kitten or something. I love her to death but she's just being ridiculous. I do feel like I'm dealing with a toddler. I've tried bribing her with treats, tapping her on the nose and saying NO as soon as I move her, redirecting her with toys... I'm buying a squirt bottle tonight. WHO GOT MY CAT DRUNK?

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Do any of you take Zumba classes?
Does it kick your ass?

What type of clothing should I wear? I have full length-yoga pants, 3/4th length yoga leggings, and probably some shorts somewhere.
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Friday night

So what are you doing this fine Friday evening?  Any big plans for the weekend? 

I am transferring my music to a flash drive in preparation for a new computer sometime this weekend.  I'm also headed out to price new mattresses.  Big fun, right? 
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How can I convince our landlords (via our property manager/real estate agency) to pay to fix our TV aerial?

It's currently really bad, bad enough that it's unwatchable without the "rabbit ear" internal aerial we supplied, and bad enough that I don't think we'd be able to use the digital television my new housemate owns (because the picture would just flicker in and out). Also, in a few years analogue TV will be phased out completely here in Australia, so they'd probably have to fix the aerial eventually anyway.

It's just a bit hard because decent TV reception isn't exactly an essential service.

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TQC, what's the creepiest thing that's ever happened to you?

I was on my first hike-in trip, and we got totally fucking lost because, unknown to us, they had been logging in the middle of what was once a well-marked but privately-owned trail. So we came around one turn and it was just bare hillside for a mile or two, covered in mud due to root loss and recent heavy rain. Anyway, we got totally lost. Our scout troop leader, who was an Army Ranger and tracker, found us a decent spot for the night, but we were all sort of on edge. We were perched on this deforested edge so steep that my brother's tent actually slid a good 10 feet overnight, and we had to set up in the dark, and it was cold and raining. Overall pretty terrible.

At about 2AM, the entire camp of about 15 boys and 4 adults got woken up by the sound of this long, drawn-out horrible screaming from the other side of the valley. We had no fucking idea what it was, but EVERYONE heard it. The guide (Navajo-trained tracker and former Army ranger) had no idea what it was. He said it was probably a bird, but years later my dad said that the guide had reported it as a woman screaming when we got back home.
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In your opinion, is it unethical that none of The Huffington Post's contributors get paid*?

*despite the fact that Arianna Huffington has a net worth of ~$115 million, the huff post is valued at $90 million, and Ms. Huffington recently wrote a book about the shrinking middle class

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There was a picture of me taken at a sports event and the picture is available online for purchase. Once you purchase it, the copyright label/stamp thing on it goes away and it is free for your use.
Can I use it if I keep the copyright watermark on it and, uh, not pay for it?
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Menstruating women of TQC: how do the men in your life handle you having/talking about your periods?

Men of TQC: how do you handle the women in your life having/talking about their periods?

Everybody: what's your favorite euphemism for "that time of the month"?
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Do you have any friends that you normally wouldn't picture yourself being friends with?

For example, I have a friend that is kind of stupid, perpetually collecting unemployment without making an effort to find a job, doesn't speak proper english (saying 'she don't know', as opposed to 'she doesn't know', etc.) but she's one of my best friends and I love her to death.
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customer service reps: on a scale of 1 through 10, how much do you hate your job?

1 = it's always been my dream to be a csr! i love it!
10 = this job makes me hate my life.

right now i'm at like a 20. one customer in particular really struck a nerve with me by saying that i should be more "professional". i'm the nicest bitch you will ever speak to on the phone, i don't understand why she would call me unprofessional. usually when i get a bad call idgaf, i get to the next customer. but this woman pissed. me. off.

idk/idc - what toppings do you put on your froyo or ice cream?

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 So I moved into my new dorm only to discover a mysterious splatter on one of my windows. Ever since, we've been contemplating what it is. It's kinda gross, and I do not want to touch it.

So guys, what do you think it is? Serious and non-serious answers welcome (:

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What do you do about INTENSE ITCHING? What if you can't scratch it or even touch the area?

What was the last great movie you watched?
How was your week?
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The last time you called off from work/school/your busy and fabulous social life, why did you do so?

I called off today basically just because I hate my life, idk

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You guys, I am 22, British & I have never had a cup of tea. I assume I tried a mouthful as a kid & disliked it so haven't since. Plus, like coffee, tea smells ~nasty~ to me. However, I am aiming to rectify this by trying tea tomorrow! In a cafe, in town. We have a Costa, a Starbucks & various other places.. So, my question is:

What type of tea should I try?
With milk? (I don't like the taste of milk fyi)

I'm clueless, but life is for trying everything!


Has anyone here had experiences with passing out/having a seizure or know anyone with a similar situation? If so, did it happen in public? and what happened after the fact?

I was at the grocery store last night around 9 and about a minute inside I was having a tough time getting my eyes to focus on anything and i couldnt process or understand anything i was looking at. I let my brother-in-law know that I couldnt tell what was happening and about 30 seconds late I passed out and began convulsing. What i told is that I hit the floor so hard than a man outside pushing carts heard it and rushed in. I didnt come to until inside the ambulance about an hour later riding to the hospital :/ Needless to say Im mortified and embarrassed about the entire situation. I don't have a history of seizures or fainting so it was all new to me.
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Can you recommend a good book about the monarchy? Preferably fiction.

DK/DC: What was the last movie you watched?

And I wanted to add a big thank you! to everyone who helped me out during my irrational moment earlier. You're all wonderful! :)
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Did you ever see the Disney Movie "Wish Upon A Star"? Did you know it stars Katherine Heigl? I am dying - I love that movie but I haven't seen it since I was like 15.

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I have

-swollen glands under my jaw
-sore throat
-deep ear pain (moreso in the left ear, but some in the right)

What's wrong with me?

When was the last time you were sick?

I just had the goddamn flu two weeks ago, so I'm kinda pissed.

EDIT: I have no tonsils anymore!
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 My brother just bought a mattress and box springs off of craigslist. How best to kill him when the house gets infested with bedbugs?

He's spraying it with Lysol and it's giving me a headache. Lysol won't even kill the eggs.

What did you have for supper? I finally got to Sonic and the chili cheese fries were disappointing.

If anyone here has a Samsung Captivate, can you tell me the pros and cons?
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So, TQC, I love cheese. Problem is, I haven't tried that many kinds; I haaaaaaaate blue cheese, and goat's cheese, but what other kinds should I try?! My faves are romano, and extra old cheddar. Nom. :3

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Is anyone else in a relationship and not into valentine's day?

It's just another day for me and my bf but I figured this year I'll celebrate it in "our" kind of way, so I'm making black heart shaped cookies and renting a bunch of horror films to watch after a monster truck show.
What should I make for dinner?

DK/DC: What are you doing to celebrate Valentine's day?