February 1st, 2011

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So at my college there is an all school announcement list. A few days ago there was an ad for some lady and trans-roughhousing club. Today, an angry person at school sent an email out TO THE ENTIRE school about how heteronormative it is to not expand this group to everyone. I guess the original post said something about being "female-sized". I think if you are a 700 pound 8 foot tall person who is a cis-female or someone who identifies as female, any size is female sized.

Here come the questions:

1. Was it wrong of me to send a private email to the respondent about their decision to publicly humiliate and ridicule the original poster?

2. The original post said there would be an activity called sticky hands. What is that?

3. What the hell is the point of a roughhousing club anyway?

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I need to start packing my own lunch very shortly (starting next week) since the canteen at tafe is nasty/expensive.
Could you suggest some easy and/or healthy meal/snack ideas?
I'll have access to a microwave if that makes a difference.

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TQC, it is nearly 1am and I don't have to be up till 9am. Should I go to bed now and get a whole eight hours (nearly unheard of during the week for me) orrrr should I stay up and spend time here?

Will you tell me something you are looking forward to?

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How's it hangin' TQC? What kind of fun stories about your weekend or day will you share with me?

and/or Post a cute animal picture because everyone seems like they're in Down In the Dumpsland? :(
i lol'd

Do Not Blow Forcefully into the Vagina!

What is something that made you laugh, but wasn't meant to be funny?

I was reading Four Myths About Pregnancy Sex, and this made me LOL. I'm just trying to imagine why my boyfriend would want to blow air directly into my vagina, forcefully or otherwise.

Myth 4: Oral sex is out.
Thankfully, that's not the case, and it will become a convenient option when you get too uncomfortable to have actual intercourse. Just don't let your partner blow air forcefully and directly into your vagina. Doing so could cause a life-threatening air bubble in the bloodstream.
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girls in white dresses


i just got this e-mail and i'm not sure if it's legit. i mean, 450 bucks a day is a lot of green. can you imagine? i could finally get a pony. but they don't ask for my social?

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obviously a fake. nobody wants to give me free money anymore. what's the last scam you received? better, what's the last scam you fell for?
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Why does a band I've been wanting to see for a long time have to play in a venue that is 21+? This fucking sucks. It's exactly one day before I turn 21 too.

When was the last time you felt really disappointed?

What the fuck should I do for my birthday? I hate alcohol.

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It's your friends birthday.
You have recently fallen out with someone who you know the birthday person would like to be there.
You suck it up and invite them anyway, y/n?
Validate me TQC.
Eta: I'm the not invited friend.
Gravity's Rainbow

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If you go to Google and type in your first name and the first letter of your last name, who is the first person on the list? Do you know who they are?

I was disappointed that one of my favorite tennis players lost the Andrea P. pole position to a wedding photographer.
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I accidentally left a whole box of clementines in my car last night and the temperature dropped to -20 degrees. Are they totally ruined or are clementines okay frozen?

What did you have for breakfast?
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Is the MacBook Pro worth the additional money? If I purchased just the MacBook, I would configure it so it had nearly all of the technical specifications of the Pro, but my sister seems to think I should opt for the Pro because the case on her MacBook is fairly susceptible to getting beaten up. Is there any other reason on earth why I should spend more money for the Pro when they look virtually comparable?

Should I just get the MacBook and a fancy cover? If so, do you know of any awesome covers for them besides the ones currently in the Apple store?

Any other major life decisions you want to make for me? Thanks!
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 Because of job loss/poor money management/no self control, I managed to get around $950 in credit card debt, and I currently have no income. Instead of paying the $70 minimum payments between the two each month, I just took out a subsidized student loan to pay it off, and then I will pay back the student loan, so I don't keep gathering interest on the credit cards.

Is this a stupid idea, or a better idea to get out of a stupid situation?

DK/DC: How do you budget your money? Do you use a certain program, excel template, something like that? I'm in need of some money management skills asap. 

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When you're pissed off/having an argument with someone but you're stuck with that person for the day, do you apologize just to salvage the day, try to find a way home, stay pissy all day, or something else? When was the last time this happened to you?

car stuff

Do you always wear your seatbelt?
Do you tell your passengers that they must wear them before you will move the car? Even backseaters?

Does your car have a beeping indicator whenever the front seat passengers aren't wearing belts? Do you find this annoying or inconsequential?

Do you lock your car doors when you are driving your vehicle?

If you don't lock your car doors when driving, do you immediately reach for the automatic lock when someone appears to be approaching your vehicle when stopped at a light, etc.?

Do you use an MP3 player in your car? CDs?
Do you always sing along to your favorite music? When you have passengers? When the windows are open?
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 Any TQC-ers here sociology majors? Or studied sociology?

I know that the subject focuses mainly on manifest function, manifest dysfunction, latent function and latent dysfunction. I know what they mean individually, but how do incorporate social examples into them? My textbook talks all about functions but nothing much about dysfunctions.
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To those based in the States, are you able to watch Al Jazeera's live streaming channel? I heard that a lot of US internet providers won't host Al Jazeera, which really sucks if true imo.
Are you hopeful or fearful about the revolution happening in Egypt right now?
I'm too cynical to believe that anything will change in any significant way wrt the poor, but it's still awe inspiring to watch the people rise up and shake off the shackles of an oppressive regime.

How's your day going?
It's sooooo hot here and I'm supposed to be packing up my house for the move and I just can't be fucked.
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 Should I spend 160 bucks on Apple Care? Is it worth it?

I want to take my 2 year old MBP in for a check up.

Edit: I totally forgot that Apple Care doesn't work with already purchased computers (fail). My MBP is running great, and I hope it stays this way for a long time *crosses fingers* 

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I am going to start training pretty hard for some long distance running and also upper body strength training.

Soooo, if I eat like SO MUCH FOOD then I should be able to maintain my womanly curves, right? RIGHT!?

I really really like my shape right now. I just want to build up endurance. I just want to be able to do some pull-ups and run for a while without getting too winded.

Anyone had experience in getting in shape but keeping some curves?
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TQC, why does the US government's student loan site hate me so much? I just want to be responsible and give them an appropriate amount of monies.

What's the last small thing that really, really annoyed you?
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I've gotten into a rut with my current music library and it's all bleh to me right now. I need some different stuff. Intertube records can only go so far.
Will you post videos of some of your favorite music? I will give anything at least one listen through.

DK;DC: Do you know how to read music or play a musical instrument?

I can read music somewhat well, and I can play piano ok and I'm learning guitar right now. I want to learn flute but idk how to be quiet and I live in an apartment and I don't want to annoy my neighbors, so that'll have to wait I guess.
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NCIS - Tony chill
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Would you like to have an icon battle?

The rules of the game are very simple. You post an empty comment with an icon of your choosing. Anyone else can respond to your icon with an icon of their own. There are to be no words, let the icons speak for themselves. You can also start your own thread if you don' t want to join in another one. Jump in as often as you want...

But, but!! *whine* I don't know -how- to make a blank comment.

"<" without the quote marks

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I'm self-medicating a bad mood with comedy, and I just finished Airplane. Will you pick something for me to watch next?

ETA: Thanks! :D Off to watch.
Poll #1675649 Movies
This poll is closed.

What should I watch next?

Young Frankenstein
Blazing Saddles
Men in Black
M*A*S*H (Movie)
M*A*S*H (TV show)
Danger Mouse
Due South
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laudry room ettiquitte

say you live in a little apartment complex with 5 other units and you're not too familiar with any of the other tenants. there is a communal laundry room.

if someone left their dry clothes in the drier, how long do you wait until you take their clothes out so you can dry your own? is there some sort of rule of thumb for this?

i miss having an in-suite washer/drier :((
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Grand Theft Auto Fever

Buckner and Garcia
Some time around the eighties, Buckner and Garcia wrote a bunch of songs about video games, like Pac-Man Fever and a song about Astroids. The lyrics basically were nothing more than descriptions of gameplay, like "Hyperspace, Push on the button and I'm back in the race. Hyperspace, Shootin' my rockets all over the place."
The question I pose is, what if Buckner and Garcia decided to make new songs based on video games released as recently as last year?
What would be a song lyric for one of them?
I &lt;3 TLV

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Has anyone else noticed that comments that used to be deleted because the account was deleted or suspended are now back?

If you have long hair do you ever get obsessed with going through it and cutting off split ends? (I just dusted for several hours and it made my head hurt, ugh)
i say, old bean

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what's your favorite kind of candy?

because i have a REAL hankering for cherry or watermelon flavored candies covered in chili powder and whatnot.
also, sour candies!

when was the last time you felt really good? why?
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

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You're doing this speed dating thing. There's 15 singles that you'll be chatting with for 5 minutes apiece. Here's a snippet of what you learn from each person. Which of these would you agree to go out with in the end?

"No, it's just a cold sore. I get them sometimes. Definitely not the herp-durp-durp. I wouldn't be here if I was socially unclean"
"I've attained a doctorate in psychology, and working on a second doctorate in anthropology, and have written numerous contributions to various publications. Now, what is it you do?"
"Wow, your boobs are just...wow. Oh, my name's Josh and I'm a business major and...damn, your tits are golden. I can't stop staring at them"
"....and then Missy had kittens, and I gave most away, but I still ended up with 3 more. That's how I got to have 11 cats. All indoor"
"Yeah, I'm sort of between jobs right now, but I'm really crossing my fingers that I get that callback at Hot Topic"
"Well, my last relationship ended when my partner committed suicide. That devasted me, especially because my previous relationship ended the same way"
"Their names are Linus and Lucy. I love my babies, though they are 11 now, but they're always be babies in my eyes. Sole custody, baby"
"Strict vegan. I'm really not that uptight about my health choices, but I must warn you that lips that touch meat cannot touch mine"
"So, it was now like the 8th day in a row, when my roommate said "Dude, you gotta stop playing Halo. Go out there and date, for fuck's sake". And that's how I ended up here"
"I've been in rehab now, for, um...3 months now? Each day is a blessing, for sometimes it's difficult to stay true..."
"You look just like Chris. Damn...you're really not Chris, are you? Uncanny resemblence. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Chris was the best lay I ever had. You're not them though, are you? Sigh"
"I have only 2 hobbies really. Coin collecting, and getting tattoos. Check out this sleeve. All Disney!"
"I'm pretty open about myself, and you should know that I did time several years ago. I was caught assaulting several street corner Santas and taking their money. Bought a lot of beer with it"
Seems like a cool person, but you notice a gold chain around their neck with a gold plaque that reads PLAYER
"Oh, don't be alarmed. I don't have a lazy eye. It's a glass one. It pops right out. See?"

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Do you buy jewelry online?
Can anyone suggest some good sites to buy earrings and necklaces from? Just cutesy jewelry is fine (like the type you'd find at a retail store or something), nothing fancy. Preferably cheap-ish.

Specifically, I'm looking for cute stud earrings but I'm not having much luck in store so I'm trying online. My ear piercings are fucked and uneven so if I wear dangling earrings, you can tell one is higher up than the other. :(
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Ugh I can't get the LJ advanced search to work! I'm trying to find past comments I've made but no matter what I search for nothing comes up, even though I know the comments are there. How do I get it to work?

Is there any way to find out what communities you used to be a member of?
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Did you ever go to type out a question here at TQC, just to realize you know what everybody is going to say (and they'd be absolutely right)? Did you post it anyway? Why?

Unrelated question: When do you do most of your housecleaning? (I usually get mine done on a scheduled day off, but it's a snow day today and I Got Shit Done.)
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Will you show us a picture of something you've made recently?

I made these today.
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DK/DC: Has anything unexpected made you smile lately?

Today I found out that the girl my former best friend replaced me with is no longer on speaking terms with him.

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Yup one of these questions
I haven't left the house today and why change that now amirite so I'm gonna order food from
this place. What would you order from here?
Their menu is in the pictures (they don't have a website that I've found) and I hope you're able to view it. I already know I want an order of wings and I don't wanna spend more than $12-15ish.

Okay I ordered wings and a tomato/mozzarella salad. It's ten to 7 now. Taking into consideration that there's snow E V E R Y W H E R E, when will my food be here?

What did you do today?

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Is there anyone else out there who's getting pissed at the new limitations requiring people to HAVE to see movies in 3D? When it was just optional, I wasn't too upset, but now...

This brought to you by the fact that I can't see Green Hornet because it's only showing in IMAX 3D, which I can't watch! *screams and curses at the theater*

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Hey TQC!

Have you ever encountered anything ~*supernatural*~?

If so, what was your reaction?


When I was in high school a friend and I discovered a tunnel under a never-completed stretch of highway full of huge graffiti murals dated, one per year, back to the 1980s, and littered with plastic furnature. We have gone back a few times, but the tunnel never seemed to be there unless we need a place to stop and rest our feet. It wasn't a small tunnel, ether, the openings being 20 feet across and unblocked, and the ceiling 20-30 feet high. It's just that it seems to be replaced with an empty, unpainted tunnel.

I miss Graffiti Tunnel :(

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What is your favorite kind of fruit juice?

I love all the cranberry combinations, like cran-raspberry and cran-pomegranate. Also that kiwi strawberry stuff. And lemonade. So what I'm trying to say is that I can't decide
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Freezer Stink!

Hey! I went into my freezer today to get something or another. As soon as I opened it I got hit with a terrible stink! The freezer works properly. There aren't any animals in there. I don't eat meat or dairy, so nothing is rotten. The fridge doesn't smell.

What could be making my freezer so stinky?

dk/dc: How many state capitols have you been to? Which ones?

edit: capitol buildings, capital cities - either one

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What color squirrels do you have where you live?

those demonic creatures otherwise known as red squirrels
some other color which I will share in the comments
I live in a barren squirrelless area
Where do you live?

Oh and I am talking about major squirrel populations here, not that lone albino squirrel that lives across the street or whatever
narry twirl

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I have to watch one of these movies and write a paper on how gender is performed during in it and how gender intersects with race and sexuality. I want to watch one that is actually enjoyable and I haven't heard of several of them so I want opinions because I can't choose on my own apparently.

Poll #1675822 Which of these movies should I watch?

Which of these movies should I watch?

Mrs. Doubtfire
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
The Birdcage
Shakespeare In Love
Boys Don't Cry


Big Momma's House
Sorority Boys
Nutty Professor
Connie and Carla
White Chicks


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I am out of shape and I went to the gym on Sunday. I stretched before I got on the ellipitcal and only was on it for 15 minutes because I overdid myself the week before and didn't want to do it again. Without a doubt, I once again have a really bad muscle cramp in my right leg.

I have just rubbed BenGay on it, so hopefully that helps - but what else can I do to relieve this horrible pain? It is making me dread going back to the gym.

Also, ways to prevent future horrible pains?

dk/dc - When was the last time you accidentally hurt yourself?

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For those who use loofahs when showering, how often do you replace your loofah?

It seems I've been using the same one for ages but it doesn't /seem/ nasty, but it is probably is kinda nasty by now.

DK/DC/Don't use loofahs: What's one thing that someone you live with does that annoys the crap out of you?

(no subject)

Who disgusts you?

dk/dc:How do you feel about the radical muslims in britain?

eta: sorry; i created the first question a while ago, i then dozed off and added the second one after watching cnn

TVD: damon eyes
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If you had the option to spend $10 to get the ability to *like* (a la Facebook) something on LJ, would you do it?

edit: It's a one time fee and it's good forever. What if it was $5?

(no subject)

I'm making lunch on Thursday for myself and one other person. I'm definitely making porkchops but I'm kind of at a loss of what to do for a side dish. All I can think of is a salad, and while that's cool I figured you guys would have some great suggestions.

So what is a good side dish to prepare with porkchops?

also keep in mind I am terribly inept in the kitchen, so the simpler, the better.

dk/dc: what is your favorite dinosaur(s), and why?
baby bilo and baby biggles laughing :)
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I just remembered that I had a dream that Britney made the most amazing come back. There were lights flashing everywhere, crazy dance moves, great blonde hair flipping every which way... it was like it was 2001 again.

I really don't know where this dream came from. Did anyone recently have a "lol" dream?

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How easily are you insulted? Are their some things you are garaunteed to feel insulted over?

What is more important: something's technical definition or the definition the majority of people know it by? On which circumstances does it depend, if it does?

gasp zooey

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Are there any commercials/jingles that make you never want to spend money at a certain place again?

Seriously, Subway's stupid five-dollar footlong song makes me never want to spend money there, just on the off-chance that one of my pennies will pay the salaries of the people who keep that song on my tv.

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I remember reading somewhere that you could turn new jeans soft by soaking them in a salt solution and then running them through the dryer with a bunch of tennis balls.

Do you think that if I did this with t-shirts I'd have the same result?

What is the last crafty thing you did?

(no subject)

What is the oldest building or historical site you have even seen in person?

Does your country try to preserve your historical sites/buildings?

Do you want to leave anything behind for future generations?


Favorite cheap shampoo?

I was using ~drama clean~ from Herbal Essence, but now it seems to have stopped working. I'm bummed because I loved it for so many months and now, it's hating me.

Don't you hate when your shampoo stops making your hair glorious?

Do you switch up? How often?

Do dandruff controlling shampoos work well?
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What is the last drastic thing you did to your appearance? Did you regret it afterwards?

I am going to cut off all my hair tomorrow, hopefully to get it as adorable as Ginnifer Goodwin's hair, but I am so nervous. I have a modified bob now, so it isn't like I am cutting off two feet of hair, but I am so nervous. I keep reminding myself it is just hair.

What do you feel guilty about?
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Have you (or anyone you know) bought something from corpse clothing before? Did you have a negative or positive experience?

All the reviews I'm seeing are their stuff takes forever to get be delivered, which I'm okay with. I'm just suspicious because I've only seen this hoodie out of stock on all other websites, and not on this one.

(no subject)

are you a cat or dog person? does it make you upset when people say they hate the one you love?

i'm a cat person and i uncontrollably judge people if they say they hate cats. that being said, i like dogs as well but not as much as kitties.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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TQC, yesterday I had an "annual" at my gyno's office, and today I gave double red blood cells at my school's blood drive. Am I justified in sitting on my ass tonight, eating junk food and playing the Sims 3 until 1 am?

What are you doing tonight?
Kill Bill - Elle
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What is a word that means "to stray away from"? I can't think of it and it's starting to really shit my taters :(

What time do you have to be at work tomorrow?
What was the last thing that you really put off doing?

(no subject)

I'm a firm believer that everyone owns at least one article of clothing that they really shouldn't wear anymore. E.g. I have a pair of jeans that have holes in them and are like 2 sizes too big but are as comfortable as sweats. I really shouldn't wear them. I know I shouldn't wear them. But I do anyways.

What is that article of clothing?
Will you post a picture of yourself wearing that article of clothing?
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Septoplasty Recovery

Good evening nose surgery survivors of TQC!

I am now about 36 hours post-op from my septoplasty and caudal deflection correction. When I woke up from the general anesthetic, I was all "LULZ! PIECE OF CAKE! WHATTA JOKE!" and felt great all afternoon and evening. I was mostly just annoyed they were making me stay overnight in hospital.

WELL, starting at about 10 p.m. last night, the swelling, nose-crusties, bleeding, pain and general misery kicked in. I spent the worst night of my life in hospital, and am now home and more or less intermittently drugged and totally uncomfortable.

I get my splints out on Thursday. I've been misting my nose with spray as directed by my surgeon. In the meantime, any advice from TQC? If you had a septo / rhinoplasty, did you find any little tricks to minimize the discomfort or crusting or nasal blockaging? Tips? Tricks? Sympathy stories?

P.S. y'all were right about the general anesthesia -- super cool, not worth how terrified I was about it.
L&amp;O - Jack
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(no subject)

Did you know that Jerry Orbach (the guy who played Lennie Briscoe on Law & Order) also did the voice for Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast?

If you already knew that, do you associate actors or actresses with specific roles no matter how many other TV shows/movies/etc they've been in? If so, who and what role?

(no subject)

I know there are some Australians in here.

Is it strict to have food items shipped to your country? I want to send my S.O. a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day, but I vaguely remember him mentioning something about sending food being very strict.

Thanks in advance!