February 3rd, 2011

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I have nothing at all to do from now until next Wednesday afternoon except for a few hours on Sunday. Besides spending all day on the internet, how should I spend my time? I want to take advantage of not having any homework or studying to do something that will take up all my time that I wont be able to do later when I'm busier.

What kind of food should I bake this week?

Did you know it was February? I forgot.

Also no one knew if this was possible this last time I asked, but maybe today I'll have better luck! Is there any way to find out what communities you used to be a member of? If not on LJ, a website that archives old pages? I tried the way back machine but it doesn't seem to work with LJ.


TQC, I have been talking to this guy for awhile, but we haven't had a chance to hang out, hang out yet. He wants to take me out on a date but I have never been out on a date with someone I am not already dating!

Will you tell me about your first date stories?
Any good first date ideas?
What are some things I should DEFINITELY do on a first date?
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Does anyone know any SQL and can give me a hand with a dumb question? NM, I figured it out.

What is your favorite kind of vampire?

What was the last movie you saw in the theater? Did you like it? (I saw True Grit and it was good!)

What did you have for dinner? (I made beef stew)

Why does Andrew Zimmern eat such nasty things??

Do you like scented candles? Which flavor?
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Hopefully someone is awake...

I was supposed to get my car detailed at 8am. It's 6:37 am... it snowed a bunch yesterday and my driveway isn't shovelled. Schools are closed. I should just not get it done today and instead wait a month (I booked a second appointment just in case the snow was awful), right?

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Should I go to my "Fitness Walking" class today? AKA, change into workout clothes, speed-walk 2 miles, change back, leave.

-It's at 11:25 am. I have a class at 9:30 am that I am going to.
-My stomach hurts terribly and my throat is sore and I can't breathe.
-It's fucking cold outside and I don't feel like changing into anything less warm than what I'm wearing to my regular class.
-The teacher/coach doesn't take attendance so it doesn't affect me grade-wise whether I show up or not.

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I want to make sure I choose the correct word here. I'm describing someone who doesn't feel sorry for you when you're hurt by something. She doesn't try to understand your misery and instead just talks about herself. She gets jealous when you're doing something fun, instead of being happy for you. Does she have trouble with sympathy, empathy, or neither?

Which is it?


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What is the humidity where you are? It's 89 here.

Does humidity make it feel hotter for pets? I was thinking perhaps not, because it makes people feel hotter due to less sweat evaporation, as far as I know, and since most pets don't sweat, this shouldn't be an issue.
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down with the sickness

TQC, I have the plague. Well, some kind of stomach bug anyway.

I have no light food or drinks in the house. all I have is water. Is there anything I can do (besides sleep, I just got up from sleeping for 12 hours) until my husband comes home with gatorade & crackers in 3 hours?
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Has a song been ruined for you? Which? Why?

I laugh every time I hear Simon & Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence" because of the scene in Old School when a tranquilized Will Ferrel almost drowns in the pool.

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I just downloaded some podcasts, and my iPhone won't let me listen to them, it keeps on saying "no content" when I know all the podcasts finished downloading, also the iPod app won't let me even select the "more" button/section and I know that's where you can choose to listen to them.

Help? Is there something I am missing?
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I'm really not loving my job, but it's my first "real" one (and by real, I mean career-type of job). I've been working here since early October 2010. As long as I'm not completely miserable, should I suck it up and stay for at least a year? Does it look bad on the resume if you are only at a job for a couple of months?
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Should I kick myself for putting off my paper that's due tomorrow?

Should I stay up all night to finish it or try to cram it all into a few hours?

Should I attempt to do laundry here (about two and a half feet of snow to trump through to get to the laundry room) or drive to a laundromat (easier, but gives me nothing to do while I wait for laundry to finish)

Donut and cereal or eggs and bacon  and raisin bread?
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If you were going to a specific companies' job fair, would you splurge and print your resume/other stuff on fancy resume paper, or would you stick with regular printer paper?

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 So TQC in the next half hour I need to exercise. What should I do? I have access to pilates, jillian micheals 30 day shed, Exercise TV, and Pretty much anything downloadable. Im looking for something about 30 minutes. 

Whats your favorite exercise? 
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My girlfriend is looking for a kid's dvd and I'm not coming up with anything on google. Does anyone recognize this?

"A is for arch, B is for bend, C is for...we don't remember. etc etc etc etc.
T is for tiptoe? U is for undulate. etc. etc.

Then there's a color march. No cartoons, no adult hosts, just a whole lotta kids."

Do you have Google-Fu? Usually I do, but this stumped me.

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I just heard one of my classmates say that since people pronounce opossum like "possum", he assumed that for any word starting with an o the o was silent.

Have you ever done anything like that before?
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Your body has reverted itself back to the body you had 10 years ago.
What would you change about your appearance?
What would your loved ones think?
How hard would it be for you to get into a restricted movie?

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Sorry if a question concerning this was already asked, but what is your take on the journalists being attacked in Egypt?  
Do you think that they deserved to be attacked?  They willfully put themselves in that position so they know they are going into the line of fire after all.    
Do you support them being over there in the thick of it or do you think that all non-Egyptian journalists and the like need to get out?  

ETA:  Let me clear this up:    I don't think anybody deserves to be attacked either.  Let me put my word choice into context so it makes more sense anyway.

I read an article on Yahoo (I really should stop reading those) and many of the comments basically said the they did deserve it because they were  "dumb" to be there in the first place.

Does that help?
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Can you recommend a credit card to a newbie? I am trying to build credit as I am a lowly student with no credit. Right now the A&T Universal card is looking pretty decent but I am full of self-doubt.
Also, any tips? I already plan to use it only for textbooks and/or groceries, to never spend more than I can pay off in a month, and to keep my charges at no more than 50% of my credit limit.

Any credit card horror stories?
Any GOOD credit card experiences?

dk/dc: can I see your last.fm?
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You may have heard, there was a BLIZZARD in Chicago this week.

I'm a teacher. My school called off school both Wednesday and Thursday. There will probably be school tomorrow.

a) If you were a student, would you come in for just this one day and then have the weekend off? Or would you just stay home?

b) Should I take the day off? My car is snowed in the garage. We tried digging it out, but there is nowhere to put the snow, so it's there for a while. I can find other ways to get to work, but it would be a pain.

Ladies of TQC

If you take hormonal birth control and experience breakthrough bleeding, do you have to use an extra form of birth control as backup until it stops? Will the pill be less effective if there's breakthrough bleeding?

The little booklet that came with my pills discusses breakthrough bleeding, but doesn't say anything about this.

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I just got a $100 Amazon gift card as a going-away gift from my work. I want to splurge on a bunch of Kindle books that have been on my wishlist forever, but I also know that money might get a bit tight in the next few weeks and feel guilty just buying myself pleasure items. What are some more practical things I can get from Amazon that would practical but still be fun too?

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Are there any movies you thought you wouldn't like but when you seen them, you liked/loved them?

Mine are the Resident Evil and Bourne movies.

Is anyone excited for The Strokes new album coming out next month?!
Older Men.
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So my boyfriend bought TWO chocolate fudge cakes for my birthday yesterday (don't ask). One of them we cut and we're slowly giving away/overindulging.

Can I cut the second one up, wrap it in Saran wrap and freeze it? Will it be yucky and mushtastic? How long do you think I could leave it in the freezer for?

LET'S PLAY: Collapse )

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TQC, I have a friend question.

I've been friends with this girl for years, since middle school. We've always been fairly close but since graduating last year she moved in with her boyfriend in DC, I'm up near NYC, and we talk maybe once a month. I haven't seen her in about a year. I always have to be the one to call her. She's always apologetic about not calling and says that we should talk more, and the other day she even said, "I'll call you on Tuesday at six." Well, that call never came. At this point I don't really care anymore but it really doesn't seem like she's making an effort or cares. Should I have a Conversation with her about this? What would your reaction be?

DK/DC: I'm probably way overthinking this, but to make garlic butter, you just let butter melt in a pan and add crushed garlic, and let them hang out together for a while, right?

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Little Brother has gone out and left his phone on the coffee table. His ring-tone is Love Cats by The Cure, which I love, but one of his friends has been trying to call him for the past twenty minutes and I have listened to the first thirty seconds of that song ABOUT A BILLION TIMES OMG.

I should hide his phone under his bed and then call him over and over again when he gets in, y/y?

On a sort of related note, what pranks did you and your siblings pull on each other? (Or you and your friends if you don't have siblings.)

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Where do you buy jackets?

For warmth, not just looks. But it should be pretty, too.

The weather here decided to be crazy and now it's super cold and it might snow. (Which I hope so badly cause I've never seen snow)

What does your favorite jacket look like? Pics?
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I have a super- serious question to ask. I've been taking the subway every day for the past three years and I have yet to understand the state of subway bathrooms. I know that they aren't cleaned as often as bathrooms in stores or restaurants and I know that all kinds of people go through the subways, but it still doesn't explain the extent of the-- is shitting on the floor even vandalism? What the hell? Who does this? People have told me it's snotty teenagers that go in late at night but that's not true. I've seen the janitors go in and clean it up several times during the day. 

I can understand the urge to do graffiti, but who (in a WOMEN'S washroom, so it's not like it's an accident) urinates on the toilet seat, shits on the floor, rips out all the toilet paper and douses it in urine and throws it on the floor? Are the toilets just spontaneously exploding like, three times a day? Is it prim businesswomen with secret nihilistic urges, or what?
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Has anyone seen The Roommate yet? (I know it comes out on the 4th, but I figure some of you are in timezones ahead of me or maybe you saw an advanced screening)
I'm just wondering if it's violent or gory or anything...
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I just redeemed some Visa rewards points for a new iPod! But they say it will take 3-6 weeks to deliver. boo.

Have you ever redeemed points for merchandise? What did you get? If it had to be shipped, how long did it take?
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After watching many zombie movies today I need to know (because its always inconsistent). If the zombie apocalypse were to happen, would the zombies go after dogs or not?
I like to hope not.

Do you think you would last if there were a zombie apocalypse?
I would not.

ETA: Do you know anyone who has prepared for a zombie apocalypse? I have a friend who keeps a golf club in his trunk, but that's about it.
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What movies have you wanted to see when you heard about them/when they first came out, but then you forgot to see them in the theatres and you were like FFFFFFFfffffffffffffuuuuuuuuu?

ETA: I realize that this sentence is a little convoluted, sry 'bout that.
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Here's a text i got today, it's from an unknown international number:
"Hello! james musta kn dyan? tgal n tyong
hndi nag-usap ms n kita c auntie lirio mo ito."

(Google thinks it may be in Filipino, but maybe not.)
Should i reply? What should i say? Gibberish answers encouraged.
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Do you ever judge people based on the icons they use?

Like someone with a certain icon type seems younger or if someone has a picture of a person in their icon who isn't famous it must be of the person who's commenting.

attention whore blah blah whatever

I was broken up with all of a sudden today. Things were perfect until 48 hours ago when he started acting weird. Apparently he doesn't love me any more and we can't be in a relationship.

What do you do when our heart feels like it has been trodden upon? I still love him. Should I go see a friend, or stay here and wallow in heartbreak? It's 9pm.

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so you know that episode of Freaks and Geeks where Sam replaces the keg with non-alcoholic beer?

can people really spend all night riding a placebo effect that convincingly and never figure out what's going on?

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One of the potential side effects listed for a medication I'm about to start taking is "exaggerated sense of well-being." WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? srs/non-srs

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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 so i have terrible tmj and have to get 3-6 cavities filled next week. after my hour cleaning last month i had the worst headache of my life for two days from having to keep my mouth open for an hour. i've really severe flare ups in the past to the point where i couldn't open my mouth for a week and could only drink things. at that time, a dentist tried to prescribe me vicodin, which i declined because- hello- how the hell was i going to function at work on vicodin. today i called the dentist's office (a new dentist) to ask if i could get something to take before the appointment due to the pain it causes me. the receptionist wasn't a native english speaker and didnt really understand what i was saying, and essentially told me i'd be fine and that i didn't need anything.

a) do you think i need something like a strong pain reliever or muscle relaxant? (i do)
b) have you gone through a similar experience?
c) should i call again tomorrow and hope there is another receptionist?
d) if i dig around my house for expired prescriptions, what should i take?
e) my appointment is after work on the 69th floor of the chrysler building. i will then commute an hour home from there. if i take a vicodin.... what a the chances i will actually get home?

**sorry, to clarify- i don't drive home. i take two subways and a train. but sometimes i fall asleep on the train.

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I am going to "law school prom" in March. I have no idea what to wear because to my prom in high school I didn't dress up as much as some people and I just have no idea. The attire required is cocktail.

If you were going to go to prom again what would you wear?

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Dr. TQC:

My boyfriend has been feeling weird for the past four hours or so. I worry too much (I guess enough for the both of us) so I'm gonna see what you guys think. He says he's pretty dizzy when he's standing up/walking, but he's okay while sitting down. I asked if he had any ear trouble (thinking ear infection) and he said he had a bit of ringing in his ears earlier, but that was all and it was gone. He also said he had a bit of an ache/pressure in between his eyes, extending down to his nose and going through his cheeks. Obviously, that sounds like sinus troubles to me, right? Could the dizziness be just a sinus symptom? Should I/we be worried?

Also, who all is sick here? I feel like I've been seeing quite a few people post about it lately :(
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Has anyone taken the B30 bus from BWI airport to re-connect to the DC Metro? Can you tell me about it?

DK/DC/wtf is she talking about: What's your favorite outfit to see on a member of your preferred sex?
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A place here in Dallas is doing an event for Valentine's Day called Opaque.  It's basically eating entirely in the dark.  The details for the event are here. (Fair warning:  Turn off the annoying music when you click.)  You buy tickets and the menu is prix fixe. 

Is this intriguing to anyone else?  I really want to do this.  

ETA:  If you've done something like this, will you share your experience?
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there was a post here not too long ago about someones managers (adult) sister talking to a guy from craigslist who was in nigeria, and they were going to get married, she just needed to give him money or something... because he wouldn't lie to her because he spoke of god. so she wasn't listening to everyone telling her it was a scam.
something of that nature.
anyone remember that? what happened?

i tried to think of a dk/dc but my mind is off for the day. will you post your own thoughts, since i can't think of any?
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Would you be offended if someone asked you, seriously, if you were interested in a threeway with this person and his/her partner?

Anybody have any experience with this whole threeway thing? I don't even know what to think.
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Hiring cleaning help

So I'm hiring a local SAHM to help me with some cleaning/organizing. She's self-employed (found her on Craigslist). Do I tip her, or just pay her the hourly rate she charges?

Am I crazy for wanting to pull an all-nighter trying to declutter/organize before the cleaning lady comes over tomorrow so she doesn't think I'm a slob? :(

Have you ever hired cleaning help? How did it go?
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I just realized that one of my Facebook friends died last month, and I feel really weird and sad. I didn't know her that well, mostly just through a mutual friend, but I am unexpectedly rattled by this. She had breast cancer, and from what I remember of her posts, she was doing well. I.. idk.

What was the last thing that unexpectedly shook you up?
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I'm trying to find a music video I saw around 1994. In it it showed this kid using a computer, and then progressively he got more involved with it until he was wearing this mask thing with tubes coming out of it to connect the computer directly to his brain (I *think*). Does anyone have idea what band/song this was??