February 9th, 2011

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Hello TQC!

A few days ago I was lying in bed and I got a terrible stabbing pain on my left side maybe 3/4 of the way down my ribcage. Just after that my left arm got really numb and tingly. Since then I've had stomach pains and all the troubles associated with stomach pains. What creature is trying to claw its way our of me? Any other ideas?
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old question, but eh, why not?

You discover that you're going to die in the next minute and a half (sorry). You have to write something original, witty, and imaginative before you finally pass, but you can only write ten words because that's all the ink you have left in your pen (plus the whole death thing).

What is your ten word legacy?
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I love Lamp, but not right now.

 I recently bought two of these "buffet lamps" to go on the end tables of my bed. They look awesome, but there seems to be a minor design flaw. The shade just sits on top of the light bulb. Any minor jostling of the table or lamp causes them to just...slide off. This sometimes happens randomly and scares the Hell out of me at night. My mom suggested gluing them to the bulb, which is dumb because that wouldn't be good when I have to do Lamp Things(tm) like change the bulb.

What do I do?! How do I jimmyrig the shades to stay on? Right now it's a delicate and annoying balancing act.

**EDIT**-Nope, you don't screw in the bulb after putting in the shade. The ring is at the top of the shade. O_o

Don't care about 'bout my lamp sadness-

What sound do you hate most?

Bare feet on linolium flooring. It just sounds gross.
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make it stop!
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My laptop keeps muting sound on its own. It used to be solved when I plugged in my headphones, but now even with my headphones in, it mutes sounds every five seconds or so.

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So I've got a headache, body chills, and body ache. What can I do to make this go away now so it does not transform in to a full on cold/flu?

Halp! :(

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Yesterday there was a strange smell coming from my garbage bin. When I went to empty it, there was a squeaking/squealing sound coming from the bag. The house isn't dirty, and there isn't any sign of infestation around the house, but there may have been old meat and other food in the bin. 

What was squeaking in my bin bag?

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If you have one fish...

Then two fish...

Does it automatically follow that you will have a red and a blue fish?

And if you have three fish, then four fish...

Will you have a green fish then more fish?

Do you like fish? To eat or to keep?

What is your favorite Seuss story?

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what department should i call to get my thyroid checked?

i was diagnosed with hypothyroid in high school and now that i'm on my dad's insurance he's on my ass to get it checked out again(i suppose i should, though i've had the sneaking suspicion for a long time i was misdiagnosed BUT better safe than sorry).

i know i can just ask but they're always so snooty when you get the wrong place.
Muh Life.
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And now I have makeup on.

I draggggggggggggggggged myself out of bed to get ready (it's a slow morning, apparently) to get to campus for 10am and had 15 minutes left before I need to brave traffic. Naturally I thought, "oh! I will check my email."

Only to find an email from my only professor who DOESN'T email, telling me we have no class today for whatever reason or other.

Now it's 8:20am and I don't have class until 11am. Go back to sleep? Or study for a Micro class/lab I have at 5pm?

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Does anybody know if I can buy a smart phone and not be forced to buy a data plan?   I know it seems silly, but someday, when I have more money I will probably want to add a data plan, just not right away.     If it helps, I use Verizon Wireless for my service. 

ETA:  You know....never mind, I'll stick with the crappy ass phone that I already have for a little while longer.

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My parents just sent me this gross e-mail. TQC, should I bother responding? It's kind of pissed me off. They've been sending me a lot of similar e-mails for "balance," because my dad told me that he feels I'm being "influenced by something other than my own intelligence" in regards to politics(I'm more liberal, while they watch Rush Limbaugh etc). I've mostly been ignoring them because it's not worth getting into with them, but this one just gets to me. If I do respond, do you have suggestions on what to say?

Collapse )

What terrible e-mails have you gotten from parents or friends?
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I dropped my blackberry in the water. I quickly retrieved it, and dried it off...put the battery back in, it was working fine except the screen is off. I took it out again and I'm letting it dry...is there anything else I can do :(

Fish Sticks

I still have fish sticks that I have for lunches.

So far I've eaten them with homemade tartar sauce, smothered in lemon juice, and today I'm going to eat them with homemade guacamole.

What other ideas do you have for eating fish sticks?

dk/dc - What's for lunch?

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I am applying to a job that is asking for my salary history. My most recent job gave me an actual salary, but all other jobs before that were unpaid internships or minimum wage food service jobs that aren't even listed on my resume as they have no real relevance to the jobs I am applying for.

Would I just not include the unpaid internships and go right to my minimum wage jobs?

Sorry for this dumb question, I've never had to submit a salary history before.

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do you think my cousin is being silly?
her bf just got a place, like literally just got approved for it, and this was a long time coming, with her complaining about his current living situation for a very long time (his house is kinda disasterous,  he doesnt even have hot water)  so she was super excited last night telling me. shes not on the lease or anything, but she was telling me how she was telling her bf how shes so excited to help decorate the place so it looks like a "home" and she is even planning on buying him a new bed, new couch, desk, basically all the main furniture you need.  (his stuff is REALLY REALLY crap)
shes all upset now and crying, bc her bf keeps reminding her its "HIS PLACE" and he "doesnt want her decorating it all girly" and "he has the final say in everything regarding decorating and furniture" and "he'll decorate how he wants to decorate it" and he doesnt want her to make "it all italian-y" (we're italian)
now, i may be biased, but i know for a fact that my cousin didnt mean that she was going to make it all girly or "take over" the decorating stuff.  she just wants it to be nice bc hes been living in squalor for 3 years.
i dont know what to tell her right now.  is she being dumb, or is he being dumb?  or are they both being dumb?

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My friend fucked me over and I thought he really cared about me (he even tells everyone how much he loves me). He's not making much of an effort to fix things.

Will you guys cheer me up? Is everything going to be ok?
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I recently cleaned my room, and have 6 or 7 trash bags sitting around waiting to be thrown out. Half of these are paper. If i just stick them out on the curb, do you think the recycling truck will take them, even though the bags are plastic, not paper? I don't want to move everything into paper bags if i don't have to.

Is there anything you lose really easily? I always lose my phone, the remote, or anything in my bed, i think i have too many blankets.

harry potter cover art!

harry potter fans:
What country/language do you think has the coolest-looking harry potter cover art?
which editions did you read? out of the ones you read, which of the 7 books do you think has the best cover?

sorry, this is the best website i could find that has most or all of the languages, but the pictures are really tiny and the site is in dutch:

i've always liked the french covers, and the dutch and swedish ones seem pretty cool too.
i read the american ones, and i think my favorite cover out of those is the order of the phoenix.
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You are what you eat

In the cardinal rule 'you are what you eat', I have to say that I do eat animals, but the animals I eat are vegetarians, thus making me a vegatian

People who claim they're vegetarians eat mostly plans, but plants eat fertilizer, thus making these people feast on things that subsist on shit

Based on this flawless argument, who's healthier? The girl eating a raw carrot, or the guy eating a big bucket of bacon?

Please detail how you'll change your dietary regimen after reading this post

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I posted a while back bitching about my awful job working at a student call center. Well, I'm interviewing today for a new position. It'd be a desk job and I'd be taking a fairly substantial pay cut of about $4/hour, but I wouldn't get cursed at over the phone all day and it's literally everything I want in a part time position.

My question: I did mark that I work at the call center on my resume. If my (hopefully future boss) interviewer asks me why I plan to quit my current job, what should I say? I'm worried it might come up.

deelieboppers sharpened

dearly departed

I've found myself, some number of times, having to bite back tears at funerals where I don't know the deceased. It feels like it would be highly inappropriate to cry, like it would imply a connection I did not have.

Is this common?

Do others figure it would be inappropriate?
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Have you ever had to write a letter of interest before?

I'm looking for jobs and this one sounds pretty good but the employer wants a letter of interest before they'll even give you the job application.

What should I put? Did you get the job that you wrote your letter of interest for?

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I'm going grocery shopping later this afternoon.  I'm going to Trader Joe's, if that makes any difference in your answers.  I have some necessities on my list, but otherwise I'm open to any and all suggestions that don't include meat.

What should I buy?

Do you need me to get you anything?

What was the last food item that you purchased?  

dk/dc: Is there some sort of fashion trend or style that you would like to partake in, but won't because you don't think it would suit you?  I would definitely get a pixie cut if I was thin.  
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now i am the one who is sensitive.
i have an assignment due, next week, and we have to think of a "conceptual question" regarding an article we are reading.
this whole unit has been difficult for me to wrap my head around.
i emailed the prof a couple of times, with, what i thought was conceptual questions, for her to approve for me to use.  (which she said to do)
but i keep getting it wrong.
this last email she said "review your notes-you can't get conceptual questions by stabbing in the dark" (i emailed her 3 times, with 7 questions, 3 of which she said were "possibly usable")
the sad and frustrating this is, that I HAVE MY NOTES IN FRONT OF ME, AND HAVE BEEN USING THEM ALL DAY.
i almost cried when i read what she wrote bc it made me feel so stupid and i feel she is getting frustrated with me. (she also said to email her again with "a SINGLE question")
im being too sensitive right?
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I've worn glasses for seven years and just put in contacts for the first time today.  It took forever.  I think I prefer glasses.

Now I feel like my vision is all magnified/funny.  I see clearly, but it seems... different.  I have peripheral vision, too! :)

Do you prefer contacts or glasses?
What was it like your first time with contacts?
Did you notice anything weird you didn't expect?

Have 20/20 vision/don't care:
Do you think people wearing glasses appear less attractive than if they wore contacts/didn't have glasses?
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Do you use OKCupid? If so, what is the creepiest/funniest/lamest message you have ever received.

I just got one from one of the contestants on Millionaire Matchmaker. I wouldn't have even recognized it was him if it weren't for the fact that he plastered it all over his message to me (seemed very copy/pasted). It's like "HERE'S A  VIDEO OF THE DATE I WENT ON" "HERE'S THE FLOORPLAN OF MY BRENTWOOD MANSION"    blah blah blah lame.

dkdc: if you don't have an okcupid, would you ever consider getting one?
o rly?


What is the dumbest thing someone has recently said to you?

I was talking about films with a friend of a friend, and he brought up Death at a Funeral. I said I'd seen the original, but I wasn't interested in seeing the remake because I felt the film was recent enough that a remake wasn't necessary.

Apparently this makes me racist, and the 'real reason' I have no interest in the American version is because I don't like black people. I just shook my head and walked away, because really?
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Is there a website that helps you find out how much it will cost to get somewhere? Liiiike, I want to figure out the cheapest way to get from point A to point B. I think I can take a bus but Googling "Bus from A to B" isn't helping. I MIGHT be able to hitch a ride with someone so I want to calculate the gas too. And maybe add a couple stops/other locations to the trip. A trip planner or something? Halp plz?
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I have a doorknob on my door like this:
Collapse )
How would I go about finding a replacement knob with a keyed lock on it? I need a lock for my bedroom door, but I can't find just the knob to fit it, since the hole for the knob is much smaller. I don't even know what it's called, and everything I'm finding is too big.
Alternatively, do you know of any other way I could lock my door with a key on the outside? The inside of my door has this little padlock thing on it, but I can't do it to the outside of my door, as my door opens in, not out.

Alternatively, what home improvement project would you work on if you had the money to do it?
I would paint my bedroom, definitely.

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Poll #1679526 This or that

Which would you rather do?

Use a Q-tip that has been previously used by a homeless person (it's REALLY yellow and slightly crusty)
Wear a homeless person's socks all day

Which would you rather do?

Marry a cute but poor illegal alien so he/she can remain in this country
Marry an older (50s), rich person because he/she is ridiculously loaded

Which would you rather do?

Hitchhike, and climb into the first car that stops for you
Pick up the first hitchhiker you see

Which would you rather do?

Let Ben Rothlisberger chaperone your teenage daughter on her prom night
Let Michael Vick dogsit for you for 3 days

Which would you have happen?

Accidentally send a naked picture of yourself to your mom's cell phone
Your mom accidentally send a naked picture of herself to your cell phone

Which would you rather do?

Walk through Jurassic Park with raw meat in your pockets. You have to stay for one hour
Sprint for 100 yards through Pakistan wearing only a large t-shirt that has an image of the prophet Mohammed waving the American flag on it

Which would you rather do?

Sit in a chair that's been superglued to the roof of a sports car, as it goes 75mph down the freeway. It travels 5 miles before stopping to let you off. There's no seat belt
Wearing roller skates/blades, hold on to a rope that's tied to the back of a sports car that's travelling 75mph down the freeway. It travels 5 miles before slowing and stopping
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How do you get rid of mice without using poisons that are dangerous to pets and children?

EDIT: Any truth to alka seltzer smeared with peanut butter being a pet-friendly, child-safe mouse killer?

If I get the used kitty litter of my friend's cat and put it in my house, will the cat smell help deter mice?

Serious answers are appreciated in that I might actually figure something out here.
Non-serious answers for some comic relief are appreciated as well.

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Have you ever applied for a job on craigslist and found out it was a scam?

I sent my resumes to two places last night that ended up being a scam to get me to apply for a credit check. Luckily, I had already gotten one a few days ago and realized that it was indeed a scam. I was still pretty pissed off though, I need a job and these positions that were advertised seemed awesome!!

Have you ever gotten a job through craigslist that turned out to be amazing?
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What's the most snow you've ever seen? We just got 8" of snow and it's crazy. A town about 1.5 hour north of me got record snowfall of 2'5", which is the most the state's ever seen.

What's your favourite thing to do on a snow day? I'm considering copying a Calvin and Hobbes strip and making some demented snowmen. I'm also making peanut butter rolls.

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  What is the most unusual thing that your cat (or dog, although dogs are inferior to cats) ever liked to eat?
  One of mine liked fresh cucumbers, like a lot. He could eat several slices. Another one ate pine from a Christmas tree. And the same cat loves bacon. I think he would kill for a piece of bacon.

Calling all Microsoft Word gurus

Say I have a five page document. I want the first page to be a Cover page. I want the second page to be the 'first' page of the body of the document.

How do I wrangle Microsoft Word into allowing no page number on the first page (Cover) and Page No. 1 on the second page ('first' page of body of document)????????????

Please explain as simply and easily as possible. Thank you.
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How do you go about funding studying abroad when the program you're going on is it's own thing? I was thinking about going with AIFS. I do not want to go through my school's program because it's $25,000, a year long, and it doesn't include food. It's not even in a city I want to go to. There is no option to make it only one semester. I've looked into scholarships but now I'm thinking about taking out private loans -- do you have any recommendations?

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I am so bored, TQC. My boyfriend is spending the night at his parent's house tonight and I'm already bored. All my homework is done and I've done everything I can possibly think to do to keep myself occupied. The weather is horrible and freezing (for Texas, at least) so I am not going to go outside. I have been really depressed lately and I'm having trouble occupying myself enough to keep up a decent mood. What should I do with the rest of my day?

What is something you never can find time for but would love to do?
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what's the difference between a Business Management major and an Economics major? what types of jobs can a graduate with a bachelors degree in one of these get? Which is better suited for what?
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Pre-period PMS and work, how do you deal with it?
I usually was never really affected, though the past two or three months have been nigh on the end of the world. I nearly burst out into tears if some one so much as looks at me funny! It is really affecting my ability to work in a high stress environment and I feel useless. Midol isn't doing much good, suggestions?

DK/DC, please tell me your period horror stories. Guys, I'm not sure what the equivalent would be, so most embarrassing day period?
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If you are in graduate school, approximately how much of your time is spent in class/doing homework/studying/reading and writing? (Or, if that's phrased awkwardly, how much free time do you generally have?) What specific postgraduate degree do you hope to attain?

n/a: Do you plan on attending graduate school? Why or why not?
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Hey TQC,

Are there good beers one can buy in America? What nice things are available where you are?

Was my experience of completely shit beers all the country has to offer, or did my friends just drink awful things?

ETA: Totally bookmarking this post for next time.

Another edit: Also I will admit to two good things. Brooklyn and Anchor beers are fantastic. But there damn well must be more.
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I'm all sorts of antsy tonight. My wife is off with her Master for two nights, and I have nothing to do and nowhere to be until mid-day Friday. I've got the van, but hardly any money. I'm trying not to eat.

So, I guess what I'm trying to ask is -- why have all the DC sports teams had hard luck seasons this year?

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Guys, I have a cat question. My cat upchucks a lot. Like, a few times a week. He's not lethargic, he's not goopy or runny anywhere, and he's eating normally; it's just coming back up every few days. Would a short haired cat have problems with hairballs, do you think? I know he eats too fast if we don't leave a snack for him during the day, which is part of the problem-- finding a dry food he likes is tricky, and they only come in the big bags, so we have to go through an entire bag of food he doesn't like so we don't throw a whole bag of cat food away. Sigh. Is there a way to make them eat slower at all? For what it's worth, he gets a can of wet food a day, half in the morning and half in the evening, and then we leave dry food out for him during the day. I know I should just take him to a vet, and I'm planning on it, but I'm looking for your opinions first.
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What is the kindest way to tell someone you're not interested in them romantically, but very much like them as a person?*

*I am meeting them to hang out at 8PM so please respond quickly! LOL

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I need to write an essay that can be about anything that has to do with Latin-American culture. Anything!

What's an interesting topic?

Edit to add: My professor specifically requested that I do it on something POSITIVE about Latin America, since as a Political Science major everything I write about ends up being about issues and problems. She's a sweet lady, said I need to focus on the good things sometimes. Any ideas?
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does anyone know how many calories are in a regular sized chicken wing? flavored "mild?"

i googled but got many different answers.

i'm on a quasi-diet and accidentally ate six chicken wings for lunch.. and some fries. omg. duffs.

dk/dc: have you ever had someone you weren't interested in, who liked you, and then they suddenly stopped showing interest? how did it make you feel? did you miss the attention or were you glad to be rid of them?
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So, I found out yesterday that I need a root canal and a crown on one of my teeth and I'm only 17! I feel like I got the short end of the stick when it comes to my teeth b/c I have so many problems with them.

Will you please tell me your horror stories involving the dentist/orthodontist?

DK;DC: Trebuchet:  Tray-buck-et or trey-byoo-shay?
How do you pronounce it?
I pronounce it trey-byoo-shay, but I've heard so many of my English teaches/history teachers pronounce it tray-buck-et it makes me want to scream.
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Who was the prettiest Romanov grand duchess, and who was the cutest child?

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 1. What is your favorite book, or are you reading something right now you really enjoy? - I'm currently reading The Passionate Nomad - the life of Freya Stark. (she was this British woman who travelled around the Middle East in the 1920a/1930s ) I had a hard time getting past the 'Ra Ra British (or French) Empire' in the first couple chapters, but its pretty good. 
Anyway, any books you recommend?

2.Where are some of your places in the US to go on holiday? Or where are some of your favorite places you've been on holiday (outside the US)

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Are you watching Modern Family?
IF SO can we discuss why the fuck Manny is hitting on Hailey? I mean, I know they're not blood relatives, but it's still awkward. Technically, he's her uncle.

IF YOU SUCK (or live somewhere else) AND DON'T WATCH IT, what musical album would you recommend everyone download, and why?

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A few unrelated questions!

Does getting into a hot tub ever make you feel like you need to pee?

Do you ever run out of shampoo before conditioner or vice versa? Isn't it annoying?

If you paint them, what color are your nails right now?

What kind of face moisturizer do you use? my forehead is super dry but whenever I use my face lotion I get pimples =(

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Can you speak an obscure language? i.e. one that you rarely come across other speakers of outside that country.

If anyone speaks (or knows someone who speaks Irish), can you help me?
My dad keeps telling me about an old relative who had a saying which meant something along the lines of 'thats another story'. Spelt phonetically, it sounds a bit like 'shayne scha nella', and i'd like to find the original spelling.

ETA: Found thanks to 67words: 'Sin scéal eile'. Apparently my googling is poor. 

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Where is a good place to meet new people/new friends? Is the CL 'Strictly Platonic' too creepy for finding someone to hang out with?

I'm so socially awkward I have no idea where to start.

Don't care: What's you ideal day off of work consist of?

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I made some Sumatran breakfast blend coffee in my French press this morning, and didn't drink about 3/4 of the pot - it's still sitting on my counter. I have to do a project for work that's probably going to take quite a while from now and I don't really feel like making a new pot. On a scale of 1-10, how gross would it be if I were to put some peppermint creamer and some ice and drink it?

What's the last questionable food/drink decision you made?

What's the last TV show you watched?
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Does anyone have a mini-stepper at home? Kmart has one that I last saw for like $20 and I never go to the gym because of time constraints, so I was thinking of spending one month's gym payment on some exercise equipment and just do at-home stuff and quit paying the gym for holding my spot.

If you have a step machine, does it feel effective? I'm worried it'll be too mild.

I want to move.

 I was thinking about Oregon, Washington and northern california. 

Im from Tacoma Washington and my boyfriend is from Pullman WA and were looking for anywhere but those 2 places. 
Im looking for somewhere that gets moderately warm in the summer, has a larger "hippie" population, and a community college! 

Where should I live and why.
Where do you want to live? 
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I'm really sad cos I think I just bombed my test I had to take today. Will you tell me corny/cheesey jokes to cheer me up? (I made up one on my own - "What do peanuts get before they marry?" "Pea-nutials.")

When you throw your hands up in the air sometimes, what do you sayyyyyy-oh? (I say, "OH SHIT I'M SLIP-PING ON THE IIIIICE.")
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I was assigned to write a 1-page character sketch in my Creative Writing class... however, that is the entirety of my instructions. What the hell do I write? Would a list of character characteristics/qualities fit the bill? Should it be in narrative form? What would you do?

What is the last thing you ate?
a raspberry cheesecake cookie from Subway

What is your favorite book?

Irrational, am I?...... in this situation.....

Apparently the two people i've talked to about this do not find me to be rational in this situation.
So, tqc, you're usually quite unbiased so I turn to you.

A recent ex and I had be seeing each other off and on (mostly on) for more than a year and a half.
He is a student journalist and after we had ended things permanently he contacted a friend of mine for the first time for an interview that had very tenuous relations to do with the article he was writing (she was actually a pretty inappropriate source to use for this article).

They began talking despite my friend knowing the way he treated me (which was emotionally/mentally and near the end sexually abusive).
Am I being irrational for being mad at her for engaging him in pleasant conversation and adding him on facebook (I know, lame but...)?
I feel as if she was my friend she would want nothing to do with him.

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Could you quit TQC cold turkey?
Have you stopped visiting for a long period of time before?
Why is it so addicting?
Is being an active member of an online community healthy or unhealthy (obv it depends but I mean generally)?
Are you an active member of any other online communities? Which?
Do you withhold certain information from them/us (other than personal like name, address, social, etc.)? What?