February 10th, 2011

macaroni murder lady

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1. I need two side dishes for fried pork chops! What are some? Go!

2. I live in an upstairs apartment; no one is above me and I only share one wall with a neighbor. There's someone below me and someone across from me. Now I know there's been some discussion here of after-hours vacuuming, but in a month and a half I've never heard anyone vacuuming. What does this mean? Do none of my neighbors ever vacuum, or is the insulation good? Would it only bother the people below me?
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How can you exfoliate pores when exfoliaters all feel like sandpaper and razor blades? I usually use a very gentle scrub on my face, but I get blackheads sometimes and I need something better for that. What can I do about it that wont make my skin feel like it's peeling off???
Sue Dummy
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I got an audition I really wanted! I don't even care if I get the actual part. I'm just excited to audition :P

When was the last time you were nervous, but in a good, excited way?

dk/dc: Say you become famous for whatever reason. Reporters, journalist, talk show host are all trying to get an interview. Who do you let have the first interview?

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I am having a little bit of a freak out right now. I have a big party on Monday night and of course right now, my skin decides to fucking break out. I'm not talking a few blackheads, I have five cystic acne bumps on my lower cheek and my forehead looks like I have smallpox. It is noooot good.

1. Have you ever used an AHA/glycolic peel before? Did it work? Did it peel your skin off within a couple of days or have I left it too late for my skin to look good by monday?

2. I have been using Neutrogena's Rapid Clear range because in the past that has worked. Any other suggestions? At this point, I don't care how much it costs.

3. What multivitamins are best to maintain skin? My current skin problem is a hormonal one, but I think if I get a regular multivitamin then it might help maintain it looking alright.

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What's the last dream you had that you can remember?

I can't remember the entirety of my dreams last night, but I do remember there were several of them but this one character kept following me through all of them. She was wearing a hockey mask and gypsy clothes and would only find me when I was outside. She kept coming up to me and asking me to let her help me rid the devil from my life. At one point I threw a handful of pennies at her to get her to go away.

I am actually a little freaked out about it.

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If you press the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth and sorta flatten it against the roof, can you squirt spit from underneath your tongue, too? Or is this a totally unique 'ability' that only I have?

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What would you call the communal jar of money that a sharehouse uses to buy toilet paper, cleaning products etc?

If you had a receptacle that you put money into regularly to try to save it, what would you call it? Would it depend what it looked like (eg. if it looked like a pig?) ?

In relation to your responses to these questions: where do you live? or where did you grow up? (whichever you feel influences your choice of word more)

How long do you think it will take me to write eight more pages of a ten page paper? Important detail: I am writing it in German.
macaroni murder lady

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It's anniversary time, and I'm feeling a little lazy!

Go out for Mexican for lunch, cook pork chops for dinner
Pizza for lunch, go out for Mexican for dinner
Don't eat, just booze all day long
Don't eat, we're both too fat already
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The sole of one of my brand new loafers came completely out. Should I super glue it back in there or just return the shoes (I haven't worn them outside of the house yet)?

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Today, my fitness class was canceled, but I'm stuck at the college because my boyfriend still has his class. I brought my ds and planned on playing pokemon to pass the hour and twenty minutes, but as soon as I turned on my ds, it died. I still have 45 minutes!

When was the last time you were angry or upset with yourself? What about?
Tara Gregson

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 When you were younger, if you couldn't reach something on a shelf, were you more likely to get a chair or stool, or scale the counter? 

Do you still get a chair/scale the counter if you can't reach now?
legs motherfucker
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in 5th grade we were learning about irony. my teacher used the alanis morissette song to show us what irony is. she played it to the class.

what things that you were taught in grade school make you facepalm?

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The label on my new cardigan says 'hand wash cold, do not soak', what does this mean? Isn't soaking it necessary for washing it?

Do you always follow up washing instructions?

Have you ever ruined an item of clothing by washing/drying it wrong?

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Can we talk about wonky periods? >:|

I just started Loestrin 24 Fe on January 2nd. About two weeks into it, I had some breakthrough bleeding, then two weeks after that when I was taking the placebos, I had my actual withdraw bleed. Now this month, two weeks into the pack, I'm having difficulty again. I've been having some cramps for the past hour or so and just got home to see a bit of brown-ish blood (not discharge, it was liquid) on my underwear. WHY? And of course more importantly, is that normal? I thought my body had all this figured out.
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How tidy is your handwriting?

Will you post a picture of your handwriting?

In this day and age, is it still relevant for schools to greatly emphasize penmanship?
Sue Dummy
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So earlier I said I had gotten an audition which I'm super excited about. Anyways I'm supposed to have 2 monologues. They said "monologues not to exceed two minutes inclusive for both".  What does that mean?  Does it mean EACH monologue should be 2 minutes or under (So I have a potential total of 4 minutes), or BOTH should be under 2 minutes combined?

Problem solved! Thanks!

Since that was solved quickly I'll just leave you with another question.  What's your fav  television channel? Food network. :)

carter arrested

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have you ever had a stress/hairline fracture? what did it feel like/what did you do/how long did it take to heal?

how about just any fracture? what did you break, what happened?
i say, old bean

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to the folks who haven't broken or fractured a bone, what is the worst injury you have endured?

will you post a picture of where you spend the most time?
if you don't have one of those, will you just post a picture of something you currently crave?

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Do you have big issues with your SO's family? How do you deal with them butting into everything? Controlling issues?

My fiance's sister is pretty much telling me I have to have some sort of ceremony for our wedding. We want to just do it at the courthouse. We don't care about it, we want just a party but she's so uppity about I just want to say, Back the fuck off, it's not your wedding!" His family is known for being insanely controlling. Is there any way nice way to tell her to mind her own business?

Don't know/care/Doesn't apply: Where do you wish you were right now?

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Dilemma. You want ice-cream but the stuff in the carton is too frozen/hard to get a spoon into.

Do you?

Leave it out and wait.
Zap it.
Use a really hot/wet spoon/scoop and manhandle it out.
I don't eat ice-cream/other.

If you zap it, for how long? What's yo flava, tell me what's yo flava? HUUUU

Aww sheet, I wanted to include a poll about whether you prefer it in the carton or in a bowl or a cup or cone?? How do you eat yo cream, tqc?
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I've wanted to be a funeral home director for some time. I just don't know how to go about doing that. I'm graduating this summer with a degree in Sociology and History. Where do I get started?

Every time I search for mortuary science degrees or funeral director programs, I don't really get very far. I found a program that is pretty much what I want to do but it's in another state. I can't decide! My husband thinks I should just go the safe route and do my post-grad degree in special education like I was planning but I just don't know. I want to be a teacher... but I also am really interested in owning and operating a funeral home. What should I do TQC?

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I'm cooking this tonight.

I came up with the idea (well, my grandma used to always make it and I wanted to) but am trying to go by a recipe so I don't completely screw it up, so I chose that one.

I think I'm serving cornbread with it, but should I cook anything else with it? I was worried about a meat but since there is bacon in the beans, maybe not. I just don't want to be hungry like an hour later. What do you think, TQC?

What are some of your favorite things to cook?
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I'm really confused about SSDI. It looks like anyone who is disabled from birth, or became disabled young enough that they have never worked, is ineligible (with the exception of blind people). Is that correct? Are there additional assistance programs for those people, or are they just out of luck? Or is that what SSI is for?

What is annoying you lately?
*Twice* since yesterday people have asked me if I was 18. I'm 25. Yes I knoooooow "it's a compliment and I'll love it when I'm older" but it's still annoying.

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Do you feel comfortable wearing uncommonly colored clothes?

Do you own any uncommonly colored clothes?

Like, red pants, or purple boots.

What do you consider uncommon colors for certain clothing items?

What's one of your faults?

Me: I have no self control. I have a difficult time making myself do things I don't want to do. That's why my grades were so bad in high school. So many times teachers told me I could be a A-B student if I tried, but I just couldn't get myself to do anything beyond the absolute minimum that I could do and still pass.

It also goes the other way. If I want to do something, I have a difficult time stopping myself. That's why I'm always broke. I can't pass a fast food place. Strangely though, I'm very skinny.

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Ladies: Do you get strange hairs that appear out of nowhere on your face? Chin?

I have these dark curly ones on my chin. What the hell?!

Do you think you're hairy? Where is somewhere you wish you didn't get hair?
  • akktri

"Tom Cruise Eats A Moldy Sandwich"

Many movies are remembered for just one thing. A quote. A specific scene. Like a blind Tom Cruise stumbling around and eating a mold sandwich and drinking curdled milk (Minority Report). This got me thinking. What would the movie titles be on other films if they were renamed for the one specific thing they're famous for?
warhol zebra

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This guy and I are going to a Famous Couples themed party this Saturday. We don't have much time for costume construction so I'm looking for something easy... he doesn't want to do something as obvious as wearing black and white for "salt and pepper" but neither of us can think of anything. What should we be? Also for reference, he's about a foot taller than me, so anything playing off of height would be fun.

I just got in for the evening and made myself a single whiskey and coke... why am I feeling tipsy already?

What is your favorite poster or piece of art that you have on your walls?
Clem & Joely

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Have there been any particular movies you didn't expect to like that you ended up really liking?

I kept on getting recommendations to see The Last House on the Left, 1972 version, and I did not expect it to be good/better than the new one (which wasn't good at all), but am surprised that it totally is. I know the originals usually are, but I tend to be critical about older movies. =\
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Hey, TQC, make my supper decisions for me. Should I brave the snow to go into town (5 or 6 minute drive each way) to get a chicken strip dinner and some chili cheese fries from Sonic, or should I make a tortilla pizza and stay in? The roads aren't really all that bad, but the other drivers are morons.

Have you ever given/gotten roses (or other flowers) for Valentine's day? Do you prefer flowers or something like chocolate or a stuffed animal?

If you try to kill a spider or another bug and it gets away, do you ever feel like it's going to come back in a few minutes five times the size and with an army? I'm really paranoid when it comes to arachnids and bugs.

Do you ever get people mocking you for things out of your control? I tried telling my dad that him slamming stuff around in the kitchen makes me really anxious but he just laughed at me, called me a big baby, and told me to suck it up.
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Asians of TQC, how fast does your hair grow? I found a site claiming that Asian hair grows at a rate of 2" per month. I'm going to assume that is not correct.

Bang-wearers of TQC, how often do you get your bangs trimmed?
Got Rat

What film?

My mum asked me if I want to see a movie at the cinema Sunday night. She said it's about these kids that are raised with the knowledge that they've been bred as clones for their organs to be used by others. Then one of these kids questions this and tries to escape. Sounds very much like a film I can't remember the name of I've already seen with the same exact plot (except that in the film I'm thinking of, they didn't know they were clones).

What film is she talking about? Apparently it comes out tomorrow in UK cinemas but I can't find it.

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One of my very good friends has been in a relationship with a total asshole who treats her like crap for almost two years. She has tried and failed to break up with him several times. She also lives with him.

Today she said it was the last straw, she was done and was going to move out. Then her boyfriend told her his mom was just diagnosed with cancer. Now she says she can't possibly leave him.

What would you do if you were in my friend's position?
Muh Life.
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I take a shuttle from the parking lot to campus everyday. There are rarely enough seats on the shuttle and usually someone has to stand. There's one younger guy (20s) who never fails to get up to let a lady sit if she boards after him; it makes me smile every time.

Has anything renewed your faith in people today?

Job Stuff

I am going to be applying for a financial advisor position with a bank via the internet. I will obviously include my cover letter and resume.

Would you also include your references with this first resume?

Also, I will be including letters of recommendation from two of the references, when do I get those the employer - at the interview, with the resume, or another time?

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If just imagine you live in a town with only one same sex bar/club and its not worth going to(as in its a dive) how would you find people interested in a same sex relationship?
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I have a $70 gift certificate to Hammacher - which of these should I buy?

Something else all together

Or I guess the question is really what combination of these things should I get!

* I would need to buy a fish and ask my boyfriend to take care of it over the summer.
** Thinkgeek has a cheaper one, but I don't have a gift certificate there! Also, I like that it's water-powered, but I kind of like this IKEA one more.
I <3 TLV

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TQC my track pad stopped working!! It stopped a few minutes ago so I restarted and then it worked but now it stopped again! What's wrong with my laptop?? How do I fix it? Do I need to take it to Geek Squad? =(

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I've been invited to an 80s themed party tomorrow.
I missed out on that decade.

You guys wanna post pictures of how I should dress?

What kind of theme party would you throw if you were to throw one?

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I am eating at The Stinking Rose on Saturday and seriously I have been staring at the menu for a week trying to decide what I want because I always just blurt out whatever. I am determined to decide what I want ahead of time soooo help me pick something to eat???


I AM THINKIN'... Pork Chops, Silence of the Lamb Shank, Short Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, or Petrale Sole?!?!