February 5th, 2011

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So, I'm currently in the planning stage of a trip from St. Louis to Dallas (and back) the first weekend in March.  My car won't make it and it's too expensive to fly, so I'm considering renting a car.  Have any of you ever experienced a driving-out-of-state fee?  From what car company?  How much was it?  If you haven't had one (because it wasn't charged, not because you stayed in the state), which company did you use?  I'm already facing an under-25 fee, and I'm worried that this is going to end up being so expensive I should have just flown in the first place, especially since it's almost 1500 miles round trip.  That said, is there something else I should be considering?

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If you had to move to a new city or town and live there for the next 5 years, how would you decide where to move? What would be your top criteria?
What kind of place would you choose?

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1. Are you sick?

I am! I basically have no voice right now and I keep hacking up green phlegm. The doctor told me it looks like I have a "mixed bag" of flu/bronchitis/strep.

I haven't been sick for a year and then I get fucking punched in the face by illness! wtf.

2. What's the worst cold/flu/whatever you've ever had?

Come to the fair(e?)

Have you ever been to a Medieval or Renaissance Faire? I'm writing a story in which four friends go to one. I've always found them kind of intriguing but I've never been.

What are your favorite parts? What were you surprised by? What did you eat? What activities did you take part in?

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TQC. I have a sore throat and am sucking Merocaine lozenges to help soothe it. The only problem is, I have not mastered the art of these, so I either suck too far back on my throat and nearly choke, or I end up with a really numb tongue and still a sore throat. What is the skill to these lozenges?

dk/dc: best sore throat cure?

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whats a safe *free* movie site to watch movies? specifically Shawshank Redemption?
*edit* i just signed up for netflix

whats was the last really good movie you saw?
whats your favorite movie?
will you suggest me some movies?

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I've been dizzy off and on for the past two days. I went to the doctor. She drew blood and ran a bunch of tests, and everything came back normal. I am in near perfect health. I have recently had an MRI for other reasons, and nothing is wrong in my head. The doctor said my dizziness could be caused by a cold - I have a slightly stuffy nose and some drainage, but nothing I would even call a cold yet - and told me to take some Claritin.

So I come to you, TQC. Can you think of any other reason I might be dizzy? I can't seem to relate it to anything. It just happens while I'm sitting stationary in a chair. I feel like I'm moving when I'm not. Have you ever been dizzy with just a slight cold?

And please, srs answers only. I have severe hypochondria and even joking suggestions can trigger panic.

ETA: I have also had my ears checked, and they were clear.

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Have you ever volunteered to be a Big Brother or Big Sister?
Can you tell me about your experience?

I have my interview this morning, and they said it was really personal, how personal is "really personal"?

DK/DC: Are you having a good morning (or whatever time of day it is where you are)?

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God, how come no one told me Special K red berries was so good? I thought it'd have those dried strawberries and that the cereal part would taste like cardboard or even that the strawberries wouldn't even be real at all.

I bought a box on a whim!


What did you have for breakfast today?

The cereal was the end of my breakfast. I'd already consumed two yogurts and apple sauce two waffles and some raspberry lemonade. So hard to find something satisfying. D;

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what do you think about girls who always have their boobs popping out of their shirts/have massive cleavage showing?

ETA: more specifically, girls who post provocative and boobalicious pictures of themselves on facebook.

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Do you pile your clothes everywhere instead of hanging them up?

Is there some secret to not having mountains of clothes all over my room?


Has anyone else been messy for their entire life? Sunday will be 23 years of messy for me. :D
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GUYS! I'm gonna be on television! WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?
I have jeans and nice tops, a solid purple dress with a couple black cover-ups to choose from, and a dress that is more flattering for my figure, but has a print on it. Both dresses would be worn with either black or gray leggings and brown ankle-length boots. Alternatively, please suggest something I could get for around $30 that will fit a fat chick. I WOULD TAKE PICS OF WHAT I HAVE BUT MY CAMERA SUCKS.
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Have you ever been on TV?

What are you excited for?
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Do you feel like you understand the conflict going on between Palestinians and Jews in the West Bank?

Because I'm watching a thing on it now and I think I understand it even LESS than I did before, which was barely at all.

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do you like carbonated water (ie: perrier?)

for those of you who have a knowledge of a second language, or if english is your second language, are there some words you just automatically use the foreign word, and you have to think of the english word before using it in coversation or writing? (example:  i always call carbonated "frizzante"  which is like carbonated in italian, and i always have to think of the english word before i say it/write it)
nana smoking

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Have you/do you know anyone who has worked the kids' parties scene as some kind of character? What was it like and how hard is it to get into?
Would you ever work as a kids' entertainer?
Should I try to apply to be a Disney princess for parties?

DK/DC: What was your best/worst memory with any kind of person in a costume?
Julia Murney

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 When was the last time you were in hysterics, either for good or bad? 

one of my thongs was stuck to my dad's work uniform that he almost wore to work this morning. I'm legit dying omg ahahahahahahahaha

Do you often have clothes stick together? 

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What are some good, vegetarian and cheap options for lunches that don't need to be reheated?

My office is in an old building and there are concerns about a microwave blowing fuses or whatever.

Or if you know a lot about electric things, could you explain why a microwave won't overload the circuit so I can convince my company to get one anyway?

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 I'm 21, junior in college, technically "Dependent" (i'd claim Independent if I could?) but i pay for all my own expenses and tuition. Is there any sort of extra tax credits or such things I can claim for in my income taxes? I've done my own taxes for the past 3 years now and I'm always feeling like I could get more if i just knew about things. Is there anything besides the normal income withheld amount that I'm entitled to?
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My former co-worker gave it to me a year ago, and I'm still trying to figure out wtf it is. If it's supposed to hold pens, it's too small for that (I can fit in, like, two), so... I dunno, suggestions? Srs/non srs acceptable.

What are you eating for dinner tonight?
I'm making penne alla vodka + salad for a double date tonight!
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Master chefs of TQC, would this recipe be a total disaster without the orange juice and wine, and with less butter?

If so, what can I do with a chicken breast without going to the store? I have eggs, bread crumbs, brown sugar, vegetable oil, half a stick of butter, cream of mushroom soup, sweet & sour sauce, and not much else.

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say you have a friend that you're in love with. this person is BAD for you and will only break your heart in the end. you have three choices; which one do you choose?

1. delete person from your phone, email list, and social networking sites with no explanation, and ignore all of their attempts to contact you afterwards.

2. give them a brief explanation as to why you are deleting them from your many forms of contact, and then go on to do it.

3. leave everything as is, respond cordially to their messages/calls, but begin to slowly distance yourself and weed them out of your life.

4. some other option? please explain.

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I'm going to a convention in the US later on in the year. I just got my registration card through the post and it says I need to bring state issued ID.

Do you think my British passport will do?

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Today during mass we had a young priest, and while he was singing one of the prayers his voice cracked, and i had to suppress some giggles.
When was the last time you got the church giggles?
i.e. wanting to laugh in a place situation where it would be really inappropriate to do so, which makes it even harder not to laugh, and then you think you're over it, but then you get aftershocks... this happens to me way too much.

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what the hell.
my city is apparently having a flash-blizzard/snow storm thing right now. weird.  i swear it was sunny a couple of hours ago, now i cant see across the street.

what are you doing now everyone?

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I am throwing a Valentine's Day party on 14th February. I'm making little loot bags for all my guests because I think it's cute.

I have pink and strawberry condoms, sweethearts candies, foil covered chocolate hearts and heart shaped lollipops.

What else would you want in a loot bag from a Valentine's Day party?

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drunk whats up

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i got a text message from my friend saying "omg blew a .14 at 5am this morning, fucked up the alphabet, did the roadside olympics in heels, all while driving on a suspended license that i didn't even know about, and all i got was a speeding ticket"
(here the legal limit is .08)

is she full of shit, or is she full of shit?

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lets say you are in high school or even out of high school and your mom/dad is dating one of your past teachers. how do you feel?

inspired by a girl i know whos past teacher and who was also my teacher is dating her mom. she said she felt really awkward in her own house when he slept over.

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i really need braces and my teeth have been shifting a LOT the past 2 months and it's now really uncomfortable to have my mouth closed or eat. i've also found my jaw muscles are constantly sore. i don't have insurance so i can't get braces right now, and i don't have the money for a regular trip to the dentist. do you think taking an over the counter pain killer would help me? like excedrin or something? i can't have ibuprofen.
what was the last part of your body to hurt?

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My friend and I are going to a gaming theme part (Pokemon, Mario etc) and don't know what to go as!
We have the standard student clothes one would expect.
Any good ideas? Couple ones would be good.
ETA: apparently people are also doing board games.

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whenever i watch comedies where the main characters are supposed to be in high school, but it's so obvious that they're 25 in real life, i wonder how much different it would be if they were played by actual high-school aged kids with braces and zits, lol.

what is something you wonder?

french toast...

Have you ever made French toast with eggbeaters?  How did that turn out?  I want to make that for our big breakfast tomorrow, but I am out of real eggs.
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I've lived in California all of my life and at 22 I'm barely discovering the many awesome things it has to offer like Palm Springs, LA museums, San Francisco and its bridge and of course Disneyland...
What state do you live in and what is so awesome about it? Why do tourist visit your state?

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I know we see this question fairly often, but who do you hate irrationally?

I can't stand Lea Michelle.

Or, what is a band that you love that you think very few other people are familiar with? Let TQC prove you wrong!

Mine is Twilight Singers
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Do you remember...what was trending at your high school? What year?

Everyone at my HS were obsessing over boat shoes 2000-2003.

Unrelated: Where did you like living the most? Why? (That is if you've ever moved out of your hometown.)
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Have you ever fallen in love with someone who wasn't your type (either physically, emotionally, or both)?
Did it work out?

Has a friend of yours ever fallen in love with you?
Did you reciprocate those feelings?
☎ pancakes


So, I live in a house with two girls. I've lived here for seven months by myself, until these two girls moved in in December. I have been (secretly) looking for a new apartment ever since then. One of the girls is the owner (she's 31), but she wasn't living here when I moved. The other is 24 and she recently lost her job. I'm 22, for reference.

31 is passive aggressive. She constantly leaves spiteful little notes when she wants something done. While I was gone over Christmas, she went in my room and cleaned. I left it a bit of a mess, which is very unusual for me, as she knows. So I told her it was all fine, but asked her to please not go in my room again without my permission. Yesterday she left me a note telling me to vacuum my room.

Is it okay for me to leave her a passive aggressive note back telling her: "Hey, thanks for the reminder, but I already vacuumed my room. I can do it again if you want."? If not, what should I do/say?

Keep in mind that, while I want to move, it is frigid winter, my family doesn't live in the area, and I will probably not be able to move for another 2 months. I do not have a lease.

tl;dr - My housemate is a bitch, should I be a bitch back? Or should I be nice because 1) I have to live here with her for two months, and 2) she owns the fucking house. HELP.
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A Fair Price?

So, I am cleaning out my overflowing abode and am getting rid of a loveseat and chair that are in decent condition - they've barely been sat on and have been used as a junk depository for the last two years.

Aside from my brat cats trying to use one side of the loveseat as a scratching post, the upholstery is in good shape.  (The scratching is not that bad, but it is noticeable if you look at it.)

They are Flexsteel frames from Broyhill - I know that as part of the full set, they were worth some $$ new.

Now, ten years later, what do you think would be a fair price for them?

Am I wrong in thinking that $250 is too low?

DK/DC:  Do you have snow on the ground?  If so, how much and are you sick of the snow yet?
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Does anyone have a link to that picture of the guy who accidentally texts his mom a dirty text and she tells him something about how he needs to date a girl with a different name? It's an iphone screencap, I wanted to show my boyfriend. Found it, ty! :)

My boyfriend and I are sitting next to each other. What can we do online together that isn't a game?
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For those who use or have used online dating sites:
What's the first thing you look at when going through profiles? First for me is always the user name. If it's trying too hard to be clever, I don't even bother. Then the picture, and then the 'about' blurb. I think the site's estimation of how well we'd match is the last thing I consider.

For those who don't:
What's the last book you read that you liked?

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Does anyone here receive child support? Do you actually get it every month?

My ex is about $3700 behind on child support payments (he was supposed to start paying in August 2009, but I haven't gotten one single payment). His mom told me at work yesterday, "Yeah, *ex* just filed his 2009 and 2010 taxes yesterday and it's kinda funny. He actually thinks he's getting all this money back. I'm betting it's all going to you for all the child support he owes you."

So if someone owes child support and they file their taxes, do they automatically take it out and send it to the person that's supposed to receive it? Since he obviously owes more than his tax return would be, would they send it all to me, or just a certain amount/percentage?

He's the kind of person that is like "HELL YEAH FREE MONEY I'M GONNA BLOW IT ON STUPID, EXPENSIVE SHIT" and NGL, I'm hoping I get it all so I can be like "LOL NO MONEY FOR YOU, DUMMY!"
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What would you do if you saw someone on FB post a message like this?

debbie harry

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My guy friends keep trying to set me up with someone every time me and, the person i was dating at the time break up.

Have you ever been set up on a date by a friend?

How did things go?

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probably a long shot, but does anyone know of a way to save all the pictures in a facebook album at once? i've googled but didn't find anything.

dk/dc: what's for breakfast tomorrow?