January 31st, 2011


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it just dawned on me that i NEED bubblegum ice cream to live.
does anyone know where i could get old-school blue bubblegum ice cream without bits of gum in it?
i remember it being EVERYWHERE when i was, like, 7, but i haven't seen it in ages.

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I'm going to the library tomorrow. Will you recommend a book for me?

I feel super awkward in there since they remodeled because to get to the teen section from the adult section you have to walk past the front desk, and through the entrance way, and it always makes me feel like they will think I'm trying to steal books.

What makes you laugh?

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This is probably a dumb question...

I went to the hospital's urgent care clinic on Friday, was prescribed pain pills and now I only have 2 left. Can I call the clinic and ask for the doctor to authorize a refill or do I have to go in and be seen again?
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When was the last time your Google-fu failed you?

I've been hard pressed trying to find slang terms meaning 'to ejaculate' in use in the 19th century. idk my life
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what elements of your life (personality, physical appearance, where you work/go to school, your relationships to other people, your personal belief system, your life history, etc.) do you think of first when asked to define yourself? which do you think are most important (to you, personally)?

(i think this is phrased really oddly, sorry)

edit: if you want to say what those things are in specifics, please go ahead! (i'm curious)

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What are the chances of me/the other person involved getting fined for them sending me a Kinder Surprise Egg. For those who don't know, Kinder Surprise Eggs are a hollow chocolate egg with a toy on the inside. They were banned in the US for kids trying to eat the toy, despite having a warning label on them. Anyway yeah, so being that they're banned, what are the chances of someone (me/them/both) getting fined for sending me one?

Don't know/don't care -
What animals do you find terrifying and why?

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Help out my friend, TQC -

Do any of you know a website where he can watch a live stream of the Screen Actors Guild Awards? It's not on TV over here :(

Otherwise, what colour t-shirt should I wear to uni tomorrow? I will be wearing a bright yellow hoodie with cats on it because that's how I roll.
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I come from a state that keeps a groundhog for the express purpose of using its shadow to predict weather patterns.

What do you like about the place you come form?

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whose profile do you creep the most on facebook?

i look at this one guy's profile almost every day because i am a)creepy and b)almost obsessed with him and the idea of being with him (he has no idea)

which leads me to another question: is this fucked up?
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TQC, the cable people were supposed to come between 11am and 2 pm today but have decided to arrive before 10am. My dad was going to come home at 11 so he would be here. I don't feel comfortable being here alone with them/answering the door. What should I do? I'm hiding in my room and they've been knocking on the door for nearly 10 minutes.

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In True Grit, why does Rooster keep kicking those kids off the porch? My dad said it was because they were being mean to the horse, but I thought it was just him being a jerk and to show how racist everybody was back then.
Pamela Dare

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My butt hurts. This is not a joke, I fell on my butt and my tailbone hurts so bad. I never realized how many things you use your butt muscles for until mine were destroyed.

Will you tell me about the last time you stupidly injured yourself?

DK/DC - What are you eating for lunch? I know it's early but I am hungers.
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So on the one day I don't make an effort to clean up my apartment in case a repairman comes to look at my broken oven and microwave, they of course inevitably come and see my dirty dishes piled up and my clothes all over my couch and bed. So to make me feel better, will you tell me the most embarrassing thing to happen to you with regards to relatives or people that you don't know very well?

Why have I been getting the runs every time I drink alcohol lately?
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do you try to rebuild friendships or just roll with whatever changes?

i.e. if you were really good friends with someone and things go sour, do you ever try to rekindle the magic later (may it be, 6 months, 2 years, 10 years)

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A little help please. I'm trying to put together a resume, how I'm not sure how to categorize it. Any tips for resume building?
Do I do jobs first? Or education? Or volunteer work? I am trying to get a low level entry job at a vet office and while my last two jobs have been at resturants, I have worked with dogs and volunteered at shelters in the past. I want to concentrate on those, however, I feel like I need to mention "hey, I have a job now, even though it's not in this field"...this is my first resume I've ever built, so I need some help.
Any advice?

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The tray part of DVD rom got taken/ripped out accidently. I really wanna play my games but I can't because I cannot load the cd's.

Does anyobdy know how I fix this without paying for a new drive?

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Do you buy things from groupon or livingsocial?

What's the last thing you've gotten from one of those websites?

I just purchased $25 at an Indian food restaurant for $12.
And about a week ago my boyfriend and I purchased $100 at a German restaurant for $50, where we're going to go for Valentine's Day.

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So a friend and I are planning to move in together in the summer. Neither of us has ever lived on our own but we both want to find a place together to save $$ and stuff. We are both pretty easy going so I don't anticipate any huge problems but I want to make sure things go smooth as possible.

What advice can you give us?
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Do you bite your nails?
Is it stress-related, just habitual, or for some other reason?
Did you formerly bite your nails and managed to kick the habit? How?

DK/DC - what odd or pointless habits do you have?
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I posted this a few years ago, I think, but I'm still having this argument so I need some opinions.

Let's say you go to a restaurant and you order a cheeseburger with nothing on it but the cheese. When it arrives, it's got all this other crap on it like tomatoes, ketchup, onions, pickles, etc. Can you take all that extra crap off and NOT taste it or does the taste linger even after taking it all off?

I think the taste still lingers, but my father thinks otherwise. I think there's something wrong with his taste buds.

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If you were going on a long trip, and could only upload the albums from 5 bands/artists onto your iPod, which 5 would they be? In other words, 5 bands/artists you never get sick of listening to...
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It's my turn to host the monthly game night and I've decided that it would be awesome to have a baked potato bar. I'm going to go get massive potatoes and then set out toppings. I'm making my list of toppings now and I have: cheeses, sour cream, butter, chives, bacon, and broccoli.

What am I missing?

What are your favorite baked potato toppings?
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When was the last time you were shocked?

Today, when the call center closed early (they never close) and I got to go home because they're expecting snowpocalypse.
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In this post, will you comment with a dilemma you're having (doesn't matter how big or small it is) and everyone can respond with advice?
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My hips and knees are terrible from a lifetime of carrying what amounts to three people on them, so I have a hard time wanting to exercise. My friend has a treadmill and three times a week I babysit for her. How should I start using the treadmill to maximize the exercise without hurting myself? Like, two 5 minute walks at 3mph?

I don't want to run or jog on it because that seriously hurts and I'm so uncoordinated I'm afraid I'll go zooming off.

People with asthma, how do you exercise without causing an attack? I just went for 5 minutes at 2.5mph and I had to use my inhaler.

What's on your workout playlist?

And finally, how do I get my parents to leave me alone about stuff like this? They want to talk about it and it just makes my skin crawl when they try to 'encourage' me to lose weight. I just want to do this without them bugging me.

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Is it mean to order delivery when it's snowy and icky outside?

I want to order wings from a restaurant ~2 miles away and it's been snowy all day. I've been sick with the flu all weekend and I just want some wings, damnit! I'll make sure to tip nicely.

What foods are you enjoying today?
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Do you pop out at parties? Are you un-poopular?

Do you watch I Love Lucy? Did you know William Frawley (Fred) was a womanizer and booze hound in real life and didn't get along with anyone?

The End.

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I just canceled my cable service; will you recommend some cool shows I can watch for free online (or YouTube channels, etc)?

eta: should i eat a snack now, go to spin class at 6 and eat dinner after?

OR eat now and take pilates at 730?
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I want to start knitting, but I have no idea where to begin.
Any advice? Helpful blogs/vlogs? Favourite wools, needles, etc? Patterns?

Anything and everything would be helpful. I know I could just google it but I want some variety and some personal experiences :)

What have you knit or made that you're most proud of?

dk/dc Who do you want to win the Superbowl?
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Moving Woes.

I'm living in NC, and was recently offered a job as a lead pastry chef at a new restaurant concept in Seymour, TN (near Knoxville/Pigeon Forge area).

I'm starting my job next Monday, and since it is such short notice, I'm looking to find some sort of Extended Stay hotel scenario where I can rent a room for a month until my boyfriend can join me and we can get our own place.

My mother seems to think we can find a decent rate (ex. $150/week or around that) because that area is not in tourist season right now. Everything that I've looked at so far seems to dispute that claim.

Do any of you have experience with moving on short notice, or could offer some tips on how to figure all this out? Is my mother crazy? Am I crazy for trying to move my life in a week? Srs and non srs welcome (though I could really use the help).

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Where can I watch The Walking Dead online? There's a specific website set up for just that show but I can't remember what.

JUST KIDDING DON"T ANSWER THAT!!!!!! Guys, by don't answer that, I meant don't answer the question about the walking dead. But feel free to not answer both also.

Where are you on the mental imaging spectrum? (http://scuttle.mirror.waffleimages.com/data/files/4a/4aedaec1e33a5ecb23b1b51735740d79845a4aba.png)

Thoughts on the whole shebang?

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TQC, what do you do when you just feel "cooked out"? I've made the past five meals at my house and I just don't want to cook (my dad doesn't really cook). Should we just go out for dinner? We just went out to a movie, though, so I feel guilty about making him go out again. Should we make some sort of hot roast beef sandwich? If so, what should we put on it? If not, where should we go?
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 I'm going to London for about a week next month. when I travel, I really like trying to find food that is special to that region or that I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else, but I'm not really familiar with English cuisine. aside from jokes about the quality of British cooking (I'm sure there must be some good dishes out there) is there anything I must try? Can any Londoners/people familiar with the area recommend certain restaurants or dishes? 
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What's appropriate to ask about a job when replying to an ad? I know you're not supposed to ask about pay up front, but there would be no problem asking for the company name, location, and hours of the position right? Or would it be more polite to not ask questions and wait for them to say if they're interested in you? In addition to a resume if they don't ask for a cover letter, should your email include any information about yourself and why you would be good for the job?

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Would you want to live in a society where there was no crime of any kind, ever?

If you had an ugly kid, do you think you'd realize they were ugly? Or would they genuinely be beautiful to you no matter what?

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TQC, what do you do to cope with a perpetually frustrating problem you're not really in a position to change?

Brought to you by my grandma's Alzheimer's, which is getting worse but we can't afford to put her in a nursing home and the state needs to re-evaluate her to see if they'll pay for part of it. She's just getting so frustrated with herself and it sucks having to explain that there's nothing to be done about it every time she asks what's wrong with her.

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I'm a college freshmen and I work at the college calling center asking alumni for donations. It's just about the worst job ever - I get cursed out all the time. I'd greatly prefer stacking books in a library, but my university used my scholarship to eliminate my work study (great).

Any tips for working in a calling center/working an awful job? Alternatively, what's the worst job you've had trying to make ends meet?
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Experience with food exchanges?

 Have any of you ever done food exchanges? Like where you and someone else trade food packages? I've heard of them before and totally want to give them a go (mainly because I always hear of really cool food you can't buy here). Do you know where can you get involved in them? If you've ever done one how did it work out? So far I've only ever seen them pop up randomly in communities that I'm not really active in :(

dk/dc Whats your favourite type of biscuit? I can never really choose, but it's probably chocolate goldgrains.

Thank you!!

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If I feel guilty or embarrassed, I feel the need to have physical contact with another person, like I HAVE to touch their arm or something in order to feel better.  Is anybody else like this?
What are some weird stuff you "have" to do in certain situations?

ETA: have you guys seen this? notice anything strange?
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Sooo the forecast here for tomorrow is literally "blizzard." We're supposed to get up to 15 inches of snow and ice; all of the public schools and most businesses are closing tomorrow, and the city sent everyone a copy of the Red Cross's blizzard survival tips. AmerenUE called my house this morning with a recording warning us that we will possibly lose power tonight or tomorrow. It's already icing/snowing outside. The kicker?
My university just sent out an email that basically said "Just so you know, classes aren't cancelled."

So my question is this: should I go to my only class tomorrow? It's creative writing, it's a twice-a-week class and I've already missed it once, and tomorrow is supposed to be a poetry workshop day. But it's also a 15 minute walk to school.

dk/dc: do you have any EXTREME weather stories? Cold-weather power outage survival tips?

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I am on the search for the specific name of a type of fallacy.

Here is the example I was given.

Let's say you are having a debate about whether or not a person is a dick. Someone within the debate says "he just called you out for being a dick!" as though it is a point. But it is not a point, because it is something up for debate.

Does this make sense? I have no idea how to google-fu this.

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How often do you hear sirens (of the police/fire truck/ambulance variety) from your home, or from where you spend most of your time?

I hear around 10-15 per day. I live in a subdivision off of one of my town's major roads, and there's an old folk's gated community down the street from me, so with those two factors I've gotten pretty used to them.

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hooray! my sister finally dumped her douchebag of a fiance! she's feeling empowered and happy (for the first time since they got together!) and she's been listening to "pretty girl rock" by keri hilson all day. while it's a good song, i'd like to share some other "fuck you, ex-partner of mine! i'm better off without you and i hope you rot in hell forevs!" songs with her that've helped me through a rough break up. in my experience, i only ever listened to every single fiona apple song ever made.

so, can you think of other songs that fit this criteria? they were engaged for a short while and he's not only cheated on her, but he's sticking her with a cell phone bill that he has no intention of paying for.

dk/dc: do you love whiskey sours? i just had one for the first time a few weekends ago and not only was i WAYYYSTTTIIDDDD after two of them, but they've become my second favorite drink.

tqc i've never had a bf so you gotta help me out

getting so engrossed in your new boyfriend that you pretty much ignore your best friend, make a stink about meeting said best friend for coffee 'cause you'll have to be away from him for a couple hours since you'll also have to be away from him for 3 hours in the evening, and just basically ditch everyone if he can't come

is that "just how it goes" or can i legit be pissed off?


sry guys :( my internet is this like city wide broad band, so it's really finicky and unreliable and i hit reload a couple times. then i thought it hadn't posted so i tweaked it. SORRY. should i delete the other?

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I wanted to invite a few aunts over for my and my mom's birthdays.
My mom invited a few more people than expected and said it was just for MY birthday.

I really wanted to have a family thing for my 21st but wasn't able to and 22 passed without any kind of acknowledgment.

Should I feel weird that I'm having a family *party* for my 23rd birthday?
Does anyone else do this?

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I have around a cup of vanilla yogurt left.

Other than obvious*, what can I do with it? (I'm going shopping tomorrow, so I can get other ingredients.)

*Stick a spoon in it and eat it. Mix in fruit/granola/whatever and eat it

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How were your parents about policing what you watched as a kid?

I pretty much watched anyting as a child. I literally grew up on Lethal Weapon and other violent films, and I think I was watching pretty damn graphic sex scenes from 7 or 8 or so.

What movies/shows did you watch that weren't made for a children's audience?

Unsolved Mysteries, Golden Girls, sewing shows, and, like I said, the Lethal Weapon series, among other things. One of my sister's favorite films as a little kid was Casino.
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Do you still have your tonsils?  If not, when did you get them out?  How long until you felt recovered?

Have you ever had a throat abscess, or have you even heard of them?
Worst pain I've ever had, and I'd never even heard of them until yesterday when mine got so bad I couldn't breathe and had to go to the ER. D:

More social validation questions? I know you secretly love it, TQC.

A VERY ATTRACTIVE BOY who I've mentioned on here a couple of times just IMed me via facebook to talk about a test we both took. We're talking about our psycho teacher and I say

"[it's like] fuck you! don't talk shit about my mommy!"

...and he hasn't responded in 5 minutes.

Would you be stunned into silence by such a comment? Or is it just because he's realized how much he DOESN'T love me, since I have a potty mouth? Why, TQC? Why?

DK/DC Do you like weird socks? I have a pair with unicorns on them. And a couple of rainbow-striped ones.

Don't you hate it when a community you love gets the spotlight and then it's filled with newbies who can't even read the faqs/rules? ugh.
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I currently attend graduate school and work part-time.  I want to start applying for full-time jobs though because I need to make more money/take out less loans. I have at least a year of school left though. Should I mention the fact that I am still in school on my resumes/cover letters?  I am worried that it will make prospective employers think that I'm not long-term employee material but at the same time, the things I'm learning are relevant to the jobs I'm applying for.

Also, my program is really flexible in that all the classes are offered online as well.  So I could take online classes, finish my degree, and work a normal schedule or even relocate if I found something ~*~ amazing ~*~ in another city.  I'm not sure if that negates any potential employer concerns though.

DK/DC: How did you find out about TQC? Did you lurk first or did you jump right in with comments/questions?

I found TQC through someone else's livejournal years ago and it was the greatest thing ever since I was working as an intern for a company that didn't know what to do with an intern.  I had hardly any work to do so I spent most of the day refreshing TQC.  I guess I'm an extended lurker though since I read frequently but rarely comment/post.
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Have you ever had plastic surgery? What did you have done? Did you like the result?

What is your opinion on plastic surgery? Would you ever consider having anything done?
I <3 TLV

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Can you feel when someone is watching you?

Have you ever sneezed when someone was talking about you? (Or is it supposed to be that your palms itch?)

Do you believe that coincidences ever have meaning, or were "meant" to happen?
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Inspired by a friend's most recent tweet:

Would you wear clothing that your new SO's ex left behind at their apartment?

Would you offer you ex's old clothing to your new SO?

Would you tell your ex it's ok for their new SO to wear your old clothes?
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 Tell me what state/area (and if you live in another country, by all means!) of state you live in and what makes it so great? Why you hate it is allowed too.

P.S. Specifics would be nice to know about.

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I have a bunch of frozen chicken breasts. I am going to the store tomorrow to buy things to go with them.

Will you help me make a list of things I can make with chicken breasts and what to buy?

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how do i get my 2 year old cat from attacking my poor old 15 year old cat?

srsly im really worried its hurting him cuz he is so old, there is no blood wounds or anything but its redic. they are both boys and are both fixed. i spray an aerosol can in the air (not near them) to make that hissing noise and my younger cat runs away but he just comes back for more later..
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TQC, I am hungry, but I am too drunk to make substantial cooking efforts. I found these things in my freezer. I have never had either of them before, and I don't have a preference. WWTQCD?

What should I make from my freezer tonight?

grilled vegetable & goat cheese agnolotti
tuscan chicken style pizza
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I just got an email that's a Vistaprint offer and I can get a FREE VISTAPRINT TSHIRT for subscribing to this newspaper. So, what should I put on it? HELP HELP HELP I CAN'T DECIDE and i have to decide quickly.

I am so far thinking of making my bro a shirt that he's always wanted to make but it's also kind of an unexciting idea and I think I should wholeheartedly abuse this. I am willing to take all srs/non-srs ideas into consideration.

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What does it mean when people tell you "You have no life?"
What constitutes "having a life"?
 I go to uni, I have my hobbies. I study well. I socialize a lot. I do a lot of the fun things I love like fishing and my fashion and my new love of painting.
Why do I still get the "You have no life"?

Would you say you have a life?

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Can we have a webcam post?

Please take one picture of yourself in a flattering pose, and one in a terribly unflattering pose. If you don't have a webcam, previously taken pics are fine.