February 2nd, 2011

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When you go to any doctor for a general checkup, is there a procedure that's hard for you to get through?   Like having your blood drawn? Why?

I've never had a complete eye exam because my eyes water so much that the equipment ends up drenched and the doctor can't get an accurate reading.   I go through several boxes of tissues while getting an eye exam.


for those with snow, how much* are you guys getting?

Moderate to heavy snowfall with rates of one to two inches per hour. Northeast winds gusting up to 40 to as much as 60 mph...especially along the Lakefront. Near zero visibility in snow and blowing snow. Thundersnow. In thundersnow...snowfall rates can exceed 4 inches per hour. Some small hail has been reported with thundersnow...as well as many cloud to ground lightning strikes. Snow drifts 3 feet and higher. Wind chills in the single digits above and below zero. Travel nearly impossible. It is highly recommended to ride out this storm from the Comfort of your home...as venturing outside is outright dangerous. All but emergency or absolutely necessary travel should be postponed. Many area roadways have become impassable. Some major roadways have been closed around the region. Many motorists have been stranded in their cars or abandoned their cars.

*replace the zipcode with yours

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my roommate is stuck at her BF's like an hour away due to the blizzard. she'll be there all night. so obviously i should definitely shave my legs(just cuz i've been meaning to and i can do it with the bathroom door open so i can hear my music), get in my short shorts and run around the apartment in that and a bra, right? RIGHT?


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what was the last big spontaneous thing you did? were there any negative consequences?
and by "big" i mean, something more dramatic than "i had a sudden craving for sushi so i drove across town to get some!" and more like "i came home from work and decided to drive to another state for the weekend."
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I had throat abscesses and my tonsils removed on Sunday.  Is it normal for my entire tongue to be kind of fuzzy and white?  My discharge papers said I could have white patches where my tonsils were removed, but it didn't say anything about my entire tongue...

Do you brush your teeth for the recommended amount of time?  If not, do you think the amount of time you brush is sufficient?
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My kitty has chin-skin issues and I took her to the vet again for another round of treatment. The vet took a scraping of her scabs in the other room and the whole time I could hear my poor kitty crying and howling. When the vet came back to get her carrier she said that the my poor little lady was so scared she pooped herself :(

It is devastating to me that she got this scared. Can you post some pictures of happy animals to cheer me up?

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Those who identify as monogamous:

do you do so because you only have feelings for one person at a time, or because you choose to be in a relationship with one person at a time?

Does getting feelings for a new person help you get over the last person you were into?

(based on some musings by a poly friend of mine)

Let me know if you'd like me to lock this.


which of these COLD WEATHER songs have you enjoyed at least once?

hazy shade of winter by simon & garfunkel
cold as ice by foreigner
she's so cold by the rolling stones
20 years of snow, by regina spektor
ice ice baby, by vanilla ice
riders on the storm, by the doors
black ice, by ac/dc
free ride, by edgar winter
hazy shade of winter, by paul simon
hazy shade of winter, by the bangles
hot and cold, by katy perry
cold as you, by taylor swift (lol)
frozen, by madonna
cold cold heart, by hank williams
oh suzer, idk some of these, but enjoy your snow day!
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 TQC, will you please interpret my dream? Serious, non-serious, outlandish, involving puppies, whatever?

I have this recurring dream where I can't remember the combination to my locker and no one will help me and I end up sad and lost!  What does it mean!?

Or, if you don't know or care, what does it look like outside your window right now?
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Back to work?

I have an almost 5 week old baby who is starting to get into a nice routine that has made me feel GREAT so I am naturally starting to think about things besides diapers and milk...

I would like to look into some part time and/or work from home type options in the near future.  Have any good ideas?

A little background:  Money isn't critical, as baby daddy takes care of our basic financial needs and we have a decent savings.  Before baby, I worked in a fortune 500 corporate headquarters in the quality department and I have a degree in Chemistry so I think I have a few marketable skills.  I would like something that engages my brain but doesn't take away too much from being a mommy.  LO is my number one priority.

love me
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If you have cats or have had cats what do you think is the best brand for dry and wet food for them? Preferably with no meat by products.

Don't know/don't care - Do you believe there is life on other planets?
Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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Hey TQC,

Do you, or maybe someone you know, use a straight razor?

If so, can you provide me with any details that might be helpful to someone who wants to purchase one as a gift? Brand, model, store (online or brick & mortar), etc.

Thank you!

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 TQC, I need your help! My Google Fu is failing me miserably.

I signed a personal training contract. I am not getting the services I signed for, and the company said I can only cancel my contract by paying double my monthly fee (Which would be over $500 to just CANCEL my services).

Where can I find out information about my legal rights? I know contracts are supposed to be broken within three days of signing, if at all, but I signed for 10 sessions a month and nutrition counselling,  and I'm not getting the right number of sessions or ANY nutrition counselling. I'm in CT, does that make a difference?

The location of services was changed without any notification to me. I had training on a Wednesday, and was supposed to go that Friday after, and got a call Thursday night saying, 'Oh, we changed locations.' This was in early January, and I have still never received any notification about this from the company, just from the guy who trains me. Does this help my cause?

(BTW, never ever ever do anything with Alpha Fitness. Ever. They're rude and suck.)


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I'm going to Baltimore next Tuesday for a hospital trip and I plan to visit the harbor area while I'm down there, what are things that I need to do (preferably free/cheap) while I'm there? Where should I get lunch/early dinner?
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If you were to go on a cheesy daytime talk show, what would the topic be? It can
either be something that is a real part of your life or something you play for
lulz, either way.

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Can you decide for me if I should go to class or not?

Here's the facts:

Why I should go:
- It's law school.
- I only have 3 days I can skip without getting marked down.
- I did all the homework, I am prepared.

Why I shouldn't go:
- I am exhausted. And I think I might fall asleep.
- It's 3 hours long of trying to stay awake
- I haven't missed any of the 3 days yet

edit - I know, I know. :(
I'll suck it up and get a Rockstar.

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This weekend I went out partying. At point I was talking to this (kinda cute) rando and he asked me for my number, so I gave it to him. I don't particularly remember meeting him except that at the time I was extremely horny and I apparently texted him later something embarrassing like "hey, where are you right now?"

Today I checked my facebook and he friend requested me. I want to friend back, but I'm also halfway nervous about what the fuck happened -- and one of our mutual friends is someone I have a LOT of awkward history with. Should I friend back? Would it be lame to send a message like "Sorry if I was a mess?" ADVISE ME TQC

Alternatively, what's the most awkward thing you've ever done drunk?
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I have an online radio show tonight. I don't want to play any musicians I played last week, so I'm kinda stuck in terms of what to play. Basically, anything that could be compared to what's on my Last.fm will suffice, but if it's something totally out there and awesome, I'll still play it. Will you recommend songs for me to play? YouTube embeds are a bonus.

What are you wearing?

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Why do the new names that pop up on my friends list end up being people who don't post much and don't have anything interesting to say (at least not in a language I have even the slightest knowledge of)?

How many people have added you but you have not added them back? How many of those do you feel are people who actually read your journal?

Also, when was the last time you were very nosy?

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Anyone else suffer from seasonal depression? How do you get yourself out of bed in the morning?

If you don't give a shit, How do you eat your eggs? With ketchup? bread? I prefer to have scrambled eggs with syrup.
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Can we have a brag-about-awesome-people-in-your-life post?

I see a lot of complaining about roommates on TQC but I am currently snowed in with the 4 people I live with and we're getting along swimmingly. We even played Risk last night without anyone getting upset! These people are so great that they give me booze when I have none, volunteer to shovel the walk after a blizzard, and sometimes they randomly make pierogies for everyone to share.

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I have a coat that needs to be dry-cleaned, apparently (according to the tag). Do I HAVE to do so? Or can I just wash and dry it at home being super careful and using certain settings, maybe? It's wool, I think, if that helps.
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a friend of mine is going on a cleanse/diet where she intakes drops of the hcg hormone.

The only thing I know about this is it is the pregnancy hormone. It seems a little weird to me, but I can't quite say why.

What are your thoughts on taking this hormone? I may be completely wrong about being skeptical.

[ps- this question is not about will the hormone be effective for losing weight. I am asking about the health factors of injecting or digesting a hormone that is typically only present in pregnant women]

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If a male friend admitted to you that he does not believe women should work or have male friends*, how would you respond?

*I just asked him for clarification and he said that he wouldn't be okay with women he's dating having male friends. Mind you, I won't be dating him anytime soon (or ever), but that still rubs me the wrong way.

I want to, but..

My boyfriend doesn't want to do anything for Valentine's Day because he "dislikes" Valentine's Day. We aren't a new couple (we've been together on and off for 4 years). What am I supposed to make of this? What would you do if you were (or are) in my position?

** I should have elaborated a bit more. We have celebrated two V-Days together before in the past, both times with hotel and dinner, and he has never mentioned to me during all the years I've known him that he dislikes this holiday. I don't need a hotel and I don't need a fancy dinner. I just want SOMETHING, I don't care if it's flowers or a card. Recent actions and comments of his have lead me to make the assumption that he's become selfish and irresponsible, and only wants to spend his money on clothing and other things he finds more important than food and gas for his car. He knows this means a lot to me, but he doesn't seem to care that I'm hurt by this. I've almost lost all desire to do anything because I know it'll be killing him to spend money on me that day when he could have used it on himself. I just don't know what to do anymore.
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Goddamn...I just fucked up my job interview. I got all flustered and I kept repeating the same shit over and over and I even slipped up and told her I was a bit nervous. Fuck. Why do I suck so much? Can this week get any more awesome?

ETA - I was in a car accident yesterday. I made an ultra dumb mistake. I was making a left turn at a stop sign and didn't see a Mercedes coming and hit its back wheel with my car. The girl seemed sweet at the time and nobody was hurt (I was going less than 10mph in a residential street, although she was going pretty fast). Anyways, it screwed up her back wheel. She was totally fine but today I found out she is claiming injury (fucking bullshit). I'm so fucking upset. I wanna crawl into a hole until this is all over.

I'm just curious now...I'm a dumbass and I don't really get how this works. If someone claims injury, and they get money out of it -- do they HAVE to use the money for medical purposes? Or can they use it for whatever they want? I'm broke right now and this just really, really sucks.

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I've seen those Inglot makeup kiosks in shopping centres and I like walking past to quickly check out the pretty colours, but I've never stopped to browse properly because their sales people seem pretty pushy. From what I've seen, anyway.

Have you ever used Inglot products before? Is the quality ok? What are their prices like?

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What was the last thing you did to modify your body? (As in haircut/dye, tattoo, lose weight, etc.)
How did it turn out?

I am in class right now looking at the board and typing, pretending that I'm paying attention and it's not over until 6:40pm. The girl next to me is shaking her foot against the table and the guy on the other side of me is chewing on a pen. Shoot me. Where are you located right now and what's around you?

Music (again).

What song are you listening to at this exact moment?
- England Belongs to Me; Cock Sparrer.

What genre(s) of music do you prefer?
- Punk, ska, oi!, some reggae, some rockabilly/psychobilly, and some classic rock.

Do you still listen to the radio?
- Sometimes, but only in the car because I lost the thingy to the CD changer.

What is your 'guilty pleasure' song, band, or artist?
- For some reason, I love Sexy Back. I don't know why.
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How much does it annoy you if you're doing laundry and someone else is using ALL the machines to do theirs? I had mine in a washer and someone filled all the dryers in our building with their blankets :(
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i am sooooo tired of hearing about THE BLIZZARD, THE EGYPTIANS, and THAT LADY THAT GOT SHOT IN THE HEAD...what other news stories should i be watching??

EDIT O MATIC: : I do NOT want to see a bunch of: "I'm stuck at home in the blizzard and i got nothing to dooooooo" posts.

Thats why you have NETFLIX....duh lets get naked and skype...

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TQC, what do you think happened to my parcel?

I bought several things from the Showtime Store. They couldn't ship all of the items outside the US, so I decided to use a mail forwarding service. I've used them a few times before and they've always been efficient and awesome. The person emailed me letting me know everything except for one item (a poster) has arrived and asked if it was meant to be delivered seperately. I checked the order and each thing had a seperate tracking number. I looked up the tracking info of each item and EVERYTHING has been delivered. According to the tracking info, the poster was delivered, left on the porch at the same time as two other items on Monday. But they don't have the poster.

Did someone steal my bloody poster?

Am I going to be able to get my money back even though I didn't get it delivered to my address? I feel as though that ruins the credibility of my claim if I try to get my money back. "Oh hey, I got this poster sent to someone I don't know so they could send it to me but /they said/ it never arrived even though the tracking info says otherwise. Can I have my $50 back?"

Do I start panicking now?

DK/DC: Are you expecting anything in the mail? What is it?
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I went on a few dates with this really cute guy a couple months ago. He worked at my favorite book shop. I really liked him, but some really bad shit was happening in my life (my dad got laid off, my brother suddenly got really sick, I had recently been fired, and a bunch of other crap) so I kind of fell off the face of the earth after our third date.

Collapse )

...didn't it seem like he was into me? I thought it seemed like he was into me. We were all flirty and touchy and stuff.

Should I call/text him? Would that seem desperate or pushy or anything?

Help me, TQC. This guy is super cute and I really need to get laid. :(
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If you are a salaried worker:

1) How many hours a week are you supposed to work?
2) How many do you actually work?
3) What's the longest you've ever been at work in one day?
4) Do you take lunch?
5) Are you occasionally answering emails in the middle of the night?
6) Do you love your job?
7) What do you do? Industry/department

If you're not a salaried worker, idk make shit up.
Arrested Development
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Pictures get bonus points!

Hey peeps! What kind of pictures do you have, or would like to have on your walls?
I'm trying to be a ~professional artist~ and even though I really want to put together some kind of series, I can't think of what to draw.

If you don't put things on your walls, are there any movies coming out you'd like to see?
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I assume people outside the US don't use Mississippis when counting off seconds - i.e. one Mississippi, two Mississippi, etc. If you learned to use something more interesting than "one one thousand", what is it and where were you raised?
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What do you say when someone says thank you to you? I say "no worries!" because if I'm doing something to help someone out, it shouldn't be a problem and "you're welcome" seems so cliche. "No worries!" seems so much more upbeat.

I'm playing a drinking game involving Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It says to take a sip every time someone uses Buffyspeak. However... Buffy is drugged and using Buffyspeak. Does it count if she's drugged up and talking funny, in your opinion?

What do you do to cheer yourself up when you've had a bad day/a setback from something you're working hard for?
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What is one of the most rewarding physical feeling you can feel? (Besides sex.)
Um, that feeling of when I have a head-cold and I blow my nose that last time and all the pressure is gone. Also the period of time in-between your appendage being asleep and it waking up. The tingly-hurty feeling is nice imo.

DK;DC: When was the last time someone made you feel sexy?

Someone on my facebook posted "Like this and I'll rate you" and he said I'm 8.5. :) And my most recent pic on facebook is when my hair was practically shaven off.
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TQC, I was sitting in the train today and the light happened to be dim, so I was sitting there with my Kindle trying to tilt it near the light to read. These two banker types get on with their iPads, sit down next to me and one of them goes, "One of the latent advantages of the iPad is that it has the Kindle app *and* comes with a backlight." What was his motivation for saying this, TQC? It amused me in that "did you just really say that?" way. And "lol technology pissing contest."
Edit: What would you have said to this guy, if anything? What's your opinion on the iPad in general?
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i just got the cutest text message from my little sister... she's 9 and loves to text me from my dad's phone.

"I cant wait till i get my Guinea Pig.It'll be awesome.I might get it on Saturday.It,s name will be Nibber.It is brown and it has like a Swirly Thing made with it's fur.I'm getting it because my friend Allison's Guinea pig had 3 babies and i'm getting 1.The other guinea pigs are Little Squeakers,Num Nums,and the mama is Fluffy and the dad is Creampuff.By the way,those were names."

do you have little sisters or brothers? do you love them or what? what are some funny things they do/say?

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Hey TQC, have you ever been nude for $$$? Anything from real life drawing nude modeling to photography modeling to porn to stripping to prostitution. Tell me stories pls?

Do you think submitting a photo set to a site like IShotMyself.com (i.e. for-pay nude amateur self photography) would be an easy way to make some cash? What could possibly go wrong?

When is the last time you got some real Me Time by yourself? What did you do?
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Hey TQC :)

Do you have a food that you love, but tends to be rather on the nose? Whether that means it has a strong or nasty smell.

Based on the fact that I had several pieces of the most delicious cabana on crackers

What are you drinking at the moment? If you're not drinking, what was your most recent beverage?

Iced green tea
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TQC I have been really bleh lately, so I have been distracting myself with marathons of tv shows on youtube. I've gotten into Misfits and right now, I'm plowing through The Inbetweeners. Can you suggest some other shows to me that are like that? They don't have to be British shows or anything, IDC, but I just want to be distracted by, like, shows of stupid little jerks running around with their friends being stupid little jerks.


Pls halp distract me from life or something, I guess?

What are you up to tonight?
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It looks like tomorrow is another snow day here! Since I'm probably going to spend half the night awake, what do you think TQC?

Poll #1676419 Movie time!

Which of the following should I watch/start watching?

Angels in America
Back to the Future: The Complete Trilogy
Planet Earth

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Inspired by this article: http://meloukhia.net/2010/04/tattooed_women_not_actually_what_you_think_they_are.html

Do you think people still see a woman with a lot of tattoos and assume that she is promiscuous?

If you are a woman with tattoos, what is the most annoying thing you've encountered?  For example, people are always petting mine and assuming that I am gay because one of them is a naked woman.

If you think this attitude is pervasive, how do think it can be changed?

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Way back someone posted a blog about this chick that buys crappy clothes at thrift stores and then alters them into clothing that she'd not be embarrassed to be seen in public wearing. I think it was a dress 365 deal or something.

anybody know what blog this is?