February 8th, 2011


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 I am confused with the relationship I'm in. Should I just enjoy it while it lasts?
After going out for 2 months, all the sex, seeing each other almost every day and being with each others families etc he broke it off last week.
Then a few days ago over tears and laughs we decided to step it back a bit as we never had a "best friends" stage and got straight into a relationship which was quite "lovey dovey" and serious with not much talking.

I can never see myself getting over him, especially being gay it's slim pickings. When I look at him it's like omg he is so hot and he still seems so perfect. We made a pact to keep it going and strictly hugs for a ~month until we decide what we want. 2 days later we were having sex in the back of his car then last night a lot of foreplay in my bedroom. Then when he left we were back to hugging. and we were like oh, we might have to change the rules a bit.

Since the break up/patch up we actually get along a lot better and are finding out more about each other. He thinks I'm not quite "the one" though I feel like he is for me.. I'm 20 and he's 18 so we'll see each other around college a lot and I'm moving to an apartment this week. I've told him to come visit me a lot because my friends don't live around there and I get bored/lonely. Tonight we just sat in my car overlooking a lake listening to mellow music and kind of cuddling/touching each other. It was nice.

I feel happy. Is this right? I feel like we're slowly building up to where we were but it's weird going backwards.
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How can I add thickness and fullness into my hair? It's been feeling thin and limp =( Get a shampoo/conditioner that claims these things on the bottle? Or any less obvious tips?

It's been this way since I got back from the salon I'm afraid she did something horrrrible D=

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What are you thoughts on friends with benefits?

More specifically, friends with benefits to see what it could turn into...

Here's the situation in a nutshell: Things are going pretty late-night-bootycall-esque where the boy says he has feelings for the girl, but both have established they're not looking for a serious relationship but are willing to keep meeting up for late night hookups and see what happens. During these, they act all couple-y and are both having fun and get along, but during the days, there is no contact between the two of them at all.

This seems like a hopeless situation, right? Because it can't build towards a relationship if they start with sex, yeah?

And if it matter, these two people met each other because they hooked up with each other's friends first.

I personally think it's not going to work, but I don't know how to tell my friend because she doesn't think she's going to get hurt...and it seems like she 99% indeed will be hurt by this.

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How can I stop biting my nails?

I have tried a lot of things to help me quit, but so far nothing has worked. I've tried nail hardener, getting acrylic nails, putting hot sauce on them, etc...

Do you/Did you bite your nails? How did you quit?

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I have a friend who was recently fired from his workplace (of only six months) for doing something pretty illegal. Before that, he got fired from another job... and it seems to be a repeating cycle in his professional life. At the moment, he's looking for a new job and was asking for my advice on where and how to apply. Of course, there is no way I'm giving him a recommendation to my job. However, I'm actually more concerned that his standards are a little high (in terms of salary expectations) for someone with a pretty marred work history. I don't want to offend him but I think this guy might be unemployed for a long time, otherwise, and he has bills due next month.

So, TQC, should I say something to my friend or let him figure it out on his own?
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Will you post one or more interesting facts or subjects you studied so we can learn something new today? It can be anything from "did you know cat urine glows under a blacklight" to anything advanced as Calculus 3.
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Sometimes I get twitches in my arms or legs or light pain. I can see the pulse jumping, but my arm itself doesn't twitch, just a little spot where the pulse is going a bit goofy. I'm obese and in okay shape and don't always eat the healthiest although I do try to not be a total pig. Am I going to die of a heart attack or something or is this normal? Help me, Dr. TQC.

note: I'm not actually concerned to the point that I think I need a doctor, I'm just curious as to why I'll have random pulse-y twitches for ten or twenty seconds.
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Should I decorate for my son's birthday now or wait until tonight when he's asleep? It would be more fun for him to wake up to it I think, but I have to blow up a bunch of balloons and I really have no idea how long it's going to take me.

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For people who are familiar with sony vegas: what are the best render settings that result in decent quality but small(er) file size? I just rendered a 5 minute video that was 38gigs and yeah frak that right off. Anyone?
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I know some of you are closet (or not-so-closet) reality television fanatics. Do any of you watch The Biggest Loser? Do you think it's a good portrayal of obesity in America, or is it biased and horrible and completely unrealistic?

Do any of you who do watch it know which episodes this season were particularly evocative/dramatic? I need to watch another episode for my senior project and I can't choose one - they all look so obnoxious equal.

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1. What's a justifiable reason to ask for 2 weeks off from work?

2. Is this justifiable?
My family is having a big family reunion for a relative's 60th bday (in Korea, people have huge celebrations for people turning 60). The party will be in Korea in April. Because it's so far away, it's really only worth going if I can be there for 2 weeks. However, I'm a bit scared to ask for 2 weeks off from work. HOWEVER, my current work situation is such that I get paid hourly (title is freelancer) but work full-time. Since I am not a staffed employee and thus do not have a fixed amount of vacation days, would it be alright so long as my boss is cool with it? Or will it make me look bad for asking for 2 weeks off?

3. If I want to ask for this time off, how much in advance do I ask? Trip is set for April 1st as of right now.

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...Why the hell did I just throw up? I felt fine and then everything turned bad and now (~20 minutes since) I feel ehhh okay.
Could drinking too much coffee too fast have caused this? I got a medium coffee this morning instead of a small and ended up drinking it all.
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Which monitor brightness setting is the best?  

I keep getting headaches from staring at my monitor (and my job = doing this for 12 hours / day, usually).  I googled brightness settings and read that most people have their monitors too bright, and optimally, there shouldn't be much of a color or brightness contrast between the wall behind your monitor and your monitor itself.  But this seemed too dark for me when I tried it.   If it matters, I wear glasses/contacts and suffer from migraines on a somewhat regular basis.  What should I do? 

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What's the last thing that's made you very excited?

This is really just a post because I'm about to burst because I've gotten an interview for a summer internship at a public defender's office!!!
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I want to get an e-reader. I am leaning towards the Kindle 3, but haven't fully decided yet. So:
Kindle or Nook?
Do you have any personal experience with either device?
Any recommendations for (preferably free) books to download? Where do you download your e-books from?

Dk/dc: what is your favorite poem?
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If you eat oatmeal, what are your favorite add ins? Honey, peanut butter, chocolate chips, blueberries, etc. I've been eating a lot of oatmeal lately and am lookin for some new ideas.
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When was the last time you caught someone in a lie? 

If you're comfortable sharing, what was it? Was it a big or small lie? 

How did you handle it? What happened to your relationship with the person who lied? 

Inspired by the discovery that my sister recently told me a completely petty lie, and I'm so baffled and annoyed.
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Why is my luck so rotten lately, TQC? What did I do in my past lives to deserve this? (Hilarious answers appreciated!)

Will you make up a story involving a toothpick, a rose, and a horse?

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My sister is adopting a blue Great Dane puppy! Collapse )

She already has a cat named Cleo, I said she should name him Figaro (even though he's obv not a goldfish). :)

ETA: Though now that I'm continually staring at him, he kind of looks like an Eeyore, y/n?
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I feel like there haven't been very many good film scores in the past year, can you recommend any that you've favored or soundtracks you've bought in the past year?

I looove film scores, but Black Swan is the first one I've bought in a loong time. I feel deprived, there must be some good ones I just haven't seen.

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You complete an application for a position to "evaluate student short-answer and essay responses in educational tests." Afterward, you must reserve a seat in the pre-employment testing session. What do you suppose this session entails? (Serious and non-serious.)

Also, has anyone encountered pre-employment testing before? What did that entail?

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Should I get a goldfish?
Things to consider - I'm a student, and go home for about a month in the holidays. I wouldn't get a pump, just change the water every so often. I often get bored or forget to do things like change the water. I would probably have to go on at least a half hour journey to get said goldfish.

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I have a job interview at Ambiance tomorrow, and I have never shopped there in my life that I can recall. What kind of store is it? (I mean, duh a clothing store, but how fancy or non-fancy?) What should I wear?

EDIT: Ugh, dammit, it looks like it might be an SF store only. There are so many of them around here that I thought it was a chain everywhere. If not then never mind :(

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Do you think it's weird/creepy when people consistently use your name in response to a question you asked?

Example: I have an online class where we have a discussion in a forum on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every question I post, the prof will always respond with 'That's a good question, Amanda' or 'Well, Amanda, the scientific revolution blah blah blah...'. But he doesn't do that with anyone else in the damn class! There are only 10 of us and usually five show up to discussion if we're lucky, but it freaks me out when teachers do that in their responses. I have another teacher in a separate online class that does the same thing.

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What is your favorite cereal?

ETA: Who would win in a fight between these cereal mascots, and why?

Toucan Sam
Lucky Charms Leprechaun
Trix Rabbit
the 3 Rice Krispie guys (Snap, Crackle, Pop?)
Captain Crunch
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What frustrates you?
My doctor wrote me a script for something that no fucking pharmacy has in that dosage and it's pissing me off. I've called around and even asked if they could order it for me, but the only one who could said it would take anywhere between a week to two weeks to get it, which is NOT good. UGHHH.
FINALLY found it, but they don't have it in generic, so I'm going to have to pay out the ass for it.

How's your day going?
I just woke up and it's not going well at all.
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If you're sore from exercising, is it better to wait until you're no longer sore to exercise again?

Do you ever track posts or comment threads that look interesting? What about in TQC?

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I'm applying for a summer internship with my local congressman. I've done political volunteering before but that application process for that was way more "drop off your resume and talk to the manager for thirty seconds" casual.

Any tips for having a good resume? Any tips for writing a great cover letter?

The position asks for short writing sample. How long should it be and what type of thing would be appropriate to submit? I write for the college newspaper -- would it be inappropriate to send an article I've written?


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Do you ever understand it when people dislike you for a reason that doesn't seem valid or make much sense?

Also, on a more positive note, will you tell me something funny that you either overheard or visually witnessed today?

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I remember seeing an image in a community (maybe ONTD comments?), only I can't remember which one. I know this is SUCH a long shot, but did anyone happen to save it?

It's an image of Pauly D on top, with a grenade in the hot tub (I think), and it says I would catch a grenade for you. Then below there's an image of Mike and a disgusted face and it says but you won't do the same.

If you happen to have this image saved, I'd love you forever. Thanks TQC!


I'm painting my dining room today. I don't know how we did this last time so I need some advice?

How do you wash your walls before painting? I feel like I'm just pushing around dust, and not really cleaning it at all. Any particular rags work better than others? I started with a sponge and it was just instead cat hair and dust clumps smearing around. A microfiber rag didn't do much better. Help?

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stupid question... but is there any way to retrieve deleted emails? that have been deleted out of the deleted folder?

I accidently deleted an email a few weeks ago (I think it was) from a teacher.. and I wanted to know what she had said!

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Anyone else in TQC taking the Jeopardy online test this week? I'm in the Eastern time zone so I'm taking it tonight. I hope it isn't as difficult as the one I took 2 years ago or whenever that was. I would totally kick ass on Jeopardy, but the test questions are way harder than the show questions.

EDIT: If this is the first you're hearing about it and you want to do it, you can still sign up until 30 minutes prior to your test: https://secure.sonypictures.com/tv/shows/jeopardy/onlinetests/registration/adult/
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I've been studying for the last day and a half and skimming notes for a couple days before that. I still feel completely unprepared for my test tomorrow (it's on conception through infancy in lifespan development). However, I've already taken Child Psychology so it's a lot of old material that just won't pop to my head when I try to actively remember it.

What are the chances that the multiple choices will be easy enough because I know the answer, I just can't think of it actively and seeing the correct answer out of several choices will be not too problematic?

I'm pretty much ready to give up on this because it's just too much effort to think about anymore. Should I keep studying or no?
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I have a lot of sauteed mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers. How should I eat them for dinner? My options are over rice with chard, in a sandwich, in pasta, in a baked potato, on a pizza, or in tacos.

If you have a cat, do they try to steal your pillow and/or sleep on your head? Is there any way to train them not to do this? It was cute at first but now I keep getting woken up and having to shove him off >=(
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I'm going to an awesome grocery store that's on the other side of town since I'll be over there going to a friend's apartment anyway. If I leave my groceries in the car for 1-1.5 hours while I'm at her apartment they should be fine right? I really don't want to lug them up and down the stairs more than I have to. It's about 50 F out which isn't quite refrigerator cold but it's such a short time and I'm lazy.

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Two totally unrelated questions:

Now that I've joined a gym and am going 5-6 times per week, as well as have fitness classes in college Monday-Thursday, I need some new workout shoes. I have Pumas that I love and really would not like to give up, but they are hurting my toes too badly. Not sure if my feet grew a bit or what, but my feet are not happy by the end of my workout. What shoes do you use to workout? Recommendations? Preferably, something cute/colorful but not too expensive. D: 

Collapse )
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zanegief  and I want to go someplace warm next week, so we're going to Miami from Monday to Wednesday. Any suggestions on what we should do or where we should stay? The hotels we've looked at online so far are a little pricey, we want to keep this cheap. Anyone wanna hang out while we're there?

If our city choice sucks, suggest an alternative.
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do you think there could be such a thing as a seasonal alcoholic? 'cause i never drink like this except for the January-February when i drink a few times a week to every night.

that said, should i make a whiskey and coke or should i wait the hour out 'til my friend gets here to go out? my roommate is still blasting music and sexing her boyfriend loudly and it's too cold to just bike somewhere, and the hinge on my bedroom door just busted.

Being Crafty

 Okay so I need ideas!

I just switched dorms and there is no tag on my door with my name and so I'd like to make one. I have black paper and metallic sharpies, but I want to cut the paper into some sort of cool shape. So, what shape should I use for my door tag?
Unfortunately I cannot use a penis shape.

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have you ever smoked weed?

basically, for like the last month or so i've been hanging out with one of my guy friends more often. and like, i knew he did drugs/drank/whatever, but it wasn't a big deal or anything to me. but now, he's talking about it more with me, and i can't help but think about trying it myself. and last saturday, we were hanging out, and he basically said if i ever want to try anything, just to tell him.
...should i try it?

(i feel like all you sophisticated college students are just scoffing at my innocence right now. but whatever.)

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What is your opinion of Christina Aguilera's National Anthem performance at the Superbowl?

So many people I know are really bashing the hell out of it, but from what Youtube just showed me it didn't seem bad enough to warrant all these Facebook statuses. Typical Christina style, and still pretty good if not demonstrative of what I consider to be her usual exceptional vocal talent. Sure, she screwed up the words, but every performer does that at some point.

Do you prefer curly or straight hair, generally?

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What do you consider to be 'waking up early'?

What time do you normally wake up?

What time do you normally go to bed?

When making your schedule for school or if you have the luxury of doing this for work, would you rather take early morning classes/shifts and get them out of the way so you can go home and nap and have the rest of the day or would you rather have late afternoon-evening classes/shifts so you can sleep in and get stuff done beforehand?
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My face is really sore and stiff after my surgery because it's right near my mouth and you use your mouth, well, a lot. I took a percocet and am currently higher than a kite. Chances of success for homework?

Since I'm sick of talking about face cutting:
What are a few things you just won't skimp on?

What's one of your favorite sayings, phrases, words, or jokes?
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What are your short and long-term financial goals?
In the short term, I want to save enough money to buy some furniture for my new apartment with my boyfriend. Thankfully, his parents have a LOT of extra stuff we could have for immediate use, but between our things, we're going to need a bed frame, new bathroom stuff, and a sofa. And a TV, possibly.
In the long-term, I want to start saving money to put a down payment on a house, buy my SUV (I'm going to be a midwife, so I need something with a lot of cargo space), and save for my wedding (even though I'm not engaged, which is crazy, but I want to do it the way I've always wanted to this time).

I'm just really bad at saving money. When I have money, it always gets spent way before it needs to be, and I don't know how to change that. I've made an Excel spreadsheet of all my finances for the month, but I still end up spending it all. Ugh.

How do you save money instead of spending it all? Any tips that have worked for you?

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If you had a friend that was doing drugs in an irresponsible manner, at what point would you step in and do/say something about it?

Have you ever been in that sort of situation? How did it turn out?

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 If you were going to Macaroni Grill for dinner, and on a diet, what would you order? (according to my diet, I'm not to have pasta rice or bread for dinner)


I'm going tomorrow and I'm thinking of getting the pollo caprese...but I wish I could just get pasta, pasta pasta and cheese. YUM. I'm sticking to my diet though, I'm already down 4 pounds!

If calories were no object, what would you order??

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What is a performer that, if someone made a joke about, would be pretty universal? (ex, Michael Jackson maybe?)
What is a piece of advice that you heard as a child or that you might tell a child? (ex, Don't eat yellow snow)

dk/dc: does my icon creep you out?

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Okay, folks. I need your help again deciding what side to eat with my lunch.

Which would you choose from the following options? 

- Cottage cheese and peaches
- Jello Sugar Free Dark Chocolate pudding
- Activia Vanilla yogurt

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What are things people do to try to be/look younger? It can be something they do physically, or just in general with life. I know plastic surgery is the biggest, but I'm sure there are more. Pretty much, do you know someone older who is constantly trying to fit in with the younger crowd/look like they are 20 again? What do they do? Does it work?

validate me

It's 11:15 pm and I have just decided that I need to take a personal day tomorrow - my first day off that wasn't two-weeks-at-my-mom's-for-Christmas ever. I have my important bases covered and I'm like 99.9% sure taking the time won't be an issue... that's kind of what personal days are for, right? My boss and I have a pretty casual relationship, and he has a new baby at home but his iPhone is permanently attached to his hand so he'd see an email if I were to send one. It's probably too late to call him, and I should just send him an email letting him know I won't be in tomorrow, right?

When was your last non-scheduled/non-regular day off? (Like if you typically work 9-5 weekdays, NOT a weekend; or if you typically work mornings M, W, Th, F, Sa, not a Tues or a Sun) What did you do?
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Do you feel like your name is really you?

I don't feel like an Erin and I never have. My husband thinks I should go by my middle name, but that doesn't feel right either. I don't know what name I would pick for myself though.

Do you know what your name would have been if you'd been born the opposite sex?

I would have been Joseph.