February 6th, 2011

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My bf seems to really loves me but has zero time for me. Its long distance and he doesn't even say I love you once in a while anymore. Is it good to just give him space and when he says he'll talk try to make it good?

I've met him once and then everything changed. He use to do so much and take good time. Bother with me and be there for me. Now nothing but telling me to go away and not even one nice message here and there.

I'm new to relationships so I don't have a clue if this is right. He's just too busy...I'm lost.

Any advice?

EDIT: He says the computer makes it more stressful and he says It'll be way better if we get face to face for good.
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Emergency Dentists - does anyone here have experiences with them? Care to share with me?

I have pretty significant dental phobia stemming from a really terrible root canal a few years ago. I cracked a tooth on...Monday, I guess?, but today it shifted and now I'm in extreme pain and I'm considering either a)going to an emergency dentist or b)begging my regular dentist for an appt. on Monday.

a) I don't even know what going to an emergency dentist entails, or if my insurance covers it. But, my extreme pain will be gone quicker.
b) I like my regular dentist now, but I have anxiety about seeing him because I know he'll give me a hard time for not coming in sooner. Anxiety + depression + extreme fear of dentists is not a fun combo.

So TQC, what would you recommend? Quicker relief at the hand of a (possibly inept) stranger? Or toughing it out and being in pain through the Superbowl tomorrow so that I can go to familiar and nice (but also anxiety inducing) dentist on Monday?
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For those of you with Netflix on your game systems (especially the PS3's) Have you noticed anything weird lately about it?

When I logged into it (up until like a week ago) it took me to the main page. It would show me newest releases and let browse a bunch of different categories. It was simple and I liked it. Now when I log in it will only let me do searches and won't take me back to the main menu. It won't let me add DVD's to my DVD queue and the search part is screwed up. It's off on the left hand side and half of the letters are cut off. It doesn't give me the same menu as it did before, showing the newest releases and so on.

My roommate thinks maybe they did an update? If so, it sucks. If not, how do I fix this?? I really liked Netflix before, but now i'm so frustrated with it I do not want to renew this month.
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1.) Why do you think my cat likes to sleep in the bathroom sink?
Because she is a freak who likes getting water dripped on her. I think. It is truly a mystery.

2.) Which ice cream should I eat: Reese's or Double Chocolate Chip? They are both from Breyer's, and the DCC one is light.
I'm leaning toward Reese's, but if I knew for sure, I wouldn't have to ask.

3.) Do you like the different flavoured Tootsie Rolls, or just the chocolate ones (if you like Tootsie Rolls at all)?
I like the cherry and vanilla ones. And the chocolate ones.

4.) Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect?
I collect sheep.

5.) Do you prefer gloves or mittens?
Gloves, although mittens keep your hands warmer because your fingers share body heat. Or something.
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paying bills the early 20th century way

My son is going on a tour with a school group, arranged by a travel agency. They sent me a bill for the first installment. It has a place to fill in your credit card number and sign and a blank for "amount enclosed." But it does not have a return envelope, so if I want to mail it I get to locate an envelope and a stamp...and also there is no place on their website to pay online.

Of course I'm going to call them up and read them the credit card number over the phone, but I'm kind of surprised that a place handling this much $ is so clumsy in how they collect it. Do travel agencies normally not take online payments?
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Apparently, we had a problem with gunk in our pipes. The problem has been taken care of, but the last time we ran the dishwasher was before we had maintenance check it out. There is a small amount of standing water in the bottom of the dishwasher. Do you think it would be ok if we ran the dishwasher or is this a sign something else is still fucked up?

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I (well, my boyfriend mostly) just made a breakfast dish with scrambled egg, chorizo, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and various spices. I think we made too much for just the two of us, though. Can I store it in the fridge? I don't usually eat eggs so I'm not aware of the storage time after cooking.

What tastes the best the next day?
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You have a second interview scheduled for Thursday. Inclement weather happens and they call to cancel, saying they'll try to reschedule on Friday or Saturday. Sunday comes without a call and it's superbowl Sunday in a state big on sports. Do you call Monday afternoon to inquire about the status of your interview? If no, how long do you wait for them to contact you?

What shampoo do you use?
What's your favorite appetizer?
Does your bedroom light have a dimmer switch? AREN'T THEY AWESOME?
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Do you think that a tqc_anything comm would work or would it die like a lot of the other spinoffs?

If you're not watching the Superbowl today, what are you doing instead?
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Every time I order food, or pick up a take-out order, and am about to sit down and enjoy it, I suddenly have to fucking pee. Not just a little, either, like.. I GOTTA GO NOW. It's really annoying. Do you think it's cause I'm so excited?

Is this like Murphy's Law?

What irritates you?
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Which of 3 things that we have control and choice over has the worst effect on a) ourselves, and b) the planet we inhabit generally? Over-eating (and its related health and social implications), smoking (and its related and social implications) and driving fossil-fuelled cars (and its health and social implications)? (You can be excused the last one if you don't live within reasonable walking distance from work, schools or shops, but what is 'reasonable' will always be debatable).

Edit: Okay, as no-one yet has actually answered what was a serious question (on a site devoted to questions) let me re-word b) even though there is an 'and' in there. Which of the 3 things in a) have the worst effect on b). And yes, we don't have a choice to be here as we are currently on earth writing things on the internet (that part is understood.)

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I joined parenting101 when I had a baby but it's really boring.

would it be a better idea to post all my parenting questions to tqc?

how many of you are parents?

if you're not parents, are you at least "good with kids"?

or more important... do you enjoy judging other parents?

what are some things I should try or avoid doing as a parent?
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 Cooking peoples of TQC, what is your favorite way to make chili?

I am making chili for the Superbowl today, but I'm not sure how I want to do it. I have a usual way (simple, just a bunch of beans, tomatoes, and beef), but I'm trying to make something low on vegetables (my boyfriend is a baby) but still has a lot of flavor.

Alternatively, what did you have for dinner last night?

lol nail polish

This is prob kind a long shot for you guys lol, but... can anyone recommend a nail polish base coat? The only one I've ever even tried SUCKS and makes my nail polish peel off, the whole nail in one piece.

Will you show me the last fun thing you bought (pic and/or link)? Interpret this however you want! Just anything that you wanted, that wasn't a necessity.

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Poor baby...

My cat has a lump on his back that kind of feels like an abscess.

We currently have no cat carrier.

How are we going to get him to the Cat Clinic? (Keep in mind this is a ten-pound cat we're talking about. Typical cat demeanor, too - if he ain't happy, nobody's going to be happy.)

Dunno/Dun care/Dog people: When's the last time you saw a doctor? And why?


what should i watch before i goover to my friend's to watch this silly Super Bowl?

Freaks and Geeks disc 3
The Living Wake
Away We Go

the only one i've seen is Freaks and Geeks, and being a female in her mid 20s, i've obviously seen it a bazillion times. because Freaks and Geeks is amazing. but The Living Wake has Jessie Eisenberg, mmmmmm. but Away We Go has John Krasinski! ugh, decisions.

and screw the bloody toe question, i'm not writing that out again. basically, why the fuck did my pinky toe end up GUSHING BLOOD ALL OVER MY APARTMENT last night after i came in from having a smoke with my roomie right before bed? there's a small gash in it now but i don't remember feeling anything.
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neighborly stuff

Of course we had a blizzard earlier this week, and I have a pretty small snowblower. My husband used that to clear about 75% of the driveway of the 12+ inches of snow and then he went to our other house (that we are desperately trying to sell, so we have to keep it looking nice) to clear that driveway and rake the roof. While he was gone, I went out and attempted to shovel my sidewalks, which is a long process even after a normal snowfall because we live on a big corner lot. The snow banks were already 4 feet high and the drifts had blown in level with the snow banks. Suddenly my neighbor next door appeared with a big snowblower and did one part of the sidewalk, and then my neighbor from across the street, whom I'd never even met before, came over with a monster snowblower the size of a Yugo and cleared all the rest of the sidewalk, which would have taken me about 4 hours on my own. All I did was finish up the driveway, which took about an hour and a half.

1. I think I will be making food as a thank-you. Does this pie seem appropriate for a thank-you gift?

2. Today would be a dumb day to appear with a pie, right? Because if people are even home, they probably have a ton of wings and chili and celebratory beverages (we live in GB Packer country). I should wait to give them this pie, y/y?
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So, like, in trashy romance novels, they always refer to semen as "seed". Isn't it more analogous to pollen? Why don't they call it "pollen"?? Is that less manly-sounding than "seed"?

Pls, let's talk about ridiculous romance novels, yeah? Come on, it will be fun.


what would you do if you met the love of your life but you were already living with someone who you were previously involved with, and they had no where to go? clearly you need to break things off with the other person to be fair, but what do you do if they depend on you completely? you can't kick them out in the street. how long would you give them to get out of your apartment?

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What's the last thing you baked? Will you share the recipe?

I'm baking these right now:

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies.

1 cup Flour.
1/2 cup oatmeal.
1/2 tsp baking soda.
1/2 tsp cinnamon.
little less than 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce.
1/2 cup brown sugar.
1 egg.
1/2 tsp vanilla extract.
1/2 cup pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie mix)
1/2 cup chocolate chips.

Mix together flour, oatmeal, soda, and cinnamon. Set aside. In another bowl, blend brown sugar and apple sauce. Add egg; blend well. Add vanilla and pumpkin puree; mix until blended, then add flour mixture and chocolate chips.

Drop by teaspoonful on cookie sheets; bake at 350 F for 10 to 12 minutes.
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Purely theoretical and in no way constitutes admission of guilt:

Would you....

Drink before work?
Drink at work?
Drink on lunch break, off work premises?
Under RARE circumstances only
Never drink anywhere near work

Have you....

Drunk before work?
Drunk at work?
Drunk on lunch break, off work premises?
Under extenuating circumstances!!!!
Never drunk while at work

Would you....

Use drugs before work?
Use drugs at work?
Use drugs on lunch break off work premises?
Under RARE circumstances
Never mix drugs & work

Have you....

Taken drugs before work?
Taken drugs at work?
Taken drugs on lunch break off work premises?
I swear, I had a good reason!
No way, man

Hilarious, painful, or instructive stories?
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Do you Facebook stalk anyone? 

How many Facebook friends do you have?

For those of you that don't care for the Facebook questions....

Was the last text/call that you received a text/call you were looking forward to?

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Hi Teak Yuicy,

So me and my family have already planned a trip to San Francisco in March (my Spring Break), but my mom would also like to go somewhere for her 1 week vacation in July. I suggested San Diego (went there last year for the first time but we had very little money and were only there for 2 days so we didn't see a whole lot) but my mom sees that as more of a ~weekend place~ for some reason. So, where do you think we should go for her vacation?

We likely can't afford international travel, nor do we even have passports, so it has to be in the US.
We're not big on nature, we greatly prefer exploring cities.

Really good food.
Loads of cultural and historical offerings.
Vibrant Street life.

A few places we've considered: Seattle, Portland and New Orleans.

ETA: THANKS FOR THE SUGGESTIONS EVERYONE. So I'm still keeping Seattle, Portland, and NOLA on that list, but I'll consider Austin and San Juan as well. I'm mostly leaning towards Seattle at the moment though.

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Will you give me some small, funny/cheesy/silly ideas for a valentine's day present? My bf and I don't really do ~serious gifts but I want to send something to his office. Shit Bitch Bear is a possibility rn, but idk I want options!

Alternatively, what have you eaten today?

I've eaten a bowl of cereal, a banana, a chocolate chip cookie, a piece of fried chicken and a bunch of broccoli. om nom nom
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I'm completely alone at my house right now, smack dab in the middle of nowhere and it's creepy dark outside. Should I watch scary movies and get all paranoid-y or watch Disney movies and ignore the creeps?

What's your favourite genre of movie?

What was the last movie you saw? In theatres, Tangled. On tv, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

What was the last movie to scare you? I haven't really been truly scared of a movie since I saw Candyman when I was four, but IT creeped me out.
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What Would You Do?

Do you watch that show? Does it ever make you feel like humanity/society is shit, afterwards?
Have you ever had a What Would You Do moment, and do you feel you acted appropriately?
I had one today, when the guy delivering my Chinese food told me there was a lady lying in the snow who couldn't get up, down the street. So I ran out the door in my PJs and helped her get up and walk down the sidewalk, since she decided to still head to the store anyway. This wasn't that heroic, but I keep hoping to rescue someone some day.
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Hey TQC,

I've been badgered into signing up for an account on StumbleUpon, and their 16-character username limit is proving to make figuring out a username difficult! Which one do you like best:

1) WerdNerd
2) CommaUnsplicer
3) SyntacticBoomstk
4) ProverbialPepper

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Say you own a business, which is located in a large building. You rent the part of the building that your business is located in and there are apartments in the second story of the building. After a large snowstorm, you personally pay for someone to come and clear the parking spots along the side of the road that your customers usually use for parking. The tenants of the apartments park in the spaces that you have paid to have cleared (they do not have their own parking lot or any kind of designated parking spaces). Is there legally anything you can do about this?

My bosses are making a huge stink about this and I pretty much want to tell them just to GTFOver it.
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Will you tell me who you voted for in the last US presidential election? Why did you vote for that candidate? If you didn't vote, why not?

If you're not from the US, did you vote in your last election?

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My boyfriend and I live together at my parent's house right now. His mom hates me with a passion, but for absolutely no reason (or at least no legitimate reason, she won't tell him what her reasoning is). Today, he went over there for dinner since his brother is visiting from California. He asked her tonight why she hated me and she replied: "she and her family have betrayed me and I will never love her." A little harsh considering my family certainly hasn't done anything wrong and neither have I. At first I thought it was because he was living here but she's been super harsh and hating me for long before that.

TQC, what is her problem?
Do I even try to have a relationship with her anymore, or should I just say fuck it after that comment she made? 

Please tell me some of you out there have bad relationships with your in-laws or SO's parents? D:

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I just saw my first episode of Glee, and there was zombies on it.

I'm convinced it's that zombie series people keep talking about

When's George Romero going to put singing zombie linebackers into his movies?

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Recommend me to some in-ear headphones?
Dr. Dre sells for brand name, Bose are too ugly,
Something that's customizable and has quality sound...

what kind of headsets do you use?

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are having a party and conveniently, all the members of TQC happen to live within twenty minutes of you!
Who will you invite? (Numbers are entirely up to you, it's your party after all...)

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Is there currently anything or anyone you are jealous of?

I'm jealous that my mom is in Vegas having fun. I used to live there and I want to go back!

Do you like pieces of candy in your ice cream or milkshake? What about bubble-gum?

I feel like it's an obstacle!

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Do you wear fur?

Do you judge people who do?

Does it matter how the fur was obtained - ie. given as a gift, bought new, bought second hand?

I have some very angry vegan friends who abuse everyone for eating meat, but are okay with wearing fur that they buy second hand because it's "recycling", and they think if the animal has to die then it at least shouldn't go to waste, and by wearing the second hand fur they are not actively or financially supporting the fur trade.

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Calling all males in tqc:

What kind of wallet do you have, if any? Regular folding, billfold, etc?

Or for you girls, what kind of wallets do the men in your lives carry?

I'm asking because I got the wallet pictured in the cut for my SO as a V-day gift, but not sure how most guys would find wallets that require him to fold bills?

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I'm half asleep. I have 3 one page essays due for my online classes tomorrow. Should I go to bed now and write them tomorrow and maybe skip my morning class or tough it out and half ass them right now?
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Where is your favorite place to get gifs? I am in desperate need of a gif collection that is currently nonexistent.

DK/DC? What was the last thing you drank/ate? (pizza/soda for me, \o/)

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I work at a furniture store. We're more or less an outlet. Nothing we sell comes with a waranty unless you buy it seperatly. When we first opened (8 years ago) we didn't allow ANY returns. Since then we've given customers 7 days, with the stipulations that accessories (wall art, lamps, knick-naks, mattress pad/covers, etc) CANNOT be returned. We explain it to you and have you sign a from stating you understand this.

Today a customer came in and tried to return a mattress pad. Nope. She said, and I quote, "So what? You expected me to READ the signs?" my jaw dropped. Nah, we just put them up ALL OVER THE STORE (and state the return policy on the bottom of every reciept) for shit and giggles.

What's the last thing that caused you to go "Really?"