February 7th, 2011

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My husband is a soldier. Normally in the Australian army, currently attached to a British army unit. He's away right now, but I had a word with someone further up the chain of command, and we may have a situation brewing...

They want him on Royal Wedding security/bodyguard/etc duties when he gets back. Of course, as he's going to be breathing approximately the same air as OMG WTF HRH (known among friends as Corgi and Bess, or simply I'm The Fucking Queen Bitches), there is a strict dress code that must be followed.

Uniform is out of the question. It's basically the only truly fancy outfit he owns, but it'd be like letting a kangaroo loose in Hyde Park. In the circumstances, not exactly ideal given that he's playing discreet security-man.

Traditional dress? For him?

That'd be a couple of layers of ochre and a spear. He'd have a glorious time flashing Her Majesty - it's always annoyed him that his service oath was to the Queen of Australia, quiet republican that he is! - but somehow I doubt turning up stark naked (ochre does not count) would win him any points.

I am therefore not sure what would be appropriate, with the dress protocol and all. Or how to get it for him when off the rack stuff never fits him (he's stupidly tall) and he's not actually here to get the damn thing tailored. For various reasons - I'm not getting any contact with him, so we can't confer! - it's got to be done or mostly done BEFORE he gets back.

...What do you advise, oh TQC?

What should he wear, and how do I arrange it when he is Not Here?

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I want to start a blog, and some quick searches found that the perfect domain name is available for just $10 per year. However there seems to be a reasonably established blog on blogspot by the same name and now I'm torn.

Would doing basically the same thing but with a proper domain backfire horribly on me, TQC?
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i need to take a dump but there is no toilet paper in my bathroom and it's too late to go anywhere to buy some.

will i shit myself in my sleep tonight? i have tissues but i don't want to use those because they're not good for septic tanks. what do i do?

ETA: nevermind, we have toilet paper!!! i'll buy some more tomorrow.

will you describe your last bowel movement with gifs? or in any kind of creative way. ~*~use your imagination~*~
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I just found out my dad's cat died after getting hit by a car. I've never been a cat person, but I loved his cat so god damn much. SO FUCKING DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW UGH.
What should I do to cheer up?
I <3 TLV

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TODAY I'm going to start stretching. TODAY! YES! What should I put on netflix instant to stretch to? NOT stretching videos - I know what stretches to do. I used to stretch in the morning to a show on Animal Planet iirc, Sunrise Earth? Something like that, or if that show itself is available.

Do any stores still sell winter hats??? A cute not too heavy one that I can keep on all day.

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I have a tendency of always ordering the same thing when I go to restaurants. There's this one restaurant that my boyfriend and I go to regularly because they have a great deal, 2 meals for $20. The 2 meals includes one appetizer to share, 2 entrees (one for each person), and one dessert to share.

Will you look at this menu and tell me what you'd order out of each section?

dk/dc - When you go to restaurants do you always order the same thing or are your brave and try new things?
If you always order the same thing - what restaurant and what dish?

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My roommate and casual friend (we're not super close, but we do stuff together) has a B.O. problem. Aaaand I feel like I should tell her because all she really needs to do is find a deodorant that works because the one she uses clearly doesn't. People talk about it behind her back and it's awful. The thing is I think she knows about it because sometimes she is like, "I stink! I need to shower! I feel like everyone can smell me!" And I'm like yes...yes we can. I'm just concerned because she's going to start a spring sport and the weather will get warmer and it is in her best interest to not stink...she'd actually get guys and stuff. So as her friend I should talk about it, right? But how?!?! I'm really awkward! And if she knows about it then what can I really do? WHY DOESN'T SHE FIX THE PROBLEM HERSELF?

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I have a question for any Doctor Who fans on TQC,

I have very little experience with Doctor Who*, and nobody I know watches it; but I keep running into references to Weeping Angels, and the concept seems really interesting** to me.

So, where do I start watching?

Poll #1678317 Is there an owl loose in here?
This poll is closed.

Where do I start?

New Doctor Who, season one
New Doctor Who, season three
New Doctor Who, season three and skip straight to "Blink"
Start with one of the earlier Doctors (Please leave a DVD name in comments)
I have no idea, I just wanna vote
Also, suggestions for older Doctor Who DVDs that you'd recommend would be appreciated. I just look at the lists of what's out there and have no clue where to start.

*I saw the 1996 movie. I don't remember anything about it, but I know I watched it.
**I like creepy.

public and sex

When you are on your computer in a public place, do you feel uncomfortable/hyper aware of your visible surfing?

I don't do it very often, but today I am in a coffee shop and I feel exposed. I know no one really cares what I'm looking at, but it's weird.

ETA: If you have to go to the restroom while you're alone in a coffee shop, do you bring your valuables or take them with you? Even though you'll be back in a minute. Do ask someone to watch it?

Totally unrelated:

What's better?

Clean sex?

or Dirty sex?

(Clean sex being, freshly showered participants. Dirty meaning, not so fresh, maybe a day or so since showering, or post workout coitus, etc.)
i say, old bean

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has anyone noticed the increasing amount of commercials featuring the black keys?

do you feel songs become horribly overplayed when they're featured in a commercial/movie?
can you think of any songs where this happened?

tqc, what do you do on your birthday to make you feel awesome?
i need idears, my day is approaching.

relationship question

 I have this horrible habit of liking guys I can't date. after my last long distance screw up, I was like "won't do this again" and now. well. here I am again!
Its not as bad, distance wise, as the screwy relationship.
He lives like 100 miles away, its a 2.5/3 hour ferry trip. which doesn't sound bad - except its in another country.
is this really stupid, should I even pursue this relationship? I mean, realistically, how often would we be able to see each other

seriously, im kinda confused. I like the guy, and he likes me, but IDK if a relationship will be impossible to maintain.

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What are some of your possessions that you use every day?

(ie: keys/keyring, phone, a certain pen maybe, etc, etc)

I'm asking because I need some gift ideas. I want it to be something that the person would use/see every day.
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Where should I go on my honeymoon?! We'll have about $2000 for plane tickets/hotel. We will be going in early July.

Have you ever used travelzoo.com?

Will you post pictures of places you want to go?

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i am getting over strep and a flu type thing, and i really have ate much for the last 5 days besides popsicles and soup.  (i lost 12lbs, not good)
my stomach is stil kind of queasy and not many foods sound appetizing to me.  i'm so sick of soup, so i dont want that, and the thought of salad is making my stomach hurt.
what should i get for lunch?
what did you eat today?
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What is up with people being obsessed with nudity? Is it really that big of a deal seeing actors/actresses nude in movies or theater?

Can you see nudity artistically? Or is it mostly sexual?

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I am watching the super bowl ( WTF I live in aus!) and I just watched the performance of BEP and usher and the dancers had boxes that glowed on their heads


Why is the super bowl even being aired here? We have no gridiron culture here.

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Have you ever been to Vegas? If so, where did you stay? Did you like it?

Do you have any recommendations for someone going to Vegas for their 21st? Is there anything that I absolutely need to do or see?

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When writing a cover, if you know the name of the person you are giving it to what do you normally put to address them, what do you feel comfortable with?

"Dear Sue", sounds too personal.

And yes I know I could google this but I wanted to know what people actually use.
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How long is Wells Fargo going to skirt around their policy and wait to credit my paycheck funds to my checking account?

Do you ever do things randomly, like buy a dress or take a roadtrip, just to make yourself feel better? What kinds of things?

Tacos or burritos? Corn or flour?

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Hey guys,

If you use it, how do you apply your foundation? If you use makeup brushes, what kind and how would you rate them?

What's your favourite brand of makeup?

Favourite brand of skincare? Do you have a skincare routine?
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vegetarians - do you find your diet expensive to maintain?

i'll be living on my own soon so i won't have much money and i didn't think about this being an issue really, as i assumed a diet with meat would be more expensive. but i sometimes see people complaining about the cost of being a vegetarian.

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I'm looking to start going to the gym, but I have no workout clothes. All I own are nice shirts, jeans and non-workout shorts. Will you poke around and find me suitable clothes to wear to the gym I can order?
colours are nice

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have any of you developed allergies in adulthood? or anytime after childhood, really.

i became allergic to cats a couple years ago, after having had cats all my life :( we still have a tabby and it's not too bad as long as he doesn't sleep in my room, but today i picked him up because he looked lonely and now my eyes are watering like crazy and i can't stop sneezing
I <3 TLV


Today was my first day starting to exercise at home! And I really mean it this time! For real! I posted some questions to tqc_exercise but there are many more people here so I will ask them again!

What are the very BEST floor exercises, and which, if any, should be done more than once a day? Should I do all of my exercises in the morning, or split them up morning and evening? Should all of the exercises be done every day for best results, or should I be doing different muscle groups on different days? I know I've always heard to do it that way with weight training, but I know people who do crunches every day so idk.

I also have hand weights I'd like to add in to my routine as well, but I don't know what to do with them! Can anyone recommend an illustrated guide or video of instructions for exercises with hand weights? I think they're around 5 lbs each.

I need to improve strength everywhere but especially in my arms and core muscles!

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Can Robitussin night time stuff make you groggy the next day? It is the kind that makes you drowsy after you take it. Or supposedly, although it didn't knock me out at all. But,  I feel horribly groggy and blah today. :\
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TQC, I went to the doc today and she prescribed Tamiflu for my apparent flu. One of the side effects is nausea and vomiting. I've been sick twice since I took the first dose around 3.

Do I really need to take the rest? I fail to see the effectiveness of this medicine if I just puke it up half an hour later. (and yes, I took it with some crackers)

I can't call my doc, the office is closed for the reset of the day and I'm too bloody sick to google this shit. please help, TQC!

facebook and mace

Have you ever posted a relationship issue on Facebook? Why/why not? Do you have an opinion on people that do that type of thing?

ie: my BF forgot my birthday, he's an asshole who is not getting any 2night!

Ladies, do you carry around pepper spray? How about a {rape} whistle? Why?
Have you ever had to use either?

Guys, do you have either of these items?

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TQC, I want to use the following photo of my son as a macro-esque happy v-day picture (even though I think it's a silly, silly "holiday"). Can you help me come up with some good words to use?

The photo was taken a couple of years ago on a valentine's day. We made little heart pins/hair clips for his class, and he chose to go to school wearing his pin in the center of his red bow tie. Then, as I was taking pictures of his outfit, he showed me his angler fish mouth for the first time.

Collapse )

The problem is, I cannot think of any good words. Something about angler fish, luring... I got nothing. Maybe I should ditch the angler fish aspect? I don't want over the top "i can haz cheeseburger" language. Any ideas?

dk/dc: Do you think valentine's day is silly? Are you making valentines for anyone?
I <3 TLV

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Do you always/usually throw out food that's sat out unrefrigerated too long? Or do you tend to eat it anyway? Have you ever gotten sick from eating unrefrigerated food? (My husband left the soy milk out of the fridge all night, ack. I want to toss it but he thinks it's fine.)

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Will you recommend me some delicious vegetarian recipes?

I want to cook something for my boyfriend next week. He's a vegetarian and the down side is I am really not a vegetable fan. We already eat a LOT of pasta, so I'm hoping for something at least a little different that we both can enjoy. No Indian food please because I already think that stuff is disgusting.

eta: Do they sell (white) miso at Wal-Mart or Tops? I use the bus so I don't want to waste time to travel there if they don't have it.

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how horny/sexually frustrated are you at this very moment? scale of 1-10, give a nice, TMI-filled explanation if you'd like.

like an 8.5 probably. I'm not like, gonna start humping inanimate objects but I just really, really wanna get some. My antidepressants have made fapping super boring for me, idk.
eta: and I got kinda cockblocked earlier :c plus there are all these hot people everyplace. grrr.

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Earlier I posted and it was decided that I have a trojan virus in my computer. I ran a scan with malwarebytes while it was in safe mode (only way I could do it). How do I know if I'm cured?

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Itunes is doing some pretty damn annoying things to my tracklisting when I convert them over to Itunes.

Who here hates Itunes?

What programs have people created that can replace Itunes and is in no way as buggy?
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Why are people I haven't seen since high school still tagging me in Facebook pictures? We graduated in 2006; surely we can't be old enough to start reminiscing about prom just yet.

Is it bad that when I came home and saw 20 unread e-mails in my inbox, my first thought was "What did I say to piss off TQC?"

dkdc: Do you still keep in touch with anyone you went to high school with? If the internet didn't exist, do you think you'd still be in touch with them?

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TQC, do you think that people can legitimately have a "weakness of will", which is to choose a over b even though b is the better option/most moral option with all things considered?
Any examples if you do?
Julia Murney

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 How badly will I fail my assignment if I only have 745/1200 words written? We weren't given a rubric or an assignment outline, so I don't actually know what I'm being graded on.

Facts: I feel so ill. I feel dizzy and nauseous when I stand, and I can't really form very coherent sentences. 
I cannot skip my first class tomorrow. --> That class ends at 11:30, and the class with the assignment is at 12, so I really do have to finish it tonight. 

Are you frustrated right now? Let it out. 
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I plan on getting a tattoo soon. I want it on my back. I have a nearly 3 year old who likes picked up. I am just wondering...

Do I need to plan on not picking her up for while the tattoo heals?

Is there anything else I am not thinking of when it comes to tattoos and dealing with kids?

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Students and former students of TQC: were you ever explicitly taught not to refer to yourself or your experiences in your research papers (if you were assigned them)? If you were, when were you taught this? If you weren't, how much self-reference do you include?

dk/dc: What would you do with $1,200 (or the equivalent in your local currency)?
ETA: that amount of moola is the per capita annual U.S. military aid to Egypt, according to my prof.
Donkey Punch

Restaurant Woes

I recently accepted a position at a new restaurant opening outside of Knoxville, TN as a pastry chef. Lo and behold, when I walked in for my first day of work, I became the newly appointed kitchen manager (which adds ridiculous amounts of work to do in one week!)

The cuisine concept is Southern Comfort. My owner bought a small pot belly stove as a decorative piece to use in the restaurant. However, he wants to put sterno underneath and place a skillet in the stove with (something?) in it and leave it cooking for a few hours a day so that the smell will waft through the restaurant and hopefully generate sales.

So, my long winded question to you is, what smells would make you instantly hungry? We are mainly open for lunch and dinner, but offer breakfast on weekends, and my pastry/dessert selection will be huge. Any of these smells are acceptable, I just want to use something that can cook slowly for several hours unattended without causing problems. I don't want to use those liquid potpourris because they seem annoying and overbearing to me, like walking by a Yankee Candle Company in the mall.
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I'm supposed to go out to a karaoke bar with some friends in an hour but I'm feeling EXTREMELY shitty. Normally I'd just.. not go.. but I'm only in town for a few days, I'm moving across the world in a few months, and I don't get to see these people very often as is. On top of everything, on Saturday I met the most amazing guy who, so far, is 100% perfect for me and I know he digs me too, and he will definitely be there.

SO RIDDLE ME THIS, TQC: what the hell do I do to make myself feel better?! I really want to go and I won't have this opportunity again for quite some time. :( Symptoms at the moment are abdominal pain, I'm kinda shaky, pretty fatigued and have a bit of a headache. yaaay.

dk/dc: If you had to go up and sing a karaoke song, what would you choose? (for all you people afraid to sing in front of a crowd, what song would you sing if you weren't afraid?)

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the topic of discussion when i got to the Super Bowl party last night, and which continued intermittently throughout the evening, was that Aaron Rodgers is clearly one of the gays.

reasons we believe Aaron Rodgers is, in fact, a homosexual:

-he loves WWE and has crafted a goal celebration from this obsession(which i will totally do immediately after doing Aaron Rodgers)
-his favorite movie is apparently The Princess Bride
-he dates supermodels for like 2-3, then dumps them, and tells his mom "not to believe everything you hear"
-he has such tender eyes


is Aaron Rodgers gay?

you some ticky bitches

though i'd totally buy it, i argued against this because i want to do him and he's the only reason i pay any attention to the Packers/football.

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Hey TQC, my boyfriend is cooking some chicken breasts and is looking for a good sauce to make to serve over it. We want something a bit more ~sophisticated~ than just a tomato sauce. We have marsala cooking wine but we don't want to actually make chicken marsala. We also have white cooking wine, I believe. We have every common spice under the sun besides Tumeric.

I think we're making broccoli and roasted herb potatoes with it, so whatever will compliment that. Can you help me out, TQC?
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I'm having my face cut open tomorrow and even though it's a minor surgery I am not looking forward to it at all. What should I do beforehand that'll be calming/nice? Srs/nonsrs

If you had a cat what would you name it? If you have a cat, what is its name?
Favorite thing to buy at the grocery store?

Quick question

Some of you have mentioned in previous posts a program/add-on/extension that will "turn off" your internet access or limit its access so that you can focus on homework. What is that program?
chicken legs
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Have you ever lived in an apartment community with income restrictions?

What's the difference between that, and Section 8 housing?

Edit: How do people who run restricted-income apartment communities benefit? Do they get government kick-backs?
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Did you just throw some kazoo on this bitch? (See kanye's latest tweet if confused).

If I have the option of leaving work early (sometimes we can), should I come home and study or should I stay and study there, even though it'll be infinitely more boring?
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I'm trying to make a playlist with songs about wanting love or wanting to find love, and I need more songs for it. So what are some good songs that address wanting to be in love/wanting a relationship that aren't Disney songs*?

Collapse )

*: not that I don't love Disney songs, but I want to go with the less-than-obvious here.
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what was the last museum you went to?
were there any particularly exciting exhibits or pieces that stuck out? i feel like looking at or reading about interesting stuff.

i went to the brooklyn museum on saturday and really enjoyed it, but i'd seen most of the things there before (hooray for free monthly events).

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What kind of physical shape are you in?

I took four fitness classes in the past week and I have discovered I am in terrible shape. :/

eta: how can I prevent my butt from hurting after sitting on hard bike seats (spin class)? Will I just get used to it?
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

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Poll #1678677 Poll for the ladies

In this scenario, you're pregnant around Jan-Feb. After the Super Bowl, your SO comes home and tells you that he had made a bet with a coworker (Bubba III). If your SO's team won, Bubba would have to buy him a case of his favorite beer. If Bubba's team won, he'd get to name your unborn baby. Well, Bubba won the bet, and your SO is now breaking it to you about the deal, and how Bubba had already started talking about passing on his name. What do you say?

"Well, a bet's a bet. You lost fair and square. I guess we'll just have to get used to having our child named Bubba IV, regardless of gender"
"NO WAY. Tell Bubba he can stuff it"
No words will be spoken, but the heat of a thousand volcanos is boring into his face via my anger-filled glare
"Bubba? Bubba. Bub-ba.. Bub....ba. You know, that's such a good name! OMG this is so fortuitous! We have to name our child Bubba"
"That's it, we're breaking up"