February 4th, 2011

Sword man


Why are you all so fucking against the tickies?!

I am inherently horrible person
I hate life
There is only One True Way, and TQC must choose
I wish to suck the soul out of all things fun and worthwhile
I want to be reincarnated as a cockroach
I am an eagle typing with my talons and it is hard for me to change the poll options
I am a demon sent to earth to make you miserable
I have a pathological fear of tickies
I do not deserve the honour of the tickies

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Is anyone else having a problem with AT&T today?

I have a prepaid phone, and it will make calls, recieve calls, and recieve texts, but will not let me send texts, it just keeps saying "sending" for hours and hours on end. And I have service, cause I am at my house in the same spot I'm always in. This is making me rage.

EDIT: I turned it off for awhile and it decided to work haha. thanks though
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What are your favorite fruits to add to oatmeal? I've been adding apples, strawberries, raspberries, and mango and I want to try something else.

What else do you like to add to oatmeal? Especially more unusual or just nontraditional foods that I may not have had before!

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My boyfriend and I just got into a big argument. Admittedly, it was more me yelling/being mad at him, but (mostly) for things I feel justified for. Anyway, I started crying and he fell asleep during our argument (we were lying in bed). I've been crying for 30 minutes now and I'm still upset and angry and have no idea what to do.

TQC, what do I do? And what about in the morning--do I bring it up, or do I just forget about it? I don't want to argue any more in the morning but I have a feeling it'll still be on my mind.

When was the last big fight you had? >:|
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Ever manage to eat something before the food you're microwaving goes off?

I managed to eat some waffles before my pasta warmed up. They were great.

How long have you ever left left-overs in the Fridge... and if it was for a long time, did you still eat them? Before or after sniffing it for ~freshness~

(no subject)

Has coffee ever given you or someone you know a panic attack?

I almost never drink coffee but I had one and a half mugs of coffee tonight at work because I'm tired. Now I feel all weird and panicky. :( 

(no subject)

USAers, would you vote for Donald Trump for president? He's thinking about running, if you haven't heard.

I have a completely messed up sleep schedule, seeing as it's almost 3:30am and I'm not tired enough to go to sleep. How do i fix this? Drugs? What's your sleep schedule like?

(no subject)

Have you ever lost an argument online and wound up looking like a total idiot?

Brought to you buy the fact that I should be banned from the internet after midnight, for all the total shit that I type when I get tired.

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When was the last time you were really really relieved?

A new guy started at work the other day and for the whole of the afternoon I kept smelly death farts which I just assumed were coming from him and I was so pissed off. When I found out it was another colleague's dog who was hiding under the table, words can't describe how relieved I was.
  • jira_rd

(no subject)

What are the most annoying questions that get asked all the time besides "What should I eat" and "Should I skip class"?

What are the questions you wish people would post but don't?
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(no subject)

I'm going to a semi-potluck tonight, I'm bringing my brie covered in garlic and honey.

I should bring things to put the brie ON, right? Should I bring crackers (I already have those) or a baguette (need to buy that shit)?
  • suzeyy

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What's your favourite way to start a conversation with a stranger? With an acquaintance?

Usually I comment on something that has just happened. For example, how did you do on that test?

Do you usually start conversations or wait for others to? (That sounds awkwardly phrased, lol.)

Usually I wait for the other person, but I'm trying to start approaching people first.
  • knittas

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Hello! I see that there is an iron chef question down there, but this is a top chef question!

A bunch of friends and I are going to play top chef this weekend. We decided that there needs to be some sort of theme tying the plates together. (everyone is just making one, but this will avoid a do whatever you want sort of thing)

Do you have an idea for a theme I could choose for everyone?

Or, the other option is to pick an ingredient everyone has to use. What is your suggestion for that?

Do you think a ten dollar limit at the grocery store is too small?
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(no subject)

A girl in one of my classes at university decided to buy concert tickets for our teacher's birthday, "from the class". An email was sent out to everyone in the class, assuming/forcing their compliance by saying to bring $3 to pay her back, because so far it was out of her own pocket, and it would only work "if everyone chipped in". A reminder email was sent out today, saying that she'd like to buy groceries soon and to not forget to pay her back.

What do you think of this? I'm not really obligated to pay her back, am I? Sure, it's only $3, and I'll probably pay it back with my teacher in mind, but I'm kind of annoyed at how they're going about it.

(no subject)

What kind of a mood are you in right now? 

I'm in a bad mood now even though the weekend is only 2 hours away.    I am actually kind of pissed at a co-worker though.  He didn't feel like doing a part of his job so I have to deal with the consequences of that because it ultimately created more work for me.  It's is also disappointing some of our students who I feel have been let down.   You know what lazy co-worker?  It may not seem like it now, but down the road, this is going to hurt us all! 

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Do you attend a gym? If so, what are your membership rates and what sort of benefits (classes, equipment, etc) do you receive?

My boyfriend and I just took a tour of a gym in town and I really like it, but I've never had experience with gyms before so I'm wondering if it's a fair rate.

For a couple, we'd be paying a $100 enrollment fee and then $40 a month after that, for 16 months. The 16 months isn't in a contract or anything, so we can cancel at any time. We would have access to all the gym equipment, hot tubs, saunas, and it's free for me to attend any classes (aerobics, zumba, karate, whatever). What do you think, TQC?
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Help Me Cook, TQC

I have ground beef or turkey breast. What can I make with them? (preferably gluten and dairy free, but I'm decent at substituting.)

DK/DC: Why do people always use DK/DC?

ETA: The meatloaf recipe is too awesome to pass up. Thanks! :D

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I have a male friend (I'm female) who has spent the last two weeks or so constantly texting me. Literally, we'll stay up till ridiculous hours replying to each other. But then the other day he suddenly stopped replying and then made some weird excuse that I know wasn't true. I checked over and I can't have accidentally offended him or anything so what the hell just happened, TQC?!
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(no subject)

So I want a set of laptop speakers, preferably one that will also connect to my iPod. I dunno anything about brand or price or anything, or even if this is possible... What do you guys have or what do you recommend?
  • kaeorin

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I want to buy some candy/snack things from Amazon, but there's too much of a selection! Will you help me decide?

What are some of your favorite uncommon candies/snacks?
(I can just buy regular stuff from the store...)

For those who DGAF about tasty candies, what was the last fun thing you got in the mail?

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I live in New England, and last night it was about 15 degrees. I went to a Wal Mart and saw a father and mother carrying in a 3 year old girl. She was wearing a jacket, but had no hat, no scarf, and no mittens. It was 15 degrees out and she was 3 years old!!

When we got into the store, I noticed that her skin was really translucent but kind of had a bluish tint and she was screaming at the top of her lungs. I saw her mom, and it seemed like maybe she wasn't completely mentally capable, but the dad seemed fine.

I couldn't help but be angry, was I over-reacting? Since she wasn't my daughter, should I really care? Or should I have said something to someone, seeing as the litle girl was obviously cold and there may have been other issues?
  • l3antha

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TQC, I have jury duty on Monday. What are some ridiculous ways I could get out of being selected for a case?

If I throw a fit about not wanting to swear on the bible, and how I am a godless heathen, they'll let me go, right?

Non-srs, obvs. I actually would totally love to get on a case. I think it would be interesting, and I've never been selected before, so yeah.

Will you share your jury duty experiences?
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If you use MSN, has it been acting really weird for you?

I've been having this issue the last couple of weeks where if I just close my laptop (rather than shutting down my computer) when I open it again and my MSN signs itself back in I don't receive any of the messages I may have gotten after I closed my laptop. I won't get the messages until after I have restarted my computer, even if I talk to them before that.

What up wit dat?

(no subject)

does anyone else feel like absolute shit?

i have strep throat  and an ear infection for the first time since i was a kid, and i forgot how much it sucks.   way to let me down immune system.  :(

  • feeeny

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will you please help me decide what to do with my life tonight? keep in mind that i've been working and going to school full time all week and am fucking exhausted.

1. go to a birthday party 20 minutes away. this would require me to spend the night with a friend because i don't like to drink and drive.

2. help one of my bff's move, become rewarded with beer and pizza. i wont feel bad if i don't do this since i helped her pack a shit load of stuff already, aka her entire kitchen and bedroom. also, a bunch of our other friends are there helping her too. this would also require me to spend the night since she often guilts me into doing so, plus i will be drinking.

3. answer one of my other friend's text message of "what are you doing tonight? i want to do something." we would probably end up going to the bar with some other people as usual.

4. stay home with netflix for the wii, smoke a few bowls, eat some pizza, and sleep in my own glorious bed with my cozy kitties.

what are you doing tonight?

(no subject)

I just found out that I can download the 1992 version of Super Mario Kart right to my Wii!
Does anyone else have it? More importantly, can I just use my Wii controller to play it?

dk/dc: chocolate or vanilla cupcakes?
mystery men

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I have...

Frozen ground beef
Frozen chicken breasts
Fresh broccoli and cauliflower
Baby carrots
A variety of spices
Items such as soups (broccoli and mushroom), chicken broth, and a variety of noodles. We also have basic baking supplies, bisquick etc.

What should I make for supper? Bonus if its something I can freeze the rest of and reheat another day.
  • kmeghan


so, the weirdo I went out with a few weeks ago, emailed and asked me if I'd like to go to The Vagina Monologues with him and if the concert I am going to with a friend is something he would be interested in (so I'm thinking he's inviting himself along?)

I'm think I need to write a 'go away weirdo' email back right?  I have no interest in a relationship with him....how do you let someone down?  I don't ever need to see him again, we don't live in the same town. 
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For those of you who use tumblr, do you have a style to it? Do you post certain types of pictures? Queue loads throughout the day? Or just use it however you feel like it?

Feel free to whore out your tumblrs too, I guess.

If not, what do you think of Twitter?

i'm having ~~anxiety

TQC, what makes you feel nostalgic, aka old?

i started listening to The Shins when i was 15, and it seriously feels like yesterday, and i'm going to be 25 this year. i want to diiie. seriously, i wish you guys could see my face right now. i'm so upset. i've already started drinking. i haven't done a GD thing with my life.

BONUS QUESTION: will you tell me something to postpone my quarter-life crisis, like, i dunno, about your day? TQC PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING TO KEEP ME FROM FINDING A WAY TO MY ROOF OR DIE TRYING(which would be my ultimate goal, anyway).
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So TQC I have a question. I have a chicken breast that I'm gonna pan-fry in some pasta sauce and garlic-herb marinade. However, I don't know how long to panfry it and what temperature (low/med/high?). Looking it up gives me answers like "until it's done". So, how long should I pan-fry a boneless 6 ounce chicken breast in minutes and how hot? It's thawed, if that helps.

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What should I snack on right now?

Sweet Potato
Kettle Corn
Hot Chocolate
Chocolate Pudding
Peach Yogurt
That is all of the food I currently have.

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Okay, TQC. From my previous post about the gym, my boyfriend and I joined tonight! We went ahead and worked out for a bit more than an hour, just going around seeing what all machines there were and trying some things out. I got on the elliptical but holy shit it kicked my ass and I could only do it for ~5 minutes. I'm out of shape! I got on a stationary bike and went 1.5 miles, then did some strength stuff for my arms (rowing machine, etc) and then another 2.5 miles on the treadmill. I think I burned approximately 350 calories.

My goal is to lose ~15 pounds by May. My boyfriend and I are also trying to eat better (no more fast food, lots of veggies, etc) so my eating habits will change as well. I'm currently 140 lbs and almost 5'8". I think we're going to try to go the gym at least 5 times a week. I can do whatever on the machines, and I also have access to zumba and aerobics classes on the weekdays.

Will you fitness-savvy people help me out? How many calories are "good" to burn while at the gym? I really don't know where to begin. :\ How do I do this?

(no subject)

For the last couple of years, my emotions have steadily gotten to the point where I can't feel much. I mean anger and annoyance I feel but I physically feel incapable of feeling empathy and true love/caring towards anybody. It's not just typical "I'm an asshole" type not caring either. I want to care. It's not just with people, either. I feel it with fictional characters as well, which I think may be why I have such a hard time writing now. Is this a symptom of depression or is something else wrong with me? Is this something to consult a shrink about?
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Have you ever been to the store "5 Below"?

What was your last impulse purchase?

Have you ever used a Bumpit?

Is a Snuggie worth $5? They had them at the store today but I wasn't sure...I was very tempted though.

I went to 5 Below today and bought Pan's Labyrinth, Atonement, and Bumpits. I can't stop laughing at myself/my hair with the Bumpit, but man, I always wanted to try them for some reason! I'm sure I'll get $5 worth of usage out of them. Even if I just use the little front one every once in awhile.
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I used to think Obama and Osama were the same person (back when Obama was first gaining fame).

What are some embarrassing things you or someone you knew used to think?
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Is anyone watching Face Off - the movie makeup reality contest show?

Some of these people are really good and I enjoy seeing crazy shit people come up with.

(no subject)

do you get disproportionately upset when your roommate comes home?

i do. i want to live alone but i can't afford to nor do i think i should. but i get all anxious and hate when she comes home. she's not even that bad a roommate. i just want to be alone at home.
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Steak and Eggs and Eggs and Steak

I don't know if anyone will remember, but last week I posted about how to best work out on a treadmill with bad hips and knees. My parents had my brother bring in our Gazelle that's been sitting outside in the weather for about six months. It squeaks and the metal looks rusty, but it seems to move and hold up just fine.

I know many of you suggested an elliptical because of my joint issues, but should I continue to use the treadmill at a slow pace three times a week? I don't feel like I'm getting as much out of the Gazelle as I do the treadmill since I'm setting my own pace and not keeping up with the machine moving itself.

Do you prefer to work out with others or alone?

What's the best way to keep motivated when you don't feel like working out?

Do you cook tv dinners in the microwave or the oven?
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It's 11pm on a Friday night and it feels much later than it really is. The folks on Jersey Shore would just now be going out to the clubs.


(no subject)

1. I'm trying to find a term:

In sculpture, one is sculpting, or to sculpt. In painting, it is to paint. In photography, one photographs, is photographing. And so on. So what it is for ceramics (wheel thrown pottery)?

I would like to say: "I really enjoy pottery" or "I like to ____________."

2. When taking a ceramics class in college we talked briefly about kilns. There was one that was mentioned that seemed, at it's very basics, to be like an underground fire pit. Is this such a thing and what is it called?